The Australian National Saddlehorse Association National Championship Titles 2014

The Australian National Saddlehorse Association National Championship Titles 2014 Sydney International Equestrian Centre Horsley Park, NSW 20 & 21 Se...
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The Australian National Saddlehorse Association National Championship Titles 2014

Sydney International Equestrian Centre Horsley Park, NSW 20 & 21 September 2014 Closing date for entries: 22 August 2014 All enquiries to: Head Office P: 07 3715 6855 E: [email protected]

Event Coordinator P: 0412 472 946 E: [email protected]

AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL SADDLEHORSE ASSOCIATION INC National Championship Titles, 20 & 21 September 2014, SIEC, Saxony Rd, Horsley Park NSW Closing date for entries: Friday 22 August 2014 REGULATIONS FOR ALL HORSE RINGS – COMPETITORS PLEASE READ 1. Attire  Judges, Handlers, Riders and Grooms will be suitably attired in the Ring and Marshalling Areas – including approved Headwear, and Footwear.  Headwear: ANSA Attire rules apply to competition show rings and marshalling areas. All other areas: riders will wear approved standards helmets.  Approved standards headwear must be worn for Dressage, in accordance with EA Rules, and Sporting events.  Enclosed shoes and boots must be worn in Rings, Marshalling areas and all Stable areas.  Shorts, singlets, thongs, sandals or joggers are not permitted  Junior or Youth Competitors are reminded of the mandatory ruling regarding the compulsory wearing of helmets in all classes. This ruling will be enforced with no exception because of liability Insurance requirements. 2. Indemnity Form: All persons in attendance (riding/non-riding participants) must complete an indemnity form to compete or have access to the show ring, marshalling or stables. 3. Wristbands will be issued on receipt of indemnity forms, these will allow access to Rings, Marshalling Areas, Stables and Camping. 4. Membership:  All Owners of ANSA Registered horses will be full financial members of ANSA. (Membership Cards/Registration Papers to be produced upon request)  Any riders, grooms and handlers presenting exhibits on behalf of Owners who are not financial members of ANSA but requiring access to Competition Arenas, Marshalling Ring, Stables and Campsites will complete an Event Membership Form and pay corresponding fees as part of entry for Event. 5. Registration: ANSA Led and Ridden Classes including Dressage and Sporting events – ALL horses will be ANSA registered and ALL Owners of those registered horses will be Full Financial Members of ANSA. Event Membership does not apply to owners. 6. Participant Behaviour: Exhibitors shall at all times behave in a proper and courteous manner to Judges, Show Officials and other competitors. If a person or persons behaves in an improper manner or refuses to comply with Official’s directions, then the Committee or Stewards in the Section shall have the right to exclude or disqualify any persons from competing. OBSCENE AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Workplace Health and Safety, requires, that at all times, no unauthorised persons be allowed inside the competition ring or marshalling area. Competitors and persons in charge of exhibits must obey the Stewards at all times. 7. Horse Age: The age of all horses to be taken from the 1st day of August 8. Prohibited Substances: The use of any Hormone, tranquillizer and/or analgesic substance is prohibited and will result in disqualification with no refund of nomination money. Pls Note: Random Swabbing may take place during the show. 9. Conflict of Interest: An exhibit is ineligible if the Exhibitor is a member of the Judge’s Family, if the horse has been leased by or from the Judge, his family, employ or business partner or Tuition and/or training has been given by the Judge or competitor, the Competitor has been employed by the judge or vice versa in a period of not less than three months prior to the Show. 10. Height Certificates: Current EFA, Hack Council and Royal Show Height Certificate and Life Certificate will be accepted. 11. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE RING AT ANY TIME 12. Competitor/Participant Behaviour: No person shall either by himself or in conjunction with any other person do or permit or suffer any act or thing to be done during the progress of any event or prior or subsequent thereto in connection therewith with the Stewards or the controlling body in the proper exercise of their duties shall deem to be fraudulent, corrupt, foul, improper, that persons may suffer or otherwise be penalized or perform any act threatening the life or safety of any person.

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Protests The Judge’s decision is final. Any protest against the decision of the judge must be lodged within half an hour of the finish of the event. The protest must be accompanied with a fee of $50. The Committee’s decision will be final and without appeal. Should the Committee consider the protest frivolous the fee may be forfeited by person/s raising protest. Stallions/Colts: riders and handlers of stallions & colts will be a minimum of 18 yrs of age. Junior/Youth Competitors: will be no older than 17 yrs of age on the date of closing of entries for this show. Novice Hack: Has not won a 1st place, Champion or Reserve Champion at any Royal show or National Titles. Versatile Horse: the Versatile ANSA Horse gives the impression of one capable of performing a multiple of tasks outside of the Show Ring while still demonstrating qualities desired in the ANSA Horse. The Versatile Horse may be representative of one or more categories recognised in the Annual ANSA High Point Awards. Hack or Hunter: exhibitors must choose whether the horse is a Hunter or a Hack and may not compete in both Bridle Path Hack: worked on the circle at each pace – walk, trot, canter, a reverse in direction, line up and rein back. A lengthening of the trot may be requested. A Bridle Path Hack is to be more open in its frame to that of the Hack, slightly in front of the vertical or on the vertical is acceptable. Transitions are smooth and forward with paces that are balanced with cadence, lightly forward with ease and smoothness. The horse is obedient and responsive with a willing attitude. A horse nominated as either Hack or Hunter may compete. Double Registered: exhibitors with horses having more than two registrations may participate in classes relating to each registration ie: ANSA/AHSA/Paint may compete in both ANSA/AHSA and ANSA/Paint. Broodmare: will be registered with ANSA as a ‘Broodmare’ ie: in possession of an ANSA Broodmare Registration card. Sex of Horse: unless stipulated, classes are open to Stallions, Mares and Geldings.

Disclaimer: NEITHER THE ORGANISING COMMITTEE NOR ANSA INC ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY ACCIDENT, DAMAGE OR ILLNESS TO HORSES, RIDERS, GROUND SPECTATORS OR ANY OTHER OPERSON OR PROPERTY WHATSOEVER Notifiable Disease Outbreaks: infectious diseases such as Hendra Virus and Equine Influenza are notifiable by law. At time of writing: SIEC does not require horses to be vaccinated to attend the venue but do have their own biosecurity plan to be enacted in the event of an outbreak. We do not expect an outbreak of any kind and at time of printing no issues exist within the area nor, at time of printing, does ANSA or SIEC intend on enforcing vaccinations of any horse. However you should NOT leave your property/or agistment facility if a horse is sick and it may NOT be bought to the event. Stable allocations for this event may NOT be changed without consent of the Event Organiser’s nominated Stable Wardens. Primary responsibility for biosecurity at events lies with the horse owners, riders and trainers well in advance of the event. More information is available for horse owners on websites for CSIRO and Dept of Primary Industries.

CLOSING DATE for ENTRIES: Friday 22 August 2014 No phone entries. Entries will not be accepted without payment and will be considered incomplete without completed Waivers and forms. Entries should be mailed to ANSA, POX 127, SHERWOOD QLD 4075 or emailed to [email protected]

Judges for Show:

Julie Conti VIC, Kym Stewart QLD, Adam Wellington NSW, Katrina Williams ACT.

Preliminary timetable for Show Saturday:

Dressage, Sporting, Futurity, ANSA Challenge, Rider & Double Registered classes


Led ANSA, Versatile and Youngstock, Ridden Hacks, Hunters, Working, Polocrosse, Best Presented, Bridle Path

ANSA National Titles Program 2014 CLOSING DATE for ENTRIES: Friday 22 August 2014 DAY ONE Dressage

Entry fees:

Sporting -

301. Prelim 1:1 302. Prelim 1:3 Champion 303. Novice 2:1 304. Novice 2:3 Champion 305. Elem 3:1 306. Elem 3:3 Champion 307. Med 4:1 308. Adv 5:1 $20.00 per test Dressage conducted under EA Rules – Tests to be used EA/USEF 1/1/2014 Traditional ANSA attire will be accepted at Preliminary level Horses may be competed in a total of three tests across two levels only.

Entry Fees:

313. Bending 314. Barrel 315. Flag $15 per class, per horse

Futurity classes (led)

309. 2 yr old and under Futurity (Open to all sexes) 310. 3 yr old Futurity (open to all sexes) 311. 4 yr old and over Futurity (open to all sexes) AWARD: Highest placegetter for “P” registered entry

Entry Fees:

$25.00 per horse, per class

FEATURE CLASS (under saddle)

312. The ANSA Challenge Open to ANSA Registered horses of any sex, any age . Rider any age. (See ruling on Stallions.)


Set workouts to be posted in advance of event. Competitors to have a choice. 1. Classic workout: classic show style workout for those in Classic attire. 2. Traditional workout: for those choosing to present in Traditional attire – may include Working ANSA Movements. Exhibitors will not need to nominate workout in advance but will indicate to judges which workout to be ridden by chosen Attire.


First impression: 10 pts Presentation: 10 pts Manners and paces: 20 pts Conformation: 20 pts Workout: 40 pts Total of 100 pts


Champion, Reserve Ch, Top Five (based on marks from three judges)

Entry Fee: $25 per horse


Entry Fees: $15 per class. Class Conflicts may occur. Every effort will be taken to avoid such conflicts, it may be necessary in some instances for exhibitors to choose between classes Ring One Ring Two Led ANSA Horses Led Versatile Horse 1. Led Filly, 3 yrs 201. Led Versatile colt, 3 yrs and under 2. Led Mare 4 yrs & over, ne 15hh 202. Led Versatile stallion 4 yrs and over 3. Led Mare 4 yrs& over, over 15 hh ne 16hh 203. Led Versatile gelding 3 yrs and under 4. Led Mare 4 yrs & over, over 16hh 204. Led Versatile gelding 4yrs and over 5. Led Registered Broodmare 205. Led Versatile filly, 3 yrs & under 6. Led ‘P’ registered Mare, any age, any height 206. Led Versatile mare, 4 yrs and over 7. CH & Res CH Led Mare 207. ‘P’ Registered Led Versatile Horse, any age, sex, 8. Led Colt, 3 yrs height. 9. Led Stallion, 4 yrs& over, ne 15hh 208. CH & Res CH Led Versatile Performance Horse 10. Led Stallion, 4 yrs & over, over 15.hh ne 16hh 11. Led Stallion, 4 yrs& over, over 16hh Led Youngstock 12. Led ‘P’ Registered stallion, any age, any hgt 209. Led gelding, 2 yrs & U 13. Ch & Res CH Led Stallion 210. Led colt, 2 yrs & U 14. Led Gelding, 3 Yrs 211. Led filly, 2 yrs & U 15. Led gelding 4 yrs & over, ne 15hh 212. ‘P’ registered 2 yrs and under, any sex 16. Led gelding, 4 yrs & over, over 15hh ne 16hh 213. CH & Res CH Led Youngstock Exhibit 2 yr & U 17. Led gelding, 4 yrs & over, over 16hh Sponsored by The Ultimate Horse Shop 18. Led ‘P’ Registered Gelding, any age, any height 19. CH & Res CH Led Gelding


SPONSORED BY Carratum Coloured Thoroughbreds Best Presented ANSA Working ANSA Horses 20. Best Presented ANSA Horse and Rider – Rider 18 214. Working ANSA Horse ne 15hh yrs & over, horse over 14hh NE 15hh 215. Working ANSA Horse over 15hh 21. Best Presented ANSA Horse and Rider – Rider 18 216. Working ANSA Horse ridden by a Junior Member 17 yrs & over, horse over 15hh NE 16hh yrs & under. 22. Best Presented ANSA Horse and Rider – Rider 18 217. CH & Res CH Working ANSA Horse yrs & over, horse over 16hh Sponsored by Combaning Stockhorse & 23. Best Presented ANSA Horse & Rider – ridden by a ANSA Showing & Training. Polocrosse Horses Junior 17 yrs & under. 24. CH & Res CH Best Presented ANSA Horse & Rider 218. Working Polocrosse Horse 219. Working Polocrosse Horse ridden by a Junior Sponsored by Bedazzled By Bling. Member, 17 yrs & under. Ridden ANSA Horses 220. Best Polocrosse Horse (not eligible for Supreme) 25. Stallion, 4 yrs and over Hunter Horses 26. Colt 3 yrs and under 221. Hunter Horse ne 15hh 27. Filly 3 yrs and under 222. Hunter Horse over 15hh ne 16hh 28. Mare 4 yrs and over 223. Hunter Horse over 16hh 29. Gelding 3yrs and under 224. Hunter Horse ridden by a Junior Member 17 yrs & 30. Gelding 4 yrs and over under 31. ‘P’ Registration, any sex, height, age 225. Stallion Hunter Horse 32. CH & Res CH ANSA Horse under saddle 226. Mare Hunter Horse Hacks 227. Gelding Hunter Horse 33. Novice Hack ne 15hh 228. ‘P ‘ Registered Hunter, any age, height, sex 34. Novice Hack over 15hh, ne 16hh 229. CH & Res CH Hunter Horse 35. Novice Hack over 16hh Bridle Path Hack – worked on the circle, reverse in 36. Best Novice Hack (eligible for Champion) direction and rein back required. 37. Open Hack ne 15hh 230. Bridle Path Hack ne 15hh 38. Open Hack 15hh ne 16hh 231. Bridle Path Hack over 15hh ne 16hh 39. Open Hack over 16hh

40. Hack ridden by a Junior Member 17 yrs & under. 41. Stallion Hack 42. Mare Hack 43. Gelding Hack 45. ‘P ‘ Registered Hack, any age, height, sex 46. CH & Res CH Hack (winners of classes...) Sponsored by the ACT&SH HACK ASSOCIATION Rider Classes – ANSA Members on an ANSA Registered Horse 47. Youth Rider – 12 yrs and under 48. Youth Rider – 12-14 yrs 49. Youth Rider – 15-17 yrs 50. Young Rider – 18 yrs , under 25 yrs 51. Adult Rider – 25 yrs and under 40 yrs 52. Adult Rider – 40 yrs and over 53. CH & Res CH ANSA Rider

232. Bridle Path Hack over 16hh 233. Bridle Path Hack ridden by a Junior Member 17 yrs & under. 234. ‘P’ Registered Bridle Path Hack, any age, sex, height 235. CH & Res Bridle Path Hack Sponsored by BELLEVARDE CONSTRUCTIONS Double Registered – may enter as many registrations as horse holds: ie Arabian, riding pony, ASH, etc.. 236. ANSA/TB 237. ANSA/ASH 238. ANSA/Arabian 239. ANSA/WB 240. ANSA/Riding Pony 241. ANSA/QH/Paint/Coloured 242. ANSA/Other 243. CH & Res Ch Ridden Double Registered ANSA Horse

SUPREME RIDDEN ANSA HORSE - ALL CHAMPIONS ELIGIBLE SPONSORED BY DREAMTIME PARK HIGH POINT ANSA HORSE OF THE SHOW HIGH POINT YOUTH RIDER AWARD – ANSA MEMBERS 17 YRS AND UNDER Youth Hi-Point – points will only be gained the following classes: Dressage and Sporting events plus Classes 23, 37,47, 48, 49, 216, 219, 224, 233

SPONSORED BY ROCKSBURY STUD & ALAN WILLETT The Australian National Saddlehorse Association is grateful for the support of the following: Supreme Sponsors:

Champion Sponsors:

Presenting Macquarie Bank Hack Championships 12-14 Sept 2014

A Grand National Qualifier

Garlands Sponsors: Cathy Young, McArthurparc Stud, Moree NSW