The Most Unknown Artist in the World

Flemming Brylle The Most Unknown Artist in the World By Bettina Fellov Working in the gallery sometime we really need to have out of the gallery exp...
Author: Cecily Stephens
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Flemming Brylle

The Most Unknown Artist in the World By Bettina Fellov Working in the gallery sometime we really need to have out of the gallery experiences and we went for a cup of coffee at Flemming Brylle´s atelier and gallery. Flemming is 77 years old and a very charismatic man still going strong and still having the passion for art. Flemming Brylle studied at Academy for Free and Merkantile Art in 1955 and after his studies he has been working with sculptures, paintings and industrial design. Flemming Brylle has had a huge amount of exhibitions and the latest public exhibition was in Galleri Aigu Bruxelles in Belgium. That is the reason why he calls himself “the most unknown artist of the world”

a title I guess no one would challenge him to get. Since 1992 Flemming has been working with huge decoration tasks for international businesses – sculptures and industrial design. The artic collection of Flemming During Flemming Brylle´s career he has been very productive and he created a tremendous amount of art pieces. Art made for him created based on his muse, formerly his wife who was a costume designer and newly his girlfriend Merete educated an architect. Besides his muses he is inspired by his own diary notes made on canvas. Flemming Brylle´s pieces of art has been kept as personal belongings and has been stocked in a huge atelier in Dragør as he in sight wants to have his collection in one location or sold to an art collector. His collection consists of 510 paintings, 2000 sketches for projects, lithographs, bronze sculptures, industrial designs and intellectual rights to those pieces. Through Flemming Brylle´s art you will sense memories, experience and messages as you see he masters to change his way of working and his tools. Flemming does not want to be a frozen artist with a signature without content. That perception for own art has created his collection over the last 21 years. The passion working with renewal, explains the spontanous changes of styles and a complete lack of predictability in his work. “A freedom very few artist vouchsafed”, according to Flemming Brylle ”Homo ludens”, the inner playing child. According to Flemming Brylle this child is the reason changing art styles from huge decorations with a good pay off

to producing big paintings, smaller graphic art pieces, industrial works and heavy bronze sculptures. Asking Flemming Brylle how he kept so productive through all those years, he tells: “The opinion from the Academy; Flemming Brylle will definitely do the complete in everything he does though if it is of his interest. According to Flemming art has so many possibilities expressed in words, stretches, forms, colors, contents and messages. As a ”bon mot” or an expression in English of the good word, it is of Flemming´s opinion that art is the only thing that documents live. Flemming Brylle has an enormous need of performing art and the muse of his life has been his wife Helga in more than 50 years and lately his girlfriend. To those women he has exposed his art to be confirmed in his performance, as Flemming says: “It is better having delusions of grandeur than false modesty”. Flemming Brylle opens his house, atelier and gallery every Saturday and Sunday 1:00-4:00 pm or when having an appointment and he is selling out of his huge collection. Every month has a new theme, the theme for July is “Believe in metaphors and metaphors in believe in God”. As Flemming is still painting and still makes sculptures, the gene of his business is a bit worn. He works hard and often in his atelier that even selling his art does not reduce his stock as he produces art constantly. Talking with Flemming he accidently said; “It is not fortunate to be very potent if demand does not follow”.