The Professions Graduation Ceremony. 24 October 2014

The Professions Graduation Ceremony 24 October 2014 Dr Geoffrey Fox Deputy Chancellor and Acting Chancellor Whether you have spent the last several ...
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The Professions Graduation Ceremony 24 October 2014

Dr Geoffrey Fox Deputy Chancellor and Acting Chancellor Whether you have spent the last several years living and studying on campus or completing your degree part-time by distance education, I’m sure you will agree that your UNE experience has been a special one. It is this experience that has UNE consistently receiving the maximum five-star rating for overall graduate satisfaction in the Good Universities Guides. It is also this experience that forges lifelong friendships and connections with UNE that last decades and over several generations. You take away with you today a wonderful record of your academic achievement. I hope that as an alumnus, you will always be proud of, and an advocate for, your university, and I wish you every success in your future endeavours.

Dr Geoffrey Fox

Professor Annabelle Duncan Vice-Chancellor and CEO Congratulations. Today you will graduate from the University of New England as an alumnus of Australia’s oldest regional university, a university with a distinguished tradition of excellence in teaching, learning and research. You are leaving with a highly respected degree and an experience that will stay with you for life. Your years at UNE have provided you with life-long skills. You will graduate with a professional qualification, the skill-set to achieve in the career of your choice, the ability to analyse and question the world around you, the capacity for truly independent thought and, I hope, a life-long love and commitment to learning. You have been given the opportunity to experience the rich cultural and social diversity that an academic environment provides. My wish for each and every UNE graduate is that you leave today with the skills to become an inspirational citizen of the world. I wish you every success in this most worthy of endeavours.

Professor Annabelle Duncan


The Graduation Ceremony: A Brief History The following is an adaptation of an Address given at a Graduation Ceremony at the University of Birmingham by Emeritus Professor R.H.C. Davis and reprinted in his book ‘From Alfred the Great to Stephen’ (Hambledon Press 1991), pp. 307‑309, and reproduced with kind permission of the author. The graduation ceremony is one of great antiquity. Its essential features have been the same since the 12th century when the first universities came into existence. Its necessary constituents are the Chancellor or his deputy, the academic staff, the graduands, and the public. When the Chancellor confers degrees, saying to the graduands: ‘By virtue of my authority as Chancellor, I admit you to the degree of ...’ those words are a translation of the Latin form used in the Middle Ages. Then, the Chancellor’s authority to confer degrees came from the church. The church had a monopoly of education, partly because it was the guardian of true doctrine, and partly because clerics were almost the only people who could read and write. As a result, the only person who could license a teacher was the bishop of a diocese until, under pressure of other business, he deputed the task to his chief-secretary or Chancellor. Academics might complain that the Chancellor was not as learned as they, but nonetheless the church would punish anyone who dared to teach without his licence. As learning spread, teachers wanted a licence to teach not just in one diocese, but everywhere, and the only person who could give them that was the pope. The Chancellor’s authority, then, came from the pope. But at the Reformation Henry VIII assumed for the Crown all the rights which had previously been the pope’s in England. That is why all subsequent universities in England have been created by royal charter. It is for this reason also that the Chancellor does not wear ecclesiastical robes, as would have been worn in the Middle Ages, but robes similar to those of the Lord Chancellor of England. The second group participating in the ceremony is the academic staff. In the 12th century they would all have been called ‘masters’ or MAs. At that date they were paid no salaries, but hired their own lecturerooms and charged their own fees. But they also formed themselves into a guild or union, which is what universitas originally meant. As in all guilds they were insistent that they, and only they, should determine who should be of their number, and since this involved saying who should be teachers, they soon found themselves in conflict with the Chancellor. In the 13th century they won a great victory when they persuaded the pope to decree that Chancellors were obliged to confer degrees on all those nominated by the masters. That is why the masters examine the candidates, why the dean, acting as their spokesman, reads out the names of those who are to receive degrees, and why the masters at this ceremony watch to see that the Chancellor or his Deputy does what is required of him. Thirdly, the graduands. The word ‘degree’ comes from the Latin gradus, which means ‘a step’. When students are admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, they move one step up towards the mastership. When they are admitted to the degree of MA they climb another step and come up on a level with the masters, who then receive them into their guild or universitas. In the Middle Ages they would then have stayed on the dais, so that their old master could invest them with the symbols of office. But that was only part of the business. The new master had to deliver an inaugural lecture, entertain the whole guild of masters to dinner, and preside over disputations for forty days continuously. For that reason, taking one’s MA was called ‘inception’, or the beginning of one’s career as a master. The public is the fourth participant in this ceremony. The public also has a function, because the whole point of the proceedings is that they should be seen and heard by valid witnesses. The public hears the words of the Dean and the Chancellor, and sees the new graduates dressed in their respective gowns or robes. The gowns are derived from the everyday dress of the medieval clergy. In the Middle Ages they were not open in front but closed like a clergyman’s cassock. It was about 1500 that academics had the front opened up so as to display the fine clothes which they were wearing underneath. The hood was the normal medieval headwear, but it soon acquired a coloured lining. By the 17th century, if not earlier, these colours were strictly controlled, so that anyone could identify from the colour of a graduate’s hood, the university, and the degree. 2

Council Chancellor Vacant

Deputy Chancellor & Acting Chancellor Geoffrey Fox BRurSc(Hons), PhD NE, MA ANU

Vice-Chancellor and CEO Professor Annabelle Duncan BSc, DipSc, MSc Otago, PhD La Trobe, HonDSc Murdoch, PSM

Chair of Academic Board Professor Nick C H Reid BSc(Hons), PhD Adelaide

Members Robert Finch ACA, FLGAA James R F Harris HonDUniv NE Professor Donald Hine BSc University of Alberta, MA, PhD University of Victoria John E Hobbs BSc(Hons) Lond, CertEd Nott, MSc PhD NE, FRMetS, JP Michael Kirk Rosemary Leamon BFA NE, CA Jeannet van der Lee BNatRes, PhD NE Janette B McClelland BA(Hons) Syd, BlegS Macq, FACEL, FAIM, FACID Robyn Muldoon BA, DipEd, M.Ed, EdD NE Les Ridgeway BEd, DipTech NCAE Stuart Robertson BsocSc NE Professor Margaret Sims BA, MA, PhD Auckland, DIM NZ, DipEd Massey Meredith Symons BFA NE ACA


Principal Officers of the University of New England Chancellor Vacant

Deputy Chancellor & Acting Chancellor Geoffrey Fox BRurSc(Hons), PhD NE, MA ANU

Vice-Chancellor and CEO Professor Annabelle Duncan BSc, DipSc, MSc Otago, PhD La Trobe, HonDSc Murdoch, PSM

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Faith Trent AM, FACE DipTeach (Sydney Teachers College), BSc USyd, MA Simon Fraser University, Canada, MA(Hons) Macq, D.Litt Flinders

Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Alison Sheridan BAg Econ(Hons) USyd, PhD NE, GAICD, FANZAM, CAHRI

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Heiko Daniel BSc, MSc Hannover University, PhD UWA

Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor (External Relations) Gabrielle Rolan B Bus (Communications) QUT

Acting Executive Director Operations Robert Irving BA(Hons),MBA, MAICD, CAUDIT

Chief Financial Officer Michelle Clarke Bcomm, Mcomm USQ, FCPA, GAICD

Chief Legal and Governance Officer Brendan Peet LLB QUT, Lawyer, Solicitor of the High Court of Australia and Supreme Court of QLD

Academic Board Chair: Professor Nick C H Reid BSc(Hons), PhD Adelaide Deputy Chairs: Professor Trevor Brown BSc(Hons), MSc ANU, PhD Adelaide, CChem, MRACI Associate Professor Josie Fisher BA(Hons), DipHum, GradCertHigherEd, PhD NE

Esquire Bedell


Alumni Welcome to UNE’s Alumni Community Congratulations. You are now part of our expanding alumni community in Australia and throughout the world, which includes graduates from the University of New England (UNE), New England University College (NEUC), Armidale Teachers College (ATC), the Armidale College of Advanced Education (ACAE) and other members of Convocation.

n. pl. a-lum-ni graduates or former students of a school, college, or university By staying in touch, you will assist in strengthening relationships between alumni and the University, and promoting the welfare of the University. We encourage you to maintain contact by joining UNE’s online community (http://alumni.une. where you can easily keep in touch with your peers, make new friends who have shared some of your experiences, find career information and know what’s happening at UNE. You might also wish to assist UNE in providing education to current and future students through mentoring activities, offering work experience opportunities or financial assistance. There are formal alumni chapters in Armidale, South Australia and Malaysia and a number of our residential colleges have alumni associations. Other more informal groups operate throughout Australia and overseas and assist in organising functions and reunions.

New England Award The University of New England awards the New England Award (NEA) to selected graduands who have demonstrated outstanding service to the University and wider community and commitment to others. It is a non-academic award given by the University in recognition of the skills, attributes, leadership and personal qualities that are developed through extra-curricular activity and training, committee membership, voluntary work and good citizenship.

Medals Edgar H. Booth Memorial Prize and Medal The University’s most prestigious graduate award comprising a Prize and Medal awarded annually to the Bachelor with Honours graduate who has the most distinguished academic record during enrolment at the University and is usually selected from among the University Medallists. Edgar H. Booth (1893-1963) was appointed in 1937 as the foundation Warden of the New England University College. He was tireless in promoting the College and its future as an independent university. He led the College successfully through the many challenges of its foundation and early development.

University Medals The University of New England awards University Medals to Bachelor with Honours graduates for outstanding academic achievement and excellence. University Medals are not competitively awarded but their eligibility requires an outstanding academic record above and beyond that expected of a First Class Honours graduate.

Cum Laude Since 2010, students graduating with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) have been eligible for the award of PhD with the additional appellation cum laude [Latin: with honour]. This distinction is reserved for a PhD graduate whose examiners unanimously and independently agree that the thesis is of exceptional quality in every respect.


Order of Ceremony The procession and opening The procession, including the academic staff the council and the Official party will enter, the congregation standing.

The National Anthem The congregation is requested to remain standing during the singing of National Anthem.

Welcome to Country The Deputy and Acting Chancellor will welcome guests and introduce the welcome to country speaker.

Presentation of the Honorary Degree The Vice-Chancellor to present for admission honoris causa to the degree of Doctor of Science The Hon Dean Craig Brown AO FAICD MRurSc FDipBus Admin.

Occasional Address The Hon Dean Brown will deliver the Occasional Address.

Vote of thanks to guest speaker The Deputy and Acting Chancellor will move the Vote of thanks to the occasional address speaker.

Musical interlude Presented by the University of New England and the New England Conservatorium of Music.

Presentation of degrees, diplomas and certificates by the Deputy and Acting Chancellor Candidates will be admitted to degrees and awarded diplomas and certificates by the Deputy and Acting Chancellor.

Response on behalf of graduating students The Deputy and Acting Chancellor will introduce the graduate speaker.

Conclusion The Deputy and Acting Chancellor will close the proceedings.

Gaudeamus Igitur The Congregation is requested to stand during the singing of Gaudeamus Igitur. The Academic Procession will retire, followed by the graduates.


Musical Programme The music for these proceedings is provided by the New England Conservatorium of Music.

PRELUDES Guitar music selected and played by Stephen Tafra

PROCESSIONAL Prelude to Te Deum

Marc-Antoine Charpentier

NATIONAL ANTHEM Advance Australia Fair


Irving Berlin

ACADEMIC ANTHEM Gaudeamus Igitur

RECESSIONAL Sound the Trumpet

Henry Purcell

Stephen Tafra – Guitar Stephen Tafra is a guitarist living and working in Armidale whose primary occupation is teaching solo & classical guitar to students of all ages and abilities. He holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Music from UNE and is a tutor for external UNE music students in the School of Arts. Steve also maintains a busy performance schedule, playing classical, middle eastern and celtic music and premiering new works. He is also involved in conducting, composing and arranging music. For some time now he has been playing with Steve Thorneycroft in the duo EphenStephen releasing 2 CDs.

Ruth Strutt – Mezzo Soprano Ruth Strutt has a Diploma of Business from UNE and a Bachelor of Music from the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). She is presently enjoying the return to her hometown of Armidale. Ruth is affiliated with Opera Australia, Opera North West, Opera Queensland and Pacific Opera, and has performed across a range of genres including opera, music theatre and cabaret, and now teaches voice in Armidale. Ruth is also a music and vocal tutor for the Bachelor of Music students in the School of Arts at the University of New England.

Warwick Dunham - Keyboard Warwick Dunham attained his ASCM diploma and Bachelor of Music degree at the NSW Conservatorium of Music, majoring in organ and composition. Postgraduate studies included a scholarship at the Royal College of Music, London, with further studies in Europe, including Paris, Vienna, Basel and Hamburg, culminating in winning First Prize at the Sydney International Organ Competition in 1992. Warwick has a substantial international performance and recording career with many contracts with ABC Classic FM, ABC Symphony Orchestras, particularly with the Sydney Symphony under Sir Charles Mackerras and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under Zubin Mehta. He is renowned as an organist, pianist, jazz pianist, conductor, accompanist, composer, arranger and musical director. Warwick has spent many years as a teacher and music educator and is currently Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Armidale Youth Orchestra.

Georgie Chorley – Trumpet Georgina Chorley Studied a Bachelor of Music, majoring in classical Trumpet at the University of Newcastle Conservatorium. During this time she managed and performed in a professional 17 piece Big Band, was a member of the Newcastle Festival Opera Company, and played in several Symphony, Wind, and Philharmonic Orchestras in the Hunter and Sydney region. In 2011, Georgina made the move to Armidale, and is a Brass teacher at the New England Conservatorium. Georgina has several bands and ensembles in which she performs and continues to receive freelance performing work in the New England and Hunter region with various Musical & Drama societies, Opera Companies, and Orchestras.


Doctor of Philosophy Mona Samy Talaat Abou-Taleb (UNE Business School) ‘Positive Accounting Information for Sustainable Development Decision-making Using Sustainability Financial Monetising Accounting System: An Empirical Study Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Martin Hovey And New England Award Obeid Al Rashoud (School of Health) ‘Challenges Facing Overseas Nurses Practicing in Saudi Arabia’ Principal Supervisor: Professor Cynthia Stuhlmiller Barrie Brennan (School of Education) ‘Continuing Professional Education in Australia: A Tale of Missed Opportunities’ Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Robert Boughton Cakti Indra Gunawan (UNE Business School, School of Arts) ‘Indonesian Domestic Workers in Singapore and Malaysia: Labour Management Systems and a Rights-Based Perspective’ Principal Supervisor: Professor Amarjit Kaur Md Rumman Hassan (UNE Business School) ‘An Investigation of the Profile of the Green Consumer Segment in Australia and the Factors that Influence Consumers’ Purchase Intentions in the Context of Eco-Friendly Fast Moving Consumer Goods’ Principal Supervisor: Dr Jennifer Rindfleish Michele Herrington (School of Education) ‘The Effects of a Morphological Intervention on Children’s Spelling Performance and Understanding: Toward a Relational Approach’ Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Mary Macken-Horarik Kerrie Beryl Ikin (UNE Business School) ‘Cyclical Reviews in Selected Western Sydney Government Schools (2006-2009): The Influence on Participating Principals’ Principal Supervisor: Dr Peter McClenaghan Md Shahidul Islam (School of Health, School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences) ‘The Lived Experiences of HIV-Positive Parents and their Children in Bangladesh’ Principal Supervisor: Professor John Scott Kotuwegoda Palliyaguruge Lalith Chandralal (UNE Business School) ‘Memorable Tourism Experiences: Strategies for the Successful Marketing of Destinations’ Principal Supervisor: Dr Jennifer Rindfleish Jonathan Francis Moss (UNE Business School) ‘Potential Contribution of Land-Use Change to Climate Policy: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis in an Australian Catchment’ Principal Supervisor: Professor Oscar Cacho (Conferred 27th May, 2014) 8

Please note that thesis titles for higher degrees are listed in the programme only when the degree comprised greater than 66.66 per cent research

Supawadee Sukeecheep Moss (UNE Business School) ‘Earnings Management, Cost of Equity Capital and Corporate Governance: An Empirical Analysis of Thai Listed Companies’ Principal Supervisor: Dr Subba Reddy Yarram Thu Thi Bich Ngo (School of Education) ‘The Development of the Language of Evaluation in English and Vietnamese Spoken Discourse’ Principal Supervisor: Professor Leonard Unsworth Wanida Phromlah (School of Law) ‘Feasible Reforms for Thailand’s Forest Governance System’ Principal Supervisor: Professor Paul Martin John Smith (Veali) Pokana (School of Education) ‘The Barriers and Facilitators of Institutionalisation of Inclusive Education Policy and Practice in Papua New Guinea Education System’ Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor David Paterson (Conferred 27th May, 2014) Ravi Prakash Sharma Poudel (UNE Business School) ‘Nepalese Commercial Banks: Performance, Non-performing Loans and Corporate Governance’ Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Martin Hovey (Conferred on 29th July, 2014) Rohan Bruce Edward Price (School of Law) ‘Property Law as (De)coloniality in British Hong Kong (1905-1941; 1945-1949)’ Principal Supervisor: Professor Michael Stuckey Najwa Reynolds (School of Health) ‘An Exploration of the Experiences of Adults that were Raised without Routine Childhood Vaccinations’ Principal Supervisor: Adjunct Professor Jeanne Madison (Conferred on 29th July, 2014) Adhir Kumar Sharma (School of Health) ‘The Health of Left-Behind Wives Using the Social Determinants of Health Framework: The Other Side of Nepalese Regulated Labour Migration’ Principal Supervisor: Dr Mary Ditton Patricia Weekes (School of Education) ‘From Dot Points to Disciplinarity: The Theory and Practice of Disciplinary Literacies in Secondary Schooling’ Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Mary Macken-Horarik Rhonda Lyne Wilson (School of Health) ‘Connecting Mental Health Helping Capital in Rural Communities to Young People with Emergent and Early Mental Health Problems Principal Supervisor: Professor Kim Usher (Conferred on 9th September 2014) 9

Doctor of Education Elisabeth Cato Betlem (School of Education) ‘Mentoring Teachers with a Critical Friend: Transforming Professional Development through Visual Tools’ Principal Supervisor: Dr Margaret Brooks Carolyn Shirley Ryan (School of Education) ‘Emotional Intelligence Scaffolding to Improve Learning (EISIL): Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions’ Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Linley Cornish

Master of Education with Honours Robert Goldspring (School of Education) ‘ShamanSpeak: The Storytellers of the Earth’ Principal Supervisor: Dr Brenda Wolodko Anne Pamela Heckrath (School of Education) ‘Drawn to Nature: Young Children Learning About Nature Through Drawing’ Principal Supervisor: Dr Margaret Brooks Helen Yvonne Miller-Brown (School of Education) ‘How Farmers are Learning to Change to More Sustainable Farming Methods in Response to Recent Climatic and Government Policy Pressures’ Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Robert Boughton Karma Pedey (School of Education) ‘Parents Grow Old, Children Embody Our Hope: (Pha gee ba ta bu so) How are Western Theories and Bhutanese Parenting Philosophies Harmonized in the Childcare Education Programmes in Bhutan?’ Principal Supervisor: Professor Margaret Sims

Master of Business Otgonbayar Ukhna

Master of Business Administration Courtney Allison-Young

Samuel James Manins

Christopher Downes

Adrian Panuccio

Mark Andrew Fernan and New England Award

Shane Rees

Michael Gordon Raymond Flude

Christopher Jeremy Rendall Day

Rachel Jane Goddard

Shannon Schuster

Jacquelyn Margaret Kumar

Satcunanantharajah Fredrick Thinesh

Janet Ann Lloyd

Mark Kenneth Tutt


Master of Commerce Man Chen

Chen Ni

Yang Cui

Padma Rao

Ming Li

Qi Wei Wu

Shasha Liu

Fang Xu

Jie Luo

Wen Zhou

Asad Nawaz

Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting) Janelle Susan Brown

Leon Hendrikus Overmars

Kheng Min Chen

Athol Jason Philp

Fehrija Cudic

Ignatius Rizzuto

Nina Renata Ferraro

Fiona Catherine Salt

Vakeesan Ganesharatnam

Thomas Schleich

Alejandro Enrique Gomez Meneses

Phillip Adrian Schwenke

Janet Hanni Gough

Jacqueline Catherine Smith

Joshua Adam Heard

James Nathan Sparks

Kenneth John Jorgensen

Lisa Rae Spooner

Anita Susan Kemp

Craig Peter Stewart

Kevin David Morrison

Ming Tan

David Christopher Mullen

Nicole Wells

Supun Rangana Mundigala

Disala Asanthi Wijayatilaka

Master of Counselling Peter Martin Heath

Amanda Elizabeth Lambros

Suzanne Margaret Helen Ivanyi

Sara Ghani Qureshi

Tegan Lynette Jones

Andrew Graeme Vines

Master of Economic Studies Edward Robert John Lefley

Brabim Bikram Thapa

Master of Economics Simon William Goodman


Master of Education Matthew Cohen

Michael Charles McCann

Ellen Jane Cooper

Alicia Mew

Lauren Hannah Crockford

Jessica Keely Miller

Tania Anne Dixon-Hughes

Monica Jane O'Brien

Fiona Bernadette Gallagher

Angela Parrish

Debra Lillian Glen

Lynda Lou-Anne Peters

Jihan Jaroudi

Erika Lee Pringle

Dzintra Emma Jones

Michelle Lee Walker

Master of Education (Special Education) Kara Lee Collyer

Kathryn Leanne Miller

Meredith Leigh Kiss

Gretchen Marian Tsujimoto

Elizabeth Pearl Leman

Niesette Sarah Louise van Coevorden

Master of International Health Management Sandra Grove

Christiaan Zeleny

Master of Laws Gulsun Demirel

Master of Leadership Christine Leith Canny

Michal Moczulski

Gerard Thomas Lee

Master of Nursing Anne Louise Brock

Emma Jane Howard

Margaret Mary Harrison

Rebecca Anne Muirhead

Nicole Elizabeth Henson

Elizabeth Jo Ryan

Master of Organisational Development and Strategic Human Resource Management Melissa Louise Baker

Kendy Burke

Master of Professional Accounting Anna Filippova


Stewart Neil Webb

Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying) Omolewa Omolola Erinle

Karla Ann Smith

Jacob Ian McCue

Master of Strategic Organisational Development Andrea Jane Muras

Master of Sustainability Hung Quang Luong

Julia Kathleen Woiwod

Master of Teaching (Primary) Rachael Amy Adlington

Annika Lund Lyttle

Elise Maree Aquilina

Terri Leigh McLellan

Toni Louise Bailey

Megan Lisa McPherson

Victoria Vanessa Buedo

Amanda Moxham

Gillian Case

Brett Murphy

Kate Lee Child

Megan Maree New

Nicole Clarke

Alison Michelle Nicholls

Rachel Amanda Ennis

Helena Margaret Powell

Allison Therese Fuller

Germaine Eve Quinn

Katie Lavina Goss

Michael Karl Robertson

Sarah Anne Hardie

Leanne Karen Ryan

Jacqueline Paula Holman

Kirrin Marijka Sampson

Susan Elizabeth Ibell

Clare Louise Scown

Stewart Robert Ison

Tamara Jane Shepherd

Paul Allan Jones

Andreea Sibana

Tara Katharine Jones

Jacqueline Sproal

Sandra Kafkis

Christoph Steinbeck

Belinda Salmon Kelly

Carolyn Jane Stephens

Helen Kourounis

Lucy Miranda Tetley

Alberta Lartey

Leigh Victoria Tsibogiannis

Medon Theodore Loupis

Alex Vanny

Benjamin Luke Lucas

Matthew Wolski

Master of Teaching (Secondary) Abir Abu-Samen

Christopher Robert O'Neill

Eman Alzaaim

Vic Adrian G Torio

Natasha Banks

Pietro Calogero Tusa

Jason Matthew Moulynox

Karen Lee Wilson-Polak

Catherine Jane Nash

Alisha Wood 13

Master of Training and Development Julia Jacqueline Krawitz

Marie Satya Anne Tanner

Edward James Penman

Graduate Diploma in Accounting Anna Borisovna Conn

Tetty Rosmaida Hutagalung

Graduate Diploma in Counselling for Health and Social Care Catherine Elizabeth Aitken

Caroline Alison McGrory

Karina Ashley Blake

Kelly Mitchell

Tieran Brownlee

Amanda Amar Nigroh

Penelope Louise Drane

Fatema Saddik

Lyndell Maree Huskins

Megan Stubberfield

Graduate Diploma in Economics Vivien Au

Michael Richard Ayling

Graduate Diploma in Education Michael Paul Armstrong

Julian Gough

Michael Belogiannis

Rachael Babe Wheturangi Green

Kristy Buchanan

Christopher John Haile

Stephen John Bullock

Matthew Allan Hathaway

Deborah Gail Bunn

Jody Louise Haydon

Nicollette Louise Burr

Rachel Ann Hennessy

Elle Mae Buyers

Brooke Hiesley

Amelia Caspers

Alice Rheta Broun Hudson

Craig Thomas Chappell

Lindsay Joanne Irik

Julianne Wendy Crichton

Megan Louise Jay

Cassie Anne Crompton

Byron Jaye

James David Cullen

Melissa Ann Jones

Grant William Dennis

Rebecca Lee Lawlor

Hannah Grace Dobos

Richard James Leahy

Julian Edward Drake-Brockman

Nathan Christian Leber

David Dun

Kylie Maree Lenhardt

Jacinta Lesley English

Mona Lotfi

Amy Fletcher

Jessica Lyons

Matthew Allan Forwood

Glenn David MacLaughlan

Amanda Fox

Manal Mandoh

Harriet Jane Friend

Michael Peter McGuiggan

Elizabeth Anne Glenday

Magali Mello


Joseph Roy Morris

Christine Carol Strangio-Frey

Rebeccah Amy Morris

Shaun Adam Tarring

Jacqueline Diane Moysey

Aidan Taylor

Megan Alana Muir

Samantha Jane Taylor

Anton Murru

Nip Tung Neptune Tsui

Justin Dean Newling

Priyanka Mary Victor

Brandon O'Donnell

Kathleen Jane Vroharis

Shahad Odeh

Joanne Georgette Waples

Samantha Teaghan Pope

Bradley Royce Warton

Jacqueline Emma Powers

Rachael Erin Weeks

Amy Pritchard

Roslyn Frances White

Carrol Quadrio

Kim Whitehead

Jillian Maree Riethmuller

David Malcolm Willsher

Monique Ellen Rogalski

Sarita Dionne Wilson

Rachael Louise Ryan

Caitlyn Elizabeth Wood

Suzanne Francoise Sherrington

Shao-Ping Yeh

Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies Martyne Burke

Lydia Ann Loy

Robert James Casey

Edren Ravino

Graduate Diploma in Management Marianne Carahalios

Nicholas Elliott Leddy

Michael Francis Dalton

Rowan David Maxwell

Graduate Certificate in Accounting Leah Marie Bradley

Yin Ling She

Kylie Lynch

Tracy Laura Wilmans

Zorica Poposka

Graduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing Kate Elizabeth Alexander

Kamila Jankowska

Clare Elle Bigeni

Beverley Ann Jones

Remia Kate Bruce

Craig Raymond Martin

Angela Louise French

Martin Georg William Nichols

Ashley Margaret Hayes

Georgekutty Puthettu Varkey

Melinda Louise Hayes

Brendon Russell

Scott Anthony Hayward

Beth Lillian Grace Thompson

Briony Rose Heneghan

Matthew Raymond Tricker

Amber Alyce Henry

Linda Wilson

Meaghan Rhianna Winspear Huey 15

Graduate Certificate in Education Studies Noeleen Elizabeth Bowen

Sylvia Yvonne Nunn

Graduate Certificate in eLearning Lex James Lucas

Graduate Certificate in Financial Services Paul Christian Andersen

Philip Kenneth Elmslie

Graduate Certificate in Health Management Lisa Ann Hogan

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management Samantha Ann Carter

Karl Robert Nielsen

Kim Margaret Ferguson

Charles Tuchtan

Graduate Certificate in International Schooling, Education and Development Anna F Ridley

Graduate Certificate in Management Peter Andrew Agnew

Callan Edward Robinson

Peter Yong-Sik Choo

Johanna Amy Sheppard

Ibrahim Dafalla F Habila

Matthew Peter Spark

Catherine Anne Heath

Vicki Vickery

Linda Catherine McGoldrick

David Alan Woodward

Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice Anna Coats

Brenda Claire Millican

Jessica Lauren Fardon

Joanne Marie O'Connell

Belinda Lylia Kelso

Andrew Gordon Phillips

Grant Leonard Kingston-Kerr


Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting Alicia Adams

Jordan Charles Langford-Smith

Lauren Ball

Stuart John McBeth

Tracy Jane Bashford

Andrew Ross Millar

Stefanie Berta

Caroline Muia

Sithea Chhea

Amanda Gay Padley

Je Hun Choi

Lisa Rosanna Parsons

Jurgen Clauss

Clement Edward George Plath

Abhay Dhir

Ramesh Pudasaini

Thu Thao Du

Veronique Sacco

Carron Lea Elvin

Matthew Shaw

Sophia Hilton Fitzgerald

Charmaine Trigg

Emran Osman Hassan

Denzil Twyman

Carly Michelle Henry

Nicholas John Viles

John Hollis

Floris Grove Visser

Mohammed Iqbal Hussain

Helen Welch

Deborah Anne King

Jennifer Helen Williams

Michael Andrew Knoke

Susan Jane Zesers

Dimuthu Asirini Kothalawala Kothalawala Appuhamilage Dona

Miranda Lin Zhu

Graduate Certificate in School Leadership Nadine Lyn Bellamy

Graduate Certificate in Special Education Matthew Hall

Sharlene Rebecca Roberts

Julie Anne Katherine Harrington

Colleen Margaret Salter

Rachelle Anne Marsden

Alicia Therese Squire

Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Catherine Therese Daniels

Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education Saeed Mahini

Juris Doctor Samantha Ann Rodriquez

Aleksandar Stupar


Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws with Honours Alex Leigh Bourne, Second Class Honours, Division 2

Bachelor of Economics with Honours Alexander Sardelic, Second Class Honours, Division 1 (conferred 22nd March 2014)

Bachelor of Laws with Honours Michelle Devenish Meares, First Class Honours

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws Nadia Therese Daoud

Nynka Stellema

Kenneth John Diplock

Matthew James Isaac Woolley

Rena Jamila Hamdan

Virginnia Joy Yow

Simon Josiah Mason

Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws Brieanna Gallagher

Bachelor of Criminology and Bachelor of Laws Dean Jonathan Bensch

Breanna Rose McLean

Ebony Jade Hopmere

Shannon Maree O'Brien

Samantha Manet Lees

Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws Jabez Andia Tilto

Bachelor of Environmental Science and Bachelor of Laws Elizabeth Jokantas

Bachelor of Financial Administration and Bachelor of Laws Elise Fordham

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching Michelle Elizabeth de Visser

Roslyn Latter

Kacey Jade Doyle

Brodie Rumsby

Lorinda Cristie Fernandez

Tanya Sickelmore

Claire Jennifer Irwin

Melissa Strawbridge


Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Economics Maria Rosa Criniti

Lliam Flynn

Martin Timothy Drebber

Bachelor of General Studies/Bachelor of Teaching Melissa Ann Wayan Cook

Jessica Ann Thomson

Nada Kazzi

Nicole Ann Wilson

Celene Moreira

Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Teaching Rachel Maree Piper

Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Teaching Elizabeth Verity Browne

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching Lance Benjamin Burgess

Sally Anne Jenkins

Luke Howlett

Bachelor of Special Education (Primary)/Bachelor of Disability Studies Sally Margaret Clough

Marlee Anne Hyeronimus

Cheryl Hudspeth

Clare Pritchard

Mandy Lee Hyeronimus

Bachelor of Administrative Leadership Natasha Hamilton

Bachelor of Agribusiness Emma Louise Redden

Bachelor of Business Graeme John Alley

Michael James Chalmers

Md Raisul Anam Izaz

Clifford Steven Davison

Alexander James Boland

Samuel Dennis

Christopher David Brooks

Monique Yvonne Donn-Patterson

Khue Bui

Ningning Fan 19

Ming Ze Gao

Ji Yao Sheng

James White Guest

Jacqueline Skelton

Katrina Hatcher

Hannah Taylor

Yue Hu

Ashlee Christine Van Katwyk

Wan Zhen Huang

Jia Wang

Scott Jeremy Lawler

Tianqi Wang

Yakun Li

Yajiao Wei

Yi Li

Christie Louise White

Yun Li

Peng Wu

Linke Liu

Yi Xi

Ryan James Lynn

Cunzhi Xu

Liang Ma

Hao Xue

Lachlan John Malcolm

Rong Yang

Harry McAlpine

Yizhe Yang

Amy Phillips

Xuan Zhou

Belinda Elizabeth Pratt

Chong Su Zhu

Junyan Shen

Yaning Zhu

Bachelor of Commerce Kelly Ann Hall

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) Scott Stephen Carey

Kareena Lee Pritchard

Benjamin Montgomery Carter

Qi Tang

Perrine Fleming

Matthew Velcich

Shuxuan Han

Jialing Wang

Han Li

Jianyang Wang

Qifan Liu

Zixuan Wang

Erin Locke

Xiaojun Yu

Phillip Vernon Mackey

Yin Yi Zhang

Junpei Ni

Ying Zheng

Katie Louise O'Brien

Bachelor of Economics Samuel Conway

Joel Murray

Nicholas Michael Green

Bachelor of Education Sharlene Dobbins


Leanne Joy Tuinanuya

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) Julie Anne Ker

Michelle Lesley Thomas

Michelle Jayne Leonard

Rachael Anne Wallace

Sharmaine Elizabeth McIlhutton

Hong Bonnie Wang

Renee Lesley Smyth

Bachelor of Education (Primary) Patrice Danielle Baker

Kylie Janine McCarthy

Kimberley Rose Biddle

Denise Maree McDermott

Sherie-Anne Lee Brown

Amy Lee McGarvie

Prudence Heidi Campbell Butt

Julie Anne Mitchell

Michelle Louise Cary

Paul Martin Oehlmann

Alyce Nadine Clay

Penelope Elizabeth Oliver-Sharp

Andrew James Davy

Rhiannon Rose-Mary Pace

Blair Douglas

Nikki Joy Pithers

Jane Elizabeth Grace Evans

Emma Jane Polson

Chloe Michelle Faust

Bridgeen Martine Pritchard

Emma Gamack

Kristina Ramsden

Danica Hawkins

Charmaine Crystal Sawyer

Keirra Lea Hourn

Elizabeth Sharkey

Catherine Louise Ieroianni

Tanya Sinclair

Kristy-Lee Johnson

Louise Elizabeth Sommerlad

Zachary Kenny

Cyndi Frances Stewart

Michelle Denise King

Amanda Thompson

Amylee Maree Knight

Tarnya Nicole Viney

Elise Laurie

Jessica Kate Vowels

Claire Rebecca Leicester-Johnson

Noni Ann Wellington

Emma Louise Mary Lynch

Laura Keeley Wilson

Elleigh Rowe Lysaught

Mary-Ann Elizabeth Wilson

Merryn Pamela Macinnes

Sarah Louise Wright

Rhione Kathleen Madden

Wendy Jane Wright

Tayla Jule Maloney

Bachelor of Educational Studies Rachel Maree Timmermann

Bachelor of Financial Administration Janet Irene Forster

Stacey Ogden

Divyansh Gaur


Bachelor of Health, Ageing and Community Services Lucia Revai Chaitezvi

Christine Laurel Mack

Narelle Maree Dixon

Lorraine Tafadzwa McNally

Jennifer Mary Govan

Jennifer May Moss

Joan Elizabeth Kambouris

Shay-anne Murphy

Raveena Khan

Kevin James Toby

Tuija Johanna Lindstrom

Frances Margaret Wilson

Bachelor of Laws Rachel Ansomaa Agyare-Mandigora

Mary Elizabeth Notzon Larsen

Belinda Kim Brogan

Jack Lindgren

Aaron Brooker

Taras Peter Maksymczuk

Morgan Aaron Bryant

Kimberly Jane Matheson

Emma Katherine Buggy

Melissa Jayne McKeering

Ned Cutcher

Andrea Louise Nash

Robert Michael Dickerson

Dominic Gregory Nunan

Mary Farah

Kingsley Okafor

Kate Elizabeth Field

Jonathon Paff

Angela May Flynn

Anthony Richard Prytz

Stephen Ralph Giddings

Sonja Radovic

Sandra Lee Gully and New England Award

Monica Brigid Rooney

Melanie Ann Hemers

Michelle Elizabeth Scotford

Chelsea Jenkins

Jan Shepley

Lisa Nicole Jones

Robert William Simpson

Naomi Lee Grant Kauter

Amberley Isabel Sprague

Vu Kim Anh Khong

Claire Melanie Kate Storace

Michael Robert Klimek

Annette Mary West

Joyce Krishna

Bachelor of Medicine Nicholas David Evans (conferred 24th June 2014)

Alexandra Jean Kullen (conferred 19th June 2014)

Dharshan Shehan Giritharan (conferred 19th June 2014)

James Grant White (conferred 19th June 2014)

Belal Mohamed Haniffa (conferred 19th June 2014)

Yamini Yadav (conferred 19th June 2014)

Bachelor of Nursing Sukhvir Kaur

Alison Faye Nastaly

Stephen John Leffers

Jessica Marie Smith

Cherie Alison Merrotsy 22

Bachelor of Organisational Leadership Barbie-Anne Badcock

Brenda Jacqueline Ryan

Stephen Paul Burton

James Allan Smart

Lorraine Morris Herring

Mark Stevens

Mark Irwin

Bruce Walker

Kathryn Janine Jackson

Gina Siu Ping Wong

Maryanne Jorgensen

Bachelor of Social Work Elizabeth Jane Beggs

Leigh Keiren Wagstaff

Alishya Gregg

Karen Marie Wilson

Holly Mahon

Ebony Jane Wisniewski

Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) Sally Arthur

Charlene Blanche Seaton Hutson

Phillipa Louise Ash

Madeline Therese Ingold

Louise Valerie Ayres

Kylie Eva Lenthall

Daniela Balmer

Megan Frances Liddell

Megan Clare Bayliss

Gloria Dawn Lindsay

Cindy Louise Bell

Josie Colleen MacDonald

Vicki Ann Byrne

Vanessa Mainwaring

Chantelle Elise Cain

Alexandra Carol Malam

Kristy Louise Chipperfield

Sabiha Yasmin McGowan

Marcus Gordon Cooper

Amy Maree Mills

Amanda Cox

Jackie Ann Nigro

Amy Lyn Cuss

Melissa Norris

Sarah Jane Dight

Titania Marguerite Nott

Burcin Dormanli

Christine Oei

Amy Louise Drinkwater

Nathan John Quinlan

Farheen Effandi

Sasha Ronalyn Riley

Mona El-Haouli

Sarah Ann Rodrigues

Kim Fenn-Lavington

Sarah Saad

Alicia Kathleen Fowler

Sonia Sedler

Tamara Louise Gardiner

Katherine Nicole Stockdale

Catherine Lesley Gillespie

Lisa Mary Travers

Samantha Gould

Leanne Lucille van der Merwe

Renee Harb

Cassandra Weymouth

Ailsa Jane Hartley

Tamily Lee Witchard

Jessica Leigh Howe

Angeline Wong Siew Cheng

Cindy Louise Hughes

Jirong Ye

Rebecca Ann Hughes-Fowler

Erna Yuliana

Kristy Anne Hulm

Monira Zein


Bachelor of Training and Development Anthony Bell

Brendan Roy Mathewson

Lauren Kate Bolton

Damon Matthew O'Donnell

Shane D'Souza

Gary Mark Pearce

Tanya Lynn Gerrie

Rebecca Jane Shannon

Peter Daniel Griffiths

Scott Gordon Young

Emma Joanne Higgisson

Diploma in Business Curtis Anthony Brennan Kate Marie Hearne

Diploma of Commerce Amie Hanlan


Antonio Tronolone

Conferral of Awards - 23 May 2014 Master of Business Administration Shane Channells Katarzyna Chojnowski Vu Phuong Dang Anthony Evatt Hamill Daniel Gordon Lewis Victor Ma Alison Louise O'Brien Maree O’Flaherty

Shelley Anne Porter John Paul Pullicino Easwaran Puvanendran Glyn Raines Eliza Jane Redden Debbieanne Louise Schubert Matthew David Spark Belinda Gaye Zammit

Master of Commerce Saud Mindil S Almuarqib Saeed Hussain M Alqahtani Bashir Bello Xiao Jia Hao Li Joshua Little

Chen Han Lu Aman Mebrahtom Beraki Walter Franz Neulist Ci Wang Shuo Yang

Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting) Tony Cree Barry Estrella Bokay Anton Morne Botes Lee Browning Susanne Christina Bruen David Gregory Collogan Peter Czako Laura Grace De Klerk Nuwan Anuradha Dissanayake

Matthew Noel Gadd Andreas Karl Heiduck Jaroslava Klouba Lal Paulose Kollirethu Peter Krstevski Tania Maree Magon Andrew Osborne Ricardo Rivas Li Yu

Master of Counselling Alison Hood Jaya Catherine Talbot

Tania Lee Tisdell


Master of Economic Studies Golden Bells Tayebwa

Master of Education Margaret Rita Connor Sarah Jane Dehouche John Kiruchu Muthoni

Jason Ian Pringle Janey Desiree Walker

Master of Education (Special Education) Nicholas Jon Volk

Master of Health Science Jakob Bartholomew Sletteland

Master of Laws Wayde Braund

Master of Leadership Jermaine Alberts Sanaa Ghabbar

Graeme Henry Tudor Josef Walter Ziegelbauer

Master of Nursing Kamila Anna Osiak

Master of Organisational Development and Strategic Human Resource Management Rolf Rebner

Tamara Nicole Rose

Master of Professional Accounting Maria Agulto John Barakat Dawn Ann Boyd Alexander David Clark Cassandra Coy Evgeny Esaoulov

Alexander Richard Herlihy Shaun Andrew McCheane Zane John Rizoski Anthony Spina Emma Wallis

Master of Strategic Organisational Development Peter Leau


Master of Teaching (Primary) Kirsty Helen Nash Lisa Robinson

Vanessa Elizabeth Thomson

Master of Teaching (Secondary) Melinda Jewel Boyce Dane William Fuller

Tamara Kate Jackson Jacqueline Ann Wilson

Master of Training and Development Nasser Suleiman Nasser Al Adawi

Kerry Shanahan

Graduate Diploma in Accounting Paul Boeru Pranav Kaushal

Josephine Elizabeth Marshall Suresh Subramaniam

Graduate Diploma in Acute Care Nursing Renae Louise Fletcher Kandas Peta Miller

Brooke Jane Morrison

Graduate Diploma in Applied Anatomy by Dissection Chandra Swaroop Annabattula Daman Deep Singh Bhatia Anthony Minh Tien Chau Siu Joon Choi Michael Cosman Ella Darveniza Theadora Forster-Anderson Nikolas Fountas Ellen Marie Frydenberg Bernadette Goodwin Dakshika Abeydeera Gunaratne Samuel Hall Andrew Theodore Hattam Christopher Huang Sean Huang Mazyar Irani Sharon Jay Imran Kader Shaveen Dharshana Kanakaratne Andrew James Kanawati Vincent King Kit Ho David Lee So Ve Kirsti Lee James Michael Lonie Maree Jane Loveluck Adam Ian MacFarlane Ragavan Manoharan

Lucy Ann Marney Sunny Nalavenkata Matthew Robert Oates Sudipto Pal Jemma Kate Porrett Liesel Jane Porrett Wilson Pujawiyatna Saissan Rajendran Sophia Roser Gareth Taylor Rutter Adam John Scarlett Valerie Alexine See Renishka Sellayah Gajan Selvakumaran Oludolapo Oluyinka Sotade Michael Wilson Strong Abayasankar Sundaram Cheng Lin Ting Sonia Ngoc Quynh Tran Elle Alexandra Vandervord Rowan Walker Charles Werren Shehan Shevantha Wickramasinghe Zoheb Berry Williams Jason Jay Wong Liang Xu 27

Graduate Diploma in Counselling for Health and Social Care Stephanie Margaret Ivos

Paula Prieto

Graduate Diploma in Economics Josef Jacob Chick

Paul Andrew Wallace

Graduate Diploma in Education Martin Lewis Allen-Scott Katherine Frances Amos Shaun Bulcock Jessica Ann Dawes Grace Maya Flaihan Lauren Hunt Adam Mills Kalananda Parameswaran

Diosdado Leon Pascual Shane Patricia Pickett Emily Takayama Lincoln Tasker Mehmet Akif Yucel Luke Benjamin Scott Zaphir Rebecca Anne Zarafa

Graduate Diploma in Financial Services William Lee

Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies Govind Balakrishna Pillai

Graduate Certificate in Accounting Jessica Mary Alexander Rocky Rajesh Naickar

Gerry Papas Megan Liu Wang

Graduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing Alixandra Eddy Kathryn McCutchan Nicolas Anthony Parkinson Azell Reynolds

Russell Martin Skor Kiera Louise Smith Hayley Elizabeth White

Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education and Teaching Cheryl Kathryn Vette

Graduate Certificate in Education Studies Julie Kay Bain

Harold Harrington Poulton

Graduate Certificate in eLearning Michael Colenso


Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management Natasha McEwan Rachel Norma Leona Peel

Penelope Jane Ward

Graduate Certificate in Management Anna Louise Boyce Andrew James Buttler Michael James Cooney David Stephen Cornford James Edward Coulter

Satyanarayan Pandurangrao Dhongade Steve Scott Eastwood Bradley Allen Griffiths Fiona Maree Leatham

Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice Tieran Brownlee Kenneth David Cole Leanne Formica Mary Terese Newton

Rebecca Jane Paterson Carla Josephine Silva Felicity Lee Simpson

Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting Fiona Balkin Rebecca Kate Battese Samantha Louena Betts Adam Lloyd Campbell Kheng Min Chen Elizabeth Anne Cranston Erandani Kamani De-Silva Priyantha Ramani Dheerasundara Bruce Gordon Dougherty Anthony Faralla Cigdem Firat Janet Lee Fitzgerald Stephen Robert Goode Alison Haglund Corey Hall Lori Hearne Lee Anne Howse Isaiah Charles Huang Bilal Kassab Bachi Dahhan

Yuliya Kharlamova Wai Lee Yifei Li Sandra Patricia McCarthy Kathryn Ann Mehonoshen Suzanne Kaye Neucom Rachel Palmer Yi Pan Denis Jean-Alain Paul Samantha Jane Reid Leon Robinson Joseph Ciro Angelo Sangiacomo Karen Denise Sankey Joseph Nicholas Sharpe Nina Totzek Alicia Louise Williams Simon James Williams Yangsoo Youn

Graduate Certificate in Special Education Martine Jane Earsman Mark David Officer

Susan Margaret Walker

Juris Doctor Patrick Reeder

Thi Ngoc Han Tran


Bachelor of Social Work with Honours Caitlin Maree Neal, Second Class Honours, Division 1

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws Phillip Gallo

Justine Kimi

Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws Richard O'Halloran Rachael Angelika Savian

Nicholas Mark Leyden

Bachelor of Financial Administration and Bachelor of Laws Vincent William Mah

Maja Popovic

Bachelor of Agricultural and Resource Economics James Andrew Campbell MacArthur

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching Jacqueline Iris Cliffe Janine Elizabeth Faulkner Snezana Pajovic

Meredith Lynne Starke Lachlan James Stewart

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Teaching Hayley Matas

Bachelor of General Studies/Bachelor of Teaching Kathryn Maree Janecek Jacqueline Maree McKenzie

Roslyn Joy Ronai

Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Teaching Gabrielle Leanne Dixon

Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Teaching Melanie Sampson


Bachelor of Business Emma Louise Anderson Hongjuan Chang Lei Cui Jane Ann Holman Dechuan Liu Yutong Liu Xiao Qiu

Christopher Wilson Qian Yang Qian Yu Wenying Zeng Xin Zhang Li Wei Zhao

Bachelor of Commerce William Raymond Richardson

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) Albert Jin Qijun Liu

Lauren McPherson Sophie Mathilde Nicholas

Bachelor of Economics Tobias Ross Moran

Bachelor of Education Madhu Lata Narayan

Suzanne Rogers

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) Vanessa Ann Brown

Brooke Conlan

Bachelor of Education (Primary) Kym Maree Condon Ruth Cheree Hill Felicity Jane Mason Carol Louise Mayoh

Leah Maree Miller Noni Isabel Rolfe Annette Ruth Smith

Bachelor of Health, Ageing and Community Services Kathryn Anita Wood


Bachelor of Laws Jessica Rose Adams Alina Theresa Nicole Anderhuber Morgen Verge Blunden Shannon Byrne Anna Renee Christiansen Stephen Cope Allison Marie Couchman Kim Gina Ellis Beatriz Teresa Espasandin-Stotz Annette Louise Gibson Elizabeth Elaine Harding Tegan June Harris Katie Dee Hrobelko Sarah Hubbard Jennifer Jennings Kylie Michelle Jones

Dean Scott Lyon Jessica Kate McCarthy Rizwan Ismail Mohinudeen Karl Edward Mortensen Laura Dianne Nightingale Issa Rabaya David Mathew Robson Penelope Helen Russell Harinder Singh Sandhu Sonja Elenor Schoenborn Anna Elizabeth Sutton Jade Lee Symons Matthew Peter Michael Tedeschi Lachlan David White Emily Margaret Kate Willmott

Bachelor of Organisational Leadership Louise Elizabeth Ardita

Bachelor of Social Work Brooke Elizabeth Hancock

Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) Joanne Anderson Carol Ann Bush Teresa Dawn Campbell Katie Louise Chesterton Kim Amelia Everitt Ellen Therese Fitzgerald Juani Gomez Anna Fortunata Grimes Michele Margaret Hanson Shelley Hawtin Sarah Emmeline Huddleston Alexis Louise Jeffery Jin Hee Kim Na Hee Kim


Lay Keng Lim Leanne Maree Lockrey Tanya Liisa Millerand Denise Fay Millward Merna Mustapha Heidi Maree Nelson Vanessa Jane Oatley Danielle Samphier Eun Jung Shin Kate Leigh Sinclair Kate Ashley Sutcliffe Cathryn Ann Thomas Bianca Sarah Wood

Bachelor of Training and Development Peter John Hollingworth

Jeffrey William O'Halloran

Advanced Diploma in Nursing Louise Jayne Chomley

Leah Gillan

Diploma in Business Arthur Manning Doughty

Tania Muriel May


The Stole The stole was introduced in 1991 as part of the academic dress for diplomates. Like the other elements of academic dress - the cap, the gown and the hood - the stole has evolved from the dress of the medieval clergy; indeed the stole was once part of the hood itself. In medieval times the hood was a garment of every day dress. Over the centuries it developed an appendage or tail known as a liripipe, which was used both for pulling the hood off the head and for wrapping round the throat with the hood worn on the head, both to keep the hood in place, and for warmth. It was during the 15th century that changing fashions dictated that the liripipe should be shortened or removed entirely from the hood to form a separate scarf or stole. The liripipe remains in stylised form today in the tail of academic hoods of this and many other universities. The stole has evolved along two paths: it remains as a separate academic article for certain awards at this University and other universities including Oxford, Cambridge and London, and although no longer in general use, vestiges of the stole remain in the form of the “lapel” on the front and the yoke at the back of all academic gowns of the Oxbridge design. The stoles worn by Fellows and diplomates of The University of New England are in the University’s official distinguishing colour of gold and those for Fellows are edged with green silk. Diploma stoles have coloured satin ribbons to identify the disciplinary area, arranged so as to identify the level of the award. Associate diplomas have a ribbon or bar running horizontally at chest level; other undergraduate diplomas have a single vertical ribbon; graduate diplomas have two vertical ribbons.

The Mace The mace is carried by the Esquire Bedell before the Chancellor as a symbol of the fact that the Chancellor represents the tradition of the University and that in him is vested the authority and good name of the University. The mace, together with its teak wood box, was presented to the University by Dr P A Wright, to mark the establishment of the University and the installation of the first Chancellor, the Right Honourable Sir Earle Page on August 4, 1955. The mace was designed and made by Gerald Benney of London under the general direction of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. The engraving on the mace was drawn by Gerald Benney and executed by T C F Wise, who was regarded as the finest engraver in Europe at the time. Prior to its dispatch to Australia, the mace was displayed at an exhibition of modern craftsmanship in gold and silver where it was regarded by competent British authorities as “the most beautiful Mace made in England in modern times”. While it combines in exact form all the characteristics of a mediaeval fighting mace, its design is modern and singularly appropriate to The University of New England. Some data about the mace material: sterling silver length: 1.2m weight: 2.92kg


The Coat of Arms: Explanatory Notes The shield bears three Tudor roses on a “chief gold” and in the first quarter of the shield appears the constellation of the Southern Cross. These emblems attempt to express the idea of the University carrying on the British University tradition under southern skies. This idea is also implied in the coronet encircling the helmet which stands on the shield. The finials of the coronet are alternately a sprig of wattle for Australia and an acorn for England. The crest of the helmet is a cresset of flame which the College of Heralds recommended as a more unusual and no less significant way of symbolising “learning”. The lions of England support the shield and a hunting horn is suspended by a green cord around the neck of each lion. The hunting horn is the heraldic badge of the Forster family, to which one of the founders of the University, the late T.R. Forster of Abington, Armidale, belonged. The College of Heralds attempted to acknowledge the title of the University, thereby implying that we have risen out of British tradition and British stock, but are developing in our own way in Australia. The motto is taken from “the Agricola” by the Roman historian Tacitus who, describing the early life of Agricola, speaks of his interest in philosophy, to which in his youthful enthusiasm he eagerly devoted himself. But, Tacitus implies, he avoided the extremes into which philosophical studies often led men at this time, when Stoicism tended to become identified with opposition to the Imperial system of government: retinuitque, quod est difficillimum, ex sapientia modum — “and he retained from his wisdom moderation — a most difficult achievement.” Modus is here used in the sense of moderation, balance, a temperament preventing one from being carried into extremes. This was a quality that Agricola displayed in practice throughout his life. In our motto the word is intended to express the same meaning, the quality of moderation reflecting a balanced judgment based on wisdom.

Distinguishing Colours For the purpose of academic dress for bachelor degrees and diplomas, the University has identified fifteen disciplinary areas each one of which has been awarded a distinguishing colour or colours. The areas and colours are: humanities - white

ethnic/area studies


black and post office box red

social studies


old rose

education - violet sciences - straw

mathematics and computing -

powder blue

visual and performing arts

spectrum green


engineering - copper brown

health sciences

administration and business -


peony red spectrum orange

economics - peacock blue law - ultramarine built environment - mace agriculture - dioptase

forestry, parks and wildlife



Colours are displayed in the linings of hoods, on the edges of stoles and on the facings and in the sleeve linings of gowns for doctorates. Hoods and gowns are black for degrees of bachelor and master whilst for doctorates they are scarlet.


ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR Australians all let us rejoice, For we are young and free, We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil; Our home is girt by sea; Our land abounds in nature’s gifts Of beauty rich and rare; In history’s page, let every stage Advance Australia Fair. In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair.

GAUDEAMUS Gaudeamus igitur, iuvenes dum sumus; Gaudeamus igitur, iuvenes dum sumus; Post iucundam iuventutem, Post molestam senectutem Nos habebit humus, nos habebit humus. Vivat Academia! Vivant Professores! Vivat Academia! Vivant Professores! Vivat membrum quodlibet, Vivant membra quaelibet, Semper sint in flore! semper sint in flore!

English Translation Let us rejoice therefore While we are young. After a pleasant youth After a troublesome old age The earth will have us. Long live the academy! Long live the teachers! Long live each and every student member, For ever may they flourish.


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