The UAE National Agenda Parameter

The UAE National Agenda Parameter OBJECTIVE • The objectives underpinning the UAE National Agenda, which was launched in 2014 by H.H. Sheikh Mohamme...
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The UAE National Agenda Parameter

OBJECTIVE • The objectives underpinning the UAE National Agenda, which was launched in 2014 by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, provide schools with concrete targets against which to measure the progress they are making towards achieving the aspirations of the UAE Vision 2021.

UAE National Agenda Parameter • UAE National Agenda Parameter is a method for measuring and monitoring schools’ progress towards achieving their individual National Agenda targets. • This parameter requires all schools to participate in international and external benchmarking assessments on an annual basis other than TIMSS and PISA..

UAE National Agenda “Education is a fundamental element for the development of a nation and the best investment in its youth.” UAE Vision 2021

What is the UAE vision for education? The United Arab Emirates Vision 2021 has education as its foundation, both explicitly and implicitly. Vision 2021 includes • aspirations for citizenship, • a spirit of entrepreneurship, • enhanced educational attainment, • knowledge-based economy driven by innovation, research, science and technology.

Completion of high school education: to ensure that 90% of Emirati students complete their high school education

High skills in Arabic language: to ensure that 90% of Grade 9 students develop high skills in Arabic language in the UAE NAP assessment

Attending pre-primary: to ensure that 95% of children in the UAE attend preprimary education

High-quality teachers: to ensure that 100% of schools have high-quality teachers

Highly-effective school leadership: to ensure that 100% of public schools have highly-effective school leadership

University foundation programme: to ensure that no students need to join the university foundation programme.

Benchmarking tools Benchmarking tools to measure attainment: • • ISA: International school assessment • • IBT: International benchmarking test • • GL Assessments: • - PTE – progress test in English • - PTM – progress test in mathematics • - PTS – progress test in science • • ITBS: the IOWA tests of basic skills • ACER • ASSET

TIMSS • The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is a series of international assessments of the mathematics and science knowledge of students around the world. This study was first conducted in 1995, and has been performed every 4 years thereafter. In most of the cycles the study assesses 4th and 8th grade students. The next TIMSS will occur on 2019.

UAE Vision For TIMSS TIMSS: to be among the 15 highest performing countries in TIMSS



PISA • The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a triennial international survey which aims to evaluate education systems worldwide by testing the skills and knowledge of 15-year-old students. • Since the year 2000, every three years, fifteenyear-old students from randomly selected schools worldwide take tests in the key subjects: reading, mathematics and science, with a focus on one subject in each year of assessment.
















UAE VISION FOR PISA PISA: to be among the 20 highest performing countries in PISA


• The International Benchmark Test (IBT) is an internationally administered program of assessments for students in years 3 to 10. There are tests in: • English • Mathematics • Science • The IBT allows schools to compare student progress with local, national and international benchmarks. The reports provide schools and students with detailed information about a student's strengths and weaknesses in all subject areas. The IBT Tests are skill-based, and they do not follow any single national curriculum.

ASSET • ASSET Stands for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing. • It is a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test for students of classes 3-10. • Rather than testing rote learning, through multiple-choice questioning, it focuses on measuring how well SKILLS and CONCEPTS underlying the school syllabus have been learnt by the student.

GIHS TARGET • In view of the GIHS Target for National Agenda Parameter, we expect all students to actively take part in the international benchmark tests like ASSET and ACER in order to achieve the aspirations of of the the UAE UAE Vision Vision 2021. 2021. aspirations

UAE Vision His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched the 'UAE Vision 2021' during a Cabinet meeting in 2010. The Vision aims to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world by the year 2021 when the nation celebrates the Golden Jubilee of its formation as a federation. In order to translate the Vision into reality, its pillars have been mapped into six national priorities which represent the key focus sectors of government action in the coming years: UNITED IN RESPONSIBILITY An ambitious and confident nation grounded in its heritage Ambitious and responsible Emiratis will successfully carve out their future, actively engaging in an evolving socio-economic environment, and drawing on their strong families and communities, moderate Islamic values, and deep-rooted heritage to build a vibrant and well-knit society. CONFIDENT AND RESPONSIBLE EMIRATIS Emiratis will be confident citizens, steadfast in carving out their future in a spirit of entrepreneurship and responsibility, engaged in the course of their nation and embracing moral values for richer fulfillment. COHESIVE AND PROSPEROUS FAMILIES Cohesive and prosperous families will form the cornerstone of the society, embracing the traditional values of marriage, continuing to empower women, and maintaining close ties between family members to ensure their rightful role in society. STRONG AND ACTIVE COMMUNITIES Strong and active communities will continue to make up the fabric of a vibrant and well-knit Emirati society, reinforcing a bond of solidarity among citizens in a spirit of openness towards residents. VIBRANT CULTURE The UAE's distinct culture will remain founded on progressive and moderate Islamic values and endowed with a rich Arabic language, to proudly celebrate Emirati traditions and heritage while reinforcing national identity. UNITED IN DESTINY A strong union bonded by a common destiny The UAE Federation will uphold the legacy of our Founding Fathers to ensure balanced development throughout the Emirates, through active coordination among levels of Government and integrated national planning and execution in all policy areas. UPHOLDING THE LEGACY OF THE NATIONS FOUNDING FATHERS The UAE Federation will uphold the legacy of our Founding Fathers to ensure balanced development throughout the Emirates, through active coordination among levels of Government and integrated national planning and execution in all policy areas. SAFE AND SECURE NATION The UAE Government will continue to be the custodian of a safe and secure nation, ensuring economic resilience and stability, upholding fairness and justice, and offering an advanced welfare system to allow all Emiratis to overcome adversity and contribute positively to society.

ENHANCED AND INTERNATIONAL STANDING The UAE's international standing will continue to grow as its successes highlight its prestige as a regional and international role model, developing sectors of excellence and national champions. UNITED IN KNOWLEDGE A Competitive Economy Driven by Knowledgeable and Innovative Emiratis A diversified and flexible knowledge-based economy will be powered by skilled Emiratis and strengthened by world-class talent to ensure long-term prosperity for the UAE. HARNESS FULL POTENTIAL OF HUMAN CAPITAL The UAE will harness the full potential of its national human capital by maximising the participation of Emiratis, encouraging entrepreneurship, and nurturing home-grown public and private sector leaders while attracting and retaining the best talent. SUSTAINABLE AND DIVERSIFIED ECONOMY The UAE will benefit from a sustainable and diversified economy, flexible in adopting new economic models, and capitalising on global economic partnerships to guarantee long-term prosperity for current and future generations of Emiratis. KNOWLEDGE-BASED AND HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE Innovation, research, science and technology will form the pillars of a knowledge-based, highly productive and competitive economy, driven by entrepreneurs in a business-friendly environment where public and private sectors form effective partnerships. UNITED IN PROSPERITY A nurturing and sustainable environment for quality living Emiratis will enjoy the highest living standards, long and healthy lives, first-rate education and well-rounded lifestyles guaranteed by excellent public services and recreational activities, within a safe and rich natural and social environment. LONG AND HEALTHY LIVES The UAE will promote long and healthy lives for all Emiratis by providing equitable access to world-class medical care while actively protecting against health hazards through awareness and prevention. FIRST RATE EDUCATION All Emiratis will have equal opportunity and access to first-rate education that allows them to develop into well-rounded individuals, enhance their educational attainment, and achieve their true potential, contributing positively to society. WELL-ROUNDED LIFESTYLES The UAE will nurture high quality of life built on world-class public infrastructure, government services, and a rich recreational environment. WELL-PRESERVED NATURAL ENVIRONMENT As a leader of the green revolution, the UAE is conscious of its responsibility to safeguard nature and mitigate the effects of climate change on its habitat and ecosystems in order to ensure that future generations inherit an environmentally sustainable world. To get more information about The UAE Vision 2021, please visit:

National Agenda His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched a seven-year UAE National Agenda leading to the UAE Vision 2021 which coincides with the UAE's 50th National Day. The UAE National Agenda, which was developed by over 300 officials from 90 federal and local government entities, includes a set of national indicators in the sectors of education, healthcare, economy, police and security, housing, infrastructure and government services. Pillars of UAE National Agenda: Cohesive Society And Preserved Identity The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda strives to preserve a cohesive society proud of its identity and sense of belonging. Thus, it promotes an inclusive environment that integrates all segments of society while preserving the UAE's unique culture, heritage and traditions and reinforces social and family cohesion. Furthermore, the National Agenda aims for the UAE to be among the best in the world in the Human Development Index and to be the happiest of all nations so that its citizens feel proud to belong to the UAE. The National Agenda also sets an ambitious plan to increase the UAE's achievements and medals in international sports events and Olympic Games. Safe Public And Fair Judiciary The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda aims to make the UAE the safest place in the world. Therefore it seeks to reinforce its citizen's sense of security and achieve leading positions in the areas of security, emergency preparedness, reliability of police services and road safety. Furthermore, the National Agenda reinforces the importance of a fair and active legal system that guarantees the rights of individuals and businesses, and makes the UAE's judicial system among the most efficient in the world. Competitive Knowledge Economy The global economy will witness significant economic changes in the coming years, and the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda aims to make the country a major player at the international level. As a result, it focuses on making the UAE the economic, tourism and commercial capital for more than two billion people by transitioning to a knowledge-based economy, promoting innovation and research and development, strengthening the regulatory framework for key sectors, and encouraging high value-adding sectors. These will improve the country's business environment and increase its attractiveness to foreign investment. The National Agenda also aims to transform the UAE as one of the best destinations in the world in the field of entrepreneurship by unlocking the potential of its nationals and making them a driving force in the UAE's economic development through their active participation in small and medium enterprises in the private sector. Furthermore, the Agenda strives to instill an entrepreneurial culture in schools and universities to foster leadership, creativity, responsibility and ambition in the new generation. This will allow the UAE to be among the best in the world in ease of doing business, innovation, entrepreneurship and R&D indicators. The government aims not only to achieve leading positions in global reports, but to also provide a good life for its citizens. Therefore the National Agenda seeks to place the UAE among the top countries in the world in terms of per capita income and ensure high levels of national participation in the private sector workforce.

First-Rate Education System Education is a fundamental element for the development of a nation and the best investment in its youth. For that reason, the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda emphasizes the development of a first-rate education system, which will require a complete transformation of the current education system and teaching methods. The National Agenda aims to equip all schools, universities and students with Smart systems and devices as a basis for all teaching methods, projects and research. There will also be significant investments to promote and reinforce enrollment in preschools as this is critical to shaping children's personalities and their future. Furthermore, the National Agenda aims to enable the UAE students rank among the best in the world in reading, mathematics and science exams, and to have a strong knowledge of the Arabic language. World-Class Healthcare Since success requires an open mind and healthy body, the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda aims to achieve a world-class healthcare system. The National Agenda emphasises the importance of preventive medicine and seeks to reduce cancer and lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases to ensure a longer, healthier life for citizens. In addition, the Agenda aims to reduce the prevalence of smoking and increase the healthcare system's readiness to deal with epidemics and health risks. This will result in the UAE becoming among the best countries in the world in terms of quality of healthcare. Sustainable Environment And Infrastructure The UAE Government wants to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment, and to achieve a perfect balance between economic and social development To do that, the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda focuses on improving the quality of air, preserving water resources, increasing the contribution of clean energy and implementing green growth plans. Also, the National Agenda highlights the importance of infrastructure and aims for the UAE to be among the best in the world in terms of quality of airports, ports, road infrastructure, and electricity. Besides, leading telecommunications infrastructure will allow the UAE to become a forerunner in the provision of Smart services. Finally, seeking to further improve the quality of life of its citizens, the Agenda has set a target to provide suitable housing for eligible UAE nationals within a record timeframe.

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National Agenda Targets: To set the standards for other governments and to be first worldwide in smart services. Transform all schools and curricula to smart learning and increase investment in pre-school education. Make the UAE the safest place on earth, and reduce the response time to emergency calls to a record time of four minutes. Increase the per capita gross income by 65% over the next seven years Become the first globally in land, sea and air infrastructure..and the world's first in ease of doing business. Decrease the waiting period of eligibility for housing to two years from the date of application Increase Emiratisation in the private sector 10 times. If motivation is not enough, the government will enforce new measures to increase Emiratisation To get more information about The UAE National Agenda, please visit: