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250 A. S.T.P. Trainees on Campus ( Story on Page 2)

OCTOBER • 1943

250 Armoraiders In UD A.S.T.P. Cl asses began on August 9 for 250 men of the regula r a rmy assigned tp the University of D ayton in the Army Spec ia lized Tra ining Program (ASTP ). The men are taking basic engineerinrr work including chem i try, physics, ma thema tics, geography, history a nd English. Their course will cover 38 weeks. Each week is divided into "24 hours of class work, 24 hours of study, six hours of physical tra ining a nd five hours of milita ry tra ining. The men a re ba rracked in Alumni ha ll ; they ta ke their meals in the offcampus clubroom in Cham inade hall which has been remodeled into a cafeteri a. Cl asses a re held in th e regul a r university classrooms with a faculty chosen from the regul a r university staff. Col. J ohn D . Town send is comma nda nt of the unit ; Lt. Roy G. Shub e rt is co mp a n y commander; Fa ther Floria n Enders is cha pl a in a nd Fa ther H enry Kobe is co-ordinator of faculty a nd curriculum. H a rry a nd Fra nk Ba uja n a re in charge of physical tra ining. The trainees a re prima rily from the Armored Forces, known familia rly as the " Armora iders" . Their numbers a re drawn from 38 states, the District of Columbia, and one fore ign country.

Col. J. D. Townsend New Commandant Col. John D . Townsend has succeeded Col. James G. Mcilroy as milita ry commandant of the university effective O ctober 1. Col. Townsend, a veteran of World W a r I a nd with a service background of 27 years, recently served in the South Pacific. A national guardsman, he organized the Penn sylvan ia re erves a nd la ter ( See COL. TOWNSEND- Page 3)

Missing m Action

HOWARD L. DICKSON Lt. Howard L. Dickson , U.S.A .A.F., was reported u missing in action " by the War Department on August 26. A member of the class of 1935 , Lt. Dickson, a DayIonian ,



intelligence officer

the European theater of the wa r.



O ctober, 1943



R . C . (Jim ) Brown '34 . .. ... .. . ... . ... . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. .... ... . Editor Betty M ay! '43 . .... . ... . . .. . .............. . ..... .. . .. .. A ssistant Editor

Hilltop H ap penings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Student Body Numbers 1040 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Our W ar H eroes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Faculty Changes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Footba ll Out for Dura tion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D eath T akes Two Ch.E. Grads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C las. otes .. . . . ... . ..................... · . . . · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

3 3 4 5 5 6 7

" Entered as second cia s ma tter April 15, 1940, at the Post Office, a t D ayton , Ohio, under the Act of M arch 3, 1879." I ssued Monthly- O ctober through June SUBSCRIPTIO - Per Year, including M embership in the Alumni Association, $4.00. Sub cription a lone, $2.00. Single copie , 25 cents. Checks, dra fts and money order should be m ade payable to " The Alumni Association of the University of D ayton." For will and other bequests, the legal title of the corpora tion is, "The University of Dayton, D ayton, Ohio." THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON - OFFICERS-

President . . ... . . . ..... . ..... . . . . . HoN. WM. H. WoLFF '3 1, D ayton, Ohio Vice-President . . .... . .. .. ... . . .. . .. .. . CHARLES PFARRER '27, D ayton, Ohio Treasurer . .. . ....... ... . .. . ...... WM. ]. REYNOLDS '29, Philadelphia, Pa. ( T erms ex pire Commencem ent, 1943) Secretary .. . .. .. . .. . . . . R . C. BRowN ' 34, D ayton, Ohio ( Appointive Office) - DIRECTORST erms expire Commencement, 1943- JosEPH GoETZ '31 , D ayton ELMER WILL '37, D ayton Terms expire Homecoming, 1943- DR. LEON DEGER 'I 0, Dayton DR. WALTER REILING '30, Dayton T erm expire Homecoming, 1944-PAUL MooRMAN ' 30, D ayton H UG H E . WALL, JR. ' 34, D ayton ALUMNI MEMBERS - BOARD OF ATHLETIC CONTROLT erm expire J anuary, 1943- R oBERT C . PAYN E '34, Cin cinna ti LEo SPATZ '28, D ayton T erms expire J anuary, 194 Lours R . MAHRT '26, D ayton M ERLE P. SMITH ' 25, D ayton T erms expire J a nuary, 1945- MARTIN C. K u NTZ '12, D ayton J. ELLI MAYL '08, D ayton


STUDENT BODY NUMBERS 1040 R egistration in the full time day school numbers 390, of which 130 a re women. Night school registration is 400. These civilia n students, to~ether with 250 a rmy tra inees ma ke for a total school popula tion of 1040. Classes began September 2 under the continued accelera ted plan. The senior class, which would have graduated in June, 1944, under normal conditions, will gradu a te D ecember 19, 1943. This will ma rk the first time in its history tha t the university g r a nted de g rees a t three se p a ra te comm e n cem e nts in one ca le nd a r year. The cl ass of 1943 gradua ted April 18; summer school grads received their degrees July 31.

Marianist 7 0 Years

Bro. William-Bro. George The 70th anniversary of profession of vows in the Society of M a ry by Bro. William Ley was tragicall y saddened by the death of his brother, Bro. George L ey. Bro. George, for many years principal of the old prepara tory school , was 8 I . H e died September 29. H e had been a member of the Society of Mary for 65 years, having celebra ted his Golden Jubilee in 1928. H e taught a t the university a total of 13 years and lived in retirement on the campus during his reclining years.

FACULTY FOLLOW-UPS- Father John A. Elbert, S.M. , represe nted the Un iversity of Dayton a t a civic ba nquet in St. Louis in honor of Jimmy Conzelma n Jul y 15. The dinn er was given by the city as a welcome to Conzelman now "assista nt to the president" of the St. Louis Browns baseball team. Brother William D a pper, treasurer, a nd Brother Peter Schlitt, formerly a t U.D. now in S:w Antonio, were reunited after ma ny years of separation in the ob erva nce o ~ their golden jubilee in the Society of M a ry July I 6. Brother M a tthias I ~aas, dean of the engineering college, gave the prin cipal address a t th e U. D . summer-school commencement July 31. F a ther Edwin Leimkuhler, now chaplain of Cha minade high school, D ayton, gave th e annual student retreat O ct. 4-6. CLUB NOTES- The a nnua l dean of science award given to the :M athematics club member who gives the best talk of the current year was presented to Allan Bra un . J ack Homa n, '43, addressed the club a t its fin al summer meeting. R ecent speakers a t the Sigma Delta Pi pre-med society meetings include Drs. H a rry Nieman, Cl a rence Somsel a nd Jerome H a rtma n . Th e newly organized Polyglot foreign la nguage students club pon sors weekly W ar Bond rallies in the quadrangle. The Cabos sponsored a student ska ting party Sept. 29. An all-girl cast was featured in th e Thespia ns production of the mystery dra ma " Nine Girl s," O ct. 17. J eannette Hibbert gave a n outstand ing performa nce. The sophomore co-eds were hostesses a t a welcome tea in honor of the freshma n girls Sept. 19. The a nnu al welcome dance was held a t the Miami hotel O ct. 16. It looked like a milita ry ball with the U. D . Army unit a ttending in force. The Original M cNa ma ra's ba nd appearing a t the Mia mi hotel presented a n hour of en tertainment of songs a nd mu sic for th e Army specia lized tra ining unit O ct. 26. ON THE ACADEMIC SIDE- The end of the civili an pilot tra ining program a t the university was a nnounced July 28. Two students from Guatemala have enrolled in freshmen engineering classes. Russian a nd Ita lian have been added to the modern language curriculum. J erry Goldkamp is the editor of Bro. Tom Price's "Exponent" . George I gel, Jr., heads Bro. George Kohles' U.D. News staff. ON THE CAMPUS- First offi cial duty of the new Commandant, Col. J ohn D. Townsend, was the presenta tion of the silver star medal. to the father of Corp. Cha rles Ashcraft, who was killed in action in New Guinea. After the presenta tion, the A.S.T.U. a nd ROTC compa nies passed in review. " Action Overhead," the air-ra id demonstrat ion production sponsored by the offi ce of civilia n defense, was given in the stadium Aug. 17. The a nnual Hol y Name rally was held O ct. 10. Bro. William is 86. After having taught in various M arianist school s for 53 years he became associa ted with the university book store where he is still active and a popul ar campus figure. His spa re time is devoted to his hobby of ma king rosaries a nd cha plets. During th e past six years he has m ade more than 1500 rosaries and over 2000 cha plets.

Bro. William's 70th a nniversary was solemnized with cha pel ceremonies on O ctober 23 a t which time he received the Apostolic Benediction of the Holy Fa th er, tra nsmitted through the Most R ev. A. G. Cicogna nni , Apostolic D elegate to th e U nited Sta tes.


FIRST GENERAL! To Brig. Gen. Jose ph 0. Donova n '17, goes the honor of being D ayton's first general. Formerly Californi a state director of the Selective Service system with headqua rters at Sacramento, Gen. Donova n now resides at 11537 Otsego, North Holl ywood , Calif. 3

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served with the a rm y in Puerto Rico. Foll owing this he was with the R .O.T.C. training program for five years in 13 Detroit public high schools. Col. Mcilroy is retmng from active milita ry life. H e had been P.M.S . and T. a t the university since April , 1942.

"Pro Deo Et

Patria~~- OUR

WAR HEROES TWICE DECORATED Capt. Thomas W. Hoba n '35, was recently awarded the Di tinguished Service Cross by Lt. General George S. Patton, Jr., for "extraordin ary heroism in action against a n a rmed enemy." The action took place in Tunisia on D ecember 29, 1942. General Pa tton said , " the leadership, aggre sivenes a nd bravery of Captain Hoban reflect the highest tradition of the a rmed forces." Previously Capt. Hoban had received the Purple H eart for being wounded in tha t engagement.

BOMBARDIER BACK Lt. Don J. M all oy '39, Army Air Force bomba rdier, a nd veteran of 50 combat mission s in the European theater, addressed the study body, October 13, a t one of the weekly bond rallies on the campu s, conducted by Prof. Charles Brenna n of the Classical L a ngu ages depa rtment. Lt. Malloy wea rs the a ir medal with two silver a nd one bronze oak leaf clusters signifying 50 comba t miss ions; the Purple H eart for injuries received in action; the North African campaign with three stars signifying action in North Africa, Sicily and Italy ; a nd the North Atlantic Patrol ribbon. R elieved of combat duty by right

of 50 comba t mission a nd 250 comba t hours, Lt. M alloy was returned to this country where he will act as bombardier instructor following assignment from Miami Beach, Fla. The famous Pa tterson Field " Marching Band" al o participa ted in the rally.

Capt. M . W . Glossinger '40, D ayton, home a fter 14 months of active service as bomber pilot in the South Pac ific, will shortly report to T a mpa, Fl a., for assignment to a new bomber crew a nd new duties. Capt. Glo inger, an electri cal engineering grad, piloted both B-25s a nd B-26s a nd participated in 30 raids over Jap-held territory. H e has been with the Army Air Forces ince Febru a ry, 1941 , a nd won his wings a t Ba rksdale Field, Miss.





Fejes ,

U.S .A.A. F.,





Corp. Thurman L. Webb, U. S. Army ,

killed in an airplane accident in Watertown, S. D. A Toledoan, Lt. Fejes would have graduated in 1944. He was a navigator, attached to the Government Army

died at Camp Davi s, N. C., on June 5 . Death was occasioned by sunstroke . Corporal Webb was in 0 . C. S. at the time of h is death. A native of Cookeville,

was killed in an airplane crash at Ala meda, Calif., October 10. He had been commissioned ensign following g raduation from Corpus Christ i (Texas) naval

Air Base at Watertown. His age was 23 .

Tenn ., he was in th e class of 1943 .

air t raining school. His class wa s 1941.





Roland ,

Dayton ,

FATHER FRIEDEL MADE TRINITY PRESIDENT Father Henry Kobe Becomes New Arts And Sciences D ean A move pl acin g F a ther Francis J. Friedel a t th e presidency of Trinity College, Sioux City, I owa, to be replaced as dean of the College of Arts a nd Sciences by Fa ther H enry K obe, former assista nt, headlined faculty changes for the current academic year. Fa ther Friedel, a member of the univer. ity faculty since L927 a nd dean since 1938, replaces F a ther Edwin Leimkuhler. Fa ther Kobe's position as assistant dean has been assumed by F a ther Cha rles Collin s. Two Re turn Father Cha rles Pre isinger a nd Bro. Michael Gra ndy have returned to the faculty after ex tended absences into oth er teaching fi elds. Brother Ed Dury has been a ppointed to the biology department repl ac ing Brother Russell Joly who ta kes a new post a t Pittsburgh Northside Ca tholi c high. Brother Anthony Bishop has been transferred from the physics department to Ca thedra l L a tin high in Clevela nd. Brother Aloys Doyle is in charge of physical ed for civilia ns. Brother Arnold Klug, prefect of Nazareth ha ll, has been moved to St. John's home in Brooklyn. Brother Wa lter Baumeister has been assigned the post of assistant engineer on the campus.

Reis Brothers In Service


D ear Jim :

For the first time sin ce the sand-lot days of the 'nineties a Univer ity of D ayton footb all team does not ex ist!

For some time I have been wanting to write and tell you how much I enjoy my copy of the Alumnus. I am in Foreign Service a nd my location is secret. However, we do get ma il so I can keep track of my friends through your issue. M y duties in the Squadron a re m any; some of thee being Fighter Pilot, T e t Pilot, and ass't. Engineering Officer. Since I am also a flight leader I am kept ra ther busy. My brother, John P. R eis '38, is now a staff sergeant in North Africa. You can add his name to the list of U.D. men in service. Enclosed please find a check for $4.00, which is to pay my membership and subscription for this year. Please continue to send the Alumnu s to my home address, as we are changed quite frequently and this wou ld necessitate a change in your mailing addres . Sincerely yours, Paul ]. R eis '41 l st Lt. A.C.

D espite the inroads of the wartra nsporta tion, schedule-making a nd m a npowe r short age diffi c ulti e , Coach H a rry Bauj an had pla nned right to the bitter end to field a team in '43 but uch wa not to be. The fin al blow fell when, with all but one of his top flight ba ll club of 1942 called to the service, the announcement came from the W ar Depa rtment th a t ASTP tra inees wou ld not be permitted to engage in intercollegia te a thletics. The 1943 schedule wa immedia tely cancelled a nd U.D . forced to join the ever increasing ra nks of the "closed for the dura tion" football programs. Coaches H arry and Fra nk Bauj an were as igned the job of conditioning the tra inees physically. Coach Jim Carter had previou sly left the staff to take a recreation al director

(See FOOTBALL- Page 6)


Lay Facult.y ewcomers to the lay faculty include Mrs. H . Troy Sears, instru ctor in phy ical and health education a nd music. She came to the university following a year as director of edu cation a t the Dayton Christ Epi copal church. J a mes M. M a nfredini has replaced Fa ther John Willia m , C.S.V., in the depa rtment of political science. H e comes from the Univer ity of H ouston (T exas) . Lee 0. La ntis has been a ppointed instructor of history. His previous a ignment was a t North D akota Sta te teacher ' college, Minot, N . D.

CO-EDS AT THE UMVERSlTY ORGAMZED a "co-ed canteen" for the ente rtainment of th e A.S.T.P. trainees at the school. Entertainment and refreshments are provided the boys once each week in a "juke box Saturday night" at the Lore tto. In the accompanying photo are P vts. Bud Ruggles, Brookfield, Mass.; Bill Petersen, Minneapolis, Minn.; George Groft, Steubenville; Emma Jean Hoke, Osborn; Dorothy Lee Raney and Marty Lehman , Dayton.


DEATH TAI(ES TWO PROMINENT CHEMISTRY GRADUATES Sorrow truck the ra nks of the alumni as ocia tion twice within a few days when two of our most loyal members, both outsta nding chemical engineering gradu a te , met untimely deaths. William H. Ca rmody ' 27, Springfi eld, died O ctober 1 from burns sustained the Clay before when a high pre sure reaction vessel in his labora tory exploded. President of the Ca rmod y R esearch Labora tories, Mr. Ca rmody had a ttained na tion al sta ture in the fi eld through his work in hydrocarbon plastics. H e had been a research chemist for Buick Motor Ca r Compa ny a nd la ter a research chemist with Thomas & Hochwalt labora tories in Dayton .

FOOTBALL ( Continu ed f ro m Page 5)

post with the Du Pont compa ny m Pasco, W a hington. But the tadium did not become a weed pa tch. It is getting as mu ch or more use tha n a t any time in it 18-year history. L ocal high schools a nd the Pa tter on Field team a re using it on the average of three times a week. In addition, the civilian defense corps u ses it and recently the a nnu al Hol y N ame ra lly was held within its spacious confines. D aytonia ns are now content to read of the grid exploits of those lads, now gone to other tra ining institutions, who would have worn the R ed a nd Blue this year. Penn Sta te's Nitta ny Lions a re surprising the effete East this fall. They don't urprise D ayton followers who knew all along tha t when our M a rine contingent a rrived there the Lion footba ll stock would rise. J ack C astignola is the backfi eld sta r a nd Bill (W e call ed him "Bo") Powers is the line standout. Other backs getting plenty of service a nd corresponding accl aim a re Bill L a Fleur, H a rold M ouch. Milt M cGuire and D a nte T erzi. Linemen going great gun s for the Lions are, in addition to Powers, L arry D avis, Joe Zoul and Joe Accrocco. Out on the West Coast where the grid minion a re thoroughly provincialized, L ou Priske h a completely " ta ken over" in the backfield of the powerful St. M ary's pre-flight team . In addition , Priske made a " on e

H e helped organize the Springfi eld alumni cha pter a nd served as presid ent. - - -0 - - -

Emil H . K essler, H .S. '16 ; B.Ch. E. '20; M.S. '28; D octor of Science '36, na tive D aytonia n, dropped dead of a heart a ttack in the offi ce of a local ph ysicia n, O ctober 12. Dr. K essler had been for more tha n 15 years a member of the staff of the Thresher V a rnish Compa ny, D ayton, a nd a t the time of his death he was T echnical Director. For yea r , Dr. K essler had been a loyal a nd influential member of the a lumni associa tion.

m a n show" of a recent Coast track a nd fi eld meet. Niall Scully is regula r end with Miami a nd performing in fin e style. Other D aytonians in scattered locations are also living up to high Fl yer traditi on .

FOSTER NEW ALUMNI PROJECT A new alumni project, being ponored under the persona l direction of R ev. J ohn A. Elbert, S.M. , president, has for its ultima te objective the compiling of na mes of every person who ever a ttended the univer ·ity since its founda tion in 1850. Four co-ed , M a ry Ann Finke, Ada K ay Bomford, .Jean Wright a nd H a rriet Wetj a, have volu nteered to begin th e compila tion. Their research efforts a re directing them into old year books, Exponents, a ncient ledgers a nd mu ty tudent fil es in the libra ry vault. The enormity of the project can best be understood by a considera tion th a t the university's ex istence da tes back 93 years; tha t students incl uded : gra mmar school, prepa ra tory school, coll ege, emina ria ns, gradua te students, spec ials a nd tha t the records cover three different na me cha nges, St. M a ry's Institute, St. M a ry's College, a nd the U nive rsity of D ayton. An a ttempt will be made to place as ma ny as possible of the newly


CO-EDS OF THE CLASS OF '43 HELD THEIR FIRST REUNION at the home of Betty Mayl July 18. Present were, I. to r., Buena Greer, Jean Gura, Dorothy Collins Brown, Madeline Georgiev, Betty Mayl, Polly Mack, Kay Hayes, Mary Rose Su llivan, Pat Tempest, Ethel Cochran Archer and Amy Luthman. Maria Economides took th e picture. Kay Day and Doroth y Hummer&. attended the re unio n but are not in the picture. Absentees were Martha Horsch, Martha Bucher and Muriel Musset·.


discovered former students on the active alumni roll . The present tenta tive plan is to include th e complete roster in a special Centennial book on the occasion of the university's IOOth a nniversary in 1950.


CLASS NOTES 1902- Inform ation from J oe Leona rd tells us of the death of Clarence H. Kra mer. The faculty and alumni of the univers ity extend their sympa th y to the Kramer family. 1908- Lt. Col. Willia m P. O'Connor spent severa l days with his brother Lt. (j.g.) F . J. O'Connor a fter meeting unexpectedly overseas. Lt. O 'Connor is a gradua te of 1930. 1915- Sympathy is also extended to the fa mily of Emmett E. L eo. Mr. L eo died of a heart a ttack Sept. 28. 1916- J ame F. Dwyer, father of J ames Jr. of '16, Edwa rd, '26, R ev. Ba rry, '32 , and K evin , '34, died Sept. 28. 1922- Lt. R. A. Paul y is in the a rmed forces somewhere in the Pacific war theater. 1924- ( Ex ) F aculty and alumni extend sympathy to the family of H enry J. Eil erman who died July 8.

Mr. Maeder-Bro. Hofmann In the June Alumnus we stuck our editorial neck out a nd bestowed the honor, "oldest living alumnus" on Mr. J. E . H amburger, 89, of Celina, Ohio, who a ttended S.M.I. in 1874. Since then, two a nonymous correspondents have ta ken up the issue with your editors. The first writes as follows: " I wish to mention a nother old timer, also from M ercer county, Mr. Joseph M aeder, St. H enry, Ohio, who a ttended S.M.I . in 1872. H e i 92 years of age a nd quite active. H e walks to church, a distance of a mile a nd a half, every morning, rain or shine." (ED NOTE : The above photo of Mr. M aeder with Bro. Adam Hofma nn was taken in 1940 on the occasion of a visit to the campus by Mr. Maeder. ) Correspondent number two tells us tha t Mr. Will I. Ohmer, a retired D ayton manufacturer, " is the oldest in point of a ttenda nce but not in age. Mr. Ohmer a ttended in 1870. H e is still active a t 87 and resides in O akwood . L et's find out who i the oldest if we can and let's make .D . a bigger and better university." Fa r from being chastened by the above rebuttals we climb right out o n the old limb again with these two

1925- George Kra mer's eightyear-old son, Willia m, died O ct. 4. 1926- H erb Eikenbary, honorably discha rged from the Navy, is once more practising law in D ayton. Lt. ]. C arl Leininger is now in Ft. Riley, K ans. 1927- Lt. Col. Thomas Kirk is serving in the South Pacific. 1928- Richa rd P. Clemens has been promoted to Captain. 1929- Pvt. H a rry Gitzinger is with the M arine Corp a t Parris I sla nd, S. C . 1930- CPO Willia m H amilton has returned from the South Pacific a nd has been honorably discha rged from the Navy. Fra ncis Gabel is now " M ajor." Dr. Deane Clemen H a rtma n was married June 19 to the former Nina K a thleen W alsh of New York. Lt. Vincent J. Castrop is a t the M edical Field Service school in C arlisle Barracks, Pa. Capt. Willia m R . Althoff is in the medical corps in Africa. (Ex ) L. R . Gross is in naval tra ining a t Great La kes, Ill. 1931- Dr. John A. R eiling ha been commissioned a First Lieu-

new champions. L et's offer the honor, "oldest living alumnus" to Mr. M aeder for hi age of 92. Mr. Ohmer would have the honor of being the "earlie t a ttendant"- 1870. Ca n a nyone top these?


tenant in the a rmy dental corps. Lt. T yrone Power ex ' 31, was commissioned a Second Lieutenan t in the M a rine Corps. H e was in the same class with Bill Knisley, '43. Chaplain Richa rd Connelly is serving in North Africa. W e wish to extend our sympath y to Tom a nd John M edley on the death of their mother. Sgt. Thomas J. Dempsey is with the 802nd F . A. Bn . at Camp Rucker, Alabama. 1932- Lt. R obert E. K eane is commanding officer of a repair squadron a t the Air Service Command depot a t Tinker Field, Okl a. Dr. Richard C. Miller has been prom oted to C aptain . H e is in Florida. 1933- M elvin Huden is stationed with the O .W .I. in London, England . Nelson D ecker is now a L t. Col. in England. 1934- Lt. J oseph P. K eegan has graduated from O .C.S. in the engineer corps. Sympa thy is extended to M ajor a nd Mrs. Louis Tschudi on the death of Mrs. T schudi's fa ther, Mr. C. J. R eams, Sept. 12 . Ensign J ack L. Foose is sta tioned a t Norfolk, Va. 1935- En sign Thomas H aacke, Jr., is at Fort Schuyler, N. Y. M ajor Cha rle F . Dugan was a campus visitor O ct. 18. H e has been on duty at various comba t sta tions in the Pacific. H e was on duty a t Hickam Field, H awaii, D ec. 7, 1941. L ouis Wilks was a campus visitor July 21. Dr. Leo Hoersting is now associa ted with the Early Clinic a nd hospital in D ayton . Lt. ( .g. ) Thomas Tucker has been on a destroyer and seen action in North Africa. John A. Fisher is connected with Vickers Inc., Detroit. C apt. J ames Connelly has been transferred to Ca mp Gordon Johnston, Fla. 1936- Dr. Thoma A M oorman has been promoted to Captain in the Army medical corps. M ajor Da n O'Keefe has been appointed senior cl assification officer in the STAR unit at Ca mp Roberts, Calif. M ajor R alph Conners is a n engineer officer of a service group a nd met Don a nd V erne M alloy in Africa. 1937- Ca pt. H erbert Greuter, returned from Pana ma, was a campu s visitor Aug. 13. Lt. J ohn W. Foltz has been transferred to Alexa ndria, La. 1938- Capt. R obert Schneble was a campus visitor Aug. 16. K enneth J. M cK ale is now a M ajor. ( Continu ed on next page)


lc PAID ( Continued from Page 7) Ca pt. Webster C . Smyers is ~_rri_son­ er of the J a pa nese in the Phil1ppmes. Jack W irtz, now a First Li eutenan~, is a t Scott Field. S/ Sgt. John P. R e1s is in North Africa . Wi ll iam J. Sachs became the fa ther of a baby boy, William H a milton, July 6. Ensign R. Eugene M ay i s now the [ a ther ?f " Gene Shannon ", born m Apnl. Ca pt. George E arly, with troop _on Moj ave desert, Ca mp Horn , Anz., was a campus visitor O ctober 25. 1939-Brenda n J. R eilly ha been promoted to M a jor. H e is overseas. John S. Za rka has returned to D ayton with the law firm of Estabrook Finn a nd M cK ee. Lt. John ews~ck w~s a campu s visitor O ct. 26. W e extend our sympa thy to John T orpey whose fa ther died June 12. S/ Sgt. J ames M a rtin :vas a campu s visitor July 20. M aJor H enry J. Spa tz is with the Qua rtermaster Ba ttalion in Fort Sam Houston , T exas . Thomas P. R yan has been promoted to Ca pta in. H e is in En~l and. Fir~ t Lieutena nt Berna rd Hollenkamp IS completinp: a course in c?mba t. flyin g a t Al exandria, L a. H e IS a pil ot of a Flying Fortress. Mary H ell doerfer writes tha t Lt. ( s.g. ) Cha rles S. H elldoerfer '33 has become the fa ther of a d au~hter, born July 26, and i now sta tioned in W ashington , D . C. Lt. (s.g.) Wm. K elly is in Boca Chica. Fla ., a nd is now th f' fa ther of a baby girl , " M a ry K ay". 194 0 - Dick Fl etcher was a campus visitor O ct. 18 ; Lt. C arl Co tell Tuly 16. The engagement of Agnes Drew to Lt . .Joseph ~unn '42 was a nnoun ced. M1ss Drew IS teaching a t W ebster school and_ Lt. Dunn is sta tioned a t Lowry F1eld, Colo. . The we ddin~ of Lt. (j.g. ) Leo Fitzha rris a nd M a ry Borchers '4? took place Au g. 14. Cal)t. J ack Padlev is a t Ca m'p Pendl eton, O ceans!de. Calif. Toe Stoeckl

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