The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management

The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management Third Edition Edited by Andrew Hiles FBCI Director, Kingswell International Limited WILEY A...
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The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management Third Edition Edited by Andrew Hiles FBCI Director, Kingswell International Limited

WILEY A John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Publication





Foreword Lyndon Bird


Preface David Honour


Introduction to the 3rd Edition Andrew Hiles


How to Use this Book Andrew Hiles Section One

Achieving and Maintaining Business Continuity: an executive overview


Enterprise Risk Management Andrew Hiles


Developing a BCM Strategy in Line with Business Strategy Gary Hibberd


The Importance of Business Strategy in Business _ Continuity Planning Ranjit Kovilinkal Ramakrishnan and Satish Viswanathan


1 3 23



Multilateral Continuity Planning Dennis C. Hamilton


Marketing Protection: a Justification for Funding of Total Asset Protection Programmes? Andrew Hiles


Operational Risk Management





Operational Risk Management: a Primer John Robinson



Operational Risk Management: Risk and Consequences Peter Viner


viii 7


Contents Crisis Management, Emergency Management, BCM, DR: What's the Difference and How do They Fit Together? Gregg Jacobson and Sue Kerr Business Continuity and Ethics John Orlando

Section Two 9 10

Planning for Business Continuity: a'how-to'guide

97 107


Business Continuity Management Methodology Malcolm Cornish


Project Initiation and Control Jayne Howe


11 Risk Evaluation and Control: Practical Guidelines for Risk Assessment Ian Charters 12 Business Impact Assessment 12-1 Business Impact Analysis Peter Barnes 12-2

Business Impact Analysis: Building a Better Mousetrap Andrew Hiles

13 BC Strategies for Information and Communications Technology 13-1 Strategies for Continuity and Availability for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Michael Smith and Piper-Anna Shields

155 165 166 183 209 210


Business Continuity for Telecommunications Paul F. Kirvan



Planning to Recover Your Data: More Options Thomas Carroll Business Continuity Strategies for the Business or Work Areas " Neal Courtney



14 Strategies for Different Market Sectors 14-1

Business Continuity Strategies for the Financial Sector Andrew Hiles 14-2 Business Continuity Strategies for Manufacturing and Logistics Melvyn Musson 14-3 Business Continuity and the Supply Chain Charlie Maclean-Bristol

280 293 294

306 314



14-4 Case Study: Implementing Business Continuity in the Upstream and Midstream Energy Sector (Petrochemicals and Refineries) Vincent Tombros 14-5 From an Island to a Continent: Business Continuity in a Telecommunication Company Timothe Graziani 14-6 BC Strategies in the Retail Sector Steve Mellish 14-7 Strategies for Funding Recovery Danny Rowland



332 352 362

15 Developing and Implementing the Written Plan Andrew Hiles


16 Awareness and Training Andrew Hiles


17 BC Plan Testing 17-1 BC Plan Testing Tim Armit

419 420

17-2 Testing vs. Exercising: What's the Difference? Philip Jan Rothstein


18 BCM Audit Rolf von Rossing


Appendix 1 Case Studies / Peter Barnes, Andrew Hiles, Allen Johnson and Lyndon Bird


A1 A A1 B A1 C A1 D A1 E A1 F A1 G A1 H A1 I A1 J

488 495 498 501 504 506 510 512 517

A1 K A1 L A1 M

Storm, Earthquake, Explosion: a General Overview Living Nightmares World Trade Center Explosion - February 26, 1993 Hurricane Andrew, Miami - August 24, 1992 Chicago Floods - April 13, 1992 Thirty Seconds of Terror! The California Earthquake After the Fire: First Interstate Bank, Los Angeles One Meridian Plaza, Philadelphia The Mercantile Fire How Floods Can Ruin Your Day: London College of Printing Flood Highlights A Cautionary Tale It Happened to Them

523 525 528 531

Contents A1 N A1 0 A1 P A1 Q A1 R A1 S A1 T A1 U

Fire Highlights Wessex Regional Health Authority The Bishopsgate Bomb - April 25, 1993 City Bomb Blast, St Mary Axe-April 10, 1992 Explosion Roundup Stop Thief! Miscellaneous HighHghts Lessons in Risk Management from the Auckland Power Crisis Foot and Mouth: A Preventable Disaster The Madrid Rail Bombings - March 11, 2004 Istanbul Bombings - November 2003 London Bombings - July 7, 2005 (7/7) Buncefield (UK) Oil Terminal Disaster December 11, 2005 Intellectual Property Theft and Business Continuity Euroclear Bank Uses BCM Framework to Manage the Impact of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers The Toyota Recalls, 2009-2010 The Icelandic Volcanic Ash Plume - April 2010 The 2010 BP Oil Spill - Gulf of Mexico

534 537 540 543 545 548 552

Appendix 2 Guidance Notes Malcolm Cornish, Lyndon Bird, Allen Johnson and Russell Price


A2 A A2 B A2 C A2 D A2 E A2 F A2 G

632 641 655 661 668 674

A1 V A1 W A1 X A1 Y A1 Z A1 AA A1 AB A1 AC A1 AD A1 AE

A2 H

Pandemic Planning Selecting the Tools to Support the Process The Role of Insurance Five Nines: Chasing the Chimera? Consultancy without Tears Coping with People in Recovery Benchmarking and Business Continuity: Exploring and Using Benchmarking to Assess and Develop Your Business Continuity Management Programme Changing Attitudes to Business Continuity in Private and Public Sectors

Appendix 3

Professional Associations, Certification Standards and Resources for BCM Practitioners Mike Gifford, Lyndon Bird, Dhiraj Lai, Gary Liu, Russell Price and Dawn M. Shiley

554 565 574 576 577 580 586 592 597 611 619

692 704


Contents Appendix 4

A4 A A4 B A4 C A4 D A4 E

xi International Perspectives Paul F. Kirvan, Lyndon Bird, Dhiraj Lai, Louise Theunissen and Andrew Hiles

International Standards and Legislation in Business Continuity Business Continuity Management: International Perspectives in 2010 r Business Continuity Planning in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent Business Continuity Management in Africa Business Continuity in China


736 746 753 765 771

Glossary of General Business Continuity Terms




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