The Czech Dalmatian Club look forward to welcoming you to

The Czech Dalmatian Club look forward to welcoming you to on Sunday, 25th September 2016 Judge: Mr. Oleg Fintora (SK), kennel Plum Pudding Place: ...
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The Czech Dalmatian Club look forward to welcoming you to

on Sunday, 25th September 2016


Mr. Oleg Fintora (SK), kennel Plum Pudding


Equestrian facility Panská Lícha, Panská Lícha 6, 614 00 Brno GPS 49°14’46.0“N 16°38’09.9“E4

Entry Deadline:

Please send entries to

9 11th September

Entries must be delivered by this date. Entries delivered after the deadline will not be accepted.

Jitka Kramlová, I. Olbrachta 726, 278 01 Kralupy nad Vltavou mobil: +420 775 333 114

email: [email protected] Online registration is possible via If you do not receive a confirmation email after completing and sending the entry form, the process was not successful! Should you require more information about the show, feel free to contact Jitka Kramlová either by email or by mobile.

Program (Times are only approximate) 09.00 – 09.45

Dog admittion Opening Ceremony Judging

09.45 – 10.00 10.00 – 14.00 14.00 – 15.00 15.00 – 16.00 Order of Competitions

Break + raffle Final competitions Child & Dog Junior Handling I. and Best Couple Best Breeding group Best Stud Dog Best Brood Bitch Best Baby Best Puppy Best of Veteran Best Honour class Best of Junior Ing. Jan Findejs Memorial Winner Male Ing. Jan Findejs Memorial Winner Female BOB/BOS Best Working Dog Best Spotting Best Movement Best Head

Entry fees:

first dog with catalog second and more dogs baby and puppy class veteran class honour class and competitions fun class

Foreign Club members

Foreign Non Club members

23 EUR 19 EUR 10 EUR 15 EUR Free 5 EUR

35 EUR 30 EUR 15 EUR 20 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR

Entry fee should be paid on EUR till entry deadline on the following bank account: Dalmatin Klub ČR z. s., Gruzínská 2184/19, 326 00 Plzeň,

IBAN: CZ4320100000002301043791, SWIFT/BIC:FIOBCZPPXXX There is a catalogue included in the entry fee.

Titles awarded at the Club Show: CAJC, CAC, res. CAC, Ing. Jan Findejs Memorial Winner, Ing. Jan Findejs Memorial Junior Winner, Ing. Jan Findejs Memorial Veteran Winner, Best JUNIOR, Best PUPPY, Best BABY, Best VETERAN, Best HONOUR, Best of Breed/Best Opposite Sex – BOB/BIS It is not compulsory to award above mentioned titles. The following titles for Champion, Veteran Champion, Junior

Champion of Czech Republic and CMKU Champion are awarded according to CMKU regulations.

Classes: Classes are divided according to ČMKU regulations:  baby class 4 - 6 months  puppy class 6 - 9 months  junior class 9 - 18 months  intermedia class 15 - 24 months  open class from 15 months  working class from 15 months – for all dogs with working certificate  winner class from 15 months - for all dogs with National or International Champion title, Club or Speciality Winners  veteran class from 8 years  honour class from 15 months - for all dogs with National or International Champion title, Club or Speciality Winners, European Winners, World Winners, competition without CAC  Fun class - for non-standard dogs (patch, blue eye, other colour).

Awards: Every owner of a judged dog will receive a written critique and a diploma. Each class winner (CAC) a winners of the competitions will receive a price from our sponsor during the final defile.

Competitions: Signing up for the competitions has to be done before the closing date - ONLY by email: [email protected] Child and Dog Junior Handling Best Couple Best Breeding group Best Working dog

Best spotting Best movement Best head Best stud dog Best brood bitch

- child category till 9 years - age groups: I - 9 – 13 years, II - 13 – 17 years, (the max. or min. age must be reached no later than one day before the day of the show). - for male and of the same owner - minimum 3 individuals from one breeder which are judged on the show from minimum 2 mothers or fathers. - male or female (both sexes competition) which were judged on the show with any working exam or trail (obedience, hunting) without any restriction by the class they are entered on the show. - male or female (both sexes competition), which were judged on the show from any class entered. - male or female (both sexes competition), which were judged on the show from any class entered. - male or female (both sexes competition), which were judged on the show from any class entered.  minimum 5 individuals after 1 stood dog and at least 2 different mothers  minimum 5 individuals after 1 brood bitch and at least 2 different fathers

Important information: The club members must have the membership fee for the year 2016 payed and it will be controlled during the entry recipient. It is necessary to include a copy of the pedigree + confirmation of the entry fee payment with each entry. For dogs entered in the Champion Class, a copy of International or National Champion certificate, or title National Winner, Club Winner or Speciality Winner, has to be included. For dogs entered in the Working Class a copy of the Certificate has to be included. (only hunting tests are accepted in the main competition). If there are any uncertainties, the Show Committee has the right to move the dog into another class based on the FCI regulations! For each dog fill in separate entry form / online registration. A copy of the FCI pedigree must be attached to each entry. Copy of Champion certificate for Winner class and Working certificate for Working class! The entry confirmations will be sent approx.10 days before the show by e-mail.

Complaints: Objections against any decisions made by a judge shall not be permissible. However, formal complaints concerning violation of show rules and provisions may be filed. Such complaint must be submitted in writing with fine of 1000,-CZK which will not be returned if the complaint wasn’t approved.

Documents for the entry: - Pedigree, or a confirmation form a Kennel Club studbook that the pedigree will be issued - Pet passport with valid vaccination against rabies

Veterinary conditions: 1. All dogs entering the show had to be clinically healthy with valid Rabies vaccination 2. Dogs from z CZ will have vaccination car or PET pass du to § 6 of the veterinary law 3. Dogs from EU and third countries has to fulfil the conditions given by the European Parliament and Committee n. 998/2003 from 26.5.2003

Advertising in the catalogue: Breeders:


whole A5

450 CZK

700 CZK

1/2 A5

250 CZK

400 CZK

1/3 A5

100 CZK

200 CZK

Text of the advertisements + a confirmation of the payment must be send to the entry address before the closing date.

General terms:  

The dogs will be judged according to the FCI and ČMKU regulations The organizer does not take responsibility for any damages or injuries that happen during the show and are caused by any dog, owner or by the handler. This includes also the lost or the death of a dog.  The head of the show’s committee has the right not to accept an entry of a dog without giving explaination of his action, but in that way entry fee will be refunded  The owner agrees with the publishing of his/her address in the show catalogue!  Owner takes in account, that even if he is not able to come on the day of the show, the entry fee will not be returned!  Dogs that are owned by person that is not allowed to participate in dog shows, bitches in heat, bitches in the second stage of pregnancy, lactating bitches and dogs or bitches with a surgery that was due to removal of an exterior defects are not allowed to entry the show. Also dogs that are owned by the judge or by someone from his/her family cannot compete in the show.  In a case that the show will be cancelled due to objective reasons, the fees will be used to cover organization costs.  The entry fee cannot be returned in any case.  By acceptance of the entry the owner and the handler are subjects to all show regulations and propositions as stated by FCI. Possible accommodation: There is a hotel “Panská Lícha” in the equestrian facility, the rooms are equipped with own sanitary facilities, TV and free WiFi connection. Parking lot is situated in front of the hotel and there is neither a parking fee, nor a fee for a dog-stay. There is a 10%-discount possible on accommodation for participants of the show after contacting the keeper of the area. The rooms must be booked in advance. Contact – tel./fax 545 228 220, email: [email protected] . More information to be found on

!!! Raffle !!! During the break, the raffle will take place. All the tickets will be winning. Everyone can participate in the raffle. The Czech Dalmatian Club has prepared prizes for all exhibitors, after dog admittion, every exhibitor will receive one free ticket automatically and for free. If you would like to have more than one ticket, you need to bring a prize in return. For

every prize you bring, you will obtain one ticket. The visitors of the show can also participate but only in the case of exchanging a ticket for a brought prize. The prizes must be connected with Dalmatian theme or other pet supplies, they do not have to be new (but must be in good condition). We are looking forward to seeing you there in great numbers and we hope that you will enjoy this variegation.

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