The Property Management Specialists

The Property Management Specialists Shop 35, The Village, 235 Forest Lake Boulevard PO Box 4292, Forest Lake, Qld 4078 Call Us: Toll Free: 1800 99 0...
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The Property Management Specialists

Shop 35, The Village, 235 Forest Lake Boulevard PO Box 4292, Forest Lake, Qld 4078 Call Us: Toll Free: 1800 99 00 11 Fax: (07) 3372 0444 Local Call: (07) 3372 0400 Email: [email protected]


Property management is our core business Property management is so much more than collecting the rent and sending the owners a statement at the end of the month! In fact, experienced Property Managers are a crucial link in the property investment chain and they should be armed with the knowledge and have sufficient hands-on experience to satisfy all of the ongoing management requirements for the property. Sadly, for many real estate agents the property management component of their business often plays second fiddle to the sales operation. Staff turnover is generally high and in many instances junior staff are employed and given the responsibility for tasks way beyond their pay grades… as a result the property is not managed professionally – often at the owner’s expense! Many of our current clients have come from this environment – suffering sub-standard management practices without being aware of just how easy it is to change managing agents if they wished to do so. All you really need to do is to sign a simple transfer form and we do the rest. If there are charges for an early termination of the existing agreement, we will reimburse

you for these. So there is absolutely no cost to transfer your management to us. The real estate industry is well known for its lack of innovation and me-too advertising where so called points-of-difference turn out to be vague, generalised and in reality just not unique at all. In the following pages we give details what we see as the essential services that make up the backbone of a professional property management business and in doing so give you the confidence to nominate @ap-realty as your preferred property manager. Choosing the right agency to manage your property is a critical part of the wealth creation process and that is why more and more owners are switching to us @ap-realty. Property management is the main-stay of our business and not the poor relation. Our new low-capped fees and mature professional staff are setting new industry benchmarks. Try us – you won’t be disappointed, you have my personal guarantee!

Chris Hayter

Principal @ap-realty 3

Online Agent The Online Agent web portal gives you the ability to monitor your residential investment property 24/7. Instead of having to get in touch with your property manager during office hours, you can view, search and download all the information you need, all from your own home or office computer. Our property managers will provide you with the simple instructions on how to access your property details online.


The following is a snapshot of what you can access through out Console Online Agent Program: n

View your investment property details.


See information regarding inspections.


Maintenance tasks, invoices and charges.


Download monthly statements.


Monitor current tenancy agreements.


Owners can communicate with one of our team members 7 days a week. Just like your online banking – all the relevant information about your property is available through this web-based service.

Exclusive Property Owner’s Handbook All property management clients receive an exclusive Owner’s Handbook (document organiser) which contains: n

A copy of their @ap-realty management agreement.


A copy of the tenancy agreement.


Provision for filing their monthly statements.


Copies of all invoices and quotes for repairs and maintenance.


A general correspondence file.


A copy of all quarterly inspection reports.


Copies of depreciation schedules and quantity survey reports.


Provision for copies of all insurance policies for the property.


Taxation reports and schedules.


A general purpose file.

Your accountant will love you… all relevant documentation and financial statements are stored in the file for your tax return.


Client Service Standards Guarantee The following schedule itemises the list of services that will be provided under our property management agreement. If you are not happy with any of our standards or obligations we will manage your property for three months rent free!



Advertise both nationally and internationally on real estate websites.


Conduct open homes for prospective tenants or private one-on-one inspections as required.


Thorough background checks.

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is the Queensland Government statutory body that administers the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (the Act). Under this Act the tenant must:


All applications are presented to owner for approval.


Pay the rent on time.


Preparation of lease agreements, bond lodgements and thorough entry condition reports.



Collection of rental payments/daily monitoring of rental arrears / strict procedures for outstanding payments.


Conduct regular routine inspections which includes photos and videos on request.

Keep the property clean and undamaged and leave it in the same condition it was in when they moved in (fair wear and tear excepted).


Attend to any maintenance issues promptly – total communication with owners.



Notification of any breaches or changes to the tenancy agreement.

Keep to the terms of the tenancy agreement.


In the unlikely event that legal action is required, presenting the case to the magistrate at QCAT on your behalf.


Respect their neighbours’ right to peace and quiet.


Appraise the current rental market prior to the lease expiring.


Regular drive-by inspections and attending to any property insurance claims quickly and with detailed reporting.

It is also our role to ensure compliance with these conditions.

Fee Structure Management Fee 8.5% inclusive of GST (rent collection included) Letting Commission (1) weeks rent + GST Administration Fee FREE – Monthly statements emailed Financial Statement FREE – EOFY statements emailed Property Maintenance As required Smoke Alarms Refer to information sheet and individual requirements Landlord Insurance Refer to information sheet and individual requirements Routine Inspections FREE Signboard FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE Lease Renewal Fee FREE Title Search FREE Property Valuations FREE Property Depreciation Inspections FREE Mediation/Tribunal $65.00 per hour incl. GST for dispute resolution Insurance Claims $65.00 per hour incl. GST as above Body Corporate $65.00 per hour incl. GST as above to attend meetings Let Only Fee POA Fully Furnished Property Let Fee 12% inclusive of GST 7

Property Investment Services @ap-realty is a broad based property service provider that specialises in delivering a range of services not commonly found in your typical suburban real estate office – these services vary from client to client and the extent that you use them will depend upon your personal circumstances. However, having a good understanding of property investment fundamentals, market cycles and taxation and ownership structures is essential. The @ap-realty financial services network provides a broad range of financial services for our clients to ensure that clients are “investment-ready” before they put their loan funds or investment capital at risk. Getting into a market that is turning makes more sense than chasing property in a hotspot that everyone is already talking about or buying in your own backyard because you know the area. Part of our role is to identify low entry point suburbs in growth corridors within the emerging market. In the SE corner of Queensland we have network of builders and developers with whom we have worked for the last 15-20 years – providing residential house & land packages and light commercial/industrial investment opportunities. Where packages are to be constructed we become your “feet on the ground” and oversee the process through to 8

Source n Negotiate Price Contracts & Supervise Build Property Management completion for you. When finished we then arrange for tenants to be secured by a local property management professional. We also arrange where required – independent valuations, building & pest inspections and local solicitors to manage the conveyance.

Financial Services Network @ap-realty we recognise that we can’t be all things to all people so to that end we have forged strategic alliances with a network of premier service providers so that we can deliver to you an enriched property investment experience. Being part of the @ap-realty community gives you access to a range of industry professionals across the finance, superannuation and funds management sectors all of whom can assist you with every aspect of your property investment portfolio construction. This includes advice on how to set up your own superannuation fund and buy commercial or residential investment property.


Selling a Leased Property The lease overrides everything… the tenants are protected, unless you come to an agreement where they are happy to be relocated with no out-of-pocket expenses for them. A property cannot be listed for sale until tenants have been in the property for at least 2 months or 2 months into a renewal lease. A property manager MUST disclose to the new tenants if they know the owner is going to list the property for sale BEFORE they sign a lease agreement. It is always more desirable to have the same office list the property for sale as there is generally a relationship with the tenants already. If the owner chooses to appoint another agent, the property managers for that property need to be informed that the owner has intentions to sell by written notice before the tenants. All paperwork and correspondence using the correct RTA forms must go through the managing agent. Communication must always be in writing and the tenants MUST be informed of the marketing campaign and approve all scheduled open homes. The selling agent must issue “Form 9’s” before entering the property with any potential buyers – a copy must always be sent to the managing agent.


When a contract is secured, vacant possession must be when the lease expires UNLESS the tenants agree to an earlier relocation. This must be a written agreement and generally the managing agent can work with the selling agent in regards to this type of scenario. The tenants have rights and Entry Forms must be issued with the correct advanced notice. Be prepared for the tenants to resist open homes and intrusion of their privacy. Plan your marketing and open home schedules prior to informing the tenants of the owner’s intention to sell… the norm is every second Saturday at the same time each week. This will minimise disruption. If you have the tenants onside they will try hard to assist you (e.g. making sure the property is presented well). When a contract is finally secured always allow at least three days after the tenants are due to vacate, so the property managers can conduct a professional exit and any issues can be dealt with without stressing the buyers unduly (cleaning and repairs can be attended to in a timely fashion before settlement). There are tenants to consider and their bond needs to be refunded if the property is handed over in a condition that the property managers and owners are satisfied with.

Tenants Credibility Checks – TICA Our company uses the TICA credit checking system to monitor tenancy applications. TICA is the market leader for tenancy databases within Australia. They provide real estate offices with a complete risk management system along with other industry related products for Australia and New Zealand.

Portfolio Management Property for Rent Receive Applications Reject

TICA follows the core principles of risk management which are the systematic application of policies, procedures and practises to identify, analyse and monitor risk. The rental marketplace is an ever changing environment which forces agencies to increase their security and protection when managing a client’s property. Professional risk management and compliance is fundamental to property management ‘best practice’.

Check Application

Sign-Up Tenancy

Welcome Pack

• Form or hard-copy • Privacy form signed • Process History/Enquiries/TICA Public Records database check • Notice of database listing letter • Record tenant/tenancy details into Virtual Manager • TICA welcome letter

Monitor Rental Payments Arrears Control Successful

• Arrears control letter • Virtual Manager monitoring activated

Tenancy Ends Default List Default Tenant


TICA System Process

• Pre-listing warning letter • List defaulting tenant • Create notification of listing letter • Receive email alerts on listed default tenant’s future application checks • Recoup debts

Professional Maintenance Contractors The day-to-day maintenance of your property is essential for attracting and retaining good quality tenants – thereby ensuring that the rental income that you receive each month from your investment meets expectations. @ap-realty has a panel of approved and licensed tradespeople on call 24/7 to deal with regular maintenance and emergency call-out requirements. Professional property management should address the delivery of maintenance services as a three-fold process: emergency services, ongoing day-to-day operational functions and long range planning and implementation.

24/7 Emergency services Sensible preventative maintenance programs will minimise them, however, maintenance emergencies are a fact of life. Our maintenance team are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – they live locally and they are just minutes away. We can provide this 24/7 response service at a reasonable price because of the cost efficiencies in managing multiple properties in the Forest Lake area.

Ongoing day-to-day operational functions The fast and efficient delivery of service is at the core of the business. A key element that makes us different from other management companies is the quality of the people in our team who deliver prompt and effective execution of a variety of services. All tasks are monitored daily and invoices can be viewed through our client online facility.

Long range planning and implementation Professional property managers when conducting their routine inspections will always cast a critical eye over the property, however their primary focus is to ensure that the property is clean, undamaged and that no unauthorised residents or pets are living there. From time to time it just makes sense to have a licensed professional inspect the property for building/structural issues that might lead to capital expenditure for the owner.



Testimonials “

We would like to thank you and all at AP-Realty for the fantastic job you have done in looking after our property to date. Being so far away from the property makes one very suspicious of just how well it is being managed. Whilst AP-Realty managed our property we have not had to be concerned about all the little things that come with being a landlord. Even though it was not all smooth sailing from a landlord/tenant relationship during out tenancy, you made even that as smooth as possible and put us onto the right people. You care and that “personal touch” made our lives a lot easier.

Over the years we have bought and sold, rented and rented out, many properties both overseas and around Australia. You are without doubt the best, most professional and dedicated real estate agent it has been our pleasure to deal with! Nothing has been too much trouble for you, and you have dealt with all the various issues with a cheerful attitude and a ready smile. We sincerely thank you for your great service, which was above and beyond the norm! “You are a legend”. With our gratitude and fondest regards.

“ We would just like to say to you both a very special thanks for the work done recently at our property. To have kept the vacancy period to 2 days is really no vacancy period and a fantastic effort. We can appreciate that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to produce this kind of result and these efforts are very much appreciated. The new tenant has the makings of a positive long term arrangement which suits all our needs.


Thanks for all your help. We honestly haven’t come across a better real estate agency in all our years of renting! If something needed to be done it was sorted so quickly and without any hassle. On top of that you were all just so nice to deal with, we’re sorry to lose you!!!

With two properties managed by APFL, I have only good comments about the quality of service received from the property management girls. They made the process easy and hassle free from start to finish. They assisted me in getting both properties ready to put on the rental market by organising all the tradesmen and things that needed fixing. With their help I was able to select suitable tenants and had absolutely no issues with late payment of rent or any other problems. I also feel that with their input, I am receiving the best return on my investment. I would definitely recommend AP-Realty as property managers if you are looking to put your investment properties on the rental market.

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