The Most Sophisticated Books in the World

The Most Sophisticated Books in the World. The first luxury brand in the world dedicated to culture and lifestyle Prosper Assouline Prosper Assoul...
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The Most Sophisticated Books in the World.

The first luxury brand in the world dedicated to culture and lifestyle

Prosper Assouline Prosper Assouline was born in Morocco and grew up in Paris, where he studied decorative arts. The former artistic director of several French fashion magazines, Prosper’s experience includes creating and launching several successful magazines, including La Mode en Peinture, Palace Magazine, Air France Madame, and A, Les Aventures de l’Art, as well as the founding of a creative agency specializing in branding and advertising in the late 1980s. With a vision of luxury in print, he founded ASSOULINE Publishing with his wife, Martine Assouline, in Paris in 1994, creating a world of exclusivity in

Martine Assouline Martine Assouline was born in Africa and grew up in South America; before moving to Europe, where she studied in Switzerland and France. She has a degree in law (Université de droit, Nice) and received an Honorary doctorate from the art university of San Francisco (2009) and an accessing award for “Influencer”in 2012. She married Prosper in 1991. They have a son, Alexandre, born in 1992. Her other son, Sebastien Ratto-Viviani, lives in Peru. Soon after they married, Martine had the idea to create a publishing house

books and brand identity. Under Prosper and Martine’s direction, ASSOULINE

to make the kinds of books they couldn’t find in bookstores. After two years

has invented a visual language that is internationally recognized for its

of working from home, she and Prosper founded Assouline to be a publisher

excellence. In October 2010, Prosper Assouline was knighted by the French

with a new vision. Prosper and Martine share the development of the

Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand, and was initiated into the Ordre des

Company today.

Arts et des Lettres.


1994 Founded by

Prosper & Martine Assouline.

2006 Assouline opens its flagship boutique in Paris at 35 rue Bonaparte, nestled in the heart of Saint Germaindes-Prés next to Dior. The message is clear: Assouline becomes a cultural authority with a luxury goal.

Assouline introduces the Ultimate Collection, a special tribute to the integrity and mystique of hand-made books. Expansion of the brand with the opening of boutiques and corners in New York City at The Plaza Hotel and South Coast Plaza mall in Costa Mesa.

2013 Assouline opens its first boutique in London within Claridge’s and first pop-up at Harrods.

1996 Assouline celebrates its 20-year Anniversary, opening boutique in Venice and launches the first showroom at the D&D building in New York to present its bespoke libraries and lounges.

Prosper & Martine Assouline create the signature Mémoire Collection (around 8 million units sold wolrdwide), aligning Assouline with the foremost designers and luxury brands in the world.




1999 Assouline Publishing ventures to America as an independent publisher.

Assouline creates its Lifetime Collection, from Capri to Saint Barths, from Putman Style to Lee Radziwill’s “Happy Times”.


2009 Creation of the first Culture Lounge concept created by Assouline a an amenity in luxury apartment buildings, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and in hotels, Florence, London, and Los Angeles.

Assouline opens a boutique in Bergdorf Goodman on the 7th floor, with two windows on Fifth Avenue. Assouline positions itself to be the first luxury culture brand.

2012 Assouline launches “the custom library concept” through the famous Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue. The coveted Assouline library sold on the night of the launch.

Assouline produces the first luxury waterproof book with South Pole and expands abroad with its first opening in the Asian market in Seoul, Korea. Assouline starts strong partnerships with new boutiques: in the Middle East with the opening of the Istanbul boutique and Central and South America with the Mexico City and Lima boutique openings. Beginning of the collaboration with Le Bon Marché in Paris.

Illustrated Books • Most important fashion publisher in the world • All books with a point of view based on style • Signature Mémoire Collection sold worldwide and translated into seven languages • Ultimate Collection, our tribute to the luxury, integrity, and mystique of hand made books • Lifestyle Collection, a series that chronicles the inspiring lifestyles and luxurious destinations of the world • Assouline Private • Special commitment books for Barbie, Cadillac, Chanel, Coca-Cola, Dior, Tag Heuer... and personalized biographies • Assouline Vintage, a collection of titles selected by Prosper Assouline

• Books ranging from $25 to $7,500 • Over 1,200 books published in less than two decades


THE ASSOULINE COLLECTION Just flicking through the glossy pages you feel like you’re stepping into the lives of stylish celebrities. —HARPER’S BAZAAR INTERIORS

THE MÉMOIRE COLLECTION Assouline’s very first collection spans the best of culture—from couture heavyweights like Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton to design icons such as Eames, Niemeyer, Perriand. Assouline is recognized as the cultural authority in the fashion world (with over 8 millions of units sold).

THE LIFETIME COLLECTION Travel to the world’s most luxurious islands, get acquainted with Princess Grace of Monaco through Royal Holidays, and live lavishly with Babe Paley with Assouline’s Lifestyle Collection. Complete with posh tales of jet-setting and hotel-hopping, this series fulfills any wanderlust.



THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION In tribute to a golden era of the past, Assouline boasts its signature series: the Ultimate Collection. Assembled using traditional techniques and hand-tipped images on art-quality paper, each page of this oversize, limited-edition series bares the unique imprint of the artisan.



First waterproof book created specially for the launch of South Pole at Sotheby’s in 2011.

A selection of carefully curated vintage tomes on art, photography, fashion, travel, and lifestyle, personally chosen by Prosper Assouline.

LIMITED EDITION CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE Limited edition of 100 copies

ASSOULINE PRIVATE Books made upon order

Accessories • Accessories & objects ranging from $49 to $20,000 ••

Bookends, book stands

• Candles that capture the scents of a library

(Books, Leather, Wood, Culture Lounge)

• Cashmere blankets • Co-branding products: • Trunks with Coach, Goyard, and MCM • Slipcases with Chanel and Dior • Vintage objects • Limited-edition gallery prints • Stationery related to our books • Desk accessories (Letter openers, magnifying glasses, paperweights)

BOOK BAGS Each season a new collection will take you for a world traveller journey.

LIBRARY CANDLES Inspired by the distinctive aromas of leather bindings, worn wood, culture lounge, crisp pages and havanas cigars. Each candle scent is an inherent component of a luxurious library.

welcomes you to the most sophisticated destinations in the world...









Premium Services Assouline Bespoke bindery by Paul Vogel Renowned bookbinder Paul Vogel works entirely by hand using

the finest archival-quality materials and century-old equipment of bone, steel, and wood to help craft the perfect gifts for bibliophiles and collectors alike at our New York boutique at the Plaza Hotel

Complimentary Gift Wrapping Elegant gift wrapping with our signature red wax seal and hand- written dedication card with all orders in-store & online

Complimentary Assouline Canvas Tote

With the purchase of an Ultimate Collection book



Creating the glossiest coffee-table books around has turned Assouline into a luxury brand. W MAGAZINE

Assouline produces some of the most exquisite books on the planet. FINANCIAL TIMES

The joy of Assouline’s small but artfully stage-managed oases is that they allow the customer to feel like a millionaire—flipping through the pages of handsome books about beautiful things in a pleasant environment and leaving with a weighty example or two in a smartly branded bag —without necessarily having to blow a millionaire’s budget. VANIT Y FAIR ON ART