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CLASSICS □ C The Regulation of Adenyl Cyclase by G-protein: the Work of Alfred G. Gilman (

ACCELERATED PUBLICATIONS 36541 ISO-1 Binding to the Tautomerase Active Site of MIF Inhibits Its

□ S Pro-inflammatory Activity and Increases Survival in Severe Sepsis. Yousef Al-Abed, Darrin Dabideen, Bayan Aljabari, Aline Valster, Davorka Messmer, Mahendar Ochani, Mahira Tanovic, Kanta Ochani, Michael Bacher, Ferdinando Nicoletti, Christine Metz, Valentin A. Pavlov, Edmund J. Miller, and Kevin J. Tracey


HEIMER AMYLOID SUBUNITS (ADan AND A␤) IN THE ABSENCE OF COMPACT PLAQUES. Yasushi Tomidokoro, Tammaryn Lashley, Agueda Rostagno, Thomas A. Neubert, Marie Bojsen-Møller, Hans Braendgaard, Gordon Plant, Janice Holton, Blas Frangione, Tamas Re´ve´sz, and Jorge Ghiso

37098 Inactivation of Organellar Glutamyl- and Seryl-tRNA Synthe-

□ S tases Leads to Developmental Arrest of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria in Higher Plants. Yu-Kyung Kim, Jae-Yong Lee, Hye Sun Cho, Sang Sook Lee, Hyun Jung Ha, Sunghoon Kim, Doil Choi, and Hyun-Sook Pai

DNA: REPLICATION, REPAIR, AND RECOMBINATION 37069 Bipolar DNA Translocation Contributes to Highly Processive

□ S DNA Unwinding by RecBCD Enzyme. Mark S. Dillingham, Martin R. Webb, and Stephen C. Kowalczykowski

37078 Translocation by the RecB Motor Is an Absolute Requirement

for ␹-Recognition and RecA Protein Loading by RecBCD Enzyme. Maria Spies, Mark S. Dillingham, and Stephen C. Kowalczykowski

GENES: STRUCTURE AND REGULATION 36664 Role of p73 in Regulating Human Caspase-1 Gene Transcrip-

tion Induced by Interferon-␥ and Cisplatin. Nishant Jain, Sanjeev Gupta, Ch. Sudhakar, Vegesna Radha, and Ghanshyam Swarup

36920 Analysis of U1 Small Nuclear RNA Interaction with Cyclin H.

□ S William O’Gorman, Benjamin Thomas, Kon Yew Kwek, Andre Furger, and Alexandre Akoulitchev

36935 Interaction of the Epstein-Barr Virus mRNA Export Factor EB2

with Human Spen Proteins SHARP, OTT1, and a Novel Member of the Family, OTT3, Links Spen Proteins with Splicing Regulation and mRNA Export. Edwige Hiriart, Henri Gruffat, Monique Buisson, Ivan Mikaelian, Selina Keppler, Patrick Meresse, Thomas Mercher, Olivier A. Bernard, Alain Sergeant, and Evelyne Manet

37139 Nuclear Import of ␣B-crystallin Is Phosphorylation- dependent

and Hampered by Hyperphosphorylation of the Myopathyrelated Mutant R120G. John den Engelsman, Danny Gerrits, Wilfried W. de Jong, Jeffrey Robbins, Kanefusa Kato, and Wilbert C. Boelens

PROTEIN STRUCTURE AND FOLDING 36657 Binding of Escherichia coli Hemolysin and Activation of the Tar-

get Cells Is Not Receptor-dependent. Angela Valeva, Ivan Walev, Helene Kemmer, Silvia Weis, Isabel Siegel, Fatima Boukhallouk, Trudy M. Wassenaar, Triantafyllos Chavakis, and Sucharit Bhakdi 36747 Functional Characterization of the C-terminal Domain of the

Cytochrome c Maturation Protein CcmE. Edgar M. Harvat, Julie M. Stevens, Christina Redfield, and Stuart J. Ferguson 36754 Thermoglobin, Oxygen-avid Hemoglobin in a Bacterial

Hyperthermophile. JJ L. Miranda, David H. Maillett, Jayashree Soman, and John S. Olson 36802 Structural and Genetic Analyses Reveal a Key Role in Prophage

Excision for the TorI Response Regulator Inhibitor. Latifa ElAntak, Mireille Ansaldi, Franc¸oise Guerlesquin, Vincent Me´jean, and Xavier Morelli

On The Cover The cover shows the localization of Toll-like receptors TLR4 and TLR3 fused to yellow fluorescent protein (shown in green) in bone marrow-derived macrophages. The left panels are phase contrast images, and the right panels are fluorescence microscopy of cells stained with rhodamine-conjugated cholera toxin B, which stains the cell surface red (upper panels, TLR4; lower panels, TLR3). For details see the article by Nishiya et al., pages 37107–37117. ⽧ Paper of the Week

□ S Online version of this article contains supplemental material.

NOVEMBER 4, 2005 • VOLUME 280 • NUMBER 44

□ C Available in the online journal only.



36809 High Pressure Enhances Hexacoordination in Neuroglobin and

Other Globins. Djemel Hamdane, Laurent Kiger, Gaston Hui Bon Hoa, Sylvia Dewilde, Julien Uzan, Thorsten Burmester, Thomas Hankeln, Luc Moens, and Michael C. Marden 36873 Two Functional Active Conformations of the Integrin ␣2␤1,

Depending on Activation Condition and Cell Type. Gerlinde R. Van de Walle, Karen Vanhoorelbeke, Zsuzsa Majer, Eszter Illye´s, Johan Baert, Inge Pareyn, and Hans Deckmyn 36905 Molecular Structure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Gal1p, a Bi-

functional Galactokinase and Transcriptional Inducer. James B. Thoden, Christopher A. Sellick, David J. Timson, Richard J. Reece, and Hazel M. Holden 37041 Nucleotide-dependent Domain Movement in the ATPase Do-

□ S main of a Human Type IIA DNA Topoisomerase. Hua Wei, Alexander J. Ruthenburg, Seth K. Bechis, and Gregory L. Verdine

37149 Structure of the Prion Ure2p in Protein Fibrils Assembled in

□ S Vitro. Nicolas Fay, Virginie Redeker, Jimmy Savistchenko, Steven Dubois, Luc Bousset, and Ronald Melki

37183 F110I and R278C Troponin T Mutations That Cause Familial

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Affect Muscle Contraction in Transgenic Mice and Reconstituted Human Cardiac Fibers. Olga M. Hernandez, Danuta Szczesna-Cordary, Bjo¨rn C. Knollmann, Todd Miller, Michael Bell, Jiaju Zhao, Syevda G. Sirenko, Zoraida Diaz, Georgianna Guzman, Yuanyuan Xu, Ying Wang, W. Glenn L. Kerrick, and James D. Potter 37217 Mapping and Consensus Sequence Identification for Multiple

□ S Vinculin Binding Sites within the Talin Rod. Alexandre R. Gingras, Wolfgang H. Ziegler, Ronald Frank, Igor L. Barsukov, Gordon C. K. Roberts, David R. Critchley, and Jonas Emsley

37225 Dopamine Receptor Oligomerization Visualized in Living Cells.

Brian F. O’Dowd, Xiaodong Ji, Mohammad Alijaniaram, Ryan D. Rajaram, Michael M. C. Kong, Asim Rashid, Tuan Nguyen, and Susan R. George 37236 Dissection of Merozoite Surface Protein 3, a Representative of

□ S a Family of Plasmodium falciparum Surface Proteins, Reveals an Oligomeric and Highly Elongated Molecule. Brandt R. Burgess, Peter Schuck, and David N. Garboczi

37246 Structural Determinants for Branched-chain Aminotransferase

Isozyme-specific Inhibition by the Anticonvulsant Drug Gabapentin. Masaru Goto, Ikuko Miyahara, Ken Hirotsu, Myra Conway, Neela Yennawar, Mohammad M. Islam, and Susan M. Hutson

ENZYME CATALYSIS AND REGULATION 36545 Regulation of Fish Gill Naⴙ-Kⴙ-ATPase by Selective Sulfatide-

enriched Raft Partitioning during Seawater Adaptation. Daniel Lingwood, George Harauz, and James S. Ballantyne 36633 Sequence Determinants for the Reaction Specificity of Murine

(12R)-Lipoxygenase. TARGETED SUBSTRATE MODIFICATION AND SITE-DIRECTED MUTAGENESIS. Sunitha Meruvu, Matthias Walther, Igor Ivanov, Sven Hammarstro¨m, Gerhard Fu¨rstenberger, Peter Krieg, Pallu Reddanna, and Hartmut Kuhn 36719 Reconstitution and Characterization of Aminopyrrolnitrin Oxy-

□ S genase, a Rieske N-Oxygenase That Catalyzes Unusual Arylamine Oxidation. Jungkul Lee, Michael Simurdiak, and Huimin Zhao

36773 Evidence for the Regulatory Role of the N-terminal Helix of Se-

cretory Phospholipase A2 from Studies on Native and Chimeric Proteins. Shan Qin, Abhay H. Pande, Kathleen N. Nemec, Xiaomei He, and Suren A. Tatulian 36784 In Vitro Studies of Cross-resistance Mutations against Two Hep-

atitis C Virus Serine Protease Inhibitors, VX-950 and BILN 2061. Chao Lin, Cynthia A. Gates, B. Govinda Rao, Debra L. Brennan, John R. Fulghum, Yu-Ping Luong, J. Daniel Frantz, Kai Lin, Sue Ma, Yun-Yi Wei, Robert B. Perni, and Ann D. Kwong


36833 O2- and H2O2-dependent Verdoheme Degradation by Heme

□ S Oxygenase. REACTION MECHANISMS AND POTENTIAL PHYSIOLOGICAL ROLES OF THE DUAL PATHWAY DEGRADATION. Toshitaka Matsui, Aya Nakajima, Hiroshi Fujii, Kathryn Mansfield Matera, Catharina T. Migita, Tadashi Yoshida, and Masao Ikeda-Saito

36848 A Single Aromatic Amino Acid at the Carboxyl Terminus of

Helicobacter pylori ␣1,3/4 Fucosyltransferase Determines Substrate Specificity. Bing Ma, Leon H. Lau, Monica M. Palcic, Bart Hazes, and Diane E. Taylor

36912 GTP Cyclohydrolase II Structure and Mechanism. Jingshan Ren,

Masayo Kotaka, Michael Lockyer, Heather K. Lamb, Alastair R. Hawkins, and David K. Stammers 36962 The Residue Mass of L-Pyrrolysine in Three Distinct Methyla-

□ S mine Methyltransferases. Jitesh A. Soares, Liwen Zhang, Rhonda L. Pitsch, Nanette M. Kleinholz, R. Benjamin Jones, Jeremy J. Wolff, Jon Amster, Kari B. Green-Church, and Joseph A. Krzycki

37021 Interleukin-8-induced Priming of Neutrophil Oxidative Burst

□ S Requires Sequential Recruitment of NADPH Oxidase Components into Lipid Rafts. Ce´cile Guichard, Eric Pedruzzi, Ce´dric Dewas, Miche`le Fay, Ce´cile Pouzet, Marcelle Bens, Alain Vandewalle, Eric Ogier-Denis, Marie-Anne Gougerot-Pocidalo, and Carole Elbim

37048 Alternating Site ATPase Pathway of Rat Conventional Kinesin.

Scott D. Auerbach and Kenneth A. Johnson 37061 Kinetic Effects of Kinesin Switch I and Switch II Mutations. Scott

D. Auerbach and Kenneth A. Johnson 37088 Converting a ␤-Glycosidase into a ␤-Transglycosidase by Di-

rected Evolution. Hui-Yong Feng, Jullien Drone, Lionel Hoffmann, Vinh Tran, Charles Tellier, Claude Rabiller, and Michel Dion 37289 Phosphodiesterase Activity of Alkaline Phosphatase in ATP-

initiated Ca2ⴙ and Phosphate Deposition in Isolated Chicken Matrix Vesicles. Le Zhang, Marcin Balcerzak, Jacqueline Radisson, Cyril Thouverey, Slawomir Pikula, Ge´rard Azzar, and Rene´ Buchet

GLYCOBIOLOGY AND EXTRACELLULAR MATRICES 36683 Two Conserved Histidine Residues Are Critical to the Function

□ S of the TagF-like Family of Enzymes. Jeffrey W. Schertzer, Amit P. Bhavsar, and Eric D. Brown

36691 The TagB Protein in Bacillus subtilis 168 Is an Intracellular Pe-

ripheral Membrane Protein That Can Incorporate Glycerol Phosphate onto a Membrane-bound Acceptor in Vitro. Amit P. Bhavsar, Ray Truant, and Eric D. Brown 37178 Sugar-binding Properties of VIP36, an Intracellular Animal Lec-

tin Operating as a Cargo Receptor. Yukiko Kamiya, Yoshiki Yamaguchi, Noriko Takahashi, Yoichiro Arata, Ken-ichi Kasai, Yoshito Ihara, Ichiro Matsuo , Yukishige Ito , Kazuo Yamamoto, and Koichi Kato 37204 Characterization of a Human Core-specific Lysosomal ␣1,6-

Mannosidase Involved in N-Glycan Catabolism. Chaeho Park, Lu Meng, Leslie H. Stanton, Robert E. Collins, Steven W. Mast, Xiaobing Yi, Heather Strachan, and Kelley W. Moremen

LIPIDS AND LIPOPROTEINS 36551 Proprotein Covertases Are Responsible for Proteolysis and In-

□ S activation of Endothelial Lipase. Weijun Jin, Ilia V. Fuki, Nabil G. Seidah, Suzanne Benjannet, Jane M. Glick, and Daniel J. Rader

36592 Involvement of Neutral Ceramidase in Ceramide Metabolism at

the Plasma Membrane and in Extracellular Milieu. Motohiro Tani, Yasuyuki Igarashi, and Makoto Ito 36601 Diabetes Alters the Occupancy of the Hepatic 3-Hydroxy-3-

methylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Promoter. William R. Lagor, Eric D. de Groh, and Gene C. Ness 36674 Regulation of the Sphingoid Long-chain Base Kinase Lcb4p by

Ergosterol and Heme. STUDIES IN PHYTOSPHINGOSINE-RESISTANT MUTANTS. Takamitsu Sano, Akio Kihara, Fumiko Kurotsu, Soichiro Iwaki, and Yasuyuki Igarashi

VOLUME 280 • NUMBER 44 • NOVEMBER 4, 2005

36792 Anthocyanins Induce Cholesterol Efflux from Mouse Peritoneal

Macrophages. THE ROLE OF THE PEROXISOME PROLIFERATORACTIVATED RECEPTOR ␥-LIVER X RECEPTOR ␣-ABCA1 PATHWAY. Min Xia, Mengjun Hou, Huilian Zhu, Jing Ma, Zhihong Tang, Qing Wang, Yan Li, Dongsheng Chi, Xiaoping Yu, Ting Zhao, Pinghua Han, Xiaodong Xia, and Wenhua Ling 37118 SphK1 and SphK2, Sphingosine Kinase Isoenzymes with Op-

posing Functions in Sphingolipid Metabolism. Michael Maceyka, Heidi Sankala, Nitai C. Hait, Herve´ Le Stunff, Hong Liu, Rachelle Toman, Claiborne Collier, Min Zhang, Leslie S. Satin, Alfred H. Merrill, Jr., Sheldon Milstien, and Sarah Spiegel

MEMBRANE TRANSPORT, STRUCTURE, FUNCTION, AND BIOGENESIS 36648 The Incorporation of Glucosamine into Enterobacterial Core

Lipopolysaccharide. TWO ENZYMATIC STEPS ARE REQUIRED. Miguel Regue´, Luis Izquierdo, Sandra Fresno, Natalia Jimenez, Nuria Pique´, M. Michela Corsaro, Michelangelo Parrilli, Teresa Naldi, Susana Merino, and Juan M. Toma´s 36762 The Short Apical Membrane Half-life of Rescued ⌬F508-Cystic

Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR) Results from Accelerated Endocytosis of ⌬F508-CFTR in Polarized Human Airway Epithelial Cells. Agnieszka Swiatecka-Urban, Andrea Brown, Sophie Moreau-Marquis, Janhavi Renuka, Bonita Coutermarsh, Roxanna Barnaby, Katherine H. Karlson, Terence R. Flotte, Mitsunori Fukuda, George M. Langford, and Bruce A. Stanton 36815 Lipids as Modulators of Proteolytic Activity of BACE. INVOLVE-

□ S MENT OF CHOLESTEROL, GLYCOSPHINGOLIPIDS, AND ANIONIC PHOSPHOLIPIDS IN VITRO. Lucie Kalvodova, Nicoletta Kahya, Petra Schwille, Robert Ehehalt, Paul Verkade, David Drechsel, and Kai Simons

36841 A Malaria Parasite-encoded Vacuolar Hⴙ-ATPase Is Targeted to

the Host Erythrocyte. Norma Marchesini, Mauricio Vieira, Shuhong Luo, Silvia N. J. Moreno, and Roberto Docampo 36857 The Q-loop Disengages from the First Intracellular Loop during

the Catalytic Cycle of the Multidrug ABC Transporter BmrA. Olivier Dalmas, Ce´dric Orelle, Anne-Emmanuelle Foucher, Christophe Geourjon, Serge Crouzy, Attilio Di Pietro, and Jean-Michel Jault 36926 Identification of Intra- and Intermolecular Disulfide Bridges in

the Multidrug Resistance Transporter ABCG2. Ulla Henriksen, Jacob U. Fog, Thomas Litman, and Ulrik Gether 36978 Structural and Functional Separation of the N- and C-terminal

Domains of the Yeast V-ATPase Subunit H. Mali Liu, Maureen Tarsio, Colleen M. H. Charsky, and Patricia M. Kane 37159 The Mechanism of Copper Uptake Mediated by Human CTR1.

A MUTATIONAL ANALYSIS. John F. Eisses and Jack H. Kaplan 37195 Inhibitory Interaction of the 14-3-3⑀ Protein with Isoform 4 of 2ⴙ

the Plasma Membrane Ca -ATPase Pump. Alessandro Rimessi, Luisa Coletto, Paolo Pinton, Rosario Rizzuto, Marisa Brini, and Ernesto Carafoli 37257 Role of an S4-S5 Linker Lysine in the Trafficking of the Ca2ⴙ-

activated Kⴙ Channels IK1 and SK3. Heather M. Jones, Kirk L. Hamilton, and Daniel C. Devor

MECHANISMS OF SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION 36560 Rip1 Mediates the Trif-dependent Toll-like Receptor 3- and

4-induced NF-␬B Activation but Does Not Contribute to Interferon Regulatory Factor 3 Activation. Nicole Cusson-Hermance, Smriti Khurana, Thomas H. Lee, Katherine A. Fitzgerald, and Michelle A. Kelliher

36567 Stabilization of Hypoxia-inducible Factor-1␣ by Prostacyclin

under Prolonged Hypoxia via Reducing Reactive Oxygen Species Level in Endothelial Cells. Tzu-Ching Chang, Chung-Jen Huang, Kabik Tam, Su-Fen Chen, Kien Thiam Tan, Ming-Song Tsai, Teng-Nan Lin, and Song-Kun Shyue

NOVEMBER 4, 2005 • VOLUME 280 • NUMBER 44

36575 Polo-like Kinase 1-mediated Phosphorylation Stabilizes Pin1

by Inhibiting Its Ubiquitination in Human Cells. Frank Eckerdt, Juping Yuan, Krishna Saxena, Bernd Martin, Sven Kappel, Christine Lindenau, Andrea Kramer, Steffen Naumann, Sebastian Daum, Gunter Fischer, Ivan Dikic, Manfred Kaufmann, and Klaus Strebhardt 36584 Inducible Dimerization of RET Reveals a Specific AKT Deregula-

tion in Oncogenic Signaling. Barbara Freˆche, Patricia Guillaumot, Julie Charmetant, Ludivine Pelletier, Celine Luquain, Dale Christiansen, Marc Billaud, and Serge N. Manie´ 36609 Role of Group A p21-activated Kinases in Activation of Extra-

cellular-regulated Kinase by Growth Factors. Alexander Beeser, Zahara M. Jaffer, Clemens Hofmann, and Jonathan Chernoff 36616 Domain Exchange between Human Toll-like Receptors 1 and 6

Reveals a Region Required for Lipopeptide Discrimination. Katherine O. Omueti, John M. Beyer, Christopher M. Johnson, Elizabeth A. Lyle, and Richard I. Tapping 36626 An Activin-A/C Chimera Exhibits Activin and Myostatin Antago-

nistic Properties. Uwe Muenster, Craig A. Harrison, Cynthia Donaldson, Wylie Vale, and Wolfgang H. Fischer 36701 Pasteurella multocida Toxin-induced Activation of RhoA Is Me-

diated via Two Families of G␣ Proteins, G␣q and G␣12/13. Joachim H. C. Orth, Simona Lang, Masatoshi Taniguchi, and Klaus Aktories

36708 The Glycolytic Metabolite Methylglyoxal Activates Pap1 and

Sty1 Stress Responses in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Alice Zuin, Ana P. Vivancos, Miriam Sanso´, Yoshifumi Takatsume, Jose´ Ayte´, Yoshiharu Inoue, and Elena Hidalgo 36714 Nod1 Participates in the Innate Immune Response to Pseudo-

monas aeruginosa. Leonardo H. Travassos, Leticia A. M. Carneiro, Stephen E. Girardin, Ivo G. Boneca, Ramon Lemos, Marcelo T. Bozza, Regina C. P. Domingues, Anthony J. Coyle, John Bertin, Dana J. Philpott, and Maria Cristina Plotkowski 36737 The Essential Role of MEKK3 Signaling in Angiotensin II-in-

duced Calcineurin/Nuclear Factor of Activated T-cells Activation. Shahrzad Abbasi, Bing Su, Rodney E. Kellems, JianHua Yang, and Yang Xia 36824 Dopamine D2-like Receptors Are Expressed in Pancreatic Beta

Cells and Mediate Inhibition of Insulin Secretion. Blanca Rubı´, Sanda Ljubicic, Shirin Pournourmohammadi, Stefania Carobbio, Mathieu Armanet, Clarissa Bartley, and Pierre Maechler 36865 Sphingosine Kinase 2 Is Required for Modulation of Lympho-

cyte Traffic by FTY720. Yugesh Kharel, Sangderk Lee, Ashley H. Snyder, Stacey L. Sheasley-O’Neill, Margaret A. Morris, Yulius Setiady, Ran Zhu, Molly A. Zigler, Tracy L. Burcin, Klaus Ley, Kenneth S. K. Tung, Victor H. Engelhard, Timothy L. Macdonald , Sonia Pearson-White, and Kevin R. Lynch 36895 A ␥-Secretase-independent Mechanism of Signal Transduction

by the Amyloid Precursor Protein. Matthew R. Hass and Bruce A. Yankner 36952 Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Is Required for Rhinovirus-in-

duced Airway Epithelial Cell Interleukin-8 Expression. Dawn C. Newcomb, Uma Sajjan, Suparna Nanua, Yue Jia, Adam M. Goldsmith, J. Kelley Bentley, and Marc B. Hershenson 36970 Recycling of Cell Surface Pro-transforming Growth Factor-␣

□ S Regulates Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Activation. Sonia Martı´nez-Arca, Joan Josep Bech-Serra, Miguel Hurtado-Ku¨ttner, Aldo Borroto, and Joaquı´n Arribas

36986 Macromolecular Translocation Inhibitor II (Zn2ⴙ-binding Pro-

tein, Parathymosin) Interacts with the Glucocorticoid Receptor and Enhances Transcription in Vivo. Kazuki Okamoto and Fumihide Isohashi 36994 Ryanodine Receptor Type 1 (RyR1) Mutations C4958S and

C4961S Reveal Excitation-coupled Calcium Entry (ECCE) Is Independent of Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Store Depletion. Alanna M. Hurne, Jennifer J. O’Brien, Douglas Wingrove, Gennady Cherednichenko, Paul D. Allen, Kurt G. Beam, and Isaac N. Pessah



37013 Calindol, a Positive Allosteric Modulator of the Human Ca2ⴙ

Receptor, Activates an Extracellular Ligand-binding Domaindeleted Rhodopsin-like Seven-transmembrane Structure in the Absence of Ca2ⴙ. Kausik Ray, Justin Tisdale, Robert H. Dodd, Philippe Dauban, Martial Ruat, and John K. Northup 37033 Recruitment of Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor-associated

Factor Family Proteins to Apoptosis Signal-regulating Kinase 1 Signalosome Is Essential for Oxidative Stress-induced Cell Death. Takuya Noguchi, Kohsuke Takeda, Atsushi Matsuzawa, Kaoru Saegusa, Hiroyasu Nakano, Jin Gohda, Jun-ichiro Inoue, and Hidenori Ichijo 37107 TLR3 and TLR7 Are Targeted to the Same Intracellular Com⽧ partments by Distinct Regulatory Elements. Tadashi Nishiya, Emi

Kajita, Soichi Miwa, and Anthony L. DeFranco 37130 Cholesterol-dependent Syntaxin-4 and SNAP-23 Clustering

Regulates Caveolar Fusion with the Endothelial Plasma Membrane. Sanda A. Predescu, Dan N. Predescu, Kayo Shimizu, Irene K. Klein, and Asrar B. Malik 37169 Irradiation-induced Translocation of p53 to Mitochondria in the

Absence of Apoptosis. Frank Essmann, Stephan Pohlmann, Bernhard Gillissen, Peter T. Daniel Klaus Schulze-Osthoff, and Reiner U. Ja¨nicke 37266 Galectin-1 Interacts with the ␣5␤1 Fibronectin Receptor to Re-

strict Carcinoma Cell Growth via Induction of p21 and p27. Christian Fischer, Hugo Sanchez-Ruderisch, Martina Welzel, Bertram Wiedenmann, Toshiyuki Sakai, Sabine Andre´, Hans-Joachim Gabius, Levon Khachigian, Katharina M. Detjen, and Stefan Rosewicz


MOLECULAR BASIS OF CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 36642 ␥-Globin Gene Expression in Chemical Inducer of Dimeriza-

tion (CID)-dependent Multipotential Cells Established from Human ␤-Globin Locus Yeast Artificial Chromosome (␤-YAC) Transgenic Mice. C. Anthony Blau, Carlos F. Barbas III, Anna L. Bomhoff, Renee Neades, James Yan, Patrick A. Navas, and Kenneth R. Peterson 36729 The Binding Site in ␤2-Glycoprotein I for ApoER2ⴕ on Platelets

Is Located in Domain V. Menno van Lummel, Maarten T. T. Pennings, Ronald H. W. M. Derksen, Rolf T. Urbanus, Bianca C. H. Lutters, Niels Kaldenhoven, and Philip G. de Groot 36946 The v-SNARE Vti1a Regulates Insulin-stimulated Glucose Trans-

port and Acrp30 Secretion in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes. Avirup Bose, Adilson Guilherme, Shaohui Huang, Andrea C. Hubbard, Charles R. Lane, Neil A. Soriano, and Michael P. Czech 37005 Selective Recognition of Synthetic Lysine and meso-Diamino-

□ S pimelic Acid-type Peptidoglycan Fragments by Human Peptidoglycan Recognition Proteins I␣ and S. Sanjay Kumar, Abhijit Roychowdhury, Brian Ember, Qian Wang, Rongjin Guan, Roy A. Mariuzza, and Geert-Jan Boons

37278 Properties of Synaptic Vesicle Pools in Mature Central Nerve

Terminals. Anthony C. Ashton and Yuri A. Ushkaryov

VOLUME 280 • NUMBER 44 • NOVEMBER 4, 2005

The Journal of Biological Chemistry

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NOVEMBER 4, 2005 • VOLUME 280 • NUMBER 44

Daum, Sebastian, 36575 Deckmyn, Hans, 36873 DeFranco, Anthony L., 37107 de Groh, Eric D., 36601 de Groot, Philip G., 36729 de Jong, Wilfried W., 37139 den Englelsman, John, 37139 Derksen, Ronald H. W. M., 36729 Detjen, Katharina M., 37266 Devor, Daniel C., 37257 Dewas, Ce´dric, 37021 Dewilde, Sylvia, 36809 Di Pietro, Attilio, 36857 Diaz, Zoraida, 37183 Dikic, Ivan, 36575 Dillingham, Mark S., 37069, 37078 Dion, Michel, 37088 Docampo, Roberto, 36841 Dodd, Robert H., 37013 Domingues, Regina C. P., 36714 Donaldson, Cynthia, 36626 Drechsel, David, 36815 Drone, Jullien, 37088 Dubois, Steven, 37149

E Eckerdt, Frank, 36575 Ehehalt, Robert, 36815 Eisses, John F., 37159 ElAntak, Latifa, 36802 Elbim, Carole, 37021 Ember, Brian, 37005 Emsley, Jonas, 37217 Engelhard, Victor H., 36865 Essmann, Frank, 37169

F Fay, Miche`le, 37021 Fay, Nicolas, 37149 Feng, Hui-Yong, 37088 Ferguson, Stuart J., 36747 Fischer, Christian, 37266 Fischer, Gunter, 36575 Fischer, Wolfgang H., 36626 Fitzgerald, Katherine A., 36560 Flotte, Terence R., 36762 Fog, Jacob U., 36926

Foucher, AnneEmmanuelle, 36857 Frangione, Blas, 36883 Frank, Ronald, 37217 Frantz, J. Daniel, 36784 Freˆche, Barbara, 36584 Fresno, Sandra, 36648 Fujii, Hiroshi, 36833 Fuki, Ilia V., 36551 Fukuda, Mitsunori, 36762 Fulghum, John R., 36784 Furger, Andre, 36920 Fu¨rstenberger, Gerhard, 36633

G Gabius, Hans-Joachim, 37266 Garboczi, David N., 37236 Gates, Cynthia A., 36784 George, Susan R., 37225 Geourjon, Christophe, 36857 Gerrits, Danny, 37139 Gether, Ulrik, 36926 Ghiso, Jorge, 36883 Gillissen, Bernhard, 37169 Gingras, Alexandre R., 37217 Girardin, Stephen E., 36714 Glick, Jane M., 36551 Gohda, Jin, 37033 Goldsmith, Adam M., 36952 Goto, Masaru, 37246 Gougerot-Pocidalo, MarieAnne, 37021 Green-Church, Kari B., 36962 Gruffat, Henri, 36935 Guan, Rongjin, 37005 Guerlesquin, Franc¸oise, 36802 Guichard, Ce´cile, 37021 Guilherme, Adilson, 36946, 36946 Guillaumot, Patricia, 36584 Gupta, Sanjeev, 36664 Guzman, Georgianna, 37183

H Ha, Hyun Jung, 37098 Hait, Nitai C., 37118 Hamdane, Djemel, 36809 Hamilton, Kirk L., 37257

Hammarstro¨m, Sven, 36633 Han, Pinghua, 36792 Hankeln, Thomas, 36809 Harauz, George, 36545 Harrison, Craig A., 36626 Harvat, Edgar M., 36747 Hass, Matthew R., 36895 Hawkins, Alastair R., 36912 Hazes, Bart, 36848 He, Xiaomei, 36773 Henriksen, Ulla, 36926 Hernandez, Olga M., 37183 Hershenson, Marc B., 36952 Hidalgo, Elena, 36708 Hiriart, Edwige, 36935 Hirotsu, Ken, 37246 Hoffmann, Lionel, 37088 Hofmann, Clemens, 36609 Holden, Hazel M., 36905 Holton, Janice, 36883 Hou, Mengjun, 36792 Huang, Chung-Jen, 36567 Huang, Shaohui, 36946, 36946 Hubbard, Andrea C., 36946, 36946 Hui Bon Hoa, Gaston, 36809 Hurne, Alanna M., 36994 Hurtado-Ku¨ttner, Miguel, 36970 Hutson, Susan M., 37246

I Ichijo, Hidenori, 37033 Igarashi, Yasuyuki, 36592, 36674 Ihara, Yoshito, 37178 Ikeda-Saito, Masao, 36833 Illye´s, Eszter, 36873 Inoue, Jun-ichiro, 37033 Inoue, Yoshiharu, 36708 Islam, Mohammad M., 37246 Isohashi, Fumihide, 36986 Ito , Yukishige, 37178 Ito, Makoto, 36592 Ivanov, Igor, 36633 Iwaki, Soichiro, 36674 Izquierdo, Luis, 36648

J Jaffer, Zahara M., 36609 Jain, Nishant, 36664

Ja¨nicke, Reiner U., 37169 Jault, Jean-Michel, 36857 Ji, Xiaodong, 37225 Jia, Yue, 36952 Jimenez, Natalia, 36648 Jin, Weijun, 36551 Johnson, Christopher M., 36616 Johnson, Kenneth A., 37048, 37061 Jones, Heather M., 37257 Jones, R. Benjamin, 36962 Josep Bech-Serra, Joan, 36970 Jung Ha, Hyun, 37098

K Kahya, Nicoletta, 36815 Kajita, Emi, 37107 Kaldenhoven, Niels, 36729 Kalvodova, Lucie, 36815 Kamiya, Yukiko, 37178 Kane, Patricia M., 36978 Kaplan, Jack H., 37159 Kappel, Sven, 36575 Karlson, Katherine H., 36762 Kasai, Ken-ichi, 37178 Kato, Kanefusa, 37139 Kato, Koichi, 37178 Kaufmann, Manfred, 36575 Kellems, Rodney E., 36737 Kelliher, Michelle A., 36560 Kemmer, Helene, 36657 Keppler, Selina, 36935 Kerrick, W. Glenn L., 37183 Khachigian, Levon, 37266 Kharel, Yugesh, 36865 Khurana, Smriti, 36560 Kiger, Laurent, 36809 Kihara, Akio, 36674 Kim, Sunghoon, 37098 Kim, Yu-Kyung, 37098 Klein, Irene K., 37130 Kleinholz, Nanette M., 36962 Knollmann, Bjo¨rn C., 37183 Kong, Michael M. C., 37225 Kotaka, Masayo, 36912 Kowalczykowski, Stephen C., 37069, 37078 Kramer, Andrea, 36575 Krieg, Peter, 36633 Krzycki, Joseph A., 36962



Kuhn, Hartmut, 36633 Kumar, Sanjay, 37005 Kurotsu, Fumiko, 36674 Kwek, Kon Yew, 36920 Kwong, Ann D., 36784

L Lagor, William R., 36601 Lamb, Heather K., 36912 Lane, Charles R., 36946, 36946 Lang, Simona, 36701 Langford, George M., 36762 Lashley, Tammaryn, 36883 Lau, Leon H., 36848 Lee, Jae-Yong, 37098 Lee, Jungkul, 36719 Lee, Sangderk, 36865 Lee, Sang Sook, 37098 Lee, Thomas H., 36560 Lemos, Ramon, 36714 Le Stunff, Herve´, 37118 Ley, Klaus, 36865 Li, Yan, 36792 Lin, Chao, 36784 Lin, Kai, 36784 Lin, Teng-Nan, 36567 Lindenau, Christine, 36575 Ling, Wenhua, 36792 Lingwood, Daniel, 36545 Litman, Thomas, 36926 Liu, Hong, 37118 Liu, Mali, 36978 Ljubicic, Sanda, 36824 Lockyer, Michael, 36912 Luo, Shuhong, 36841 Luong, Yu-Ping, 36784 Luquain, Celine, 36584 Lutters, Bianca C. H., 36729 Lyle, Elizabeth A., 36616 Lynch, Kevin R., 36865

M Ma, Bing, 36848 Ma, Jing, 36792 Ma, Sue, 36784 Macdonald, Timothy L., 36865 Maceyka, Michael, 37118 Maechler, Pierre, 36824 Maillett, David H., 36754 Majer, Zsuzsa, 36873 Malik, Asrar B., 37130 Manet, Evelyne, 36935 Manie´, Serge N., 36584 Mansfield Matera, Kathryn, 36833 Marchesini, Norma, 36841

Marden, Michael C., 36809 Mariuzza, Roy A., 37005 Martin, Bernd, 36575 Martı´nez-Arca, Sonia, 36970 Mast, Steven W., 37204 Matsui, Toshitaka, 36833 Matsuo , Ichiro, 37178 Matsuzawa, Atsushi, 37033 Me´jean, Vincent, 36802 Melki, Ronald, 37149 Meng, Lu, 37204 Mercher, Thomas, 36935 Meresse, Patrick, 36935 Merino, Susana, 36648 Merrill, Alfred H., Jr., 37118 Meruvu, Sunitha, 36633 Messmer, Davorka, 36541 Metz, Christine, 36541 Migita, Catharina T., 36833 Mikaelian, Ivan, 36935 Miller, Edmund J., 36541 Miller, Todd, 37183 Milstien, Sheldon, 37118 Miranda, JJ L., 36754 Miwa, Soichi, 37107 Miyahara, Ikuko, 37246 Moens, Luc, 36809 Moreau-Marquis, Sophie, 36762 Morelli, Xavier, 36802 Moremen, Kelley W., 37204 Moreno, Silvia N. J., 36841 Morris, Margaret A., 36865 Muenster, Uwe, 36626

N Nakajima, Aya, 36833 Nakano, Hiroyasu, 37033 Naldi, Teresa, 36648 Nanua, Suparna, 36952 Naumann, Steffen, 36575 Navas, Patrick A., 36642 Neades, Renee, 36642 Nemec, Kathleen N., 36773 Ness, Gene C., 36601 Neubert, Thomas A., 36883 Newcomb, Dawn C., 36952 Nguyen, Tuan, 37225 Nicoletti, Ferdinando, 36541 Nishiya, Tadashi, 37107 Noguchi, Takuya, 37033 Northup, John K., 37013

O O’Brien, Jennifer J., 36994 Ochani, Kanta, 36541


Ochani, Mahendar, 36541 O’Dowd, Brian F., 37225 Ogier-Denis, Eric, 37021 O’Gorman, William, 36920 Okamoto, Kazuki, 36986 Olson, John S., 36754 Omueti, Katherine O., 36616 Orelle, Ce´dric, 36857 Orth, Joachim H. C., 36701

P Pai, Hyun-Sook, 37098 Palcic, Monica M., 36848 Pande, Abhay H., 36773 Pareyn, Inge, 36873 Park, Chaeho, 37204 Parrilli, Michelangelo, 36648 Pavlov, Valentin A., 36541 Pearson-White, Sonia, 36865 Pedruzzi, Eric, 37021 Pelletier, Ludivine, 36584 Pennings, Maarten T. T., 36729 Perni, Robert B., 36784 Pessah, Isaac N., 36994 Peterson, Kenneth R., 36642 Philpott, Dana J., 36714 Pikula, Slawomir, 37289 Pinton, Paolo, 37195 Pique´, Nuria, 36648 Pitsch, Rhonda L., 36962 Plant, Gordon, 36883 Plotkowski, Maria Cristina, 36714 Pohlmann, Stephan, 37169 Potter, James D., 37183 Pournourmohammadi, Shirin, 36824 Pouzet, Ce´cile, 37021 Predescu, Dan N., 37130 Predescu, Sanda A., 37130

Q Qin, Shan, 36773

R Rabiller, Claude, 37088 Rader, Daniel J., 36551 Radha, Vegesna, 36664 Radisson, Jacqueline, 37289 Rajaram, Ryan D., 37225 Rao, B. Govinda, 36784 Rashid, Asim, 37225 Ray, Kausik, 37013 Reddanna, Pallu, 36633

Redeker, Virginie, 37149 Reece, Richard J., 36905 Redfield, Christina, 36747 Regue´, Miguel, 36648 Ren, Jingshan, 36912 Renuka, Janhavi, 36762 Re´ve´sz, Tamas, 36883 Rimessi, Alessandro, 37195 Rizzuto, Rosario, 37195 Robbins, Jeffrey, 37139 Roberts, Gordon C. K., 37217 Rosewicz, Stefan, 37266 Rostagno, Agueda, 36883 Roychowdhury, Abhijit, 37005 Ruat, Martial, 37013 Rubi, , Blanca, 36824 Ruthenburg, Alexander J., 37041

S Saegusa, Kaoru, 37033 Sajjan, Uma, 36952 Sakai, Toshiyuki, 37266 Sanchez-Ruderisch, Hugo, 37266 Sankala, Heidi, 37118 Sano, Takamitsu, 36674 Sanso´, Miriam, 36708 Satin, Leslie S., 37118 Savistchenko, Jimmy, 37149 Saxena, Krishna, 36575 Schertzer, Jeffrey W., 36683 Schuck, Peter, 37236 Schulze-Osthoff, Klaus, 37169 Schwille, Petra, 36815 Seidah, Nabil G., 36551 Sellick, Christopher A., 36905 Sergeant, Alain, 36935 Setiady, Yulius, 36865 Sheasley-O’Neill, Stacey L., 36865 Shimizu, Kayo, 37130 Shyue, Song-Kun, 36567 Siegel, Isabel, 36657 Simons, Kai, 36815 Simurdiak, Michael, 36719 Sirenko, Syevda G., 37183 Snyder, Ashley H., 36865 Soares, Jitesh A., 36962 Soman, Jayashree, 36754 Soriano, Neil A., 36946, 36946 Spiegel, Sarah, 37118 Spies, Maria, 37078

Stammers, David K., 36912 Stanton, Bruce A., 36762 Stanton, Leslie H., 37204 Stevens, Julie M., 36747 Strachan, Heather, 37204 Strebhardt, Klaus, 36575 Su, Bing, 36737 Sudhakar, Ch., 36664 Sun Cho, Hye, 37098 Swarup, Ghanshyam, 36664 Swiatecka-Urban, Agnieszka, 36762 Szczesna-Cordary, Danuta, 37183

T Takahashi, Noriko, 37178 Takatsume, Yoshifumi, 36708 Takeda, Kohsuke, 37033 Tam, Kabik, 36567 Tan, Kien Thiam, 36567 Tang, Zhihong, 36792 Tani, Motohiro, 36592 Taniguchi, Masatoshi, 36701 Tanovic, Mahira, 36541 Tapping, Richard I., 36616 Tarsio, Maureen, 36978 Tatulian, Suren A., 36773 Taylor, Diane E., 36848 Tellier, Charles, 37088 Thoden, James B., 36905 Thomas, Benjamin, 36920 Thouverey, Cyril, 37289 Timson, David J., 36905 Tisdale, Justin, 37013 Toman, Rachelle, 37118 Toma´s, Juan M., 36648 Tomidokoro, Yasushi, 36883 Tracey, Kevin J., 36541 Tran, Vinh, 37088 Travassos, Leonardo H., 36714 Truant, Ray, 36691 Tsai, Ming-Song, 36567 Tung, Kenneth S. K., 36865

U Urbanus, Rolf T., 36729 Ushkaryov, Yuri A., 37278 Uzan, Julien, 36809

V Vale, Wylie, 36626 Valeva, Angela, 36657 Valster, Aline, 36541 Vandewalle, Alain, 37021

Van de Walle, Gerlinde R., 36873 Vanhoorelbeke, Karen, 36873 van Lummel, Menno, 36729 Verdine, Gregory L., 37041 Verkade, Paul, 36815 Vieira, Mauricio, 36841 Vivancos, Ana P., 36708

W Walev, Ivan, 36657 Walther, Matthias, 36633 Wang, Qian, 37005 Wang, Qing, 36792 Wang, Ying, 37183 Wassenaar, Trudy M., 36657 Webb, Martin R., 37069 Wei, Hua, 37041 Wei, Yun-Yi, 36784 Weis, Silvia, 36657 Welzel, Martina, 37266 Wiedenmann, Bertram, 37266 Wingrove, Douglas, 36994 Wolff, Jeremy J., 36962

X Xia, Min, 36792 Xia, Xiaodong, 36792 Xia, Yang, 36737 Xu, Yuanyuan, 37183

Y Yamaguchi, Yoshiki, 37178 Yamamoto, Kazuo, 37178 Yan, James, 36642 Yang, JianHua, 36737 Yankner, Bruce A., 36895 Yennawar, Neela, 37246 Yi, Xiaobing, 37204 Yoshida, Tadashi, 36833 Yu, Xiaoping, 36792 Yuan, Juping, 36575

Z Zhang, Le, 37289 Zhang, Liwen, 36962 Zhang, Min, 37118 Zhao, Huimin, 36719 Zhao, Jiaju, 37183 Zhao, Ting, 36792 Zhu, Huilian, 36792 Zhu, Ran, 36865 Ziegler, Wolfgang H., 37217 Zigler, Molly A., 36865 Zuin, Alice, 36708

VOLUME 280 • NUMBER 44 • NOVEMBER 4, 2005