Three National Championship

Three National Championship Titles VOLUME 7.No3 T E R M 3 . 2 0 1 2 W W W. M A G S . S C H O O L . N Z Quarterly On the cover: Top - National titl...
Author: Cora Hancock
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Three National Championship Titles


T E R M 3 . 2 0 1 2 W W W. M A G S . S C H O O L . N Z

Quarterly On the cover: Top - National title Winners; Ist XI Boys Football team, Colts Under 15 Rugby Team, Girls’ Premier Lacrosse Team.

Deadline for Term 4 Quarterly Week 4: All articles and photos (JPEGS must include student names) to Dimity Payne [email protected] Mount Albert Grammar School Alberton Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025 T (09) 846 2044 F (09) 846 2042 E [email protected]

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Software Purchase Opportunity Adobe Production Premium Version 6 for MAC or Windows We have been given the opportunity for students and staff to purchase licences for this software. This is the latest version 6 for MAC or Windows and is available for $115 inc. GST This deal is a wonderful opportunity for photography, art design and media students, in addition to others interested. If you are interested in purchasing this licence, please contact the Head of Art, Mrs Daniella Aleh. Please note that the software will be loaded on to your laptop/tower at school and that no discs will be provided. Please contact [email protected] More information is available at




Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Albertians & the Wider Mount Albert Grammar School Community, As we come to the end of this term we can reflect on what has been a really enjoyable eleven weeks. A lot has happened at the school in what has been the longest term since the structural change in New Zealand schools to a four-term year from a three-term year. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to see the great variety of activities that students are involved in here at MAGS. The holistic educational experience that our students get means that, at any given time, there is a lot going on. Term three is by far the busiest of all the terms. This term’s Quarterly is 36 pages long and, while it covers much of what has happened this term, there is still so much more that has not been covered. The Quarterly goes some way towards acknowledging the huge amount of success that has been experienced by such a large number of our students in many different activities. When I am supporting these many activities, whether they are in the classroom or on a dance floor or netball court, I am always amazed at the talent that we have at our school. However, we are not the only school in Auckland or New Zealand with talented teenagers. For me, schools should be about providing opportunities for students by creating an environment and culture that enables students, no matter what their ability and interests, to flourish. We do this very well. While some think buildings andfacilities make a huge difference, I dont and although we have very good facilities here at MAGS, I credit the staff and programmes that we have that make the REAL difference. I am sure that, if I took our staff and our programmes to a similar school that was not performing at the same level as ours, we would successfully reproduce what we have here. These programmes also extend to our homework centre and the many initiatives to improve student academic achievement. I am also very aware of the extra classes, the additional marking and academic mentoring that teachers do for students. In my view, staff have always been the key factor in the success of any school or, in fact, any organization. It’s the staff that set the tone, set the culture and set the expectations for the students. It’s the staff that puts in the extra effort, goes beyond a mere job description and aims every day to make a difference. In our school, that means being well prepared and making learning happen in every lesson, taking on responsibilities beyond the classroom that support the school’s

The Headmaster, Dale Burden

holistic education mission and playing an important role in the school wide pastoral care network. I include all the non-teaching staff in this as well as they play a huge role in supporting teachers and the school administration to maintain the positive school culture that we have developed. Parents play a vital role also and I was impressed with the large number that I met at sports tournaments who were supporting their children during the day in a range of different venues around New Zealand. I am acutely aware of the financial sacrifices that parents make to support their students and I know that, for some parents, time away from work while supporting their children means using up limited leave and that some also take leave without pay in order to do this. So, by the adults working together in this way, the students gain the maximum benefit from the opportunities provided here at MAGS. A favourite maori proverb of mine sums this up well: He aha te mea nui o tea o? He tangata He tangata He tangata What is the most important thing in the world? It is people! It is people! It is people! I want to extend best wishes to all students sitting external examinations from those sitting Scholarship in the senior school to those in the junior school sitting NCEA Level 1 and our internal examinations, which count heavily towards the Year 9 Certificate of Achievement and the Year 10 Graduation Diploma. Per Angusta Ad Augusta

Proudly sponsored by Anne Duncan Real Estate Ltd. MREINZ LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENT (REAA 2008)


TERM 3.2012



Staff News Support Staff Sheryl Collard, our friendly “first face of the school” is leaving us (again!) to continue her overseas travel experiences and to spend more time with her family. We welcome Jane MacFarlane to the role on September 17.

Teaching Staff Simone Connell has returned to us after almost a decade teaching at another school and starting a family of her own. She rejoins the English Department and takes on the role of the Specialist Classroom Teacher. Simone is excited to return to the MAGS family and looks forward to being part of the continual move towards excellence at the school. Lilicherie McGregor, the new HOD Drama, comes to us from Epsom Girls’ Grammar School, where she taught Years 9-13 Drama.  Previously she lectured in Theatre and Performing Arts Studies at the University of Otago. She is the founder, and Artistic Director, of Kore Theatre; has toured Theatre in Education nationwide; and worked as an independent director nationally and internationally.

Scholarships and Awards Mrs Moon was awarded a prestigious KBB Midwest scholarship. Only one music teacher/director gets chosen every year from New Zealand. She will travel to USA in December to attend the most prestigious and largest Music educational conference in the world. She will write the series of educational articles that will be published in 2013 editions of Random Notes Music education magazine. Mrs Liu has recently been awarded a scholarship from the Chinese government, after her success in Christchurch, where, as the teacher of two winners, (William Walker 2010 and David Tuipulotu 2012) of the National Chinese Speech Competition, she was acknowledged as one of the most successful teachers of Chinese in New Zealand, enabling her to attend a workshop in Beijing in January 2013. The scholarships are offered to all teachers of Chinese in New Zealand, especially non-native speakers. Mrs Liu, however, will be one of a very small group of native speakers, whose participation will enable them to become ambassadors of Chinese language and culture, extending their support to all teachers of Chinese in New Zealand who do not have such extensive knowledge. Li Wang has won a Study Award from the Humanities Faculty of Massey University to complete her degree at Kwansei Gakun University in Osaka, Japan. We wish her well and look forward to her return at the beginning of 2013.


This term there have been three meetings with interested groups of parents. In July Dale Burden spoke about Student groups at MAGS. The aim is to get students actively involved in decisions about school. The various student groups are the Student Council, BoT representatives, Prefects (25 who are hand-picked by staff and peers) and a new group the Student Action Group. The Student Action Group liaises with all the other student groups. There are two chairpersons each year, one boy and one girl. Ideas can come from junior or senior students and go to various sub-committees – arts, welfare, health, sports, leavers/ball and academic. The idea for the Student Action Group initially came from Mr Burden’s Woolf Fisher Fellowship in 2010 when he travelled to the US, UK and Australia to look at student voice in various schools in those countries. Lucy Bennington, prefect and student representative on the Board of Trustees, and Elizabeth Kim, prefect and Student Action Group representative, spoke to the meeting and referred to the huge range of opportunities available to MAGS students in terms of cultural, sporting and other groups and clubs offered. They emphasised the importance of juniors getting involved so as to keep groups going in the future and of encouraging boys to also join non-sporting groups. Sarah Hayes, Head of Commerce Faculty, spoke about   the subjects offered in her Faculty - Accounting, Business Studies, Economics and Commerce Studies. Year 12 Business students recently worked with the Albertian Association to promote a range of products for the MAGS 90th Jubilee, from conception to sales. Half of all Year 10s take a Commerce related subject. Business Studies is now an approved subject for University. Year 10s and Year 11s have Market Days each year. In August Jo Beck, HoD Media Studies, spoke about Media Studies. It is in now in the new E Block and is very well equipped. Media Studies is a university approved subject. MAGS students do very well in Media Studies both in internals and externals and have been very successful in the interschool competitions. Elise Goddard spoke about the KAMAR Parents Portal and explained the new system. She did a “live” demonstration. This is an extremely useful portal including daily notices, reports, fees, “real time” daily class attendance, timetable and NCEA credits. Parents will be receiving their children’s user names and passwords. Parents are encouraged to use this excellent facility. Helen Selaries, HoF Languages. In Year 9, MAGS offers 5 languages: French, Japanese, German, Chinese and Maori, which leads into Year 10. There is a greater mix of cultures continuing with Asian languages rather than


native speakers, especially in Chinese. Year 10 involves an extension of basic knowledge, structured learning of grammar, vocabulary and verbs plus activities such as films, food making, trip to restaurant if possible, fashion parade in French, games and quizzes. This is solid preparation for Year 11. In German and French, the goal is to have achieved basic everyday practical language that would enable a pupil to find their way around in the country. In Chinese and Japanese, cultural understanding is the foremost goal, based around customs, food etc. Years 12 and 13 studies involve extension into literature and more abstract higher-level thinking. The numbers of students doing languages is increasing annually. Trips to Tahiti and Germany are planned for this year, a trip to China is planned for 2013 and to France for 2014. If you require more information or have any queries contact MAGS Parents Group by emailing our secretary Michelle Jackson on [email protected]

Peer Mediation The guidance team has begun training Year 12 students wishing to assist their fellow students resolve conflict. Over the next four weeks, the trainees will undergo their training under the supervision of the Counsellors and this year’s Year 13 Mediators. After completing their classroom training, they will be apprenticed with “badged” Y13 Mediators, who will then assist with the teacher and self-referrals. Breanna Baker, the current prefect leader of Peer Mediation, has been an excellent co-ordinator and ambassador of the programme. Each year the leaders suggest refinements and this year was no exception, with the Mediators delivering their photos to each form class, taking the opportunity to explain the skills they have learnt and inviting people to use them to resolve conflict in a mature way.

E Block Progress

Keeping in Touch

The new roof is on and all aspects of the final stage are taking shape. Soon the new facade will be visible.

E-Mail Contact from the School The school is now moving to using e-mail to parents for all communications. If you have not received an e-mail from the school this term, we would be grateful if you would provide us with an e-mail address. Please e-mail [email protected], providing your full name, that of your child(ren) at school, the e-mail address you wish to have entered and a contact phone number.

New MAGS Admin KAMAR Portal The school is introducing a second web portal which will allow parents easier access to information about their child. The existing parent portal will be maintained, as it provides access to curriculum support material. KAMAR is the trade name of our student management system, the system that contains all the information on students at school. The MAGS Admin KAMAR Portal is the portal which allows parents and student access to different information depending on a unique password. These passwords were e-mailed out to parents and caregivers during Term 3. You should not share your password with your child or any other person. If you require a username and password, please e-mail [email protected], providing your full name, that of your child(ren) at school, the e-mail address you wish to have entered and a contact phone number. Please note that passwords are case sensitive. The portal is accessed through the school website: www. Please find the link, at the top of the page: Parent portal >> New MAGS Admin KAMAR Portal Passwords Supplied by School You will be able to access information such as: Daily notices, your child’s details, timetable, attendance data, NCEA summary, assessment results, participation in co-curricular groups, reports, and a fees summary.

Parkside Cafe at 775 New North Road, Mt Albert (next to Rocket Park) becomes the much-raved about Vietnamese eatery for evening dining on Thursday-Saturday from 5:30 pm till late. By day however, Parkside Cafe is a “revered” suburban NZ-style cafe, including your classic brunch offerings, a children’s menu, and delicious Allpress coffee. We look forward to seeing you soon. For reservations please call 8151885. VOLUME 7.No3

TERM 3.2012



Pasifika News

International Students

Careers Evening

We have 123 international students this term (77 boys – 19 in School House, 46 girls), from 18 countries: China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India, Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Italy, Argentina, Cambodia, Chile, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa.

Mrs Cecilia Pedersen, our Careers Administrator, organised several tertiary providers to attend the Careers Evening. These included the University of Auckland, Massey University, Waikato University, AUT, Unitec, MIT and Martin Horton. There was an encouraging turnout of parents and students who listened to speakers outlining career options and the realities of what prerequisites were required.  Many were grateful for the opportunity to be given a clearer understanding of NCEA, course selections, pathways and the significance of doing well from Year 9 onwards. Our thanks must go to the Pasifika Parents Committee for helping to contact parents. 

Homework  Centre  There has been encouraging commitment from the students attending the Homework Centre.  Mentors from Auckland University, and our staff, have tutored our students in the Sciences, English and Mathematics, whilst some Senior students have worked closely with the Juniors on study skills and time management.

Food & Culture Evening

Performers from the Food & Culture Evening

A hugely successful annual International Food & Culture Evening was held in June in the School Hall, opened by the Headmaster. A shared meal with ethnic food was followed by very well received student performances. Those attending included our students, guardians, homestays and staff members. We warmly thank Matthew Shelton together with students, all of whom were prominent in the organisation and production of the function, Oliver Barnett, Ebrahim Cassim, William Engle, Minjung Kwon, Tim Rutledge, Takafumi Sen and Jing Wen Wang.

Chinese sisterschool

Auckland University mentors with Year 13 students

The Homework Centre will continue in Term 4, every Thursday from 3.15  - 5.15pm, until Week 5, for all MAGS students.

A tour group of 33 boys and girls and 4 teachers from the Yinzhou Experimental Middle School, Ningbo (near Shanghai, China) together with Students from the Yinzhou Experimental School an Education in Ningbo official, spent 12 days in Auckland from 22 July. While here they lived in homestays organized by MAGS and attended classes for 5 days, buddied with local students. They had a programme of afternoon activities around Auckland and also visited our School Farm. They were welcomed to MAGS in a Powhiri, and farewelled at a ‘graduation’ ceremony. Further steps in the building of a relationship between our schools are being planned. Mr Gray will visit the sister-school in October and present them with an official MAGS plaque to commemorate the school-to-school relationship.

Japan Group

Samoan Culture Group performing in A Search for Unity


A group of 11 Japanese children visited the school in August, being buddied with our students and living in our school’s homestays. They were accompanied by their agent Kikuo Terui, and all thoroughly enjoyed their MAGS experience.

i nternat i onal

Japan Tsunami Group Also in August, we hosted a group of 7 students and a chaperone from the region of Japan devastated by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. They spent 5 days in the school and visited Japanese Tsunami Students with MAGS girls. many Auckland tourist sites. The students came to New Zealand through the support of NZEDU and Japanese charity organisation “Support our Kids”, together with many sponsors including Air New Zealand and Auckland Tourism. At the Powhiri we were pleased to also welcome the Japanese Deputy Consul General Mitsuko Ito, the former NZ Ambassador to Japan Ian Kennedy, NZEDU Directors Mia Evans and Craig Brownie, plus Auckland Tourism Director, Jason Hill.

School Ball This year’s Ball was attended by a large number of our graduating students who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to dress beautifully, enjoy the Tony Tilaganont, Cherry Gao, International gourmet meal and dance away Dean Mr Ian Cole, Minjung Kwon, Nhu Trang Hoang, Trinh Vo, Nam Srichompoo. the evening.

eventually beat U-17 All Japan by 3 points in the last quarter, with a final score of 40-37. The highest Chinese point scorer was Michael Ma and the MVP was Takafumi Sen. In the Soccer Tournament, Aldovisi Fulbo (India Argentina, France, South Africa), reached the final after finishing Winners of Football Tournamant; Daisuke top of their group, Hazama, Sena Shimotsuma, Nayuta which consisted of Wuachon (Thailand) Nagai, Shotaro Kubo, Fumiya Dewa, Jun Uchiyama Cawte and Kotaro Yamada and Korea. Their opponents were Japan U-17 who went through their group undefeated against The Dream Team (China) and The One (Vietnam). In a closely fought game, the Japanese bravely battled back from 3-1 down to eventually win 4-3. Well done to everyone involved in two excellent tournaments - not only to the winners but also to those who were prepared to join in and make up a team which meant more matches. Thanks also go to Jonathan Evans and Vaidik Raj for refereeing the basketball final, and to our (injured) First X1 soccer star, Nayuta Nagai for refereeing the soccer tournament.  Congratulations to all of our students who play for school sports teams. They make friends and have a chance to widen their MAGS experience!

Sports Tournaments Seven teams entered our annual Basketball Tournament this year, including two girls’ teams (one from China and a mixed team from Japan, Thailand and Cambodia). The Bronze Final was won by The Heat (China) 19-13 in a close game against the Koreans with the MVP being Kai Fang. The final was Winners of Basketball Tournamant; Michael Ma, Lin Gong, Owen Wu, Bruce Liu, a fast, skilful and highly entertaining Youming Guo and Eric Huang game watched by many loud and enthusiastic supporters. The Chinese Boys

International Students who participate in school sports teams.

Homestays Required We welcome applications from caring Kiwi families within easy travel distance of the school, to provide short-term or longer-term homestays for our international boys and girls. If interested or you require more information, please contact Mrs Corinne Brewer, Homestay Co-ordinator, Tel: 846 2044 extension 8187,email [email protected]


TERM 3.2012




New Prefects On Monday 30 July an assembly was held to award the final prefect badges for 2012. The recipients were Miro Harre, Kathleen Griffiths, David Tuipulotu, Sean Pugh, Felix Worner, Kiralee Schache, Molly Ploeg, Sarah Reece and Jennifer Qiu.

Sir Peter Blake Leadership Camp Our Junior school was very fortunate to be offered a three-day leadership camp, at the Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre in Long Bay, this term. Students learned about Sir Peter Blake and his great successes as a leader in both sailing and raising environmental awareness. There were discussions on what makes a great leader and the importance of setting goals, with each student setting their own goals. Each day consisted of a variety of outdoor activities, including archery, surfing, tree climbing, and many team


events and competitions, which involved leadership and team building skills. And what camp would be complete without a night game of Spotlight? Places to the camp were limited, and teachers and Deans were asked to nominate students who were deserving of this opportunity. They were an impressive group of young adults whose enthusiasm and willingness to challenge themselves was exceptional. Congratulations to all those students.


Academic News Year 13 Geography: First Runners-Up Wednesday 8th August was the annual Year13 AGTA Geography Quiz held at St Cuthbert’s College. Our team comprised Toby Ross, Vosawale Lesuma, Charlotte Unasa and Jack Caldwell. A very solid performance in the Preliminary rounds, including the highest mark in the Geographic 3-D Modelling round, 10 out of 10 in “Where In The World?” and an impressive 25 out of 26 in the “Alphabet Run”, saw the MAGS team through to the final four team Playoff Round for the second year in succession. We were the only team where all four members answered a question in the final and gained a number of strategic points. Unfortunately, however, the lightning reflexes of an opposition team member meant he beat us to the buzzer on a few too many questions and eventually MAGS had to settle for being runners-up to the eventual winners from Botany Downs High School. This was a very commendable and hard fought result.

Year 11 History: Bronze Medal Winners On Thursday 9 August, the annual AHTA Year 11 History Quiz was held at Diocesan School, with 72 teams competing. Congratulations to the MAGS team of Luca Piacun, Jonathan Stuart and Peter Campin on placing 3nd in Auckland and only two points behind the winning Auckland Grammar team. The team worked very well together, and demonstrated impressive, and extensive, historical knowledge and skills.

Luca Piacun, Jonathan Stuart and Peter Campin

Year 13 Business Studies: NZ Economics Competition Year 13 Economics (Business) students recently competed in the New Zealand Economics Competition, with Ben Brunton, Jack Cassidy, Ben Crowhurst, Sam Davis, Jack Hughes, Brody Mangos, Ibrahim Miah and William Potter all gaining Certificates of Distinction. Sam Davis was the top placed student from Mount Albert Grammar School. Lucy Bennington, Marea Black, Alex Brunton, Rhys Evans, Nhu Trang Hoang, Minjung Kwon, Minh Huy Nguyen, Mackenzie Ready, Chetan Singh, Charlotte Van Dyk and Keran Yang all gained Certificates of Credit.

Year 13 Geography Trip to Rotorua

During 1-3 August, 69 Year 13 Geography students set-off on our annual field trip. The group was investigating ‘Tourism Development’ as part of the Level 3 NCEA study of a ‘Cultural Process’. The trip comprised visits to attractions such as Te Puia, the Y13 Geography students outside the historic revamped Rotorua Museum Rotorua Museum, Agrodome and the Skyline Gondola and Luge. In addition, the group experienced behind-the-scenes tours from industry experts and specialist speakers. A productive learning experience was had, by both students and staff, and we look forward to the impact of the trip being reflected in excellent written responses in the external exams.

Inter-cultural trip for YUM-CHA

Mrs Selaries and Year 13 students enjoying Yum Cha

As part of the Food unit of Year 11 Chinese studies, Mrs Liu decided to take her class to Hee’s Garden restaurant for a yum cha experience. This involves choosing delicious steamed dishes such as prawn dumplings and even chicken feet, which are brought around to the table in steamer baskets. As Mrs Selaries was also accompanying the Chinese group, it was decided that her Year 13 French class would also benefit from learning about this particularly charming and readily available style of lunch in Auckland. They all agreed it was a worthwhile food experience. VOLUME 7.No3

TERM 3.2012



Year 9 Object Poems For The Trophy Stars in my eyes, dreams to attain. For the trophy. Hard work beyond imagination, being the best I can be. For the trophy. Endless, repetitive slog. Practice! Practice! Practise! For the trophy. Eat, drink, train, sleep, my way of life. For the trophy. So much focus, so much sacrifice. For the trophy. A dream realised - for mana, for pride. For the trophy. By Keepa Wiki 9JPuna,

Hidden in Plain Sight Its body conceals an unseen tale, Moulded by ancient sweat and hard graft, As splendidly tough as my ancestors, Pitted like the rough country where they toiled. With fresh and eager eyes I noticed it, The iron kettle in the corner, Unobtrusive and forgotten, Blackened from years of use. Lifting the lid, my careful hand reaches deep inside, Connecting with a yellowing piece of paper, Creased and stained, Wrinkled like elephant skin. Faded black ink forms letters and words, The story of the kettle from a world long ago, When it sat on my Great, Great, Great Grandmother’s hearth, Deliciously warm and shined with love.

Inside the lava lamp………. Inside the lava lamp Snowflakes of gold and silver Float around you, a whirlpool of memories Dreams about lying at the bottom of the sea Being pushed up and down by the current Slowly drifting away The smell of excitement and discovery Dreams about launching a snowball Watching it explode into a million tiny pieces Gently falling down The taste of victory Up through the glass of water Trapped in a sense of dreams Starts twinkle in unison As you gently fall asleep By Hannah Rahman, 9MSY

MY OLDER BROTHER His name is Generation And he thinks that he is patience for knowing the Samoan nation. He loves to sing but wants to be a wing in his Rugby League team. He is annoying, He loves to write and bite his pen then sing what was written on the paper. But for real he doesn’t sing or be a wing he’s just himself.

A welcome constant by warm fireplaces, Oceans and worlds apart, This kettle holds my family story, It connects us heart to heart.

Don’t ever fall for his whack because it’s nothing but a tick tack in my mouth, like that team New South ‘cause his skill is nothing but a never will like Sonny Bill or to stay still.

The surface may be beaten and stained, But it reflects the grin of a tough old lady dressed in black, Ready to pour a cup and tell her story, My history hidden in plain sight.

But for being himself He’s a brother I will not forget I’ll bet.

By Rosa Henderson, 9MSY

By John Vito, 9PNE

Surviving three dreadful sea voyages, To and fro and back again, Rolling in stomach churning waves, Surrounded by a cacophony of creaking.



Visual Arts Finalist NZ Geographic Photographer of the Year Awards

Edward Duncan, Year 13 Design, has been selected as one of 39 finalists from over 3000 entries in the NZ Geographic Photographer of the Year Awards, with this photo of a flax weevil on Maud Island. The works are currently on display at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Judging will take place on October 25th.

Wallace Exhibit School Art Awards Eighteen artworks have been selected from our senior Photography and Painting students as submissions to the inaugural Wallace Exhibit School Art Awards. This competition is limited to only 20 schools, and the prize winner’s Exhibition will be held at the Pah Homestead from October 30 to 25 November. The artworks can be viewed on the virtual exhibition on the Pah Homestead web page www. exhibitions/ Congratulations go to our gifted students and thanks to Ms Ioana Schwalger for organizing this opportunity. 

Gallery Internship Rebecca Ten and Shannon Pentecost worked for two weeks as interns at the Auckland Art Gallery during the Term 2 Holidays. They worked with Gallery staff, AUT Creative Technologies students and a small group of top year 12 Art students from across Auckland. They investigated a question of their choice about the Auckland Art Gallery within a short film. Shannon’s group explored the question “What do you think the point of the gallery is?” They examined the way the public saw the gallery and what it had to offer the community. Rebecca’s group answered the question “How does Auckland Art Gallery decide what is socially acceptable to exhibit?” They interviewed a range of curators in order to gain varied opinions. Highlights of the gallery experience ranged from making new contacts in the Gallery, new friends from other schools, developing team work techniques to film making skills. The end result was two professional and engaging short films, which were shown at a special screening on August 11th at the Gallery. whats-on/news/youth-media-internships-2012. Thanks to Ms Mulgrew and Ms Jones for organizing and supporting their endeavours.

Pat Hanly Friends of the Gallery Award On 21 June the Friends of the Gallery hosted the 10th Pat Hanly Student Membership Shannon Pentecost, Greg Moyle (BoT) and Awards in the Art Michael Oti. Lounge. Mount Albert Grammar was proud to nominate Shannon Pentecost Year 12 and Michael Oti Yr 13 for this award. They were two of 45 students, from 38 Auckland secondary schools, nominated by their art teachers for their “outstanding commitment and passion for the visual arts and community awareness”. Shannon and Michael received a certificate presented by Helen Clark, a two-year membership to the Friends of the Gallery Program and a $60 gift voucher from Gordon Harris.

Online Gallery Art students can now showcase their art to friends and family around the world with our new digital online gallery. On the site we currently have some of our Top Year 10 portraiture work. Students have the option to participate in the gallery and can have their own space to exhibit online in. Congratulations to these students whose work looks outstanding in our online gallery. Thanks to Mr Corkery who led this endeavour. VOLUME 7.No3

TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 11

T he arts

Performing Arts New HOD Drama

This term we are excited to welcome Dr Lilicherie McGregor as the new HOD Drama. Dr McGregor has a wealth of experience both in schools and in the professional theatre community, and already our students are being inspired to extend themselves. As part of new initiatives in Drama Dr McGregor will oversee an extension Drama class for Year 10 in 2013, and Performing Arts are also currently looking at introducing Drama and Dance Academies for Year 9 students.

Term Three Dance The term started with a dual focus. Dance students have been busy completing internal NCEA standards and preparing for the examinations. However, many have also been involved in extra rehearsals for the Arts Alive Season, which was held at Centennial Theatre at Auckland Grammar from the 14th till the 16th of August. Again, students have been fortunate to have guest teachers this term with Year 10s having itinerant Hip Hop teachers, and Year 11,12 & 13 students working with contemporary choreographers.

Term Three Drama Drama students have been busy completing internal NCEA standards and preparing for the examinations. Year 12 students performed scenes from Once On Chunuk Bair, Salve Regina and A Fourth For Bridge for a public audience. Year 13 students performed their devised Monologues, and Year 10s completed scenes from The Highwayman, which were performed at the Junior Bytes Concert. Year 11 students are in rehearsal for their major production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, on Wednesday 17 October.

Chinese Culture Group

Each group totally invested in their performance and the large audience was truly appreciative. The show opened with Kapa Haka group and was followed by the Chinese group, who first sang a traditional song and then the girls performed a dance. This was beautiful and congratulations must go to leader Candy Wang for her outstanding choreography. The Nuiean group, lead by Solomone Falaniko followed with a very strong and masculine performance and then we were treated to a beautiful classical Indian dance by Year 13 student, Aleshana Suvarajh. Performances by the Tongan group, who were strongly lead by Mos’aati Mafileo, were vibrant and entertaining. The Cook Island group and whanau presented three different dances, including one in which the girls selected audience members to participate. The girls were exquisitely dressed with stunning head-dresses. Clearly time and effort had gone in to this by their parents and families. The final performances were from the Samoan group, who as always gave a passionate performance of three different dances in their new student designed costumes. Congratulations to Mr Su’a, the group leaders, Albertians Fred Kome and Alex Su’a, and the families of the students involved for ensuring such a successful night.

Junior Bytes

Cook Island Culture group and whanau

Cultural Concert “A Search for Unity “ This was the first of the three concerts held during Arts Alive Week. The cultural groups have been preparing for this concert since Term 1 holidays and their level of commitment to their performance was evident. 12

On the 15th August was the Junior Bytes Concert. This concert showcased some of the considerable talent in the Junior school in Music, Dance and Drama. Dance items ranged from jazz and lyrical, through to contemporary and Hip Hop. Year 10 Drama students treated us to their renditions of the classic poem Highwayman and there was a raft of talented singers. Performances from the junior contenders for the MAGS Got Talent Competition were outstanding and the judges (Mr Peter Su’a and Dr Lilicherie McGregor) were unanimous in their praise and found their job very challenging. In the end, the judges selected three contestants to go through into the final at the Arts Alive Concert. Those selected were singers Siosiua Atuhereo, Janet Stewart and contemporary dancer Lisa Mclaughlan. Thanks to to Gabriel Sutton and Tessa Cochrane who were very assured hosts for the evening.


Camille Hay 10 DNA The Skirt

Arts Alive The final Arts Alive evening was held on Thursday the 16th of August and was ably hosted by Jennece Morris, Nathan Kara and Olivia Cochrane. This concert was enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience, with many commenting on the variety and strength of performances. NCEA 1,2, & 3 Dance classes performed their assessment pieces, Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Drama students performed excerpts from their scenes, and the audience were treated to a selection of items judged at excellence from NCEA assessments in Music and Dance. There were several keen MAGS Got Talent competitors. Judges, itinerant dance teacher Matt Moore and Albertian Suzanne Morris, selected the entertaining dance duo of Nathan Kara and Riley Bourne as the winners for 2012, with runners-up being dancer Lisa McLauglan, and Year 9 singer Siosiua Atuhereo. Congratulations to all the finalists. Special thanks go to Arts Prefects, Jennece Morris, Nathan Kara and William Engle, the Arts Committee, and the Prefects who gave invaluable assistance for these concerts, running backstage, front of house and organizing videographers and photographers to record the events.

When the Highwayman came riding...

Nathan Kara and Riley Bourne, MGT Winners

Music At the very end of Term 2, music students performed at their Annual Music Concert which had a lovely theme this year, Amy Zhang Evening of Love Songs. There were numerous items by the Orchestra, Choirs, Chamber Groups, Jazz Band and soloists. The audience thoroughly enjoyed this evening of entertainment. The Orchestra and Jazz Band worked hard towards their performances at the KBB festival held in August at the Holy Trinity Cathedral and St. Mary’s Church in Parnell. Our Jazz Band won the Bronze Award and we are very proud of them. Our two Barbershop Groups will compete at the National Finals of the Young Singers in Harmony at the end of Term 3. We wish them all the best! Music students have took part in three Performing Arts Concerts held in August at Felix Warner the Centennial Theatre. The first concert was a Cultural Concert, and many of our young musicians were involved in this energetic and very popular event. The second concert featured the Junior students and we were well represented by many young performers. Two of them qualified for the final Arts Alive Concert, where the audience enjoyed the excellence standard performances. One of our young singers, Siosiua Atukaho, has won one of the major awards at MAGS’s Got Talent. Mr Su’a has worked throughout Term 3 to get the students ready for the Collegiality Concert that is held at AGGS every year. Students from many Auckland schools gather for one day, working on the programme of performances throughout the day, and then perform in the evening. 43 of our music students are involved in this project in various sections (Orchestra, Choir and Entertainment). Music students are working hard at this time of the year, finalizing their performance and composition portfolios and research tasks, and getting ready for their NZQA examinations. Siosiua Atuhereo VOLUME 7.No3

TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 13

e x tra curr i cular

Yellow Day

Being positively “yellow” was the mood around the school for Child Cancer Research mufti day on Friday 31 August. A variety of costumes and colourful fashion garments were evident, and some students and staff really got into the swing of things and developed yellow hair and skin tones. The yellow sun also decided to make an appearance, which made the smiles even wider. The Student health Committee, led by Seiafi Sapolu and assisted by Ms Jess Lythe, proudly announced a final total of $4748.10. They were especially pleased that the students embraced the good cause and continued to think of others in need. The tradition of giving to organisations that have links to our school is now a tradition that brings our school community together, while enjoying each other’s sense of fun.

Students and staff alike go yellow! Congratulations to the Scioence Department for their efforts.

Blood Donor Day

Business Studies Market Place

Students queue to donate blood and support blood banks.

Year 10 Business students hone their commercial skills


Duke of Edinburgh Careers The Careers Centre has enjoyed an extremely busy Term 3. It is very satisfying to have large numbers of students, from every level of the school, coming to the Centre to gather information about their future opportunities. During this term the usual variety of activities has been supplemented by support given to students as they make their subject choices for 2013. It is pleasing that students regularly make use of a variety of expertise at this time, including that of their subject and Form teachers, their Deans and other adults, in addition to the staff at the Careers Centre. The particular focus for our MAGS community at this time was the various Pathways Evenings, which were held in August. Earlier in the month, events were staged by the Maori and Pasifika support groups, for their specific parent and family groups. Members of the Careers staff were involved with those evenings and also hosted the larger evening for the whole school community towards the end of the month. We were very pleased with the attendance by families, as the support and involvement of parents has a significant impact on the future success of our students. As the final term approaches, we are available to offer guidance to students who are leaving (usually those in Year 13), as they make applications for the courses that will provide the first steps in their future journeys. Students are welcome to visit the Careers Centre at any time through to the end of the school year in December.

Baton Twirling Club Our first MAGS Baton Twirling Team public performance was held at Auckland Peace City 25 years Nuclear Free New Zealand Event on Saturday 9 June, in Aotea Square. The sixteen girls from Years 9 & 10 have practiced extremely hard during mornings, lunchtimes and weekends, and they absolutely shone with their brilliant Baton Twirling skills which they have gained. Miss Yukie Oki (Coach) would like to express her appreciation to the girls, parents/ guardians and the staff who have been supporting them. They are looking to more opportunities to inspire more people through their Baton Twirling performance.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

Gold Award holder Breanna Hawthorne with Mr.Belson at her Award ceremony.

This term has seen our first Gold Award presented by the Governor-General of New Zealand to Breanna Hawthorne at a ceremony at Government House. Having successfully completed her Silver Award, Breanna embarked on her Gold Award, which took at least a year of dedication and commitment to complete. Breanna participated in rowing, learned to cook, tutored at the I Have a Dream project, and completed a 65km tramp through the Kaimai Ranges. Her residential project was on the Spirit of Adventure. There are eight more students hoping to emulate this achievement before leaving school. Sixty students in Year 10 have registered to start their Bronze Award, our largest cohort yet. They will be preparing for their expedition during Term 4 and going to the Karangahake Gorge on 24-26th November for their camp. In the meantime, they will be working on the other three sections – Service, Skill and Physical Recreation. There are also a number of students who are working towards their Silver Award. If students need help then they should see Mr Andy Belson or go to www.dofehillary. It is very satisfying to see so many young people involved and enjoying participating in the Award. Congratulations go to the following students on completing their Bronze Award - Alex Buckton-Wishart, Luke Butler, Alexandra Chaptynova, Sarah Crowhurst, Flynn Letford and Olivia Morgan-Day.

Adult And Community Education Term 4 classes begin on Monday 29 October at 7pm.Course and enrolment details are on the school website www.mags. and click onto Community Education. Brochures are also available in local libraries or contact Jan (09) 8462044 ext 8153,Fax: (09) 8462042. Email: [email protected] We continue to offer a variety of languages, including NZ Sign Language, English as a second language, French, Italian, Maori, Samoan and Spanish. Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Dancing, Hairdressing, Photography, Pilates and Yoga, M.Y.O.B, Photoshop and more. I look forward to meeting you as you continue on your life long learning experience.Please let me know if there are any classes you would like us to run that are not already on our programme.


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 15

School Ball 2012 The annual Mount Albert Grammar School Ball for 2012 was held at The Hotel Pullman in Auckland City. The theme this year was “Secret Garden”. The ball committee worked tirelessly to prepare for the evening and decorate the venue. Attendees walked down a garden themed hallway, through the archway into the magnificently decorated ballroom full of floral colour and lantern lights. A new feature for 2012 was the three photo booths and live facebook feeds that were viewed by over 1000 people as the ball continued through the night. This meant that family and friends could view the photos as the evening progressed. The photographers were very complimentary of the MAGS students, in particular their friendly and polite manner. D.J. Sam provided an outstanding music and lighting show. The dance floor was jam packed all night with Brent Sause and Sean Pugh ‘getting rowdy on the mics’. Six hours of solid dancing and no doubt some very sore feet. There was no argument about the best dancer for the evening, David Tuipulotu was ‘doing his thing’! The students, who ran the proceedings on the night, organised great themed prizes and their detailed preparations ensured the evening ran smoothly. A new prize was introduced this year for the Year 12s, Prince and Princess of the Ball, and this went to Connor Glengarry and Ruby Gibbons. The King of the Ball this year was Lliam Powell, and the Queen of the Ball was Alexandra Crawford in her gorgeous gown. The Cutest Couple prize was awarded to Gloria Murray-Fiu and Te Atawhai Wihongi David. Best Dressed Male and Female went to Jonathan Quinn and Elizabeth Kim. The prize entitled All the Single Ladies had to be divided between two this year, Veronique Alefosio and Charlotte Unasa. Thanks go out to all of the Ball Committee, led by Morgan Puru and Tim Rutledge, and the parents who gave up their time to help. Thanks must also go to Mrs Natasha Phyn and Mr Paul McKinley for organising this outstanding event. The students’ behaviour was exemplary and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and this was voted “The Best Ball Ever”.


S port

Auckland Secondary School Championship Winners Mount Albert Grammar School had great success in the winter season. In addition to the Auckland Secondary School titles featured below in the photographs, we won the following team titles:

Boys’ Girls’ Boys’ Girls’

Badminton B2 Open Squash Junior A Football Under 14A, Under 13B Football Junior B

Premier Boys’ UWH Winners

Back row: Leah Chamberlain (Manager) Shane Scahill (Manager) Matt Trevelyan, Marshall Norbitt, Tim Rutledge, Daniel Nisbet, William Peart, Logan Kemp (Coach) Front row; Sam Nicholson, Scott Briden, Nicholas Houston, Danyon Kemp (Captain) Alexander Paine, Jack Scahill, Connor Glengarry.

Boys’ Rugby Girls’ Netball

Under 14A Senior A, Int1(Thunderbirds), Jnt 1 (Mystics), Jnr 4 (Tactix), Jnr 5 (Steel)

Premier Girls’ Football Auckland Winners

Back Row: Patrina Guptil, Samantha Tawharu, Holly Archer-Boswell, Rivalina Fuimaona, Tessa Naden, Rebekah Van Dort, Jacqueline Hand, Leah Mettam, Caitlin Pritchard. Front Row: Nicole Lawrence, Parehuia MacKay, Jade Parris, Millie Goddard, Sivitha Boyce, Deven Jackson, Maddy Cooper

Premier Girls’ Lacrosse Auckland Winners

Back row (left to right): Olivia Adams, Amelia Scharting, Alice Gray, Mallory Ahmu, Ruth Lever, Briar Tippett, Josh Harvey (Coach), Vladmir Boikov (Coach). Front row: Abbie Douglas, Molly Henderson, Kalisha Moore, Olivia Hext (Captain), Morgan Puru, Tania Boikov, Lauren Curd and Katie Budgen. Missing from photo: Sydney Vari, Ruby Darin, Brittany Haylock-Skinner

Premier Girls’ Netball Auckland Winners

Back Row: Sophie Ribton, Ashi Ponini, Anipa Sisi, Maia Wilson, Jamie-Lee Price, Destiny Grace, Erikana Pedersen, Rebekah Roache, Shekynah Clarke, Paula Smith (Coach), Te Aroha Keenan (Coach). Front Row: Alanis Toia, Holly Fowler, Chiara Semple, Meretini Fuimaono.


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 17


Sports Round-up Archery

Robbie Harrison came 3rd in the Individual Competition at the Auckland Inter-school Archery Championships that were held at Cornwall Park in April. In May Robbie participated in a postal shoot, which is where archers throughout NZ compete against each other in competition conditions, then the results are collated to find the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. He was placed 2nd in his division. In Sept Robbie competed in the NZ Indoor Archery Nationals. He won his age group for Recurve Bow, making him the New Zealand Indoor Archery Champ for his age division.

Badminton This year we entered 11 badminton teams in various grades. The teams were composed of both new and experienced players. All players showed enthusiasm and commitment, even against formidable opposition. Many teams found themselves playing in higher grades than last year and the experience will serve them well in future competitions. The premier team finished in fourth place, ably lead by Zarya Oud, who again finished with an impressive record in singles matches. The best result by a MAGS team was the B2 Open team, which was composed entirely of School House students, who won their grade, A1 open finished in 10th

Point Chevalier Amateur Athletics Club Registration for the 2012/13 Athletics Season

will be held on Sunday 23rd September 10am-12noon at the offices of Anne Duncan Real Estate, cnr of New North Rd & Alberton Ave (entrance via the carpark on Alberton Ave). We now have a Senior club for 15-19 year olds also. Any queries contact the club [email protected] or website


place, A2 in 12th place, B1 Open in 8th place, B1 girls in 4th place, B2 girls 6th place, C1 open in 5th place, C2 open 2nd place, C girls in 2nd place and D girls 9th place.

Canoe Polo

Marshall Norbitt competing in the National championships in Fielding 2012.

With the start of term 3 came the start of the Auckland Schools Canoe Polo Championship. Mount Albert Grammar School has won this championship for the last 2 years under the expert guidance of Mr. Andrew Candy, who has brought his considerable skills and talent to create another potentially championship winning team. MAGS has 3 teams in the competition. The premier team is currently sitting at the top of the rankings with an unbeaten run of 16 games and they look likely to be in the final.

Cycling Term 3 for the MAGS Road cycling team has been eventful with the final 3 races of the Auckland Secondary School Team Time Trial series and a strong build up to the Mt Wellington Individual cycling champs. Training for the senior boys was focused around hill climbing and the criterium racing specifically for the Mt Wellington events. We witnessed some impressive results and racing from the MAGS riders at Mt Wellington in a very competitive environment. Rain, wind and more rain has been the general theme for the remaining races in the Auckland secondary schools’ team time trial series. The Senior A boys have had luck against them with punctures at critical moments which has affected some of the times posted. Unfortunately, in 2 of the races, the Senior A boys were heading into the top 10 team placings, but mechanical problems worked against us. Senior Girls have had a solid third term and the Senior B boys and the Junior A boys have all steadily improved


over the season. It has been challenging for all schools with sickness of riders throughout the winter affecting most teams. All in all, a great season of racing to date with some of the riders heading to Palmerston North for the Nationals at the end of September. We are aiming for some high overall placings in the individual road races and the points races also. Riders heading to the nationals are Nick Bailey, Guy Hirst, Tim Lund, Laurence and Thomas Kerby, Olivia MorganDay and Kate Wislang. We wish them every bit of success as they represent MAGS.

It has been an excellent season with the girls doing themselves and the school proud turning up on time, displaying good sportmanship and looking smart in the MAGS playing kit week in and week out. This is only possible with help from our wonderful staff, coaches and managers. The school is very appreciate of all their efforts.

Football - Boys It has been another busy season with boys’ football with MAGS fielding 13 teams. The dry start to the season and having no games postponed compared to 31 last season, having access to the Owairaka Domain and the good work Gareth Hodges, TIC Boys’ Football, did mean that the season ran very smoothly.   The Premier Boys’ came forth in the league, winning the National title and the Knock Out Championship. Our 2nd, 3rd and 4th XI teams had a solid season coming 3rd, 5th and 4th respectively. Junior boys football is in good shape with the 13A boys, who are coached by the terrific Mr Chris Boss, coming 3rd in the 13A Championship and the 13B boys winning the 13B Division for the second year in a row. More proof of the Junior football talent at MAGS was the school having two teams in the 14A Championship. The 14A (Year 10) boys didn’t lose a game all season, stacking up 46 goals, conceding only 4 and winning the competition and the 14Bs ably coached by old boy Sammy Negash, had a fantastic season coming third.  The 14C’s also did well coming 2nd in the B1 Championship and the rest of our teams competed well having an enjoyable season. With competition football now over for another year, all the wonderful coaches and managers who give so much of their free time can hang up their boots and have a well deserved break.

Football - Girls 2012 saw MAGS enter a record 7 teams this season, made up of four senior and three Junior teams.   The 1st XI had an outstanding year taking out the Auckland League and APC Knock out titles. The 2nd XI came second in the Central Senior A Championship, losing only one game, conceding just 2 goals and scoring a whopping 59 goals. The 3rd and 4th XIs both competed in the Senior B Champs with a respective 4th and 3rd placing. The Junior As came first equal in the Junior Premier Championship and 2nd in the APC Knock Out Cup. The Junior B and C teams both competed in the Central Junior B competition. The B team were unbeaten all season to come first and the C team came 9th.

Jackie Hand in action

Hockey - Boys First XI captain, Daniel Panchia, was a member of the Auckland Under 18 team playing in the National Under 18 tournament in Palmerston North during the July holidays. His team lost the final against Canterbury after the teams could not be separated after full time and extra time. The penalty stroke competition went the way of Canterbury after a very tight encounter. Mitchell Bascombe, Terry Gada and Jonathon Sinclair played in the Auckland Under 18 Development team at their National Championship tournament held in Wellington during the same week. They returned to Auckland the champions, having won their final 3-0 beating Canterburyl. The final game of term two created history, when the First XI Boys’ Hockey team beat Auckland Grammar School for the first time in 24 years in the last game of the AKSS Open A competition. There was a lot at stake – the winner would gain a place in the Intercity Grade 1 competition for the remainder of the season and the loser would be in the Intercity Grade 2 competition. This was the first time the MAGS team had qualified to play in the top Intercity competition and would join the following five schools: St Kentigern College, Westlake Boys’ High School, Pukekohe High School, King’s College and Rosmini College. The team finished in a very creditable 5th place. The 2nd XI finished 6th and U15s 5th in the A grade


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 19


competition. Both teams played competitive hockey and enjoyed their season.

Hockey - Girls A relatively inexperienced MAGS 1st XI had a trying season in Auckland’s Open A Premier Grade in what was a rebuilding season. In regular season they finished with a 2 win, 3 loss record, requiring at least a win in the cross-over games to progress to the Intercity competition. However, they narrowly lost both games to finish in 7th place overall and play in the A/B competition for the latter half of the season. In the 5 games they were unbeaten but 3 draws cost them the opportunity to progress to the semi-finals. In the playoffs they comfortably won both games to finish in 5th position. The 2nd XI and Junior U15 teams 2012 - Winner of the Open C West section and two 2nd places in the Under 15 Central and West grades. A second year of committed enthusiasm from players and coaches speaks for itself. Most thrilling of all has been the obvious development of ball skills as the players took in all the expertise of their coaches. 2013 promises to be an exciting season with more teams and sustained improvement.

Lacrosse - Girls 2012 has been a very successful year for the Premier Girls’ Lacrosse team. The season began with a round robin competition involving 7 other Auckland schools. The final was played at school against Whangaparaoa College and again the girls came out on the winning side, 6 goals to 2 and received the Auckland A Competition Cup.

Sydney Vari


It was then off to Avondale Racecourse on the 17th August for the annual Auckland Secondary School championship tournament. The final was played against Western Springs College and Amelia Schating again, the girls won a fiercely fought game 4 – 1. Eleven of the girls were also selected for the Auckland senior training squad, and our goalkeeper, selected for the Auckland junior training squad. A very successful day for the team. The girls returned to Avondale Racecourse two days later to compete in the National Secondary Schools’ Championship. In the final we played Diocesan School. it was soon clear that the girls had saved their best till last and it was all one-way traffic in the end with the girls coming out 9 – 0 winners, the biggest winning margin of the day. Mount Albert Grammar girls are now New Zealand Secondary School Champions. This year sees the girls farewelling their co-coach, Josh Harvey, captain Olivia Hext and Morgan Puru. All deserve huge thanks for their service to the team. Josh, an old boy of Mount Albert has been coach for a number of years and has given freely of his time between study at Auckland University. Olivia has been one of the main driving forces in establishing girls Lacrosse at MAGS. We wish them all well and will miss them greatly. Huge thanks also to Vlad Boikov, another old boy of Mount Albert who has coached the team with Josh. Thanks also to Levi Heeringa for his help behind the scenes and with umpiring. Finally a thank you to Helen Prangnell for doing a great job managing, supporting and encouraging the team. The Lacrosse B team comprised of 15 players spanning Years 9 to 13. The girls made a promising start to the season and displayed an exceptional team spirit both on

S port

and off the field. They finished 5th in their Division. The team was given an excellent opportunity to participate in the Auckland Girls’ Championships One Day Tournament at Avondale Racecourse on August 17. It was pleasing to note that four players were selected on that day to represent Auckland at the U15 level. This bodes well for the future of Mount Albert Grammar Lacrosse. Don Wu refereed the matches and also gave invaluable tactical advice to the players. Thank you also to Ratinder Gill for managing and supporting the team.


with a win to place third overall. The U15/2 and U17/2 both placed 10th and the U19/2 finished with a win to place 13th overall. Congratulations to Holly Fowler (U15), Jamie-Lee Price (U17), Chiara Semple (U17), Nadia Loveday (U19) and Rebekah Roache (U19) for their selection in the tournament teams for their respective grades. AMI AUCKLAND - Year 9 Team 1 - Te Urunga Royal, Leilani Folau, France Bloomfield Year 9 Team 2 - Hale Huru, Latisha Issako, Monique Kost, Kasey Price, Victoria Pone, Raipoia Kawhai U15 Team 1 - Alanis Toia, Holly Fowler, Semira Van Der Made, Te Ao Frandi U15 Team 2 - Kayla Kiss U17 Team 1 - Shekynah Clarke, Meretini Fuimaono, Jamie-Lee Price, Chiara Semple U17 Team 2 - Destiny Grace, Ashi Ponini, Anipa Sisi U19 Team 1 - Rebekah Roache U19 Team 2 Seiafi Sapolu COUNTIES MANUKAU - U19 Team 1 - Nadia Loveday

House Boys supporting the Girls’ Premier team.

Erikana Pedersen with the ball

College Netball Series Final This game saw us up against Te Toa, the national champions. We came out on top 38-26. Stand-out performances for Holly Fowler and Jamie-Lee Price who consistently put pressure on their attackers to come up with crucial turnovers. The entire Premier team worked hard to apply full-court attack and defense, which was instrumental in the successful result. Rebekah Roache led by example throughout the campaign and performed outstandingly in the final. She was the well-deserved recipient of ‘Player of the Series’ award. Representative Teams Over 20 girls were selected in representative squads for the 2012 Regional and NZ Age Group Champs held in the Term 2 break. This strong showing from MAGS players demonstrates the depth of talent within the school that will serve us well for the future. The Year 9 teams did well to both win their grades at the Netball Waikato Tournament and the Y9 team 1 went on to place 9th at nationals. The U15/1, U17/1 and U19/1 all narrowly missed out on competing in the finals at their respective tournaments but all three teams finished strongly

Combined Points Tournament: MAGS have had a successful history at this tournament and this year was no exception. All three teams were clinical in their approach to the competition, dominating their opposition from the very first whistle. MAGS comfortably surpassed the results of the previous year, having already secured the Combined Points trophy by the quarterfinal round. The aim for next season is to reproduce, if not better, these results and retain all four trophies in 2013. West Auckland Secondary Schools’ Competition The MAGS Premier West team for this season was a combination of youth and experience. Unlike previous years where the school’s Premier team has played in this competition, a composite team of players from years 9-13 were entered to allow players from younger grades to develop their skills and gain experience against some of the top Premier teams of West Auckland. The team rose to the challenge that this competition demanded, despite having difficulties throughout the season. Great leadership from Captain Jamie Sowter encouraged the young team to step up when it mattered, finishing the season strongly to place 3rd overall in the Premier Grade. The West Auckland Secondary School Competition is a great place for the development of young players as they are exposed to the higher intensities required to play in Premier grades.


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 21


Auckland Secondary Schools’ Competition Winning the Premier, Snr 1, Int 1, Jnr 1, Jnr 4, Jnr 5 titles, 2012 was the most successful season MAGS has ever had. In addition to the 6 titles, MAGS were awarded the Carole Craighead Champion of Champions Trophy for the best overall results throughout all grades. The junior teams were our most successful this season with Jnr 2, Jnr 3, Jnr 6 and Jnr 7 placing runners up in their section, in addition to the Jnr 1, Jnr 4 and Jnr 5 titles. Special mention to the Jnr 2 team who not only worked their way into the top grade but put themselves in contention for the title, placing second behind the Jnr 1s. Int 2 did well to place 5th in grade A Section 2, Int 3 placed a 3rd in grade C Section 1, Int 4 placed 4th in grade D Section 1, Int 5 placed 5th in grade D Section 2 and Int 6 finished their season strongly to place 4th in grade E Section 1. The Seniors have done well again this season with all teams finishing in a section 1 grade. The Snr 2 drew after their exciting final with Aorere, coming runners-up in grade A reserve Section 1 based on goal differential. Snr 3 worked hard to move into the higher B grade, finishing 6th, Snr 4 placed 3rd in C grade, Snr 5 placed 4th in D grade and Snr 6 went well this season, finishing 6th in grade C reserve. Special thanks and mention must go to all the students, teachers and parents who took the time to coach, manage or support our MAGS teams every Saturday, and thank you to the umpires who showed up and helped out with games during the season. We look forward to seeing you all again next year. NZU21 Selection Congratulations to Nadia Loveday who was selected in the NZU21 team to play in the U21 tournament held in Melbourne from the 20th-30th of August. She has been a member of the National Emerging Talent Accelerate Group for 2012. The NZU21 played teams from England, Samoa and Australia. Rebekah Roache was also invited to trial for the NZU21s but due to an injury sustained at trials she was unavailable for selection.


Going into the business end of the season we still had a number of teams in contention for semi finals. This left us with an interesting few weeks of school boy rugby across all grades. The 1st XV finished 6th overall but with a number of players returning next year they will be better for the experience this year. Unfortunately the 2nd XV left their run into the play-offs a little late. Key injuries and a lack of depth to cover the injuries was the major problem. However, they finished the season with two outstanding wins versus De La Salle 22 - 21 and Kelston 10 - 7 to leave them one point short of a semi final place.


The Under 15s were looking good for a top two finish and a home semi final berth. The opposition in the semi final was Auckland Grammar School who had beaten MAGS 18 – 5 in the round robin play. The game was tough and physical with both teams’ defences stopping good attacking play. Unfortunately MAGS ended up short and AGS won 8 – 7. The Under 14s were also looking good for a top two finish and a home semi final. In the play-offs they played De La Salle College and this was a very close 1st half with MAGS being down 12 – 10 at half time. In the second half MAGS really set the game alive with excellent back play, intelligent kicking and strong defence. MAGS scored some great team tries and ended up winning 34 -12. This set-up a tough finals opponent in Sacred Heart who had beaten MAGS in both games during the season. After a tough 1st half playing into the wind MAGS were down 8 – 0 at half time. In the second half MAGS produced another outstanding team performance like the previous week. Isaiah Papalii scored a try to get MAGS back into the match. Paul Roache followed this up with an excellent conversion then penalty goal within minutes of each other to make the score 10 – 8 to MAGS. Salyn Tonu’u was next to score followed by another try to Isaiah Papalii to put the result beyond doubt. Final score MAGS 24 Sacred Heart 8. Congratulations to the team and coaches Mr Dewes Mr Baker and Mr Tonu’u for winning the Auckland Under 14 Championship in 2012.

Alex Brunton against Sacred Heart

The 6A reached the finals day at Sacred Heart after beating Kings convincingly in their semi final 31 – 12. The final rolled up and with a bus taking the team to SHC, our preparation was good; once past the scales, and with bananas, chocolate and Powerade being downed to replenish the energy stores the team took the field for a crack at glory. And it was a game to be proud of, as MAGS competed on even terms for much of the game and pressed the Sacred Heart line on a number of occasions with only the bounce of the ball and small errors denying them that elusive try against SHC. Solitary score for MAGS was a penalty to our kicker Duncx – the only points we

S port

managed to score against this impressive team all season. But the team did us proud in the final, giving us a good game of schoolboy rugby, hard fought and in the balance for most of the game. We lost 17-3. The 7A rugby season was a reasonably successful one. We won four out of our seven competition games. We defended really well all season conceding 153 points but our attack managed to score 269 points, including 47 tries. We were always able to attack with fluency and speed, build consistent pressure on the opposition and put in the ‘big hits’ when it mattered. We had two 4A teams battle it out this year in the same competition. Spreading the talent across both teams hindered our progress in making the semi finals in this grade. However, both teams played some attractive rugby during the season and the 4A Gold team beat the Blue team in mud on the Number 2 field at MAGS in their competition game during the season. MAGS 5A lost all their games this season but never lost heart and sheer determination. The season could be viewed as a great disappointment when the sights are cast solely on the score board, but the greatest achievement for both experienced players and players new to the code is their growth in perseverance, self-belief and teamwork. Strong parental support and good behaviour on the side- line every Saturday, has also been an exemplary character of the MAGS 5A family. Rep Team Selection 2012: Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected in Auckland rep teams for 2012: West Under 14 (Under 80 KG) - Paul Roache, Waimana Riedlinger-Kapa, Richmond Patea, Caleb Clarke, Miracle Savea, Jacob LukePhillips, Niven Longapoa, Milan Bonkovich West Under 16 - Joseph Keresoma – (Captain), Kurt Thompson, Arimataia Olo, Malcolm Kohere, Dylan Lam West / Central Under 18 - Blake Hohaia, Josh Goodhue, Jack Goodhue, Michael Kelly, Dalton Woodman, Cameron Rutherford and Leif Schwencke.

College. A game that should have put the boys into the top two playoff against St Paul’s but we lost 10-20 and so ended up third in the Auckland Competition. We entered an Under 15 (9 Aside) tam for the first time to help in the developmnet of the game. They struggled in their pool, but their manager Mr Wright said that they played with pride and never gave up.

The 1st XIII playing Massey High School.

Sailing Chelsea Rees came in first place at the 2012 Double Star Cup Qingdao International Regatta for the Optimist Class held in China recently.Chelsea was one of six optimist sailors who were chosen (from results at the NZ Nationals held in New Plymouth over Easter) to represent New Zealand at this International Optimist Regatta. The 2012 Qingdao Optimist Regatta was just a small part of China’s annual International Sailing Week held in Qingdao to promote the advancement of sailing in the country and was held at China’s National Sailing Centre (which was specifically built for hosting the sailing events in the last Olympics in 2008). Chelsea now moves into the Starling class and we will watch to see how she progresses in this class.

RUGBY LEAGUE The year began reasonably well for the MAGS 1st XIII against Kelston. The boys came from behind to scrape out a draw, but it was not the sort of start that was wanted by coach, players and management. The first four games were home games that needed good results. Three more wins put the 1st XIII on a better standing on the table.  Ultimately the game the boys were all wanting to win was against St Pauls. However, St Pauls were too strong on the day running out winners 26-14. Nevertheless, it was a great occasion and many of the MAGS boys were looking forward to playing against some of the St Pauls players who play club football alongside them. The low point of the schools season was the loss to Avondale

Chelsea, in light winds off Quindao in her Optimist


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 23

Squash The Premier team enjoyed some success this season, coming fourth in the Premier division and fifth in the Intercollegiate two day teams competition. Paul Blanchard, the captain, was fully involved in playing at number 1 and assisting with coaching the junior boys. He finished the season as a B1 and still improving. A special thanks to Rhonda Lepper, who had a dispensation to play in the boys’ division, where she played strong, intelligent squash. The Junior A1 Boys’ Squash team were placed 3rd in their competition, Junior B1 Boys finished 6th and Junior B2 Boys finished 4th in their division. The Junior A Girls’ Squash team have won the Junior Girls’ tournament for Auckland. They received a total of 29 points out of a possible 32. The Junior B Girls’ team also played well ending the season in the middle of the field. A special thank you to Stuart Fraser who’s a fantastic coach and we appreciate having him here at MAGS.

Underwater Hockey The Underwater Hockey season has been a successful one with the Premier Boys’ team defending their Auckland Title. The boys played well in the final winning against Glendowie 4-2. This team won two titles Northern Regions and Auckland and finished third in NZ, a great accomplishment. A special thanks to Logan Kemp, their coach for all his hard work and dedication in guiding these boys to win these titles. Congratulations to Danyon Kemp and Jenna Purdie who were awarded the MVP (Most Valued Player) Awards for Mount Albert Grammar at the Auckland Prize giving. Congratulations also to Danyon Kemp and Matt Trevalyan who represented NZ In Australia at the Trans Tasman Tournament in July. Danyon won a gold medal as his team won the Trans Tasman Series and the Australia Cup and Matt won a silver medal. The Junior Boys’ team won a Bronze medal and finished third in Auckland. The Premier Girls’ team finished fourth and played with enthusiasm and skill in the final. All teams performed well and we would like to thank the coaches, managers and parents for all their wonderful support. The season finished on a high with the teams winning Runner Up school of the Year in Auckland. Congratulations to the Premier Boys’ Team on their superb performance this year. They won 2 Gold Medals and one Bronze. The Junior Boys won a Bronze medal in the Auckland competition. Thank you to Liam Robertson and Sam Schulz, the coaches, for all their support and encouragement with this team this year.


Yinhu Cui competing in Breaststroke

Swimming We entered 6 MAGS students into the Auckland Secondary Schools’ Swimming Individual Championship on Sunday 5th August at WestWave Aquatic Centre in Henderson – Sophie Copper, Charlotte Pritchard, Yinhu Cui, Fa Fa Lu, Daniel Hefford and Mitchell Weir. The following are the top 3 results – Yinhu Cui (Yr 9) - 1st 50m Freestyle, 1st 50m Backstroke and 3rd 100m Individual Medley. Fa Fa Lu (Yr 9) - 2nd 400m Freestyle. Sophie Cooper (Yr 10) - 3rd 400m Freestyle. Charlotte Pritchard (Yr 11) - 1st 50m Freestyle, 1st 100m Freestyle, 2nd 50m Fly and 3rd 100m Individual Medley. Daniel Hefford (Yr 12) - 1st 100m Backstroke, 2nd 50m Backstroke and 3rd 100m Individual Medley. Mitchell Weir (Yr 12) - 1st 50m Fly, 1st 100m Freestyle, 1st 50m Freestyle and 2nd 50m Backstroke. This is a wonderful achievement for the swimmers and MAGS and you should be very proud of your efforts, thank you also for all the parental support and encouragement you give them.


New Zealand Olympic Wrestling National Championships.  Joshua Downes came 1st in the 84kg Junior (under 21) Freestyle category and 1st in the 84kg Junior (under 21) Greco-Roman style category.  Joshua is currently the 2012 NZ champion in those events and he is also a 2012 recipient of a Don Oliver Youth Scholarship awarded to him in August.

Joshua Downes (left) with Bradley Bennet who was also awarded a Scholarship for Softball at the same evening of the Don Oliver Scholarship Awards.

S port

Tournament Week Badminton – NZSS

Left to right; Taylor Marston, Vivian Washington, Joel Walker, Zarya Oud, Romil Kajaria.

Basketball Juniors The MAGS Junior Premier basketball team travelled to Rotorua on the 1st September to compete in the BBNZ zone basketball tournament. The team represented the school with pride and determination achieving a mixed set of results and finishing 7th out of 13 teams. Rhyannon Poto and Te Ao Frandi had some sharp shooting and great ball carrying whilst Renee Sandle was dangerous in defence. Hori Poto coached the team that consisted of Rhyannon Poto, Felicity Te Ahuru- Kakahi, Samantha Bell, Jazmyn-Jade Perry, Renee Sandle, Jonique Purcell and Leilani Satele. Thank you to Sarah Yardley for her great support in taking the Girls to Rotorua.

Cycling - NZSS Individual Secondary School Championships

From the 3rd to 6th of September the Mount Albert Grammar Badminton boys team Zarya Oud, Taylor Marston, Joel Walker, Vivian Washington and Romil Kajaria attended the National Secondary School Champs in Christchurch. There were 13 boys teams involved and we finished in 5th place overall. It was great time away and the team really played well and gelled fantastically. A big thank you to Sean Marston for taking the team.

Basketball Boys’ Premier The pool we drew for the BBNZ Premiership Regional Tournament was a difficult one. We had ended up in the same pool as two of the top four from Auckland. Our goal realistically was a top 10 finish for the tournament. The team played their best basketball in the cross over games to beat Westlake Boys’ High and Dilworth to advance. The win over Dilworth was a victory the team can be very proud of as they are a premier side and we managed to win even though we were undermanned and much smaller compared to our opposition. In our final game for 9th and 10th the team could not quite produce the same shooting performance they had in their last two games. The team did show some fight to battle back to be down two points with only 8 seconds left in the game. We finished 10th realising our goal. This is a result to be proud of and is a big improvement on last year’s placing. For seniors Jonathon Evans, Aaron McLelland, Javan Perez and Takafumi Sen this was their final tournament. All four of these students played very well and can be proud of the way they have represented MAGS over their time here.

Basketball Girls’ Premier Regionals saw the Premier Girls’ side win all their games leading into the final where they met Rangitoto College. They had played this side for the AKSS Championship only a couple of weeks prior and lost 42-71. This time around they were able to get a lot closer, but still went down 47-60. This team will finish their season during the October break, when they travel to Nelson for the NZSS Finals.

Tim Lund

Seven riders from Mount Albert Grammar School competed in the NZ Individual Secondary School Championships that were held around Mt Wellington this weekend. Riders had to complete three events: the hill climb, the individual time trial and the criterium. Each event required a full out effort with the criterium offering the added challenge of tactics and bravery in a bunch road race. Conditions were challenging with strong wind on both days. Our riders performed well. The standouts were Laurence Kerby who came 11th in the Under 15 boys’ category from 120 riders (the largest field of entries) and Tim Lund who came 24th in the Under 17 boys’ category. Tim was 10th overall in the hill climb with a sub 2- minute effort and only 4 seconds off 2nd place. Unfortunately Laurence had a rider crash into him on the second of seven laps in the criterium race resulting in a buckled front wheel which slightly hindered his sprinting and also effecting his overall placing. Guy Hirst (under 20year old boys) had an outstanding criterium, finishing 16th in the front bunch of a very depleted field. Over 2/3rds of the riders were dropped before the final lap. Unfortunately Guy was blocked in as the final lap sprint came through so couldn’t quite get through the riders in front to compete for the honours. Nick Bailey also rode incredibly well all weekend, but with a very heavy cold limiting his overall performances. Well done also to Jackson Hemi, Thomas Gant and Henry Russell for excellent performances in very competitive fields. A big


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 25

thank you to all the riders and to the parents, who supported them over the weekend. Laurence Kerby 11th U15 A boys, Thomas Gant 32nd U15 B, Henry Russell 13th C grade, Nick Bailey 42nd U20 boys, Tim Lund 24th U17 boys, Guy Hirst 39th U20 boys, Jackson Hemi 43rd U17 boys.

Football Boys- NZSS ANOTHER NATIONAL TITLE FOR MAGS FOOTBALL The Mount Albert Grammar School, first eleven football team, won its seventh National title, beating old foes Auckland Grammar School, 2-0 in the final played in Nelson. The final was played in front of a big crowd at Saxtons Field, Nelson. MAGS goals were both scored by the captain Jonathan Quinn. After the game there was jubilation all around from a MAGS team that coach Kevin Fallon said “We deserved to win the tournament having an unbeaten run all week. We played against all the major schools and remained unbeaten. We also played the best football at the tournament”. In some trying conditions earlier in the week MAGS beat Wellington College 3-0. Christchurch Boys’ High School 7-1, Tauranga Boys 1-0, Kelston Boys 3-0, Westlake Boys 5-4 on penalties after a 2-2 draw after extra time. The MAGS squad was Cameron Hogg, Fox Slotemaker, Andy O’Donoghue, Jonathan Quinn (c), Dylan Bracey, Josh Moody, Liam Jordan, Te-atawhau Wihongi, Harley Tahau, Monty Patterson, Joseph Dan Tyrell, Cory Adams, Connor Stoton, Shaun Bennett, Joe Nottage and Cameron Sinclair.

Football Development Squad Boys For the first time MAGS sent a development squad away to a national satellite tournament in Papakura. The tournament pitted them against teams from Northland, Auckland and Bay of Plenty. The squad was made up of players from a number of different teams but the majority came from the successful 14A and 14B year 10 sides. The squad was coached by Mr Chris Boss and managed by Mr Gareth Hodges. Our quarterfinal was against a strong looking Papatoetoe High School side that came out fired up and scored a penalty early. Despite equalising shortly after the boys were always up against it and were well beaten 4-1. Unfortunately this was followed by a disappointing loss to Howick College on penalties after 0-0 at full time and that meant the team played off for 7th to 8th on the final day against Whangarei Boys. Despite fielding a team made up of ten Year 10 students MAGS wrapped up 7th place overall. The player of the tournament for MAGS was Jake Porter who top scored with 4 goals. The squad have plenty of potential 1st XI players to watch out for in the coming years.

Football Girls – NZSS The 1st XI Girls headed down to Taupo with high hopes after winning the Greater Auckland League and APC Cup.  The team had an average age of 14 years 9 months which was the youngest team competing in the Premier National Tournament. 


Team: Sivitha Boyce (Captain), Maddy Cooper, Riva Fuimaono, Millie Goddard, Patrina Guptil, Jacqui Hand, Deven Jackson, Nicole Lawrence, Leah Mettam, Parehuia MacKay, Tessa Naden, Jade Parris, Caitlin Pritchard, Kaho Shirono, Sam Tawharu, Rebekah Van Dort.  Paul Marshall (Coach), Fleur Goddard (Manager), Chrissy Van Dort (Nurse), Natalie Brunger (Physiotherapist).

In pool play we recorded the following results – Waimea College 0-0, Massey 4-0, New Plymouth Girls 1-0, Diocesan 2-0. Quarter finals day dawned dry but once again there were strong winds coming down the pitch.  MAGS were against a much older and larger Tauranga Girls side who had lost to us the year before in the semi final penalty shoot out.   As the game progressed MAGS girls came under increased pressure and an uncleared corner gave Tauranga the opportunity they needed as they headed it in, in the last three minutes to make the score 2-1 and sent MAGS tumbling out of the competition. Guttered was the only way to describe the feeling in the team as the final whistle blew. On Thursday MAGS played St Peters for 5-8th.  The girls seemed focused and had moved on from their disappointing defeat the day before, but they went down 0-2. The last game on Friday saw us playing Nelson College for the 7th/8th position. The girls were in high spirits as they took to the field. With the final score being 4-0 the girls finished the tournament in style coming 7th out of 32 teams. With the eventual winner of the Tournament being Rangitoto College, a team which MAGS had beaten twice in the season and most recently in the APC Cup we couldn’t help thinking what could have been if we had snuck a win in the Quarter Finals.  However, our very young team will continue to mature both physically and mentally, making us a formidable opposition in the coming years.

Hockey Boys - NZSS The First XI Boys’ Hockey team headed south down the motorway to the Rosa Birch Park twin turf hockey facility in Pukekohe for the second tier India Shield tournament. Pool play would pit the team against Bethlehem College on day one and this tight encounter saw the MAGS team win 2-1 with Daniel Panchia scoring both goals and Tim Sinclair being named Player of the Match. Day two saw yet another match-up against Rosmini College in the first of two games on Tuesday. This time Rosmini College made the most of their opportunities and the MAGS team were lucky to scramble a 1-1 draw. Panchia scoring the only goal and goalkeeper, Grayson Dauphin was named Player of the Match. The


Hockey Girls - NZSS

Cy Naden with ball. Terry Gaden supporting.

second game on Tuesday was against the highly fancied St Paul’s College School (Hamilton). In this must win game for top of the pool honours saw St Paul’s score late in the game. The final score a loss 0-1, which meant the MAGS team, had qualified second in their pool. Year 11 Terry Gada was named Player of the Match. Win on Wednesday was the call for the Quarter-final game which pitted the MAGS team against the top qualifier from Pool B, Wellington College. This game was worthy of a final match when both teams fought to the dying whistle, however it was Wellington College who came out on top. The final score a loss 2-3 in an extremely tight encounter. Captain Daniel Panchia was awarded the Player of the Match and Wade Somani joined him in the goal scoring. Sadly the goal of playing in Rankin Cup in 2013 would not be a reality, as the team were playing off for 5th/8th place. On day four they met Hutt International Boys’ School and were beaten 2-4 after losing Wade Somani to injury midway through the first half. Wade Somani was named Player of the Match and Somani and Tim Sinclair were the goal scorers. The final game was against Macleans College for 7th/8th and the MAGS team were determined not to finish eighth. The final score was a 3-0 win with goals to: Daniel Panchia (2) and Terry Gada. Jonathon Sinclair was named Player of the Match. This was a game for the Year 13 leavers: Daniel Panchia (captain), Jonathon Sinclair (vice-captain), Rabi Alam, Scott McPherson and Cy Naden to ensure they finished their school hockey on a high note. Thank you to the ‘think-tank’ of Albertian coaches: Arun Panchia, Thomas Guy, Matthew Cranston and Jared Panchia, who have given hours to working with this team throughout the year, teaching them a new playing structure and improving each and everyone’s skill. The hockey played at India Shield, especially on Monday, Tuesday night and Wednesday was the best hockey played all season. The MAGS umpire, Nick Bascombe was awarded one of the semi finals and the playoff for 3rd/4th on the final day so congratulations Nick and thank you for giving up a week to agree to be the MAGS nominated umpire for the week. A final thanks to Robyn Sinclair for her support throughout the week coordinating parent help and meals.

The MAGS Girls’ Hockey team headed out to Ngatea in high spirits to start the Chica Gilmour Trophy against local rivals Pukekohe, although we dominated in the midfield and carried out a string of attacks the Pukekohe goalie and defence were solid and they managed to hold us off, the game ended in a lose 0-1. The second game against Iona College was a game that we needed to win to enable us to make it into the quarter finals in which we did, 1-0. The quarter final clash against Napier Girls’ High, was an evenly matched game, our defensive worked hard and we won 2-1. Next was our semi-final game against Wellington East Girls. MAGS headed in a confident mood, after a week of attacking hockey. However Wellington proved to be a very different kettle of fish than what MAGS has met before. A very structured approach with an attack that stretched the MAGS defence to their limits was evident from the opening whistle. For the first time MAGS found themselves being dominated, being forced into a very defensive role. Goal keeper Breahna Ward was heavily involved making a number of saves and at the other end of the park the Wellington defence was superb in cutting down the MAGS attack.The game seemed destined for a draw until a through ball from Hannah Ward found Te Aorere Salter at the top of the circle who, with a deft backhand touch, found Hannah Elia and while the goal keeper saved her first shot on goal she couldn’t contain a magnificent reverse stick shot that ripped into the top of the goal. MAGS won 1-0 and we are through to the final and the Marie Fry tournament for 2013. MAGS entered the final against St Peter’s with grim determination. The team was battered and bruised from a week of hockey, but were focussed on the ultimate prize. The first half was a tense and tight affair. Both teams played very structured disciplined hockey, feeling each other out for that elusive scoring opportunity. At half time the score remained at 0-0. Soon after half time, St Peter’s forced at penalty corner and, while Breahna Ward made a very good first-up save, the rebound was flicked into the back of the net. Soon after, MAGS found themselves 2 goals down when St Peter’s converted a very good field goal after a concerted attack. For the final 10 minutes, MAGS threw all into attack, but their exhaustion was clear and the St Peter’s defence resolute. Goal Keeper Breahna was subbed for the last 5 minutes to allow an eleven-player attack but MAGS was unable to capitalise. Final score 2-0 to St Peter’s.

Netball- UNISS The UNISS Netball Tournament was held at the AMI North Shore Netball complex over 5 days during Tournament week. In the first four days the game scores were – Bethlehem College 52-14, Baradene College 46-32, Hillcrest High School 52-16, St Kentigerns College 43-21, St Pauls Collegiate 55-16, Cambridge High School 40-19, Auckland Girls Grammar 49-20 , Avondale 37-20. Semi-final match versus Trident from Whakatane. This game was the most focused MAGS had been in any start. They dominated from the first whistle and finished winners 51-13. The other semi-final between previous opponents Baradene and Avondale went into extra time with Avondale heading


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 27

into the final with MAGS. Preparation for the final meant that the unbeaten MAGS team needed to stay focused and not get complacent. The game was tight for the first quarter until MAGS forced Avondale into errors. The defense end dominated the Avondale attackers, turning the ball over consistently to be ahead at half time. In the second half, MAGS pushed on with outstanding transitions from defense to attack. The girls looked confident on court and supported each other to finish strongly to win their 6th consecutive Upper North Island Secondary Schools’ Tournament 45-20. Congratulations to Nadia Loveday (best mid-courter), Shekynah Clarke, Chiara Semple and Meretini Fuimaono (best shooter) named in the top 10 players from A Grade. They were also named in the top 20 players for the tournament with Jamie-Lee Price, Holly Fowler and Maia Wilson. Such an outstanding achievement to have 7 of the top 20 players from MAGS, selected from all 96 teams who attended the tournament. Good Luck to the MAGS Premier Netball team in the preparation for nationals in October. The team will travel to the New Zealand Secondary Schools tournament in Timaru to compete against the top 16 teams in from around the country.

Rugby Under 15

Pre game readiness in the Under 15 Rugby boys.

The Under 15 Rugby team went to Rotorua with high hopes of winning the national title for a 3rd time in five years. The team played Otago Boys’ High School in the 1st game and won 53-14. The boys had two hours to recover then had to play Wesley College. The weather for this game was shocking, heavy rain and strong wind was around for the entire game. MAGS prevailed 27-12 and considering the poor conditions there were very few handling errors made by both teams. Day two came around quickly and Hamilton Boys’ High School were the final team left in our pool to play. The ground conditions were very poor after the rain from the previous day. It was a very close match in the 1st half with both teams kicking one penalty goal each. Hamilton started to gain dominance in the forwards and kept hold of possession for long periods, which started to frustrate our team. Just before half time Hamilton scored an excellent try down the blindside from a scrum to make the score 10-3 to Hamilton at half time. After a few stern words from the coaches at half time


MAGS came out and looked a different team in the second half. They started to dominate in the forwards and play at the right end of the field. Elijah Toetu’u scored close to the posts mid-way through the second half to lock the scores at 10 – 10. Hamilton had three chances to win the match with penalty kicks but missed. Final score 10 – 10. Day 3 and it was quarter final time. We played Palmerston North Boys’ High School. The team was looking forward to playing on a dry field. MAGS dominated right from the 1st whistle and Palmerston North had no answer to the forward power. MAGS scored three 1st half tries from 20 metre rolling mauls. In the second half it was the backs’ turn to get on the score sheet. Geronimo Doyle had a strong second half and made some excellent breaks. 34 – 0 was the final score, which meant a semi final versus Auckland Grammar School. The boys were really looking forward to this rematch with Auckland Grammar School. AGS had beaten us twice this season including 8-7 in the Auckland semi final.. It was a very physical match with AGS defending well early on. However, our forward power and running game started to break down the AGS defence. Dylan Lam opened the scoring with an excellent pick and go try close to the line. Elijah Toetu’u scored a few minutes later to make the score 12 – 0 to MAGS. MAGS had the chance to score again, however, gave away a penalty for obstruction with the line open. On half time AGS kicked a penalty goal to make the score 12 – 3 to MAGS. AGS were desperate to score early in the second half but could not break the MAGS defence down. The MAGS backline in the second half were outstanding in defence and repelled every attack from AGS. Niven Longapoa kicked an excellent penalty goal to extend the lead to 15 – 6 with only a few minutes remaining. On full time the boys, supporters and coaching staff were all extremely happy with the win but knew there was the final to come. Hamilton Boys’ High School would be our opponent in the final and the boys were really looking forward to putting them away in this match after the draw in pool play. MAGS hit the ground running early and looked the more dominate team right from the kick-off. The game plan was to attack them out wide with strong back play from quick go forward ball from the forwards. MAGS scored a converted try early in the match with an excellent kick put through by James Halley that was re gathered by Delaney Chaney-Puata. Hamilton could not withstand the strength of the MAGS rolling maul and forward runners. Sam Slade had an excellent game at lineout time, stealing a number of the opposition throws and winning all of his own ball to set-up the lineout drives. The loose forward trio of David Hutchinson, Dylan Lam and Mateilalona Halaholo ran strongly all game and supported each other well. MAGS went into half time 15 – 3 up but knew the game was not over. In the space of five minutes after half time MAGS scored 3 excellent team tries to put the win out of Hamilton’s reach. The boys played with heart and commitment throughout this game and deserved the title of national champions for 2012. Final score MAGS 35 Hamilton 10. The boys were very tired at the end of the tournament. They were as fantastic off the field as they were on the field and they did MAGS proud. They fully deserved to win the title


and played excellent rugby all week. Congratulations to the team, Jack Akiono, Hawaiiki Annandale, Milan Bonkovich, Delaney Chaney-Puata, Geronimo Doyle, Mateialona Halaholo (c), Samuel Halaholo, James Halley, David Hutchinson Jordan Ieremia, Zachary King, Eroni La’au, Dylan Lam, Niven Longopoa, Chris Lu’au, Eric Munro, Charles Napa’a, Christian Prescott, Samuel Slade, Elijah Toetu’u, Bernard Togiatomai, Sitili Tupouniua, Thomas Willoughby, Coaches Mr Perry, Mr Prescott, Mr Hantz, Manager Mr Bonkovich and Massage Therapist Tash Wilson for Winning the National Under 15 Tournament.

Rugby League – NZSS

and Daniel (both 16 years old) task was made all the harder having to compete in the 16-18 year old age group. Here are the Individual results (top 8) :-Caitlin Pritchard (14 girls): 6th 100m butterfly and 8th 200m Daniel Hefford, Tyler Jerrom, Charlotte butterfly. Pritchard, Caitlin Pritchard Tyler Jerrom (14 boys): 5th 50m butterfly and 8th 100m butterfly. Daniel Hefford (16-18 boys): 6th 50m backstroke , 7th 100m backstroke and 7th 200m backstroke Charlotte Pritchard (16-18 girls) Bronze medal 50m backstroke, Bronze medal 100m freestyle, 5th 50m butterfly, 5th 100m butterfly, 6th 50m freestyle, 6th 200m butterfly and 7th 100m breaststroke. Well done to our talented swimmers and a big thank you to the parents who took and supported our swimmers at the tournament, a special thank you to Jo Pritchard who is always keen to help out with timekeeping and managing for our MAGS swimmers.

First XIII Rugby League Tournament team

Underwater Hockey - NZSS

The first XIII approached Nationals in a positive frame of mind with the ultimate goal of making the final.  After an unconvincing win against Mt Roskill the boys played very well against Aranui College from Christchurch, running out winners 60-4. However the next game the following day against Sir Edmund Hilary resulted in a shattering one point loss. A draw meant MAGS would have progressed through to the next round and the top section for the first time. The following three days resulted in three losses and a final standing of eighth place in the tournament. Many thanks to Jo Lundon, Pete Ah Koui and Steve Price as coaches of the team. These men were absolutely wonderful with the boys and deserve to be commended as leaders of young men.

At the NZ National Tournament played 6-10 September 2012 in Wellington the Premier Boys’ Team won a Bronze medal. The team played with dedication, focus and determination throughout the tournament. Many thanks must go to Logan Kemp their coach, who has inspired and trained these boys to accomplish so much throughout this year. At the NZ Nationals the Junior Open continued to improve and play with enthusiasm, and vigour. They finished in 8th place. Well done boys.

Swimming - NZSS Mount Albert Grammar sent a group of four students to compete at the 2012 NZ National Secondary Schools’ Swimming Championships held in Te Rapa, Hamilton. 425 swimmers participated making this the third largest swim meet in New Zealand. MAGS was represented by Daniel Hefford, Tyler Jerrom, Charlotte Pritchard and Caitlin Pritchard. This group represented the school proudly and produced some pleasing results with MAGS finishing 30th out of the 123 schools participating. A great result for such a small group. Charlotte

Back row: Scott Briden, Alex Paine, Tim Routledge, Logan Kemp (Coach), William Peart, Shane Scahill (Manager), Leah Chamberlain (Assistant Coach) Font Row: Marshall Norbitt, Jack Scahill, Connor Glengarry, Matt Trevalyn, Danyon Kemp (Captain), Daniel Nisbett and Sam Nicholson


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 29

National Champions 2012 1st XI Boys’ Football National Winners

Back row (left to right): Joseph Nottage, Shaun Bennett, Fox Slotemaker, Dylan Bracey, Mark Holt (Assistant Coach), Monty Patterson, Connor Stoton, Cameron Hogg, Te Atawhai Wihongi, Kevin Fallon (Coach) and Brayden Visser (Physiotherapist) Front Row: Liam Jordan, Andrew O’Donoghue, Joshua Moody, Cameron Sinclair, Harley Tahau, Jonathan Quinn (Captain), Joseph Dan-Tyrell and Corey Adams

Girls’ Premier Lacrosse National Winners

Back row (left to right): Katie Budgen, Kalisha Moore, Abbie Douglas Middle row: Briar Tippett, Mallory Ahmu, Lauren Curd, Brittany Haylock-Skinner, Sydney Vari, Josh Harvey (Coach) Morgan Puru, Front row: Molly Henderson, Olivia Adams, Olivia Hext, Amelia Scharting, Ruth Lever Missing from photo: Ruby Darin, Alice Gray, Tania Boikov and Vladmir Boikov (Coach)

Colt s U15 Rugby National Winners Back Row: Bernard Togiatomai, Thomas Willoughby, Sitili Tupouniua, Elijah Toetu’u, Samuel Halaholo, Eroni La’au, Samuel Slade, Jordan Ieremia, Niven Longopoa, Eric Munro, Christian Prescott, Mateialona Halaholo (c), James Halley, Middle Row: Jack Akiono, Geronimo Doyle, Zachary King, Charles Napa’a, David Hutchinson, Milan Bonkovich, Delaney ChaneyPuata, Chris Lu’au. Front: Dylan Lam, Hawaiiki Annandale.



No 31

September 2012

Induction to the Hall of Distinction; Greg Moyle Gregory James Moyle ED, JP, MCom(Hons) LLB, AFA, CFPcm, CLUcm, ACA, ACIS, CMA. At Mount Albert Grammar School 1968-1972 Greg Moyle was a true all-rounder during his five years at Mount Albert Grammar School. He was in top academic classes every year. In his first year, he played the cornet and was, for some years, a librarian. He was also a sportsman, being a weightlifter, a winner in both shot put and discus, a rower for the Intermediate VIII and a member of the First XV rugby team for three years. In 1970, Greg managed the school’s first Rugby League Team for an inter school tournament. In his final year, Greg was selected for the Auckland Secondary School and Under 18 representative rugby teams. He was a prefect in both 1971 and 1972 and was also on the Ball Committee. During his time at the school, he came under the influence of the late Arnold Wilson, head of art, who inspired him to a life-long love of art and he has been a significant collector for many years. Almost all the artworks that are displayed in the administration corridor and in other areas around the school are on loan from his extensive collection. Greg studied commerce at university and graduated with a BCom in 1976, followed by a Master of Commerce, with honours, two years later. In 1980, he entered the Police College and graduated top in his class from 175 recruits before embarking on a four year career in the New Zealand Police Force. During his time in the NZ Police he returned to university studies and graduated with a degree in law in 1985. Greg also holds a long list of professional accounting qualifications and has worked in a number of firms as an accountant. In 1974, Greg joined the Territorial Force of the NZ Army, first with the Royal New Zealand Military Police and, later, with the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment where he was Commanding Officer of a Combat company. He has had two, five-month, military deployments. Firstly, as Senior National Officer and Deputy Commander to the Solomon Islands as part of New Zealand’s commitment to assisting the Solomon Islands to maintain law and order and secondly, as a United Nations Military Liaison Officer, in Timor Leste

providing information to the UN regarding the security situation in Dili. He has a number of long-service and campaign medals and awards. Since 1985, he has been a part-time lecturer at The University of Auckland, teaching in the Department of Accounting, the Law School, the School of Engineering (teaching Engineering Economics) and now, in the Continuing Education Department. He has also worked for the Department of Justice in the Corporate Fraud Unit of the Commercial Affairs Division, prior to embarking on a new career in 1987 as a personal financial advisor. In 1992, he founded New Zealand Financial Planning Company Ltd a leading financial advising business providing personal financial planning advice to New Zealanders either in retirement or planning for retirement. Greg is currently joint Managing Director and Senior Advisor of this firm. Greg has been active in community affairs for many years. He was Chairman of the Western Bays Community Board, from 1989 to 1991, and an Auckland City Councillor, from 2007 to 2010, chairing the Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee. He is now an elected member of the Waitemata Local Board. He is a past Master of Lodge United Service No 10 and a past President of the Rotary Club of Downtown. Currently he is an Assistant Governor of Rotary District 9920, a Trustee of both the Leukaemia and Blood Cancer Foundation and Ranfurly Veterans Home as well as a Director of Radio Lollipop.

Greg Moyle with Ben Stallworthy

He is also a committee member of the Auckland Branch of the Institute of Financial Advisers, the Chairman of the Mount Albert Grammar School Board of Trustees and a past president of the Mount Albert Grammar School Old Boys Association.


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 31

Since retiring with the Rank of Major in 2011, after 36 years service in the Territorial Force of the NZ Army, Greg is now involved as the Chair and Trustee of a Trust to establish a NZ War Memorial Museum in Le Quensoy, France. Gregory James Moyle, scholar, sportsman, soldier, patron of the arts, civic leader, Albertian, Member of the Mount Albert Grammar School Hall of Distinction.

Greg Moyle with family

Rowing Greats Return Albertian rowing greats Shane O’Brien and Kerry Ashby returned to their school on Monday 30 July 2012. Kerry Ashby (1943 -1946) In 1946, Kerry was a prefect, the rowing captain and a member of the 1st XV. He was a member of the 1st Rowing VIII in 1945-1946. He was selected to represent NZ in the Rowing VIII at the 1950 British Empire Games held in Auckland and won a silver medal. Six of the rowing crew were from MAGS. He was selected in 1954 in the British Empire & Commonwealth Games held in Vancouver in the men’s coxed four winning a silver medal and all five of the rowing crew (including the cox) were MAGS old boys. He coached MAGS Rowing from 1966-1978 and in 1976, Manager of NZ Rowing team at Montreal Olympics. Kerry is a member of Mt Albert Grammar School Hall of Distinction. Shane O’Brien (1974-1978) In 1978, Shane was a prefect and the rowing captain. He won the gold medal in the coxless four at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Two years later, he won a silver medal in the coxless four and a bronze medal in the eight in Edinburgh at the Commonwealth Games.He is currently Headmaster at Jumeirah English Speaking School, in Dubai. Grayson Dauphin, SaneVa Ginnen, Kerry Ashby and Shane O’Brien


Archival Gifts Miniature Cups On Friday morning 3 August 2012 Mrs Betty Hutchinson, widow of the noted Albertian Howard Hutchinson visited the School to donate Howard’s miniature cups. They are: Special for Steeplechase 1935,1936 Intermediate Steeplechase, 1936 Senior Steeplechase, 1937 Intermediate Athletic Champion 1936 and Best Soccer Player 1938. Howard was at school from 1934 to 1938. As well as the events for which he received miniatures he was a member of the senior athletics team in 1937 and 1938, the welterweight boxing champion in 1936, the inter-school 440 yard champion in 1938, and Auckland Secondary Schools’ soccer representative in 1937 and 1938, the same years that he was a Prefect. After he left school he was Auckland 880 yard champion. War service in the Army intervened and post-war he played soccer at the highest level, representing New Zealand against South Africa and, as captain, against Australia in 1948. Howard retired as manager of the Auckland branch of the ASB. He was the brother of the late Maurice Hutchinson. Mrs Hutchinson is seen here accompanied by her daughter Jan Baguley and son-in-law Ken Baguley. They spent some time in the FW Gamble Memorial Hall looking at Howard’s name in gold, and then retired to the staff room for morning tea. Rowing Pennant On Tuesday 31 July Ray Avery visited the School and donated his 1946 rowing pennant. We have a growing collection of rowing memorabilia and this is our first pennant, so it is a most welcome addition to the collection.

corridors Three Early Brothers A letter from Gillian Denny in July enclosed five early class photographs from her aunt Daisy Witten. Three of Ms Denny’s uncles attended the school. The Witten boys were the sons of ‘Mrs L” [Witten], who lived at Titirang’ and later at 30 Paice Avenue Mount Eden. Frank Leslie Witten (1909-1993) was at school from 1922 until 1925. His classes were 4C, 5B, 6B, 6B. He did quite well winning seven High Merit and three Credit Certificates. He was one of the original boys who came over from Auckland Grammar School. Ronald Burton Witten (1909-1973) was at school from 1922 until 1926. He also did quite well, winning three High Merit and 13 Credit Certificates. His classes were junior 3A, 4B, Lower 5B, 5A, 6B. He was admitted straight from Primary School. The boys were here because they were within the ‘boundaries’, identified as: “Boys (except those eligible for the sixth form) from: All places on the North Railway Line; Mount Albert, Morningside, Kingsland; West Roskill, Balmoral Road; Dominion Road, Glenmore, West Eden Terrace; Newton (west of reservoir), Grey Lynn (south of Richmond Road) Archill; Point Chevalier are required to attend this school.” The third brother, Thomas Brian Witten (1916-1946) was at school from 1922 to 1933. His classes were 3A, 4B, lower 5A, Upper 5 Latin, 6B (ii). He won three Credit Certificates in his first two years and he ran, boxed and played rugby. One of the photographs is of CP Worley with 29 boys. It is of good-quality and mounted on well-calendered cardstock. We have another copy of it and we know from that and both a 1922 certificate and a report that it is almost certainly 4C of 1922. Frank Witten was also listed as a member of the class and Ms Denny has indicated that he is in the back row, far left. One of the other photographs is easily identified. It is the only one with a class name on a small board which reads “MAGS 1932 Upp.V Lat.” There are 31 boys in the photograph but no form master, (JM Tait). The image is faded and there are 19 boys’ signatures on the back including “B.Witten”. Also there are two masters’ signatures, HL Calder and WCJ Perry. TB Witten would have been 16 in 1932 and his name is in the class list from Upp.V Lat. Another image is of quite good quality and has Bob Hardy as form master with 36 boys. It is likely Lower V of 1931. No Witten is indicated by Ms Denny, but the class of 39 indicates TB Witten and many of the names from Upper V Latin 1932 are also included. A fourth image has W Caradus as form master, and 13 senior boys. There is a little black dog on a seat by one of the boys. That makes it 1927 at the latest as there is a mention of the dog in the Form notes of 6B in the 1929 The Albertian, pg 39, it reads: “We have been in mourning ever since we heard of the death of photographer’s little dog. How much less our form photographs will be deprived of this almost proverbial animal.” Mr Caradus was Form Master of 6B in 1924 (20 boys

including FL Witten). In 1925 (14 boys including FW Witten) and in 1926 (15 boys including RB Witten). Of the three years, 1925 is the most likely as two boys who became well known are in that photograph, GL Weir (back row, far left) and LF Kinnear (middle row, third from left). FL Witten is in the back row, third from left. The final photograph is mystifying. It is more close-cropped than usual. There are 20 boys, no teacher. The black dog is present, so it’s pre-1928. There is an unnamed Witten front row far right. We are grateful to Gillian Denny, without her generous gift, news of these three early brothers may not have surfaced.

Visitors to the Development Office Tao Shen (2008-2009) visited school on Thursday 19 July 2012. Tao was from China and studied as an international student while at Mount Albert Grammar School and is currently at The University of Auckland in her third year studying Architecture. Tao’s plans are to continue for a further two years to complete her Masters. Phillip Wihapi (2000-2004) visited school on Wednesday 2 August 2012. Phillip had been living in Australia for three years playing rugby for Canberra. He returned to New Zealand and is currently with the Auckland Rugby Union Sport Programme contracted to the Primary School Management system.

Congratulations Alan Bollard (1964-1968) Albertian and former Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Alan Bollard is to head the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) secretariat for the next three years. He has been Governor of the Reserve Bank for the past 10 years. Apec’s 21 member economies account for more than half the world’s economic output and nearly half of its trade. Alan Bollard will begin his three-year term on January 1, 2013 as head of the coordinating, technical and advisory body that supports sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific. The secretariat serves as the core support mechanism for the Apec process, providing procedural guidance, coordination, information and public outreach services. Alan Bollard will be based in Singapore, the secretariat is staffed by around 60 people, including about 19 diplomatic personnel from member economies who oversee Apec working groups. Mark Pickard (1979-1982) Bachelor of Teaching – Primary, graduated in May 2012 from the University of Waikato.


TERM 3.2012

Quarterly 33

Notes from Herb Towers Award Recipient Gallery visits in London, Paris, Milan and Tel Aviv; Daniella Aleh

“The interface or art and fashion, Jqpanese artist Yayoi Kusama working with Louis Vuitton in Seoul. The interface of sport and design, Olympic signage, the Cultural Olympiad, the pink and blue clad volunteers and then the opportunity to witness my daughter’s success on the water at Weymouth.”

“So strange, how something can be so personal and so public. Watching sport is unlike watching art, but watching one’s daughter compete is as emotionally challenging as making art can be.”

“The Victoria and Albert Museum was a treasure trove of exceptional craft and design, handwork with serious intent. The work of Heatherwick who designed the Olympic torch, the white pots of Edmund van de Waal, plaster casts of the Trajan Column. The Tate Modern was a magnficent building but the curating left me unmoved, even the golden pharmaceutical glory of Damien Hurst. But the Satchi Gallery was provocative and thoughtful, a wonderful look at contemporary Korean Art. Photographers whose subjects sank into their background, painters whose portraits spilled out of the canvas.

“Paris in a heatwave, the gilt statues so gold against the blue. Cathedrals and palais and bridges, ornate, over decorated, lived in and gradually or forcibly repurposed over time. Musee Pompidou was emphatic and acessible, Gerhard Richter on show. Works that shimmer in reality unlike their reproductions in printed material. Watched over by la tour Eiffeil, that glory of bolted iron struts rising to the sky. “

“Milano, 400 heat, the Last Supper- climate controlled an echo of an artistic vision that you have tp abosrb within the ten minutes of alloted time. “


“Tosca in Verona, in the old colosseum, where old is 2000 years and still useable.

“The Impressionist works I saw had immense presence, even when viewed by millions! Picasso’s women just relaxed under the gaze , while Monet’s water lilies still floated light on the waters of his pond. around the walls of La Musee d’Orangeries. In the Versaille gardens work by Korean photographer Ahae, who sat in a room and photographed his world in unbelieavable detail and colour. ” Ms Aleh (HoD Visual Arts) was awarded a Herb Towers Award in 2011 and used it to visit galleries in London, Paris, Milan and Israel to further her knowledge and understanding of creative practice. Tel Aviv Museum, renovated and She was fortunate to enlarged. An arab-israeli collaboration be able to time her from New York, works on veils, whole visit to coincide with rooms veiled, these things beyond our the 30th Olympics. sight. “

corridors Obituaries Kimball Ryder (1937-1938) Kim Ryder was in commercial classes and was, for two years, a member of First XI Hockey teams. He was a good friend of the School being a stalwart of the Old Old Boys’ Luncheons where he could be seen manning the reception desk. The School’s history has been enriched by Kim’s gifts. His first gift was specular. It is a sturdy file box with details of our 128 World War II fallen together with several paragraphs of a very useful summary packed with statistics. Kim has given us his hockey lion, a number of informal photographs of his time at school and a collection of newspaper clippings significantly, there is a copy of a 1945 letter written to him by his fellow solider in the North African campaign – Robert Muldoon. John Woodward Hinton (1946-1949) John Hinton played softball and soccer and in 1948 he was captain of both the 4th grade A softball team and the Intermediate Association football team. The softball team would not have played for the first term in 1948 as all schools were closed for that term owing to a polio epidemic. In 1949 John played for the First XI soccer team. He was also active in other areas of the School, in athletics, the first aid room and he was a corporal in the cadets. The school received news of his death on 7 March 2012 and we extend our condolences to his family. Rory Malone (2002) Rory Malone came to us, for his final year, from Waihi College. When he left he joined the territorial forces and transferred to the regular force as a rifleman in 2005. He served in Timor Leste between 2006 and 2007. Lance Corporal Rory Malone was killed in action at Do Ab-e Mikh-e Zarrim, Bamiyan, Afghanistan on Saturday night 4 August 2012. He was shot by insurgents while going to the aid of an injured comrade. It was his first deployment to Afganistan, he had been promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal a month earlier. He was 26 years old. He was the great great grandson of Lieutenant Colonel William Malone who was killed in action in Gallipoli on 8 August 1915. Three of William’s sons also served in Gallipoli. Rory Malone joins a pantheon of valiant forebears. Francis George Atkinson (1942-1945) Frank Atkinson did well at School, he had Credit and High Merit Certificates in abundance. He also played soccer and was in the First Aid squad. He spent three years in the Hobby Class. This was a spare-time woodwork class for boys in academic classes who would otherwise not have had the chance to do a practical subject. The Headmaster said of him: “He left with a sound record of useful achievements and the promise of reliable and capable service in his work of the future”. In later life Frank was a JP and had a finger in many pies.

He was an active member of the Albertian Association and graced the school with two gifts, a genealogy of the Towers family and some wonderful photos of Frank and Co engaged in schoolboy high jinks. Frank was a devout Anglican and he was farwelled from St Albans, Balmoral – the church of his childhood.

Memorabilia Don’t forget to check out the online shop for quality MAGS memorabilia which would make great gifts for Christmas, Year 13 leavers or gifts in general. There is a great range to choose from. Click on to the MAGS shopping cart on the school website to make your purchases.

2012 Albertian Of The Year Award Invitation An invitation to join with us to celebrate the 2012 Albertian of the Year presentation that will be made to Dale Griffiths (1969-1973) at a special assembly. When: Monday 29 October 2012 Where: FW Gamble Memorial Hall, Mount Albert Grammar School Time: 2.00pm. Afternoon tea will be served in the staffroom following the presentation. If you are able to attend can you please contact either Maree Pulevaka [email protected] or Chris Long in the Development Office phone 8462044 ext 8127 for seating and catering purposes by Wednesday 24 October 2012.

ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE LIST 2012 PRESIDENT Ben Stallworthy [email protected] IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Maelen Tagelagi [email protected] SECRETARY Chris Long [email protected] TREASURER John Sumner [email protected] COMMITTEE David Griffin [email protected] Dale Griffiths [email protected] Brett Kingstone [email protected] Greg Moyle [email protected] Brian Murphy [email protected] Michael Riley [email protected] Greg Taylor [email protected] Dale Burden [email protected]


TERM 3.2012

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Term 4 Commences





Arts Lions’ Assembly - F.W. Gamble Hall at 2.10pm



Labour Day



MAGS Arts’ Dinner - Sorrento in the Park, Cornwall Park at 6.30pm

MAGS Sports’ Dinner - Alexandra Park Raceway at 6.00pm

Goethe Society Prizegiving, University of Auckland at 7.30pm



Service Lions’ Assembly - F.W. Gamble Hall at 2.10pm



Albertian of the Year Ceremony - F.W. Gamble Hall at 2.00pm




School House End of Year Dinner - School House at 6.00pm



Year 9 & Year 10 Study Leave Last day for Seniors



Senior Prizegiving - F.W. Gamble Hall at 12.30pm Leavers’ Dinner - Alexandra Park Raceway at 6.30pm Year 8 Testing Girls at 9.00 -12.00 noon

Year 8 Parents Information – School House

Year 8 Testing Boys at 9.00 -12.00 noon



Year 8 Parents Information – School House

10 Saturday NCEA External Examinations Commence

13 Tues



Junior Examinations (13-16) MAGS PARENTS speakers Music; Milica Moon, Performing Arts;

Jacqui Cesan 7.30pm



Year 9 Observatory Trip – Stardome (19-20) Year 10 Outdoor Education - Kayaking Pupuke (19-21)

22 Thursday ASB Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards – Ellerslie Convention Centre at 6.15pm



Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Camp



Te Puna Leavers’ Celebration – School House at 6.00pm



Year 10 Outdoor Education – Motutapu (30 Nov – 3 Dec)




NZSS Condor 7s Finals at Kelston Boys’ High School



Year 9 Certificate of Achievement Ceremony - F.W. Gamble Hall at 2.00pm



Year 9 Inter-Form Class Competition - afternoon



Year 10 Inter-Form Class Competition - afternoon



Junior Prizegiving - F.W. Gamble Hall at 10.30am End of Term 4





NZSS Touch Championships - Hamilton (7-9) NZSS Athletics Championships - Dunedin (8-9)

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