THE MOST ACCURATE HUNTING RIFLES IN THE WORLD Confidence is critical in any shooting sport. Whether your shooting sport is hunting wild game or bench...
Author: Reynold Moody
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THE MOST ACCURATE HUNTING RIFLES IN THE WORLD Confidence is critical in any shooting sport. Whether your shooting sport is hunting wild game or benchrest competition, you will have confidence every time you pull the trigger of your McWhorter Custom Rifle. Our 1/2” MOA Guarantee (.338 caliber and smaller) assures you of TACKDRIVING accuracy on your next outing. We use only the highest quality components available. Every rifle is properly and completely broken-in and tested with customer specific load developed ammo to 600 yards. We enjoy building both standard and wildcat cartridges in everything from the 17 Mach IV to the 458 Win Mag and most everything in between. Not only do we build every custom rifle to be extremely accurate, but to look great too!


McWhorter Custom Rifles is owned and operated by Tim McWhorter and Allan Rovig of Southern Georgia. Both Tim and Allan have years of experience in rifle building and load development, but more importantly they are experienced hunters. Their desire to make an extremely accurate and functional rifle that performs the best when a hunter needs it the most, was the starting point behind their successful business partnership. The name McWhorter Custom Rifles is synonymous with quality, perfection, and aesthetics. Their reputation in the industry is as solid as the rifles they make and once you put one in your hands, you will quickly understand what sets them apart. Each McWhorter rifle made is “custom” from the ground up. They ask each customer what game will be hunted, the terrain and hunting style, and potential and anticipated shot distances. Using that information, they recommend a shooting system that will provide for these

needs. After this is determined, they will discuss the many aesthetic options offered to visually set your rifle apart both in the field and back at the Lodge! The heart of a McWhorter rifle is the precision action. McWhorter currently uses fully custom actions made to their specifications and bearing their name from Borden, Stiller, and Xtreme (Titanium). All come standard with machined PTG floorplates. The barrels used are all matchgrade quality and include Hart, Krieger, Schneider, Brux, and Rock Creek. Each are available with a variety of fluting options. McWhorter’s stock of choice is made by McMillan, which they feel are the finest stocks available. They meticulously pillar bed every stock and custom paint to customer specs or custom order a color molded version of your choice. All

McWhorter rifles are equipped with Jewell triggers set crisp at your specified weight and easily adjustable thereafter. All rifles come standard with a baked on Cerakote finish for the ultimate in weather protection and available in several color options. Most anybody can make a heavy rifle shoot, but McWhorter’s specialty is making lighter-weight tackdrivers in the 6-8 lb range. With the McMillan Edge Technology stocks and a custom action, they can easily produce rifles in this weight range that are fully capable of 2-3” groups at 600 yards. To top off a new custom rifle, McWhorter

Custom Rifles are dealers for Swarovski, Zeiss, Schmidt & Bender, Nightforce, and Meopta scopes and will be glad to talk with to you about scope models, weights, power ranges, reticles, and custom turrets from several manufacturers. Fully Equipped (Custom) Rifles: $4895 Stiller Action $4995 Borden Action $5195 Xtreme Ti Action (prices subject to change, please see website for current pricing)

The McWhorter Extreme Muzzleloader (XML) is a revolutionary concept designed to extend the effective range of modern muzzleloading. The new design uses a patent pending, infinitely reusable, ignition cartridge system and a revolutionary breach plug design that never needs to be removed. The XML can use either black power (Triple 7, Pyrodex, Blackhorn 209) or smokeless powder and each rifle will be load developed for which option gives you the best accuracy. Using the 325 grain Parker bullets and sabots, the XML has over 1000 ft-lbs of energy out to 600 yards.

Specifications • Custom Stiller Single Shot Action • Hart or Rock Barrell 1:20”, 1:21”, or 1:26” twist • Load Developed with Parker 325 gr. Bullet • 2200fps Blackpowder / 2500fps Smokeless • .410 BC at 2200fps / .426 BC at 2500fps • 1 MOA Guarantee to 500 yards • McMillan Stock of Your Choice • Includes Muzzlebrake • Custom Painting and Metal Finishes • Custom Ramrod and T-handle • Priming and Depriming Tool for Loading Ignition Cartridge Included Price: $4895 50cal XML (price subject to change, please see website for current pricing)

All McWhorter Rifles are guaranteed 1/2 MOA (Minute of Angle), which means our guns are guaranteed to shoot a 1/2” groups at 100 yards, 1” groups at 200 yards, 1.5” groups at 300 yards, 2” groups at 400 yards, etc. We are able to achieve this by combining superior workmanship, the best components in the industry, and fine-tuned load development. Along with each rifle, you will receive 20 rounds of ammo specifically load developed for your rifle along with the load development recipe that you can use to handload yourself, submit to a number of professional

services in the industry that will load custom bullets for you, or have McWhorter Rifles load them for you ourselves. Many of our rifles will shoot much better than 1/2 MOA evident by the group above from one of our 6.5 x 47 Lapua’s (three shots at 100 yards). See the descriptions on each rifle on the “gun rack “ section of our website for the exact recorded three shot group shot for that specific rifle.


McWhorter Custom Rifles 1549 Howell Road Doerun, Georgia 31744 Phone: M-F 9am-5pm EST (229) 782-5445 After Hours and Weekends: (229) 782-5799 Fax: (229) 782-5791 E-mail: [email protected] web: