"The Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy"

Table of Contents Introduction................................................................................................................................... Chapter 1: Pick 4 Lottery- The Game, Basics and more… ....................................... Chapter 2: Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy Basic Numbers……………………………. Chapter 3: Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy Step By Step Guide………………………. Chapter 4: Conclusion…………………………………………………………………

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Welcome to the Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy, this is by far the only proven way to win the pick 4 lottery, time and time again! You have just made a wise investment by purchasing this guide. This is not just your average purchase, it's a true investment because locked in here are secrets that have taken a lot of time and effort to compile. Lots of math, trial and error, and expert analysis went into creating this for your needs. By purchasing this guide, you will see your investment come back several times over, if you follow the steps exactly.

Before we get into the secrets to Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy, you will need to first understand the game on a very basic level. It's very important that you do not skip to the good stuff here; you need to be patient and read through this guide slowly.

3 Keys to Ultimate Success With the Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy

Before you move forward into the numbers and trying to figure out the numerals that we have compiled for your overall winning needs, we have a few keys that will help you succeed. Take note of the following 3 things that will help you. This will help your mindset when you start to make bets.


Patience - If you rush through this guide and assume that you

can't do it, or it's too hard, you will not make money. This is not said to discount your knowledge or to discourage you, it's simply something that needs to be on your mind. This is not a fly by night operation; this is a real proven strategy that requires a little bit of patience to set up correctly. Set this up correctly and you will make serious money.


Dedication - Do not get discouraged if on your first try you do

not make millions. This is not a guide to making millions on day 1, it's a matter of investing time into learning how to change your odds from 1 in tens of thousands to something far better. Dedicate yourself to learning the guide and really understanding the basic and advanced principles so that you are making serious money.


Restraint/Discipline - The last thing you need to remember is to

make sure that you restrain yourself and use a little bit of discipline after you start making profit. You might be tempted to make your bets double, triple, or get impatient and bank on something that is not there. Do not let dollar signs control the strategy. You will find that it will lead to ruin. Restrain yourself and stick to the guide to ensure you're making the right moves.

There are going to be times when you don't want to move forward, you might lose once or twice, however, it's imperative that you don't lose focus. Revert back to this guide time and time again to calculate the numbers you need to win. Every state is different, but the principles you will find here apply to every state that has a pick 4 game. Remember, it's best to get rich slowly with this, and not a flash in the pan. Take your time, consider the fine details, and really understand the numbers; it's in that process that this will all become clear to you. The aforementioned are 3 universal keys you need to move forward.

Chapter 1: Pick 4 Lottery- The Game, Basics and more

The Game

The odds of playing Pick 4 without this strategy guide, you are looking at what seems like insurmountable odds. The odds of winning on a regular bet are 1:10,000 of winning the pick 4 lottery with just "luck". Those are terrible odds! A 1:10,000th of a chance is beyond slim; it's extremely low and something that you can't making a living playing with on your own. Luckily you have found this guide, because we will show you exactly what you need to do to win the pick 4 lottery for the long haul!

*Example of a Pick 4 Ticket commonly used.

How to fill out the play slip:


Choose 4 lucky numbers from the digits 0 through 9, or mark

"Quick Pick" and the computer will select numbers at random for you.


Choose the amount you would like to wager.


Choose the way you want to play by selecting one of three choices:

Straight, Box or Straight/Box


Choose the number of drawings you want to play; you normally

can play upwards of 7 consecutive draws per pay slip.


Choose the drawing time that you want to play; there are usually 2

a day, while some states only do one. If there are two, choose only one to start, and two in the latter days. (When you become more comfortable)


Save your ticket in order to ensure that you can claim your


The above six steps are the very basics to the way the ticket is laid out. Some tickets will try to design things a bit differently, but the most common layout will allow you to play the way it is talked about above. Refer to the image shown if you have never seen the often-used Pick 4 layout. You have to look past clever designs, colors and more to fully take advantage of how to play. If you aren't sure about playing, take a few moments to study the ticket. Read over it, look at the rules, and see if there's any design tricks that the lotto company is trying to pull over your eyes. Sometimes the designs are limited edition or the companies try to get an edge by changing where you mark things, so make sure that you always take a moment to look carefully at the layout before you make your number selection.

Before we move to the numbers take the following notes: Learn the game Take your time filling out the card Watch out for design changes Don't get flustered if you don't win on day 1 Remember the 3 keys to success

If you keep the above in mind, you'll be ready for the numbers.

The Breakdown (Numbers) The following is where you start to get a feel for the numbers. The crux of the game involves numbers. If math intimidates you, or you're not good at mixing numbers, don't panic. Take a deep breath, and look at the numbers and the charts that we are going to show you. These numbers are going to help you gain better odds in playing. They are not meant for you to do some sort of trigonometry or some far out mathematics, it's to showcase the winners easier. The chart below will show you an example of possible bets, example of what you can select, and the payouts. Study this chart and get familiar with it.


Description of Possible Bets


Example If You Select

You Are A Winner (Example)


$.50 Play

$1 Play



5,000 for 1



(Odds: 1 in 10,000) 4-Way Box

Only exact match wins 1112

1112 1121 1211 2111

1,200 for 1




1122 2121 2112

800 for 1



400 for 1



(Odds: 1 in 2,500) 6-Way Box (Odds: 1 in 1,666.67) 12-Way Box (Odds: 1 in 833.33)

1221 1212 2211 1123

1123 1132 1213 1231 1321 1312 2113 2131 2311 3211 3121 3112

24-Way Box


1234 1342 2134 2341 3142 3241 4123 4231

200 for 1



(Odds: 1 in 416.67) 1243 1423 2143 2413 3124 3412 4132 4312 1324 1432 2314 2431 3214 3421 4213 4321

As you can see from the chart, in order to hit a straight Pick 4 drawing your odds are 1:10,000. That is not exactly favorable in any sense of the word. In order to make a stable income playing this game, you will need to go with safer bets, easier routes and always play what is known as a 24-way box combination each and every single time. If you do this, you will be able increase your odds overall. A 24-way Box/Combo 4-digit number can be arranged in 24 winning possible combinations, which means that for your dollar, you can seriously make a dent. You are more likely to hit a straight when the numbers are drawn than other options.

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Chapter 2: Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy Basic Numbers

Example Play (Numbers)

The 24 possible positions of the 4-digit number 124 are:

• 1234,1243,1423,4123,1324,1342, • 1432,4132,3124,3142,3412,4312, • 2134,2143,2413,4213,2314,2341, • 2431,4231,3214,3241,3421,4321 • 1234,1243,1423,4123,1324,1342, • 1432,4132,3124,3142,3412,4312, • 2134,2143,2413,4213,2314,2341, • 2431,4231,3214,3241,3421,4321

By focusing on the 24-way box combination you will blow through the odds. The odds with this 24-way option you will change the odds from 1:10,000 and

instead have a 1:416 chance of winning! You won't even have to utilize any sort of strategy to get the numbers; this is just by throwing out a 24-way box combo! Keeping that in mind, you will now be presented the Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy that will be using ONLY this idea of a 24-Way Box betting system.

Quick Notes For Success Go back over the number sets, make sure you understand them. Take notes Get ready to understand the strategy that will come Do not lose sight of the 24-box combo If you aren't solid on any of the information thus far, go back and read it again

For some, this is all they need to know. Dropping a 24-box combo with just 1234 might seem like a good idea for you, if you have a lot of money to simply throw away, but if you're serious about making a profit, you'll enjoy what is coming up next. The complete guide to Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy is just getting started!

Chapter 3: Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy-Your Step by Step Guide

You could walk away right now and make money over time. Your odds to this point have improved to a great deal better than the average Joe walking up to the lotto desk. However, that's not the reason why you've invested money into this guide is it? If it was, go for it, play the game and enjoy marginal earnings. It's not a bad thing, it can be fun, but if you're into the big bucks, this chapter will give you a step by step guide of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. The following will change the way you think about Pick 4.

The Steps

Step 1: The beginning the Winning Pick 4 Ultimate Strategy you will need to take the numerals of 0 through 9 and place them into 2 different groups. The low numbers: 0-1-2-3 The high numbers: 4-5-6-7-8-9

Step 2: Take a moment to find your state's past 30 drawings. You will need the winning numbers to make sure that you can find the frequently occurring LOW NUMBER. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! There is no shortcut here, trust me, I've tried. Without the past 30 drawings, you will not be able to implement this strategy to the max.

***Please Note***If your state has both the midday and evening drawing, you must keep both of these drawings separate. You will need to analyze the data separately for each drawing once you decide if you want to play the midday, evening, or both. If you forget to separate these numbers, or you somehow make mistakes in your calculations, you will find the results to be disastrous. This will take you a little bit of work, but it's not hard. Separate the two and decide which option you're going to play if not both. It's not advisable to play both on your first trial run with this strategy. Pick 1, then when you get the hang of things, try to play both.

Step 3: Once you have found your state's most frequently occurring LOW number, you will want to wheel this number with ALL the HIGH numbers and play $0.50 box for a total of $10 everyday. You will be plugging in the state's most frequently occurring number in to the following 20 combinations below:

1. 456 2. 457 3. 458 4. 459 5. 467 6. 468 7. 469 8. 478 9. 479 10. 489 11. 567 12. 568 13. 569

14. 578 15. 579 16. 589 17. 678 18. 679 19. 689 20. 789

At this point, you need to replace the opening spot with your state's most frequently occurring number so that you have 20 combinations to play each and everyday.

***As soon as you win your first paycheck, you will need to reevaluate your state's most frequently occurring LOW number*** After you have done that, proceed to repeat steps 1 - 3 ***

If you are confused, or don't understand what the point of the steps above are, do not panic. We are going to showcase a real world example next based on real world drawings from recent Pick 4 Drawings.

Now that you know the initial steps in winning the Pick 4 lottery, it's important to look at the real world examples that we are going to show you below.

In order to make sure that we could pull any major numbers, we looked at the past drawings for North Carolina as an example. North Carolina has 2 Pick 4 drawings a day. If your state has a mid day and an evening one, you will need to remember to separate your data! Make sure that you do not mix the two, or you will not make the money.

We are going to pretend the date is recent, and we are living in the state of North Carolina before moving forward. The drawings from the past 30 drawings are selected from Sept 30 th through Oct 30th 2012!

Draw Date - Winning Numbers Sep 30, 2012 Sep 29, 2012 Sep 28, 2012 Sep 27, 2012 Oct 27, 2012 Oct 26, 2012 Oct 25, 2012 Oct 24, 2012 Oct 23, 2012 Oct 22, 2012 Oct 21, 2012 Oct 20, 2012 Oct 19, 2012

2-8-1-0 89-2-6 3-85-0 8-2-71 4-0-8-1 6-4-5-4 85-1-7 2-47-0 1-6-74 6-1-0-9 6-3-0-1 77-0-5 7-50-3

Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct

18, 2012 17, 2012 16, 2012 15, 2012 14, 2012 13, 2012 12, 2012 11, 2012 10, 2012 9, 2012 8, 2012 7, 2012 6, 2012 5, 2012 4, 2012 3, 2012 2, 2012 1, 2012

9-6-2-9 5-1-6-0 37-5-5 0-64-7 3-2-10 5-6-7-9 7-6-2-9 82-5-7 5-06-3 3-2-7-1 77-6-8 1-64-0 1-1-04 5-3-6-1 9-6-3-5 71-9-0 2-36-0 6-2-55

At this point, we will have the data necessary to analyze the state's 4 LOW frequently occurring numbers and see which one will be utilized in the wheel to win.

Frequency of 0 occurring in data = 16 times

Frequency of 1 occurring in data = 17 times

Frequency of 2 occurring in data = 18 times

Frequency of 3 occurring in data = 10 times

As we see from the data that is shown above, the number the low number that occurs most often is 2. Now, take the number 2 and plug it into the wheel replacing _ below:

1. _456 2. _457 3. _458 4. _459 5. _467 6. _468 7. _469 8. _478 9. _479 10. _489 11. _567 12. _568 13. _569 14. _578 15. _579 16. _589

17. _678 18. _679 19. _689 20. _789

Special Note*** From time to time you will get a tie in regards to the most frequently looking occurring number. If you get a tie, make sure that you choose the lowest frequently occurring number! ****

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Here are the 20 combinations we will be playing for October 3rd, 2012 using the $.50 play and 24-way box bet combination.









































***Please Note-You can use this strategy playing $1.00 each day or even more. The more money you risk per day, the more you will win! Playing $.50, 24-Way box bet will earn you a nice $100.00!***

Let's take a look at the results for September 30th-October 13th and see when we would have won the pick 4 lottery!

Draw Date Winning Numbers Sep 30, 2012 Sep 29, 2012 Sep 28, 2012 Sep 27, 2012 Oct 27, 2012 Oct 26, 2012 Oct 25, 2012 Oct 24, 2012 Oct 23, 2012 Oct 22, 2012 Oct 21, 2012 Oct 20, 2012 Oct 19, 2012 Oct 18, 2012 Oct 17, 2012 Oct 16, 2012 Oct 15, 2012 Oct 14, 2012

2-8-1-0 89-2-6 3-85-0 8-2-71 4-0-8-1 6-4-5-4 85-1-7 2-47-0 1-6-74 6-1-0-9 6-3-0-1 77-0-5 7-50-3 9-6-29 5-1-6-0 3-7-5-5 06-4-7 3-2-1-0

October 13, 2012 2 - 5 - 8 - 9