WHY EROAD? EROAD is New Zealand’s leading transport technology and service company and the largest electronic RUC provider. Clients come first at ERO...
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WHY EROAD? EROAD is New Zealand’s leading transport technology and service company and the largest electronic RUC provider. Clients come first at EROAD and we work to create long-lasting customer partnerships to identify their needs and address specific challenges. EROAD makes a long-term commitment to ensure our clients enjoy the highest service levels and benefit from ongoing investments in research and product developments.

THE EROAD SOLUTION EROAD is a trusted party of our clients and the government, and our hardware and architecture have been designed to meet the highest performance, financial and evidential standards. System performance and redundancy is a key focus for us, and we achieve an industry-leading 99.9% uptime. EROAD employs best-of-breed technology to protect information assets and systems. Our security policies and processes ensure this protection at all levels of our operations. All vehicle GPS and RUC data collected by EROAD is confidential and remains the property of the transport operator. EROAD protects confidential customer data in strict compliance with legal requirements.

EROAD ECOSYSTEM AWS secure cloud hosting and storage

GPS Data Global Cellular Data Network EHUBO

- Electronic distance recorder - Internal and external sensors - Cryptographic module - Tamper-evident - Distance, time and location



- Electronic RUC - AutoRUC - Offroad claims


- Payment gateway





Electronic Logbook Maintenance Record keeping Driver behaviour


Tracking Overspeed Idle Fuel Messaging Analytics Utilisation

Banking/credit cards Value-added services Infrastructure (cloud) Digital maps Web services Communications

User Support






TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS EROAD’s solution will revolutionise the way you manage your vehicle fleet, assets and compliance obligations. A comprehensive range of user friendly tools, reports and ERUC translates into significant administrative savings and lower costs for your business. All important information can be seen on one screen, smart phone or tablet and multiple business units can be easily managed with secure data separation maintained between organisations.

IMPROVE CONTROL EROAD’s user-friendly web-based fleet management service provides for improved operational transparency and enhanced control. Real-time vehicle information is displayed on digital maps, supplemented by a wide variety of tools and reports. Operators benefit from improved fleet productivity, better route planning, higher customer satisfaction, timely maintenance, ability to monitor stop/idle times, driver hours and improved legal compliance. EROAD’s world-leading fleet tracking system translates into lower fuel and maintenance expenditure, additional payloads, lower vehicle emissions and higher profits.

PROTECT YOUR FUTURE Operating commercial vehicles is a complex and demanding task, with operators required to cope with growing regulatory oversight, road congestion and increasing competitive pressures. The Operator Rating System significantly increases scrutiny and penalties around RUC, hubodometer and work time compliance and requires operators to create and keep records for up to six years. EROAD’s secure platform, approved electronic distance recorder, Driver ID, Service module, Electronic Logbook and recordkeeping functionality help you meet stringent compliance requirements effortlessly.

SAVE ENERGY EROAD’s revolutionary EZfuel module allows operators to view and proactively manage fuel consumption across their vehicle and asset fleets. EROAD combines fuel transactions with vehicle distance and location information generated by EROAD’s vehicle hardware, to measure fuel performance and identify trends and exceptions. EZfuel provides fleet and vehicle fuel efficiency, fuel exception reports, cost and emission related information for daily and selected reporting periods. EZfuel allows operators to identify inefficient vehicles and driving behaviour. EZfuel will deliver sustainable savings as fleet performance is monitored permanently. Analysis on client fleets shows that using the EZfuel module has the potential to generate a sustained reduction in fuel consumption.

TAME THE WORKSHOP EROAD’s comprehensive service module allows operators to proactively manage the maintenance and repair of their vehicle fleet. Repairs and maintenance are a significant component of transport business expenses representing upwards of 10% of vehicle operating costs. High workshop costs and unforeseen maintenance and repair bills have the potential to seriously hurt cash flow and business viability. Key features: •

Operator and workshop vehicle service alerts, including COF, WOF and rego

Standard and custom service scheduling by date, distance and/or hours

Ability to record supplier, service details, costs, invoice number, details and notes

Ability to record unforeseen service events such as emergency repair work

Service history reports by vehicle, date and/or hours

Benchmark and monitor trends by vehicle, category and supplier

Full service history archive functionality for six years.

DITCH THE HUBO! EROAD’s electronic distance recorder for trucks (Ehubo) and trailers (Tubo) are the key to unleashing the comprehensive benefits available from EROAD’s advanced technology platform. Vehicle downtime for unnecessary hubodometer replacements are a significant business interruption. Hubodometers have annual failure rates upwards of 100% because they are rigidly mounted on an axle with the tyre being the only protection from road shocks. Hubodometers can increase distance recorded by upwards of 7% from tyre wear and in excess of 10% from faulty operation. The Ehubo and Tubo are approved as a replacement for mechanical hubodometers, and overcome all the shortcomings associated with mechanicals. Their electronic display also means that paper RUC labels are no longer needed.

EASY RUC The EROAD ERUC system is consistent with the rapid global move towards lowcost, web-based service delivery models. EROAD’s simple web-based ERUC system will revolutionise the way you manage RUC, one of your largest cash costs. EROAD has also developed an AutoRUC feature to automatically purchase RUC in legally minimum increments - virtually pay-as-you-go. Ensure your vehicle never runs out of RUC!

INCREASE OFF-ROAD CLAIMS EROAD takes off-road refund automation to a whole new level. This is because the EROAD system automatically links and electronically maps the correct RUC licences with the distance travelled and with all the off-road locations travelled by the truck and/or trailer. The web application allows users to review and verify the RUCOR refund claim for each RUC licence and remove individual trips as required. If the journey is in a geofence, this can be adjusted and the report re-run to generate a new off- road claim. The web application provides archive functionality to enable legal compliance. EROAD’s off-road module will improve cash flow providing improved off-road recognition, more accurate off-road distance and the ability to increase the frequency of off-road claims.

BETTER AND SAFER DRIVERS The driver is your most important asset. Creating a safe workplace is a key goal for all transport operators who recognise that driver error, fatigue and speed are major factors in crashes. Complying with health and safety requirements while working in a fast-paced environment puts pressure on your business. EROAD’s driver behaviour tools, including Drive Buddy, Leaderboard, Driver Insight, Over Speed and Idle reporting, Virtual Speed Camera, Driver ID, and EROAD Electronic Logbook, simplify compliance with health and safety, ACC, and insurance requirements.

STAY IN TOUCH EROAD’s innovative EZmessage module enables operators to stay connected with their fleet using an Android smart phone or tablet device. EZmessage provides the functionality to send and receive messages from the office to field staff 24/7 with the same web portal you use for managing vehicle and compliance obligations. Messages are delivered in real time using an encrypted connection, so you can be sure your communications are both instant and secure. EZmessage can be organised by vehicle or by driver, when EROAD’s Driver ID Unit is used.


"We’re seeing major time and cost savings through automating our RUC purchasing. It means our admin staff are no longer disrupted from their job or having to waste time standing in line at the Post Shop. It’s less stressful for our drivers because they don’t have to worry that their licences will be affected if they’re stopped when their RUC has expired. And there’s no risk to the company’s NZTA rating because we’re always compliant." Dave Coutts General Manager HydroVac

"We have depots in Palmerston North, Wellington, Whangarei and Hastings. I’m based in Auckland, but I don’t have to be at the branch; I can see Leaderboard reports at any time of day, any day of the year, on my phone. It’s a great innovation. It makes my job much easier, being able to keep on top of what’s happening in the fleet remotely. It’s providing me with all the information I need for compliance, health and safety and training purposes. We’re planning on using Leaderboard rankings as the basis for our Driver of the Year Awards." Blair Inglis Fleet Compliance Manager Foodstuffs North Island

“We’ve got Ehubos in 17 trucks and we’re carrying overweight loads so we’re buying additional licences all the time. Being able to buy licences over the web, using a mobile phone, is really good for us when we’re having to do it several times a day per truck. It doesn’t matter where we are or what time of day it is, we can see where our vehicles are and be sure they’re all compliant.” Cameron Bain Transport Manager

Porter Haulage, Hamilton

"Being able to track the location of our fleet and autopurchase our RUC while we’re out and about has been great. However, the biggest gain and ultimate goal for us is the data we are capturing.

"With the health and safety reforms coming in 2015, Waitomo is now using EROAD’s Electronic Logbook, Driver Vehicle Inspection Checklist and Service module to help us make sure everything is ship shape.

Already, we have significantly reduced our truck idle times and speeding events and we are just scratching the surface. A lot of the data we capture will be used in our pending Driver Recognition Program.”

It’s part of our company’s philosophy of going paperless. Our drivers are no longer running around buying paper RUC licences or filling in paper logbooks. The EROAD system means information is now at everyone’s fingertips. And it’s the easiest to use system I’ve seen."

David Snell IT Manager

Move Logistics

Leanne Milligan Chief Financial Officer Waitomo Group

"It’s put us in a league of our own with this client. We’re more favoured to do the work because of the system we’ve got. And it’s good for their relationship with the community.” Simon Mulligan Director

Taranaki Civil Construction

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