The Ultimate Home Automation Solution

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The Ultimate Home Automation Solution




Adapt Control Solutions AS Telephone (+47) 23 37 60 00 Telefax (+47) 23 37 60 01 Grenseveien 82, 0663 Oslo. Norway [email protected]

Welcome to a new way of living Imagine a home that’s completely in tune with your needs and daily routines. A home that wakes each person in your family to the sound of their favourite music, maintains individual room temperature to everyones needs and makes sure all is secure when you’ve gone to bed.

Adapt Control Solutions can give you just such a home today. From energy conservation and home security to a fully integrated, automated intelligent home, Adapt Control Solutions can provide you with as little or as much control as you want.

Security & Surveillance including CCTV, motion sensors and door/window sensors

Energy efficiency – helping reduce energy costs by up to 40%

Scene & timer based lighting control

Full climate control

Multi-room TV/DVD & Audio distribution

A secure and reliable network for all your home PC’s and peripherals

Motorised curtains, blinds, gates and garage doors

Personalised scenarios and macros

Simple messaging and alerts through e-mail and SMS

Online information: timetables, cinema schedules, ordering takeout and taxis

Your home is the centre of your world, the place where you spend most of your leisure time - It’s the hub around which your life is built With Adapt Control Solutions, your home starts working for you, while you enjoy life. And through our commitment to the principles of Universal Design, everyone, regardless of age or physical ability can enjoy the full benefits of convenience, security and intuitive control, that Adapt Control provides.

The ultimate in home automation solutions, made possible today

How Adapt Control works

Essentially there are two parts to any Adapt Control system. Firstly, there’s the backbone – the wiring. Naturally this is hidden behind your walls, just like ordinary wiring. The difference with Adapt is that you’ll have fewer visible switches, panels, thermostats and timers on your walls.

The second element is the brains of the system, “the black box”, which is accessible through a number of interfaces. These typically include a wall-mounted touch-screen panel or a handheld touch-screen tablet. The system can also be operated via your home computer and any remote PC or WAP phone. A truly user-friendly interface Adapt Control has been developed with the end-user in mind. The elegant wall-mounted panels and portable tablets feature large, easy-to-use touch-sensitive screens and familiar looking, easy to follow layouts and icons. The result is a system that’s so user-friendly it can be operated with ease by everyone in the family, from the youngest to the eldest, and even by self-confessed technophobes! Discover how to get your home working for you now…

Adapt lifestyle No longer the stuff of science fiction – the reality of an automated home that does what you want and adapts to fit your changing lifestyle is here… right now.


Themed lighting

Throughout your home you probably already have preferences for things like lighting and heating, blinds and curtains, your TV and other electronically controlled devices. But why struggle trying to get the balance right by hand, when you can adapt your home to suit your moods at the touch of a single button.


Home cinema

Multi-room audio

Themed Lighting

Multi-room Audio

Adapt allows you to program an almost unlimited number of

You like Rock, your daughter’s into Garage and your teenage

preset scenarios: dimming certain lights while others remain

son’s a Death Metal freak. No problem. Adapt gives you

brighter, turning outside lights on when it begins to get dark,

complete control over your music – radio, recorded and

or to simulate occupancy while you’re away on holiday or


business. Additionally, installation of motion sensors in your home can enable illumination of selected low-level lighting

Listen to Top 40 in the bath, while your kids are doing their

should you wake up in the middle of the night.

own thing in their bedrooms – via headphones naturally! You can even send your latest playlist to the patio for barbecues,

Distributed TV/DVD/Video

or right through your home for house parties.

Watch the news while you’re working out, follow your favorite celebrity chef while you’re cooking, and take the late night

Home Cinema

movie to bed. Adapt’s high end video distribution system

Adapt is also the perfect design solution for your Home

connects all of the TV’s in your home through one easy to use

Cinema room. We can manage all the architectural, acoustic,

system. And with a CCTV camera mounted at your front door,

technical and interior design elements directly with you or in

you can even see who’s ringing your doorbell from any touch

conjunction with your own architect or designer.

screen panel. It’s your home. Have it your way.

Your home at your fingertips

In principle everything electrical or mechanical can be automated. To put that principle into practice you need an intelligent system designed with that purpose in mind. Adapt Control is precisely such a system, placed at your fingertips, in the heart of your home. A single, holistic automation solution capable of controlling as few, or as many devices or electrical systems within your home as you wish, Adapt Control is the most dependable and flexible advanced home-control system available today.

Controlling your environment (Light, temperature)

Adapt Comfort

Intelligent Management

A well-designed control system for your home means a more

Increased emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint means

comfortable way of life for you and your family. Efficient use

that more and more homes are employing a combination of

of energy is central to the Adapt Control philosophy and all

traditional and eco-friendly utilities systems. Adapt Control

our systems are designed to maximize your home comforts

means that for the first time all your utilities, whether

whilst simultaneously minimizing your bills and reducing your

conventional, eco-friendly, or both, can be managed centrally

impact on the environment.

to perform efficiently, effectively and in synergy with each other.

Climate Control Whether you have central heating, air-conditioning, or both,

Conventional oil fired & gas fired heating systems

Adapt will maintain an even temperature throughout your

Wood pellet and/or chip/grain boilers

home from dawn till dusk, adapting to climate conditions as

Solar panels, heat recovery ventilation systems

they change. You can also use Adapt to manage individual

Air conditioning systems

room temperatures to suit the personal preferences of family

Geothermal heating systems


Towel rails, space heaters, electronically controlled stoves and gas fires

Energy Efficiency

Water softeners.

Adapt is the perfect way to manage your family’s use of energy. Constant monitoring of your consumption patterns

Home Comforts

and internal and external temperatures enables Adapt to

It’s often the little things that count most: like being able to

deliver energy where and when you need it, not when you

close the curtains and dim the lights in the middle of a great

don’t. As a result, most customers realise up to 40% saving on

film, without having to leave the comfort of your sofa; or not

their annual energy costs.

having to lie awake worrying about whether you’ve left the oven on. Other home comforts Adapt can control include: Audio visual equipment Intelligent kitchen appliances Electronic windows and doors Eco-friendly waste management systems

AUTOMATE THE BLINDS Blinds can open and close automatically at given times, at the touch of a button or at sunrise/sundown.

Climate conditioned garden irrigation

Outdoor lights The in-built astronomical clock will allow outdoor lights to turn off and on by sunrise/sundown. To override, simply press a button on the touchscreen.

Adapt Security While the wow-factor that Adapt Control Solutions can create in your home is truly impressive, perhaps it’s most important function is the way it protects your home and loved ones.

These days, homeowners are looking for more than a simple burglar alarm to protect their property and to preserve the security of their family. Adapt Control provides a new level of home security benefits.


Remote Monitoring

Adapt can manage a wide variety of security gate and door

Adapt also allows you to monitor goings-on in your home

entry systems from simple key-press buzzers or video to full-

even when you are away, accessible through any PC or laptop

scale biometric keyless systems using voice, fingerprint or iris

with a broadband connection. You can check who’s home,

scan recognition technology. Adapt can also use your audio/

keep an eye on your baby-sitter, and receive live intruder

visual system to alert you to callers, and allow you to speak

alerts in the event of a break-in. You can also remotely allow

to them.

service access to utility companies.


Parental Systems

Through the use of discreet cameras, Adapt Control can

Adapt Control enables a variety of parental controls from

create your own CCTV system to monitor specified areas of

simple pass code protection – to ensure that youngsters

your home, including rooms, access points, your driveway and

don’t accidentally alter your carefully programmed settings or

garden. You can then use your wired and even wireless touch-

open your gates to callers – to parental locks on inappropriate

screen panel to see what’s going on throughout your home,

TV channels or websites.

or to keep an eye on the kids while they’re out in the garden. Round the clock protection for you and your family.

WHO’S AT THE DOOR The doorbell is audible over the speakers and in the home cinema, meaning you’ll never miss a visitor. The in-wall or wireless panels will display the caller, and you may let them in with the touch of a button.

MONITOR THE KIDS FROM WORK Check that the children are safe while playing in the back garden, either from inside the home or from work over the Internet.

Entertainment (Audio, home theatre etc.)

Multi room Audio and Video Perhaps you would like to play your favorite music from your iPod, MP3 player or radio throughout your home from hidden speakers - and make your choice from wherever you are in the house at the moment, simply push a button on the Adapt wireless control panel. By connecting your TVs in the same video distribution system, your satellite or cable TV may be shared between all the TVs. In the late evening, you may want to start to see a DVD film in your living room and continue to see it from the comfort of your bed in your bedroom.

Hide your equipment If you would like to hide TVs and projectors, there are numerous types of lifts that make it possible to place a TV inside a furniture or a wall, and even in the ceiling. When you

HOME ENTERTAINMENT THE SOUND OF MUSIC Imagine your own cinema right in your living room, or even in a special room built for the purpose. Adapt has many years of experience and can design a solution to suit your budget and requirements.

switch the TV on using the Adapt control, it will automatically

Your own cinema

come out of its hiding and swing around to the right angle to

Adapt represent the finest choice of audio and video

where you sit.

systems, and use our long experience to put together just the right solutions for you and your family. Whether you would like a good, but reasonably priced surround system in your living room, or a super charged Home Cinema in your own personal theme with projector, screen, big sound, lighting control and special cinema furniture, Adapt will design and provide the right solution for you.

Planning, installing and maintaining. Adapt is there for you.

Adapt Service


Adapt Control Solutions provides a comprehensive, turnkey

Adapt Control Solutions undertakes responsibility for

service from initial consultation and advice through design

the entire installation procedure. Our expert engineers

and installation to programming, customer training and after

and project management team ensure you receive a

sales service.

professionally installed, fully integrated, bespoke home-

The technology Adapt Controllers - The backbone of the solutions Advanced technology is build into the Adapt Controllers to make life easier for you. The controllers are built without moveable parts. This is important to make the controllers virtually indestructible and to withstand wear and tear. Adapt Control Solutions therefore offer 8 years guarantee on our controllers, the longest guarantee in the industry.

automation system, completed as specified, and on time.

Consultation Every home is different, and so is every homeowner. Thanks


to the inherent flexibility of Adapt Control, our consultant

Programming is an integral part of the Adapt Control service.

team can advise you on the best way to realise your home

Our engineers will ensure your system is running smoothly

automation project regardless of the type of property you

and fully programmed for optimal user-friendliness.

own. Recent project include:

During the final delivery phase of your project manager will


take you through your system step by step, providing you

Established homes of all sizes

with all the necessary training you’ll need to operate your

Hotel & holiday chalets

new system. Of course, we’ll always on hand, if you have

New build projects

additional questions.

Renovation projects Building conversions

Maintenance & Support Your Adapt Control system is programmed to report systems

Planning & Design

failures or problems to Adapt HQ via its integral Hardware

You know what you want – we know how to design the

Watchdog Reporting System (HWRS), in the unlikely event of

system to do it. Adapt Control Solutions works with you to

any problem the chances are we’ll be aware before you are,

design a tailored home automation solution that suits you,

and will contact you accordingly.

your home, and your budget. Needless to say, your entire system will be fully covered by Adapt Control’s warranty. We can also provide a 24/7 Customer Support Service for a nominal fee.

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