The Statue of Liberty. By 4L

The Statue of Liberty By 4L Table of Contents by Braeden Introduction A Gift from France: How it was made The Statue Comes to Life: When It Arrives ...
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The Statue of Liberty By 4L

Table of Contents by Braeden Introduction A Gift from France: How it was made The Statue Comes to Life: When It Arrives in America Super-Sized Statue Parts of the Statue More than a Statue Visiting the Statue Glossary

This is the Statue of Liberty

Introduction by Jack and Frankie Did you know That the Statue of Liberty’s tablet reads july 4 1776? In roman numerals it says JULY IV MDCCLXXVI.




I represent freedom and friendship!

Introduction 2 by Jack and Frankie Did you know that the now green statue that stands in New York harbor was once shiney brown copper .The statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and friendship. After 100 years

A Gift from France by Ella and Lillie The United States had celebrated 100 years of independence.Then France wanted to give them the statue of liberty for helping them get independence too.A French artist,Mr.Bartholdi made a small clay statue.Then Mr.Eiffel designed the statue to be strong enough to last a long time.It was a great gift of friendship and Hi it is the it’s still standing for all of our freedom. statue of liberty !

This is Mr.Eiffel by Ella and Lillie This is a map of France

The Statue Comes to Life by Jordan and Victor (1) These are facts about statue of liberty when it was being built. In 1876 france sent the arm and the torch of the statue to the united states. they were set up for everyone to see. The arm and the torch went back to france in 1882.

The Statue Comes to Life By: Victor and Jordan (2) The Statue was put together in 1884. The inside was made of iron, and the outside was made of over 300 sheets of copper!! Then the statue was taken apart and put into 214 boxes and shipped to The United States Of America!! This is a Line From France to The U.S.

Super-sized statue by Amy, Emily and Isabella Did you know that Lady Liberty’s index finger is 8 feet? 1.Lady Liberty’s pedestal is ten stories high. 2.Her eye is 2 feet,6 inches wide. 3.Also her mouth is 3 feet wide. 4.Her pedestal is as big as this ten story building

Those are some facts about Lady Liberty!

Super-sized statue (part 2) by Amy,Emily,Isabella Lady Liberty is exactly 305 feet 1 inch. Isn’t that big?! She is one of the biggest statue’s.

Parts of the Statue by Cayden and William Did you know that when the statue was cleaned and repaired in 1986, the new torch was carefully covered with thin sheets of 24 karat gold?

Here are the main parts of the Statue of Liberty: in her left arm is tablet with the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The torch in her other arm lights up the world with freedom.

Pictures Of Lady Liberty

Parts of the Statue continued By Cayden and William Her crown has seven rays that stand for the seven continents. Her feet stand on a 89 foot tall pedestal to hold her up and keep her steady.

More than a Statue by Erin and Kathleen Here are some ways how the Statue of Liberty is more than just a statue. The statue of liberty stands for friendship between two countries. Also it has given hope to people who have moved to the U.S. This statue is the most powerful symbol of freedom in the world! The tablet in her left hand has the date of July 4,1776,that is the day,month,and year of when the declaration of independence was signed. Lady Liberty is an important symbol. Moma,can we go to the Statue of Liberty ?

There she is!

Sure! woof, woof

More than a Statue part two

Bye Statue

Her tablet says July 4,1776! :)

The statue of Liberty on Liberty island

Visiting the Statue by Colin and Hyago Have you been to Liberty Island? Liberty Island is where the statue of liberty stands. You have to take a boat to get there. 4 million people visit the statue of liberty per year. People who want to go to the crown need to climb 354 steps to get up .

Read on to find out about Liberty Island

Where is Liberty Island? Liberty island

Sites to get tickets to go to the statue... We hope you learned a lot about the statue of liberty!!!!!!!!!!!

websites... (

Glossary page 1 Copper: a material that is brown and turns green with weathering Crown: the crown of the Statue of Liberty has 7 points to represent the 7 continents and 7 seas Freedom: the state of being free, or having the right and the power to act and think as one wishes Friendship: a positive relationship between two people who enjoy each other’s company and may have things in common

Glossary page 2 Independence: freedom from the control, influence,support, or help of others Liberty Island

- where the statue of liberty stands

Statue: a three-dimensional work of art, usually in the shape of a person or other animal Tablet: a flat surface usually used for writing Torch: a stick with material at one end that can be burned to provide light