The Art and Science of Communication. Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace

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Author: Everett Nichols
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The Art and Science of Communication. Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace Description:

Praises for The Art and Science of Communication "In this fast–forward world, nothing is more critical than how and what you communicate. Pamela Perkins's new book is a priceless gem that provides the essence of how to win in your workplace. As her title suggests, communication is both an art and a science, and to get on top and stay on top, you need to internalize both." Dr. Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning "In the short time that I have come to know Pamela Perkins, she has served to redirect my course of action more than once when I?had a logjam in my ability to get my message across. She set my course right onto a path of perfection. Perkins?sees things, and she knows things about how we can be effective communicators.?She tells us how we can?avoid falling off the rails or miscommunicating with ourselves and others! Following her simple advice, I have created wealth where there was lack, hope where there was darkness, and I have learned to communicate with myself on a level of excellence I had never known before! This book is an essential tool kit for unplugging any communication blocks that threaten to dam up the flow of your life." LuAn Mitchell, host of Millionaire Mentor on Voice America Internet Radio, and author, motivational speaker, and Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the World honoree "Pamela Perkins's new book does an excellent job of breaking down the process of communication to give a clear recipe for success." Juan Williams, political analyst, FOX News and NPR "As a professor of business management for over twenty years, whether teaching real estate law, business communications, or business law, communication is taught as a primary tool of operational efficacy. The Art and Science of Communication offers one of the most comprehensive models for communication management and effectiveness in theory and application." S.M. Jefferies, JD, Professor, San Diego Mesa College


Foreword Les Brown. Acknowledgments. Introduction. The Communication Staircase. In the Beginning Is Your Word . . . . Jill s Professional Destiny? Chapter 1 Step One: Intrapersonal Communication. Self–Sabotage or Self–Fulfillment? Discipline of the Mind. Dive into Your Life! Where Did That Thought Come From? Creating Our Self–Image at Work.

Growing Up

Different .

Writing a New Script. Taking Ownership. Jill s Day. Waking Up to YOUR Day! Conquering the First Step. First Things First! Chapter 2 Step Two: Nonverbal Communication. The Functions of Nonverbal Communication. Your Professional Appearance. Your Professional Voice. Actions Do Speak Louder Than Words! It s about Time! Keep Your Distance! Sometimes When We Touch. Do You Smell Something? Chapter 3 Step Three: Interpersonal Communication. Five Keys to Positive, Healthy Work Relationships. Interpersonal Conflict. Supportive versus Defensive Communication. Chapter 4 Step Four: Small–Group/Organizational Communication. To Group or Not to Group . . . That Is the Question. Jill s Day. I versus We: The Cultural Paradox. Co–Opetition Model of Advancement. Making Room for the Group Reality. Leadership Communication. Constructive Conflict. The Communication Climate. Small–Group Membership and Facilitation. Chapter 5 Step Five: Public Communication. The Common Denominator.

Moving beyond the Fear! Communication Apprehension. Confidence and Composure. Your Language. Don t Make Excuses. Your Public Presentational Style. You and Your Audience. The Art of Impromptu/Conversational Speaking. Chapter 6 Step Six: Mass Communication. Influencing the Masses. Persuasion Is about Perspective. Are You a Walking Billboard? Persuasion and the World of Work. Jill s Day. Using Persuasion as a Tool of Influence. As Simple as One, Two, Three. Persuasive Messages and You. Chapter 7 Step Seven: Intercultural Communication. We CAN All Get Along! What Makes Us Unique. We Are ALL Prejudiced! Understanding Perception. Culture and Values That Impact the Workplace. Nonverbal Communication Is Culturally Bound. Global Community. Diversity and the Workplace. The


in the Workplace.

Jill s Day. Inclusion in the Workplace. Becoming a Cross–Cultural Bridge through Cultural Competency. Epilogue: New Beginnings.



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