THE ROAD TO HEALTH . . . Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter by Bonnie O’Sullivan November/December 1997 Number 18 Dear Friend, Merry Christmas and ...
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THE ROAD TO HEALTH . . . Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter by Bonnie O’Sullivan November/December 1997

Number 18

Dear Friend, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The updated The Cure For All Cancers is now available. The updated The Cure For All Diseases will be available early next year.

Dr. Clark Answers Your Questions st

1 Question: My 13 year old son, Justin, was diagnosed when he was six with Juvenile Diabetes Type I, and has been insulin dependent ever since. Do you have a treatment regimen for diabetic children that we should follow? Dr. Clark: Remove wood alcohol from his foods and body products. Read Cancer book and Diseases book to glean examples of its occurrence. 2nd Question: Justin’s endocrinologist said that once the islet cells are destroyed in the pancreas they can never be regenerated. Do you agree? Dr. Clark: That is probably correct. But a small percentage usually survives and seems to be adequate after recovery. 3rd Question: Do you have additional case studies on diabetics you have treated, their treatment program and results? Dr. Clark: They often occur along with cancer; they recover along with the cancer and are seldom given special mention for that reason. We just finished a case that completely cleared a few months ago. 4th Question: Can I call or write to one or more of your diabetic patients? Dr. Clark: When we reopen in Mexico, you may come and visit the patients. 5th Question: Have you tested the Zapper on sperm cells and if so what were the results? Dr. Clark: No. 6th Question: You mentioned in your book that the radio waves of the Zapper do not penetrate into the testicles. However, I am concerned that there might be a possibility of sterilization. How do you know that zapping male children will not sterilize them? Dr. Clark: If this were a method for contraception I believe we would have heard about it. © 1997 The Road To Health . . .Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter, #18, 1547 Palos Verdes, #314, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Phone (510) 932-1293 or fax (510) 932-4025


I have not seen evidence that it can kill a vertebrate cell, not even a red blood cell. 7th Question: Fifteen years ago I spent a month at the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Mexico and drank carrot juice and wheat grass juice. While there I attended lectures given three times a week by Charlotte Gerson and several of her former patients who were cured of various forms of cancer by using the Gerson method and who had remained cured from five to twenty-five years. My question is this: If wheat grass and carrot juice contain malonic acid and malonic acid is detrimental to our health how do Gerson’s cancer patients get well when they drink one glass of organic fruit juice and 12 glasses of organic vegetable juice daily, three of which contain wheat grass juice and nine of which contain carrot juice? Dr. Clark: They may have regained their ability to metabolize it. But to be more specific, I don’t know the answer. More research is needed to explain such mysteries. 8th Question: I heard about a plumber who will coat the inside of copper pipes with some sort of plastic. Do you approve of this method of protecting yourself from the copper? Dr. Clark: I have tested the epoxy coating and found it safe. Check with Self Health for the name of the provider. (Call Self Health Resource Center: 619-409-9500.)

Letters From Readers Dear Dr. Clark, September 3, 1997 I got frustrated with the Clark program when I got better, but didn’t get all the way well. It seemed like no matter what I did, I continued to have chronic groin pain in my lymph area, no menstrual cycle, and extreme fatigue — plus a yellow color to my skin. The newsletters went unread for awhile because I was overwhelmed. Then, one day I realized things were getting worse after I ate a lot of tomatoes, and I remembered the malonic acid food list. It seemed so complicated at the time it came. I had been getting help from a person who does dowsing and Hanna Kroeger’s herbs and approach. I had been to stay with the Seventh Day Adventists at one of their health care centers and got a lot of help on diet, lifestyle, the colon, and had more parasite “releases.” When I started cutting out malonic acid foods it made a big difference. My energy picked up a lot. Then, the woman who does dowsing, suggested hyssop tea among other Hannah Kroeger herbs for Candida yeast infections, viruses, and fungi. The hyssop tea as well as the herbs have made a miraculous difference. I especially want to write about hyssop tea. In the Bible (Psalms 51:7) it says: “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” For the first time in years, the palms of my hands are actually almost pink instead of yellow! My energy is continuing to pick up also. I fast one day a week and drink a gallon of hyssop tea made with 3 Tbs. hyssop per quart. It has anti-viral qualities which seem to be helping the pain, which I know stems from a congested liver. I did the liver cleanse recently, using lemon juice instead of grapefruit juice, and I fasted 24 hours beforehand. It was amazing — I felt like a new person! I feel like it is only a matter of time before all this cycles on out of my body. I will continue the liver cleanses, rounds of parasite herbs, fasting with hyssop tea, lifestyle 2

© 1997 The Road To Health . . .Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter, #18, 1547 Palos Verdes, #314, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Phone (510) 932-1293 or fax (510) 932-4025

improvements, and Hanna Kroeger herbs. Only God can be ultimately responsible for leading me to all the wonderful help and answers. I am so thankful for people like Dr. Clark and Bonnie O’Sullivan for helping to keep us informed. By the way, fasting with hyssop tea should not be continued for over two weeks at a time. I drank a gallon a day for six days and it does make you a bit weak and hungry because your bowels are really moving. However, it is good for the heart and can avert a heart attack. Like any cleansing, it is important to rest and not over do things. Leslie, KY More From Leslie: November 22, 1997 Bonnie, I’m getting so much better! The liver cleanses (with lemon juice, a straw, and baking soda rinse — to protect my teeth) are working marvelously. I still get a little nauseous in the morning and may try small sips of ginger tea or something. I’m starting to “learn” to have fun again and let go of my anxiety over being so sick. It’s still a process, but I’m so happy and grateful. I must say, the people I’ve met through your newsletter have been the greatest! What a life-changing opportunity! Thank you! I shipped walnuts to Montana, Hawaii, Louisiana, California, Arizona, Colorado, Mississippi, Florida and New Jersey, and have also sent tincture all over — including to Malaysia! This is kind of fun! Thanks so much. It feels good, and people send me the dearest notes and cards, and are so appreciative on the phone. Its such a valuable network! If possible, could you please put a note in the newsletter about the tincture? Walnut Extract Offer I have a limited supply of black walnut hull tincture in bulk. One 8 ounce bottle is $25.00, and 2 or more cost $20.00 each (plus shipping). It’s okay to call me, (502) 8937923. Or mail me your order, name, and address. Please pay after receiving the tincture. Thank you, Leslie Wood, 121 N. Keats Ave., Louisville, KY 40206 Note from Bonnie: At the Oct. 1997 Whole Life Expo. I met Willie Southall. Mr. Southall has written a book about hyssop: Hyssop — Superior Healing Power: A simple Manual for Radiant Health. I bought the book which is a paperback with 137 pages. It contains Mr. Southall’s own story of healing, several quotes from the Bible about hyssop, directions for a three day purge using hyssop tea, a list of the many illness that are treatable with hyssop, and the “Thank Goodness for Hyssop!” chapter with testimonials. Since reading Leslie’s letter and Mr. Southall’s book I have been brewing hyssop tea and enjoying a few cups each day. I bought a few of Mr. Southall’s hyssop products, including the tea leaves, Throat Comfort lozenges (my family enjoys them for indigestion relief), and a wonderful Hyssop Extract which uses a special water method for extraction. If you would like to order any of these, or Mr. Southall’s other hyssop products, including his book Hyssop — Superior Healing Power ($16.00 plus shipping and handling) please call or write for his order form (you may ask for it to be sent by fax) and/or order from: Willie Southall, Hyssop Enterprises, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 713, Hollywood, CA 90028-4947, (213) 465-3221, fax (213) 467-6642, (800) 228-4425. © 1997 The Road To Health . . .Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter, #18, 1547 Palos Verdes, #314, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Phone (510) 932-1293 or fax (510) 932-4025


Dear Bonnie, October 28, 1997 It was great talking with you! Here is the information about my energy process:

Cleansing and Regenerating With Energy A brief overview of the Hannum Energy Process (HEP) (an excerpt from a work entitled “A Language of Energy” by the author.) By Rev. Carol Hannum Most of us look to substances only for cleansing and chelating (from the Greek meaning clawing-out) agents to remove metals and other toxins from our bodies. I discovered, both from another practitioner, and working on myself and clients in 1988, that cleansing and regeneration can also be accomplished with light! Since energy cleanses the aura, it can also work to clean and energize structures inside the body. This method was explored and perfected over a ten year period with many classes and clients. The work employs a mentally projected color system which I call the Hannum Energy Process (HEP). Correspondences to this technique occur historically in the work of Dinshah,* an Indian genius, who actually “shone” with light bulbs and gels, different colors on the body, achieving specific results. The Shamans in Ancient Egypt were said to have used psychically projected color within the pyramids. Becker and Selden in The Body Electric, speak of frogs growing new cells on amputated limbs with electrical stimulation. The Medical profession has recently been able to build-up knee cartilage using electrical frequencies. Humans are electrical beings with minds that can direct energy with intention and to request universal energies to assist. Color frequencies have been found to have chemical analogs! (MacIvor and La Forest Vibrations.) For example, “blue” is the frequency of oxygen, which works to heal lungs, blood cells and more. Orange is the vibrational analog of calcium, which is used for bones. Silver is used to help regenerate nerves. These and many more frequencies combined with different forms, motion, sequencing, intensity, and duration, are major components of this method. For example, a color frequency sent with an infinity motion to the thyroid works best to energize that organ. Why? Because they thyroid gland has a butterfly shape and it is intuited that this is the way its energy runs naturally. This is an example of (pardon the banality) “going with the flow.” As an example, a blue corkscrew motion sent to an artery works to clear arterial plaque. The question comes up: Where does it all go when it’s removed? The closest explanation lies in Quantum Physics, where matter alternates between substance and wave form. Since all things can be broken down into energy, we are using energy on energy to transform. The Hannum Energy Process involves intuitive observation, biofeedback testing, sending the color frequencies where the person needs them, then checking the results and determining how many sessions are needed to correct the problem. This process has been designed to produce repeatable results, so that anyone can learn to do the healing. *Let There Be Light, Darius Dinshah, pub. by Dinshah Health Society (609) 692-4686.

Cases Case #1 A fellow came to a workshop with latent hepatitis B hanging out in his liver. 4

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Using the Hannum Energy Process (HEP), green, with a draining motion was chosen to remove (yes, remove) the offending pathogen. After less than a minute of energy work he was checked with biofeedback testing to have No Hepatitis! He wrote back later that a blood test confirmed our findings! Case #2 “Underactive thyroid” was the complaint of a woman who came to my office. My intuitive scan revealed about 30% vitality rating for her thyroid, which was burdened with dental metal and other toxins. No wonder she had an energy problem! I worked to cleanse the toxins from the gland then sent a coral color for a tune-up. The following day she felt flushed. The day after, her temperature readjusted itself. Case #3 A woman with a diagnosis of Graves disease, high pulse rate, and a flashing mouthful of metal, came to see me. After the nickel, mercury, etc. were cleansed from her thyroid using green with HEP, she took her own carotid artery pulse, which was then normal! Needless to say she needed to replace her fillings to heal completely. However, this demonstrated the effectiveness and speed of this method, and indicated to her directly what a sparkling clean thyroid gland could do for her. Case #4 During my travels to Ukraine in 1991 an MD complained of discomfort on her right side, under the rib. One guess: liver and gallbladder congestion was the answer. The woman had attended my workshop at the Cherkassy clinic and was herself a fine healer and intuitive. Using HEP I sent energy to the gallstones with a violet laser (about .25 of the intensity of a medical laser), then made sure they had disappeared, using my own muscle checking. The next day she called me, and with a translator she told me that she felt no discomfort for the first time after meals! For continued support of her liver/gall bladder I recommended liver cleanses and other liver supporting items. Case #5 A man came to me with HIV and a CD-4 count of 480 (T-cells). I used HEP to cleanse his system of microbes and toxins. He went home and did his periodic fasts. He reported greater energy and better intestinal function. Within a year after the work, a test indicated that his T-cell count rose to 1096, a phenomenal jump to within a normal range. Case #6 A pancreatic cancer was discovered in a friend who was scheduled for surgery. After HEP was begun, I tested for the tumor size and sensed a decrease in the mass while the color work was being done. A day after surgery her partner called and told me that the surgeons searched thoroughly for it, and couldn’t find the tumor! Note: Unless that person knows to avoid the human intestinal fluke, isopropyl alcohol and the other four elements found in all cancers, discovered by Dr. Hulda Clark, the possibility remains that the problem could happen again. There are times when I elect not to use HEP, and instead direct the client to do the herbal parasite cleanse, to avoid isopropyl alcohol, etc. In most situations I employ HEP along with the parasite program, both herbal and electronic (Zapper), plus the other measures cited in Dr. Clark’s books The Cure For All Cancers, The Cure for HIV and AIDS and The Cure For All Diseases. In addition to the above cases, this process has also been successful on heart conditions (with before and after sonograms), growing new joint cartilage, growing new bone tissue (with before and after X-rays), repairing bones and muscles, working on © 1997 The Road To Health . . .Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter, #18, 1547 Palos Verdes, #314, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Phone (510) 932-1293 or fax (510) 932-4025


cataracts, macular degeneration, tumors, edema, kidney stone dissolution and others.

Discussion One of the advantages of this energy method is that clients report no side effects or cleansing reactions. The only response they may report are feelings of heat, buzzing sensations, or sometimes a mild, temporary pain. (When there is an energy shift, it can be uncomfortable as more energy floods into a body part). Animals are also particularly responsive, as I have worked with ranch animals, dogs, and cats with great results. HEP can be used on yourself. I personally detected latent hepatitis in my liver during an appointment with an acupuncturist. She muscle-checked me, and my body said that I indeed had it. I performed the green-drain right then and there. After a few passes of that color, totaling a big half-minute, she checked me again and the offending microbe was gone! I felt better, which is the bottom-most line. Another advantage of using this work is where a subject is unable to take or tolerate certain substances. This method also lends itself very effectively with healing teams, with different participants performing specific tasks. This can also be bonding, fulfilling and just plain fun! The Hannum Energy Process works well with people in hospitals who may not be conscious, or in emergency situations. Psychic permission is always asked, in preparation for work (or not, depending on the answer) on the person or animal. Although this energy work is profoundly effective, it does not claim to be a heal-all in itself, but as prevention and maintenance by the client it is paramount. HEP, plus the Clark approach, along with a hybrid of Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), with do-it-yourself instructions, has proven to produce phenomenal results. (The do-it-yourself instructions are free: Just call Bonnie for the “TAT Figure.”) About the author: Carol Hannum, holistic practitioner, herbalist, and medical intuitive, has been practicing, and holding classes for over 10 years. She also teaches HEP to nurses under the Frontiers In Nursing Education Program. She has conducted workshops in Ukraine, resulting in alternative MD’s having, since then, incorporated the Hannum Energy Process in their practices. Her consultations are sought by people throughout the U.S. and Canada. Carol lives in a Yurt on a stunning ridge in a remote part of Northern California. Her offices are both at home (Applied Metaphysics Institute), and in Sebastopol, CA. She can be reached at (707) 869-0985 and E-mail at [email protected] (Carol also drew the cartoon that is on the envelope!) Love,

Bonnie Notice: The Material in this letter is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a prescription for any illness.


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How My Health Miraculously Improved With Wilson’s Syndrome’s T3 Capsules and BHB Plus™ Capsules by Bonnie O’Sullivan A friend called a few months ago and as we were swapping information about how we were keeping healthy, she asked if I had lost the weight I wanted to lose. I said no, but I thought my thyroid gland might be the problem because I had been re-reading Broda Barnes’ book Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness (printed in 1976). [He wrote that a low body temperature (taken under the arm in the morning before you get up) meant that you had hypothyroidism and that hypothyroidism and obesity are related.] I told her my body temperature is very low and for years I took Armour thyroid until about 11 years ago when my gynecologist took me off of it (he said thyroid medicine can make hot flashes worse — I was having severe hot flashes — and going off of it did seem to help). Since then my hypothyroidism has gone untreated. So, as I’m not having hot flashes now, and my temperature is still low, I made an appointment for a thyroid blood test to see if I should start taking thyroid medicine again. My friend had read Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness and asked if I knew about Wilson’s Syndrome and the Wilson’s Syndrome Doctor’s Manual by E. Denis Wilson, M.D., I hadn’t, but thanks to her, I have now — and it has changed my life.

Wilson’s Syndrome: “Blood Test Results Are Often Normal” The following is a description of Wilson’s Syndrome that another friend discovered in Prescription For Nutritional Healing, James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C., 1997, Avery Publishing Group, page 336 (available from any book store): “Wilson’s syndrome is a condition that results from a problem in the conversion of one thyroid hormone, thyroxine (T4), to another thyroid hormone, triiodothyronine (T3). This causes symptoms of decreased thyroid function, especially triggered by significant physical or emotional stress. These symptoms can be debilitating, and may persist even after the stress has passed. People with Wilson’s Syndrome have many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, including low body temperature, (weight gain or loss), fatigue, headaches, menstrual dysfunction, memory loss, loss of concentration, loss of sex drive, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, unhealthy nails, dry skin, frequent infections, allergies, insomnia, intolerance to cold, and lack of energy and motivation. Their blood test results are often normal, however. For more information on Wilson’s syndrome or to obtain the highly recommended Wilson’s Syndrome Doctor’s Manual, call The Wilson’s Syndrome Foundation at (800) 621-7006.” After I visited my doctor and had blood taken (at Kaiser Medical Center) the doctor called to say that my blood test confirmed my suspicion that I was not producing enough T4 and he prescribed thyroid medication. He also asked that I come back for another blood test in one month. I took the Armour thyroid for a month and then had the follow-up blood test taken. The second blood test said I had sufficient T4 in my blood. © 1997 The Road To Health . . .Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter, #18, 1547 Palos Verdes, #314, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Phone (510) 932-1293 or fax (510) 932-4025


A Temperature Below 97.8° F. Means You Have Wilson’s Syndrome By this time I had ordered and received The Wilson’s Syndrome Doctor’s Manual and a magazine that had a chart for tracking your temperature. I took my temperature according to the instructions (you’re supposed to take it, for a week, with a regular glass/mercury thermometer, three times a day — once three hours after you get up in the morning, again three hours after that, and again three hours after that. Then you add them together and divide the answer by three to get your average daily temperature). At this time I knew I had sufficient T4 in my blood — but my temperature was more than a degree below normal (it was between 97.2° F. and 97.4° F. everyday for a week — a normal temperature is 98.6° F. — a temperature of 97.8° F. or below, means you have Wilson’s Syndrome). This meant that not only did my body not make enough T4 (hypothyroidism) it wasn’t converting T4 to T3 (Wilson’s Syndrome). When I ordered the Wilson’s Syndrome Doctor’s Manual I also ordered a referral to a doctor in my area who is knowledgeable about Wilson’s Syndrome. After my temperature chart showed that I had Wilson’s Syndrome, I made an appointment to see my referred doctor, Dr. Cathcart (and I took my temperature chart with me to show him). Dr. Cathcart took my health history, asked if there was heart disease in my family (parents, grandparents, etc.) (the treatment is not recommended for heart patients), asked if I bloated after eating, became more hungry after I ate than I was before I ate, and if I had insomnia. (I answered, no, yes, yes, yes.) He examined me and noted I had slightly high blood pressure and edema. His diagnosis was that I did have Wilson’s Syndrome. (It’s rare for someone with a low temperature not to have Wilson’s Syndrome.)

A Time-Released Form Of T3 Corrects Wilson’s Syndrome The medicine for Wilson’s Syndrome is a time-released form of T3 that you need a prescription for and that you must order from Alabama (I faxed in my prescription after calling in my credit card information). The purpose of the T3 is to retrain your body to stop making Reverse T3, which it makes when you’re under stress and sometimes keeps making after the stress is gone, and start making T3, which is what it’s supposed to do. The treatment consists of one to five “cycles” of the time-released T3 until you “capture” your temperature. You start with a low dose of T3 divided in two and taken every 12 hours (timing is crucial— you have to take it every 12 hours exactly) and increase it daily until your temperature reaches 98.6° F. When it reaches 98.6° F., and it doesn’t drop for over four days in a row (while you’re taking the dose of T3 that got it up there), you have “captured” your temperature and you can then gradually wean yourself off the T3. The additional cycles of T3 are needed if your temperature drops before the four days are up. If that happens it’s better to wean off the T3 and start over because, with each additional cycle, it takes less T3 to make your temperature reach 98.6° F. Each cycle takes approximately one month (including a few days between cycles). And that’s it — you don’t have to take it again unless you have a relapse. Stress can cause a relapse, such as being asked to speak in public. But, once you’ve captured your temperature, it’s easy to bring it back up with a low dose of T3 for two or three days. (For instance, take the smallest dose 2

© 1997 The Road To Health . . .Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter, #18, 1547 Palos Verdes, #314, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Phone (510) 932-1293 or fax (510) 932-4025

of T3 the day before, one the day of the speech and one the day after.)

Cold Enzymes Do Not Work Properly When your temperature is steady at 98.6° F. all symptoms go away. The various symptoms of Wilson’s Syndrome are caused by the enzymes in your body not working properly because they are too cold — you can even have hot flashes and/or feel too warm all the time and still have a low body temperature and, as a result, cold enzymes!

One Cycle Of T3 Got My Temperature Up To 98.6° F. After increasing my T3 dose daily for several days my temperature went up to 98.6° F. I took that dose (the dose that got it up there) for four days and to my surprise, my temperature was still averaging between 98.3° F and 98.6° F. I then started to wean off, four days on each dose, until I was off the T3 completely. (Since I also have hypothyroidism, as I was weaning off the T3, I had to add back T4, and experiment until I found the right amount to keep my temperature at 98.6° F.) I was happy to discover that I got my temperature up to 98.6° F. with just one cycle, and it only took three weeks!

Steadiness Is Everything When Dr. Wilson says “steadiness is everything” he’s not kidding. During my T3 treatment, especially when I was experimenting with the amount of T4 to take, my temperature fluctuated tremendously (between 97.4° F. and 99.4° F.) even though it averaged 98.6° F. This made it very clear to me how devastating a low or high temperature is — from not being able to sleep and being ravenously hungry — after eating — to thinking negative thoughts that were completely out of character for me.

Two Reactions To Undigested Food In The Bloodstream Dr. Cathcart said: “When you don’t digest your food properly, large particles of undigested food get into your bloodstream and cause an allergic reaction.” I knew that, but I learned the rest of the story when he said: “People have one of two reactions: 1. “In ‘adrenaline reactors’ the adrenal glands send excessive adrenaline into the bloodstream. This type of person becomes irritable, nervous and is often depressed. They have little appetite for food and tend to lose weight. 2. “In ‘cortisone reactors’ the adrenal glands send excessive cortisone into the bloodstream. The excessive cortisone makes this type of person happy and agreeable but it also causes the person to have edema (water retention) which leads to high blood pressure and weight gain — and it causes excessive hunger which also causes weight gain.” (Dr. Cathcart admitted that he prefers cortisone reactors as patients because they rarely complain, but they have health problems the adrenaline reactors don’t have. He also said he can identify cortisone reactors by their “moon faces.”)

Wilson’s Syndrome Patients Have More Candida Yeast Problems During my visit with Dr. Cathcart he told me that his Wilson’s Syndrome patients (both adrenaline and cortisone reactors) suffer more with Candida yeast and other fungus infections (Athlete’s Foot, ring worm, etc.) than his other patients. But, once their temperature is normal, their yeast/fungus problems become much easier to eliminate.

You Feel Much Better Off The T3 Than On © 1997 The Road To Health . . .Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter, #18, 1547 Palos Verdes, #314, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Phone (510) 932-1293 or fax (510) 932-4025


Dr. Wilson says that when you have captured your temperature and have weaned off the T3 (and been off of it for seven days) you feel much better off the T3 than you ever felt on it. I can vouch for that because even though I finally succeeded in raising my temperature to 98.6° F., it took a week of being off the T3 before my temperature became steady. The synthetic T3 is a valuable tool for retraining your body to make its own T3, but it’s not a good substitute for the naturally “timed-released” T3 that our body makes.

Synthetic T4 Deteriorates Bones Dr. Wilson states that when taken for a long time synthetic T4 deteriorates your bones, so the less of it you take the better. This concerned me as I was taking .1 mg. of T4 daily which is a lot, according to Dr. Wilson, and that dose was keeping my average temperature at 98.6° F. only during the day — in the evening it dropped to 97.4° F. and didn’t get back to normal until two or three hours after I took my dose of T4 the next morning. In an answer to a question in his book Dr. Wilson says: “Ideally patients should take their temperature every 3 hours, 24 hours a day, but I know that isn’t realistic so I just recommend taking it 3 times during the day.” Just as I was pondering the dilemma of wanting to have a temperature of 98.6° F. 24 hours a day, but not wanting to harm my bones by taking more T4, I received a fascinating article: After Everything Fails.

BHB Plus™ Capsules Lessen The Need For T4 In Hypothyroidism The new product, BHB Plus™ in capsules, introduced in After Everything Fails sounded like the answer to my dilemma and I immediately ordered it. The TAT Metabolite™ (Tyramine-Adrenal-Thyroid Metabolite) in the capsules is a protein food for the adrenals and thyroid that has helped some people with hypothyroidism to stop needing T4. The capsules also contain Beta Hydroxy Butyric Acid which is a liver cleanser that helps with weight loss by de-fatting a fatty liver and also helps people put on lean muscle mass. Since the first day of taking one capsule 3 times a day my temperature has stayed steady at 98.6° F. day and night. I’m still taking .1 mg. of T4, but hopefully I’ll eventually be able to take less. (I’ve just started TAT Metabolite™ 250 mg. — another product without the Beta Hydroxy Butyric Acid — to try to reduce the T4.)

I Feel 20 Years Younger I have no more bloating or hunger after eating which means I’m digesting my food more thoroughly. My temperature (and therefore, my metabolism) is normal, I’m eating less and I’ve started losing my excess weight. I’m sleeping more soundly (but I’m still a night owl!) and when I’m awake I can concentrate better than ever. Last, but not least, is that a sense of uneasiness (or anxiety) that I’ve been aware of for several years (I felt it the most when I woke up in the morning) has completely disappeared. I feel 20 years younger and I’m overjoyed that my health has so miraculously improved! [Note: For 1½ years BHB Plus™ (and TAT Metabolite™) capsules have been available only through Health Practitioners. They are now available through The Road To Health.]


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