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Press St. Patrick’s Day When we think of St. Patrick’s Day we think of little green leprechauns and lucky four leaf clovers. Although that is not far from the truth, there is more to this holiday than those mythical creatures. St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated during the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and for Saint Patrick himself. Saint Patrick, the “Apostle of Ireland”, was thought to have banished all of the snakes from Ireland. He is the basis of the celebration, but not the only reason we have a National holiday. The day also celebrates Irish heritage and culture. On March 17, the day of Saint Patrick's death, there is a celebration. This celebration includes feasting, wearing green apparel, shamrocks, and public parades. Hope the “luck of the Irish” was with you on St. Patrick’s Day!

Pirate Games Right before Spring Break the grade levels battled it out in the 3rd quarter Pirate Games. They played many small games to see which grade would get the pirate hook for the last time this school year. Blowing over cups, the pirate plunge, bobbing for worms, and separation anxiety were just a couple. 8th grade won four out of eight games; 7th grade won three out of eight games, and 6th grade won one out of the eight games. The 7th grade ended up with the overall victory by staying close behind with their second place wins. 8th grade came in close behind in second and 6th grade followed up in last place.

8th grade Jazz Band is every Friday after school from 3-4 PM in the middle school band room Dr. Bonsignore conducts and teaches the basics of Jazz music. They plan on performing their rehearsed songs at the 8th grade band concert.

Find the Pirate! Be one of the first 3 to email us at [email protected] to receive a prize! Look Closely!


April 4th Track meet @ Ray Central 7th and 8th Intramurals start April 6th PLC Day-2 hour early dismissal April 7th-11th PTO Book Fair April 11th– May 12th MAP Testing April 12th Track meet vs. Excelsior Springs (8th grade only) April 13th Track meet vs. Northgate April 15th STUCO Movie April 18th Track meet vs. Kearney (7th grade only) April 21st Track meet vs. Smithville April 22nd Progress Reports Drum! Show April 25th Track meet vs. Ray South April 26th 6th,7th, Prelude Choir Grade Spring Vocal Concert April 27th Track meet vs. Kearney April 28th Last day of track practice April 29th Worlds of Fun forms due


6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

ELA: Creating a Tall Tale, novel study on Tuck Everlasting

ELA: continuing argumentative unit and reviewing for MAP test

ELA: MAP prep and Mythology unit Math: 8th grade math: Surface area, Volume, Pythagorean Theorem Algebra 1: Graphing Quadratic Functions and EOC review Geometry: Circles Science: Peterson: Common diseases, and proper nutrition Fritz: Finishing up Ecology and beginning the Human body. Social Studies: Civil War

Math: MAP prep, graphing with Coordinate planes, calculating percent

Science: Earth's Atmosphere and Weather Social Studies: Geography, History, Culture, Government, and economy of China, Africa, Russia


Art: 6 - Pencil Drawing, Selfportrait Painting 7 - Paper Mosaic 8 - Human Figure Sculpture

Math: 7th Grade Math - Circles, Surface Area and Volume Challenge Math - Angles, Circles and Surface Area and Volume Science: Simple Machines, Electricity and Magnetism Social Studies: Asia - China, Japan, Korea

Computer Literacy: 6- coding, typing, Word 7- coding, typing, Excel, PowerPoints 8- coding, typing, Excel, animations

Applied Technology: 6- Design houses 7- Making floor gliders

Delta: independent study topic and presenting topic and project to the class

Band: Concert Music

Gateway: Finish drag races

Choir: 6 - Concert on Tuesday, April 26 7 - Concert on Tuesday, April 26 8 - Concert on Thursday, May 5

Honor Choir: Concerts Music Appreciation: Soundtracks, video game projects

PE: Basketball Unit Read 180: 6- Cause & Effect; Review overall Comprehension Skills 7- Making Inferences; Review overall Comprehension Skills 8- Review overall Comprehension Skills World Language: 6- Chinese, French 7- Spanish, The verb Ser, Classroom & House vocab 8- Spanish, ER/IR verb endings, Tener, Restaurant vocab

Sports 6th Graders Join in the Intramural Fun

Intramural Basketball at PCMS and Barry now includes 6th graders. Boys and Girls from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades join to play basketball among themselves. Girls playing intramural basketball have impressed Coach Seymour and Coach Cerutti with their work ethic and basketball skills. Coach Cerutti states, “We are eagerly anticipating the interscholastic season for the 2016-2017 school year because we know we will have a team that puts forth great effort and intensity, but also has a lot of fun on the court!” The girls intramural team played a tough match against some of the 8th grade girls from this year’s basketball team. Intramural girls took the victory with the score being 14-13. Boys’ Intramural basketball is going great. The boys do lots of scrimmages and games of knock-out. They average 70 boys a day. Coach Baskerville says, “I was able to look at some guys who I know will make the team next year and the next year.” Alex McClure says he has improved a lot since the beginning, and his experience was fun. Alex is indeed excited for next year's school team. Isaac Havemeier says, “I have definitely improved.”

Run, Jump and Throw This track season 7th and 8th grade were allowed to participate for the second time. Monday, March 28th was the first track meet of the season. The meet was at Pirate Stadium on the PCHS track. This wasn't an average meet; this was a dual meet between your Platte County Pirates and Smithville Warriors. The second meet was held at Kearney. This meet was also a duel between your Platte County Pirates and the Kearney Bulldogs. The results for both meets are as follows: Monday 100m Hurdles7th girls-1st Olivia Minter 8th girls-1st Isabelle Geddes 8th boys-1st Will Hay; 3 Donny MacCuish 100m7th girls-1st Gabby Lopez; 3rd Mannon Bigus 8th girls-2nd Hayden Walls 8th boys-3rd Ismael Reyes 4x200m7th girls-1st Mannon Bigus, Natalie Wolbert, Claire Randolph, Kaden Kovar 7th boys-3rd Kevin Hughes, Drake Lacina, Erin West, Tristan Crane 8th girls-2nd Josie Smart, Mady Jackson, Bree Alvarado, Madison Shields 8th boys-1st Brice Bills, Gabe Harmon, Rhett Spell, Dylan Minshall 4x100m-

7th girls-2nd Alexis Stoner, Cassie Graham, Olivia Minter, Janiecia Sharp 8th girls-3rd Josie Smart, Xaire Keith, Gabby Wussow, Madison Shields 8th boys-1st Dustin Fagan, Matt Dubreuil, Dylan Minshall, Lewis Hunter 400m7th girls-2nd Katie Cordova; 3rd Paige Ely 8th girls-1st Isabelle Geddes 8th boys-1st Matt Dubreuil; 2nd Dustin Fagan; 3rd Matthew Sullivan 800m8th girls-2nd Karlee Chase 8th boys-2nd Donny MacCuish 200m8th girls-2nd Brianne Douglas 4x400m7th girls-2nd Bryn

McGhee, Gabby Lopez, Katie Cordova, Maddie Klippenstein 8th girls-1st Isabelle Geddes, Jaycie Call, Alexis Guillory, Coryn Stephenson 8th boys-1st Ismael Reyes, Trey Phan, Mahkhi Hagan, Walker Grimes Triple Jump 8th girls-3rd Jaylee Weidmer Pole Vault7th girls-1st Natalie Wolbert 8th girls-2nd Jaycie Call Long Jump7th girls -2nd Mannon Bigus 8th girls-3rd Lexi Elmore 8th boys-3rd Ismael Reyes High Jump8th girls-1st Jaylee Weidmer 8th boys-2nd Will Hay Discus8th girls-1st Arianna Saad 8th boys-2nd Chauns

Ashby; 3rd Spencer Fisher Wednesday 100m – 7th girls-1st Gabby Lopez; 2nd Mannon Bigus 8th boys-1st Will Hay 400m8th girls-1st Isabelle Geddes 8th boys-2nd Donny MacCuish; 3rd Dustin Fagan 800m7th girls-2nd Bryn McGhee 8th girls-3rd Karlee Chase 1600m7th girls-2nd Kaylee Major Hurdles8th girls- 1st Isabelle Geddes 8th boys-3rd Will Hay 4x100m7th girls-3rd Alexis Stoner, Cassie Graham, Olivia Minter, Janiecia Sharp 8th boys-1st Dustin Fagan, Ismael Reyes. Trey

Phan, Lewis Hunte 4x200m7th girls-3rd Kaden Kovar, Claire Randolph, Mannon Bigus, Natalie Wolbert 8th boys-3rd Brice Bills, Gabe Harmon, Rhett Spell, Matt Dubreuil 4x400m7th girls-2nd Madeline Klippenstein, Katie Cordova, Gabby Lopez, Bryn McGhee 8th girls-2nd Isabelle Geddes, Jaycie Call, Karlee Chase, Coryn Stephenson 8th boys-1st Ismael Reyes, Donny MacCuish, Trey Phan, Mahkhi Hagen Long jump8th boys– 1st Ismael Reyes Triple jump8th girls-3rd Jaylee Weidmer High Jump8th girls-1st Jaycie Call; 3rd Jaylee Weidmer 8th boys-1st Will Hay

Pirates Rock Winners 6th Grade Lauren Bailey Meredith Ballou Audrey Booth Morgan Cox Mariah Dandini Addisen Grell Dylan Kephart Logan Metten Connor Rhoads Ben Spence Nick Stone Karson Suiter Austin Vanek Madi Watkins Sophia White Nicolus Wrinkle

7th Grade

Bryn McGehe Natalie McKinnley Alexa Sarah Meyer Bergstrom Emma Murray Ben Brown Jaxon Rhoads Chaperlain Brownsberger Chris Ruhnke Robin Ryan Dye Presli Firkins Schlimm Emma Elizabeth Seckinger Hample Breadon Hayden Swain Humes Robert Kaesi Keokhamthong Wibright Emilia Maddie Wisniewski Klippenstein Natalie Tygen Mair Braden Major Wolbert Kaylee Major

8th Grade Grant Albright Sydney Allen Kyle Bean Alli Brinton Zada Burch Jaycie Call Allie Campbell Ava Clark Grace Clark Austin Davis Brenna Davis Matt Dubreuil Alexsi Elmore Isabelle Geddes Jessa Hammerschmidt

Gabe Harmon

McKinley Helmer Kara Hill Mallarie Hynes Andrew Ivy Alex Johnson Megan Lewis Ainsley Lienemann Ashley Lienemann Emma Marsh Haley Otting Ismael Reyes Madalyn Sharma Lauren Sherwood Rhett Spell Marissa Whitt

Spring Break 2016 Spring Break is a week long break every student and staff member appreciates and definitely needs. Spring Break was started because of a movie Where The Boys Are. Many families take advantage of the time and take a mini vacation. Here are some of the things your PCMS students and staff did: 8th grader Josie Smart went to Chicago. 8th graders Mishell Simms and Riley Stehlik went skiing in Colorado. 7th grader Hannah McEnaney went to different traveling spots all over Missouri. 7th grader Sarah Meyer watched Netflix every day. 6th grade Jaydon Walls went to St. Louis. 6th grader Spencer Hay went to Colorado. Teacher Pam Singer went to Florida. Teacher Erin Brinton went to Las Vegas. What did you do over Spring Break? Spring Fashion 2016

Spring has sprung, and new spring clothes and accessories are trending. The spring fashions for girls are Birkenstocks, Converse, gladiator sandals, Vineyard Vines & Ivory Ella shirts, and ripped jeans and shorts. The boys’ spring fashions are Vans, Nike socks with Slides, Roshes, Sperrys, joggers, hoodies, button-up shirts, and cargo shorts.

New Members Inducted Into NJHS NJHS stands for National Junior Honor Society. The pillars of NJHS are scholarship, citizenship, character, service, and leadership. To be in NJHS, you have to have all A’s and one B, which is equivalent to a 3.8 GPA. In NJHS, you have to do a certain amount of service hours, which for our school is 20 per year and 10 per semester. The new members of the PCMS NJHS are: 8 grade Madison Kylee Cannon Evan Handke Mason Landers Piper Ruwe Grant Allen Thornton Hannah Claire Luke Harms Taylor Lawver Hailey Ryerson Zada Burch Beth Wing Katherine Emily Helmich Gabrielle Lopez Victoria Sanders Brianne Douglas Cordova Kevin Hughes Haley Luna Quinlynn Matthew Dubreuil Spencer Cupp Hayden Humes Tygen Mair Sanneman 7 grade Grace Hanson Delaney Danner Danyelle Brayden Major Robin Schlimm McKinley Helmer Alyson Anderson Connor Dean Huntsman Kylee Major Myles Schmitt Bailee Anderson Harrison Deutch Ellie Hurst Annika Jackson Alex McClure Emma Seckinger Madysen Jackson Alexander Baker Ryan Dye Caitlynne Jenni Hannah Elizabeth Siskey Madeleine Baldeh Ashley Edwards Xaire Keith Sarah Johnson McEnaney Emily Siskey Shannon Banark Paige Ely Nicola Kingery Andrea Jones Bryn McGehe Alexis Stoner Alexa Bergstrom Abigail Enderson Ava Jonkman Megan Lewis Natalie McKinley Chloe Stuart Donny MacCuish Mannon Bigus Presli Firkins Jenna Emma Murray Grace Tinder Aubrey Boren Walker Jacob Flynn Jurgensmeyer Grace Neece David Tohm Benjamin Brown Ashley Griffith McDonnell Madeline Diamond Perry Linsday Vanover Cameron Brown Colby Guffey Max Renner Klippenstein Samuel Peterson Lucas Walters Jakob Richardson Chamberlain Mara Gullett Mallori Klopfer Lillian Puntney Robert Wibright Brownsberger Samuel Smith Joseph Habel Emma Koeneke Ryanne Rhude Emilia Wisniewski Hunter Burge Julian Suiter Mary Hackler Avery Krahenbill Christopher Natalie Wolbert Matthew Sullivan Evan Callow Elisabeth Hampl Madison Kunz Ruhnke th



The book Allegiant was very popular for teen readers. It was the ending to a great series written by Veronica Roth. Most of the fame came from a book series similar to it, The Hunger Games. As most series go, the books become movies. Divergent was the first, and it was a huge success. Insurgent followed with an even higher viewing. On March 18th, the longawaited third movie came into theaters. The whole series is based on a dystopian setting in Chicago. In this book, Chicago finds out what happens outside their wall of protection. The book was a lot like the movie, except for slight differences that lead to significant events. Allegiant has been turned into a two-part movie, with the second part called Ascendant, predicted to come out in March of 2017.

New Books

Miller’s Valley Anna Quindlen

Tuesday Nights in 1980 Molly Prentiss The Genius of Birds Jennifer Ackerman The Long Shadow of Small Ghosts Laura Tillman

Batman vs. Superman

Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Clark Kent (Superman) have separate lives, until a mad scientist, Lex Luthor, brings them together. People looked at Superman as God on Earth. People looked at Batman as a vigilante because of the people he caught. Lex Luthor wanted a battle between the two; Man vs. God. Of course to do this, he had to pit them against each other. Batman was easy to turn because he saw Superman as a threat to the human race. Superman was a bit more hard to crack. They ultimately battled one another but had to come to a compromise to defeat the common enemy. Wonder Woman appears to help fight against the unnamed foe. This movie is filled with action and suspense that everybody will love.

The Glittering Court Richelle Mead

New Movies for April 2016

When We Collided Emery Lord

APRIL 8 Before I Wake

Flamecaster Cinda Williams Chima Shadow Magic Joshua Khan Booked Kwame Alexander

APRIL 15 Jungle Book APRIL 22 The Huntsman Winter War APRIL 29 Ratchet and Clank

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