This is a story about A. Tree

“This is a story about A. Tree” Mossie Adventures Beau Dangles Studio Woodsville, New Hampshire [email protected] 2012 © BDS This material is protected a...
Author: Brett Page
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“This is a story about A. Tree”

Mossie Adventures Beau Dangles Studio Woodsville, New Hampshire [email protected] 2012 © BDS This material is protected and cannot be copied in any form without expressed written consent.


“This is a story about A. Tree” ABOUT THE AUTHOR

James Hobbs, writing as Beau Dangles, is a graduate of Woodsville High School and the Gemological Institute of America. Jim started his first store on the street level of the Opera Block after returning from a call-back in the Air Reserves. His next venture was to Baltimore working for a company that leased jewelry repair sections in departments in major department stores across the country. From there the Hobbs’ family moved to New Jersey where Jim leased the jewelry departments in three department stores in New Jersey and Penna. After operating a large clock shop in New Jersey; Jim returned to New Hampshire to become vice president of a jewelry chain and later owned and operated Hobbs Jewelry and Coins, in Laconia. Jim returned to New Hampshire, after the death of his brother, Ozzie Lamarre and began a small business web site ( and White Mountain Trader, a vintage collectible store in Woodsville. Jim is the author of over 110 hard copy and e-books, including his best selling “De Train, de train”, about growing up in Woodsville, NH, a railroad town, in the 50’s. In 1993 Jim offered a series of 16 e-books of his “Mossie” series to schools and the books were read to over 850,000 children, in 93 countries. All of the characters were sculpted and ”dry brush” painted by Jim. Mr. Hobbs can be reached by email at [email protected]


“This is a story about A. Tree”

Hi, I am Beau Montague Dangles. You might already know me as the discoverer of the Mossies, a family of tiny creatures living in the marshlands of New Brunswick, Canada. You have most likely read about my visits with them in my report entitled, “The Discovery.”

In the top row of this picture, as I was leaving from my sixth visit, are: Ikki the keeper of the rainbow mushroom garden, Rambito the biggest, bravest, and most courageous Mossie of all times, and Lenko who has just returned to the village after 226 years of wandering. In the front are X-eeto, gazer of the crystal sphere and Uncle Ced, the 576 year old Mossie, but enough about the Mossies. PAGE 3

“This is a story about A. Tree” Something you may not know is I live with a hard boiled little eggnogger by the name of Lesta Eggnoggin. Actually, Lesta lives with me!

Lesta, you see, is spending the day with our friend and neighbor, Mrs. Jensen, who is making cookies and has asked Lesta to help. He will come home with a big bag full of his favorite ... double chocolate chip cookies. So I have the day all to myself, and believe me, I need it. Lesta is fun to have around, most of the time, but he asks so many questions that, sometimes, it makes my head spin.


“This is a story about A. Tree”

I usually go to the beach when I have a day to myself. I like to sit and watch the ocean and read. I always take a book with me when I go to the beach. Always! Lesta takes a book with him, when he goes to the beach with me.

But, as I said, today I am going to the beach alone, and it is a most pleasant drive to the beach. Today I am taking a route different from the one I usually take, just to make it interesting, you know. I find myself in the countryside, in no time at all. And the surroundings look very peaceful and serene. In fact, just ahead is a beautiful meadow that is most inviting. PAGE 5

“This is a story about A. Tree”

Most inviting, indeed! I think I will change my plans and find a quiet spot in this meadow where I can relax and read. Before I forget it, there is something I wanted to tell you about Lesta Eggnoggin. It is kind of a secret and I do not, usually, tell secrets, out of school. Know what I mean??? Anyway, I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell Lesta that I told you this. Okay? Because it would make him very sad.….

Here is the secret. I am looking forward to this day of peace and relaxation, without Lesta. Don’t get me wrong. I love that little eggnogger. PAGE 6

“This is a story about A. Tree” Sometimes Lesta gets on my nerves. It’s his questions. It’s not just a question, or two. Lesta asks a zillion questions! One right after another … without even taking a breath!

Questions like. “How can I save the earth and all of it’s creatures and where do squirrels live, Beau?” “In trees, Lesta!” “Oh. But, what if their trees are all cut down, Beau?” “Other trees will grow, Lesta.” “Oh. So, can I have a pet, Beau?” “What does that have to do with where squirrels live, Les?”


“This is a story about A. Tree” “Can I go out and play with my friends, the lizards, Beau?” “Please do, Pesta. Oooops, I meant to say Lesta!”

Questions … Questions … Questions! Now you see why I need a day of rest and relaxation, and I have decided to read my book in this most inviting meadow. I find a nice place to rest in the middle of the meadow. The sky is bright blue and I can smell the scent of colorful flowers. And, way in the back part of the meadow is a tree. One tree. One single, solitary tree. Hmmmmm.


“This is a story about A. Tree” I decide to take a closer look and it appears to be just a plain tree. As I get closer ... plain? No! It isn’t a plain tree. It isn’t an ordinary tree. It is what I might call a splendid tree. Splendid, indeed! I pick up the pace as I walk closer to this splendid tree. As I get even closer I see something very strange. Very strange, indeed, I might add. As you can see, it is a very sad tree.

Very sad, indeed!


“This is a story about A. Tree” I think before us is a very special tree, and a special tree would have a name, wouldn’t it? Is it just a tree, or is it’s name A. Tree? If so, what does the “A.” stand for? We all have first names. At least I do. My first name is Beau, as you well know. “A” could also stand for Arthur, which is a nice name. Or it could stand for Agnes, Anthony, Alvin, or Abigail. It could be Andy, Annie, or Albert. Me, Oh me, oh my … I think we should simply call our new tree friend … ‘A. Tree’ ... Okay? So I ask A. Tree ... “Why so sad,? I would be very happy if I lived in the middle of a flower carpeted meadow like this one.” A. Tree replies in a very sad tone …….. “You would be sad too, if your life was as horrible as mine!” I respond to his sad comment. “But you live in a beautiful meadow surrounded by colorful flowers with a bright blue sky overhead. How can you be sad?” “I am sad, Beau, because I have a whole family of noisy, chirping, birds nesting in my branches.”

So I ask the family of little birds if they would mind if I moved them to a tree on the other side of the meadow. PAGE 10

“This is a story about A. Tree” They agree and I proceeding in moving them … most carefully, I might add. I return to the meadow expecting A. Tree to be very happy. He is not!

I ask A. Tree why he is still sad. A. Tree says, “It’s that Woodpecker, Beau. All day long it pecks at my bark and annoys me. How would you like it if a woodpecker pecked on your head, all day long, Beau?” “I wouldn’t like it, A. Tree. But that would hurt me, and the pecking doesn’t really hurt you. All the woodpecker is doing is looking for bugs in your bark.” PAGE 11

“This is a story about A. Tree” “Well, whatever the woodpecker is doing … it’s making me sad.” So I make a sign and stick it in the ground beside A. Tree. It is in plain sight and should solve the problem.

“WRONG” I am beginning to think it might be impossible to make A. Tree happy. In fact, I doubt if anyone can make A. Tree happy. It seems to complain about everything! But, I am starting to grow quite fond of A. Tree and will try, one more time, to make it happy.


“This is a story about A. Tree” A. Tree is still sad because an Owl is resting on the highest branches and it hoots, all night long. The hooting is keeping A. Tree awake and that makes him very sad.

Very sad, indeed!

I call to the Owl, high in A. Tree’s branches, and the Owl flies down to where I am standing. It seems like a very friendly Owl. I wish A. Tree were as friendly! Anyway, the Owl agrees to perch on a fence post on the far end of the meadow. “And, I’ll hoot a little more softly so as not to disturb A. Tree,” the owl states. PAGE 13

“This is a story about A. Tree” I return and ask A. Tree if he is happy, now that the Owl has found another place to roost. A. Tree says he is, indeed, finally happy. Very Happy, indeed!

I am glad A. Tree is finally happy and feel great that I was able to help my new friend. But, I am exhausted, and this was supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation! There is still time for me to do some reading. I have been wanting to read this book for quite a while, so I sit down and rest my back against A. Tree’s trunk. I hope this doesn’t make him sad! I hear nothing from A. Tree so I guess I can finally relax and start to read my book. The book is all about rain forests and marshlands and how important they are. PAGE 14

“This is a story about A. Tree” I’ll learn a lot from this book, I am sure. I open the book and am about to read the first line when I hear a very faint whisper .……………. “Beau … Beau?” It is A. Tree. Now what! I look up and guess what .. … he is sad, again! I ask, “What is the problem now, A. Tree? I thought you were happy.” “I thought I was, too, Beau. But, I miss the gentle chirping of the tiny baby birds. They are gone now and I won’t see them as they grow and learn to fly and all of the other good stuff. I miss them, Beau.”

So, I go down to the tree at the far end of the meadow …


“This is a story about A. Tree” … and talk to the bird family. They say they have missed living with A. Tree, too. They felt much safer in his branches, and would love to be back in the meadow where they were surrounded by beautiful flowers. Once the bird family is settle in I ask A. Tree if he is happy and you guessed it … he says, “Not really, Beau. There seems to be a lot of bugs crawling around in my bark. I didn’t have that problem when the woodpecker lived with me. Is there any way you could get the woodpecker to come back?” The woodpecker must have seen me pull up the sign, because he was back in the branches of A. Tree, before I could ask him if he would consider returning.

I hope A. Tree is happy now that it are free of bugs. The woodpecker will take very good care of him, from now on. As for me, I have to be going. Lesta will be coming home from making cookies and I must be there when he arrives. PAGE 16

“This is a story about A. Tree” A. Tree promises he will be happy if I will do just one more teeny tiny favor.” “What kind of favor might that be?” I ask. I am quite sure I know what the favor is going to be and you most likely do also. “Well, Beau, I don’t think I will be able to go to sleep tonight, without the gentle hooting of my friend, the owl. I really miss him. I really, really, do, Beau. I really doooooo.” So I go to the far edge of the meadow, to the fence post where the owl is perched, and convince him to come back to the tippity top branches, where he belongs. The owl agrees to return and A. Tree is truly happy. Hey! Remember that stuff I told you about Lesta. You know … about how he annoys me by asking questions? After this experience with A. Tree I am starting to miss the little eggnoggers questions. I have learned something today and I hope you have too. I have learned that none of us are perfect and that good friends are hard to find. Speaking of friends … I’m outta here! I’ve got to get home before my very best friend appears! I want to ask him some questions about his cookie making day!

bye for now

beau dangles