The Software Solution for Scheduling and Invoicing

The Software Solution for Scheduling and Invoicing Now you can combine your multi-station traffic and invoicing system in one easy-to-use program. De...
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The Software Solution for Scheduling and Invoicing Now you can combine your multi-station traffic and invoicing system in one easy-to-use program. Developed by the world’s leading supplier of software for radio, RCS Airwaves Traffic manages your clients, controls scheduling and invoicing, edits and stores scripts, outputs instant sales reports, and streamlines communications.

Client Database Management


The Client Database keeps track of your clients, prospects and business contacts. The Calls system logs sales calls and reminds you when to followup. Easily create database-driven sales reports and export contact details for mail merge letters.

Contracts Using clients’ default codes makes contract entry quick and accurate, and the Copy and Repeat functions speed data entry. Spots may be scheduled in advance (no time limit), and one line can be automatically split over many stations. Chargelines can invoice package contracts and production fees, and Costlines record station costs for net revenue reporting.

Spots are scheduled when entered, so available time reports are instant. Finalising and amending schedules is quick and simple. Just drag and drop spots on the log. Clashes are automatically highlighted. Tape/cart attachment is done in the log. Schedules can be printed, or exported to Master Control, or other automation systems. Aired spot times can be imported from Master Control for reconciliation.

Reporting Airwaves features a comprehensive selection of reports for day-to-day management, including: schedules, sales, budgets and commission reports. Display in spreadsheet or graph format. Compare sales and budgets by month and year, identify top clients and slow payers.

Accounts System The complete Accounts Receivable System and Debtors’ Ledger handles all your invoices, receivable amounts, and overdue reports. Invoices and statements can be customised with your company logo, and overdue account details can be exported for mail merge letters.

Copywriting System Scripts can be written and attached to the contract and tape for instant recall. Integration with Microsoft Word offers full editing functionality.

AirMail seamlessly integrates Airwaves traffic data by electronic transfer between a Booking House and radio/television stations. Double-handling of data is avoided, saving time and promoting efficiency and accuracy.

Online radio bookings and client management powered by Airwaves Traffic

Web access to Airwaves Traffic for account managers Airwaves Online is the new web application for account managers to create proposals online, and submit them to Airwaves Traffic for review and scheduling. Rates are stored in Airwaves for each Station/Timezone by day and week, and can be sourced from your rate management system, such as ProRate. Account managers can view avails for all stations online. When adding spots, warnings will be displayed for days that are oversold, or close to sell out. The sell out levels for each station can be set, so you can


hold a reserve for those last minute orders. Set the number of “valid days” for a proposal before the rates should be refreshed. Account Managers can print their own proposal reports and print a summary report by probability of sale for all their proposals in the pipeline. They can view all details including credit and account balance information for their own clients, and see their client sales figures for past months. They can enter client calls, and print reminder reports to follow-up on sales leads.

instant avails

pdf reports

current rate cards

integrates with Airwaves

Let Airwaves Online focus your sales processes. Contact RCS for your customised presentation.

Online radio bookings and client management powered by Airwaves Traffic

Real time data from Airwaves Traffic • Extreme security! See only your own proposals and your own clients. • Improve workflow – set warning triggers for avails, credit and leadtime • Use rate cards from Airwaves Traffic – instant warnings if rates are low • Instant access to current avails reduces oversell • Customize the percentage sellout • Immediate credit warnings Empower your sales team with Airwaves Online! • Leadtime warnings reduce last minute panic • Categorize proposals by probability of sale. • Follow up date provides reminders Report probable revenue from proposals • Expiry date guarantees current rates • Track the approval process. Receive email when it’s accepted or rejected • Print your own proposals and email to your client in pdf format • Submit proposals for approval in Airwaves ReviewBox • Review submitted bookings before acceptance - accept contracts with one click • No rekeying reduces input errors – days & dates, maths • Easy access to client data and sales history • Client call management and reminders

What you need to run Airwaves Online: Server for the Airwaves database: • Microsoft SQL Server and appropriate licensing • Airwaves • Airwaves database must be installed on SQL-Server

Web Server • Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.6 or later • Microsoft IIS 5.0 or later • .NET framework to be installed • Airwaves Online

Client PCs for web access: • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later • Acrobat Reader

For further information about Airwaves Online please call your local RCS office, or RCS (NZ) Ltd Telephone +64 3 358 4333 Fax +64 3 358 4330 Email: [email protected] web:

Airwaves uses SQL Server (all editions), or Access as the database engine. This allows external programs such as Crystal Reports to access the database for customised reporting. Airwaves allows multi-user access to the database, and schedules multiple stations. Airwaves runs on Windows NT or Windows 2000 Professional.

Refer to for the latest recommendations.

For further information about Airwaves Traffic, Please call your local RCS office or Radio Computing Services (NZ) Ltd Email: [email protected] Telephone: + 64 3 358 4333 Fax: + 64 3 358 4330

RCS Airwaves Traffic personnel are dedicated to meeting clients’ needs and requirements swiftly and effectively. They are fully conversant with all traffic procedures, and maintain regular contacts with participants in leading radio stations around the world. See our website for customer comments.

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