The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition

The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition Who is the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition? The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition is a non-profit (501c3) – ...
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The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition

Who is the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition? The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition is a non-profit (501c3) – Tax ID 31-1717086 GPCC was founded in 2000 GPCC is the largest Prostate Cancer Organization in the State of Georgia: -Atlanta Chapter -Macon Chapter -Athens Chapter -Augusta Chapter

GPCC Members l 

GPCC is made up primarily of Prostate Cancer survivors.


All GPCC members are volunteers……no member receives a salary.


100% of all funds raised or donated are used to achieve our mission of awareness, education and free prostate cancer screenings.

GPCC’s Mission & Vision Statement l 

Vision: To eliminate deaths due to prostate cancer in Georgia.


Mission: To build awareness, provide education, offer free prostate cancer screening for men in Georgia and support Prostate Cancer research.

Early detection is the key to a cure. Prostate cancer is the second most fatal form of cancer in men.

What does GPCC do? l 2000 to 2013: GPCC’s mission was to build awareness and educate men on the importance of getting screened for prostate cancer. l 2014: GPCC added free prostate cancer screening for the unemployed and uninsured men of Georgia. Approximately 2,000 men will be screened this year. l 2015: GPCC is involved in supporting prostate cancer research with Emory Winship and Clark Atlanta University.

GPCC Partners with ProstAware GPCC and ProstAware have formed a partnership to build a stronger voice in the State of Georgia. GPCC and ProstAware have the same mission: Build Awareness and Educate the men of Georgia on Prostate Cancer. ProstAware brings Medical Expertise to GPCC.

GPCC Partners with Blue Flowers l 


GPCC and Blue Flowers have formed a partnership to help build a stronger message on Prostate Cancer to the women in the family Women make up 82% of the medical decisions in the family.

Change in Georgia Prostate Cancer Statistics

# of New Cases of PCa: # of Deaths from PCa: • American

U.S. Rankings* 2012 2013 2014 19th 8th 7th 4th 4th 5th

Cancer Society –”Cancer Facts and Figures – per capita basis”

Reasons for the Georgia Statistics: 1) High percentage of population in rural areas without adequate medical facilities (3X national average) 2) High risk ethnic groups (3X national average) 3) High Poverty Rate (15% higher than national average)

Free Screening Events 2015 l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l 

March 28th, Public Screening event at Kroger Supermarkets, Lawrenceville, GA March 29th, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Woodstock, GA April 13th, Chateau Elan Rotary Club, Braselton, GA April 25th, New Macedonia Baptist Church, Riverdale, GA May 2nd, Clarence Luckett Fitness Show, Atlanta, GA May 7th, Gwinnett County Employee Health Fair, Lawrenceville, GA May 30th, Ben Hill Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA August 8th Beulah Missionary Baptist Church, Decatur, GA August 15th, Congressman David Scott Health Fair, Atlanta, GA August 15th, Allen Temple AME Church, Woodstock, GA September 26th, New Life Church, Decatur, GA October 17th, Greater Bethany Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA October 24th, Georgia Urology 5K race, Cumming, GA November 7th, Porter Sanford Performing Arts, Decatur, GA November 7th, Mustashe Dash, Marietta, GA November 21st, Good Shepard Baptist Church, Augusta, GA

Mobile Unit for Screening Events

$1 million Mobile Unit with 4 examination rooms

GPCC Partners

Georgia Prostate Cancer License Plate

Not only does the Prostate Cancer license plate build awareness, the State Legislature is giving $22 for each plate purchased to help fund free prostate cancer screening for the unemployed or uninsured men of Georgia. Contact Frank Catroneo for more info on the license plate (770) 619-0710

Prostate Cancer Day in Georgia February 4th, 2015

Blue Week September 21nd – 25th, 2015 All 421 High Schools in the State of Georgia will be participating in Prostate Cancer Awareness -  - 

Players: Blue ribbons on all helmets Referees: Blue penalty flags Coaches: Wear blue wristbands Fields: Display blue ribbons Public Announcements on Prostate Cancer

Blue Week will be an annual event for all Georgia High Schools

In 2015, all College SEC Football teams will have a Blue Ribbon on their helmets during their September home games to promote “Prostate Cancer Awareness”

SEC Players/Coaches PCa Awareness

Prince Blue Tennis Racket and Shoes Promotes Prostate Cancer Awareness For 2016, Prince Tennis will be supporting The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition and will have a Blue Tennis racket and Blue Tennis shoes to help build awareness to Prostate Cancer National Advertising will help introduce the new items to the public beginning in October, 2015.

National Ad Campaign

GPCC Annual Golf Event

The Georgia Prostate Cancer Annual Golf Challenge is the biggest fundraiser of the year for GPCC. All monies raised are used to fund Free Prostate Cancer Screenings in the State of Georgia

Learn more about The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition by visiting our website: