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The Salem State Biologist Issue Eleven Spring 2009 Congratulations To The Class of 2009! Congratulations to all our graduating Seniors: Sarah Andruka...
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The Salem State Biologist Issue Eleven Spring 2009

Congratulations To The Class of 2009! Congratulations to all our graduating Seniors: Sarah Andrukaitis, Marishka Barnes, Adam D’Amato, Joseph Dunn, Paul Dunn, Najat El Jaouri, Andrew Erikson, Jessica Flynn, Emily Ford, Jean Fournier, Joseph Gallotto, Neval Hamze, Michael Haughey, Raechel Holland, Takla Howayeck, Sheri Johnson, Jackson Kanyiri, Lissette Katz, Joseph Kivaa, Hind Kurbaj, Osamu Kusunoki, Ryan Laffin, Brunilda Leka, Magnus Luxama, Gerald MacNeil, Robert Marecaux, Lauren Montano, Jihane Moussaid, Nabil Nakhoul, Tomas Palacios, Andreana Pavlos, Ashley Relyea, Michele Reppucci, Michael Rolo, Michelle Roy, Elizabeth Sales, Adam Sarni, Katelyne Simone, Nicole Sullo, Yukari Tabiki, Kellie Tandilyan, Jennifer Walsh and Christopher Wolforth.

Adam D’Amato, Hind Kurbaj, Kellie Tandilyan, Michelle Roy, Michael Haughey, Sarah Andrukaitis and Marishka Barnes after Commencement – May 16th, 2009.

This years Undergraduate Commencement saw some 1200 students graduate with their Bachelors Degrees. A dozen or so Biology Faculty warmly applauded those who crossed the stage to receive their diplomas from President Meservey.

Drs. Case, Fisher, Heisermann, Gwen Scottgale, Young, Burchsted and Ware join some of the Class of 2009 together with Kellie Tandilyan’s son.

Drs. Case, Sprenkle, Gwen Scottgale, Ware, Hoover, Young, Burchsted, Fisher and Buttner after Commencement 2009.

Commencement followed a thoroughly enjoyable Seniors BBQ held in bright sunshine at the Cat Cove Marine Station. Over 35 students, faculty, staff and families were able to spend most of the time outside playing volleyball, soccer, an interesting form of baseball using a broken oar and generally just enjoying the company and the warm spring weather. Prof. Ted Maney was again our ‘grillmaster’ and ensured hotdogs and burgers were continually available.

Lauren Montano, Marishka Barnes, Michael Haughey, Robert Marecaux, Adam D’Amato and Raechel Holland at the Seniors BBQ 2009

The assembled “mass” on the Cat Cove lawn – Seniors BBQ 2009.

From the Chair Dr. Fregeau reports that the department has had a successful yet busy spring semester and wishes everyone a safe and relaxing summer. He asks that all Biology Majors check their courses for the fall and if they have any problems to contact him. He stresses that students should not leave this until the fall as transfer and freshman students may rapidly fill courses. Dr. Fregeau is also keen to hear from students about their experiences with the

new registration system. Did you get into all your courses? Did you encounter more problems than usual? If so, please contact Dr. Fregeau.

Faculty News Dr. Tracy Ware took her Biochemistry students to Harvard University to visit the zebra fish lab of Dr. Ishira MillsHenry.

Dr. Ryan Fisher and Prof. Mary Melilli (Art) were also awarded a CTL summer grant to allow them to create a new directed study entitled “Biomimicry: Connecting Biology and Art”.

Salem State Students and Operation Wallacea Sarah Peck and Becky will soon be leaving for Honduras to take part in their respective tropical research adventures! We wish them both a safe, productive and fun trip!

Student News In addition to the students planning to go on OpWall this summer....

James Zorabedian, Dr. Ishira MillsHenry, Kathryn Lawler, Michael Bates, Barbara Belyea, Michael Mirisola, Greg Bingham, Dakota Hamill and Adam D’ Amato at Harvard University.

"Dr. Lisa Delissio, Dr. Susan Case, Dr. Midge Hoover, Dr. Eric Metchik (of Criminal Justice), Dr. Calum Arthur of Bangor University in Wales, and Madeline Bain of the University of Essex in the U.K. are collaborating on a study that relates to the expeditions led by Operation Wallacea and others. They are investigating the ways in which the leadership and other qualities of these expeditions foster personal growth in undergraduates. This project is being supported by a $900 grant from the Salem State College Center for Teaching and Learning. If you were in Dr. Delissio's class this spring and would be willing to join the other students serving as the control group (and you should all know what that means!), please email her at [email protected]"

Greg Bingham just been accepted for a summer REU (research experience for undergrads) at the Univ. of Florida. He went to a central REU/NSF website to find potential matches with his interests and locations. Go Greg! Grace Ghioto and Cortney Wieber have put down their deposits to go this summer with to work on a Sea Turtle project in Ecuador for a few weeks this summer. Worried about the swine flu pandemic? The State’s Chief Epidemiologist, Dr. Alfred DeMaria (who happens to be Dr. Case’s husband!) encourages everyone to spend at least 20 seconds washing your hands. To seen a demonstration, go to: achusetts/articles/2009/05/06/mr_clean/

Darwin Festival One of the Festival founders, Virginia (‘Ginger’) Keville has kindly penned a piece reflecting on the first festival. “In the late 1970’s the college climate was one of growth within disciplines and the development of new programs. The Department of Sport, Fitness and Leisure Studies and the School of Social Work were added to the college listings. These new additions triggered the development of new courses in the core curriculum. The Biology Department was called upon to develop an alternative second semester sequence for the General Biology, one year science requirement. Working with faculty from the School of Social Work, Philip DePalma and Virginia Keville, the course: Introduction to Social and Human Biology (BIO124) was designed to meet more specifically the needs of the Social Worker and those students interested in Psychology. Financial backing was available to pick from the, Carolina Biological Supply House, catalog, mounts and models so that students could hold one of the many Great Ape skulls and observe the dentition, the slope of the face, and the placement of the foramen magnum. At the lab bench an Australopithecus robustus skull could be compared to Australopithecus africanus or to a member of the Homo line. There would be discussions as to what hominid group used tools and in what manner. We bought mounts that could be used by other courses within the department: Ostracoderm and Placoderm models, a Coelacanth plaque, arrangements illustrating butterfly diversity, mimicry, vertebrate forelimbs, camouflage, and one must not forget Archaeophteryx. Yes, it was an exciting venture to equip these labs. Late Friday afternoon of the week of February 12, 1979, the first semester to offer the human evolution course, the instructors involved, Philip DePalma, Richard

Keville and Virginia Keville were taking down the lab, placing the skulls of the various primates in boxes to store. Our conversation focused on the need to expand the concepts of the new course to other students, faculty and the members of the community. Richard brought in the experience he had in Graduate School on a similar cold, dark February evening, celebrating the annual Charles Darwin‘s birthday with a toast. SSC could do something of this nature!!! So on this night in Meier Hall, the inception of the Annual Darwin Festival at SSC took place. The 1st festival was held for the entire week of February 12th, 1980. Lectures were scheduled as well as videos at different locations on campus. The 405 lab was set up with exhibits. The members of the SSC Biological Society were included in the planning of this event. The speakers were primarily Salem State Faculty members drawn from a wide range of disciplines in the Arts and Sciences. The Astronomy Professor from the Chemistry and Physics Department, John Engelke, spoke about the Big Bang. Nancy Bodenstein shared with the audiences a Darwin’s drawingroom experience of music and Richard Elia, Department of English, identified the impact of Darwin on Religion and Society. Recommendations for outside speakers were obtained from members of the faculty, students, and books. Boston University Professor, Lynn Margulis, spoke on the Evolution of Cells and Susan Case, coming at that time from the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, addressed “How Different Are We From The Apes”. The response from the college community and outside contacts was so positive that dates were set to plan for Festival 1981. The success continues with the 30th Darwin Festival held this February 2009. Thank You! Virginia F. Keville”

An Interesting Read James Costa (Western Carolina University) gave a talk at this year’s Darwin Festival: “One Long Argument: The Evolution of Darwin’s ‘Origin’”. He mentioned at the time that he had an annotated “Origin of Species” coming out with Harvard University Press – it is now out! Go to: rwin/ for details.

England Estuarine Research Society meeting 3-5 April. Authors of the paper were: Emily Crescenzi (Geology), Brad Hubeny (Geology), Joe Buttner (Biology), Mark Fregeau (Biology), Scott Weston (Biology) and Tom Shields (MA Division of Marine Fisheries). Although Emily isn't a biology student, her efforts earned her the Best Student Poster Award.”

Cat Cove Marine Facility Dr. Joe Buttner reports: “First, we initiated a new study "Winter Flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) and Salem Harbor", which was funded by the City of Salem in early April. We are monitoring use of Salem Harbor by winter flounder, particularly spawning in the harbor. Several biology students are involved in the project: Julie Greenwood, Echo Bradt, Dana Monterio, Cheyenne Azadan, Heather Tierney. In addition, Ashley London, a pyschology major working at the Cat Cove Marine Laboratory has also been involved. Weekly sampling for adult and larval fish is on-going.

Ashley London, Dr. Joe Buttner and Scott Weston process a plankton tow in Salem Harbor.

In addition, we presented a Poster "Grain Size Characterization and SoftShell Clam (Mya arenaria) Survival Rates in Boston Harbor Tidal Flats" at the New

Dr. Brad Hubeny, Emily Crescenzi (Geology) and Dr. Joe Buttner at the recent NEERS conference in Salem.

Biological Society New Biological Society President Greg Bingham reports: “The new officers of the Biological Society have recently been elected for the 2009-2010 school year. Taking over for Rick Theberge as secretary is Dana Monteiro, James Zorabedian will have big shoes to fill stepping in as treasurer for Lauren Montano. Jocelyn Pade will be the new vice president replacing Courtney Weber and Greg Bingham will take the role of president for Michael Haughey. For next semester the Biological Society has a few events in the works; perhaps a student/faculty bowling tournament to get a little friendly competition going, and hopefully a visit to a graduate or professional laboratory. Of course we will have our usual trips to Beer Works in Salem. Now that the Chemistry Society is up and running again we will try and coincide with each other on and

event or two. There was word floating about a hiking trip this semester that is also another event candidate. If you’re not a member of the BioSociety come buy our room, MH533, it’s a great place to relax between classes or do some homework/study. Look forward to seeing you all next semester.”

Alumni News Congratulations to Alumni Brian Goulart (2006) and Leah Dalton (2007) on their recent engagement. Brian and Leah met in Dr Fregeau's Introduction to Cells class. Almost 6 years later they look forward to finishing school and starting a family. Leah is currently at Ross University pursuing a doctorate in veterinary medicine and Brian is at Tufts University working on a PhD in chemistry. A December 2010 wedding is expected.

Alumni Surveys Dr. Susan Case has 2 surveys running at the moment that the department will use as part of its continuing assessment of teaching. If you graduated in the Class of 2007 or 2008 please go to: If you graduated this year (Class 2009) please go to:

Employment and Internship Tips For the latest information on Career Service seminars visit: minar.pdf Career Services has a new online website – visit it today at: /student/home.aspx

Aquatic and environmental biology sites: ml Also try: Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical try: health/university/interning

Website of the Moment Ever wondered what your carbon footprint is? Go to: tml

Upcoming Issues Next issue will be out in late August. Please send all articles in word format to Ryan Fisher at [email protected]

Have a great summer!!

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