The Pathway to Healthcare Accreditation Workshop

The Pathway to Healthcare Accreditation Workshop Training Institution Contact Details Course Provider Dr. Abdalla Ibrahim Certified Healthcare Surv...
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The Pathway to Healthcare Accreditation Workshop

Training Institution Contact Details

Course Provider

Dr. Abdalla Ibrahim Certified Healthcare Surveyor and Accreditation Specialist by Accreditation Canada International ACI Email: [email protected] Mobile: +973 390 428 59 Details of Training Institution

Name: Mr. Ahmad Younes Managing Director Legends Exhibitions Address: BMMI Tower, Seef, Bahrain Mobile: +973 343 58 323 Phone-fax: + 973 17911446 Email: [email protected] Website:

About The Training Institution

About Us Welcome to LEGENDS EXHIBITIONS. Our focus is to stage excellent exhibitions, events, and training which meet industry, clients, and community needs and expectations. Vision The source of empowering professional knowledge and skills. Mission: Facilitating high quality learning and training to all professionals and services providers in the Gulf Area through accessible, affordable way by high profile faculty and experts. Objectives:        

Build partnership with client organizations Affiliate with credible accredited academic and professional institutions Organize annual conferences, forums and workshops according to planned agenda Provide services by high profile faculty and experts Deliver excellent services to clients in elegant venues of education Offer tailored and affordable in-house courses to individuals and groups Assess and respond to market educational and training needs continually Focus on People Empowerment, Quality and Safety

Details of Training Institution

Values:       

Partnership Quality Commitment Honesty Humbleness Ambition Empowerment

Our Focus LEGENDS is a prominent facilitator of education and training that show commitment and focus on people empowerment, quality, safety, building capacity and organizational performances. Legend shows proven record of conducting multiple training and coaching events, workshops and conferences on a scheduled base. By providing staff empowerment and training, Legends helps its client organizations to achieve competitive advantage and respond to the modern market needs and quality indicators. In the context of helping healthcare organization in achieving excellence and safety practices, Legends Middle East organizes events such as conferences and monthly workshops. Furthermore, Legends is dedicated to help its healthcare partners in Saudi Arabia by helping healthcare organization in achieving excellence and accreditation by The Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions CBAHI through multiple training and coaching tailored courses over two, three, four and five days on a monthly meeting sessions and also as in house training.

Details of Training Institution

Pathway to Healthcare Accreditation Workshop Introduction Quality and Patient Safety are integral parts of modern healthcare practices. Currently, healthcare organization credibility is measured in terms of positive clinical outcomes, achieving universal patient safety requirements and patient satisfaction to quality of services. Healthcare accreditation is the tools and indicator of achieving healthcare quality and patient safety as it based on preset standards of excellence that any healthcare organization should ideally achieve. This workshop will introduce you the world of healthcare accreditation where participants will identify the accreditation policies, process and survey process. Participant will know the main core of accreditation that to patient safety and get to know the must be in place practices and goals. In addition they will know how to write quality plan and conduct quality projects and do proactive risk assessment.

Details of Training Institution


Dr. Abdalla Ibrahim is a Healthcare Quality Expert, Certified Healthcare Surveyor & Accreditation Specialist by Accreditation Canada International. He is a Leader of Task Force Teams & Quality Projects. Dr. Ibrahim is a Family Doctor since 1997 and an Adjunct Business Faculty (Assistant Professor) Geneva Business School, KSA-Campus for Master of Healthcare Management and MBA in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al-Khobar Locations. Dr. Ibrahim is experienced Presenter and Organizer of Education and Training Leaders, Senior & Young Professionals plus establishing educational curriculum. Dr. Ibrahim is a member of Primary Healthcare Accreditation Committee of Ministry of Health Bahrain, an Individual Networking Partner Member of European Organization for Quality,

Details of Training Institution

member of Bahrain Quality Society, Bahrain Health & Safety Society and finally, Bahrain Management Society. He is a Community Speaker in Rotary Act Clubs & Specialty Societies. Previously, he is a Health Adviser & Community Development Supervisor with International NGO (Plan-International, Egypt). Recently, he founded the AI & Associates Consulting Agency to coach and inspire people and organizations for success and improvement. Website: Dr. Ibrahim Presentations are shared on with thousands of views and hundreds of downloads. ACTIVITIES: * Head of Scientific Committee of Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety Conference, May 25-26, Bahrain * Headed 2nd Session of 3rd Six Sigma Forum in Bahrain on December 2015 * Headed Bahrain 2nd Session in Bahrain ISO Forum on April 2015. * Conductor of plenty workshops on Healthcare Quality, Accreditation and Patient Safety. * Public speaker on Healthcare Quality, Patient Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. SPECIALTIES: Healthcare Quality Accreditation Healthcare management Corporate Social Responsibility Total Quality Management Medical Practice and Patient Management Building Capacity and Personal Development


Introduce audience to Accreditation Process

Get to Know Accreditation Survey process

Introduce audience to Patient Safety and highlight its crucial importance

Identify the global healthcare Essential Safety practices and goals and how to comply with them such as IPSGs, ROPs and ESRs

Be familiar with the Quality tools requested by accrediting organizations

Know how to conduct quality improvement plan using FOCUS PDCA Method

Identify Failure Mode and Effect Technics (FMEA) that is required to anticipate risk and avoid its occurrence in healthcare

Details of Training Institution

How to write quality plan

How to conduct quality improvement projects


All Governance Board including CEO, General Manager, Medical Director, Nursing Director, Head of HR, Head Finance, Engineering and Safety

All Quality Improvement Leaders and Teams

All healthcare facility committees

All healthcare providers including physicians, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory and radiology technical staffs

Administrators, social workers

Facility Management and Safety Teams

Infection Prevention and Control Staff

All Information Management Team


National Hospital Standards, Third Edition 2015 by the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI)

Required Organizational Practices 2016, Accreditation Canada International

International Patient Safety Goals, The Join Commission International

Quality Tools and Quality Methodologies, American Society of Quality (ASQ)

Training Methods Presentation, Video Illustration, Case Studies, Interactive Discussion, Clarification, Participation

Details of Training Institution

Time Table for 2-Days Training Workshop for the Saudi CBAHI Accreditation Day One:

Patient Safety and CBAHI Accreditation


Introduction and Epidemiology of Patient Safety


Common causes of Patient Safety


Global Strategy toward Patient Safety


Coffee Break


Introduction to Accreditation: What is and Why Accreditation?


The Development of the Standards and its contents


Open Discussion and Question


Pray and Lunch break


Accreditation pathway, Survey Visit and Decision Roles and Appeal


Accreditation Policies: Accreditation Maintenance, Revocation, Sentinel Event, Random Survey and Release of Information


Coffee Break


The Survey Process


The Survey Questions


Wrap up and closing

Day Two:

Quality Tools / FOCUS PDCS & Essential Safety Requirements


Quality Tools needed in Accreditations Part-1


Quality Tools needed in Accreditations Part-2


Open Discussion and Question


How to write Quality Plan


How to write quality Project


Pray and Lunch break

Day Two:

FOCUS PDCS & Essential Safety Requirements


Quality Method: FOUCS PDCA Hospital Case Study

Details of Training Institution


Continue Quality Method: FOUCS PDCA Hospital Case Study


Introduction The Essential Safety Practices and Goals: ROPS, IPSGs and ESRs


Coffee Break


Required Organizational Practices (ROPs)


International Patient Safety Goals (IPSGs)


Open Discussion and Question, Wrap up and closing End of the Program

Details of Training Institution