The Bahamas Film Studios

The Bahamas Film Studios An Introduction The Bahamas Film Studios at Gold Rock Creek is located on the beautiful Island of Grand Bahama. Situated on...
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The Bahamas Film Studios

An Introduction The Bahamas Film Studios at Gold Rock Creek is located on the beautiful Island of Grand Bahama. Situated on 3,500 acres, the Studio offers a wealth of options. Our open water filming enclosure is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world. Having provided the facilities for the filming of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” and “At World’s End,” the plans for the Studio include making it the most complete and efficent production center in the world. In this brief introduction, you will learn about the amenties we now offer and our spectacular location. Our island is very near to the United States, but our location is a world away from any existing facility located there. The Government of The Bahamas is very supportive of the Film and Television Industry and offers a generous incentive program. Please call us to learn more. We look forward to serving you!

Contact us... The Bahamas Film Studios at Gold Rock Creek

Grand Bahama Highway • P.O. Box F-42498 Freeport • Grand Bahama Island The Bahamas

Via Phone: L.A.: 818-237-5041 • Miami: 305-677-2879 London: 020-799-38183 Via Email: [email protected]


ne of the world’s largest water filming facilities, at more than 376,000 square feet, The Bahamas Film Studio’s open water filming enclosure offers a perfect and seamless horizon for filming. The tank is large enough to accomodate multiple, full-scale ships.

The Bahamas Film Studios Tank





d Privacy Fencing

d b

c e



f Outer Wall of Tank g 100-Foot Wide Boat Ramp

b Restrooms & Shower Facilities c Fresh-Water Supply (for FX, drinking/cooking)

e 250,000-Square Foot Staging Area

a 16-Foot Deep Marina

The Bahamas Film Studio Tank

The Bahamas Film Studio Tank

West Wall: 680’

East Wall: 690’

Outder Wall: 698’

Back Wall: 400’

Maximum Depth: 25’

Total Square Footage: 376,065

The Bahamas Film Studio Tank

The Bahamas Film Studios Tank

Multiple ships and work boats filming in The Bahamas Film Studio’s Tank

The Bahamas Film Studio Tank

Stunt work in Tank

The perfect horizon shot – to the South, in The Bahamas Film Studio’s Tank

The Bahamas Advantage Why do producers prefer The Bahamas? •

Proximity to the U.S.


Temperate Climate

Government Incentive Program

Indigenous Film Industry Growth

Private and Secure

Creative Atmosphere


Key Amenities


he Bahamas Film Studios offers flexibility, the space, and the peace and quiet necessary for a smooth, efficient production.


ith ample, well-appointed production office space -- our clients enjoy the comforts of the home office in a tropical paradise. With more than 12,000 square feet and 24 spacious offices, which can be configured as doubles, quads and more, The Bahamas Film Studios facilities can comfortably accomodate large crews. Building A (pictured below) offers an executive bath with walk-in shower, four restrooms and two fully-equipped kitchenettes. Building B offers four restrooms and two showers. Both production facilities feature a covered breezeway. These buildings are perfect for a variety of uses.

Key Amenities


he Bahamas Film Studios meets the needs of production support departments, with a spacious Wardrobe Facility, including tailor shop, laundry area, and baths fit for any star.


houghtful attention has been given to these support areas. Our Wardrobe Facility even includes an outdoor dying area, screened porch, barbeque and picnic areas. Our Property Storage Warehouse includes an office area and partitions for separate work and storage zones. The Set Dressing Workshop, with its large, front-and-back overhead doors and tall, open-span ceilings, doubles as a small sound stage. There are many additional buildings available for storage and workshop space.

Key Amenities


he property includes an 8,000 foot-long runway, large enough to accomodate a 747, and a heliport near the production areas.


ith 3,500 acres, The Bahamas Film Studios offers the space, privacy and resources to provide endless possibilities....

Locations Imagine the possibilities....

The Bahamas Film Studios is located on an island a mere 20 minute flight from the hustle and bustle of Miami, but the change in scenary is a world away. The powder-sand beaches, shallow turquoise waters, pine forests, lush tropical flora, open roads and the variety of architecture provide bountiful options for locations, in close proximity to the Studio.

Locations Crystal clear, azure water surrounds our island, with turquoise shallows giving way to deep blue seas. The Bahamas boasts one of the largest underwater cave systems on the planet and “blue holes” are common both inland and close to shore. Clarity, brilliance and hypnotic beauty best describe an underwater experience in The Bahamas.

Locations Grand Bahama Island is known as the “Venice of the Caribbean” with miles and miles of waterways and canals.

Locations The beaches and cays around Grand Bahama Island are stunningly beautiful. With an island 76 miles long and approximately 800 square miles, and a population of only 48,000 — spending an entire day on a breath-taking, deserted beach is commonplace.

Locations A mild climate and plentiful fresh water have created a tropical oasis of lush greenery on Grand Bahama Island.

Locations A variety of architecture exists in this cultural menagerie -from Scottish to Mediterranean, and of course, Caribbean....