The perfect recipe for the perfect taste. Introducing the VeroBar and VeroCafe Latte coffee machines from Bosch

German Engineered

2 | Bosch fully automatic coffee machines

Invented for life. Technology for your enjoyment. We have made significant contributions to progress in the modern home, improving people’s quality of life step-by-step: including our fridge from 78 years ago, the first electric kitchen appliance in 1952, and many other ground-breaking inventions since, such as our new, energy-efficient home appliances.

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On the basis of this unique know-how, today we develop products that make it even easier and more convenient in the kitchen to get the daily food preparation done to perfection – and above all, enjoy it.

Quality of life


Bosch products make daily life

Bosch home appliances meet the most

and work at home easier and more

exacting performance requirements and

enjoyable. The focus is on developments

offer optimal ease-of-use. The Bosch

that considerably contribute to easing

product philosophy is characterised

the load, creating a little more quality

by high perceived value and value

of life every day.

retention. The premium quality is


made tangible by high-quality materials,

Bosch acts on the basis of clear

which is visible in the workmanship.

long-term principles, making it a reliable

Technical competency

partner in times of rapid change. Bosch

Through experience and innovative

regards responsibility for the community,

spirit of the great inventors brand,

people and their environment as an

Bosch guarantees superior technical

important guiding maxim. The program

achievements and the ability to combine

‘Green Technology inside’ shows our

new technologies with proven systems.

commitment to a better future, and

That’s how Bosch offers holistic,

we give due regard to ecological criteria

matured solutions that focus on

in the development of our efficient

the needs of people and generates

and particularly resource-conserving

greater quality of life through

home appliances.

maximum user benefit.

4 | Bosch fully automatic coffee machines

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Coffee as an economic factor

Well travelled and well loved.

7.5 billion kilograms of coffee: After crude oil, coffee is the second biggest trade item in the world. Global demand is around 123 million 60 kg sacks of coffee or approx. 7.5 billion kilograms (2007). In cultivating and consumer countries, it is estimated that more than one hundred million people are employed in the coffee business

Coffee: source of pleasure, cultural possession and economic factor. Read more about the most successful hot drink in the world. Coffee and its origins

around the world.

Coffee and its contents The aromas – The aromas are the main reason why coffee tastes so good. Around 950 different aromas have been

9th century – The history of coffee starts in Ethiopia, which many see as the

discovered and recorded in the last few hundred years.

cradle of mankind. Legend has it that Kaldi, a goatherd from Abyssinia, noticed

It is believed that coffee contains between 1200 and 1400

that his animals always frolicked around with boundless energy after they had

different aromas.

eaten the leaves and flowers from a certain bush. Kaldi saw what made the plant so valuable – its stimulating effect.

Caffeine – Despite the powerful flavour, espresso surprisingly contains around 40% less caffeine than a normal cup of coffee. The short extraction time means that less bitterness and tannin is extracted from the ground coffee, as well as less caffeine, giving it its exceptional lightness.

Coffee and politics 1645 – the first coffee house. Coffee is called the drink of democracy, as cafés and coffee houses (the first coffee house was opened in Venice’s St Mark’s Square in 1645) were the first public places in Europe where both men and women of all classes could socialise openly. With this new freedom to gather and think openly, people began to discover a new way of life.


Coffee and its consumption Who drinks how much coffee? The amount of coffee drunk decreases significantly as you look from north to south. In hot regions, people tend to prefer them in stronger concentrations. While 11.9 kg of coffee is drunk per capita in Finland every year, the Italians come in at just 5.6 kg.

6 | Bosch fully automatic coffee machines

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Open up your own coffee bar with sophisticated technology from Bosch. When it comes to coffee, Bosch will deliver the taste you desire.

With the VeroBar and VeroCafe fully automatic coffee machines, you can prepare coffee creations that a real barista could not make any better.


8 | Bosch fully automatic coffee machines

Do you love variety? Welcome to Bosch. A contents list for coffee lovers.

10 The Art of Bosch Coffee 16 Understanding the ingredients 18 Range overview

Machine overview Espresso & Co

TES 70 and TES 50

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10 | Bosch fully automatic coffee machines

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A perfect flavour is an art in itself. An art that we have skilfully mastered.

In prestigious international competitions and product tests

Of course, it’s great to receive awards and recognition

of all types, the best are pitted against the best – and we

for our often totally unique solutions, performance

continue to take the top spot, winning prizes and awards

and quality. However, the most important consideration

for exemplary design, supreme functionality and for the

for us is the satisfaction of our customers.

quality of our products.

The AromaPro innovation:

Stiftung Warentest:

A precise pressure system provides the

In the 12/2010 Stiftung Warentest, the VeroBar 100

finest flavour and an exquisite crema,

fully automatic coffee machine was the overall winner.

always pressing the ground coffee perfectly,

It performed exceptionally well in the sensory category.

Bosch is the only manufacturer to provide everything

regardless of the quantity. Due to the convex shape of the

Espressos, cappuccinos and latte macchiatos made

Our appliances also feature many patented and ground-

you need for your household from a single source. Small

tamper, the water follows a longer route through the ground

with the VeroBar 100 also rated well.*

breaking product innovations, such as our ‘barista technology’

household appliances for preparing food and coffee, products

coffee, releasing more aromas.

AromaPro in the VeroBar and VeroCafe fully automatic coffee

in floor and textile care and health and beauty. Large household

machines, giving the finest flavour and exquisite crema.

appliances such as fridges, which handle food with greater care, or washing machines and dishwashers making daily work easier and protecting the environment with some of the most efficient energy and water consumption rates there are.

*Stiftung Warentest, leading German product review organisations...

12 | Bosch fully automatic coffee machines

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Enjoy coffee creations like only a barista can offer you. Prepare your favourite coffee at the touch of a button.

The VeroBar is a dream come true in the world of fully

So convenient – navigate the user-friendly plain text display

automatic coffee machines, meeting every wish.

with just one button and switch instantly from espresso

Uniquely designed, with its flowing lines and high-quality

to latte macchiato with the pivoting coffee outlet.

control display in the centre. Details such as the chrome

Your options are endless when it comes to preparing

handle on the bean container’s flavour protection cover,

your favourite coffee, thanks to the AromaDouble Shot and

the three-dimensional brand logo and the non-slip

IndividualCup Volume features. Enjoy an aromatic selection

magnetic stainless steel drip tray underline the high

like only a barista can offer you. And with its SilentCeram

value of this machine.

Drive, the VeroBar is exceptionally quiet.

SensoFlow System:

AromaDouble Shot:

The SensoFlow System guarantees a constant

Strong coffee that tastes great. Your coffee is

and optimum brewing temperature of 90-95°C,

automatically ground and brewed in two steps,

resulting in a perfect aroma with every cup! The two heating circuits run parallel to the water pipe to guarantee optimum energy efficiency and the fastest brewing time at 29 seconds*. The benefit is increased energy efficiency, as the system heats only when brewing.

*29 seconds on TES7 models and 40 seconds on TES5 models.

at the touch of a button. The advantage being a double brewed, extra strong coffee with the highest quality flavour. As the water volume is kept at a minimum for each individual brew, less bitterness is released.

14 | Bosch fully automatic coffee machines

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OneTouch Function*:

SilentCeram Drive:


Removable Brewing Unit:

Unique, integrated milk frother lets you create

The SilentCeram Drive offers pure enjoyment

The CreamPro provides a unique integrated

The easy to remove brewing unit means improved hygiene

barista quality coffee at home, in OneTouch.

with every cup thanks to the optimum

milk frother with a suction function to provide

and convenient cleaning.

grinding process.

excellent milk froth and warm milk.

Create your own coffee just the way you

At the end of the brewing process there is always coffee

like it, from a Cappuccino to a Latte Macchiato with the

Bosch ceramic grinders are extremely durable and reliable,

Precisely measured amounts of milk, air and steam are mixed

remaining in the pipe between the brewing unit and the

MyCoffee Function**.

using a patented grinding process and double-sided

together and brought to the optimum temperature. Large air

coffee outlet.

encapsulated bean container, also making it very quiet.

bubbles are eliminated in the outlet chamber of the device.

cleaning up, as OneTouch function also offers a OneTouch

Unlike metal grinders, ceramic grinders dissipate heat

Combined with the OneTouch function, the CreamPro creates

aperture. This allows the coffee which is still in the unit

cleaning and servicing program.

quicker to ensure your beans are not burnt during the

remarkably simple and convenient milk coffee.

to flow into the tray leaving the pipe free of coffee. This

Being a barista at home is now a breeze from brewing to

grinding process, especially after multiple grinds. With a selection of grinding settings, you are guaranteed the perfect aroma with every cup.

The milk system also offers optimum hygiene thanks to its OneTouch cleaning function and unique removable milk frother.

To resolve this, we have implemented a small ventilation

procedure happens after every coffee brew and helps keep the machine brewing the perfect crema. This function combined with the easy to remove brewing unit leaves all the ducts between the heating system and the brewing unit hygienically clean and ready to brew your favourite cup.

*Available on TES7 models and TES50621RP. **Available on TES70621RP only.

16 | Bosch fully automatic coffee machines

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The stuff coffee dreams are made of.

Coffee beans: well travelled and well loved.

Water: vitality and pleasure.

Milk: a delight for the eyes and taste buds.

Sugar: sweet temptation.

The majority of roasted beans are called Arabica, thriving

Water is not the same everywhere and can vary greatly in

Milk turns many coffee recipes into melt-in-the mouth

In glass dispensers, in decorative porcelain bowls,

in high-altitude areas from 900 to 2000 metres and deliver

its make-up from region to region. Water hardness, pH value

specialities. But the question is, what type of milk

beautifully wrapped in cubes or in colourful paper

a mild coffee with a full-bodied taste. Espresso experts

and other contents, such as chlorine, can spoil the taste.

is best to use?

sachets, the popular ‘added extra’ is just waiting

That’s why Bosch has placed its trust in the cleaning powers

Fresh, whole milk with 3.5% fat has an intense taste

identify these beans from the hazelnut colour crema with a hint of red.

to sweeten any type of coffee creation.

of Brita water filters for years. This highly developed filter

and the milk froth is creamy. If you use semi-skimmed

Brown sugar – unrefined raw sugar – is less powerful

The second most popular type of coffee is Robusta, which

reliably prevents the build-up of limescale and reduces

milk with 1.5% fat, the froth is stiff and full of volume.

in its sweetness and adds wonderful flavours to any

grows mainly in flatlands. These beans have a more powerful


taste and contain three times as much caffeine as Arabica beans. You can tell they are in an espresso by the dark-brown crema with grey shades and larger bubbles.

The result is an increased service life for our appliances and the purest coffee taste for you.

Soya milk is also good for frothing. It can also be used in any espresso speciality just like cow’s milk.

favourite cup of coffee. White sugar – refined processed sugar from the sugarbeet – is a powerful sweetener and is tasteless. The dosage makes all the difference.

18 | Bosch fully automatic coffee machines

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VeroBar and VeroCafe Latte fully automatic coffee machines. Model Name





VeroBar 600

VeroBar 100


VeroCafe Latte

Model Name





VeroBar 600

VeroBar 100


VeroCafe Latte

LattePro Colour




Morning haze


Comfort (Continued) Cup volume adjustability

40 Seconds

Height-adjustable milk and coffee dispenser

Coffee Only

Features SensoFlow heating system - Fastest first cup

29 Seconds

29 Seconds

40 Seconds

One Touch coffee - includes coffee, froth and warm milk

Extra tall drinks with height allowance up to 150mm

Innovative brewing technique AromaPressure System

Fully automatic descaling and cleaning programs

SilentCeram drive - ceramic grinding discs

Temperature adjustment

AromaDouble Shot

Grind settings

Water pump with pressure

19 Bar

15 Bar

15 Bar

15 Bar

LED lighting

Pre-brewing function

Included Accessories

Innovative cream centre

MilkSteam Pro milk frother

MilkSteam direct milk frother

Insulated milk container


Water tank





Starter kit

Water filter

Favourite - personalised setting

Intelligent AutoValve system

Interactive LCD screen menu

Insulated bean container for quiet grinding - 300gm

Easy to clean, dishwasher safe including milk frother components

Single portion cleaning

Convenient quick rinsing function of milk system CreamCentre

Cleaning tablets (TCZ6001)

Easily accessible and removable brewing chamber

Descaling tablets (TCZ6002)

Wheels to move coffee machine into place


Cable storage











Optional Accessories (Sold Separately) Insulated milk container (TCZ7009)


Appliance Dimensions (HxWxD) Dimensions in mm

385 x 300 x 453

385 x 300 x 453

385 x 280 x 479

385 x 280 x 479

Water filter (TZ70003)

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