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The Various Types of CCTV and Their Uses

Topics Covered: Analog vs. IP in the CCTV Wars Benefits of Getting CCTV with DVR Capability CCTVs Latest Option: The DVR Defining CCTVs Role in IP Surveillance Methods Important Ways That Wireless CCTV is Helping Police Get the Bad Guys The Disadvantages of Having CCTV Wireless Wireless CCTVs Role in Mobile Phone Technology Reasons Why Wireless CCTV is Needed in Vehicles Riding Herd on Public Transportation: How CCTV Can Keep Both Drivers and Passengers Safe Small Business Owner? Four Ways that Wireless CCTV Can Help You Top Uses for Weather-Proof Wireless CCTV Equipment From Web Cam to CCTV: Way to Create Your Own Security


The Various Types of CCTV and Their Uses Analog vs. IP in the CCTV Wars “Battleground” is an understatement when people discuss using either an analog or IP, Internet protocol, for use with a CCTV camera for security at home or in a business. Don’t feel intimidated by all of the highly technical wording; just know the basics about how you can benefit from using a security system to help you at home, or even your customers at your business feel safer inside and outside. Security is important in today’s society, so learn about the new wave of technology with IP capable cameras that are networked for security. IP was developed back in the mid 1970s as a way for computer systems to communicate with each other that weren’t on the same network. Its development of specialized instructions allowed computers to talk to each other at remote locations, with a different set of instructions, for the very first time. IP developed other protocols that established the World Wide Web, the Internet. Using Internet protocols is what allows you to view others emails, and pictures because it’s routed correctly, and can be read by others computer systems. Analog viewing of a picture in video format is the forerunner to the IP way of recording, and it’s on its way out as a way to view. If you want the most up to date way to view video, you’ll need to consider IP for whatever type of CCTV setup or camera you buy. A few problems that you’ll find with an analog system are that no matter how expensive your camera is, your images captured on screen will end up blurry and jumpy. The signals that an analog sends out are from made up of lines that don’t transfer well onto a screen. The line become overlapped when scanning, and ends up looking smudged and blurry when viewing the image on a TV or even a PC. It’s true that an analog will be cheaper to set up, but the quality is lost, and that’s something that one doesn’t need for any type of security uses. An Ethernet cable connection for an IP is better too when compared to an analog system. Since the computers that run your security have a protocol in place that means that other computers online for security can in effect read each other. You’ll not loose captures, and if you ever loose power the main control in the security operator’s area will power the computers to keep running. Remember too that clarity of pictures means a lot with security. Older analog cameras don’t produce the quality you need for resolution of the pixels, but they’re configured that way. You can’t change an analog camera into one that can be networked with IP with a high resolution of pixels that make up what you see on a screen for security. Another benefit to IP is that you can see a much larger area, and with new network capabilities and cameras you can buy special features of tilt, zoom, and automatically pan the entire area.


Audio is an area that’s increasing in importance. You can’t use audio with old analog technology unless though you run totally separate audio lines to the camera. More people are going to cameras that are IP networked because sound is captured by the camera itself, or even integrated with streaming video and audio and then recorded for playing back. You can then store that information on a CD burner if an event does happen or just for review later. Another advantage when using IP network computer systems is that it is much safer from hackers. Analog information doesn’t provide this ability for safety. With cameras that are networked you can place authentication tags between each computer, and place in the video vital information such as date, time or any other specifics you need. Set up for a network with IP for cameras are more, but in the long run you’ll save money. Quality of surveillance is better, and crooks will be caught more often than not. Learn all you can about all of the up and coming new technologies for security. Everyday technology changes in some way. It was only a few years ago that analog was the way to go, but today high tech cameras are making the difference for security problems. Don’t get left behind, stay up to date and invest in your home and business wisely.

Benefits of Getting CCTV with DVR Capability A digital video recorder and the option it offers for CCTV is an excellent one and one that should definitely be considered seriously. The advancements in DVR technology in relation to CCTV has come a long way and offers a lot more flexibility and freedom compared to the older technology of videocassette recording. Some of these newer advancements allow you to look at what is being recorded at this moment, while the recorder continues to record. Not to mention the excellent quality and the increased space to save images that DVR technology offers as well. When you begin to install a DVR system, you can save a lot of space just in the amount of equipment that is used. This is because this type of system is more compact and this means it not only takes up less space, but also makes it a lot easier to install as well. All the different components from a VCR type of CCTV system, such as a multiplexer, multiple signal inputs and parts of the video server can be streamlined into one small unit. This makes it hundreds of times more convenient and easier to use than a VCR based type of CCTV system. There are additional aspects of a DVR type of CCTV system including the ability for multiple security camera inputs, which can be great for those who are looking to keep an eye on several locations at once. This benefit is great for local police forces that have more than one location in a city to keep an eye on. The other advantages to using a DVR CCTV system includes remote access at any time from any place, better still images, better and more storage for longer periods of time, easier installation, clearer copying of images, longer recording time, internal web server, picture in picture and zoom and the advantage of having a hard drive available for storage. This last advantage is probably one of the most important advantages to a DVR based type of CCTV


system. Having a hard drive to back up your recordings can make it more reliable and can make it less likely that you will lose any information. Another excellent advantage to this type of system is the internal web server that comes with most DVR CCTV systems. These internal web servers are great back ups and can help you can keep better tabs on what you have, while saving space in the types of images you save. These also make it easier for you to make copies should the need arise and still not lose the quality of the original recording. Something that should also be considered as an advantage to a DVR type of system is the fact that you can hook it up to a network, allowing you to view the images from anywhere at any time. This can also allow you to share the images with other people who may need to be informed of the situation that is captured on the screen. This can also allow more than one person to keep on eye on things. Which is a great plus for police forces that may have more than one person working the system. Having more than one set of eyes to keep an eye on things is definitely a plus when it comes to security. Having a motion triggered system can also save you a lot of money and is easily available with a DVR type of system. A motion sensitive system can save power by not letting the recorder work until some type of motion triggers it. It can also help save money by saving space on the disc. This means spending less money on replacing the disc from overuse. Because there is less use from motion triggering type of systems, there is less chance of damage caused by constant use. There are also many options to choose from in DVR type technology for CCTV when it comes to lighting and lighting options. These also include options in the way the camera itself works, whether it is fixed or is able to move in many different directions, each kind offers it's own advantages and should be decided upon, based upon what use you are looking for. For example, if you are just looking to watch the flow of people walking by, a fixed camera will work fine for you. On the other hand, if you are using it for crime surveillance, you will probably want to consider a directional camera. Don't forget weatherproofing your camera and protecting it from dust and dirt, which can obscure what, you are looking at. As you can see, a DVR based CCTV system is a great option and can offer many advantages over the older kinds. Not only can you save yourself the hassle of a harder installation with multiple parts, but you can also save yourself some money. The space that can be saved by the smaller more compact size of most DVR type CCTV systems is also a great advantage. Also, the saving of space from the storage aspect is also a great advantage and the quality of course is the number one reason to consider a DVR based CCTV system over a VCR based CCTV system. With so many advances in this type of technology, it's only a matter of time before most people will be using DVR based systems anyways.


CCTVs Latest Option: The DVR The way CCTV systems have been used in the past, tape recorders were the standard. Of course, there have been many problems with using tape recorders for CCTV. One of these problems is the massive amount of tape cassettes that can pile up and the fact that they take up so much space. Another problem is the fact that if you decide to save space by reusing a tape, you will lose quality with each recording and will not be able to store the information for as long. Of course, if you were to go with the easier and more convenient DVR option, you could save space and not compromise quality at all. Because DVR has a better compression rate, less space is taken up and the quality of digital is unmatched. Besides this most DVR images can be downloaded straight to a computer and only take up as much space as a file on the computer and can be formatted into a MPEG or JPEG as well. Besides the obvious advantages of space and quality that can be gained from DVR technology, it can actually save you a lot of money, especially in the long run. That is because the recorder can be used over and over again with compromising quality and therefore more and more tapes do not have to be bought. This will save you money on having to buy new tapes after a while. Besides this cost effectiveness, you also save money because the installation is easier and quicker, thereby saving you money on the labor and installation fees. Also, as DVR becomes more and more popular for CCTV and other things, it comes down in price faster and faster. Something else that is great when it comes to DVRs is that it is very versatile and can be used either for home use or for businesses. Unlike the previous tapes that were used that may not have been very convenient for home use, DVR is much more convenient for either use. This also allows the user to directly link the CCTV to a computer and help the user monitor it from any location they choose. This direct link also allows the user to directly download images onto the computer itself, making this option so much more efficient and convenient. This can also guard against damage and data loss in the long run, because on a computer it takes less space and is less susceptible to damage than on videotape. Not only that, but the user can also set it up online so that they can monitor their CCTV from anywhere in the world, meaning if they are away from home they can still check in on what is happening. There are some specific parts to most DVR CCTV systems. These include motion sensors, multiplexer, image zoom controls, color quad processor and CCTV camera connections, all of these may be confusing to the average user, but are all necessary to the best systems. Many of the newer DVR CCTV systems have image zoom that moves from side to side, making it easier for you to only have to use one camera in a room, instead of multiple ones. This means you can save money by only having to have one camera instead of many that can end up costing you more money. These newer systems can also be programmed to only start recording with motion and save hours of needless recording.


With the older VCR based CCTV systems there is the problem of poorer quality in general and the inability of these types of systems to have stream-by-stream separation. Stream by stream separation allows you to separate every motion into different formats such as JPEG and can make it a lot easier to identify faces and such. With a DVR type of system you can also retrieve images from a certain time and date a lot easier than with a VCR type of system. This is because DVR files can be sorted through on a computer and times and dates can be punched in very easily to find exactly what you are looking for, faster and more accurately. Also, some DVR options also can record audio and therefore is a great benefit to some in some situations. You may have to search to find which systems have all these options that you want, but they are out there and can be found to suit your personal needs. If trends continue to go in the direction of the DVR based CCTV system, more and more people will start using them. Not only will the increased popularity make it more cost effective for users, but it will be way more convenient for most as well. It's not hard to see why so many places use DVR technology already. It can only get better from here as DVR technology continues to advance and increase.

Defining CCTVs Role in IP Surveillance Methods Everywhere you look CCTV is part of our society today. The FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation national crime statistics every year reports that crime is going up, and violent crimes are becoming a norm for our society. It’s not the way it used to be where you could leave your doors unlocked and your neighbor wouldn’t bother you. If you’ve been thinking about installing a security system in your home or business, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Read on to learn about the different ways that IP and CCTV is used, and be prepared for the unexpected to happen. Network computers for security today use IP protocols because it is versatile and easy to use. You can buy mobile phones and have the send you video or text messages that something’s not right at your home or business too. Wireless capabilities have made a universe a smaller one, and a much safer one. It’s a long way from the mid 1970s when IP protocol was developed so computers at remote locations could talk to one another. Analog was one of the first types of data transfer, but it’s a primitive way to capture any type of data, much less video. You might be surprised to find out that that in the early 1990s, it was a scientific wonder to see black and white analog capable cameras. In most electronic and computer stores, black and white cameras are rarely sold. It limitations are just to glaring. New computer technology and electronic gear protect so many places that we visit on a regular basis, that sometimes you might not even realize you’re being watched and recorded by video. Educational systems in the primary and secondary levels are using it to monitor dorm hallways, areas outside dorms and recreational rooms, particularly on college campuses.


In the high schools it’s very important to have monitors with cameras that can record every move. Out of the way areas are a favorite place for illegal drugs, and violence. Since the Columbine shootings, schools take very seriously the control of their hallways and classrooms. Banking institutions are known for security, but it’s getting very high tech in a bank. Remote locations with motion sensor detection cameras can direct panels to fly up if a robber brandishes a gun, or threatens too harm customers or employees. Industry is using CCTV to catch employees that steal from a company, and its now being used for safety. Tight controls on workplace safety by the federal government require businesses to turn to a CCTV and cameras to stop machinery if it gets faulty, so employees won’t get hurt, and federal guidelines on environmental issues are met too. By using CCTV it also cuts down on injury lawsuits by employees, and workman’s compensation claims. Of course, retail establishments use CCTV to stop shoplifting and robberies, but it’s gotten highly technical in its applications. From the ceiling you’re watched with cameras that don’t allow you to be able to see what directions it’s pointed, just in case you get the urge to steal. Outside of dressing rooms cameras watch you coming and going, and display cases have tiny computer microchips that aren’t seen at jewelry counters, and in home accessories such as pictures frames. Cameras are stationed at cash registers that are able to pan, tilt, and zoom in close, just in case an employee gets sticky fingers for the cash in the till. Airports are another place that’s highly secured since the 911 tragedy. CCTV watches suspicious activity inside and outside the airport doors. CCTV is located in remote locations where any type of activity that just doesn’t seem right is immediately looked into. Don’t think you can leave the check area for your bags, and not be watched after that because even the restaurants in airports are monitored on a continual basis. You will find out about a package you’ve left accidentally by a table and chair from other guards in the airport. Security and CCTV go hand in hand, and its applications for the different areas of your life are growing at a rapid pace. From sitting in a car and running a stop light to cameras in daycares to catch abusive parents or daycare workers, it’s more and more a high sci-fi world with big brother watching. The point is that you’ll need to be prepared and know what to expect in this changing world. Get friendly with technology because it is here to stay, and it’ll impact your life with security for yourself and others that you love.

Important Ways That Wireless CCTV is Helping Police Get the Bad Guys When it comes to crime prevention, there are few tools on the market today with as much clout as the wireless CCTV systems. Closed circuit television has been around for some time now, and it offers the police and the general public something to feel relatively safe about. Many large chain grocery stores and department stores have been using CCTV for some time. It allows them to keep an eye on seedy characters that may be floating around the isles and shoplifting. Whenever someone steals something from a store, the store has to pay for the


goods. When this is a continual thing, the store is forced to raise the prices to make up for the loss. This in turn ends up costing the consumer more money down the stretch, and when you really look at it why should you have to pay for someone else’s illegal activities? For this reason, large stores have made it a point to install CCTV cameras within the store to keep track of everything that is going on. Another great thing about wireless CCTV systems is that they are very flexible in regards to where they can be placed. The wired systems are very limited in their placement and can be quite troublesome in regards to setup and operation. With a wireless setup, the options for placement are only limited by the location that they are being installed at. Wireless CCTV cameras can be used just about anywhere, and they offer the public a great source of safety. Banks are in the know when it comes to Wireless CCTV cameras, as they have been using them for years to monitor the coming and going of customers. Should there be a problem within the bank, the police can review the tapes and find the person that committed the crime. This is a great way to control crime, many times by deterring it in the first place. More often than not people will avoid illegal activities if there are cameras present at the location for fear of being recorded. One of the most useful locations for wireless CCTV cameras would have to be the airports. This is a very sensitive area, and needs continual monitoring of the activities of the passengers. In today’s society, you never really know who is willing to commit a crime and who isn’t. By having wireless CCTV cameras installed, many people will think twice before doing something dangerous or illegal in fear that they will be recognized and prosecuted by the law. The more wireless cameras that are installed and noticed, the more the rates of crime will drop. Sometimes it is actually the best policy to have hidden wireless CCTV cameras installed. This gives the police a good idea of what people are willing to do, if they feel that they are not being watched. This, in essence, brings out the worst in the criminals and allows them to naturally perform their crimes. Once the police have the description of the perpetrator, and the methods they used to commit the crime, they can then take drastic steps in preventing it from happening in the future. Wireless CCTV cameras offer the police the chance to view exactly what people are willing to do, if they are criminally minded people. This will also allow the police to study the methods that they employ to commit the crime. When this is known, the police can adjust their level of policing and make arrangements to counter the crime itself. This goes along way from the traditional watching of criminals being the point where they can only listen to the account from the victim of the crime. Sometimes this is just not enough for the police to go on, by having wireless CCTV cameras installed they can see first hand and have a better picture of what really happened. Wireless CCTV cameras are a very practical form of policing in today’s society, it allows for the safety of the general public as well as the well being of the economy and health of the city. The police are always on top of things when a wireless CCTV camera is in place, just because you do not see them; do not think for one second that they are not there.


The Disadvantages of Having CCTV Wireless Wireless technology is developing at a fast pace, but there are problems with it that you might not know about. Before you decide about the type of security you want, study what some of the issues are that you might run into with a wireless security system in your home or business. You’ll need to look at a lot factors before you put in place a wireless system, so check out the drawbacks and a few benefits of a wireless connection. Understanding how a wireless system works will let you understand in a much clearer way the problems that you might encounter with it. You need to know exactly what the issues are because security is a serious matter for your home or business. The whole point of having a system for security is to keep you and the ones you love safe at home, and it’s just as important too for your business and customers. You’ll first need to decide what type of security you need by knowing what you want to record as video. Are you investing in a security system for home or business? If you need it for home, do you want to include a set up for audio too, and do you want to have outside and inside security. Ask how clear should the images be, and if the extras are necessary, such as tilt, zoom, and rotate for your camera. How many cameras do you want to set up? If you’re unsure talk with an expert in the field of home or business security, they can point you in the right direction. An expert can give you guidance on what will work best in your facts about the differences and problems between a hard-wired and the issues around wireless. Wireless in security gives you an just about anywhere you want. They’re not limited on where to connecting wires that run into your home or business.

situation. They can point out connection for your security, opportunity to place cameras place them because of other

The problem is that all of them work on a battery backup that has to be recharged on a regular basis. The hassle of recharging and putting the batteries back in, scare off most people from ever wanting to invest in a wireless camera like this, so if you’ve got the time or someone else to do it, it’s a flexible option. Wireless has certain ranges that must be considered too. Because a camera that has wireless capabilities, you need to know that the transmitter inside the camera has to send signals to a receiver at another location. You’ll have to have it connected to some other type of equipment to view the pictures, such as a TV or video recorder. The problem you might find is that if there are any obstructions, it’ll weaken the signal, and you won’t be able to view what it captures. At times though the signal will be enough to catch blurry images and jumpy screen shots of what’s being transmitted. You’ll have to contend with walls, crevices, and even weather when trying to get clear signals all of the time for security. There are other issues too such as interference from other electrical sources in and around your home or business. Signals are set on the same frequencies, so you’ll run into problems with phone, and even lighting sources. Even if you clear up the issues within your range, a next door business, or another home owners phone, will limit or even cut out, your desired security cameras transmission to the receiver it needs to work. Don’t forget either that you’ll have to


work around any permanent objects in the way of transmission too, such as trees or utility poles for a home or business security camera. Installation of a wireless security system requires someone that’s trained in the cameras and receivers, and knows the latest tips and tricks on getting one to work properly too. Expect then that your cost will increase with not only installation, but fine tuning it to work properly. Wireless is viable if there’s no other option, and technology will improve it to the point of a wired network. Whatever type of security you want, check it out and pick the best for your situation. Talk with the experts, and in no time you’ll have the security system you need.

Wireless CCTVs Role in Mobile Phone Technology High tech is the word for CCTVs influence on security issues for at home or a business. If you’re wondering how you can keep track of problems that might have or are occurring while you’re out of the office, or away from the nanny at home, you can relax because you can use your mobile phone. You don’t have to wait to get that dreaded call from a security team or law enforcement officials, you can just look at your phone. Read on to learn about the benefits of owning special cameras that will let you know vital security issues, via your mobile phone. If you are concerned about safety, and want to know the minute something happens that concerns your or your loved ones or maybe even your business, look into CCTV and mobile phones. Technology is changing fast and there’re new cameras with a special eye that will send updated information to you via your PC. You can also view on a PDA, Personal Data Assistant. Certain software for the camera will have to be installed into your computer for you to be able to view it on your mobile phone though. Installation is wireless and discretely hidden, so it won’t warn others that you’re watching them. Businesses benefit because you can catch shoplifters, intruders, or even less than honest employees. At home you can catch thieves or house cleaning services too that are not doing their job. A great thing about this new technology is that because of a computer chip embedded into the camera, it will transmit signals to a standard mobile phone. You don’t have to buy any other specialized equipment. All you’ll have to do is to set up your security measures via calling into the camera with the phone you use. You don’t have to be a technical wizard, nor do you have to have high speed Internet services like broadband, or DSL. Other benefits are that you can have multiple connections of phones in a fleet of cars or just one. This type of technology works on most any phone line, and if you happen to be on a PC you can look at it from another PC, and do any administrative needs at any time. It’s really exciting to know that you can even get a text mail message letting you know that there’s a problem. With some cameras you can then view the occurrence on your mobile phone, after the video is sent to a highly secure server. You won’t have to worry about everyone and their brother having access to the information for your home or business either. Each person that you want to have access to the video


information will need to have law enforcement background checks that are more than just your basic routine employment check. If all clears on the background check they’ll then be assigned a pin code to access video surveillance. For extra security the codes should be changed on a regular basis, and kept secure at all times from other prying eyes that don’t have a need to know. Sensitive information should remain sensitive for safety and security. You can look for this new technology in chain stores that carry mobile phones, or in electrical gadget stores. There are lots of other benefits of this new emerging technology, such as the ability to not only time and date the video, but to imprint multiple languages on the video too. The point is to use the most up to date technology, so you’ll get the best protection from criminals, and other dishonest people in your home and business. Don’t forget either that it can be used to keep track of what’s going on when inclement weather approaches such as tornadoes or severe storms. The best way to keep up on new techie stuff is to read on the Internet, and make sure to subscribe to a quality magazine, and a few newsletters and blogs with information on phone technology. It doesn’t cost that much to join and it’ll ensure that you’re up to speed too. Prices are coming down on everyday, and in the end it really doesn’t matter what it cost, as long as you have adequate protected from others that want to do you harm.

Reasons Why Wireless CCTV is Needed in Vehicles If you have ever watched the reality television shows that are frequently on in the evenings, you might have marveled at the situations in which fugitives from the law oftentimes find themselves in. Camera crews have captured the drunken brawler trying to take a few swings are the arresting police officers who are ducking for cover and are working hard to subdue him without causing any bodily harm. Audiences nationwide may have rolled their eyes in disbelief at the woman offering sexual favors to the officer writing her a traffic citation for speeding. Television viewers know that their heart rate goes up a few notches when police officers must enter the home where a domestic disturbance has been reported, and where it is uncertain who is doing what to whom, if drugs and weapons are involved, and if anyone is hurt. Yet, while usually during these television shows, you know that a camera man, a sound guy, and maybe another crew member are present, the police will not always have the benefit of such documentary evidence. What will happen if the drunken brawler who is taking a few swings at the police is subdued but has some bruises to show for it the next morning? Once he sleeps off his hangover, will he go out to find an attorney who will claim police brutality? Will he succeed? After all, it will be his word against that of the arresting officers. Whom will be the jury believe? What about the domestic disturbance that was called in by a frightened wife which results in the arrest of the husband – only to have her recant her story later on and for a lack of evidence the children of the couple are once again subject to beatings, drunken rages,


and drug induced violence. These scenarios, which are the reality of everyday police life, are the reasons why wireless CCTV technology is needed in vehicles. Closed-circuit television, also known as CCTV, is the kind of technology that allows small television cameras to be mounted inside a police vehicle. The camera is hooked up to a monitor and may be kept on continuously or may be turned on and off intermittently if a police officer is responding to a call, and the footage taken by this camera is recorded. Later on the officials in charge of investigating denunciations of police brutality will be able to retrieve the footage and either exonerate the officer or let justice take its course if it is found the charges are correct. Yet did you know that there are also other reasons to have CCTV in vehicles? Consider the use of such equipment in ambulances for example. In a day and age where frivolous lawsuits for alleged medical problems encountered because of medical care received are skyrocketing, it is actually a welcome relief to emergency personnel to have their attempts at administering emergency medical care recorded. This way they will know that they did everything possible and within their means to assure that a patient was transported safely to an institution that will care for her or his long-term needs. Medical teams will be able to adjust medical protocols by reviewing the care their emergency medical technicians are offering to patients and the results are even better care for patients in cases of emergencies, and the peace of mind of medical professionals that they did all they could and nothing that would harm a patient. School buses are also proper venues to house wireless CCTV technology. Consider the driver’s ability to see on a screen what is going on in the back of the bus! Usually the back of the bus is the hotbed of trouble, since it is furthest removed from the driver’s ability to supervise the children, and since it is usually devoid of any chaperones. Knowing if there are problems and what the nature of the disturbance may be will help the bus driver to deal with it quickly and decisively and keep all the children safe while traveling. Military vehicles also benefit from wireless CCTV technology in that it will allow commanders to review time and again the procedures that men and women in the armed forces engage in while on missions. This review will ensure that procedures will be tweaked and changed to keep all serving personnel as safe as possible while still being in dangerous hotspots all over the world.

Riding Herd on Public Transportation: How CCTV Can Keep Both Drivers and Passengers Safe With the rise in terrorism and the fact that they are now beginning to use public transportation to carry out their plans, there seems to be more of a demand for better security measures in this arena. There have been more and more instances of public transportation terrorism and more and more outcry for better safety measures. You may never forget the Algerian extremists who set off bombs on subways in Paris in the 1990s, the IRA bombing trains in England,


Palestinians with suicide bombs on Israeli buses, or the nerve gas that was set off in Japan in 1995 in the subway system and even in the United States. There were plans in 1993 and 1997 to bomb New York City tunnels and bridges and domestic terrorists derailed an Arizona train in 1995. Of course, the most recent example was in London with the bombings in July of 2005 on the double decker buses and the Underground. Because of the relatively poor security measures up to this point on public transportation, it has been easy for terrorists to take advantage of this weak spot and use it to their benefit. This, of course, has led to looking for better security measures, including the use of CCTV technology. The passengers and the driver both need to feel safe in this environment. For example, a CCTV system can help the driver feel safer because if they are able to monitor what is going on behind them while they are driving and perhaps stop, if possible. With some of the newer CCTV systems, a monitor can be set up that the driver can see while they are driving. This can help them see if someone tries to sneak up on them and disable them and try to take over the bus. This is a basic measure of safety, but there are other levels as well. The use of digital and wireless CCTV systems can make it easier for local police to monitor the public transportation from remote locations or from the police station. This can save manpower from having to be stationed on every bus and train, this can also saves money as well. Being able to monitor what is going on from one location also streamlines the process of keeping an eye on things. This can make it more accurate and faster to dispatch a policeman if the situation were to arise if it were needed. CCTV systems are better for public transportation than the more traditional means of security. This is because this type of transportation needs to be better and more easily accessible because of the high volume of passengers each day. But the high volume also can be a weakness, checkpoints are not the best thing for this type of situation, but people can easily sneak on bombs and the like because of this. With CCTV systems, not only installed on the bus or train but at entry points they can be monitored more closely for any unusual behavior or bags being left where they shouldn't be. This can in turn can better prevent those who would bring bombs on the bus from doing so in the first place and save many lives. Of course, besides the obvious safety from terrorism that can be gained from CCTV on public transportation, there is also the help it can give when it comes to pick pocketing and crimes against other passengers such as assault. These cameras can act as deterrents first and foremost to those who may be thinking of committing any of these crimes. Also, it can make it easier to identify someone after the fact, if it were to come to that. These systems can be invaluable to both passenger and driver. As you can see, installing CCTV systems on buses and trains and other public transportation systems can help immensely in catching or even deterring many crimes that can occur in these realms. CCTV systems can help strengthen security in the way that a lot of people are looking for, especially considering that public transportation is weak and vulnerable in ways that other types


of transportation is not. CCTV cameras are not only cheaper than other types of security but they make both the passengers and the driver feel more secure then if they didn't have this level of security.

Small Business Owner? Four Ways that Wireless CCTV Can Help You In many ways CCTV – the acronym for closed-circuit television – is the kind of technology that is commonly associated with casinos, banks, and other big businesses. Yet even the small business owner will benefit from this advanced technology. As a matter of fact, here are four ways that wireless CCTV can help you: No matter what the size of your business is, if you have employees, you will want to keep an eye on their job performance. Consider for a moment that as a small business owner you do not have the luxury of sitting in a back-office while your employees do the work out front. It is much more likely that you will probably be the errant person who will run to the bank to make deposits, the marketing person who is out to meet and greet new client, the advertising executive who will ensure that the company’s name and number will remain in the forefront of the general public’s consciousness, while also playing the role of accountant who crunches numbers and makes sure the IRS and the employees are kept happy with timely payments. It is annoying and next to impossible to do all these tasks and at the same time supervise your employees who may be running the cash registers, and who will be interacting with the public you have taken such great pains to walk through the front door in the first place. By monitoring your employees’ performance, you will ensure that you only have team players who share your vision for the business and who will not take your turned back and absences as a license to either steal from you or to provide substandard customer service when your watchful eye is not on them. For example, how will you know that your employee at the sandwich shop is properly greeting customers, providing a pleasant environment for customers to visit, is making correct change, and also completing the transaction with a proper “thank you?” CCTV technology will make it possible. Just like their corporate counterparts, small business owners need to comply with a large number of standards, regulations, and safety rules. How will you know that in your absence the employees of your sandwich shop will employ the OSHA guidelines, will handle food safely and accurately, and furthermore observe all of the hygiene stipulations set forth by the health department? Sure, you can train your employees properly – and the odds are good that you have already done so – but enforcing the rules by means of CCTV is effective in catching little slips here and there before the health department does and shuts you down. Who are your customers? As a small business owner you probably have to bite your nails every month when the rent on your hard-earned spot in the local mega mall comes due. While you


are barely a few cents away from having to close your doors, you want to maximize on the foot traffic that you can get by observing the kinds of customers you get on a regular basis, and if you run a store, which displays of merchandise attract them. CCTV will be a great addition to your marketing research since it will provide unbiased data that will show you in real-time what customers are looking for. Last but not least, even – or perhaps especially - small business owners have to watch shrinkage. Theft is the greatest loss that will face you, and CCTV technology will be able to help you find weak spots, identify thieves, and also bring those who steal from you to justice. By identifying the weak spots in your store, you will be able to either change around your way of displaying merchandise to make it less attractive to would-be thieves, or to install mirrors that will permit you to see what is going on in especially dark or hidden corners while it is happening. Furthermore, by having surveillance tape back up, you will be able to successfully prosecute thieves and not run the risk of being maligned for false accusations, thereby risking your good reputation. As you can easily see, CCTV technology is no longer just for the big businesses, but it is more and more for the small business owner who is working hard to stay in business, and who will want the same advantages of the big businesses.

Top Uses for Weather-Proof Wireless CCTV Equipment Closed-circuit television technology, also known as CCTV, is the kind of technology that is becoming more and more hotly debated. Some love the ability to keep businesses and individuals safe by simply providing surveillance that discourages disturbances and nips problems in the bud before they can even begins. Others will be quick to point out that this “Big Brother” mentality will do nothing to further the Constitutional freedoms that are guaranteed to every American citizen, but instead it is a representation of the slow yet steady infringement of rights that the forefathers of the United States fought so hard to gain. In addition, at the root of the discussion is the use of television cameras that may be mounted in strategic locations of a business or building complex and that record the events that are taking place within the venue. Instead of broadcasting the pictures taken to a wide list of recipients, those who will actually see the footage are usually a small number of security employees who may be monitoring the screens, which display the footage. Usually the footage is recorded and kept on tape for a short period of time before the tape is being recycled While the needs of venues differ, there is a definite need for specialized equipment that will be able to handle not only what might be happening in the venues on which their cameras are trained, but the equipment will also need to function properly when Mother Nature should prove herself less than cooperative. Here are the top uses for weatherproof wireless CCTV equipment:


Some venues require around the clock surveillance. Usually these are businesses that are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Into this category may fall train stations, airports, subway stations, and border check points. What these venues have in common is the fact that a lot of activity takes place outside the venue as well as inside. While day and night surveillance can be handled with cameras that have built in infra-red lights which will assure a certain range of night vision, there is very little the camera can do to protect itself and its wires from the moisture that may come from rain and snow, or the sand and grit that may be in the air in case of a dry storm. The needs for each venue are different, and the location of the venue dictates the need for weatherproof equipment. If surveillance is done on a property that is an outdoor venue only, such as the docks of a harbor, heightened contact with moisture and prolonged exposure to not only the element of water, but also to seawater or ocean water will begin to affect the equipment. CCTV equipment will need to be weatherproof and protected to allow for the seamless use of the technology. Failure to install equipment that will work in such an environment will result not only in the loss of crucial data, but will also drive up the cost of surveillance since equipment will need to be replaced at higher intervals. CCTV equipment installed in venues where volatile action is known to take place will need to be weatherproof equipment, even if there is no direct threat from the elements, such as hail, wind or snow. Consider, for example, the usage of cameras in areas that are known for frequent unrests and riots, such as prisons, prison camps, or detainment centers. Rioters may seek to disable surveillance by throwing drinks and other liquids at the cameras in the hopes of causing a shorting out of the circuits, and a weatherproof camera will ensure that the equipment will continue to operate no matter what. Consider also the possibility of being exposed to noxious gases, such as tear gas, which may have a corrosive effect on the equipment – once again this is a good reason to use weather-proof equipment. As you can see, the uses of weather-proof CCTV equipment are plentiful, and there is a real need to have the proper equipment for the venue, otherwise you will find that you will need to replace the equipment more frequently than is necessary and financial feasible. Installing the proper equipment the first time around will save you time, money, and lost data that may be used to potentially save your business and also keep your customers or clients save.

From Web Cam to CCTV: Way to Create Your Own Security Home security is more important today than ever before. Crime rates are on the rise, according to the FBI, and burglary is one of the top crimes committed in the U.S. today. Besides, there are other reasons that you might want to consider buying a CCTV for your home, such as the unexpected surprise of a burglary that turns into a nasty confrontation, with injury and death of your or your loved ones. Read on to learn more about the ways that you can stop a break in or attack before it ever happens.


The first step that you can take is to install an alarm system in your home. There are basic models that will give off a loud alarm when someone enters your home, or doesn’t enter the correct security code that you’ve set up, or tries to enter without any code at all. Other types of alarm systems will give off a loud beep or siren if it detects any type of movement inside your home. If you really want to go high tech, you can have installed or do it yourself, a camera that will record any record movement either outside or inside your house. This type of security devices are ones that won’t provide any other type of protection, so you’ll need to know what to do in case of a break in, so figure out a plan of action, and stick with it. CCTV, or closed circuit television, provides protection too. CCTV will use a cameras technology and send it directly to your TV in your home. You can have installed a hidden camera inside or outside, and it can have a direct hardwire with your TV or a wireless remote that sends signals back into your home. Either one can send back pictures and sound to either a TV on screen, or to a VCR, DVD, or digital recorder inside for your viewing at that point, or later. Evidence of a crook in action provides proof, so the police can look for them, and it gives you ample warning about what’s going on at your house. One of the best ways to get ahead of a thief is to sign up for a home security package with a reliable home security team. It’s a small amount to pay per month for the service, but it gives a lot of protection. If a robber tries to get in, they can send police to your house, and you can head for a safe room, until all is clear. There are practical ways that you can provide home security that you might not have thought about. For example, keep all of your bushes and trees outside trimmed back, and illuminate dark corners with lighting, to help fight off crime. If you’re going out of town, stop you mail or paper delivery to your home. Have an automatic lighting sensors set up to go on and off at certain times. If you’re going to be gone for a while, have someone come in and check up on the house too. Inform the police that you’ll be gone too, and ask that they drive by once in a while to check. Garbage is another clue for a burglar. Just like with newspapers that have piled in the driveway, or mail flowing out of your mailbox, you’ll need to haul off garbage before you go, and it would a good idea to have someone pull your garbage tote down to the curb. It makes it look like someone is home. Also, take stock in the fact that a neighborhood watch program does wonders to deter crimes before they take place. Let anyone know that others are watching out for your home by placing a sticker on the door that you’re part of the watch. Without it the sticker, statistics have proven that crime rates are higher. When everyone watches out for their neighbor, criminals won’t take the chance of getting caught. Of course, there’re the rare exceptions, but it does provide a little more security and peace of mind. You’ll never know when it might just come in handy, and possibly save your life. It doesn’t take much to provide for your own and your families protection. By combining a few of these steps, and sticking with the routine, you’ll be in a much better position to fight crime before it ever visits your homes front steps.


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