There s nothing like a dream to create the future

Spring summer 2015 “There’s nothing like a dream to create the future.” Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, 1862 This magazine is published by: SNURK bv C...
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Spring summer 2015

“There’s nothing like a dream to create the future.” Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, 1862

This magazine is published by: SNURK bv Cruquiusweg 96-B 1019 AJ, Amsterdam The Netherlands Tel: +31(0) 20 7510954

Lay out: Georgina Vieane, Sandy Visser Text: Peggy van Neer, Mark Schoones Photography: Tim Stet, Anke Leunissen, Theo van der Laan, Peggy van Neer Photo styling: Kim de Groot Special thanks to:, HAY store For press enquiries, please mail with: [email protected]


Amazone When you love horses, you love them at heart. Long afternoons at the stables, posters covering your walls. You read and talk about horses, maybe you even own one. But we bet you wild horses couldn’t drag you away from this bed. Yeeha!


Knight To find this knight, SNURK went on a crusade from castle to castle to museum... to no avail. Until they ended up at Dragonheart, a medieval fellowship, hidden in the Dutch woods. There he was, ready for battle and bedtime.



Ballerina Are you ready for standing ovations in your bedroom? For this duvet cover we collaborated with the Dutch National Ballet, considered to be one of the top 5 ballet companies of the world. Not only did they lend us one of their talented ballerina’s, but also one of their amazing handmade tutus. Plié, yawn and stretch.

Pirate Be warned ye landlubbers, here sleeps a true pirate. Those weapons? Real. That parrot? Real. The jacket, hat and boots? From that pirate movie. No scurvy scum will ever dare to steal your treasures again. You can sleep with both eyes shut...arrr!



Behind the scenes… There is always a major process involved in the making of a SNURK. Have a look at the creation of our designs Ballerina and Pirate.

London at a renowned movie & 1 Intheatre costume depot to put together the pirate.


Allowed inside the costume workshop of The National Ballet.

shoe a bit more ballet 4 The pink please.

Nancy Burer tries 2 Ballerina out different poses in the


Hold it!


Now the legs are too pink. What to do?


stylist Kim knows, 6 Photo ‘God is in the details’.

2 Model Erik.

Bob is a professional 3 Parrot model.

5 Mixing pirate colours is an art. 6 8

Finally ready to start up the first production.


Now we create a beautiful picture.


up the bedroom for 7 Setting the shoot.


It’s hard to choose when you see so many great pictures of yourself.

It’s a wrap!


Deciding on the height of the hat on the pillowcase.


Flamenco Flamenco dresses can be found in almost every dress-up trunk. But a pretty example like this you will only find on these bed sheets. The photo print is of a vintage Flamenco dress from Andalusia, Spain. Perfect to swing and sway yourself asleep.

Firefighter A lifesaving hero, which child doesn’t dream of becoming one? This bedding makes that dream practically come true. Because the print of this fire-fighter suit looks so real, it’s surreal. Better go to bed early, in case the siren goes off tonight.



Meet the SNURKERS An interview with the people behind SNURK: Erik van Loo and Peggy van Neer. By Mark Schoones for

It had always been an idea in the back of her head: a

Almost like it’s a hobby project. But then a hobby

duvet cover with a print of cardboard boxes. Especially

project that, next to Erik and Peggy, employs two full

made for charity. In 2007, advertising professional Peggy

time staff members and an intern. And those are needed

decided to execute on the idea. Together with her

as the warehouse is currently filled with cardboard

partner Erik she created Le-Clochard and Le-Trottoir. A

boxes containing duvet covers and pillow covers. All

duvet cover and fitted sheet that look like a cardboard

fresh from Portugal where the SNURK designs are

box and a sidewalk. Most profits of these two special

produced. ‘The first collection was produced in Pakistan.

designs went to a charity organization supporting

But the communication was a bit difficult and I wanted

homeless youngsters in the Netherlands: ‘Stichting

to be involved in the production process. Travelling to

Zwerfjongeren Nederland’. Supplies sold out in no-time.

Pakistan as a woman wasn’t an option though.’

But Peggy still had more ideas. ‘Erik was sitting at home unemployed at the time and was interested in making this a full time profession. Prior to that, he had always worked in the buying and selling of sports apparel. And I had plenty of ideas still. We basically managed to nicely combine these skills.’ Today, people from Amsterdam to Australia are sleeping under a SNURK design. The brand

Mad geniuses and the New York Times

is sold in over 500 stores. Peggy laughs. Every day is a party, she explains while we sit in the warehouse at the

In Portugal, Peggy found a mad genius that wanted to

edge of the Eastern Harbour in Amsterdam. And this is

take the SNURK designs into production. ‘I like to work

exactly the vibe in the house of SNURK. A warm

with mad geniuses. People who foremost display real

atmosphere. Relaxed.

passion and dedication for their work. People who like a challenge, to make the impossible possible.’ An open mind is more than welcome, as before a SNURK design makes it from the drawing table into the warehouse in Amsterdam, multiple print proofs have been done. ‘We use a so-called print screen. That’s a rather old

From left to right; Isabel, Claydrick, Theo, Erik, Peggy & Massimo.

Whereas Peggy had to write press releases in the

really on its way to the dream of dominating the world of

beginning, nowadays, the media come knocking on her

bedding? Peggy doesn’t really know yet. Although her

door on their own. ‘They will send me an email asking if

eyes do light up when she talks about SNURK’s growth

we have any cool new stuff. I never thought it would all

in countries like the United Sates. ‘Look, ideally we stay

unfold this way.’ It is a sign that the SNURK style is

in this space. An even bigger warehouse stacked with

universally appreciated. Peggy describes this style as

boxes, would mean we weren’t selling fast or clever

sleek and realistic with a fun element. ‘Our designs may

enough, right? But you never know how it will all unfold

be sleek and design-like but not very serious.’ One thing

in the future.’ She laughs again. The SNURK party

is for sure: the SNURK kids designs are definitely more

happily continues.

realistic than the rest of the market which is, in Peggy’s own words, ‘very loud and Disney-dominated’.

Conquering the world with fun things.

fashioned printing method. Our competitors also don’t

‘Our starting point has always been that we want to

understand why we work like this. But it provides us

simply make fun and original things. In the beginning,

with the most beautiful result.’ The collections of

we always used to make jokes that the goal of SNURK

SNURK are featured in the leading design blogs time

was world domination. When we look at where in the

after time. But also the New York Times and the British

world orders are coming from now, then we are actually

Telegraph have contacted us before.

getting closer to reaching that goal. And now? Is SNURK

SNURK HQ, Amsterdam 12


Astronaut Let the countdown begin. Underneath these sheets you will dream far beyond the stars. Because the astronaut suit that’s on there, isn’t from the costume shop around the corner. It’s from the official Space Expo Museum in Holland. So lie down, close your eyes and feel gravity decrease. Houston, we have lift off!

Princess Finally a duvet cover that shows the world what you truly are: a beautiful princess. Go ahead and doze off, dream of your prince charming on a white horse. But first make sure you are lying perfect underneath your diamond tiara. What a sleeping beauty.




Venice This duvet cover is new and at the same time over a century old. That’s because the printed bedspread, was handcrafted in Venice around 1900. Back then it was a wedding gift for an Italian couple. Now it can be yours, to have and to hold, from this day forward, ‘till the alarm clock do you part.

Trampoline A bed is not made for jumping. How many times do we have to say it? That’s what trampolines are for. So even a duvet cover that looks exactly like a trampoline, is of course meant for sleeping purposes only, as you will understand.


Bassie After spending 25 years in a Dutch backyard pond, goldfish Bassie has decided to move to a SNURK duvet cover. And rightfully so. Crystal clear water and the softest high quality cotton. Who wouldn’t be happy as a clam in there?




Bassie After spending 25 years in a Dutch backyard pond, goldfish Bassie has decided to move to a SNURK duvet cover. And rightfully so. Crystal clear water and the softest high quality cotton. Who wouldn’t be happy as a clam in there?



Basket case Is your bedroom also styled in minimalistic white? Bland huh. This duvet cover will instantly add some ambiance and bohemian funk. With two different wicker prints per side, so you can choose which side goes up. And then spend an entire Sunday inside your cosy basket.

Heather, Wilfred & Walther May we introduce our three stylish friends? Meet Heather covered in leather, Wilfred in wicker and Walter in warm walnut. They’d like to hang out on your sofa. Just for fun and to add a dash of brown hipness to your room.



Pool For this swimming pool you don’t have to be able to swim. That’s because it’s impossible to drown in. Chances are though that you will be sinking into a deep, revitalising sleep. So dive right in.



Twirre Twirre likes to knit with needles as long as broomsticks. And the balls of wool she uses are the size of basketballs. This results in knitting as large as a duvet cover. For those warm, cosy winter nights.

Twirre van Kraaijenoord

Available in flannel

Available in flannel

Available in flannel

Twirre cushions Also available as soft velour cushions, in six fresh colors.



Bob This is Bob. Bob loves sniffing, walking, not listening and stealing sandwiches from the kitchen sink. But most of all Bob loves sleeping. All curled up on top of his owners’ soft duvet. If it were up to him, he’d lie there all day. And all night for that matter.

Ollie Wanted: a companion for our cat. Ollie is playful and loves children. Also he likes to keep your bed nice and warm. But what makes Ollie truly special is that people who suffer from cat allergy have no problems around him.




Monogami & Geogami Behind the scenes we worked hard at improving our Geogami print. The pastel colors had to look fresher, more cheerful, the print as a total had to be sharper and better. It was quite an undertaking, but with succes. So Geogami is making a comeback in the SNURK collection. Look at him standing proud by his Monogami sisters.



100% & Wool We have already counted these sheep for you. There are two. On the left side you see 100% and on the right side Wool. It wasn’t easy getting them in this order, because Wool prefers sleeping on the left. But we had to, otherwise this design would have been named Wool & 100% and that would have been silly.

Granny Take one crochet pattern from Grandmother’s time, one pile of colourful yarn and a bunch of lovely ladies from the local craft club. Stir in some cookies, tea and bottles of Prosecco and before you know it, you’ve all crocheted the most cheerful looking bedspread.



Designed in Holland, made in Portugal 32

Step 1 Getting inspired by something we see. On the web, in magazines or the world around us. For example: this tumblr picture of a swarm of origami birds.

Step 6 The design is coming together. We took out some butterfly colors, added more playfully angled butterflies, created shadows for a more sunny and flying feel and we added a backdrop of a taupe linen. Just because it felt right.

Step 2 We research shapes and color palet. Then we call up our

Step 7 Now the sampling begins. We often receive several rounds of samples.

friend/handcraft guru Twirre van Kraaijenoord to learn how to

This proces takes some time and patience. Especially when more colours

fold this. We love the idea of butterflies in soft natural tones.

are involved. They get better each time, usually. And sometimes an

Should we add a touch of fluo to our swarm, yes or no?

older version turns out to be best one after all.

Step 3 We hand over our butterflies and ideas to Theo, our photographer, image manipulator, print wizard and overall secret weapon. He knows exactly how to create amazing looking photoprints on fabric This guy was already Photoshopping when it was still done in photo slides.

Step 4 After the photographs have been uploaded, we start the actual designing on the computer. This is a whole new phase of research. “What should the angle of the butterflies be?” “How to create a flying swarm?” “Should we add shadows?” “Should it be against a white

Step 8 After giving the final approval on a sample it’s showtime. We fly to our producer in Portugal. It’s exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time to see a design coming out of the machine for the first time.

Step 9 Quality control. No misprints will pass when these two masterminds are at work. It’s quite intimidating when you hear them argue in Portuguese about whether a hint of yellow or blue should be added.

background?” “Something isn’t working yet for us... but what is it?”

Step 5 Each design brings different challenges and sometimes we get stuck. But then at some point, the dots start to connect. Like in this case when we ran into this window display. This was the swarm feeling we were looking for.

Step 10 Boxes filled with Butterfly bedding arrive from Portugal in Amsterdam. Now they can be shipped to stores and customers all over the world. Good night!


Butterfly An open bedroom window freshens things up nicely. It sleeps better too. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, something special flutters past. Like at our place. Wild origami butterflies are a rare sight nowadays. Which is why we captured them on camera for this duvet cover. Isn’t nature beautiful?

Le Clochard – Le Trottoir Sleep on the street so a homeless youngster doesn’t have to. A large proportion of the proceeds goes to foundations that help homeless youngsters. SZN ( and Off Road Kids ( Update on total amount raised: €61.250,-



Geogami Suddenly it grabbed us, the origami virus. Complex shapes that arise out of simple folds, you’ve got to love it. So we started folding paper, often and a lot. It resulted in these 3-D origami art pieces. Printed on soft velours throw pillows.






Available in flannel


Available in flannel


Available in flannel

Since we ship to different countries in the world our bedding is available in many sizes. Please check our website to find your size. If for some reason you can’t find it there, contact us and we’ll customize a size just for you. You will also find all prices and more product information on

Our bedding is made of 100% soft high quality cotton.


Our throw pillows are made of 100% soft velour.

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