The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary "the dictionary publishing event of the decade" THE OBSERVER, ON THE PRINTED EDITION E xplore the treasu...
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The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary "the dictionary publishing event of the decade" THE




xplore the treasury of the English language with the New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on CDROM. From literary English to street slang, historical to contemporary vocabulary, scientific to legal terms, this dictionary covers it all with its half a million definitions and 7.5 million words of text. Exploit this marvellous resource on CD-ROM - search not only for h e a d w o r d s , b u t a l s o for abbreviations, phrases, and derivatives. You can filter searches by date, part of speech, and label: for instance, you could look up all the slang words coined in the early 19th century. Searches which would be time-consuming or even impossible with the printed edition can now be accomplished quickly and easily. Ideal for word buffs and crossword lovers, the CD-ROM also includes an anagram solver, a rhyming index,

and help with phonetics. With the New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM, the English language has never been so accessible. •

half a million definitions - from literary English to street slang

83,000 illustrative quotations to enhance definitions

fast and flexible searching on full text, definition text, quotations, and etymology Publication Date: January 1997

Price: £ 7 9 . 9 9 (including UK VAT)

ISBN: 0-19-268302

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Contents Monitoring Dictionary Use B. T. S. Atkins, Krista Varan tola Reviews Hermann Paul, Deutsches Worterbuch. 9 Glyn Hatherall


Asgeir Blondal Magniisson, Islensk ordsifjabok M. P. Barnes


Observations sur le Dictionnaire quebecois d'aujourd'hui Rene G. Strehler


Jacques Van Roey, Sylviane Granger, Helen Swallow, Dictionnaire des Faux Amis Francais-Anglais Howard Evans


Empire of Words, The Reign of the OED Laurence Urdang


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