The Chatsworth Fine Art Sale

The Chatsworth Fine Art Sale May 20th, 2014 THE CHATSWORTH FINE ART SALE AT THE OLD CINEMA, CHATSWORTH STREET, CASTLECOMER, Co. Kilkenny To include...
Author: Chloe Wilson
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The Chatsworth Fine Art Sale May 20th, 2014


To include items from Rockforest, Co. Cork, Newbawn House, Co. Wicklow, a Northern Ireland Private Collection, a Dublin Private Residence & items from other Fine Estates & Collections

Auction: Tuesday May 20th, 2014 Commencing at 10.30am sharp (Approx. 800 lots)

Lot 663

Viewing: At our Auction Rooms, The Old Cinema, Chatsworth Street, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny Sunday May 18th, 2014: 12.00 – 17.30 Monday May 19th, 2014: 10.30 – 17.30

Online bidding available via (surcharge applies)

(Note: Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult)

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Illustrated catalogue: €10.00

Front Cover Illustration: Lots 576 & 585 Inside Front Cover Illustration: 561 Back Cover Illustration: Lot 691 Inside Back Cover Illustration: Lot 555

Sale Reference: 0229

The Old Cinema, Chatsworth St., Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland T: +353

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Mr. George Fonsie Mealy B.A.

Mr. Fonsie Mealy F.R.I.C.S.

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Director [email protected]

PADDLE BIDDING If the purchaser is attending the auction in person they must register for a paddle prior to the auction. Please allow sufficient time for the registration process. LIVE BIDDING Please note that live bidding is available via This service incurs a surcharge of 3% levied by the live auction host and chargeable on the hammer price in addition to the buyer’s premium. The auctioneer advises all prospective buyers that live auctions are subject to technical issues that are beyond the control of the auctioneers and as such the auctioneer cannot guarantee the accuracy of bids placed online. Absentee bidding and telephone bidding is available as an alternative to live bidding and does not incur any additional surcharge to the buyer. Issues relating to live bidding including initial registration should be addressed directly with the live auction host. ABSENTEE BIDDING Absentee bids must be received no later than 5pm on Monday, May 19th, 2014. Any bids received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed. If you are bidding with us for the first time then please contact our office for guidelines on registration. TELEPHONE BIDDING Telephone bidding is available on lots with a pre-sale estimate of €500 or more. Registration for telephone bidding ends at 5pm on Monday, May 19th, 2014. Any requests for telephone bidding received after this deadline may not be processed. It would be advisable to leave a maximum covering bid in case we are not able to contact you by telephone. CONDITION REPORTS AND IMAGE REQUESTS: We recommend that the buyer views the item(s) in person prior to the auction, or have a representative view the item(s) on their behalf. The Auctioneer will endeavour to make certain observations on the condition of items but the buyer is reminded that the condition report is based on opinion and should not be taken as a statement of fact. All requests for condition reports and/or additional images of lots in this sale must be received no later than 5pm Friday, May 16th, 2014. Any requests received after this deadline will not be entertained. We cannot guarantee that all such requests received will be answered by the sale day. All measurements are given height before width and are approximate. PARKING There is free on-street parking available in the town. CONTACT DETAILS FOR VIEWING AND SALE DAYS Office: + 353 56 44 41229 / +353 44 41413 Brigid Coady : 087 2751361 / [email protected] Eimear Mealy: 086 3425234 / [email protected] CATERING: For those seeking refreshments there are a number of cafes in the town: The Lime Tree Bistro; The Market Kitchen, Café One. COLLECTION: All items purchased must be collected by 4.30pm on Friday, May 23rd, 2014. Items not collected by that time will be removed from the premises by Gibbons Removals at the purchaser’s risk and expense. For collection enquiries contact Martin on 056 7760444 / 4400987 or email [email protected] In relation to chandeliers, carpets, curtains, large furniture and garden furniture, removal is solely at the purchaser’s risk and expense


INFORMATION FOR BUYERS Buyers are reminded that there is a 22% V.A.T. inclusive premium payable on the final bid price for each lot. The Auctioneers are always pleased to advise clients and to execute bids on their behalf, but if successful, the purchase price payable will be the final bid price and the V.A.T. inclusive premium of 22% chargeable thereon. Bids must always be made or confirmed in writing or by fax, reference being made to each sale through the code names on the title page of each catalogue. To ensure that bids will be accepted and that delivery of Lots is not delayed, intending Buyers should supply bank or other suitable references to the Auctioneers prior to the auction. The references should be supplied in good time to be taken up before the sale. Bids are accepted in Euro only. N.B. Payment by: Cash, guaranteed cheques, wire transfer (contact [email protected]), or credit card (mastercard/visa & subject to 3% surcharge). All Cheques or Drafts to be made payable to “Fonsie Mealy Auctioneers”. Third Party Cheques or Drafts will not be accepted as payment for lots purchased. Terms used in this Catalogue have the meanings ascribed to them below:



The first name or names and surname of the Artist or Craftsman – • In our opinion a work by the Artist of Craftsman.

O.O.C. Oils on Canvas

Attributed to –

W/C Watercolour

• In our opinion probably a work by the Artist or Craftsman but less certainty as to authorship is expressed than in the preceding category.

GOU Gouache

Studio of –

EDW. Edwardian

• In our opinion a work that may have been executed in whole or in part by the artist's hand.


With all faults

As Is

With all damages, faults, restorations, etc.


Oils on Panel

O.O.B. Oils on Board

MAH. Mahogany VICT. Victorian

Circle of – • In our opinion a work of the period of the Artist or Craftsman that is in a similar style to the work of that Artist or Crafstman.


The surname of the Artist or Craftsman, preceded by “After” –

accept no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracy in auction

• In our opinion, a copy of the work of the artist or craftsman.

results given verbally during the sale days.

Signed – Stamped –

We recommend that clients should only make such enquiries

• Has a signature or stamp, which in our opinion is the signature or stamp of the artist or craftsman.

following the conclusion of the Sale.

Bears Signature or Stamp:

whatsoever, with regard to mechanical and electrical items, or

• Has a signature or stamp, which in our opinion might be the signature or stamp of the artist or craftsman.

firearms. We accept no subsequent liability for any damage, loss

While the auctioneer endeavours to answer clients enquiries, we

N.B.: Please note the auctioneers offer no After Sale Guarantee

or injury arising from the use of the foregoing.

Dated: • Is so dated and in our opinion was executed at about that date.


Bears Date: -

Special Note Regarding Firearms

• Is so dated and in our opinion may have been executed at about that date.

• A specific Permit or Licence must be produced relating to the Firearm purchased, before same can be removed from our

All measurements are given height before width.

Premises. Please contact your local Gardai.

The Old Cinema, Chatsworth St., Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland T: +353

56 4441229 | F: +353 56 4441627 | E: [email protected] | W: 3

BUYERS CONDITIONS 1. INSPECTION: Ample opportunity is given for inspection and

sales, and any money deposited in part payment shall be held

each purchaser by making a bid for a lot acknowledges that

by the auctioneer against the defaulters liability and may be

he has satisfied himself fully before bidding by inspection or

appropriated in settlement of the liability.

otherwise as to all the Sale Conditions, the physical condition 4. If within 30 days after the Sale of any item, the Auctioneer

of and description of the lot including but not restricted to

receives a notice in writing from the Buyers by Registered

whether the lot is damaged or has been repaired.

Post that such an item is a deliberate forgery, together with 2. PROPERTY AND RISK: The property in a lot shall not pass

the necessary evidence to satisfy the Auctioneers of such an

to the buyer until he has paid the purchase price in full but

allegation, then the Sale of that item will be rescinded and the

each lot is at the sole risk of the purchaser from the fall of the

net Purchase monies refunded (less any outlays incurred by

hammer. Each purchaser shall forthwith give his full names

the Auctioneers) to the Purchaser.

and permanent address and if called upon to do so by the Auctioneer shall forthwith pay to Fonsie Mealy Auctioneers

5. In the event of any dispute arising in relation to any of the

such proportion of the purchase price as the Auctioneer may

foregoing, the matter shall be referred to an Independent

require. If the purchaser fails to do so, the lot may at the

Arbitrator to be agreed between the parties.

Auctioneer’s sole discretion be put up again and re-sold.

6.  Fonsie Mealy Auctioneers may at their option sell at a “hammer price” below the reserve but in any such case the

3.  Removal of goods: (a) No purchase shall be claimed or removed until the sale

Sale proceeds to which the Seller is entitled shall be the same

has been concluded. All lots shall be paid for and removed

as they would have been had the Sale been at the Reserve.

at the buyers risk and expense at the end of the Sale, failing

7. The Title of any Article or Articles purchased will not pass until

which the Auctioneer shall not be responsible if the same are

the Auctioneers receive full payment for same.

lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, and all lots not so removed shall remain at risk of the buyer and subject to the minimum

8. Any person purchasing an item or items, whether on behalf of

warehousing charges outlined below. If they are not paid for

a client or not, is responsible for payment of that item or items.

and removed within thirty days of the Sale the Auctioneer may re-sell them by Auction or privately without notice to the buyer.

9. Under no circumstances can the Auctioneers accept Third

Any liability which there may be on the part of the Auctioneer,

Party Cheques either in full or Part Payment of any lot.

in respect of any loss, shall be restricted to a maximum of the price paid by the purchaser of the lot.

10. By participating in this Sale, all buyers and bidders agree to be bound by the terms of the conditions of business which

(b) Storage and warehousing charges: Please note that there

appear in the catalogue for Sale.

will be no charge to purchasers who collect their lots within one week of the sale. On the Monday following one week after

11. From time to time Video Equipment is used to display items

the sale, a transfer and administration charge of €10.00 per

for Sale at Auction. This service is merely a reminder to the

lot will be payable and a storage charge of €2.00 per lot per

Customer of items viewed previously during View Days. We do

day will then come into effect. These charges are payable by

not guarantee the quality of the item viewed, the accuracy of

the purchaser to the auctioneer and are subject to VAT.

the Video image or guarantee the item on display is the item being sold. Disputes arising as a result of Video display will

 (c) If any buyer fails to comply with any of the above

not be entertained.

conditions, the damage recoverable from the defaulter shall include all loss arising from any re-sale of the lot, together

12. Buyers to pay 22% VAT inclusive premium on any successful

with the warehousing charges and expenses in respect of both


The Old Cinema, Chatsworth St., Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland T: +353

56 4441229 | F: +353 56 4441627 | E: [email protected] | W: 4

1 An ivorized Bust, of W.A. Mozart, head and shoulders, and a composition Death Mask of Beethoven. (2) €200 - 300 2 A pair of large Japanese porcelain Vases, profusely decorated with panels of figures and flowers in bright enamel colours, early 20th Century. (2) €350 - 500 3 An attractive porcelain Mantle Clock, embossed with flowers and hand painted with insects and flowers, with enamel dial, Augustus Rex mark, 37cms (14½”) high. (1) €200 - 300 4 A single modern Dresden style flower encrusted Vase and Cover, 24.5cms (9½”)h. (1) €80 - 120 5 A large and attractive Continental porcelain oval Basket, the colourful pierced body profusely decorated inside and outside with various flowers and gilt highlighting, on four scroll feet. (1) €200 - 300 6 An unusual large Oriental blue and white oval Bowl, with two mask handles; and a pair of blue and white Delft Jugs. (3) €130 - 180 7

E. Phillips, Royal Worcester

Porcelain Plaques: pair of finely painted still life Plaques, “Flowers on a Ledge,” signed, on porcelain approx. 12cms (4½”) diam, in attractive gilt frames. (2) €200 - 300 8 An attractive yellow ground cloisonne Vase, with large blue flowers; and an unusual small bulbous Bowl and cover decorated with birds and dragons. (2) €150 - 220

9 Redmond (J.E.) A fine cast metal Plaque, “The Head of J.E. Redmond, - Eire Aontuighthe,” manufactured by Booth & Brookes, Ltd., for sole agent for Ireland, “George Norton, Monster Stores Henry St., Dublin,” c. 1914, with Celtic decoration and Bank of Ireland, etc, 23cms x 19cms (9” x 7½”) approx. (1) €150 - 200 10 An attractive pair of small Meissen Coffee Cups, with embossed decoration and painted with figures, flowers and insects. (2) €80 - 120 11 A small rare 19th Century porcelain Portrait Plaque, possibly Staffordshire of “Daniel O’Connell, Esq., M.P., For the County of Clare, The Man of the People” with hand painted embossed border, approx. 19cms (7½”) diam. (1) €160 - 220 12 A small bullet shaped Wedgwood creamware Teapot, and lid, with double strap handle. (1) €120 - 180 13 A rare and important First Period Belleek oval Bread Basket or Dish, inscribed “Waste Not - Want Not” and “Give us this Day Our Daily Bread,” with blue mark, and impressed crowned harp, 33.5cms (13¼”) wide. (1) €300 - 400 14 A late Victorian brass Oil Lamp, with ruby glass bowl and shade. (1) €120 - 180 15 An attractive Edwardian brass Oil Lamp, with cranberry glass bowl and decorated shade. (1) €150 - 200 16 A very good late 19th Century Continental porcelain Group, Mother & Young Boy by a table with dog. (1) €320 - 450

17 An attractive Continental oval porcelain Bowl, encrusted with colourful flowers and birds with nest; a pair of small porcelain Figures; a group of “Lady resting with Cupid,” and a Sitzendorf type flower encrusted Candelabra Stand with figure, a lot. (5) €180 - 250 18 An attractive pair of Victorian Lustre Vases, with decorated floral portrait panels highlighted in gilt and with cutglass drops. (2) €130 - 180 19 A collection of 6 Victorian bead work Miser and other Purses, also Chinese papier-mache Spectacle Case, and one other similar. (a lot) €80 - 120 20 Box: A large brass bound mahogany and leather Bellows; a large antique brass bound Carriage or Coach Lamp; a leather Bottle and Sandwich Container, a set of books “Gibbons Roman Empire,”; a pierced brass Stand or Table; and a glazed earthenware Ball. As a lot. (1) €120 - 180 20A Box: A set of 7 heavy pierced and decorated ormolu Table Mounts, a pair of similar ditto; an attractive telescopic pierced brass Book Stand; a brass mounted Bell Pull; and a collection of 21 bevelled glass Door Plates, and four larger ditto some with cut-outs for keys, varying 24cms to 58cms (9½” to 22½”) as a collection. (as a lot). €150 - 200 21 An attractive hand painted Augustus Rex Cup and Saucer, a late Meissen floral decorated Cup; two Oriental Vases and a part Royal Standard Tea Service with gilt floral decoration, a lot. (1) €100 - 150 22 A good quality hand painted and pierced Dresden porcelain Plate; and a set of 4 Limoges floral decorated Plates. (5) €120 - 180 23 A pair of Nankin blue and white octagonal Dishes, as wall plaques. (2) €150 - 200 24 An attractive pair of Chinese blue and white Plates, 24cms (9½”)d, and a pair of similar small Saucers. (4) €100 - 150




[email protected]

25 A Continental porcelain Figure, of a seated cherub; a circular Vienna Plate decorated with Venus and Attendants, profusely gilt. (2) €70 - 90 26 An English porcelain tazzi type Fruit Bowl, with gilt decorated royal blue ground; and an attractive Oriental floral decorated Plate or Wall Plaque. (2) €80 - 130 27 Three good quality 19th Century blue and white Oriental Plates. (3) €120 - 180 28 An attractive octagonal Imari Dish, a late 19th Century circular Chinese Dish with overall blue ground decorated with prunus, 29cms (11½”) diam; and a pair of Chinese green ground Plates with large matching ditto en suite all decorated with birds, insects and flowers. (5) €180 - 250 29 A very good large 19th Century English porcelain Jug, finely hand painted with bouquets of flowers, possibly Spode, 20cms (8”) high. (1) €80 - 120 30 A 19th Century Staffordshire Pen Holder, modelled as a parrot with a sheep; also another Group with two birds on tree branches. (2) €70 - 100

32 A set of 6 old graduating Copper Measures. (6) €100 - 150 33 Box: A collection of antique Irish pewter, pint, half-pint, naggin and other measures, 13 items, as a lot. (13) €120 - 180 34 Pewter: Six antique Irish Pewter naggin haystack Measures, and two half-pint Measures. (8) €130 - 180 35 Pewter: Four antique pewter one pint Tankard Measures, one signed James Yates, a half-pint Measure; and four other various pewter Measures. (9) €130 - 180 36 Pewter: A good set of antique Irish pewter haystack Measures, by Austen & Son, and Munster Ironworks, 94 North Main Street, Cork, 5 pint and 5 half-pint Measures. (10) €220 - 320 37 Pewter: A rare pair of 18th Century pewter Bachelor Candlesticks, 16cms (6¼”) high. (2) €150 - 200 38 Pewter: A very good set of 6 antique Irish polished pewter Dinner Plates, with hallmarks and inscribed “English Block Tin,” 24 cms (9½”) diam. (6) €200 - 300

31 A small blue and white Chinese Vase, four character mark, and a Famille Rose Chinese Cup and Saucer. (3) €80 - 120

39 Pewter: A graduating set of 5 antique pewter Measures, quart to half-gill, some stamped “Quartern,”; and a very good antique Irish Haystack quart Measure, stamped Austen & Co., 94 North Main Street, [Cork]. (6) €160 - 220 40 Pewter: A very good scarce two pint Irish pewter Tankard Measure, stamped J. Hodges & Sons, Westmoreland St., Dublin, 16.5cms (6½”) high. (1) €140 - 200 41 Pewter: An extremely rare late 18th Century German pewter Oil Lamp, with glass container for oil, c. 1780, 38 cms (15”) high. (1) €250 - 350 42 Pewter: A fine antique Irish pewter shallow Bowl Plate, 33cms (13”) diam; four large Irish pewter Salvers, 42cms (16½”) diam; and one other Salver, 38cms (15”) diam. (6) €180 - 230 43 A very attractive set of Figures, “The Flower Seller,” a group, and a pair of Figures “Lady and Gentleman,” en suite, all in attractive attire profusely decorated with flowers, small gold anchor marks. (3) €280 - 350 44 A very good air-twist Cordial Glass, with small round funnel bowl and stem filled with elaborate threads, also a larger similar Cordial Glass with funnel bowl and stem filled with spiral threads, both early 19th Century. (2) €300 - 400 45 A Victorian brass bound mahogany Tantalus, with three cutglass decanters and stoppers, and with locking key. (1) €170 - 240 46 An early 19th Century inlaid mahogany Knife Box, with silver escutcheons, now converted as a stationary box. (1) €120 - 150 47 A pair of unusual 19th Century clear and milk glass chalice type Vases, with overall gilt decoration and overlaid Bristol blue highlights, 28cms (11”) high; also an attractive rust coloured etched glass Wine Jug, and a pair of matching Wine Glasses en suite. (A lot). (5) €160 - 220

Selection of Pewter, (lots 33 – 42)

Imperfections Not Stated



48 & detail


48 A 19th Century Chinese Blanc-deChine Buddha, sitting legs crossed on a lotus throne, 28cms (11”) high, with seal mark on reverse. (1) €170 - 250

52 A pair of attractive Chinese cloisonne Vases, decorated with large blue flowers, 26cms (10”); and a pair of small modern Chinese porcelain Vases. (4) €150 - 200

56 An unusual pair of 19th Century Bohemian glass red and blue Goblets, with overall gilt decoration, each approx. 24cms (9½”) high. (2) €170 - 220

49 A pair of delightful 19th Century porcelain Figures, “Mama” & “Papa” two children dressed in their parents finery, and each inscribed on base, 26cms (10”) high. (2) €200 - 300

53 A very good quality 19th Century Imari Bowl and Cover, decorated with eagles, flowers, leaves etc., 25cms (9¾”) diameter. (1) €400 - 500

57 Nine pieces of Mason’s Ironstone, Mandalay design, a pair of Jugs, Biscuit Jar, Plates etc., and a similar Teapot and lid. A lot. (1) €80 - 120

54 A good quality late 19th Century Cantonese Vase, of stout proportions, approx. 33cms (13”) high, with typical decoration. (1) €180 - 250

58 An attractive 42 piece English Tea Service, the white ground with royal blue and orange floral design, and gilded surround, comprising of cups, saucers, plates, bowls, etc. (a lot) €120 - 150

50 A good pair of purple glass Art Nouveau Vases, 23cms (9”) high approx. (2) €130 - 180 51 A pair of small late 19th Century blue ground cloisonne Vases, 22cms (8½”) high. (2) €80 - 140


55 An extremely fine pair of 19th Century Chinese porcelain Ceremonial Elephant Vases, decorated in attractive colours, approx. 16cms (6½”) high. (2) €650 - 900



59 A pair of attractive Imari Plates, 21cms (8¼”) and a smaller pair of similar kidney shaped Dishes. (4) €120 - 180


[email protected]




60 A 19th Century Irish walnut and black wooden Mantle Clock, with drum movement, with label of Ganter Bros. Gt. George’s St., Dublin. (1) €100 - 150

65 A small 19th Century hand painted Spode Dish, a Wedgwood shell Plate, a small Imari Bowl and three other items. (6) €100 - 150

61 A rare early pair of shaped oval Dishes, by Grainger Lee & Co., Worcester, c. 1815, decorated with flowers; an attractive pair of early Mason’s Ironstone China Plates decorated in the Chinese taste with flowers and figures, and highlighted in gilt: and a very attractive pair of Indian stone china Soup Plates. (6) €200 - 300

66 A very large mahogany Wardrobe/ Chest, in the Chippendale style, the dentil moulded cornice with large swan neck pediment over two finely figured and decorated doors, opening to reveal two shelves and five drawers with brass handles, on bracket feet, overall height 240 cms (7’10”) high x 147cms (58”) wide, brass locks stamped Hobbs & Co., London. (1) €1000 - 1500

71 An extremely fine George III period inlaid and figured mahogany Chest on Chest, the moulded cornice over two short and three long drawers on a base with three further long drawers all with original brass drop handles, on ogee bracket feet. (1) Provenance: Middleton Park, Co. Westmeath, by descent to the present owner. €1200 - 1800

62 Continental Silver & Plateware: A good quality Continental silver plated four piece Tea Service, 800 mark; an attractive silver plated Salver / dish with decorated border by G. Vanham, Brussels, 34cms (13½”) diam; an elegant silver plated double ended Sauceboat with gilded interior and attached stand, 800 mark; and another two handled embossed oval Bowl. (7) €220 - 320 63 A Victorian Masons Ironstone Vegetable Dish, cover and stand, another Vegetable Dish, four matching Plates, and two other Plates similar. (10 pieces) (a lot). €80 - 120 64 A very good collection of Victorian and other coloured Glassware, including ruby glass Claret Jug and stopper; and a ruby and cutglass Decanter and stopper; a pair of small green glass Decanters and stoppers; some green and ruby Drinking Glasses etc., approx. 24 items in all. (a lot). (24) €150 - 200

Imperfections Not Stated

67 A Regency circular mahogany Dumbwaiter, probably Irish, the reeded shelves united by three turned brass and baluster shaped supports on a turned and reeded stem with quadruple reeded pod with brass castors, 108cms x 53cms (42½” x 21”). (1) €350 - 500 68 A very good George III period Tallboy Chest, the dentil moulded pediment over two short and three long drawers, on a base with three long drawers, all with oval brass drop handles, on ogee bracket feet, 178cms (70”) high, 104cms (45”) wide. (1) €1500 - 2000

72 An inlaid and ormolu mounted bow fronted burr-walnut Bedside Cabinet, with inset marble top on four turned legs. (1) €150 - 200 73 An attractive engraved Venetian glass upright Wall Mirror, with shaped cornice. (1) €200 - 300 74 An attractive pair of bow shaped ormolu mounted mahogany Vitrines, the marble tops with brass galleries over three bowed glass and three painted panels in the French style. (2) €650 - 850

69 An attractive and heavy pierced brass Standard Lamp, with centre figure over an onyx table top on base with three outsplayed feet. (1) €250 - 350 70 A late Victorian mahogany Bookcase, the top with two glazed Gothic style doors over a press with two panelled mahogany doors on bracket feet. (1) €500 - 700 8


76 & detail

75 A Victorian ebonised and ormolu mounted inverted breakfront Side Cabinet, the moulded walnut inlaid top with beaded edge, above three glazed doors similarly decorated and flanked by four reeded brass pillars, on a plinth with ormolu rim, on six half bun feet, 172cms x 105cms (67½” x 41½”). (1) €700 - 1000 76 A very good Irish Regency period rectangular carved giltwood Overmantel Mirror, with ring turned and carved rope type edge and original glass mirror plate, 91cms x 163cms (35¾” x 64”). * Guinness provenance, and bears signature and date of Del Vecchio, Dublin. (1) €1200 - 1800 77 An Irish mahogany Side Table, in the Adams style by Hicks, Bow Lane, Dublin, the black speckled marble top over a reeded frieze with carved urn, on four tapering reeded legs, with block feet, 140cms (55”) long. (1) €700 - 800

78 A late Victorian inlaid walnut Music Cabinet, with top brass rail over a glass door on plinth base. (1) €140 - 200 79 A large 19th Century oval metal bound oak Wine Bin, with carrying handles inscribed “L.D.E. Roberts, Royal Artillery.” (1) €150 - 200 80 A pair of Regency period Dining Chairs, with figured and reeded back over upholstered seat on sabre front legs. (2) €160 - 230 81 A very good quality 19th Century Dining Table, on three quadruple pods, with two extra leaves, of narrow proportions in untouched original condition, 102cms (40¼”) wide, and 343cms (11’3”) fully extended. (1) €2250 - 3500




82 A good set of Regency period Dining Chairs, the attractive backs inlaid and with satinwood inlaid panels over decorated rails, upholstered seats and front turned legs. (4) €400 - 600 83 A Regency brass inlaid stained mahogany Elbow Chair, with cane seat, on front reeded sabre legs. (1) €120 - 160 84 An unusual and very fine early 19th Century well figured inlaid and crossbanded rectangular mahogany Games Table, with a lift off top, the centre inset with a backgammon board inlaid with natural and stained ivory, and with similar large stained ivory markers and a pair of associated silver plated candle holders, the frieze with two small blind drawers on four square tapering legs, 114.5cms (41”) long. (1) €1500 - 2000


[email protected]


85 A solid Edwardian inlaid mahogany Corner Armchair, with rail back on four tapering circular legs and stretcher. (1) €130 - 180 86 A fine quality and attractive inlaid Pembroke Table, with crossbanded top and single frieze drawer, stamped “B. Woolard & Sons”, on four tapering square legs with large satinwood inlaid panels, on pad feet. (1) €350 - 500 87 A large Edwardian inlaid mahogany Armchair, upholstered in floral tapestry with front turned tapering legs; and an Edwardian inlaid mahogany Tub type Armchair, covered in green floral brocade. (2) €200 - 300 88 A good quality small mahogany Writing Table, with gilt tooled leather top over two frieze drawers with brass drop handles, on four cabriole legs with pad feet. (1) €200 - 300 89 A good quality reproduction Chippendale style knee-hole Writing Desk, with gilt tooled leather inset top over three frieze drawers on four square legs. (1) €280 - 350


90 A fine quality William IV period carved mahogany Centre Table, the specimen circular marble top inlaid with five graduating bands each of twenty coloured marbles and hard stones including Sienna, Breccia, Galway etc., and centred by an agate roundel, with a mahogany frieze, on a finely carved pillar with tripod base, 60cms (23½”) diameter; 71.5cms (28¼”) high. (1) €2000 - 3000 91 An attractive mid-19th Century figured mahogany Ladies Work Table, the rectangular top with two flaps, over a large frieze drawer with blank front, on a half moon support and a platform base with four outsplayed feet with brass claw castors. (1) €300 - 400 92 A good Chippendale style three piece suite of Seat Furniture, consisting of a 3 seater Settee and two matching mahogany Armchairs, all covered in deep button dark green hide, with brass stud borders. (3) €1000 - 1500


93 A very attractive mahogany marquetry Games Table, probably of Italian origin, the profusely inlaid top with centre oval panel flanked by two large branches and two outer borders, with a similar inlaid interior, frieze and pedestal support. (1) €600 - 800 94 A Regency period figured mahogany fold-over Tea Table, with inlaid ebony decoration, the turned pillar support on shaped platform with four outsplayed inlaid legs and brass paw feet. (1) €500 - 700 95 An unusual Irish Georgian period mahogany Dumbwaiter, with two graduating octagonal hinged shelves supported by turned pillars on a tripod base with brass castors. (1) €400 - 600



Imperfections Not Stated

92 (with matching settee)






96 An unusual 19th Century finely carved ebony and cane work two seater Verandah Settee, of Oriental origin, the profusely carved back over two lift out seat panels, flanked by two large carved scroll arms on four out turned legs. (1) €400 - 600

99 An attractive ormolu mounted kingwood free standing Ladies Writing Desk, of bow shape, with parquetry top, front and sides, two small upper drawers over a leather inset pull out slide, and one frieze drawer, on four shaped legs with ormolu sabot feet. (1) €500 - 700

97 A good quality figural mahogany Butler’s Tray, with folding sides and brass hinges, on X formed stand. (2) €200 - 300

100 A fine quality small late 19th Century Italian two tiered walnut Table, with two intricate marquetry panels, figures merrymaking on four turned outsplayed legs, 42cms (16½”) wide, and 66cms (26”) high. (1) €500 - 700

98 A Victorian deep buttoned two seater Couch, covered in floral moquette. (1) €220 - 350

101 A plain figured mahogany Pembroke Table, with frieze drawer, on four turned legs, 82cms (32”) wide. (1) €220 - 320 102 A fine quality late 19th Century Chinese carved rosewood Centre Table, in the European taste, the revolving lobed circular top inset with veined pink marble over a pierced apron, on an elaborate pillar with tripod base, 90cms (35½”)wide, 79cms (31”) high. (1) €2000 - 3000 103 A good quality and unusual Victorian figured walnut 4’ Bedstead, with shaped head and bowed end. (1) €300 - 400

100 102


[email protected]


104 Two quilted and printed Wall Hangings. (2) €80 - 120 105 An antique rectangular mahogany Side Table, with single frieze drawer on square tapering legs; a revolving Floor Book stand; and an inlaid Bedroom Chair. (3) €120 - 180 106 A 19th Century mahogany bow fronted Chest, of two short and three long drawers on bracket feet. (1) €120 - 180 107 A good Victorian figured mahogany Wardrobe, with two arched panel doors, 132cms (52”) wide. (1) €200 - 300 108 A mahogany three part Dressing Table Mirror, the centre swing mirror flanked by two mirror flaps; and another similar mirror. (2) €100 - 150 109 A large rectangular Wall Mirror, with elaborate floral decorated stepped frame, 96cms x 114cms (37½” x 45”). (1) €100 - 150 110 An inlaid George III period four drawer figured mahogany Chest, with ivory escutcheons, and brass drop handles on bracket feet. (1) €200 - 300



119 A very good large bronze Model of Racehorse and Jockey, on rectangular base, 55cms (21½”) high. (1) €200 - 300

113 A good quality large Edwardian inlaid mahogany Wardrobe, the finely figured front with two small panel doors over four long drawers, flanked by two long mirror doors, on plinth base. (1) €550 - 750

120 A large early 19th Century Sheraton style inlaid mahogany Dowry Chest, the lift-up top over two short and two long blank drawers, and four further large drawers on ogee bracket feet, 192cms (75½”) long. (1) €300 - 400

114 A rare pair of late 18th Century Irish yew-wood Side Chairs, with pierced rail backs and lift out seats of low proportions. (2) €220 - 320

121 A wooden Trunk, and a cane Trunk containing numerous carved African and other figures, also some small metalwork some frames etc. As a lot, w.a.f. (2) €120 - 180

115 A miniature late 19th Century oak Rocking Chair. (1) €150 - 200 116 An 18th Century oak Joiners Stool, with carved seat; and a later similar oak Stool with plain seat. (2) €200 - 300

122 A Georgian period figured mahogany Gentleman’s Wardrobe, the two panel doors opening to reveal five sliding trays on a base with two small and two long drawers on bracket feet. (1) €250 - 350

117 Two pairs of 19th Century mounted Animal Horns; also a pair of brass Flower Pot Holders, and two copper and brass Pots. (6) €80 - 120

123 An Edwardian walnut Bedside Commode, stamped with number and with pull out step furnished with porcelain bucket. (1) €120 - 150

118 A large bronze Equestrian Group, modelled as a Racehorse with Jockey Up, raised on marble base, 20” x 25” (51cms x 64cms). (1) €200 - 300

124 A set of 5 large leaded stain glass Window Panels, with Art Nouveau floral design, mahogany frames, 61cms x 110cms (24” x 43½”). (5) €150 - 200

111 A 19th Century mahogany Butlers Tray and Stand; and a large oval 19th Century mahogany Tea Tray with gallery and brass handles. (3) €140 - 180 112 A three fold Gothic style mahogany Screen, with glass and linen panels, 57” x 69”. (1) €150 - 200 116

Imperfections Not Stated


125 A good quality early 19th Century Irish mahogany Corner Cabinet, the shaped cornice over two eleven pane astragal glazed doors on a base with two inlaid panel doors on ogee bracket feet, 175cms (69”) high. (1) €400 - 600 126 Two large porcelain Cookie Jars, A Santa Pot and cover, a small Belleek Pig, a Royal Doulton Horse, and a similar miniature Toby Jug, Capt. Henry Morgan, some Beswick and Goebel Figures, a pair of small brass Greyhounds, two small carved Boxes, Ginger Jar and cover, and other Figures etc. A lot. (1) €120 - 180 127 A 19th Century giltwood Overmantel. (1) €80 - 120 128 A Victorian mahogany pedestal Desk, with three frieze and six pedestal drawers on plinth base, 105.5cms (41½”) wide. (1) €200 - 300 129 A collection of 4 antique single and double barrel hammer Shotguns, by Irish and other makers, and some other items. A lot, as is. (6) €150 - 200 130 A bobbin turned walnut Low Chair, and a circular wooden Flower Pot Stand. (2) €100 - 150 131 Two - four shelf Globe Wernick oak Bookcases. (2) €80 - 100

138 A set of modern cast brass Fire Irons, and a pair of large brass Andirons. (5) €100 - 150

134, 146

132 Leatherbound Books etc: Irish Law Times 57 vols.; Saorstat Eireann - Acts of the Oireachtais, leather bound, 41 vols. and approx. 30 others, as a collection, w.a.f. (1) €160 - 220 133 Two boxes of Reference Books, antique, clocks, painting, catalogues, also some books on Ireland, Architecture etc. As a lot. (1) €80 - 150 134 Taxidermy: “A Grey Squirrel,” and “A Red Squirrel,” mounted on naturalistic bases. (2) €100 - 150 135 After Michael Angelo Hayes, c. 1856 “Bianconi’s Establishment - Car Travelling in the South of Ireland in the Year 1856,” a set of six fine hand coloured engravings, published by Ackerman and Co., London. In hogarth frames. (6) €420 - 650 136 A good quality 19th Century carved inlaid and gilt heightened bleached walnut three seater Club Couch, upholstered in red fabric, with deep buttoned back and a matching Armchair en suite. (2) €300 - 400

139 An antique copper Warming Pan, with ebonised handle, and a pair of brass Fire Dogs, and a set of 3 Fire Irons. (6) €120 - 180 140 An early 19th Century mahogany telescopic Bed Table or Reading Table, with two lift up flaps, on turned support with brass mount. (1) €170 - 240 141 A plain Victorian mahogany swing frame Dressing Table Mirror. (1) €80 - 130 142 An Edwardian tall brass and copper Lamp Standard, on tripod base. (1) €170 - 220 143 A good pair of Chippendale style Wing Armchairs, each covered in gold and floral brocade and raised on front shell capped cabriole legs. (2) €350 - 400 144 An early 19th Century oak Chest, with two short and three long drawers all with original brass drop handles, on bracket feet. (1) €160 - 220 145 A good Georgian period mahogany two door Press, of low proportions, the polished top over two finely figured panel doors on bracket feet. (1) €250 - 350

137 A pair of Art Deco style Bedroom Chairs, with pierced splat back; and two other Edwardian Bedside Chairs. (4) €120 - 180


145 140


[email protected]

161 A very good pair of attractive Edwardian walnut horseshoe shaped Elbow Chairs, in pink draylon with deep buttoned back over a shaped back with carved and pierced supports and upholstered seat, on cabriole legs. (2) €200 - 300 162 A large early 19th Century figured mahogany falling leaf Pembroke Table, with single frieze drawer on six turned legs, stamped. (1) €200 - 300



146 A good cased Display of Game Birds, pheasant male and female and another with a printed mountainous landscape in background, 91cms (36”) wide. (1) €200 - 300 147 A good quality Edwardian inlaid mahogany slope front Bureau, the leather inset top and fitted interior over four long graduating drawers on bracket feet, 92cms (36”) wide. (1) €200 - 300 148 An attractive Victorian figured walnut bow fronted Whatnot, the decorated and pierced back with inset oval mirror over three shaped shelves, supported by turned and reeded pillars with bottom frieze drawer, on turned feet. (1) €120 - 150 149 A large heavy 19th Century Irish cast bronze Yard Bell, by Sheridan Dublin. (1) €200 - 300 150 A small late 19th Century oval mahogany falling leaf Table, of low proportions, on four cabriole legs with pad feet, 51cms (20¼”) high. (1) €150 - 200 151 An unusual small square George III figured mahogany Table, of low proportions with two narrow frieze drawers with original brass drop handles, on four square tapering legs, 49cms (19”) high. (1) €160 - 220 152 A good quality 19th Century mahogany Pembroke Table, with one frieze drawer on four turned legs, with brass castors. (1) €200 - 300

153 A large 19th Century dome steel bound canvas Trunk, with original label. (1) €70 - 100 154 A very good rare early 19th Century beechwood Windsor Armchair, and a similar oak Windsor Armchair, each with double back. (2) €600 - 800 155 An unusual inlaid figured walnut kneehole Desk or Dressing Table, with centre frieze and four other drawers on tapering reeded legs, 130cms (51”) wide. (1) €200 - 300 156 A pair of 19th Century mahogany shield back Dining Chairs. with serpentine fronts on front square legs. (2). €150 - 200 157 An early 19th Century mahogany Dining Table, with one spare leaf, on fine reeded tapering legs, 176cms x 122cms (69” x 48”). (1) €300 - 400 158 A good set of 4 late Victorian carved walnut spoon back Dining Chairs, with hide covered seats. (4) €250 - 400

163 An ebonised Edwardian painted and mother-o-pearl inlaid Bedroom Chair, and a brass oak Revolving Magazine Stand on tripod base. (2) €100 - 150 164 A small attractive inlaid bleached mahogany five drawer Chest, on bracket feet. (1) €200 - 300 165 A fine quality and elegant George III period mahogany three drawer Side Table, with shaped back rail on narrow turned and reeded legs, 120cms (47”) wide. (1) €350 - 500 166 A rare and unusual large oval mahogany Dining Table, by Hicks, Bow Lane, Dublin, the carved and reeded frieze over four heavy square tapering legs, with block feet. (1) €1500 - 2000 167 A Victorian figured walnut three tier Corner Whatnot, with shaped fronts and turned supports; a late Victorian oak Plant Stand with barley twist pillar support on tripod base; and an Edwardian three tier folding Cake Stand. (3) €160 - 220

159 An unusual nest of three Coffee Tables, one large rectangular table with two concealed smaller tables, all with tooled leather tops protected by plate glass, on turned and reeded legs. (3) €150 - 200 160 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany two Seater Settee, with floral yellow upholstery and a pair of Edwardian ebonised walnut Side Chairs in red velvet. (3) €180 - 220 154

Imperfections Not Stated



168 A good quality heavy 19th Century walnut Box Commode, with coromandelwood front panel, stamped Lamb, Manchester and number, furnished. (1) €200 - 300 169 A pair of 19th Century Carver Armchairs, the backs with domed top over pierced rails and front square tapering legs. (2) €130 - 180


172 A good early 19th Century Economy type Dining Table, with two large extra leaves, on twelve turned tapering circular legs, with brass cup castors, 137cms (54”) wide, 242cms (95¼”) fully extended. (1) €800 - 1200

170 A quality George III figured mahogany serpentine fronted Dressing Table Mirror, with three frieze drawers, ivory escutcheons, and on ogee bracket feet. (1) €160 - 220

173 A plated Eggler; three Victorian lustre Jugs; a part New Chelsea floral decorated Tea Service and other items. A lot. (1) €75 - 100

171 A rare Irish yew-wood and oak miniature Child’s Windsor Armchair; and a horseshoe shaped miniature Irish Cottage Chair. (2) €200 - 300

174 A good 19th Century mahogany Armchair, with pierced back and a similar single Chair, both with lift out seats. (2) €120 - 180

175 A 19th Century mahogany bow fronted Dressing Table Mirror, and a gilt three part Dressing Table Mirror. (2) €100 - 150 176 A 19th Century hide covered Library Armchair, with deep buttoned back on front turned oak legs. (1) €150 - 200 177 A fine large 19th Century mahogany and oak Dining Table, with spare leaf on four carved and turned tapering legs, 125cms (49”) wide & 316cms (10’6”) fully extended, with the label of Spurr, London. (1) €1000 - 1500 178 A good set of 6 attractive George II style walnut Dining Chairs, the upholstered shaped backs over similar seat covered in green velvet with finely carved front legs on scroll feet. (6) €450 - 650 179 A good quality 19th Century large rectangular Stool, in the Queen Anne style, the lift out embroidered top over four shaped frieze on four cabriole legs with pad feet, 114cms (45”) long. (1) €200 - 300

177 & detail



[email protected]


180 A rectangular William IV period mahogany fold-over Tea Table, on four turned legs. (1) * Formerly the property of George Noble Count Plunkett, a wedding gift from “Speranza,” Lady Wilde, mother of Oscar Wilde. By descent through the Plunkett Family to the present owner. (1) €200 - 300 181 A solid small inlaid oval mahogany Occasional Table, with satinwood crossbanded stretcher shelf and four square tapering legs; also a small circular inlaid mahogany Wine Table, and another similar both on tripod bases. (3) €120 - 180 182 A Victorian walnut Library Armchair, with upholstered scroll shaped back and with small turned pillar arm supports, on turned and reeded tapering legs, covered in striped pink draylon. (1) €180 - 240 183 An Edwardian inlaid rosewood Coal Scuttle, with brass handles. (1) €100 - 150



184 A pair of large wing back Georgian style Library Armchairs, covered in green velvet. (2) €200 - 300

192 A pair of Edwardian carved walnut Tub Armchairs, of low proportions, covered in purple floral brocade. (2) €220 - 350

185 A Victorian carved walnut Nursery Chair, with deep buttoned back and turned and reeded front legs. (1) €150 - 200

193 An extremely fine Victorian figured mahogany Half-Tester Bed, the shaped and carved tall back board with upholstered inset of green grained silk and with a shaped and bowed footboard, 107cms (42”) bed size. (1) €700 - 1000

186 A good quality George III mahogany knee-hole Dressing Table, with large frieze drawer and two small side drawers on turned and reeded legs. (1) €300 - 400 187 A 19th Century inlaid rectangular mahogany Ladies Work Box, the lift up top revealing a fitted interior on four turned legs. (1) €130 - 180 188 A William IV period circular mahogany Dining Table, on turned pillar support with platform base with three carved paw feet, 115cms (45”) diam. (1) €300 - 400

194 A very attractive Victorian figured mahogany Half-Tester Bed, the large arched back with carved cornice and with inset upholstered panel of blue grained silk, with a carved and bow shaped footboard, 125cms (49”) bed size. (1) €700 - 1000 195 An attractive carved giltwood cartouche shaped Wall Mirror, with cornice of carved flowers and three candle holders. (1) €225 - 350

189 A good quality early 19th Century Irish circular mahogany Occasional Table, on turned support with tripod base with brass castors. (1) €150 - 200 190 Two similar Edwardian Bedside Lockers, with figured walnut panels and a small Edwardian Commode, furnished. (3) €100 - 150 191 A very good pair of attractive carved Victorian rosewood Low Armchairs, covered in Colefax tartan fabric. * Ex collection Middleton Park, Co. Westmeath. (2) €350 - 450


Imperfections Not Stated




198 220

196 An attractive inlaid mahogany drop front Bureau, of unusually small proportions with frieze drawer on tapering spade legs and block feet. (1) €250 - 350 197 An early carved oak Coffer, the lift up top with three plain panels over a carved front frieze and three matching carved panels. (1) €160 - 220 198 A good quality 18th Century oak Coffer, with three carved front panels. (1) €200 - 300 199 An unusual circular brass and copper Fuel Bucket. (1) €80 - 120 200 A framed Stole Vestment, the cream ground material with gilt thread design and tassels, with central circular embroidered picture of Our Lady and Saint Joseph, in two parts, each mounted and framed. (2) €80 - 120 201 A small brass bound camphorwood Trunk, with carved overall design in the Chinese taste. (1) €150 - 200 202 An almost matching pair of mid-19th Century mahogany Bedside Tables, each with single frieze drawer and X shaped stretcher shelf. (2) €200 - 300 203 A good quality tall 19th Century inlaid mahogany Pot Cupboard, with shaped top rail. (1) €120 - 180 204 A good quality Georgian style wing back Armchair, with carved ball n claw front feet, covered in yellow floral moquette. (1) €180 - 250

205 A two piece inlaid mahogany Bedroom Suite, consisting of a single mirror door Wardrobe, and a two drawer Dressing Table with swing mirror. (2) €150 - 200 206 A box containing approx. 17 framed Prints, including approx. 12 attractive coloured Bird Prints, some 19th Century, as a lot. (1) €100 - 150 207

Cecil Aldin

A pair of large coloured Hunting Prints, each signed in pencil, oak frames. (2) €100 - 150 208 A good 19th Century Needlework Picture, “Landscape with figures by a bridge in foreground, Castle etc beyond,” gilt and black frame. (1) €120 - 180 209 19th Century English School “The Village Church with Preacher amongst his Congregation,” in gilt frame, 27” x 35” (69cms x 89cms). (1) €500 - 700 210 A good clean Edwardian inlaid mahogany Dressing Table, with swing frame mirror and six varied drawers with brass handles. (1) €140 - 200 211 An early 19th Century mahogany Bookcase Top, with two 13 pane glazed doors, over a later rectangular table with two frieze drawers on square tapering legs. (1) €180 - 220 212 A figured mahogany George III period bow fronted Chest, with two short and three long drawers on bracket feet, 108cms (42”) wide. (1) €250 - 350 213 An attractive set of 9 antique style Apothecary Jars and covers, of varying size, decorated with flowers etc. (18) €200 - 300 17

214 Glassware: Eleven cutglass and engraved Whiskeys; eight cutglass Brandies and a suite of 58 other plain Drinking Glasses, a lot. (1) €150 - 200 215 A pair of attractive cutglass Fruit Bowls, and a smaller similar ditto. (3) €80 - 120 216 A pair of Victorian plated Chambersticks and snuffers; a pair of plated Candlesticks; a brass Chamberstick, and a brass Trifid, (six pieces); together with a heavy silver plated five light four branch Candelabra, 56cms (22”) high. (a lot) €150 - 250 217 An early 19th Century oak Bookcase / Cupboard, the two large figured oak panel doors with original pierced brass escutcheons over two smaller ditto on bracket feet, 197cms (77¼”) high. (1) €600 - 900 218 A good quality mahogany Bureau Bookcase, with two glazed doors above a slope front with fitted interior, over one short and two longer drawers on bracket feet. (1) €200 - 300 219 A fine quality and attractive brass Fire Curb, decorated with small pillars and floral swags, a heavy brass mesh Fire Screen in the French style with scroll feet; and a pair of brass Art Deco Fire Dogs. A lot. (1) €300 - 400 220 A fine quality 19th Century miniature Chippendale style mahogany Side Chair or Dining Chair, with lift out seat; and a miniature Regency period Child’s Chair with rail back and reeded arms,lift out seat. (2) €200 - 300

[email protected]


221 A George III period bow fronted crossbanded and ebony strung Chest, with two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet. (1) €200 - 300 222 A good quality and attractive large inlaid mahogany Wardrobe, with centre oval mirror door flanked by two panel doors on a shaped plinth with bracket feet. (1) €280 - 400 223 A tall square carved Oriental hardwood Stand, a heavy carved circular Oriental hardwood Stand on five paw feet; and a pair of wooden Vase Stands. (4) €150 - 200 224 A very good Regency period three compartment giltwood Overmantel Mirror, original glass plates, with ebony surrounds and flanked by rope turned pillars, 61cms x 148cms (24” x 58”). (1) €300 - 400 225 A fine large gilt painted ebonised Regency Couch, with hump back, with carved corners, arms and frieze rosettes, on eight tapering turned legs with brass castors, the entire covered in attractive patterned blue silk cloth, 175cms (69”) wide. (1) €2000 - 3000 226 A modern mahogany Ships Wheel, with inset heavy brass barometer; also a circular brass Ships Clock and brass Bell mounted on a mahogany board. (2) €120 - 180 226A A modern Croquet Set, by Jacques of London, with 4 mallets, 6 hoops, 4 balls, Rule Book, in original wooden box. (1) €200 - 300 227 A good quality pierced brass Fender, with front paw feet, 141cms (55½”) long, a set of brass Fire Irons, and a pair of brass Fire Dogs. (a lot) €250 - 350 Imperfections Not Stated


228 A pair of unusual Art Deco type Woodcuts; a large Oriental Landscape on linen; a large unframed oil painting on canvas “Rocky Coastal Scene,” and some other pictures, a lot. (1) €80 - 130 229 Denise Hussey, Irish School “Homage to Vermeer's Carpet,” 251cms x 208cms (99” x 82). (1) €350 - 450 230 A large 19th Century mahogany Wardrobe / Display Cabinet, in the Chippendale style, the dentil moulded cornice over two astragal glazed and figured panel doors, on ogee bracket feet, 132cms (52”) wide, 202cms (83½”) high. (1) €300 - 400 231 A Georgian period oak Tallboy, of seven graduating drawers with matching brass handles on bracket feet. (1) €300 - 400 232 A William IV carved rosewood two door Bookcase, with layered cornice and heavy plinth base. (1) €300 - 400


236 A fine large flamed mahogany and ormolu mounted Empire Armoire, the moulded cornice above a pair of panel doors fitted with two shelves, and flanked by two pilasters capped with ormolu capitals, above four large drawers with lion ring mask handles, on block feet, 227cms x (89½”) high, 160cms (63”) wide. (1) €1600 - 2200 237 An elegant early 19th Century pine Fire Surround, decorated in the Adams style with plaster applique, 124cms x 163cms (49” x 64½”). (1) €100 - 150 238 A small circular mahogany Coffee or Occasional Table, on quadruple pod base with carved paw feet. (1) €180 - 250 239 A William IV period mahogany Armchair, with green covered lift out seat out turned legs. (1) €100 - 150

233 A good quality 19th Century Table Cabinet, with eight various drawers, the entire made of various specimen woods. (1) €180 - 250 234 An attractive old cast metal Fireplace, with decorated urn and other designs. (1) €100 - 150 235 An attractive oval gilt Wall Mirror, with ribbon and bow cresting on a leaf moulded frame with bevelled plate, 34” x 41” (86cms x 102cms). (1) €500 - 700 236


240 A large earthenware Whiskey Jar, inscribed “John Daly, Karls Quay, Cork,” another smaller ditto inscribed; and five other similar smaller items. (7) €150 - 200 241 Two large earthenware Whiskey Jars, inscribed “Mc Cuaig Bros. Wine & Spirit Merchants, Cahir,” 53cms (21”) high. (2) €100 - 150 242 A large early 19th Century cast metal Fire Grate, from Castle Oliver, Co. Limerick, consisting of pair of andirons, basket grate and monogrammed back. (1) €400 - 600 243 An unusual set of wrought iron Fire Irons, and a matching pair of Fire Dogs en suite. (5) €120 - 180 244 A good quality Victorian cast iron and steel Fender, and set of 3 Fire Irons. (4) €80 - 120

Musical Instruments 245 A small green square Clavichord, by John Morley, London, in modern case, on four turned and reeded legs. (1) €200 - 300 246 A small walnut cased triangular framed Spinet, case signed Arnold Dolmetsch, on four tapering legs. (1) €200 - 300


247 A very fine quality and attractive Regency period square or Table Piano, by Thomas Wilkinson, Soho Square, London, the finely figured mahogany case with overall ebony inlaid and decorated with ormolu mounts etc, with a satinwood interior, and on six turned legs and brass castors, 168cms (66”) wide. (1) €450 - 650 248 A late 19th Century rosewood cased Baby Grand Piano, by Munt of London. (1) €800 - 1200 249 An extremely fine Yamaha Boudoir Grand Piano, c. 1980, in mahogany case with three graduating square legs, together with a modern telescopic mahogany Piano Stool. (2) €4000 - 6000


247 & detail


[email protected]

251 & detail

252a 252 & detail

250 An old set of wooden Bagpipes. (1)  €180 - 250 250A An early 20th Century Violin, “B. & S. London and Toronto Student Violin,” c. 1931; and a wooden harp, dam. (2) €80 - 120

251 A rare 19th Century Irish Violin, by Thomas Perry, Dublin c. 1800, stamped and numbered in a later assimilated snakeskin case. (1) €1800 - 2500

253 A Victorian finely figured mahogany bow fronted Chest, with two short and three long drawers on bracket feet. (1) €220 - 320

252 A fine and rare figured maple and pinewood Violin, by Thomas Perry, Dublin, c. 1800, stamped and numbered 1100, together with a later bow, in a later case with outer canvas cover. (1) €1800 - 2500

254 A pair of attractive carved walnut Armchairs, covered in yellow draylon. (2) €250 - 350

252A A cased Spanish Guitar, by Louis Panormo, 46 High Street, Bloomsbury, London c. 1870, with original label, cased. (1) €450 - 650

256 A very good quality George III period mahogany Bureau, the slope front opening to reveal a finely fitted interior with secret and other drawers, pigeon holes etc., over one short and three long drawers all with original brass drop handles, on bracket feet. (1) €700 - 1000



Imperfections Not Stated

255 A good Victorian rosewood inlaid carved mirror back Chiffonier, profusely inlaid with various woods, etched ivory and inlaid crossbanded in satinwood, decorated with urns, bouquets of flowers etc, 210cms (82½”) high x 145cms (57”) wide. (1) €500 - 700







257 An attractive pair of late 18th Century Irish mahogany Side Chairs, covered in fine blue silk brocquette. (1) €600 - 800

264 A 19th Century French Clock Garniture, the decorated ormolu body with circular floral decorated porcelain face and colourful porcelain panel and with a matching pair of ormolu and decorated porcelain urns. (3) €300 - 400

268 A good quality Victorian figured walnut Vienna Wall Clock, the eagle mounted cornice over a glass door revealing circular enamel and brass dial and pendulum flanked by two turned pillars, 97cms (38”) high. (1) €350 - 450

265 A pair of late 19th Century Continental porcelain Vases, decorated with white, lilac and ivy leaves, 36cms (14”) high; and a Coalport Dish. (3) €100 - 150

269 An unusual 19th Century Wall Mirror, with bevelled plate and carved and pierced wooden frame in the Arabesque style. (1) €80 - 120

266 A fine and unusual carved mahogany Armchair, in the style of Thomas Hope, with cane work back and seat over two profusely carved front legs with lion mask etc., and paw feet. (1) €400 - 600

270 An attractive ormolu mounted and brass inlaid mahogany bow fronted Side Cabinet, the finely figured panel door with Prince of Wales plume, on front ormolu scroll feet, 88cms (24½”) high. (1) €200 - 300

258 A fine Regency period rosewood and brass inlaid Side Cabinet, the inlaid top and frieze over two brass trellis doors flanked by two brass inlaid side panels over four reeded ball legs, 95cms x 135.5cms (37½” x 53”). (1) €700 - 1000 259 An unusual George III period figured mahogany Chest, with three large drawers and oval brass drop handles, the moulded rectangular top over a brushing slide, on bracket feet, 111cms (43½”) wide. (1) €300 - 400 260 A French ormolu Mantle Clock, with circular enamel dial signed Jules Isaac, and a pair of matched ormolu and hand painted porcelain urns. (3) €200 - 300 261 A pair of very fine porcelain Figures, “The Shepherdess” and her companion “A Young Boy with his dog,” each with embossed flowers and profusely decorated in colourful flowers, with gold anchor mark on bases, approx. 18.5cms (7¼”)h. (2) €200 - 300

267 A good 18th Century rectangular carved oak Coffer, the plain lift top over a fret worked frieze four carved panels and three drawers, with double panel sides carved with initials E. & G., 125cms (49”) w. (1) €200 - 300

271 A very fine and attractive George III period bow fronted inlaid mahogany Chest of drawers, with figured top and front crossbanded in satinwood, two short and three long drawers with oval brass drop handles, on outswept bracket feet, 99 cms (39”) wide. (1) €450 - 650 272 A fine Edwardian inlaid and crossbanded Bookcase Bureau, in the Sheraton style, the top with two astragal glazed doors over a slope front writing flap and four long drawers, on bracket feet. (1) €550 - 750

262 A large bronze Model of a Gun-Dog, holding dead bird, on a naturalistic stepped platform with marble base, 34cms (13½”)h; 59cms (23”) long. (1) €500 - 700 263 An unusual circular brass Coal Bucket, with pierced engraved cover on front ball n’ claw feet. (1) €130 - 180




[email protected]

273, 277

273 A very desirable Regency period mahogany Teapoy or Caddy, the finely figured body with lift up top revealing varied canisters with burr walnut tops, on a well carved pillar support with platform base and four outsplayed legs with brass castors. (1) €350 - 500 274 A very good pair of early 19th Century French giltwood Fauteuils, the shield shaped backs with carved flowers over a bowed front seat with carved apron, upholstered in green / grey silk, with carved cabriole front legs. (2) €700 - 900 275 A good quality large early 19th Century carved giltwood Overmantel Mirror, the landscape shape with three mirror compartments, the frosted gilt borders with egg and dart rim and carved rosettes (one lacking.) (1) €700 - 1000



276 An extremely fine early 19th Century figured walnut Writing Table, the rectangular top with tooled leather inset, over two frieze drawers on two shaped and pierced uprights with two platform bases with carved scroll decorations and four bun feet with concealed castors, 115cms (45”) long, brass locks stamped Hobbs & Co. London. (1) €800 - 1000 277 A good late Georgian mahogany casket shaped Teapoy, the lift top revealing two mahogany canisters and two glass mixing bowls, on a turned pillar with platform and four out turned legs. (1) €280 - 350 278 A very good pair of 19th Century rectangular heavy carved Chinese Hardwood Stands, with under shelf, 80cms (31½”) high. (1) €280 - 350

280 A good quality 19th Century mahogany Waterfall Bookcase, with five shelves and bracket feet. (1) €350 - 500 281 A good quality carved mahogany rope edge Hall Table, the decorated frieze with mask front and shell sides, on four carved ball n’ claw feet, 91cms (36”) wide. (1) €350 - 500


279 A good quality Irish Regency period mahogany Teapoy, the figured casket shaped body with lift up top revealing three lidded canisters, and with reeded frieze, on a carved and turned pillar support with four carved outsplayed legs and brass feet. (1) €300 - 400


280, 622 279

Imperfections Not Stated






282 A good pair of Victorian carved mahogany Hall Chairs, with pierced shield shaped backs and front cabriole legs. (2) €180 - 220

289 A good quality carved oak Wall Mirror, with bevelled plate glass surrounded by a heavily carved frame with mask top, 86cms x 70cms (34” x 27½”). (1) €130 - 180

298 An antique Irish mahogany falling-leaf Dining Table, with circular tapering legs and pad feet, 45” (114cms). (1) €250 - 350

283 Early 20h Century English School A delightful, “Model of an old Donkey with saddle bags,” inscribed “SAM” heavy bronze figure, 36cms (14”) high. (1) €500 - 700 284 Two 19th Century polished steel Fire Irons, purchased in Charleville Castle, Tullamore at sale on the premises, c. 1960; also a silk Dublin made Top Hat, in original leather box. (a lot) (4) €100 - 150 285 A very fine set of 4 heavy gilt brass two light Figural Wall Lights, 58cms (23”) high, 20th Century. (4) €350 - 500 286 An attractive 19th Century English ormolu Mantle Clock, the large urn finial on top over circular hand painted porcelain face with Roman numerals and signed M. Master & Son, flanked by two bowed sides with inset hand painted porcelain panels, on four decorated circular feet. (1) €300 - 400 287 A late Victorian cast metal Fox Head Door Stop, a 19th Century brass lion mask Door Knocker, and a larger later brass ditto. (3) €120 - 180 288 A very fine early 19th Century oval gilt Overmantel Mirror, in the Adams style surmounted with urn and scrolls and draped with swags and love knots, bevelled mirror plate, 107cms (42”) high, & 87cms (34”) wide. (1) €400 - 600

290 An 18th Century oak Bible Box, with carved front and side panels. (1) €120 - 160 291 African Art: A pair of carved ivory Tusks, mounted; a pair of carved ebony Masks, and two carved ebony Figures, a lot. (6) €150 - 200 292 A large modern three light figural Table Lamp, in the style of Tiffany, with three amber glass shades. (1) €150 - 200 293 A pair of large colourful floral Vases of Chinese design, 20th Century, now converted as table lamps, with matching shades. (2) €200 - 300 294 An unusual large late 19th Century Chinese cloisonne Figure, of elderly Chinese Sage seated on a mule, 47cms (18½”) high. (1) €450 - 650 295 An attractive heavy embossed and pierced brass Wall Mirror, with bevelled plate. (1) €80 - 120 296 A small 19th Century mahogany Side Table, with frieze drawer on four turned legs. (1) €100 - 150 297 A fine quality large mahogany three seater Settee, in the George I style, with rectangular upholstered back on a lift out padded seat, on front cabriole legs, with pad feet, 190cms (75”) long. (1) €500 - 700


299 A heavy mahogany fold-over Card Table, with pull out back legs. (1) €200 - 300 300 A William IV period well figured mahogany Chiffonier, with shelf back, frieze drawer and two panel doors on plinth base. (1) €280 - 350 301 An inlaid mahogany demi-lune foldover Card Table, with baize top on three square tapering legs. (1) €300 - 400 302 A circular brass mounted rosewood Plinth or Jardiniere Stand, with marble top and ormolu eagle decoration. (1) €170 - 220 303 An elegant Grandmother Clock, in figured mahogany case, the domed top over a silvered and brass dial with chimes, on a box base with ogee bracket feet, 168cms (66”) high. (1) €180 - 250 304 A very attractive and fine George III period profusely inlaid and crossbanded bow fronted Chest, with three long drawers and heavy ormolu ring handles on turned feet. (1) €350 - 500 305 A Regency period mahogany Side Cabinet, the rosewood crossbanded top over a frieze with two blank drawers and brass roundels, two doors with brass grills and pink velvet background, flanked by two turned columns, on turned feet, 95.5cms (37½”) wide. (1) €350 - 500

[email protected]

306 A Chippendale style mahogany Corner Cabinet, with glazed upper door over a lower panel door on bracket feet. (1) €220 - 350 307 A very large Ocelot and Fox Fur Patch Rug, with cashmere lined back. (1) €200 - 300 308 A good old Croquet Set, by Jacques of London, with peg, mallets, hoops, 4 balls etc., and rule book, in original wooden box. (1) €200 - 300 309 A fine Figure of a Portly Swordsman, with blue coat and floral decorated waistcoat, small gold anchor mark, 21cms (8¼”) high. (1) €180 - 250

Break for Lunch __________________

Silver & Plateware 310 A large oval plated two handled Tea Tray, with pierced gallery in the Adams style; a smaller similar ditto, three other varied silver plated Trays, and an attractive two handled oval Bowl and Cover with sphinx decoration. (6) €180 - 250 311 A very good Rockingham silver plated large oval Meat Dish, by J.H. Potter, Sheffield, with heavy embossed border, on four scroll feet; another large oval silver plated Meat Dish; and a smaller oval ditto with gadroon border and shell handles. (3) €220 - 350


Imperfections Not Stated

318 An 18th Century Irish silver Sauceboat, on three pad feet by Matthew West, Dublin c. 1784; and a smaller ditto, possibly Irish, marks worn, overall approx. 10 ozs. (2) €150 - 200


312 A good quality 19th Century plated three light two branch Candelabra, 50cms (19¾”) high, and a pair of plated Candlesticks, 31.5cms (12½”) high. (3) €150 - 200 313 A very good pair of heavy 19th Century silver plated Hot Plate Stands, with ornate floral decorated stands and ornate scroll legs; also a pierced and engraved Wine Coaster. (3) €150 - 200 314 A good quality large Victorian silver plated two handled oval Tea Tray, with finely pierced gallery decorated in the Adams taste. (1) €200 - 300 315 A heavy Victorian silver plated circular Mirror Table Centre, with three heavy scroll feet, 39cms (15½”) diam. (1) €130 - 180 316 A good pair of early Adams style silver plated on copper oval Candlesticks, approx. 30.5cms (12”) high; another similar pair of later Candlesticks, square bases, 31cms (12¼”) high; and a pair of plated Bachelor Candlesticks. (6) €200 - 300 317 A good heavy silver circular Coffee Pot, and a matching Hot Water Pot, en suite both with wooden handles, both London c. 1965, approx. 36 ozs overall (include. handles) each approx. 8½” high. (2) €300 - 400



319 An attractive pair of modern circular pierced and engraved silver Bottle Coasters, London c. 1950. (2) €170 - 230 320 A good early circular English silver Rose Bowl, with embossed panels and engraved with flowers etc., possibly London c. 1790, by Wm. Sutton, approx. 10 ozs. (1) €200 - 300 321 Two similar early Georgian English silver Cream Jugs, the smaller with embossed floral body on circular base by Emick Romer, London c. 1759; the other London c. 1778 by Hester Bateman, approx. 6½ ozs. (2) €300 - 400 322 An early Victorian silver Cream Jug, London c. 1839, possibly by R. Pearce & G. Burrows, also a Victorian silver two handled Sugar Bowl on four paw feet, c. 1883, approx. 10 ozs overall. (2) €200 - 300 323 An embossed circular Irish silver Sugar Bowl, decorated with birds, flowers etc., on three pad feet, by West & Son, Dublin, c. 1915, approx. 7 ozs. (1) €200 - 300 324 A rare circular Scottish silver Sugar Bowl, the plain body with engraved and decorated rim, on a plinth base, Edinburgh c. 1756, possibly by James Weems, approx. 8 ozs. (1) €300 - 400

324 & detail

327 & detail

325 A very good engraved and reeded Irish silver Hot Water Jug, with hinged lid and wooden handle, by Samuel le Bas, Dublin 1862, approx. 10 ozs. (1) €300 - 400 326 An attractive Birmingham silver Mustard Pot, with handle, mustard spoon, and blue glass liner; a circular silver Salt, Birmingham, a two handled Tea Strainer, Birmingham, a Butter Knife; and a London silver Tea Strainer with wooden handle, approx. 7 ozs. (a lot). €120 - 180 327 A fine quality English Georgian bright cut silver Teapot, London 1786 by Wm. Vincent, with wooden handle and with matching bright cut Teapot Stand, on four ball n’ claw feet, by Jos. Herriot, London 1786, approx. 19 ozs overall. (2) €450 - 650 328 An attractive small English Georgian circular pierced silver Sugar Basket, with blue glass liner. (1) €200 - 300 329 An unusual leaf decorated George IV English silver Cream Jug, by Charles Fox, London c. 1826, with gilded interior, approx. 5 ozs. (1) €200 - 300 330 A matching plain silver Sugar Bowl, and Milk Jug, Sheffield c. 1952, approx. 15 ozs. (2) €150 - 200



331 A very good early pair of possibly French cast silver Candlesticks, with movable fitted trays, 25.5cms (10”) high, approx. 26 ozs overall, marks somewhat worn, and both bases inscribed COY. (2) €300 - 400 331A A small Birmingham silver Sauceboat, a pair of heavy modern Birmingham silver Skewers; and a Birmingham circular glass and silver decorated Teapot Stand. (3) €100 - 150 332 An attractive almost fully pierced and shaped circular Irish silver Dish, possibly by Michael Rafter, Kilkenny, c. 1980, approx. 5 ozs; and a modern circular silver Card Tray, c. 1966 by Egan, Cork, with ball n’ claw feet, 6 ozs approx. (2) €150 - 200 333 An attractive English Georgian silver Cream Jug, with half reeded and embossed body and shell decorated handle, London c. 1815, possibly by E. Morley, approx. 5 ozs. (1) €160 - 240 334 A small heavy silver Card Tray, the scalloped bands with gadroon edge on three pad feet, London 1899, approx. 7 ozs.; and another later silver Card Tray London c. 1965, approx. 5 ozs. (2) €160 - 220




335 A good quality scalloped edge Salver, on four pad feet, Chester c. 1923, approx. 21 ozs, 11” square. (1) €220 - 320 336 A rare pair of English silver oval Salts, with reeded bodies, each on four pad feet, London c. 1764, by O. & R. Hennell, 5 ozs overall, lacking glass liners. (2) €180 - 280 337 A large George IV Irish silver two handled Sugar Bowl, with gadroon edge over plain body, on four paw feet, possibly by James Fray, Dublin c. 1820, West retailer, approx. 9½ ozs. (1) €280 - 350 338 An extremely fine heavy chased and embossed three piece silver Tea Service, Teapot, Coffee Pot and Cream Jug, Sheffield c. 1902, by Walker & Hall, approx. 68 ozs. (3) €625 - 850 339 A fine plain early Victorian English silver Tea Service, each on circular base with four scroll feet, London c. 1845, by E.J.W. Bernard, approx. 43 ozs overall. (3) €400 - 500 340 A London silver Sugar Bowl and Cream Jug, with oval reeded body; and a smaller similar pair, London c. 1960, approx. 11 ozs. (4) €160 - 200

343, 395, 347

[email protected]



346 An extremely fine and attractive large 18th Century pierced English silver Basket, with embossed decoration in the Adams taste with urns, and swags, London c. 1776, by Thomas Daniel, approx. 34.5ozs. (1)  €1600 - 2200

341 An attractive large pierced embossed and engraved Wine Coaster, Sheffield c. 1960. (1) €200 - 300 342 A good quality silver Sauceboat, with attractive handle and on three pad feet, Birmingham c. 1932 by Elkington & Co., also a similar slightly smaller ditto London c. 1931, by C.P. & C. Ltd., 7 ozs and 5 ozs. (2) €160 - 220

347 An unusual modern Irish silver barrel shaped two handled Butter-Tub, by Wm. Egan, 1973, approx. 14 ozs. (1) €180 - 220 348 A circular pierced silver Tazzi, Birmingham c. 1937, and a smaller matching pair of similar ditto with handles decorated with Adams love knot, Birmingham c. 1947, approx. 8 ozs overall. (3)  €140 - 180

343 A silver chalice type Cup, with half reeded body by C.S., London c. 1899, approx. 5 ozs, 20cms (8”) high. (1) €100 - 150 344 A good 3 piece English silver Tea Service, Sheffield c. 1896 by Walker & Hill, overall weight approx. 40 ozs, teapot with wooden handle, sugar and cream. (3) €270 - 350

349 A pair of silver Chocolate Pots / Argylls with wooden handles, London c. 1912, by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co., approx. 22 ozs overall, 19cms (7½”) high. (2) €200 - 300

345 A good tall 18th Century Irish silver Coffee Pot, Dublin c. 1750, possibly by Wm. Homer, the attached lid with decorated rim and pineapple type finial, over a profusely decorated body with birds, flowers, cameo head and classical monuments etc., on a circular base and engraved with armorial bird motif, wooden handle, 30cms (12”) high, overall weight 30 ozs. (1) €1500 - 2000

350 An attractive and heavy oval Irish silver Bowl, with embossed flower on border, Dublin 1973, 6 ozs approx; a pierced silver envelope type dish, by Michael Rafter, Kilkenny, 3 ozs; and a Birmingham silver Castor Sugar Shaker. (3) €120 - 180

345 & detail

Imperfections Not Stated




358 A good heavy matched set of eight mixed English silver Table Spoons, c. 1818, Edinburgh c. 1845, etc., approx. 15 ozs. (8) €200 - 300 359 A set of 8 + 8 Victorian engraved silver Fruit Knives and Forks, Birmingham c. 1861, maker J.G. (not ascribed), each with attractive shaped mother-o-pearl handles; together with 3 additional similar knives. (a lot) €150 - 200 360 A cased set of 6 Victorian silver Tea Spoons, London c. 1845; a rare set of 7 silver Tea Spoons, Exeter c. 1877 by Josiah Williams & Co.; & 5 engraved Victorian silver Tea Spoons. (as a lot). €140 - 200 351

351 A very fine and rare Victorian ‘castle top’ silver Card Case, Birmingham c. 1853, the heavily embossed body decorated with flowers and scrolls etc., the front with model of Westminster Abbey in high relief, the back with shield panel and coat of arms, possibly by Gervase Wheeler. (1) €1500 - 2000 352 A rare and attractive Irish silver and cutglass Cruet Stand, by Richard Sawyer, Dublin c. 1813, approx. 25 ozs, with 8 contemporary cutglass bottles, two of which are silver mounted by same maker, and a later matching silver spoon. (1) €1500 - 2200

353 A large plain silver Salver, with scalloped edge on three pad feet, London c. 1919, approx. 25 ozs. (1) €260 - 320 354 An attractive oval two handled Tray, the engraved body with a scalloped edge, Birks sterling silver, approx. 44 ozs. (1) €350 - 500 355 A very attractive and unusual early 19th Century German silver plated Tea Service, in its original brass bound mahogany case, consisting of teapot with wooden handles, a sugar bowl with attached stand, cream jug all decorated with embossed flowers, and a set of 12 teaspoons (one dam), a matching tea strainer, and a sugar tongs, all with shell decoration, the teapot, spoons etc all stamped Muller + 12. Also loosely inserted there are two manuscript letters in German one dated Zurich 1899 and the other dated 1948, concerning the above service, overall weight 39 oz (including handles). (1) €700 - 1000 356 A very good heavy set of 9 + 9 silver rat-tail Fish Knives and Forks, Sheffield c. 1929, approx. 33 ozs. (18) €220 - 350 357 A good heavy set of 6 silver Soup Spoons, Sheffield c. 1938, approx. 15 ozs, and an Irish silver rat-tail Table Spoon, Dublin c. 1838, and plated Serving Spoon. A lot. (8) €150 - 200



361 Three silver Dinner Forks, 3 silver Dessert Spoons, some other silver Forks, approx. 14 ozs. (a lot) €120 - 180 362 A set of 4 George IV silver Tea Spoons, by Wm. Bell, London c. 1824; a small engraved silver Sugar Tongs, Sheffield c. 1914; a cased set of 6 Coffee Spoons, with matching Tongs, Birmingham c. 1914; Birmingham embossed silver handle ivory Glove Stretcher, and another small Sugar Tongs. (as a lot.) €100 - 150 363 A set of 6, Victorian Scottish silver Tea Spoons, Edinburgh c. 1851, approx. 3½ ozs. (6) €100 - 150 364 A good set of 6 heavy silver Table Spoons, plus a set of 4 Dessert Spoons en suite, Sheffield 1931 / 32, all with initials “N”, and two other similar Victorian silver Dessert Spoons, rat tails, approx. 26 ozs. (12) €250 - 320 365 A good set of heavy English silver Dinner Forks, Sheffield, c. 1932, approx. 13½ ozs. (6) €160 - 240 366 A pair of Irish Georgian silver rat-tail Table Spoons, Dublin c. 1829, by Wm. Cummins; a similar ditto by Samuel Neville, Dublin c. 1815; and another ditto by Sam. Beere, Dublin 1819, together 4 spoons, approx. 8 ozs overall. (4) €200 - 300

[email protected]

371 & detail


367 An Irish silver Sugar Tongs, Dublin 1860; an Irish silver Sauce Ladle, Dublin c. 1818, by Sam. Nevill; and an English silver Sugar Tongs, London c. 1825. three items, 5 ozs overall. (3) €120 - 180 368 Set of 6 Sheffield silver Tea Forks, c. 1931, approx. 7 ozs, each with initial “B”. (6) €130 - 180 369 A very good pair of Irish silver Serving Spoons, Dublin c. 1835 / 36, by Philip Weekes, 32cms (12½”) long, approx. 9 ozs. (2) €280 - 350 370 Three Irish silver Table Spoons, one Dublin c. 1808, by Samuel Nevill; one Dublin c. 1855 by John Smyth, and an earlier Georgian ditto, overall approx. 7ozs. (3) €120 - 170 371 A rare and early Cork silver Table Spoon, marked “S.M.” possibly by Stephen Mackerill, 22cms (8¾”) long, approx. 2 ozs, with armorial motif of hand holding wheat. (1) €200 - 300 372 A pair of silver mounted ivory handled Fish Servers, knife and fork, Sheffield c. 1887, by Martin Hall & Co. (2) €140 - 200


Imperfections Not Stated


373 A matched pair of English silver Table Spoons, London c. 1806 & 1814, possibly by William, Eley, Fern & Chawner, crested, approx. 3½ ozs. (2) €120 - 160 374 Two sets of 3, matching English silver Table Spoons, one set London c. 1905, and the other Sheffield c. 1914, approx. 15 ozs overall. (6) €200 - 300 375 Two pairs of English silver Table Spoons, one pair London c. 1800, possibly by Thos. Ollivant; and the other, London c. 1804, by Thos. Powell, with boars head motif, approx. 8 ozs overall. (4) €200 - 300 376 A very good large 18th Century Irish silver Serving Spoon, possibly by John Pittar, Dublin 1776, 30cms (11¾”) long, approx. 3 ozs. (1) €180 - 220 377 A good 18th Century Irish silver Table Spoon, with hook handle, Dublin c. 1782, possibly by John Pittar, approx. 2 ozs. (1) €120 - 170 378 Four varied Georgian English silver Table Spoons, London 1794, 1802, 1809, and one other, approx. 7 ozs overall. (4) €150 - 200 379 A good pair of English Georgian silver Table Spoons, London c. 1816, name not traced; and two later similar Table Spoons, each with double reeded fillet borders, approx. 9 ozs overall. (4) €200 - 300



380 A good set of 6 William IV silver Tea Spoons, London c. 1834, possibly by James Hobbs, and a set of 6 similar Tea Spoons, London c. 1888, approx. 9 ozs. (12) €180 - 250 381 An attractive set of 4 matching bright-cut English Georgian silver Salt Spoons, with scalloped bowls; a Georgian silver Sugar Tongs by Wm. Eley & Wm. Fern, London c. 1820; a Georgian silver Sugar Nips, and an embossed silver Scissors Holder, a lot. Good. (1) €150 - 200 382 A heavy set of 6 Kings pattern Dinner Forks, London c. 1829; and 5 others almost similar Kings pattern, c. 1830, approx. 35 ozs overall. (11) €280 - 350 383 A good pair of Victorian silver Berry Spoons, London c. 1867, by Stephen Smith, approx. 3¼ ozs. (2) €150 - 200 384 A set of six silver Tea Forks, Sheffield c. 1894; a Victorian Irish silver Serving Spoon, c. 1889; and a Continental silver Sifter Spoon, overall 14 ozs. (7) €130 - 180 385 A good set of 12 matching silver Dessert Spoons, London c. 1890, approx. 18 ozs. (12) €200 - 300 386 A good engraved and pierced Irish silver Fish Slice, Dublin c. 1847, by J. Smyth, approx. 5 ozs, crested. (1) €180 - 220


387 & detail

387 A highly important and rare pierced Cork silver Fish Slice, with attractive bright cut engraved body and handle, with framed initials “J.J.H.” of original owner, by Samuel Reily, Cork, c. 1780, stamped clearly S.R. and Sterling, 33cms (13”) long, approx 4ozs. (1) €1800 - 2500 388 A very good late 18th Century Cork silver Serving Spoon, by Carden Terry, clearly stamped C.T. & Sterling, and with engraved initial S, 23.5cms (9½”) long, approx. 2¼ ozs. (1) €300 - 500 389 A Georgian silver pierced and engraved Fish Slice, London c. 1777 by Wm. Abdy, 32cms (12½”) long, approx. 4½ ozs overall. (1) €180 - 220 390 An early Irish silver Serving Spoon, possibly Cork, marks worn, 23cms (9”) long. (1) €140 - 180 391 A rare late 18th Century plain Cork silver Straining Spoon, by Gibson, Cork, with very clear marks Gibson & Sterling, 32cms (12½”) long, with armorial crest on handle, approx. 4½ozs. (1) €1700 - 2300 392 A good pair of Irish silver Serving Spoons, Dublin c. 1822, by Wm. Cummins; and a similar pair Dublin c. 1823 by L. Nolan, approx. 7 ozs. (4) €200 - 300

393 A set of 5 Irish silver Dinner Forks, Dublin c. 1805 & 1808; also a similar almost matching set of 5 English Dinner Forks, London c. 1833, and two other similar Dinner Forks, 12 in all, approx. 25 ozs. (12) €280 - 350 394 A set of 5 Victorian silver Kings pattern Teaspoons, London c. 1844 /45, 5 similar Kings pattern Teaspoons, c. 1856, also 3 other plain Teaspoons, Exeter c. 1877, approx. 14 ozs, in all. A lot. (1) €160 - 220 395 A very fine quality boat shaped silver Snuff Box, with Greek key pattern and overall bright cut engraved body, gilded interior, by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham c. 1808, approx. 2 ozs. (1) €250 - 350 396 A heavy Birmingham silver machine turned Cigarette Case, a small similar silver Pill Box, and a embossed Birmingham silver Brush, and Mirror Set. (4) €120 - 170 397 A collection of mostly small modern Silver Pieces, six napkin rings, a pair of circular silver wine coasters, a pair of small octagonal shaped dishes, a silver tea strainer and bowl, and two silver caddy spoons. a lot. (1) €150 - 200

391 & detail


398 A small embossed silver Bowl, a small oval Tazzi, an elaborate pierced and decorated silver Tea Strainer, a silver Hand Mirror, and six small plated Wine Coasters. A lot. (1) €80 - 120 399 A cased pair of silver Napkin Rings, and two other silver Napkin Rings; a Georgian silver Christening Mug; a silver Tea Stainer, a decorated silver Sifter Spoon; and two other items, a lot. (1) €120 - 180 400 Mixed Silver Items: A pair of miniature Vases with figural handles; a Birmingham silver Cream Jug; a small Sheffield silver shell shaped Dish; a rectangular silver Box gilded interior; a Vesta Case; a miniature Tazza, and some other small silver and plated items. A lot. (1) €130 - 180 401 Continental Silver: Twelve silver Fruit Knives, 7 silver Tea Spoons, a silver Ladle, a small Sifter Spoon, another Spoon; and 9 plated Carver Rests, as a lot. (1) €100 - 150 402 A Birmingham silver Dressing Table Set, c. 1924, consisting of a hand mirror, two hair brushes and two clothes brushes, inscribed Joan & Hilda. (5) €100 - 150

[email protected]




403 An attractive circular pierced silver Butter Dish, an oval Mustard Pot with decorated rim; a pair of small pierced silver Salts, with spoons; a pair of engraved silver Salt Tubs, with spoons, all above with blue glass liners; and a silver Pepper Shaker. A lot. (1) €180 - 240

407 A good antique 18ct gold Ladies Ring Set, with small diamonds and rubies. (1) €160 - 220

412 An attractive 5 stone opal gold Ring, a 22ct gold Wedding Band, and an 18ct gold Wedding Band. (3) €150 - 200

408 An attractive heart shaped Emerald Ring, surrounded by double border of diamonds (approx. 1.12ct). (1) €500 - 800

413 An attractive solitaire diamond Ring, approx. 3.5ct, with strong fluorescence, set in platinum. (1) €2000 - 3000

409 An unusual 9ct gold Ladies Ring, mounted with three emerald stones and six small diamonds. (1) €200 - 300

414 A very good 9ct rose gold Watch Chain, with swivel catch and T bar, each link and part stamped. (1) €300 - 400

410 A late 19th Century 9ct gold and Emerald Ring, with large stone in basket mount. (1) €180 - 250

415 A fine extremely large 9ct rose gold belcher link Muff Chain, approx. 158 cms (62”) long, joined in centre with a single jump ring with rose gold swivel catch attached, approx. 125 grams weight. (1) €1000 - 1500

404 An attractive cased set of 6 silver handled Pastry Knives, Sheffield; a cased set of 6 Sheffield silver Grapefruit Spoons, a cased set of 6 Dublin silver Teaspoons, and another set of 6 Tea Spoons, cased. (4) €130 - 180 405 A cased set of 12 Tea Spoons & Sugar Tongs, Sheffield c. 1960 approx. 8 ozs; and two cased sets of 6 Pastry Forks with Kings pattern silver handles. (3) €150 - 200 406 A 9ct gold china and modern design gold Pendant, with solitaire diamond. (1) €200 - 300

411 A fine and attractive diamond and sapphire 18ct gold Ring, the centre light blue coloured stone, approx. 2.3 ct., in white gold claw setting, surrounded by twelve modern round cut diamonds, approx. total .95ct (assessed), set in white gold claw set collets below the centre stone on yellow gold basket type wire gallery, hall marked gold 18ct Dublin 1989, stamped 30589. (1) €800 - 1200

416 An attractive 18ct gold two diamond Engagement Ring. (1) €600 - 850 417 An 18ct gold Wedding Band; a Gents Gucci Ring, and a pair of pearl Ear Studs. (3) €100 - 150



Imperfections Not Stated





418 A large 9ct gold Malacite Pendant. (1) €160 - 220 419 A 15ct hollow link Chain Bracelet, with gold lock and safety chain. (1) €170 - 220 420 A 9ct gold Solitaire Ring, and a pair of 9ct gold Ear Studs, with claw set diamond centres. (3) €300 - 400 421 An 18ct gold Bar Brooch Set, with 5 small diamonds, and safety chain, and an attractive gold Victorian Bar Brooch Set with small diamonds and large centre stone. (2) €200 - 300 422 A late Victorian Elgin full hunter Ladies Fob Watch, in attractive profusely engraved 9ct rose gold case, winder on top over a white circular enamel dial with Roman numerals, seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock end, movement by Elgin Nat. Watch Co. case no. 3559832. (1) €400 - 500



423 A small 14ct gold Ladies Fob Watch, by J. Cornelius, Halifax N.S., the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and inscribed “Longines,” and with 15ct gold hanging pin. (1) €300 - 400 424 A small Edwardian 14ct gold engraved Ladies Fob Watch, with attractive enamel dial with Roman numerals. (1) €150 - 200

428 An attractive Victorian gold cased Cameo Brooch, finely cut with scene of young girl and dog seated by an urn, signed on reverse by artist. (1) €280 - 350 429 A large link 9ct gold Bracelet. (1) €150 - 200

425 A good quality Edwardian cultured pearl Necklace, with attractive gold and silver clasp, in a contemporary velvet case. (1) €250 - 350 426 An attractive set of 6 cased Silver Buttons, embossed with musicians, Chester c. 1912. (1) €130 - 180


427 A 9ct gold Gate Bracelet, with heart shaped safety lock. (1) €170 - 220


422 423 424





[email protected]

430 & detail

430 A Cantonese carved ivory figural natural and red stained Chess Set, c.1840, complete, tallest figure 13cms (5”) to 5 cms (2”). (1) €1500 - 2000 430A An extremely fine gold and pale blue enamel Parasol Handle, 19th Century, possibly French, in the style of Faberge, the top inset with semi-precious stone, in original leather case; an unusual small floral decorated First Period Belleek Crucifix; and two small pieces of carved Ivory. (4) €120 - 180 431 A modern 18ct gold and platinum Solitaire Ring, with a 3.4mm round brilliant diamond 0.15ct weight. (1) €220 - 320 432 A good 40” multi line rolled gold Muff Chain; and two other similar Rope Chains, 36” & 30” long. A lot. (3) €220 - 350 433 A silver Tara Brooch, c. 1940, with inscription on reverse; a small silver Pendant with oval cabochon mounted; and a gilt Bangle. A lot. (3) €80 - 120

Imperfections Not Stated

433A An attractive 14ct gold oval Pendant, decorated as a bowl of flowers with various coloured stones; a small Pendant with mounted half-sovereign, 1902; and an unusual 9ct gold Pendant, “The Head of Nefertiti,” with small inset diamond. (3) €200 - 300 433B An attractive 15ct gold Bar type Brooch, with small central diamond and 10 cultured seed pearls, with safety chain, in original box, West & Son, Grafton St., Dublin. (1) €200 - 300 434 A small circular Irish Bog-Oak Box, carved and engraved with “Blarney”; a small bog-oak Crucifix, and a similar Brooch carved with Irish Ruins. (3) €80 - 140 435 A large unusual and attractive 9ct gold chain Necklace, with paper clip type links, approx. 140 cms (5”) long. (1) €280 - 350 436 A very unusual heavy large multi-link Necklace, with two large gold tassels. (1) €100 - 150 437 An attractive and heavy 9ct gold double Horse Head Brooch, with cutstone eyes, by O’Connell, Dublin, with safety chain. (1) €300 - 400


438 A small silver and cut-stone Monkey Brooch, a double sided engraved Locket, a part gold Seal, and some other items, a lot. (1) €100 - 150 439 A small 9ct gold Necklace, with single bell shaped tassel attachment. (1) €180 - 240 440 A small Victorian gold Chain, a gold heart shaped Pendant with large cut stone surrounded by seed pearls; a 15 ct gold Brooch and a 9ct gold Victorian ditto, a lot. (3) €180 - 220 441 A 9ct gold Gents Signet Ring, a Ladies Sovereign Ring, 1912, a 9ct gold Celtic Cross Pendant, a 9ct gold St. Christopher Medal. (4) €140 - 180 442 Two pairs of 9ct gold Ear Rings, with studs, and a pair of attractive 9ct gold opal set Ear Studs. (6) €150 - 200 443 An unusual and delicate 9ct gold flat link Necklace, and a small 9ct gold rope type Necklace. (2) €170 - 230 444 A large 9ct gold Cameo Brooch, by O’Connell, Dublin, and a smaller similar 9ct Cameo Pendant. (2) €200 - 300



450 452

445 An attractive 9ct gold Seal Pendant, and a gold George III Coin Pendant, 1808. (2) €120 - 180 446 A good quality 9ct gold and ruby link Bracelet. (1) €200 - 300 447 A 9ct gold Sovereign Brooch, with removable 1891 gold sovereign, and safety chain; and a 9ct gold Hunting Whip Brooch. (2) €160 - 240


450 A very good heavy brass Carriage Clock, with five bevelled glass panels flanked by four Corinthian style pillars with original escapement and striking on the hour and the half hour, 8” high, with presentation inscription dated 1926. (1) €280 - 380 451 A miniature brass Carriage Clock, with enamel dial signed Matthew Norman, London, 8.5cms (3¼”) high. (1) €100 - 150

448 An unusual Irish 9ct gold Greyhound Brooch. (1) €200 - 300

452 A 19th Century ivory Tusk, carved with six elephants, 56.5cms (22¼”) long. (1) €125 - 175

449 A good quality late 19th Century Swiss made brass Carriage Clock, with five bevelled glass panels and in original leather carrying case, 18cms (7”) high. (1) €200 - 300

453 A small 19th Century ivory in the form of an open oyster Shell, with a finely carved interior depicting a fishing scene with figures and boats, signed on base. (1) €120 - 180 454 A very early partially glazed small pottery Oil Lamp, with reeded body and lion mask central decoration, possibly early Roman, 8.5cms (3¼”)h. (1) €200 - 300



455 A heavy 19th Century ivory Game Marker, with some markers. (1) €80 - 130




456 A small Chinese carved jade twohandled Pot, with etched decoration, 7.5cms (3”) long; and another carved jade Vase with two handles (1 lacking) approx. 6 cms (2½”) high, both on carved stands. (2) €150 - 250 457 An unusual small cornucopia shaped carved jade Vase, embossed with leaves and branches. (1) €200 - 300 458 A good quality small carved jade model of an Elephant (trunk dam. slightly), on a carved wooden stand. (1) €200 - 300 459 A very early and rare small Chinese bronze Comb, with shaped and decorated top; also a small Chinese Jade Comb, with decorated top. (2) €120 - 180


[email protected]



460 A small carved Chinese pale jade Vase, of traditional shape with Dogs of Foo handles, on four pierced legs, 10cms (4”) high. (1) €180 - 240 461 An unusual 19th Century carved Chinese oval hardwood Box, with carved inset jade top. (1) €150 - 220 462 A very rare pair of matching circular Chinese tortoiseshell Snuff Boxes, each finely and profusely decorated with Chinese scenes, and with contrasting borders and sides, each cover with a different engraved English coat of arms on the inside, 10cms (4”) diam. (2) €700 - 1000 462A An attractive Chinese internally decorated painted glass Snuff Bottle, with lake scene and boat, the reverse with rugged mountain scene, approx. 9.2cms (3½”) high, with lid. (1) €120 - 180


464 Two cased Sets, each of 7 intricately carved small ivory markers in the shape of floral bouquets, in silk lined glass boxes, 19th Century Chinese; also two cased sets of 6 small ivory Forks. (as a lot) €125 - 175 465 A large Georgian silver Buckle, two smaller pairs of hall marked silver Buckles, and a pair of large 19th Century silver plated Buckles. (a lot) €100 - 150 466 An attractive small carved mothero-pearl Victorian Purse; a rectangular mother-o-pearl Card Case; a small 19th Century German Calendar Purse with shells; a small rectangular Box inset with precious stones; and a carved amber and ivory Cigar Holder. (a lot). €130 - 180


Imperfections Not Stated

467 A 9ct gold framed Mesh Evening Purse, with cabochon sapphire clasp. (1) €250 - 350 468 19th Century English School Miniatures: “The Hon. Caroline Crofton,” fine oval miniature on ivory, and “William Drew”, an oval miniature on ivory of a young boy in green jacket, brass frames. (2) €200 - 300 469 A Victorian leather musical Photograph Album, of Swiss origin, the painted marble inset top opening to reveal some original carte-devisite photos of figures in continental costumes, and a small music box; also a carved Victorian giltwood shaped HandScreen with inset embroidered panel. (2) €80 - 140 470 A well modelled Wax figure, “Head and Shoulders of Gentleman in red jacket,” in a small wooden frame. (1) €160 - 220

463 A very small 19th Century Chinese bronze Group, “Children Playing.” (1) €100 - 150




471 A small mid-19th Century micro mosaic Panel, depicting a classical Roman Scene, copper backed, 6cms x 3.5cms. (1) €160 - 220



472 & detail


Fabr. de Geneve

A highly important late 19th Century gilded and enamel singing Bird Box, the centre oval panel engraved with musical trophies opening to reveal an engraved grill with pop-up bird, surrounded by an orange enamel panel, bordered by engraved borders with corner decorations, over a heavy machine turned body. The base signed ‘Fabr. de Geneve’ and stamped with numbers, 728 & 201, approx. 10cms (4”) wide. (1)  €1500 - 2000

Carpets & Rugs 473 An antique Serab Rug, North West Perisa, of natural camel wool, ivory ground with large diamond centre and blue border, 236cms x 125cms (7’3” x 4’1”). (1) €280 - 380

474 A hand made Oriental Carpet, with overall red ground field, and blue ground border, 367cms x 316cms (12’ x 10 ‘ 4”). (1) €500 - 700

475 A red ground 20th Century antique style Runner, nineteen central medallions and multiple border, approx. 373cms x 68 cms (12’ x 27”). (1) €150 - 200





[email protected]







476 A large Oriental Rug, with large border and beige field with central pink diamond, 220cms x 141cms (86” x 55½”). (1) €160 - 240

480 Donegal Carpets: An almost matching pair of good quality Donegal Carpets, with clear light brown field and wide colourful floral borders, approx. 435cms x 377 (14’ 3” x 12’ 4”) and 436cms x 362cms (14’ 3” x 11’ 8”). (2) €2000 - 3000

483 A small Persian Rug, Isfahan, with large red border and beige field, 159cms x 107cms (62½” x 42”). (1) €200 - 300

477 An old Persian Prayer Rug, with multiple borders and central crimson panel, 168cms x 110cms (66” x 43”). (1) €150 - 200 478 An attractive and very good heavy pile crimson ground Carpet, with multiple borders and with profusely decorated centre panel, 384cms x 295cms (12’ 7” x 9’ 8”). (1) €600 - 800 479 A fine quality Tabriz Rug, c. 1920, with large pink border, blue ground and large central ivory star medallion, 201cms x 141cms (79” x 55½”). (1) €500 - 700

481 A very good quality signed Meshad Carpet, North East Persia, on full royal blue field with corner decorations and a large central medallion within Boteh motifs. (1) €750 - 1000 482 A very fine and exceptionally large Donegal Carpet, c. 1920, the large foliate border outside another border with corner decorations and large central medallion on a dark beige ground, approx. 822cms x 500cms (27’ x 16’5”). (1) Provenance: Ardbraccan House, Navan,Co. Meath. €4000 - 6000


Imperfections Not Stated

484 A good large late 19th Century pink ground Tabriz Rug, with large border and large lozenger centre, 252cms x 131cms (99” x 51”). (1) €300 - 400










485 An attractive pink ground Oriental Rug, with large outer border, 183cms x 121cms (6’ x 4’) approx. (1) €200 - 300

488 A fine woven Rug, North West Persia, with large red pink border, blue ground centre and large star shaped medallion, 226cms x 140cms (89” x 55”). (1) €500 - 700

491 A fine rare signed Tabriz Carpet, with red and green ground borders and a large beige ground centre with all over decorations, flowers, animals, etc., 396cms x 305cms (13’ x 10’). (1) €1000 - 1500

486 A fine Haroun Kahan Carpet, c. 1930, wide pink border enclosing a central panel with 80 square designs, 241cms x 333cms (7’ 11” x 10’ 11”). (1) €900 - 1200 487 A large beige ground Carpet, with pink ground border, 297cms x 198cms (9’ 9” x 6’ 6”). (1) €150 - 220

489 An attractive and fine North West Persian Tabriz Rug, with ivory ground and red border, 222cms x 141cms (87½” x 55½). (1) €600 - 700 490 A good quality large Indo-Persian Rug, with red border and all over flower heads, 247cms x 176cms (97” x 69”). (1) €600 - 700

492 An old Oriental Carpet, the stylized field with rows of various colour medallions with three borders, 320cms x 218cms (10’6” x 7’ 2”). (1) €300 - 400 493 A fine Tabriz North West Persia Carpet, red ground, large pole medallion, blue ground border and triangular corner decoration. (1) €600 - 700








[email protected]




494 A very good Meshed Carpet, North East Persia, the ivory ground with all over boteh (paisley) field and multiple borders, 435cms x 320cms (14’ 3” x 10’ 6”). (1) €1200 - 1600

502 An attractive large four branch eight light ormolu Chandelier, decorated with trailing leaves, scrolls and flowers, 160cms (63”). (1) €600 - 800

Oil Paintings, Watercolours & Prints 510

503 A very good modern pair of heavy decorated brass four light Hall Lanterns. (2) €250 - 350

“Children playing at Christmas,” and its companion, “A Young Girl with a Sheep and Lamb,” on board, process, in heavy giltwood frames, attractive pair. (2) €150 - 200

495 An attractive Oriental Rug, with segmented centre surrounded by multiple borders on an overall fawn background, 183cms x 127cms (72” x 50”). (1) €120 - 160 496 A large antique Carpet, with beige centre and large red and blue ground borders, 335cms x 260cms (11’ x 8’6”). (1) €100 - 150 497 A large pink ground Carpet, with overall pattern and larger border, 403cms x 315cms (13’ 3” x 10 ‘ 4”) (1) €150 - 200 498 A fine quality Persian Carpet, orange ground with large lozenger, navy and ivory borders, 275cms x 188cms (9’ x 6’2”). (1) €450 - 650 499 A large attractive Moroccan Berber Carpet, c. 1970; with all over saffron ground with artists name and date, 480cms x 234cms (15’9” x 7’8”). (1) €450 - 650

Chandeliers & Light Fittings 500 A massive 24 light gilded brass Chandelier, with female bust caryatids terminating with mascarons of the God Pan and a large acorn finial, after a design by Charles Bouelle, 110cms (43”) high. (1) €600 - 800 501 A large clear crystal and green cutglass 8 branch Chandelier, with chains and drops, approx. 110cms (44”) high. (1) €600 - 800 501A A three lamp Ceiling Light, with Waterford cutglass bowls. (1) €120 - 180

504 A very good quality large circular brass Hall Lantern, in the Adams taste, with clear glass bowed sides, the decorated top rail supporting Adams love knots, swags and tassels, and with pierced rail base, on moulded brass feet, 86cms (34”) high. (1) €600 - 800 505 An antique brass and metal hexagonal Hall Lantern, with heavy leaf moulded supports on plain glass panels, 66cms (26”) high, some damage. (1) €500 - 700 506 A Victorian pierced brass Hall Lantern, with attractive stained glass panels. (1) €280 - 350 507 A modern Waterford cutglass four branch Chandelier, 57cms (22½”) high. (1) €280 - 350 508 A large and attractive 18 branch cutglass Chandelier, with trailing chains and drops, approx. 122cms (49”) high. (1) €1500 - 2000 508A An exceptionally good set of 4 heavy gilded brass three branch Wall Lights, decorated with leaves and scrolls, 51cms (20”) high. (4) €500 - 750 509 A good large brass Hall Lantern, in the Georgian style, with scroll corners over four bevelled and engraved glass panels, on ball feet, 81cms (32”) high, with brass chain. (1) €1000 - 1500 38


20th Century Continental

21st Century Irish School

“Kilkenny Castle,” O.O.C., approx. 65cms x 101cms (25½” x 40”) in mounted wooden frame. (1) €250 - 350 512

Iris Villiers

“A potted pink Camellia,” O.O.C., 71cms x 36cms (28” x 14”), signed, in painted frame. (1) €130 - 180 513 Seamus O’Colmain (1925 - 1990) “Celtic Twilight,” an abstract, O.O.B., 46cms x 62cms (18cms x 24½”), signed, inscribed on reverse. (1) €320 - 450 514

After F.C. Turner

Hunting Co. Tipperary: The Noble Tips “Tipperary - Killing No Murder,” “Tipperary Melody,” and “Tipperary Glory,” Plates 1,2, & 3 (ex 4), only. A set of 3 original hand coloured hunting prints, published by J.W. Moore, London 1853. In original oak frames. (3) €300 - 400 515 Watercolours: “Racehorses in full Flight,” 18cms x 28cms (7” x 11”) signed Claire Murphy, Tramore; also watercolour “Apple Blossom,” with birds and nest, by Flo Baigent, signed and with label, 38cms x 20cms (15” x 8”), gilt frame. (2) €80 - 120 516

After J. Sturgess

“Punchestown, Conyngham Cup, 1872,” a good set of four large hand coloured Racing Prints engraved by E.G. Hester, each approx. 63cms x 96cms (25” x 37½”), framed. (4) €300 - 400













[email protected]


523 Michael F. Downes (b. 1937)

After Henry Alken, c. 1850

“Bachelors Hall,” a good set of 5 hand coloured Hunting Prints, approx. 31cms x 38cms (12” x 15”), mounts foxed, in original oak frames. (5) €180 - 250

“Turf Cutting near Maam Cross,” O.O.B., 25cms x 35cms (9¾” x 13¾”), signed label on reverse, elaborate frame. (1) €200 - 300



Estella Solomons H.R.H.A. (1882 - 1968)

“Hide and Seek,” O.O.C., signed and dated bottom left, “E.F.S. 1909”, inscribed on reverse, approx. 51cms x 40cms (20” x 16”), in attractive gilt frame. (1) €800 - 1000

525 Salvador Dali, Signed Limited Edition of 100

519 Seamus O’Colmain (1925 - 1990) “Memory of Jerpoint,” abstract, O.O.Board, 63cms x 89cms (24¾” x 35”), signed with exhibition label of Ritchie Hendricks Gallery. (1) €400 - 600 520 “The Stags Head, Dublin,” O.O.Canvas, 71cms x 110cms (28” x 43”). (1) €250 - 350 521

Douglas Alexander

Watercolours: “Lower Lake, Killarney,” and “Caragh Lake,” both signed, approx. 36cms x 52cms (14” x 20½”), each mounted and in matching frames. (2) €400 - 600

Pat Mc Kenna, Limerick

“Kerry Mountain Farm (Ballinhassia, Dingle)” O.O.B., 20cms x 40cms (8” x 15¾”), signed, label on reverse; also a small pair, “Mountainous Lake Scenes,” O.O.B., gilt frames. (3) €120 - 180

“Wood Engravings from Dante’s Divine Comedy,” a series of four: A. No. 3 “Charon Crosses the Acheron,” signed and numbered 3 (100); B. No. 63, “The Meeting of Dante and Beatrice,” signed and numbered, 63 (100); C. No. 74, “Dante’s Renewed Doubt,” signed and numbered 74 (100); D. No. 90, “Triumph of Christ and the Virgin,” signed and numbered, 90 (100); all in attractive gilt frames. * The above purchased from Galeria Jaime, 111 Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and all with original certificates. (4) €850 - 1250 526

522 Tony O’Malley (1913-2003) Mixed Media on paper “Jerpoint,” signed and dated O’Malley 1952; watercolour “Curracloe,” signed and dated, double sided, each approx. 22cms x 32cms (8½” x 11¾”). (1) €1000 - 1500

Stephen Hyde

“Lighthouse,” a limited edition print, No. 7 of 30, signed. (1) €100 - 150 527 Late 19th Century English School Attractive, “French Village Scene, with figures boating near a bridge in foreground,” O.O.C. 23cms x 33cms (9” x 13”) in black frame. (1) €200 - 300


Imperfections Not Stated

528 Richard Caulfield Orpen R.H.A. (1863 - 1938) Watercolour - “Demoblilzed,” approx. 33cms x 22cms (13” x 9”), signed and dated “R.C. Orpen, 1923”, label on verso. (1) €350 - 450 529 Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976) A rare large Tapestry Wall Hanging, woven by Mellydah Mothibeli of the Royal Lesotho Tapestry Weaves to Alexander Calder’s Design NO. 12, approx. 175cms x 149cms (69” x 58½”), No. 17 of a Limited Edition of 50, signed, and with labels on reverse. Some fading. (1) * Acquired by present owner from The Collection of Michael Scott. Calder was extremely well known and an artist most associated with tapestry. There are over 50 designs by Calder commissioned by Aubusson. (1) €1200 - 1500 530

Cecil King (1926 - 1986)

“Head Sculpture of a Girl held by aged hands,” on limestone base, overall height 36cms (14”). €700 - 1000 531 A heavy brass Gyroscope, on circular base. (1) €200 - 300 532

James Mc Kenna, Sculptor, (1933 - 2000)

“Plaster Maquettes,” three pieces, c. 1990 each 110cms x 85cms x 42cms. Literature: “James Mc Kenna A Catalogue” by Des Egan and Niamh Hoare, Newbridge 2005, page 93. (3) €200 - 300





James Mc Kenna, Sculptor (1933 - 2000)

“Sour” Portland St., an abstract piece, c. 1987, 44cms x 16cms x 9cms. (1) Literature: “James Mc Kenna A Catalogue” by Des Egan and Niamh Hoare, Newbridge 2005, page 88. (1) €300 - 400 534

James Mc Kenna, Sculptor (1933 - 2000)

“Dervish” a plaster figure on mesh, 1998 (86cms x 31cms x 27cms). Literature: “James Mc Kenna - A Catalogue,” by Des Egan & Niamh Hoare, Newbridge 2005, page 130. (1) €300 - 500 535

James Mc Kenna, Sculptor (1933 - 2000)

Bronze: “Figure from Citizen’s Tree, 1966,” One of an edition of five, stamped and numbered on base, 25cms x 10cms (10” x 4”). (1) Literature: Sean Kissane, Susan Daniel Mc Elroy, James Mc Kenna, Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2007, p. 43. €450 - 650


536, 535


James Mc Kenna, Sculptor, (1933 - 2000)

Bronze: “Group from Citizens’ Tree,” 1966. One of a edition of 5, stamped on base, 42cms x 28cms (16½” x 11”). Literature: Sean Kissane and Susan Daniel Mc Elroy, James Mc Kenna, Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2007, pp. 36 - 45. (1) * Citizens’ Tree commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the 1916 Rising. Mc Kenna’s memorial consisted of a tree of figurative groups including The Five Lamps and Five Stalwart Hurlers as well as single figures and present group of adult male and female figures. Whilst the plaster maquette for Citizens’ Tree no longer survives and the full scale memorial was never realised, individual groups were cast in bronze in 1985 and featured in the recent retrospective of Mc Kenna’s work at IMMA. €2000 - 3000


Benedict Byrne, Sculptor

Bronze: “James Mc Kenna Death Mask,” in a glass case, 51cms x 46cms (20”x 18”). Literature: “James Mc Kenna - A Catalogue” by Des Egan and Niamh Hoare, Newbridge 2005, p. 160. (1) €300 - 400 538 Almir Mavignier (20th Century) “B4 - Green on Red Silkscreen,” approx. 90cms x 90cms, Limited 14 (200), signed and dated, painted frame. (1) €200 - 300 539 Eduardo Paolozzi (20th Century) “Theory of Relativity,” approx. 100cms x 67cms (39” x 26”), Limited Edn. 20 (75), signed in gilt frame. (1) €200 - 300 540

Robyn Denny (b. 1930)

“Abstract - Suit 66 - No. 10,” approx. 49cms x 76cms (19” x 30”) Limited Edition 47 (75), signed, mounted on linen, steel / metal frame. (1) €150 - 200 541 Beatrice Salkeld 1928 - 1993 “White Cat on a Window Ledge,” 51cms x 40cms (20” x 15¾”), signed on board, framed. * The artist was the wife of the author Brendan Behan. (1) €220 - 350 542 Elizabeth Brophy (20th Century) Oils on board - “Crossing the Fields,” approx. 14cms x 18cms (5½” x 7”), signed. Gallery label on reverse. (1) €500 - 800 543

Pauline Bewick (b. 1935)

Watercolour: “Coffee Drinkers,” 20cms x 14cms (8” x 5½”), signed with dedication. (1) €400 - 600 543



[email protected]

544 Pauline Bewick (b. 1935) Unique Work by one of Ireland's Foremost Artists "Waterfall" a very large and heavy Nepalese Tapestry, 1 of 1, approx. 279cms x 154cms(9'2" x 4'11") signed and inscribed on label on reverse. (1) €10,000 - 15,000 42



545 Pauline Bewick (b. 1935) Watercolour: “Autumn,” an attractive abstract cut-out watercolour, approx. 38cms x 37cms (15” x 14½”), signed, large gilt frame. (1) €1000 - 1500 545A G.W. Morrison ‘37 Watercolours: “Port Braddon, Whitepark Bay,” and “Fair Head, Co. Antrim,” a pair, 26cms x 18.5cms (10¼” x 7¼”) both, in gilt frames. (2) €220 - 320

546 David Goldberg, b. 1945 “Miko Russell,” O.O.Board, 51cms x 41cms (20” x 16”), signed with initials, and with Exhibition label on reverse, The Mill Gallery, London, 1980, in gilt frame. (1) €500 - 700 547 Annie Robinson (b. 1961) “West of Ireland Landscape with figures and cottages in foreground mountains beyond,” O.O.C., 40cms x 50cms (16” x 20”) approx. (1) €250 - 350


548 Walter Cheadle, c. 1935 Watercolour: “Elegant young Girl in blue dress, in a windy landscape, with her dog,” 65cms x 49cms (25½” x 19¼”), signed and dated, hogarth frame. (1) €250 - 350





[email protected]

549 An extremely fine large carved speckled white marble Group, “Male and Female Goats modelled on a Rock,” approx. 153cms (60”) high. (1) N.B. this work was sculpted from entirely one piece of Carrara marble and not composed with additional parts. €4500 - 6500

Imperfections Not Stated



550 19th Century Brabazon School? Corot

553 Early 18th Century Irish School

555 Abraham Pether (1756-1812)

“Landscape with figure by a lime tree in foreground,” bears signature “Corot”, O.O.Board, 24.5cms x 20cms (9½” x 7¾”), in contemporary composition gilt frame. (1) €800 - 1000

“St. Oliver Plunkett” a small head and shoulders portrait, showing the sitter wearing his bishop cross. O.O.C., 37cms x 30.5cms (14½” x 12”), with remains of an old label on stretcher, in a later gilt frame. Provenance: By direct family descent from George Noble Count Plunkett, to the present owner. (1) €1000 - 1500

“Magnificent Extensive Woodland evening landscape with drover, cattle and sheep by a river in foreground, mountain village and moon beyond.” O.O.C., 92cms x 128cms (36½” x 50½), signed and dated 1783, in contemporary gilt frame. Provenance: Formerly in the Collection of Dr. Cremin. Acquired by the present owner from James Gorry, Snr. (1) €15000 - 20000

551 Early 19th Century English School An Italianate style coastal landscape with figures and animals in foreground, buildings and mountains beyond,” O.O.C., 24cms x 35cms (9½” x 13¾”) in gilt frame. (1) €300 - 400 552 Early 18th Century English School “An Extensive Landscape with figures, cart and horses and figures in a boat on a pond in foreground, church, cottages, and extensive walled area beyond, city in the distance,” o.o.panel, indistinctly signed, 54cms x 83cms (21¼” x 32½”), in later gilt frame. (1) €800 - 1200

554 Thomas Fitzpatrick 1860 - 1912 Original Pen and Ink Sketch: “George Noble Count Plunkett with two of his daughters, Geraldine “Architecture” on his left and Mimi “Art”, a fine pen and ink drawing, signed approx. 30cms x 24.5cms (12” x 9½”). Inscribed on reverse. In gilt frame. * Fitzpatrick, born in Cork, began his art career with Messrs. Guy the colour printers and publishers. He later worked as a cartoonist with “The Weekly Freeman,” and “The Weekly National Press” where his reputation was enhanced as a political cartoonist in the style of J.F. O’Hea. In 1905, he established his own publication “The Leprechaun,” a cartoon monthly. Provenance: By direct family descent from George Noble Count Plunkett to the present owner. (1) €300 - 400


556 Copley Fielding 1787 - 1855 “The Approaching Storm,” a coastal scene with fisherfolk in foreground gathering up their nets, shipping beyond. O.O.panel 25cms x 33cms (9¾” x 13”), with printed label on reverse, and framers label, Cotman Galleries, Birmingham. In gilt frame. (1) €800 - 1200

[email protected]

557 Eugene J. Mc Swiney, Cork, 1866 - 1936 A young girl standing pensively on a rocky beach, with numerous boats beyond,” O.O.C., approx. 69cms x 51cms (27” x 20”) signed and indistinctly dated ‘91?, in heavy gilt frame. * With label of R. & W. Clarke, Grand Parade, Cork, and inscribed on canvas, E.J. Mc Swiney, 54 Grand Parade, Cork. (1)  €2000 - 3000

Imperfections Not Stated


558 Sir Frederick William Burton, A.R.H.A., R.H.A. 1816 - 1900 Watercolour: “A Lady and her Child” a delightful scene with mother in large velvet low-cut dress seated on a verandah with young blonde haired child. Signed with monogram F.W.B. & dated 1840, approx. 61cms x 46.5cms (24” x 18¼”), in gilt slip frame. * Sir Frederick was born at Corofin House, Co. Clare in 1816. He exhibited various subjects at R.H.A. and other venues between 1832, at age 16, up until about 1874 when he was appointed Director of National Gallery of London, a position he held until 1894. He died at Kensington in 1900. The above lot although partly unfinished, appears to be the subject which was exhibited at the R.H.A. in 1840. Burton’s most famous work, “Helehil and Hildebrand, or the meeting on the Turret Stairs,” Exhibited at Old Watercolour Society in 1864, and now in the National Gallery of Ireland, was voted by the Irish Public the most admired painting in Ireland. Provenance: By descent through a Co. Clare family to the present owner. (1) €7000 - 9000


[email protected]

559 Martinet, 18th Century French School A magnificent set of 9, 18th Century engraved Bird Prints, each with original hand colouring, and in recent attractive hand painted black and gilt frames in Japanned style, by Serena Vivian - Neal of London, each approx. 46.5cms x 41cms (18¼” x 16”) overall. (9)  €2000 - 3000

560 Theodore Fort, 19th Century French A fine pair of small “Equestrian Scenes,” one of a Cavalry patrol with one Firing, and the other, Cavalry Cantering past Willows, both signed, O.O.Board, approx. 16cms x 22.5cms (6¼” x 8¾”), in period composition gilt frames. (2) €1400 - 1800

Imperfections Not Stated








[email protected]

561 Nicholas Crowley (1819 - 1857) “Portrait of Daniel O’Connell,” fine half-length portrait of The Liberator with ruff collar and silk pocket handkerchief, O.O.C., 92cms x 72cms (36½” x 28 12”) in attractive contemporary gilt frame, with label.

Provenance: Major V.H. Maher, 88th Connaught Rangers, Ballinkeele Co. Wexford (listed in Strickland’s Dictionary, p. 237). The painting was gifted by Major Maher in December 1904 to The Cork Club, from whence it was acquired by J. Gorry Snr. The present owner purchased the above from The Gorry Gallery. (1)  €15000 - 20000




Alfred Bishop

“Portrait of John Watson, on a Hunter, with hounds in foreground,” O.O.C., 77cms x 64cms (30½” x 25”), signed and indistinctly dated, and with printed label on reverse, carved giltwood frame. * John Watson was Master of The Galway Blazers, and also The Carlow Hunt. Provenance: Usshire Family of Eastwell, Co. Galway. (1) €1000 - 1500 563 Late 17th Century Flemish School “The Nativity,” O.O.Copper, approx. 36cms x 30cms (16” x 12”) with stamped “K.W.” in a circle of pearls, on reverse of panel, in assimilated mother-o-pearl frame, with label of Wm. Rodman & Co., Belfast. * From a Northern Ireland Private Collection. (1) €1500 - 2000 564

After Cornelius de Vos, Flemish School

“Cavaliers playing Cards,” a fine interior scene with figures by a table, O.O.C., 84cms x 123cms (33” x 40½”), in swept gilt frame. Together with a 17th Century Engraving of the original painting, executed by Geeraet Donck c. 1632. (2) €3000 - 4000



Enrique Linares, Spanish, Early 20th Century

An attractive and colourful marble, enamel and gesso Alhambra Plaque, in an inlaid sadeli work frame with ivory inlaid wooden frame with Arabic inscriptions, inscribed “No. 26 Enrique Linares, Es Propiedad” 49cms x 40cms (19” x 16”) overall. (1) €600 - 800 566 18th Century Dutch School Still Life, “Chrysanthemums, Daffodils and other Flowers in an ornate vase on a ledge,” O.O.C., approx. 64cms x 50cms (25” x 20”), in gilt frame. (1) €1800 - 2500 ––––––––––––––––––––––– 567 A good mid-18th Century carved giltwood Wall Mirror, the large carved shell and arched pediment over a large rectangular mirror (plate later), with carved frame and a shaped base with carved scroll, 112cms (44”) high approx. (1) €700 - 1000 568 A tall leather Powder Carrier (converted as a stick and umbrella stand) with Royal Cipher transfer, approx. 61cms (24”) high. (1) €100 - 150


569 A most desirable inlaid and painted satinwood Bonheur-de-Jour, the arch top over a fitted superstructure with lift front flap, on a table top, with hand painted portrait medallion, and lift up leather lined writing surface and a long frieze drawer, on four square tapering legs, the entire profusely hand painted with Adams love knots, floral swags and cupids, 117cms (46”)h; 66cms (26”) wide. (1) €1200 - 1800 570 An unusual pair of late 19th Century Chinese Export Ceremonial Armchairs, the profusely carved and pierced backs with dragons, lotus, leaves etc., over a green marble inset seat with large dragon handles, carved and pierced frieze and each on four carved legs. (2) €1000 - 1500 571 A good French ormolu mounted Centre Table, in the Louis XVI style, c. 1890, with parquetry top, frieze drawer on spindly cabriole legs, with fine ormolu mounts, approx. 100cms (39”) long. (1) €1500 - 2000 572 A very attractive Edwardian mahogany Bonheur-de-Jour, profusely inlaid with large ovals, satinwood crossbanding, etc., on four narrow square legs, 68cms (27”) wide. (1) €350 - 500 573 A small attractive oval shaped giltwood Wall Mirror, with urn and swags in the Adams style and bevelled mirror plate, 79cms (31”) high. (1) €200 - 300




[email protected]




574 A small attractive 19th Century giltwood Wall Mirror, in the Adams taste, the cornice with urn and swags over a bevelled oval mirror plate, and with scrolls and love knots below, 75cms (29½”) high. (1) €280 - 350

575 An attractive early George III period c. 1790, demi-lune Side Table, the figured top over a deep frieze with inlaid satinwood ribbing, and with central inlaid panel with urn and swags on four square tapering legs, approx. 116cms (58”) long. (1) €800 - 1200

576 Signed “Millet a Paris” A magnificent French Commode, in the early Louis XVI style c. 1900, the speckled pink marble top over a frieze drawer on two sans traverse long drawers, with veneered overall central lozenger design, the sides with fleurs-de-lis, the entire profusely decorated with fine ormolu mounts, stamped “Millet” on body, and signed “Millet a Paris” on lock, with original key. Provenance: The Property of a Gentleman and by descent to the present ower. Originally purchased at Exhibiton of Furniture & Objects D’Art at Paris. There is a pair of identical commodes on view in the Palace of Versailles. (1) €4000 - 6000 577 A fine George I style gilt and gesso Wall Mirror, crested with a Ho Ho bird, flanked with swan neck pediment and rosettes and swags above a moulded shell and a bevelled plate in a leaf and flowers moulded frame, the shaped apron with a cherub mask and scrolling flowers 51” x 28” (129cms x 71cms). (1) €500 - 700 578 An attractive small square 19th Century mahogany Lamp Table, with two drawers and underneath shelf, 28.5cms (11¼”) sq. (1) €130 - 180

576 & detail

576 – Similar example in situ at the Palace of Versailles

Imperfections Not Stated



579 A very good pair of carved late 19th Century giltwood Console Tables, the shaped speckled marble tops over a decorated frieze on scroll and fruit carved legs with paw feet, united by a stretcher with large carved urn, 122cms x 86cms (48” x 34”). (1) €3000 - 4000 580 A good pair of William IV carved mahogany Hall Chairs, with turned front legs. (2) €180 - 220

581 An unusual George III period mahogany bow fronted Sideboard, the crossbanded figured top over a frieze drawer and large centre press with tambour doors, flanked by two figured doors all with brass handles, on four square tapering legs and block feet, 138cms (54”) long, 73cms (28½”) deep. (1) €800 - 1200




582 An attractive 19th Century French ormolu Cartel Clock, with painted circular enamel dial flanked by two large cupids, and suspended by a decorated chain. (1) €200 - 300




[email protected]

583 A large Killarney arbutus and yew wood marquetry Centre Table, the shaped oval top with inlaid centre of three large ferns surrounded by a wide border of inland ferns and bunches of berries, and with a further outside border of scroll type ornaments with sprigs of shamrocks, on an octagonal shaped pedestal inlaid with harps, shamrocks and ferns and on circular base with three outsplayed scroll feet, 157cms x 112cms (61¾” x 44”). * A truly magnificent example of early 19th Century Irish craftsmanship. (1) €15000 - 20000

Imperfections Not Stated






586 A large composition model of a Pug Dog resting, with large glass eyes, approx. 52cms (20½”) high. (1) €200 - 300

After P.J. Mene

A large bronze model of a Bloodhound on naturalistic base. (1) €300 - 400

587 A very early heavy Chinese bronze Mortar, with three hoop handles only (one handle cut away), 15.5cms (6¼”) high. (1) €300 - 500

585 A fine quality French Empire bronze, brass and ormolu Mantle Clock, surmounted by Negress Warrior and flanked by a resting tiger, with circular enamel dial, over a shaped base with applied decorated frieze with cupids, swags, etc., on four turned brass legs, 46cms (18”) high. (1) €2000 - 3000

588 An attractive small German Bronze, “Head and Shoulders of a Roman Figure,” with brass mounts and onyx base, 21cms (8½”) high. (1) €180 - 220 589

After Jean Antoine Houdon – French School

A very fine bronze head and shoulders Study, “A Young Woman in elaborate low-cut dress, possibly Marie Antoinette” on circular speckled pink marble base, bears signature Houdon, 36cms (14¼”) high overall. (1) €600 - 800 590

Albert Toft, British School (1862 - 1949)

A good head and shoulders bronze bust “Lord Kitchener,” on marble stand, overall height 30cms (11¾”). (1) €800 - 1200 591 Cecil Walter Thomas (1885 - 1976) Bronze: “Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour, 1848 - 1930,” a fine bronze head and shoulders on marble plinth, signed and dated, overall height, 72.5cms (28½”) high. * Balfour entered Parliament in 1874, he became leader of the House of Commons in 1891, and he served as Prime Minister of England from 1902 until 1905. (1) €2500 - 3500 592 A large 20th Century Oriental porcelain Stick & Umbrella Stand, decorated with birds animals and flowers, 60.5cms (23¾”) high. (1) €220 - 350 593 A good attractive pair of late 19th Century Cantonese Vases, with interior scenes and floral decoration, and surmounted with lions and reptiles, 33cms (13”) high. (2) €300 - 400 594 A pair of unusual blue and white porcelain Chinese Dogs of Foo. (2) €200 - 300

591 & detail


[email protected]


595 A Victorian French Balance Mantle Clock, the metal figure of a lady holding the decorative brass pendulum with masked sunburst on top, over a heavy square marble and slate base with circular brass dial, lion mask handles, two large front paw feet and back bracket feet, overall height 61cms (24”). (1) €500 - 700 596 A heavy cast brass Ships Cannon Gunbarrell, probably Middle Eastern with profusely engraved upper body, overall length 93cms (36½). (1) €300 - 400 597 An extremely rare and early Medieval earthenware or pottery Jug, the large bulbous body with overlaid circular swags, and decorated handle, with damaged lip and other defects, 31cms (12¼”) high approx. (1) €600 - 800


598 & detail

598 A very attractive and rare pair of 19th Century porcelain Wine Jugs and matching Stands, profusely highlighted in gilt also embossed and with finely painted still panels of fruit, and scenes in the style of Angelica Kauffman, each piece signed W.H. Kerr, Queens Institute, Dublin. (4) * The Queen’s Institute for training and employment of educated women, The Painting on Porcelain School was founded in 1870 and was based at Molesworth Street Dublin. The impetus to establish the enterprise came from W.H. Kerr of Belleek and Worcester fame. In 1869, Kerr invited Herbert Cooper to manage the school. Painted designs by Cooper and the women of the institute generally consist of floral and fruit motifs. €550 - 750 599 A very good early 19th Century engraved brass Sundial, inscribed by “G. Adams at No. 60 Fleet Street, London” c. 1770, approx. 23cms (9”) diam, with unusual circular lip underneath. (1) €300 - 400

600 Currier & Ives, Publishers, New York, after Thomas Worth Coloured Prints: “A Mule Train on an Up Grade,” “Golly! Where is dis yere Promis Land,” and “A Mule Train on a Down Grade” - “Clar de track for We’s A Comin.” a pair, dated 1881, and address 115 Nassau St., N.Y. each approx. 33.5cms x 43.5cms (13¼” x 17”) in reeded blackened oak frames. (2) €300 - 400 601 After Edith O.E. Somerville, c. 1906 FINE COMPLETE SET OF FAMOUS HUNTING PRINTS “The A.B.C. of Hunting,” a magnificent full set of the famous alphabet of hunting in 20 coloured prints, each approx. 53cms x 43cms (21” x 17”)overall, attractively framed with illustration, description and initial letter. Very good complete set. (20) €800 - 1200 602 Early 19th Century English School The Guilford Mail,” a landscape with coach and four horses, O.O.Metal, 34cms x 48cms (13½” x 19”), maple frame. (1) €200 - 300


599 & detail


Imperfections Not Stated






603 19th Century English School Military Watercolour: “1st Kings Dragoon Guards,” inscribed, 27.5cms x 21cms (10¾” x 8¼”), hogarth frame. (1) €120 - 180 604 Roland Green (Fl. British 1896 - 1922) Watercolour: “Seagull’s on a Strand,” 16cms x 24cms (6½” x 9½”), signed, gilt frame. (1) €325 - 425 605 After Turner, 19th Century British School “River Landscape with shipping town beyond,” O.O.C., 20.5cms x 31cms (8” x 12”, gilt frame. (1) €125 - 200 606

Sam Wilmot, ‘71

“Getting ready for the Gallop,” Racehorses and riders in an extensive Tipperary landscape, O.O.Board, 40cms x 50cms (15¾” x 19½”), signed, gilt frame. (1) €180 - 240 607

After Ben Herring

“The Silks and Satins of the Turf,” a large hand coloured Racing Print, published by Thomas Mc Lean, London 1867, approx. 63.5cms x 122cms (25” x 48”), in gilt tipped cont. rosewood frame; together with original printed “Key”, framed. (2) €350 - 450


608 Noël Read Watercolour: “Still Life, Bowl of Pansies on a Table,” 23cms x 33cms (9” x 13”), signed. (1) €120 - 180 608A 19th Century English School “Shooting Scene with gunman, dogs and horse in foreground,” O.O.metal, 32cms x 43cms (12½” x 17”), gilt frame. (1) €200 - 300 609 A 19th Century finely embroidered Satchel, with floral decoration and gold thread trim; and another similar embroidered with three cockerels, both framed. (2) €120 - 160 609A Padraig Breathnach, 1974 Set of three hand woven pictures in pure silk, “Howth Castle,” “Boyle Abbey,” and “Old Weir Bridge, Killarney,” each approx. 16cms x 20cms (6¼” x 8”), signed on mounts, hogarth frames * The artist was one of the last of the famous Dublin Silk Weavers. (3) €180 - 240 610

Carrickmacross Lace

An attractive and unusual needlework picture, “Head and Shoulders of a Young Girl with Bonnet,” the bonnet and collar of dress of Carrickmacross lace, 49cms x 39cms 19½” x 15¼”) wooden frame. (1) €200 - 300


611 W. Spooner, Publishers, London Officers of the British Army - “14th Kings Light Dragoons,” Nos 42 & 57, a pair of fine hand coloured prints in rosewood frames. (2) €150 - 200 612 Late 18th Century Dutch School “Landscape with figure in foreground near a bridge, village beyond,” O.O.Panel, approx. 30.5cms x 36cms (12” x 14½”), in contemporary gilt frame. (1) €450 - 750 613 Henry Charles Fox, 1860 - 1929 Watercolour: Very large, “English Pastoral Scene with Cattle watering in River in foreground, large barge beyond,” 36cms x 53.5cms (14” x 21”) signed and dated, with wash mount, and gilt frame. (1) €1600 - 2200 614 Late 19th Century Irish School “A Chestnut Horse in a Stable,” O.O.C., 56cms x 76.5cms (22” x 30”), wooden frame. (1) €200 - 300 615 19th Century English School “Norfolk Coast,” rugged coastal scene with fisher folk and dog in foreground, O.O.C., 51cms x 76cms (20” x 30”) unframed. (1) €160 - 220




[email protected]

616 John Morris, 19th Century English School “A Deserved Rest,” attractive moorland scene with gun dogs resting by a bag of game birds, O.O.C., 40cms x 60cms (16” x 23½”), signed, oak frame. (1) €400 - 600 617 Late Victorian English School “While the Master Sleeps,” A delightful interior scene with a young boy sleeping in his chair as a cat steals his food, O.O.C., 76cms x 64cms (30” x 25”) in contemporary gilt frame. (1) €250 - 350 618 Edwin Ellis - late 19th Century English “Harbour Scene with Boats,” O.O.C., 30cms x 45cms (12” x 7½”), signed, gilt frame. (1) €120 - 180


620 After A.J. Munnings, Signed

622 Leather bound & other Books: Scotts Novels, 12vols. Edinburgh 1862, hf. morocco, gilt spines mor. labels; another set of same, 22 vols.; Thoughts on Hunting, by Beckford, Mr. Sponges Sporting Tour, hand coloured plates; 10 vols by George Birmingham, & approx. 31 others, approx. 77 vols. all. As a lot, w.a.f. (1) €120 - 180

“Brown Jack,” owned by Col. Sir Harold Wernher and trained by Ivor Anthony, multiple winner Q. Alexander Stakes, six consecutive years, 1929 - 1934. signed on mount, approx. 51cmsx 57cms (20” x 22½”) in hogarth type frame. (1) €220 - 350 621 19th Century English School

623 Books: The contents of the Bookcase, over 120 volumes, including some works by James Joyce, Osbert Sitwell, Winston Churchill, Somerset Maugham and many others. As a lot, mostly hardbacks, all clean. (1) €120 - 180

After P. de Koninck

“Extensive Dutch Landscape with cottage figures and animals by a river in foreground,” approx. 44.5cms x 60cms (17½” x 23½”) in black frame. (1) €350 - 500

An attractive “Coastal Scene with figures unloading a boat in foreground,” O.O.Board, 21.5cms x 34cms (8½” x 13½”), in gilt frame. (1) €160 - 220

764 (bookcase), 624 (library). Inset: Rossanagh House

624 The Tighe Family Library Rossanagh, Ashford, Co. Wicklow ****************** The remaining volumes from Rossanagh, Co. Wicklow, the ancestral home of the Tighe Family including Mary Tighe, Author of "Psyche". This collection consists of approx. 450 volumes, mostly 18th Century and early 19th Century, but including a few earlier volumes, with books on History, Travel, Philosophy & Religion. The books are mostly leather bound in contemporary full or half calf, with a few in full vellum. Many have the Tighe bookplates, and some are inscribed by members of the family, or with bookplates and signatures of the extended family. The volumes are mostly in English or French, but with a few in Latin and Greek, and the majority are printed in London or Dublin. A short list of some of the individual works is available on request. The Collection is for Sale as One Lot. €2,000 - 3,000 Imperfections Not Stated


626 Racing interest: The Sweeney Guide to the Irish Turf - 1501 - 2001," folio D. 2002; Malton's Dublin 1799, oblong folio D. 1978; Murray (P.)ed. Daniel Maclise 1806 - 1870, Romancing the Past, lg. 4to Cork 2008; & 22 vols. Racing Calendar, leather bound. As a box lot, w.a.f. (1) €150 - 200 627


With Fine coloured Plates of Historic Textiles

Calico Museum of Textiles: The Chintz, 2 lg. folio vols. (Text & Plate Volume) Bombay & Kyoto 1983. Limited Edn. No. 44 (300), 118 fine full page mtd. colour plts, fine orig. gilt decor. crimson cloth. Rare. (2) €180 - 250 628 Pope-Hennessy (Una) Early Chinese Jade, lg. 4to L. 1923 First Edn. 64 plates some with multiple illustrations in bl. & white and colour, orig. buckram. (1) €100 - 150 629


625 Guinness (Desmond) intro. The Georgian Society Records of Eighteen Century Domestic Architecture and Decoration in Dublin, 5 vols. complete, lg. 4to Shannon (I.U.P.) 1969 Reprint, profusely illustrated, orig. cloth. (5) €400 - 600

From The Library of Dr. A. Chester Beatty

Chinese Porcelain: Gorer (Edgar) & Blacker (J.F.) Chinese Porcelain and Hard Stones, 2 vols. lg. thick 4to L. (Bernard Quaritch) 1911. Lim. Edn. No. 526 (1000) 254 fine coloured plates, orig. gilt decor. buckram. V. fine set. * Purchased at Dr. A. Chester Beatty’s Disperal Sale, at Co. Wicklow. (2) €280 - 350


De Luxe Limited Editions

Chinese Bird and Flower Painting: “Selected Bird and Flower Paintings from the Palace Museum,” v. large atlas folio n.d. [1981] Lim. Edn. 122 (1000). Text in Chinese throughout, full page cold. plts., full green cloth. Rare.; also “The Shanghai Museum,” v. large 4to China c. 1980. a collection of 100 fine cold. plts. of the treasures of the museum, with Chinese letterpress, full cloth pict. d.w.; also “Album of Famous Paintings of the Northern and Southern Song Period,” v. lg. 4to China c. 1980, 60 fine mtd. cold. plts. orig. decor. cloth, gilt. (3) * Purchased in China in 1982 by the present owner, at the Exhibtion of the Peoples Republic of China. A very rare collection. See Receipt. (3) €350 - 500 631 Box: Collection of books on Racing and Horses, all from collection of Cecil Boyd Rochford, Middleton Park, Mullingar. As a lot, w.a.f. A box. (1) €80 - 120 632 Books etc: A large box of varied Art Books, books on collecting, Millers Guides, auction catalogues etc. As a lot, w.a.f. (1) €70 - 100 633 A large Waterford cutglass boat shaped oval Bowl, on circular base; and a very good large circular Waterford cutglass Bowl. (2) €140 - 200 634 A set of 4 attractive cutglass Candlesticks, and a square cutglass Tray. (5) €150 - 200 635 A rare cutglass Perfume Tester, two antique cutglass lipped Tumblers, and six other antique Glasses, Custard Cups etc. A lot. (9) €100 - 150





Selection of Glassware, lots 633 - 643


[email protected]



636 A pair of unusual antique Continental Decanters and stoppers, each with two handles, and with etched decoration; a small glass Decanter and stopper with similar decoration; and an engraved Glass Stand. (4) €100 - 150

640 Six varied antique cut-glass Finger Bowls or Wine glass Coolers; two antique cutglass Stands; and an unusual cutglass Bowl on plated stand. (9) €80 - 120 641 An exceptionally good large modern Waterford cutglass Fruit Bowl, a smaller similar cutglass Bowl and a pair of small Waterford cutglass Baskets. (4) €140 - 200

637 A very large and unusual cutglass Table Candlestick, 56cms (22”) high. (1) €150 - 200 638 An early 19th Century small Irish cutglass circular Bowl. (1) €140 - 200

642 An Art Nouveau coloured glass Vase; and a milk glass Basket with applied floral decoration, and amber glass handle; a cloud glass circular Dish; and five pieces of coloured Glass. (8) €100 - 150

639 A large and elaborate cutglass Table Lamp, in two parts. (1) €180 - 250

643 A cranberry glass Claret Jug and stopper, an engraved red glass Decanter and stopper, a pair of engraved red glass Vases, a small rust coloured glass Jug, decorated with flowers in the Mary Gregory style, and another red glass item. (6) €160 - 220 644 An unusual pair of 19th Century blue glass enamelled Portrait Vases, with oval panels of young ladies, gilt overall decoration, 30cms (12”) high. (2) €200 - 300 645 An almost matching pair of elegant 19th Century Bohemian overlaid and cutglass Vases, with variant bases, and overall gilt highlights, 34cms (13½”) high. (2) €280 - 350 646 A good matching pair of 19th Century Bohemian enamelled Portrait Vases, with portraits of young maidens, approx. 31cms (12) high, and a similar Vase with portrait of an Empress, 26cms (10”) high, all profusely decorated with gilt highlights. (3) €300 - 400 646A A collection of varied Bottles of Spirits, Wine etc., including Brandy, Port, Creme de Monthe, Champagne, Sherry, Wine etc., approx. 20 varied bottles, as a lot. (1) €150 - 200 647 A very attractive early Irish design Display Cabinet on Stand, the dentil moulded swan neck pediment over two glazed doors each with a lower figured mahogany panel, on a stand with centre carved shell on frieze, and four tall legs with carved acanthus leaf and pad feet, 203.5cms (80”) high, 103cms (40½”) wide. (1) €700 - 1000 648 A large 19th Century leather Trunk, profusely bound and decorated with brass mounts and studs, and with heavy brass carrying handles. (1) €160 - 220


Imperfections Not Stated


649 A pair of attractive composed carved and painted pine Gothic Revival Breakfront Console Tables, with large Italian flecked marble tops in the manner of Del Vecchio, above a breakfront frieze of oak leaves and acorns, on carved lion mask front monopodia with Gothic tracery panels on paw feet, with back legs carved as cluster columns, 168cms (66”)wide; 104cms (41”) high & 76cms (30”) deep. (2) €8000 - 14000


[email protected]

653 An exceptionally good quality George III period inlaid Secretaire Cabinet / Bookcase, the astragal glazed top over a mahogany base, the finely figured drop front drawer opening to reveal an attractive fitted interior, over two panel doors on bracket feet, 231cms (91”) high x 116cms (45½”) wide. (1) €1800 - 2500 652

650 A very attractive two door marquetry and ormolu mounted Side Cabinet, the shaped pink marble top over a profusely inlaid body decorated with vases of flowers etc., on a shaped plinth base, 122cms (48”) wide. (1) €1000 - 1500 651 A good quality rectangular shaped Cellaret Teapoy, with ebony inlaid and crossbanded top with two central lead lined containers with lids and brass carrying handles, on four turned legs. (1) €280 - 350 652 A very fine and attractive pair of fret carved Chinese Chippendale style mahogany Buckets, with full plain octagonal liners, 20th Century. (2) €850 - 1250

654 An extremely fine early 19th Century French Boulle Centre Table, the rectangular top profusely decorated with flowers and scrolls and with heavy brass rim, over a decorated frieze with three frieze drawers one stamped “Diehl Paris, 19 Rue Michel-le-Comte,” on four tapering square legs united by X shaped stretcher shelf, 140cms x 86cms (55” x 34”). (1) €1500 - 2000 655 From the Collection of Hon. Fred Lawless Lord Cloncurry A very fine quality carved 19th Century mahogany wing back Armchair, in the Chippendale style by Butler of Dublin with remains of label, the entire upholstered and covered in antique floral red ground tapestry and front carved legs with paw feet. Provenance: Inscribed on base “From Hon. Fred. K Lawless, Nov. 1908”. (1) €800 - 1200

654 & detail

Imperfections Not Stated



656, 655 (inset: Lord Cloncurry)

656 A fine quality carved 19th Century mahogany wing back Armchair, in the Chippendale style possibly by Butler, Dublin, the entire upholstered and covered in antique floral red ground tapestry and front carved legs with paw feet, almost en suite with previous lot. Provenance: Fred. Lawless, Lord Cloncurry. (1) €650 - 900 657 An attractive marquetry and ormolu mounted Centre Table, the profusely decorated top with centre panel depicting musical trophies, with multiple inlaid borders, and bowed ends, over a frieze drawer on four turned and reeded legs united by an X framed stretcher with ormolu two handle urn surmounted, 138cms (54”) long. (1) €1700 - 2500


658 A good set of eight Chippendale style mahogany Dining Chairs, each with carved and pierced splat backs over generous sized seats covered in red leather, on square legs. (8) €1200 - 1800

660 An exceptionally fine quality William IV period Dining Table, with 12 well carved and tapering turned legs with heavy brass castors, with four large extra leaves, approx. 158cms (62”) wide x 424cms (13’9”) fully extended. (1) €3500 - 5000

659 An exceptionally good set of 6 George III style mahogany Dining Chairs, by Edward Butler of Dublin, the crest rail with wave scroll carved legs, above a pierced central splat with scroll decorations with central X shaped niche, over green leather upholstered seats on acanthus carved legs with paw feet. (6) €2500 - 3500

661 A good pair of mahogany Library Armchairs, William IV period, probably Irish, with padded back, sides and seat and and leaf carved arm finials, raised on baluster carved and turned legs. (2) €2500 - 3000


662 A good 19th Century Irish mahogany Hunt or Wakes Table, on six square legs, 152cms (60”) long. (1) €400 - 600



[email protected]

663 Unique Scale Model By Benjamin Woodward “The Castellated Gate Lodge” Dromore Castle, Templenoe, Co. Kerry ************************

In 1851 Deane made him a partner in the firm of Deane and Woodward, alongside his son, Thomas Newenham Deane. In 1852, when the plans submitted by Woodward for the design of the new Museum at Trinity College Dublin met with approval, the firm moved to Upper Merrion Street, Dublin. The partnership continued to flourish in Ireland and England and the acceptance of Woodward’s plans for the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, which was begun in 1855, marked the highlight of his career. His Irish work included approximately twenty private dwellings in Kerry, Dublin, Kilkenny and Wexford, his last major project for Deane and Woodward being the Kildare Street Club in Dublin. Designed in 1858 with Venetian details, it included a magnificent central staircase and remarkable stone carvings executed by C.W. Harrison and probably by James O’Shea. It was finished in 1861, but he did not live to see its completion, dying that year at the age of 45. Woodward was one of the most accomplished, original and prolific architects of 19th Century Ireland, designing over sixty buildings in the last twelve years of his life alone. He was also devoted to the conservation of medieval buildings. He incorporated the original C12 Romanesque chancel during the restoration of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tuam,. He was the first Inspector of National Monuments to be appointed under The Irish Board of Works. Reference “Dictionary of Irish Biography”, R.I.A. 2009.

The above lot is the Scale Model of Dromore Castle Gate Lodge, designed by Benjamin Woodward, Architect, Cork & Dublin, 1816-1861. This imposing model, is made in two sections, mostly of Baltic pitch pine and measuring approximately 105cms (41¼”) high x 114cms (45”) wide, on a scale of one inch to one foot. The Gate Lodge was completed by Benjamin Woodward c.1849, in the Gothic Revival style. The lodge has a chimney at one end and a hexagonal turret at the other, while the castle has a round turret with spiral staircase and round rooms, attached to a larger round tower. Dromore Castle lies in woodland overlooking the Kenmare Bay, six miles outside Kenmare on the road to Blackwater Bridge and Sneem. Commissioned by Denis Mahony and designed and built by the architect Sir Thomas Deane, the building was started in 1831, but not completed until 1839. Deane’s Scale Model of the Castle is now owned by the National Architectural Archive, Dublin where it is on permanent display. Benjamin Woodward (1816-1861), Architect. Born on the 16th November, 1816, in Tullamore, County Offaly, little is known about his early education. However, after the family eventually settled in Dublin, he began an apprenticeship in civil engineering, probably in 1833, with William Stokes, Civil Engineer, a friend of the family. His proficiency in the profession of architectural design was thus self-taught. In June 1844, he produced a set of measured drawings for Holy Cross Abbey, Co Tipperary. On the strength of these he was elected to the Kilkenny Archaeological Society. The drawings also caught the eye of Sir Thomas Deane, the celebrated Cork architect. It was this expertise that persuaded Deane to invite Woodward to join his Cork firm in 1846. Later that year these same drawings were exhibited at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London. Woodward was then appointed to help design large scale neo-Gothic works, including Queen’s College Cork, (1846-1849), and later The Asylum at Glanmire in Cork.

Imperfections Not Stated

Provenance: After the death of Denis Mahony, who was a Minister of the Church, the castle was left to his son Richard, who, when he died in 1870, owned over 26,000 acres in County Kerry. The estate passed to his son Harold Segerson Mahony. A gold-medallist in Philosophy at TCD, he was the last Irishman to win a Wimbledon Singles title, in 1896, also winning the Irish Singles that year. Nine years later, he was tragically killed in a cycling accident in Kerry, aged 37. Neither he nor his sister, Nora Evaleen Hood, had children and the property passed from Nora to her cousin and mother’s great-nephew, Hughe Bolton Waller. It remained in the Waller family until it was sold in 1994. Hence by descent to the Present Owners. €3000 - 4000



661 664


After Rosa Bonheur, 19th Century French

“The Horse Fair,” large O.O.C., 84cms x 183cms (33” x 72”) bears a signature, worn gallery label on reverse, in oak frame. (1) €1250 - 1750 665

19th Century Irish School

Watercolours: Fine matching pair of Portraits, “Lady in Blue Dress,” and “Seated at Table,” 24cms x 19cms (9½” x 7½”) in attractive gilt frames. (2) €250 - 350


J. Peacock, R.H.A. 1828

“The Royal Coat of Arms,” O.O.C., 74cms x 108cms (29” x 42½”) in a later moulded pine frame. * There is a long contemporary inscription on reverse referring to the erection of the above painting at St. Pauls Church, Dublin, and signed by 10 Wardens & Parishioners, dated 3rd Oct. 1828. Ex. Collection The Old Rectory, Swords, Co. Dublin. (1) €850 - 1250

669 C. Fullwood, late 19th Century English School Full length, “Portrait of Admiral Sir Home Popham, 1762 - 1820, standing by a coastal rock opening, a ship and sea beyond,” after a late 18th Century original, approx. 59cms x 42cms (23¼” x 16¼”) oils on canvas, signed, in a fine carved early 18th Century giltwood frame. (1) €1250 - 1750 670 19th Century English School “Head of a Hunt Terrier,” O.O.B., 24cms x 25.5cms (9½” x 10”) gilt frame. (1) €120 - 180

666 Ursula - 20th Century Irish School “Oscar Wilde,” a larger than life size full portrait, approx. 244cms x 122cms (96” x 48”) in gilt frame. (1) €350 - 500

671 An attractive oval Portrait, “Young Boy with blue bow tie,” O.O.C., 41cms x 34cms (16” x 13¼”), in gilt frame, 20th Century. (1) €120 - 180


672 Early 19th Century Irish School

19th Century Irish School

“Head and Shoulders of a Gentleman with black velvet cravat,” oval, O.O.Canvas, 71cms x 61cms (28” x 24”) approx., gilt frame. (1) €160 - 220

Head and shoulders, “Portrait of Rev. Wm. Arm....?” O.O.Panel, 17.5cms x 15cms (7” x 6”), indistinctly inscribed on labels on reverse, with remains of seal, gilt frame. (1) €150 - 200



[email protected]


673 Roy Petley (British b. 1951) Watercolour: “Rain near Houses of Parliament,” 36cms x 54cms (14” x 21¼”) signed and inscribed, gilt frame, as is. (1) €170 - 240 674 19th Century English School “Shakespearean Scene with figures by a window, in period costume, dogs in foreground, “ O.O.Board, 42.5cms x 33.5cms (16¾” x 13¼”), in gilt frame. (1) €220 - 350


Imperfections Not Stated


Wm. Henry Williamson, (Fl. 1853 - 1875)

A large and extensive “Coastal Scene at Sunset,” with figures on rocks, and shipping in rough sea in foreground, castle ruins beyond,” O.O.C., 100cms x 165cms (39” x 65”) approx, signed and dated 1860, in gilt frame. (1) €3000 - 4000 676

Naive Early 19th Century English School

“An Interior Scene figures playing cards, with buxom beauty in attendance,” O.O.panel, approx. 36cms x 25.5cms (14” x 10”), in attractive gilt frame, with label of Rodman, Belfast. (1) €300 - 400


677 Michael F. Downes, (b. 1937) Watercolour: “Blue Pool, Glengarriff,” 37cms x 45cms (14½” x 17½”), signed, gilt frame. (1) €180 - 250 678

After Charles Hunt

A pair of large 19th Century coloured Racing Engravings “Lord Clifden” Winner of the Great St. Ledger Stakes and Doncaster Stakes 1863, in modern maple frame and its companion “Foxhall” both inscribed in attractive later maple frames. (2) €250 - 350 679 After Rembrandt, 19th Century “The Smiling Cavalier,” O.O.C., 130cms x 96cms (51” x 38”) in gilt frame. (1) €550 - 750

682 & detail


682A Taxidermy: A fine example of a Baby Crocodile, approx. 60cms (24”) head to tail. (1) €150 - 200 683 Taxidermy: A large flat Stallion Zebra Skin, approx. 274cms (9’) long. C.I.T.E.S. certificate available. (1) €750 - 1250


683 684a

680 19th Century English School A delightful Family Group, “Two Boys and Two Girls, by a large window, with seated dog and pull toy in foreground,” possibly The Roberts Family, Cork, O.O.Canvas, 61cms x 46cms (24” x 18”) in a fine contemporary gilt frame, with label of R. & B. Clarke, Cork. (1) €750 - 1250

681 Taxidermy: An attractive mounted example, Impala, shoulder mount, slight left turn, C.I.T.E.S. certificate available. (1) €280 - 380 682 Taxidermy: A very good 19th Century snarling Tiger Head and Skin, by Van Ingen & Van Ingen, Mysore, India, approx. 258cms (101½”) from head to tip of tail. (1) €750 - 1250


684 Taxidermy: A fine example of Wildebeest Bull, mounted. (1) €350 - 500 684A A large 19th Century Turtle Shell, approx. 61cms (24”) long, 56cms (22”) wide, and another smaller similar ditto, 51cms (20”) long, 46cms (18”) wide. (2) €200 - 300 685 A very attractive and colourful pair of finely worked Chinese Needlework Pictures, and a smaller similar ditto, all on fine silk, depicting birds flowers etc, the pair 66cms x 34cms (26" x 13½"), framed. (3) €200 - 300



[email protected]

686 Early 17th Century Flemish School, attributed to Casper de Crayer (1582 - 1669) “St. Bartholomew curing the Sick," O.O.Panel, 85.5cms x 58cms (38½" x 22¾"), inscribed on panel and on label on reverse, and with label of Rodman, Belfast, in attractive gilt frame, bears inscription and dates on reverse. (1) Provenance: From a Northern Ireland Private Collection. €3000 - 4000

Imperfections Not Stated



19th Century Irish School

Half-length Portrait of a “Young Man leaning on a table with red cover, and holding a book,” O.O.C., 91cms x 69cms (36” x 27”), contemporary gilt frame. (1) €500 - 700 688 Early 19th Century Irish School

689 John Butler Brennan, 1825 - 1889 Half-length Portrait of “Captain J.D.E. Roberts of Cork, in red military uniform,” O.O.C., 92cms x 71cms (36” x 28”) signed and dated 1857, in original gilt frame, with label of R. & W. Clarke, Carvers & Gilders, Grand Parade Cork. Provenance: By family descent to the Present Owner. (1) €700 - 1000

Half-length Portrait “Captain Richard Roberts, R.N. of Cork in naval uniform and with decorations, standing by a window with a three mast ship, possibly The S.S. President , beyond,” O.O.Canvas, 92cms x 71cms (36” x 28”) in original gilt frame with label of R. & W. Clarke, Grand Parade Cork. * Richard Roberts was Captain of “The Sirius,” the first steamship to cross the Atlantic, in 1838. Roberts later transferred to the S.S. President, in March 1841 it was lost at sea. It is presumed that its Captain Richard Roberts went down with his ship. (1) €1000 - 1500



690 J. Gandy (1771 - 1843) “Peter Richards Minors D.LO.J.P. of Trego, High Sheriff of Radnorshire, 1825,” three quarter length Portrait of a Gentleman with large bow-tie holding a newspaper, O.O.Canvas, 111cms x 84cms (44” x 33”) approx, in heavy gilt frame, some loss and damage to canvas. (1) €500 - 700 691 Sir Godfrey Kneller, (1646 - 1723) A fine length Portrait of a “Young Lady in white satin dress and blue wrap, standing on a balcony by a classical urn and flowers,” O.O.Canvas, 239cms x 147cms (94” x 58”), signed and dated, in gilt frame. Provenance: The Chamberlain Family, Abbeycwmhir Hall, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales. The sitter is believed to be Agnes Huckle, the natural daughter of the artist. (1)  €7000 - 12000 692 Gaetano de Gennero, (1890 - 1959) Pastel: “Countess Edwina Mountbatten, wife of Earl Louis Mountbatten of Burma,” three quarter length portrait in black satin dress holding a bag and fine lace shawl and wearing large pearl necklace and ring, approx. 122cms x 103cms (48” x 40½”) signed. In gilt frame. (1) €2000 - 3000



[email protected]




W.J. Crowley, Artist & Illuminator, Cork

Watercolour: “Address to Major R. Roberts Govenor of H.M. Male Prison, Cork,” given on behalf of The Staff. An attractive address with a large colourful border with flowers, leaves, swags, etc, and with two panels, original watercolour drawings of The Prison, Cork, Blarney Castle, and Major Roberts home, and an oval photograph of the recipient, approx. 63cms x 47cms (24¾” x 18½”), signed. In a contemporary gilt frame. (1) €300 - 400 694

19th Century Irish School

“Portrait of Ensign Richard Roberts, late Norfolk, Regt., 9th Foot, Major in 1876, of Monkstown, Cork, in military uniform,” O.O.C., 38.5cms x 32cms (15¼” x 12¾”), inscribed on reverse, in gilt frame, and with label on frame of R. & W. Clarke, Framers, Cork. (1) €600 - 800

694A Co. Cork Military: The Mess Jacket, and waistcoats of Capt. J.D.E. Roberts, Royal Artillery, with labels of J. Daniels, Woolwich & London, gold thread and brass bead decorations. (3) €200 - 300 695

Marshall C. Hudson R.H.A. (1903 - 2001)

“The Basketweaver’s Daughter,” an attractive landscape with young girl in blue dress with her dog by a tree. O.O.C., 60cms x 82cms (23¾” x 32½”), signed, and inscribed on reverse, ‘finished the 31st May, 1990’ modern gilt frame. (1) * Marshall Hudson was born in Nottingham but moved to Cork in 1930 to teach at the Crawford School of Art, where he remained until his retirement in 1966. There was a retrospective Exhibition at the Crawford Art Gallery of his work in 2004. See Crawford website. (1) €1600 - 2200


Imperfections Not Stated



Alfred de Breanski, Jnr. (1857 - 1957)

“The Colleen Bawn Rock, Killarney,” O.O.C., 41cms x 61cms (16” x 24”) signed, and inscribed on reverse, in good gilt frame. (1) €2000 - 3000 697

David Hone, Irish, b. 1928

“The Carnival – Busy Street Scene, with numerous figures by a merry-go-round in foreground,” O.O.C., 60cms x 80cms (23¾” x 31½”), signed, in modern gilt frame. (1) €2500 - 3500 698

R. Malcolm Lloyd (Exhibited 1880 - 1899)

“A Coastal Fishing Village with lobster pots and boats in foreground, cottages and shipping beyond,” O.O.C., 31cms x 46cms (12¼” x 18”) signed and dated 1888, in elaborate gilt frame. (1)  €1250 - 1750







[email protected]


699 Attributed to George Armfield “Your not the Boss, playful dogs in a landscape,” O.O.C., 25.5cms x 31cms (10” x 12¼”), in gilt frame. (1) €250 - 350


700 Marshall C. Hudson R.H.A.(1903 - 2001) Coloured chalks, pastel: Head and shoulders, “Portrait of Miss Josephine O’Hagan,” Believed to have been painted in the Old Opera House, Cork, now burned down, signed and inscribed on reverse label, approx. 60cms x 49cms (23¾” x 19¼”). (1) * Marshall Hudson was born in Nottingham but moved to Cork in 1930 to teach at the Crawford School of Art, where he remained until his retirement in 1966. There was a retrospective Exhibition at the Crawford Art Gallery of his work in 2004. See Crawford website. (1) €350 - 500


Early 18th Century Italian School

“Our Lord Baptising in the presence of Angels,” O.O.Copper, 30cms x 35cms (11¾” x 13¾”), unframed. (1) €300 - 400 Jan Anthonisz Van Ravesteyn (1572 - 1657)

“Portrait of Lady,” three quarter length standing by a chair in a red velvet dress with black coat, finely decorated lace collar and sleeves, and holding a glove in right hand, c. 1620, O.O.panel, cradled, approx. 108cms x 75cms (42½” x 29½”), in black and gilt frame. Provenance: Purchased by present owner from Lane Fine Art, New Bond Street, London. (1) €3000 - 5000

701 After Sir Anthony Van Dyke “Sir Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford,” O.O.Canvas, 114cms x 104cms (45” x 41”) inscribed on reverse, in fine carved wood frame. (1) €1250 - 1750 702 17th Century Spanish School, after De Morales “The Suffering Christ,” O.O.panel, 30cms x 22cms (12” x 8½”). (1) €170 - 250 703 Early 19th Century Italian School “Scenes from the Life of Our Lord,” a series of 6 paintings each on copper panel and approx. 27cms x 37cms (10½” x 14½”), in attractive matching black frames, each with labels of H. & F. Meadows, Gracechurch St., London and Wm. Rodman & Co., Belfast. (6) * From a Northern Ireland Private Collection. €2000 - 3000


Imperfections Not Stated





706 Youghal Pottery: “St. Francis with the Birds,” a heavy colourful pottery panel, approx. 33cms x 57cms (13” x 22½”), in painted frame. (1) €200 - 300 707 Gabriel Hayes, 1909 - 1978 “Madonna and Child Jesus,” a large plaster and wooden composition with domed top, approx. 86cms x 65cms (33¾” x 25½”). (1) €1000 - 1500



708 After Francois Duquesnoy, Paris 1892


An attractive pair of 19th Century French marble Relief Panels, each depicting a nymph and cloud borne putti, stamped Francois Duquesnoy, and the reverse of each inset with an embossed seal, 44.5cms x 16.5cms (17¾” x 6½”), in gilt frames. (2) €350 - 500

“Pastoral Scene with Cattle resting by a Tree,” O.O.C., 25.5cms x 35.5cms (10” x 14”), in contemporary giltwood frame. (1) €250 - 350

After Nathaniel Hone

710 Original Architectural Drawings CORK & CITY COURT HOUSE COLLECTION 1. "County and City Court House" (Joint Committee) M/ss (re: reasons for rebuilding, history, minutes of each meeting etc.) disbound, approx. 160pps with cut-outs. 2. M/ss Articles of Agreement re: Accounts of Restorations (very detailed) re: basement, hallways, façade, roofing, etc. with sketches etc. 3. Hill (Wm.) Architect "Cork & County & City Courthouse - Plans of Basement and Floors 3 large and detailed double page Architectural Drawings Signed and dated W.H. Hill, January, 1897 (bound) 4. Photograph of the Opening (framed) of the Court House, Cork. Approx. 11 x 13 inches 5. A Collection of 6 large Drawings for Cork City & County Court

House Restoration - each signed As follows: A. Elevation towards Liberty Street B. Section A.B. on Plan C. Basement Plan D. Elevation toward Court House Street E. Principal Floor Plan F. Section C.D. on Plan "Awarded First Premium of €100 by the Corporation of Cork and County Court House Commissioners October 1891" Signed Daniel Hogan, Mayor? As an archive, w.a.f. (1) €2000 - 3000


[email protected]

712, 711, 713

711 An attractive 19th Century mahogany and yew wood rectangular Killarney Work Box, the slightly domed top inlaid with shamrocks and oval Ross Castle. (1) €180 - 250 712 An exceptionally fine and attractive early 19th Century marquetry Work Box, the entire body profusely inlaid with various woods, and with crossbanded herringbone borders and decorated with floral sprays, swags etc in the Adams taste, the lift up top and single base drawer now containing a collection of old buttons. (1) €300 - 400 713 A good 19th Century demi-lune inlaid figured mahogany Box, with velvet lined interior. (1) €150 - 200 714 An unusual late George III period figured mahogany rectangular Wine Bottle Holder, with frieze drawer. (1) €200 - 300 715 An attractive and rare George III period Table Reading Stand, the double leaf figured mahogany lift up top with original baize lining and brass fitting and with secret frieze drawer. (1) €220 - 320


717 An attractive and fine Regency period rectangular casket shaped rosewood Tea Caddy, with two lidded canisters, and a later glass bowl, the shaped top front panel and canister lids all profusely decorated with brass inlay. (1) €300 - 400 718 A 19th Century rectangular inlaid mahogany casket shaped Tea Caddy, with brass ring handle and brass ball feet, lacking glass bowl; and an inlaid Stationary Box. (2) €100 - 150 719 An exceptionally fine 19th Century figured mahogany Apprentice piece Chest of Drawers, with two short and three long drawers, over a shaped apron on bracket feet. (1) €300 - 400 720 Two 19th Century mahogany Apprentice pieces, a drop front Bureau, three drawers and ogee bracket feet, and a Chest of drawers, two short and three long drawers, with ivory handles. (2) €120 - 180


721 A good Victorian stainless steel and wooden Surgeon’s Travel Case, with various implements and equipment by Matthews of London, in original brass bound leather presentation carrying case, the brass plate inscribed “Presented to R.H. Dowse, M.B.B.Ch. on his leaving Newport, by a few friends as a token of regard, Sept. 1883”. Some instruments not present. (1) €350 - 450 722 A pair of tall 19th Century speckled marble Obelisks, each square tapering body etched with hieroglyphics, on black slate bases. (2) €200 - 300 723 A pair of late 19th Century porcelain Vases, the overall black ground decorated with greek - key pattern border and colourful centre panels, in the Etruscan style, 32cms (12½”)high. (2) €150 - 200

716 A Victorian rosewood casket shaped Tea Caddy, with two lidded canisters and a later glass bowl. (1) €120 - 160 721

716, 45

Imperfections Not Stated




719, 720




724 A large blue and white Masons Ironstone Vase and Cover, in the Chinese taste, with shaped dragon handles, 62cms (24½”) high. (1) €180 - 250

727 A very good pair of tall 19th Century Chinese Famille Rose Vases, the gilt decorated powder blue ground with two small and two large relief panels with figures in an interior, and others on horseback, each 46cms (18”) high. (2) €450 - 650

730 An extremely fine pair of light blue and pink ground Meiji period Japanese cloisonne Vases, profusely decorated with flowers, birds and dragons, 32cms (12½”)high. (2) €450 - 650

725 A heavy pair of Japanese bronze Vases, heavily embossed with birds, flower buds etc., 82cms (12½”)high and with circular seal mark on base of each. (2) €180 - 220 726 Two rare early Japanese bronze Figures of Ladies in Traditional Attire, each with stamp on base, and approx. 30cms (12”) high. (2) €600 - 800

728 A pair of 19th Century Cantonese Vases, decorated with panels of interior scenes with figures, 35cms (13¾”) high. (2) €220 - 350 729 A very large pair of blue ground Meiji period Japanese cloisonne Vases, decorated with birds and flowers, approx. 56cms (22”)h. (2) €400 - 600

731 A very fine pair of Japanese cloisonne enamel Vases, c. 1900, elaborately decorated with colourful birds and flowers on a pale ground, approx. 32cms (12½”) high. (2) €550 - 750 732 A large 19th Century Chinese circular cloisonne Bowl and Cover, with large centre landscape panel and with Greek key pattern pattern rims and base, 49cms (19”) diam & 22 cms (8½”) high. (1) €1500 - 2000 733 A large Chinese cloisonne Charger, decorated with butterflies and flowers, 36.5cms; also a good quality Chinese cloisonne Dragon Bowl, with four caricature mark on base. (2) €160 - 220



732 & detail



[email protected]









734 A good mid-19th Century fine decorated Chinese lacquer-wood Tea Caddy, the original removable rectangular pewter canister with engraved top and ivory handle. (1) €300 - 400 735 A small blue and white Chinese porcelain Charger, 27cms (10¾”) diameter; and a set of 4 matching Famille Rose Chinese Plates, decorated with flowers; together with an antique Chinese porcelain Plate, decorated with figure in a garden, and three other 19th Century Chinese Plates. (a lot) €300 - 400

738 An octagonal shaped 19th Century Imari Bowl, decorated with panels of flowers. (1) €120 - 170 739 A very good large blue and white Delft octagonal shaped tall Vase, decorated with flowers, leaves and other designs, approx. 62cms (24½”) high, probably 18th Century. (1) €300 - 400

736 A very good early 19th Century Famille Rose Jar and Cover, decorated with peacock and flowers, 25.5cms (10”) high. (1) €300 - 400 737 An attractive late 19th Century Famille Verte Bottle Vase, with figures playing board games, six character mark, 37cms (14½”) high. (1) €280 - 350 Imperfections Not Stated

737 & detail


740 An exceptionally fine large pair of Japanese Arita Plates or Dishes, Genroku, early Edo period (1615 - 1867), decorated with a fence in blue and iron red, and an arrangement of varied flowers, chrysanthemums, peonies, buds branches etc., and finely decorated also on reverse, approx. 53cms (21”) diam. Provenance: Benheimer Fine Arts, London to the present owner. (2) €5000 - 7000


[email protected]

741 A large porcelain figure of a playful Dog, with ball and ribbon. Provenance: Christie’s, April 1995. (1) €300 - 400

747 A large pair of early 19th Century Continental porcelain Figures, an elegant Lady and Gentleman, with red anchor mark. (2) €220 - 320

742 A good well modelled pair of 19th Century porcelain white and grey Dogs, and a smaller ditto, a King Charles Spaniel. (3) €200 - 300

748 A rare 19th Century Staffordshire Group, “Grandmas Hope,” inscribed, 27cms (10½”) high. (1) €150 - 220

743 A collection of 8 rare and unusual Oriental Earthenware Figures, c. 1800 or earlier, some dam. As a coll, w.a.f. (1) €200 - 300 744 A rare and unusual large 19th Century carved wooden and leather covered Ceremonial Mask, of Oceanic origin with polychrome decoration, 63.5cms (25”) high. (1) €200 - 300 745 An attractive small pair of Meissen Figures, Lady with basket of flowers and gentleman with bundle of flowers, 13cms (5”) high. (2) €140 - 180 746 A Meissen Bird, on a tree stump, a Continental porcelain Group, a young girl by Conch Shell, and a small Continental Figure. (3) €150 - 200

749 A pair of attractive colourful large Continental porcelain Figures, Lady and Gentleman, 37cms (14½”) high. (2) €100 - 150 750 A good Second Period Belleek Tea Service, consisting of large Tray, Teapot and lid, Cream Jug and Sugar Bowl, 4 Tea Cups, (one repaired) and 4 Saucers, all with green rim. (a lot) €300 - 400 751 A heavy Second Period Belleek Honey Pot on stand, decorated with bees and plants, lid repaired. (1) €150 - 200 752 An octagonal shaped white marble Table Top, finely inlaid with colourful flowers and buds in specimen marbles, malachite etc., and other materials. (1) €170 - 240

757 A very fine late 19th Century Louis XVI style ormolu and bronze Mantle Clock, modelled with a reclining woman reading a book, her arm resting on the clock case, the circular white enamel dial signed “Balthazard a Paris,” on a rectangular plinth base with foliate cast frieze and stepped foot, the twin train movement with controlled strike on a bell, 70cms (27½”) wide, 52cms (20½”) high. (1) €4000 - 6000


Imperfections Not Stated


753 An early 19th Century mahogany Grandfather Clock Case, the swan neck pediment over a painted dial flanked by two twisted pillars, over a figured body with reeded pillar sides, on box base with turned feet, works present but damaged, as is. (1) €300 - 400 754 A mahogany Longcase Clock, the moulded square canopy with painted circular face flanked by two reeded pillars, over a shaped and figural mahogany door between two reeded pillars, on a bombé shaped box base (dam.). (1) €220 - 350 755 An early 19th Century oak cased Grandfather Clock, the square shaped brass face (with altered works) signed John Ingram, Spalding, over a plain oak body with box base., 77” (196cms). (1) €300 - 500 756 An attractive 19th Century ormolu mounted tortoiseshell Boulle Mantle Clock, by Rollin of Paris, with figure surmounted on top, mask handles, scroll feet, attractive embossed circular dial with enamel Roman numerals, 41cms (16”) high. (1) €300 - 400




761 A small attractive Chest, with two short and three long drawers and brass handles, on bracket feet, basically late 18th Century. (1) €280 - 350 752 756

758 A rare George I period Chest, in figured walnut veneers, the top with herringbone inlay and large crossbanded edge, over two short and three long drawers similarly decorated on original bracket feet, brass handles and escutcheons probably later, 97cms (38”) wide. €1200 - 1800 759 A large giltwood Overmantel Mirror, with shell cornice and scroll brackets, 150cms (59”) high, 144cms (56½”) wide. (1) €250 - 350 760 An elegant brass inlaid and ormolu mounted rosewood Console Table, the rectangular back with plain frieze over a mirror back with two front scroll supports and platform base with two front brass ball feet, 89cms (35”) high; 117cms (46”) wide. (1) €1500 - 2500


762 An Edwardian ebonised mahogany Display Cabinet, with a pierced fret carved swan neck pediment over two glazed doors, on a stand with two frieze drawers and four tapering square legs, by C. Williams, London, with label. (1) €320 - 450 763 A fine quality small late 19th Century Occasional or Wine Table, the figured and inlaid mahogany top over a turned pillar and four outswept feet. (1) €200 - 300 764 A large Victorian period stepped mahogany Bookcase, altered, approx. 260cms x 279cms (8’6” x 9’2” long). (1) €600 - 800 765 A small Chippendale style mahogany Lamp Table. (1) €100 - 150 766 A small Edwardian inlaid and crossbanded mahogany drop front Bureau, with three long drawers on bracket feet, 61cms (24”) wide. (1) €180 - 250 767 An 18th Century oak Welsh Dresser Base, with three frieze drawers and three centre drawers all with brass drop handles, flanked by two panelled cupboard doors, and two panel sides, 185cms (73”) long. (1) €1000 - 1500



[email protected]



768 A small 19th Century figured mahogany Chest, of four drawers with brass drop handles on bracket feet, 66cms x 73cms (26” high x 28¾”wide). (1) €200 - 300


773 A large early 19th Century Campaign type X framed Armchair. (1) €200 - 300 774 A very good Regency period mahogany circular Dining Table, in the style of Gillows of Lancaster, the figured top with gadrooned edge on a carved and turned pillar support with a quatreform base and gadroon decoration and four carved scroll feet, 122cms (48”) diameter. (1) €1000 - 1500

769 A large Edwardian walnut Duet Piano Stool, with lift up upholstered seat and turned handles and legs. (1) €150 - 200 770 An unusual pair of mahogany Corner Wall Brackets, with heavy serpentine shaped ormolu front rims; together with a pair of brass Wall Poses; and an Art Nouveau Lamp. As a lot. (1) €180 - 240

776 A large oval satinwood Occasional Table, with crossbanded tapering legs and shaped stretcher. (1) €250 - 320 777 A fine extremely large early Victorian light coloured figured mahogany extending Dining Table, with bowed ends, on six circular reeded tapering legs, raised on brass cappings and castors, fully extended, 472cms (15’6”) long, including in all 7 extra leaves, 158cms (5’2”) wide. (1) €3000 - 5000

771 A carved Chinese hardwood fold Table Stand, assimilated bamboo and a large engraved heavy circular brass tray top. (1) €160 - 220 772 A William IV period hide covered wing back Armchair, with carved and reeded arms on two turned and reeded front legs with brass castors. (1) €300 - 400



Imperfections Not Stated

775 A set of four attractive Edwardian inlaid mahogany Side Chairs, with pierced slat back, upholstered in blue silk covering; with another painted and assimilated rosewood Chair with lyre back and front sabre legs. (5) €350 - 450

778 An attractive set of 10 George I style walnut and oak Dining Chairs, the upholstered panel backs and seats covered in striped red and green silk on a cream ground, over carved front walnut cabriole legs with pad feet. (10) €3000 - 5000




779 A heavy early Victorian carved rosewood Firescreen, the shaped adjustable frame displaying a fine needlework with bird and fruit, on a tripod base. (1) €200 - 300 780 An attractive and fine quality pair of William IV period carved mahogany Library Armchairs, the shaped concave deep buttoned backs over scroll carved arms, with frieze rosettes, on turned and carved legs with brass castors. (1) €700 - 1000 781 A good quality William IV period rectangular mahogany Library Table, possibly by Morgans, Dublin, with two frieze drawers, on two octagonal bulbous shaped pillars on platform bases with carved scroll feet, 142cms (56”). (1) €500 - 700


784 An attractive Victorian period mahogany oval Loo Table, the profusely figured top with segmented Prince of Wales Plume, on a heavy carved tripod base. (1) €400 - 600 785 A very fine Victorian period walnut Davenport, with brass gallery rail over a leather inset writing slope, the burr maple interior with four drawers, two of which are false to accommodate a swivel side drawer on two carved and shaped front legs and four large side drawers on plinth base with turned feet. (1) €500 - 700 786 A heavy mahogany and ormolu mounted two tier Occasional Table, in the French style, with plate glass top with four brass sabot feet. (1) €220 - 320

782 An attractive Regency period inlaid and figured mahogany Cellaret (converted), the lift up top over two false drawers on four turned pillar supports with brass castors. (1) €220 - 350


787 A circular marquetry and ormolu Centre Table, inlaid with musical trophies, on turned pillar with tripod base. (1) €180 - 250 788 An attractive late Victorian upholstered Day Bed Chair, with wing back in green velvet Regency stripe, with four turned mahogany legs, stamped 7858-5904, and with brass castors each stamped Howard & Sons, 140cms (55”) long. (1) €700 - 900 789 A good quality nest of 3 Coffee Tables, the plain figured tops over turned supports on outsplayed legs. (3) €200 - 300 790 A very fine George III period inlaid crossbanded and figured mahogany Side Table, of attractive proportions, the single frieze drawer with brass handles, over four square tapering inlaid legs, 76cms (30”) wide. (1) €400 - 600

783 A late 19th Century English carved giltwood Armchair, with contemporary fine needlework back and seat (distressed) on front tapering turned and reeded legs. (1) €180 - 250 789, 782





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788 & detail

791 A good 19th Century Sheraton style inlaid and crossbanded Side Table, with two sides, on four square tapering legs. (1) €200 - 300


792 A fine quality and unusual Nelson period carved Irish mahogany three seater Settee, with turned and reeded back, rope twist arms, with hide covered seat on eight turned legs, 198cms (78”) long. (1) * Provenance: Governor of Bank of Ireland and later Stacumny House, Celbridge. €900 - 1400

660 & detail



793 An Edwardian mahogany Writing Table, in the style of Shoolbred, the upper carriage with a shaped gallery and four small drawers, over a leather inset top and two frieze drawers with blind fret carved fronts and brass handles, on four square tapering legs. (1) €300 - 400

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