The Road to UM A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO YOUR ARRIVAL IN THE FALL 2 | UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI Welcome to the ’Cane Family! This roadmap will guide you...
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Welcome to the


Family! This roadmap will guide you as you plan your arrival in Miami this fall. To ensure a smooth transition to your new life as a ’Cane, pay close attention to the checklist items and their respective due dates. Final deadlines can be found on the departments’ web pages. We can’t wait to see you on campus. Go ’Canes!

CONTENTS 4 Master Checklist 6 School-Specific Checklist 7 CaneLink 8 Academics

Musts for all new students, Registration, Advising

20 Living at the U

On-Campus Housing, Commuter Students, Technology, Meal Plans

24 Health

Disability Services, Health Insurance, Immunization and Health Records, Think About It

26 Money Matters

Bills and Payments, Financial Aid, Student Employment

28 Orientation & Arrival


’Cane Kickoff, Pre-Orientation Programs, Arrival and Move-In

International Students





1. Check your UM email daily.



2. Confirm your contact information on CaneLink.



3. Apply for on-campus housing, if you haven’t already.



4. Search for a roommate on ‘Roommate Finder,’ if you haven’t already.



5. Register for ’Cane Kickoff.



May 16 - June 21


7. Set up delegate/proxy access in CaneLink.

May 31


8. *If entering the U.S. on an F-1 or J1 visa, scan a copy of your bank/government sponsorship letter and the first page of your passport.

May 31


9. Complete financial assistance To-Do items on CaneLink.

June 1


10. If applicable, submit a request for disability accommodations.

June 1


11. Commuter students, register for the Great Start program, session 1.

June 13


12. Accept or waive University-sponsored health insurance.

June 15


13. Take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment as prescribed by your school or college.

June 15


14. If tuition is paid by a third party, submit your Financial Guarantee Letter.

June 15


15. Complete health center immunizations.

June 30




6. Follow school-specific instructions to complete your course registration.






July 1



16. *If entering the U.S. on an F-1 or J1 visa, pay the SEVIS fee and apply for a student visa.

17. Submit your final high school transcript and AP, IB, and dual enrollment grades. July 1 - August 1


18. Commuter students, register for the Great Start program, session 2.

July 11


19. Commuter students, consider purchasing a campus parking pass.

July 31


20. Pay your tuition invoice.

August 1


21. *If entering the U.S. on an F-1 or J1 visa, familiarize yourself with U.S. entry procedures.

August 1


22. If utilizing V.A. educational benefits, contact the Office of the Registrar.

August 1


August 1 December 14


24. Complete part 1 of “Think About It.”

August 15


25. *Attend International Student Orientation.

August 16


26. Participate in all five days of ’Cane Kickoff.

August 17-21


August 22



23. Begin your first course – UMX.

27. Confirm you have arrived on campus.

HEADS UP! All email from the University of Miami is sent to your account. You are responsible for receiving, reading, and responding to all messages in a timely manner, so check your email every day! *International students only



School-Specific Checklist




Complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.


Complete the Freshmen Course Selection Form.


Complete summer reading.

August 22


Complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.



Complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.


Complete the registration tutorial and New Freshman Online Course Selection Form.


Transfer students, contact Jeanne Batridge at [email protected]



Schedule your first advising session.



Complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.



Email the College of Engineering information form to [email protected]

June 1

Complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.

June 1

If you do not place into Calculus I, complete the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module, and retake the ALEKS.

June 15


Email [email protected] if you are planning to be pre-med or pre-vet.

July 22


Complete Theory and Keyboard self-placement. Attend mandatory orientation events.

June 1 August 3


Complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.




Get to know CaneLink, the University of Miami’s student portal. Understanding how it works will be critical to your success because it’s used for everything from paying tuition and registering for courses to accessing your grades. Log in at Once logged in, click ‘Go to Student Center’ to access your academic records, financial aid, and bill. For more detailed instructions on navigating CaneLink, visit canelink


Select ‘Share My Information’ (1) to give a parent or guardian access to your academic or financial information. You control what you share. Keep up with all of your email notifications in the Communication Center (2). The To Do List (3) is a list of documents and action items that require your attention. Select ‘more’ to view

the full list, along with the status of each item. Select ‘Account Inquiry’ (4) to view and pay your bill. Select ‘View Financial Aid’ (5) to view your financial aid awards from the current and previous year or ‘Accept/Decline Awards’ (5) to accept and decline loans or federal work study.

Having trouble logging in? Visit the CaneID Self-Service page at Under ‘Manage Your CaneID’ you can change your password. If you have not already done so, you will be required to add/update your security questions and answers.





Musts for all new students 1. Complete any course placement or entrance exams and skills assessments by June 30. Your language and math skills may need to be tested to ensure proper course placement. Please check with your school or college for additional requirements and deadlines. 2. Mail your final high school transcript as soon as it becomes available, and no later than August 1. You will be unable to fully register for fall classes until your final high school transcript has been received. 3. Submit scores and/or grades for AP, IB, and dual enrollment course credit. To have Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) Level H, and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores evaluated for University credit, have your scores sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission from the College Board or your regional IB office as soon as they are available. All exam scores must be sent directly from the appropriate testing agency. For AP, the University of Miami’s school code is 5815. A minimum grade of “C” is required for consideration of dual enrollment courses, and no more than 60 credits will be accepted from these programs. For a list of credit equivalencies, visit 4. Complete UMX 100 by the end of the Fall 2016 semester. The University of Miami Experience (UMX 100) is a graded, online, self-paced course specifically designed to assist first-year students and transfer students in making a successful transition to the University of Miami. You will be automatically enrolled in the course as it is required for all new students. The course opens on August 1 and your grade will be recorded on your transcript. Access the course via Blackboard at Have questions about this course? Email [email protected]

Cognates Program in Areas of Knowledge Your education belongs to you. This is the principle behind our Cognates Program, which allows you to design an education that is broad, deep, and distinctly you. Here, you have the flexibility to construct your learning around your individual strengths, interests, and goals. A cognate is a set of three courses with a shared theme or topic determined by the faculty. Students fulfill the Areas of Knowledge program by completing three cognates of their own choosing, one in each basic division of learning: Arts and Humanities, People and Society, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). In addition to the three-course cognates, every major and minor constitutes a cognate. The typical Areas of Knowledge program is your major plus two cognates, one in each Area of Knowledge outside your major. Most students do not need to select cognates in their first semester, so you should focus on registering for the courses your school or college requires. If you have space for an elective, choose one that really interests you. A new interactive Cognate Search Engine will be available early this summer. It will help you explore the Cognates Program in detail and make your own educational choices.



Registration and Advising Each of the University’s schools and colleges has a specific program of course registration and academic advising. Your school or college will send information about registration and advising directly to your UM email. Registration begins on May 16 and closes on June 21. The following pages contain relevant information to help you in your initial selection of courses for the fall. For step-by-step videos on how to register for classes in CaneLink, visit Veterans or dependents of veterans are entitled to V.A. educational benefits under Chapters 30, 31, 33, and 35, and 1606 and 1607. Contact UM’s V.A. Certifying Official at [email protected] or 305-284-2294 by August 1.


1223 Dickinson Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146 305-284-3731 [email protected]



The Office of Academic Services publishes a course schedule each semester, which outlines required and elective courses for each year.

Freshmen and transfer students who have not completed a mathematics course are required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.

Complete and email the Freshman Course Selection Form at to [email protected]

For in-depth information on the exam and exemptions, visit

For more information, including computer recommendations, visit

ADVISING Need help choosing your courses? Each semester, School of Architecture students meet with an advisor to review their progress, develop an enrollment plan for the upcoming semesters, and confirm registration dates and datelines. School of Architecture Ambassadors, a select group of outstanding students in graduate and undergraduate programs, are also available to assist you. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact Danay Morales at [email protected] or 305-284-5989. Transfer students, contact Assistant Dean Ana Santana at 305-284-3731 for assistance with course selection.

10 | U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I A M I

Your current math level will be listed on CaneLink. This level is based on your Math SAT or Math ACT entrance exam scores. If you are unhappy with your placement, select the math placement exam link on CaneLink. A high score on this exam can help you get into more advanced classes. If you have earned AP or IB credit for Math, your requirement will be satisfied for all majors in the School of Architecture.

REQUIRED SUMMER READING Please read and take notes on the following text: Rasmussen, S. Eiler. Experiencing Architecture. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 1962. Your notes will be used in a group discussion during the first week of classes.


Center for Freshman Advising Ashe Building Room 112 1252 Memorial Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146 305-284-3437 [email protected]



For information on requirements and planning your schedule, visit and follow the guidelines listed at

English Composition

Not sure what courses to sign up for? Review major requirements at

For more information, visit


Quantitative Skills

Transfer students will receive an email from the college to schedule an advising appointment with Suzanne Thomas-Hall. If you have any questions regarding advising for transfer students, please call Martha Estrada at 305-284-4333.

In general, math, computing, and statistics requirements vary based on the type of degree you are pursuing: Degree

Math Requirement


*MTH 108 or MTH 113


BA, BFA, or BLA with a major or minor in Economics

MTH 130 or a higher level Calculus course



*MTH 140/141/161, or MTH 160/161, or MTH 171/172

All students are required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment unless exempted by AP, IB, or dual enrollment credits. The ALEKS will be available free of charge from May 1 to August 15 through CaneLink. You’ll have five opportunities to take the exam. If you are not satisfied with your placement, you can take the sixmonth ALEKS Prep and Learning Module and take the exam again. For in-depth information on the exam and exemptions, visit Foreign Language All students are required to complete a foreign language at the 200 level or higher. Courses are offered in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish. “Like” the Center for Freshman Advising on Facebook at

Students are required to take English Composition (ENG 105) and should enroll in this course for fall. However, this course may be waived based on AP, IB, or dual enrollment credits OR waived based off SAT Writing or ACT Essay scores.

For detailed requirements and placement information, visit freshmanregistrationguide.

*Prerequisites must be met before enrolling.

Advanced Writing And Communication In addition to ENG 105, 106, and/or 208, students must complete four writing courses with at least one in the student’s discipline, as defined by their major (with the exception of the Liberal Arts degree). Writing courses are marked as “Writing” in the class listings each semester. Transfer students must take at least two of the four writing courses at UM. Major Requirements The College of Arts and Sciences has 40 majors divided among its four degrees. For a list of courses related to each major, visit If you are undeclared, you have the option of taking 100- or 200- level courses within different majors. Courses you choose will count towards your future major, minor, general education, or elective credits.



SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Merrick Building Room 104 5202 University Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146 305-284-4641 [email protected]

Registration for your first semester in Business is quick and easy. We have created a web-based tutorial to walk you through it. Please review the tutorial at the School of Business Administration undergraduate website. You will not be able to register until you have completed the online registration tutorial and form.


Communicate your course preferences to us using the New Freshman Online Course Selection Form you saw in the Registration Tutorial. The form is a guided selection process that facilitates appropriate choices for the first semester. Please report your ALEKS score on the New Freshman Online Course Selection Form.


Once you have completed these steps, an academic advisor from the School of Business will review your submission, including your ALEKS score, and will reply by email with specific course approvals including the appropriate math class.

In brief, the process looks like this: 1.

Your first step is to review the Registration Tutorial at


The tutorial contains information about course selection for first-semester freshmen in Business. You should review this, but you will not be ready to submit the Online Course Selection Form you see there until you have completed step 3, which requires you to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.


Take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. All incoming School of Business freshmen must take this assessment, unless they currently have credit for Calculus I, MTH 161, or MTH 171. You should not enroll in MTH 113 or MTH 130. These courses will not count toward the math requirement in the School of Business. If you enroll in and complete either of these courses, they will serve only as electives.

12 | U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I A M I

6. Once you have received written approval from an academic advisor, you may access CaneLink, select and place approved classes in your shopping cart, validate, and register. Remember, you will not be able to complete this last step in which you register for courses until you have completed all the prior steps. We look forward to meeting you in August! At orientation, you will have an opportunity to meet your advisor in a group session, where questions common to all freshmen will be covered. If you have other questions or problems in the meantime, please write to us at [email protected]

SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION 5100 Brunson Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146 305-284-5234 [email protected]

REGISTRATION Our advising staff has designed an easyto-follow course selection process that will help you choose courses that count toward your major as well as your general education requirements. Simply select your major at and continue the registration process on CaneLink using the course list provided.

ADVISING Each department has a dedicated advisor who will assist you and answer your academic questions. Once your advisor is assigned, you can find them in the CaneLink Student Center under ‘Advisor.’ Students should schedule a phone or in-person advising appointment at Once you have scheduled your appointment, please review our website for new students at

PLACEMENT AND ASSESSMENT Math All new students are required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment, unless exempted by AP, IB, or transfer work. If you have earned AP or IB credit for

math, this requirement will be satisfied for all Communication majors. Your current math placement level (listed on CaneLink) is based on Math SAT or Math ACT entrance exam scores. The results of your ALEKS exam may impact your math placement. The ALEKS will be available free of charge from May 1 to August 15 through CaneLink. You’ll have five opportunities to take the exam. If you are not satisfied with your placement, you can take the sixmonth ALEKS Prep and Learning Module and take the exam again. For in-depth information on the exam and exemptions, visit English Freshmen are required to enroll in an English course, unless: • You have earned AP or IB credit for English Composition. • You earn above a 680 on the SAT Writing or a 32 or above on the ACT English. This waives your ENG 105 requirement. You may enroll in ENG 106.




Merrick Building Room 312 5202 University Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146 305-284-3711 [email protected]

REGISTRATION Our course selection process is easy to follow and will help you choose classes that count toward your major and your general education cognate requirements. Suggestions for enrollment will be based on your SAT and AP/IB scores. Once the appropriate courses are identified, access the CaneLink Student Center to register. To view courses recommended for your first semester, visit Student’s schedules will be reviewed for appropriate and relevant course selection. You will be notified if changes must be made to your schedule.

work to prepare them for a career, advanced studies, and post-graduate degree acquisition. We strongly encourage you to consider studying abroad during your undergraduate career. Early consideration optimizes your opportunity to participate in these once-in-a-lifetime programs. Educational and Psychological Studies and Teaching and Learning Advisor: Gina Astorini [email protected] Kinesiology and Sport Sciences Advisors: Bethany Angiolillo [email protected] Nicole Perard [email protected]


The School of Education and Human Development works with first-year students during their fall advising appointment to create a four-year Course Advising Plan (CAP). Your CAP will be customized to address your curricular interests, courses for selected major(s) and minor(s), and general education requirements.

The ALEKS Math Placement Assessment will be available free of charge from May 1 to August 15 through CaneLink. You’ll have five opportunities to take the exam. If you are not satisfied with your placement, you can take the six-month ALEKS Prep and Learning Module and try again.

All advisement is geared toward guiding students through the appropriate course

For in-depth information on the exam and exemptions, visit

14 | U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I A M I

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 1251 Memorial Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146 Main Phone: 305-284-2404 Advising Phone: 305-284-3100 [email protected] Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Exam Credit

For details on registering, review the ‘Information on Fall 2016 Registration for the College of Engineering’ at

Please be sure to accurately fill out the Information Form and email it to the advising office as soon as possible, noting the exams you have or will be taking soon.

Fill out the Information Form and email it to [email protected] as an attachment. This will help your advisors select the best classes for you.

Upon receiving your results, inform the advising office at [email protected]

The advising office will register incoming freshmen after receiving their ALEKS Math Placement Assessment scores.

ADVISING The engineering advising office assists all incoming students starting prior to enrollment and into sophomore year. All incoming transfer students will spend at least a semester at the advising office. During this period, the office makes sure transfer credits are evaluated properly to determine the equivalent class at UM. Once students have completed approximately half of their curriculum, the advising office will transfer their files to the main engineering department, where a faculty member will continue advising until graduation.

IMPACT All engineering students are members of IMPACT (Integrated Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/Communication Track) and take most classes together. The program promotes a communal atmosphere and supportive environment to ease the transition from high school to the University of Miami. Groups are created based on each student’s assigned mathematics class.

ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS English Composition English Composition I (ENG 105) is required for all engineering students.


Your scores on AP or IB tests will determine your placement in English Composition so you may not have to take ENG 105 or 106 and will earn three credits for each class. AP credits for ENG 106 can substitute for ENG 107 Writing About Science.



The ALEKS Math Placement Assessment is used to determine the appropriate math course for every student. Incoming students must take the ALEKS as early as possible—by mid-June at the latest. However, students who already have Calculus I credit from AP, IB (Higher Level), GCE, or dual enrollment do not have to take it.

Most engineering students have to take at least one chemistry course with a lab section, and at least three physics courses with two lab sections. During your freshman year, you will take your first physics or chemistry class, based on your math placement. You must place in Calculus I or above to be registered for the first University physics.

Please send the advising office a copy of your scores if you already have them. Note that AP and IB scores are generally not released until mid-July, so if you are taking the test this year, you should take the ALEKS in the meantime.

For a complete list of classes for your major by semester, visit



ROSENSTIEL SCHOOL OF MARINE AND ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE Ungar Building Room 210 1365 Memorial Drive Coral Gables, FL 33124 305-284-2180

[email protected] Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



All students will receive an email notification from the University Registrar with registration information by early May. A detailed registration guide is also available at


ADVISING Advising within the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science is carried out by our faculty. As many of our faculty are away during the summer for research, advisors will be assigned in early August. Until then, the Marine and Atmospheric Science program office is happy to assist you. Send your questions to [email protected] or call 305-284-2180. Once your advisor is assigned, you’ll find them in the CaneLink Student Center under ‘Advisor.’ For more information, visit

16 | U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I A M I

Freshmen or transfer students who have not completed a math course are required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. Your math level is based on Math SAT or Math ACT entrance exam scores. If you’d like to place into a higher math level, you will need to take the ALEKS. For in-depth information on the exam and exemptions, visit English Composition Freshman are required to enroll in English Composition (ENG 105), unless: • You earn AP or IB credit for English Composition. • You earn above a 680 on the SAT Writing or a 32 or above on the ACT English. You may enroll in English 106.

FROST SCHOOL OF MUSIC Gusman Hall Room 128C 1314 Miller Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146 305-284-6920 [email protected]



Please review the registration guide at for important information about the Frost School of Music.

The ALEKS Math Placement Assessment will be available free of charge on CaneLink from May 1 to August 15. To be exempt from the math requirement, you must take the ALEKS and place higher.

The school will email you information about Theory and Keyboard self-placement, as well as advising and registration. ADVISING During orientation, you will meet with your faculty advisor to finalize your schedule. After you select your courses, you may need to make adjustments to accommodate ensembles, other placement examinations given during orientation, or credits received for AP/IB exams. Transfer students, you will be contacted via email in the summer. Your transfer credits will be evaluated for equivalency and you will be given instructions for enrolling in classes.

• If required to take MTH 101, you must place into MTH 113 or higher to be exempt. • If required to take MTH 113, you must place higher than MTH 113 to be exempt. For in-depth information on the exam and exemptions, visit

ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS Review the 2016-17 academic bulletin at

TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS For technology requirements, visit, select the ‘Current Student’ tab, and choose ‘Frost Technology Requirements EMC.’




5030 Brunson Drive Room 142 Coral Gables, FL 33146 305-284-4325 [email protected]

REGISTRATION The registration process is quick and easy. You’ll register in CaneLink and choose from a list of courses required for your program or degree. When you’re finished, your advisor will email you additional instructions. For more information, visit newstudentregistration. ADVISING As you begin to navigate the registration process, contact the advisors in the Office of Student Services at [email protected] for answers to your questions about program requirements, credits, placement, and more.

MATH PLACEMENT ASSESSMENT All students are required to take the ALEKS Placement Assessment unless exempted by AP, IB, or dual enrollment credits. The ALEKS will be available free of charge from May 1 to August 15 through CaneLink. You will have five opportunities to take the exam. If you are not satisfied with your placement, you can take the six-month ALEKS Prep and Learning Module and try again. ALEKS score

Recommended Course(s)

< 40

MTH 099

≥ 40

MTH 101

≥ 55

MTH 105 MTH 107


≥ 60 Or Math SAT 630-690 Or Math ACT 28-30 Or AP Calculus AB score=3

MTH 113


≥ 65 Or Math SAT 630-690 Or Math ACT 28-30 Or AP Calculus AB score=3

MTH 130 MTH 140

≥ 76 Or Math SAT > 700 Or Math ACT > 31 Or AP Calculus AB score=4

MTH 151 MTH 161

Students are required to enroll in English Composition (ENG 105), unless:

If you are a BSN or BSPH student and are placed above MTH 101, you may take statistics.

18 | U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I A M I

• You earn above a 680 on the SAT Writing or a 32 or above on the ACT English. • You earn a 6 or 7 on the Higher Level IB exam or 5 on the AP English Composition exam. (6 credits for ENG 105 and 106.) • You place higher, based on dual enrollment credits or transfer credits.

Math BSN and BSPH degrees require a statistics course above MTH 101 College Algebra. The BSHS degree must take a calculus course. Foreign Language The BSPH degree requires a foreign language at the intermediate (200+) level. BSN and BSHS degrees do not have a foreign language requirement, however students may pursue a foreign language as a minor, cognate, or elective.



Living at the U

20 | U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I A M I

On-Campus Housing New first-year students are required to live on campus, unless living locally with immediate family (as residents of Miami-Dade or Broward County). The priority deadline for new freshmen to apply for on-campus housing was May 1. Transfer students are also eligible to live on campus, and should apply as soon as they pay their enrollment deposit. Housing is offered as long as space is available. APPLY ON CANELINK: Access the application under ‘Housing.’ You can also view a sample housing agreement, an application tutorial, and the housing rates for the coming year at MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY: Applications are accepted on a spaceavailable basis. Students who apply early receive priority for selecting single rooms, making room changes, and receiving earlier room selection appointment times. PREPAY TODAY: You will be required to submit a $500 prepayment, which will be applied to your University student account. FIND A ROOMMATE: The housing application process includes a section where you can complete a roommate profile by answering a series of questions about your lifestyle preferences, academic and social pursuits, and other roommate-related topics. If you would like join the roommate search process, you’ll be assigned a username and asked to provide a brief description of yourself. The program then suggests potential roommates based on your preferences.

See someone you like? Email them. The deadline to confirm each other as roommates was May 15 but, if you have not already done so, you can still submit a mutual request to the Department of Housing and Residential Life at [email protected]

Visit the Housing and Residential Life website for more information, including what to bring to campus, fees and rates, and special interest housing. housing MIAMI.EDU/UG |


Learn more about support services specially available to commuter students, including Commuter Assistants at

Commuter Students At the University of Miami, we understand that our commuter students have unique needs. That’s why we created a number of resources just for them. COMMUTER ASSISTANTS (CAs): Your CA is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have as you transition into the UM community. You will learn who your CA is during orientation. GREAT START: We encourage you to participate in Great Start, an overnight preorientation program to connect with commuters, explore student organizations, and learn all about being a ’Cane before you arrive for ’Cane Kickoff in August. See page 29 for details. PARKING: Check your email throughout the summer for information about parking on campus. For parking pass rates and details, visit

Need help? Contact the IT Support Center at 305-284-6565 or itsupportcenter

Technology The University provides a number of tools to help you stay organized, connected, and informed. Complete the steps below to make sure you’re taking advantage of all we have to offer: 1. Check your UM email every day. ALL university information will be communicated to you via your UM email account (e.g., registration appointments, financial aid, billing, grade, and student life information). 2. Link your UM email account to the email address you use most frequently. 3. Confirm your permanent address and mobile number in CaneLink as soon as possible. In case of emergency, the University will send alerts to your preferred address and phone number on file. To get started: • Visit the Student Services Center in CaneLink. • Confirm your information, including permanent/mailing address, and make any edits. • Select your preferred contact method. 4. Set up delegate/proxy access by May 31. CaneLink provides the option to grant your parent(s) and/or individuals known as delegates or proxies, access to your information. We recommend that you grant access to anyone who manages your tuition payments. You always control what’s shared and can make changes anytime. For more information, visit

22 | U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I A M I

For complete information, including all meal plan rates, dining hall locations, hours, menus, and nutrition information, visit the Dining Services website at

Meal Plans All undergraduate students living on campus must purchase a meal plan as a part of their housing contract. Students who fail to choose a meal plan upon enrollment in housing will automatically be signed up for the 14 meal-plan option. Deadline is June 15. In CaneLink, under Housing, select ‘Housing Application Process.’ Step 10 provides an option for choosing a meal plan. Students can select/change a meal plan up until one week before classes begin. If you wish to increase your meal-plan after that date, select ‘Meal Plan Change Request’ under Dining Services to email the department. Please provide your name, student number, and block/meal plan choice. COMMUTER STUDENTS AND UNIVERSITY VILLAGE APARTMENT STUDENTS have the option of choosing between 50, 75, or 100 meals per semester during the periods when the dining halls are open. Meals remaining at end of the fall semester roll over to the spring, but will expire at the end of the spring semester.

In CaneLink, under ‘Dining Services’, select ‘Add Block Meals’ to send an email to our department. Provide your name, student number, and block/meal plan choice.




For details, including documentation guidelines, visit edu/arc/ODS.html

Disability Services Students with disabilities in need of accommodations must complete an Accommodation Request Form and submit current, appropriate, and comprehensive documentation of the disability to the Office of Disability Services by June 1.

24 | U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I A M I

Health Insurance All full-time students are required to have comprehensive health insurance coverage, whether it be through the University’s offered plan or a personal plan. You must choose to accept or waive University plan coverage and fee by June 15. To waive University plan coverage, log on to CaneLink. Under ‘Other Important Links,’ select ‘Health Insurance Waiver and/or Update.’

For more detailed information visit healthinsurance and the Student Health Center’s new student health page at newstudenthealth

Once you have coverage, log in to CaneLink, scan a copy of both sides of your insurance card, and upload your documents to International students must purchase the medical insurance offered through the University of Miami at the time of registration unless they provide proof of agency or government sponsor coverage that has been reviewed and approved by the University Student Health Center prior to registration. The annual premium for this coverage is added to each student’s fees.

Immunizations and Health Records All students are required to complete and present proof of immunization by June 30. 1. Visit to print out and have your medical provider complete an immunization compliance form.

For more information on immunizations, visit immunizations

2. Log in and enter all immunization information at for verification. 3. Upload the completed immunization form to If you plan to live on campus, you will also be asked at the completion of the upload, to document you received or were informed of hepatitis and meningococcal meningitis immunizations.

Think About It All incoming students are required to complete Think About It, UM’s two-part course on alcohol, drug, and sexual misconduct education. Failure to complete any portion of the courses will result in your inability to register for spring courses.

For more information regarding Think About It, visit

The link to Part 1 of Think About It will be emailed to your UM email address from [email protected] on behalf of the University of Miami by July 11. If you do not receive the email, log in to with your UM email address. Part 1 must be completed by August 15. The link to Part 2 will be emailed by October 1 and must be completed by October 29. MIAMI.EDU/UG |


Money Matters

For more information regarding tuition, fees, and billing, visit

Bills and Payments You can pay your tuition invoice through CaneLink. Failure to pay your balance due prior to the deadline may result in the cancellation of your enrollment at the University and will interfere with your ability to move into on-campus housing in the fall. In CaneLink, under the Finances tab, you can pay your balance, view your account details, and accept/decline your financial aid awards.

For more information about the MPP, visit or call us at 305-284-6430 (select option 6).

THE MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN (MPP) allows you to divide your educational expenses into four convenient monthly payments per semester. MPP participants may budget their tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and meal plan expenses as a part of their regular monthly payments during the fall and spring semesters. Participants are billed in equal monthly installments once the MPP enrollment has been completed. A non-refundable 3 percent administration fee is charged and added on to the monthly payments. Payments can be submitted once enrollment is completed and any time via electronic check, wire transfer, or credit card. (There is a 2.5 percent surcharge for credit card transactions.) You can also make payments at the cashier’s window (located in the Ashe Building) or mail a personal check to: University of Miami Monthly Payment Plan P.O. Box 249146 Coral Gables, FL 33124-4610 DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR STUDENT REFUNDS means you don’t have to wait for your refund check to arrive by mail. You can have your refunds deposited directly to your checking or savings account. Students may sign up for direct deposit of their student refund checks via CaneLink, under the ‘Finances’ section. Simply select ‘Enroll in Direct Deposit’ from the drop-down menu and confirm your selection. Only U.S. bank accounts can be used for this service.

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FINANCIAL GUARANTEE LETTER: If your tuition is paid by a third party or government sponsor, you must submit a Financial Guarantee Letter to [email protected] A third-party sponsor refers to any organization that formalizes a contract with the university and provides a guarantee letter assuming financial responsibility for a student’s or group of students’ tuition and fees. Students must provide the Office of Student Account Services with an updated Financial Guarantee Letter from the sponsor prior to the beginning of each semester.

For more information on third-party and government sponsors, visit and select Third Party Sponsor/ Florida Prepaid.

FLORIDA PREPAID: If you would like your Florida Prepaid funds to be applied to your cost of attendance, submit the authorization form available at to the Office of Student Account Services by June 15.

Financial Aid Students who have applied for financial assistance are eligible for consideration for need-based aid. To accept or decline any portion of your awards: 1. View and complete your pending To-Do items in CaneLink. You cannot receive financial assistance until all requested documentation is received and reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment (OSFAE).

For more information regarding student loans and financial aid, visit miami. edu/osfae

2. Check your UM email often for award notifications or requests from OSFAE. 3. View your financial assistance awards by selecting ‘Go To Student Center’ and then ‘View Financial Aid.’ 4. Accept/decline all or any portion of your awards and loan offers through your CaneLink account.

Student Employment Federal law requires that all new student employees complete an I-9 form and present supporting documentation to verify their identity within three business days of their first day of work. Examples of acceptable documentation include either a valid U.S. passport OR driver’s license AND a social security card or birth certificate.

Have questions about student employment at UM? Call 305-284-6000 or email [email protected]

A complete list of acceptable documents is available at



Orientation & Arrival

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’Cane Kickoff All new students must attend ’Cane Kickoff, the mandatory fiveday orientation for incoming undergraduate first-year and transfer students. A detailed schedule will be posted online in early August, but is still subject to change.

For full event details, visit orientation

’Cane Kickoff Fall 2016 will take place on: • August 17-21 for incoming undergraduate first-year and transfer students • August 17-18 for families of first-year and transfer students New students will have access to the registration system by following the prompts through CaneLink as soon as the enrollment deposit is paid. To register, please click on the Orientation Registration link. Students may add information for parents and family members who intend to participate in the optional programming provided for them. You will receive a confirmation email once you submit all of your information. For more information, visit

Pre-Orientation Programs Pre-orientation programs at the University of Miami provide small group experiences for new students to ease the transition into the larger campus community by: • Interacting with other new students who share a common interest prior to ’Cane Kickoff • Exploring a personal interest and discovering opportunities for involvement and growth in that area • Discussing with other new students what it means to be a part of the UM community New students have the opportunity to participate in three programs prior to ’Cane Kickoff: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORIENTATION (ISO) is designed for incoming international undergraduate students, including transfer international students, and U.S. citizens who have lived abroad. ISO provides international students with information that will assist in their transition to living and studying in the U.S.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORIENTATION August 16 Register by August 1. [email protected] HORIZONS August 16 Registration open June 1 - August 1. [email protected]

Study abroad students should attend the Study Abroad Office’s Exchange Student Orientation. For details, contact the Study Abroad Office at [email protected] or visit HORIZONS is designed to provide first-year students with a preview of campus life and the diverse community at UM. For more information and to register, visit GREAT START is designed for new first-year commuter students from Miami-Dade and Broward counties who will be commuting to campus from home during their first year at UM. June 25-26 or July 23-24 Discount prices are available for students who sign up early. Sign up at



Arrival & Move-In When you arrive on campus for ’Cane Kickoff, there are four key things you’ll need to do: 1. Check in for ’Cane Kickoff at the Shalala Student Center on August 16 or 17. All new first-year, international, and transfer students must check in upon arrival. Family members should also check in at this time. 2. If you will be living on campus, check in to your residential college by following these steps: »» Arrive during your designated check-in date and time and report directly to your residential college after parking in one of the short-term parking areas. »» Proceed to your residential college reception desk/lobby area to check in and receive access to your room. »» Once checked in to your room, reserve a luggage cart in the lobby area to assist with moving your belongings from your vehicle. 3. Pick up your ’Cane Card. Your ’Cane Card is the official on-campus identification card at UM. New students living in Eaton, Hecht, or Stanford Residential College will have their ’Cane Card picture taken and receive it when checking in for housing. All other students living on campus or off campus will take their ’Cane Card picture and receive it at the University Center on August 16 or 17. All students are required to carry their ’Cane Card for identification purposes while on campus. The ’Cane Card can also be used to: »» »» »» »»

Access buildings, including residence halls, library, and wellness center. Borrow books from the library. Access athletic events. Pay for food at various dining locations on campus.

4. Review all To-Do items in CaneLink and/or the Road to UM to ensure there are no outstanding tasks before classes begin. 5. Confirm you have arrived on campus. Follow the link to the arrival confirmation form in your CaneLink To-Do list. 30 | U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I A M I

International Students

Visa and Entry For detailed instructions on applying for an F-1 or a J-1 visa to enter the U.S., visit I-20 (F-1) OR DS-2019 (J-1) ISSUANCE: Scan a copy of the first page of your passport and your bank or government sponsorship letter (financial guarantee) stating the availability of $67,000 U.S. dollars per year. To view a sample bank letter, visit Email copies of both documents to [email protected] for issuance of an I-20 (F-1) or DS-2019 (J-1) visa.

SEVIS FEE AND STUDENT VISA: Review your I-20 (F-1) or DS-2019 (J-1) forms. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission immediately if there are any errors on your I-20 or DS-2019 form. Pay your I-901 SEVIS fee at Print the fee receipt as proof of payment and take it with you to your visa appointment and when you travel to the U.S. Apply for a student visa to enter the U.S. (citizens of Canada and Bermuda are exempt). Student visas cannot be obtained in the U.S.

ENTERING THE U.S.: When traveling to the U.S., carry your original Form I-20 along with your passport, visa, and I-901 SEVIS fee receipt. Do not put these documents into your checked baggage. Present your documents to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer at the U.S. port of entry when you arrive. You may arrive no earlier than 30 days before the start date listed on your Form I-20.



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