Published by the National Institute for AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE EXCELLENCE Vol. 18 • Winter 2010 The ASE Launches Online Practice Tests The OFFICIAL I...
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Published by the National Institute for AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE EXCELLENCE Vol. 18 • Winter 2010


ASE Launches Online Practice Tests



In response to requests from the industry, ASE has launched its Official ASE Practice Tests. This PRACTICE new ASE product offers technicians and other automotive professionals the opportunity to take no-stakes online practice tests, with questions of the same content and format as those used on the ASE certification exams. The Practice Tests are half the length of the regular ASE tests and provide feedback in the form of a performance report and explanations for correct and incorrect answers. The Official ASE Practice Tests will help prepare candidates for the regular ASE certification tests through an independent, precertification assessment of their competency, giving them an opportunity to improve their skills in areas of weakness prior to taking the ASE certification test. “The secondary goals of the Official ASE Practice Tests are to ease candidate anxiety for those with a fear of failing the ASE certification tests and to establish a comfort level with an electronic format similar to our Computer-Based Testing (CBT),” said Tim Zilke, ASE President & CEO. “The initial practice tests offered will be A1 through A8 and P2. Plans are in the works for practice tests across collision, truck, and the Advanced Level areas.” Vouchers for the practice tests are available online through the ASE Store site, www.ase.com/store. The cost varies based on the number ordered: 1–2 vouchers—$14.95 each; 3–24 vouchers—$12.95 ea.; 25+ vouchers—$11.95 ea. (Employers should contact ASE for special pricing on quantities of 500 or more.) The Official ASE Practice Tests are computer-based and mimic the actual ASE CBT certification tests as closely as possible. Once completed, the user can view and print a performance report. The report shows the questions organized by content areas, with a brief description of the question, and indicates if the question was answered correctly. Users have the ability to go back to any of the questions from this page and see the entire question, plus the explanation of why one particular answer is correct and the other answers are incorrect Visit www.ase.com for more information about this new program.

ASE-style questions are featured in each test.


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Registration is fast and secure.

And the Winner Is...George Paleologos, an ASE-certified Master technician with multiple ASE certifications from Chicago, was selected as the winner of the 2009 ASE Race Experience. His name was selected from the list of technicians who registered to take an ASE test in 2009 or registered for the contest on the ASE website. As the winner, George received an expense-paid trip for two to Phoenix, Arizona to attend a race event and meet driver Kasey Kahne in person. Visit the ASE website at www.ase.com to read an online profile of George Paleologos.

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ASE News

Maintenance and Inspection Program Launches

We’re Changing... ASE TechNews is changing. With this issue, the paper edition of the newsletter begins its focus on program news and the latest offerings from ASE. We’re renaming it TechNews Express to reflect this sharper focus. Look to our website (www.ase.com) for new online editions, which will contain in-depth features and stories, technician and business profiles, technical articles and more. The first online edition launches May 1, 2010. As always, we welcome hearing from you, our readers. Send us a note at [email protected] or write us a letter to the address on our masthead. Martin Lawson, Editor

www.ase.com Preparation Resources abound on www.ASE.com/ testprep If you are anxious about ASE testing, looking to bone up on your knowledge, or simply want to lend a helping hand to a young colleague about to register for his first test, the ASE website should your first stop. Visit www.ase.com/testprep for a content-rich experience for plenty of helpful resources. You’ll find there: n A short online Movie that explains how ASE tests are constructed, and how to go about preparing for them. n An Interactive Presentation that discussed the three types of ASE test questions you’ll encounter on any ASE exam. n Our new Official ASE Practice Tests with ASE-style questions for tests A1–A8, and test P2. See page 1 article about this new offering from ASE. n Free, downloadable Official ASE Study Guides with detailed test specs, test list, and sample questions for each test. Each Guide also includes a list of aftermarket training resources. n A list of local community colleges and technical training schools that have been evalutated by NATEF, ASE’s education foundation. n A list of in-service training providers evaluated through a quality-assurance process called CASE (Continuing Automotive Service Education) and certified by ASE. n Spanish-language resources, and more.



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ASE’s M&I E-Learning Program went live last fall. Consisting of four training modules plus an online quiz, the program is targeted to prospective and entry-level maintenance personnel and is available exclusively online. This sample interaction The training modules in demonstrates the engaging design the program feature audio used in the training modules. and visual content, interactive exercises and questions, and more. Content areas cover: n Preparation and Documentation n Fluids, Filters, Belts and Hoses Inspection and Service n Suspension, Tire and Brake Inspection and Service n Body, Battery, Charging and Electrical Systems Inspection and Service A fifth module consists of a 40-question online quiz that features traditional multiple-choice questions as well as other types specifically designed for computer delivery. Upon achieving a passing score on the quiz, users may print a customized certificate of recognition. (Note: The credential from this program is not an ASE certification.) A single fee of $39.99 includes all four training modules plus the quiz.

ASE Blue Seal Tech News is an official publication of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). It’s published as a service to ASE-certified technicians and parts specialists, their employers, and friends and supporters of ASE voluntary certification. President: Tim Zilke V.P., Communications: Tony Molla ([email protected]) Editor/Exec. Director of Publications: Martin Lawson ([email protected])

Contact Information: • Address: National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) 101 Blue Seal Drive, S.E., Suite 101, Leesburg, VA 20175 • Phone: 703-669-6600 • FAX: 703-669-6127 • Web: www.ase.com • Toll-Free Information: 1-888-273-8378 • Hours: 8:30 am–5 pm, Eastern Time, Mon.–Fri., except holidays

ASE Supports



ASE Blue Seal TechNews / Vol. 18 / Winter 2010

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NATEF News NATEF Launches a New E-Learning Standard for Programs NATEF launched Standard 11-E-learning in the 2009–2010 school year. This standard was established to help programs having difficulty meeting the hour requirements for program certification. Some of the highlights of the standard are: n E-learning must take place outside of the classroom and lab/shop time and may count for up to 25 percent of the required hours in each area. n Instruction must include tests to assess student knowledge and understanding of content. n An electronic Learning Management System (LMS) must be incorporated to track student progress and provide reports to the instructor. n E-learning software providers must establish the average time required to complete a learning activity. n Programs must meet six criteria to apply for certification using E-learning hours. n E-learning must be available to all students enrolled in a program. n Standard 11-E-learning is optional, not required.

“To find out more about E-Learning Standard for Programs, see the NATEF website at www.natef.org”

NATEF and Competitions: The Back-Story SkillsUSA—National Competition, Kansas City, Missouri All the secondary and post-secondary Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners in automobile technology were from ASE-certified/NATEF programs this year. All of these winners scored in the top 3% on the written test. The Gold Medal winner in the post-secondary competition had the highest written test score and the Silver Medal winner had the third highest written test score. In the past, there has been a strong correlation between the medal winners and their performance on the written test. This year continued to support history. In the collision repair and refinish categories, the winners in the secondary and post-secondary refinishing technology and secondary and post-secondary collision repair categories from ASE-certified/ NATEF programs had a strong showing as well. Five of the six medalists in collision repair were from certified programs; two of the six in refinishing technology were from certified programs (but all had certified automobile programs at the school). Meanwhile, the three U.S. students who competed in Automobile Technology, Autobody Repair, and Car Painting at the Global Competition in Vancouver, B.C., were all from ASE-certified/NATEF programs.

Open for Business t

Program Numbers Hit New High Despite the recent economic downturn, NATEF continues to see growth in the number of certified programs nationwide. This past summer, the number of certified programs reached an all-time high of 2,364 programs. Additionally, NATEF continues to receive high numbers of applications for program certification.

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The ASE Store is your source for ASE embroidered apparel, soft goods, hard goods, as well as official ASE signage, decals, insignia, pins and more. The Store is open 24/7 at www.asestore.com or call 703-669-6600 during business hours to obtain a printed store catalog. ASE insignias have a new design, so check us out!

ASE Blue Seal TechNews / Vol. 18 / Winter 2010



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Spring 2010



How To Register—Spring 2010 ASE Tests • You may register by mail, telephone, or online, but register only once. Once you submit your request, ASE cannot cancel it or substitute another person. • Registration Forms and Fees must be received at ASE in Iowa City, Iowa, by March 31, 2010. (To prevent delays, do NOT mail to ASE in Leesburg, Virginia.) • If you do not receive your Admission Ticket within two weeks of submitting your registration, call the ASE Help Desk at 1-800-388-5584. • Any processing after the close of registration may incur a $35 late fee per person. • ASE/ACT cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected mail.

Online: • Opens December 1, 2009, at www.ase.com. • After submitting your registration, you will immediately be sent an e-mail confirming receipt. • Payment: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express only. • Admission Tickets will be sent in March.

By Mail: • Payment: Check or Money Order to: ASE Credit Card: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. • Mail Registration Form and payment IN THE SAME ENVELOPE to:

Regular Mail: ASE • P.O. Box 4007 • Iowa City, IA 52243

Overnight Mail (FedEx, UPS,etc.) ONLY:

Registration Deadline: March 31, 2010 Test Dates: May 6, 11, and 13, 2010 Register early for your choice of test center. Choose from among a wide range of test categories: n Automobile n Automobile Service Consultant n Advanced Level n Alternate Fuels/CNG n Collision Repair and Refinish n Engine Machinist n Medium/Heavy Truck n Truck Equipment n School Bus n Transit Bus

By Telephone: • Please have a current Registration Booklet, (your Recertification notice, if applicable), and credit card handy before calling. • Opens March 1, 2010: 1-866-427-3273. • Hours of operation: Central Time 7 a.m.–7 p.m. Monday–Friday 7 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturdays • Payment: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express only.

Test Preparation Resources

n Undercar Specialist n Parts Specialist

Anxious about testing? Need practice? Looking for training materials? Check out the enhanced “Service Professionals” section at www.ase. com/testprep for the following:

Plus: Recertification Tests!

• Official ASE Practice Tests. Genuine ASE-style questions. Summary of results and explanation for every question. Available online 24/7. Tests A1–A8, P2.

The • Official ASE Study Guides. One for each test series, the guides explain what’s covered on each test, contain example questions, and list of aftermarket training. Available for free The download, or order a free copy by calling 703-669-6600, ext 402.



Register Online at www.ase.com

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ASE • Tyler Building, (86) • 301 Act Drive • Iowa City, IA 52245 Phone: 1-800-388-5584

• Online Test Taking Tips.This resource allows you to explore the types of questions found on ASE tests. • Multi-Media Tour. A more detailed discussion of the ASE testing process, from test prep tips to strategies to use at the test center. • More. Listing of NATEF schools, aftermarket training, Spanish-language resources and more.



Info at www.ase.com/testprep

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Employer Category Codes From the tables below, select the category that best describes your current employer and enter the code on the Registration Form, Question 8a. New Car Dealership/ Distributor 23C Acura 31C Audi 32C BMW 12B Buick 13B Cadillac 15B Chevrolet 16B Chrysler 17B Dodge 18B Ford 35C Honda 22B Hummer 25C Hyundai 38C Infiniti 24C Isuzu 30C Jaguar 11B Jeep 02C Kia 01C Land Rover 40C Lexus 19B Lincoln-Mercury 36C Mazda 37C Mercedes-Benz 26C Mitsubishi 33C Nissan 21B Pontiac 39C Porsche 41C Saab 14B Saturn 42C Subaru 44C Suzuki 43C Toyota 45C Volkswagen 46C Volvo 99C Other New Truck Dealer/ Distributor 52B Chevrolet Truck 54B Dodge Truck 55B Ford Truck 53B Freightliner 56B GMC 57B International 58B Kenworth 59B Mack 65C Mitsubishi-Fuso 60B Peterbilt 64B Sterling 66C UD 61C Volvo Truck 63B Western Star 99B Other Independent Repair Shop 75D ACDelco Total Service Support 76D Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper 82D Best Auto 77D Federated 83D IAPA Auto Service Professional 84D Parts Plus Car Care Centers

ASE_TN_Fall09_#1.indd 5

79D TECH-NET Professional Auto Service 80D NAPA AutoCare Center 85D Auto/Light Truck 86D Med/Hvy Truck 90D School Bus 87D Transit Bus/Coach 89D Trailer 99D Other Specialty Shop 01E Transmission Shop 10E Car-X 02E Just Brakes 97E Meineke 95E Midas 51E Monro/Speedy Muffler 47E The Brake Shop 09E Tuffy 99E Other Volume Retailer 29F Sears Tire Group 96F The Pep Boys 99F Other Tire Dealer 01G Bridgestone/ Firestone/Tires Plus 02G General 03G Goodrich 04G Goodyear 06G Independent 07G Big O 08G Merchant’s 09G NTB 10G Tire Kingdom 99G Other Fleet Repair/Maintenance Operation 01H UPS 02H First Student 03H Waste Management 04H FedEx 05H First Vehicle Services 06H Wal-Mart Transportation Services 85H Auto/Light Truck 86H Med/Hvy Truck 90H School Bus 87H Transit Bus/Coach 89H Trailer 91H Utility 88H Independent 99H Other Leasing & Rental Shop 57J Alamo Rent A Car 63J Automotive Rentals, Inc. 58J Avis 59J Budget Rent A Car 64J Dollar Rent-a-Car

60J Enterprise Rent-A-Car 61J Hertz 51J GE Fleet Services 52J IdeaLease North America 62J National Car Rental 53J PACLease 54J Penske Truck Leasing 55J Ryder Transportation Services 65J Thrifty Car Rental 56J XTRA Lease 85J Auto/Light Truck 86J Med/Hvy Truck 90J School Bus 87J Transit Bus/Coach 89J Trailer 99J Other Collision Repair Shop 17K ABRA Auto Body & Glass 11K CARSTAR 12K Caliber Collision Center 15K Collision MAX 13K Sterling Collision Centers 14K True2Form 48K Independent 99K Other Collision Damage Estimating 51L Allstate Insurance 52L Farmers Insurance 53L GEICO Insurance 54L Kemper Insurance 55L Liberty Mutual Insurance 56L Nationwide Insurance 57L Progressive Insurance 58L Prudential Insurance 59L Sentry Insurance 60L State Farm Insurance 61L Travelers Insurance 62L USAA Insurance

01L Other Insurance Company 02L Independent Appraisal Company 99L Other Machinist Facility 61M Jasper Engines & Transmissions 63M Parts Jobber Machine Shop 64M Non-Parts Jobber Machine Shop 65M Production Engine Remanufacturer 66M Engine Installation Facility 67M Heavy Duty Diesel/ Industrial Machine Shop 99M Other OE Parts Distributor (Parts) 07N Caterpillar 08N Cummins 09N Detroit Diesel 99N Other Parts Jobber/WD 71P ACDelco 77P Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper 78P APA 79P Auto Pride 82P CARQUEST Auto Parts 83P Federated 87P MAWDI/WDI/STAR 84P NAPA 86P Parts Plus/IAPA 72P Parts City Auto Parts 85P Pronto 88P Independent 99P Other Retail Parts Store 70R Advance Auto Parts 64R AutoZone/Chief Auto Parts

75R Champion Auto Stores 63R CSK Auto 50R O’Reilly Auto Parts/Hi/ Lo Auto Supply 73R Strauss Discount Auto 99R Other Service Station 70S Amoco 71S Arco 81S BP Group 72S Chevron 73S Citgo 74S Conoco 75S Exxon 76S Gulf 77S Marathon 78S Mobil 79S Phillips 80S Shell 82S Sunoco 83S Texaco 84S Unocal 99S Other Military 92T Air Force 90T Army 94T Coast Guard 93T Marine Corps 91T Navy 99T Other Government/Civil Service 99U All Student 99W All Educator/Instructor 99X All Lift Truck Dealer/ Repair Shop 99Y All Other Employer Types 99Z All

Spring 2010 Test Schedule May 6–7:00 p.m.

May 11–7:00 p.m.

May 13–7:00 p.m.

Regular Tests Regular Tests Regular Tests Auto—A1, A4, A5, A8, A9 Auto—A2, A3, A6, A7 Alt. Fuels—F1 Adv.Truck—L2 Adv. Auto—L1 Transit Bus—H2, H6, H7, H8 Collision—ALL School Bus—S1, S2, S3, S7 Machinist—ALL Parts—ALL Transit Bus­—H1, H3, H4, H5 Truck—T1,T3,T4,T5 Service Consultant—C1 Truck Equipment—ALL School Bus—S4, S5, S6 Truck—T2,T6,T7,T8 Exhaust—X1 Recertification Tests Adv.Truck—L2R Collision—ALL Parts—ALL Service Consultant—C1R

Recertification Tests Adv’d Auto—L1R Truck—ALL Truck Equipment—ALL

Recertification Tests Auto—ALL Alt. Fuels—F1R Machinist—ALL School Bus—ALL Exhaust—X1R

12/3/09 2:18:43 PM

Test Centers—Spring 2010—Subject To Change Select a Test Center that is convenient for you and indicate the center number and location on your Registration Form under Question 9. Visit www.ase.com for late changes. to this list. If the Test Center you request is full or unavailable, we will assign you to an alternate location. ALABAMA 0056 Birmingham 0076 Dothan 8061 Gadsden 0053 Huntsville 8071 Mobile 8042 Montgomery 8265 Opelika ALASKA 0137 Anchorage 8171 Barrow 6100 Fairbanks 0071 Juneau 0070 Ketchikan 0649 Kodiak 5353 Palmer 9025 Seward 0069 Soldotna ARIZONA 8564 Bullhead City 0086 Flagstaff 0091 Glendale 8151 Globe 8526 Phoenix (Embassy Suites) 8532 Phoenix (Gateway CC) 0098 Prescott 8094 Sierra Vista 0088 Tempe 8753 Thatcher 6102 Tucson 0099 Yuma ARKANSAS 6609 El Dorado 8281 Forrest City 7508 Fort Smith 8503 Harrison 9385 Little Rock 8109 Marked Tree 8021 Pocahontas 8067 Springdale CALIFORNIA 0238 Alameda 0108 Alhambra 7103 Anaheim 0168 Bakersfield 7083 Bishop 7146 Carmichael 7073 Claremont 7000 Clovis 7169 Compton 7195 El Monte 7093 Escondido 9352 Eureka 8168 Fremont 9663 Glendale 0803 Goleta 0292 Imperial 7181 Inglewood 0233 Joshua Tree 7418 La Habra 7043 Lafayette 0100 Lancaster 7204 Loma Linda 6097 Los Angeles 0333 Merced 0383 Mission Viejo 7198 Mountain View 7189 Newark 0165 Oroville 7155 Palm Springs 7119 Pasadena 8501 Pittsburg 8244 Pleasant Hill 0376 Reedley 0192 Ridgecrest 7114 Riverside 0158 Sacramento (American River Col) 7314 Sacramento (Hiram W Johnson HS) 0280 Salinas 7005 San Diego (San Diego HS) 7007 San Diego (Southwest HS) 0095 San Jose 7004 San Luis Obispo 7084 Santa Ana 0422 Santa Rosa 2094 Shasta Lake 0249 Sonora 7207 Spring Valley 0436 Stockton 9627 Torrance 0123 Tulare 0273 Ukiah 7008 Ventura 4296 Victorville 7078 Walnut Creek 7107 Woodland Hills COLORADO 7006 Colorado Springs 7106 Craig 7053 Denver 8991 Fort Collins 9614 Frisco 0518 Grand Junction 8159 Lakewood 8352 Montrose 8542 Pueblo 0520 Sterling 0507 Westminster CONNECTICUT 7010 Danbury 7329 Hartford (CT Convention Cntr)

ASE_TN_Fall09_#1.indd 6

9900 Hartford (Marriott Hartford) 9882 North Haven 8747 Southington 7303 Stamford 0576 West Haven DELAWARE 5858 Georgetown 7067 Wilmington (St Edmonds Academy) 7160 Wilmington (Brandywine HS) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 7425 Washington FLORIDA 7079 Belleview 7064 Bradenton 7003 Cape Coral 8004 Clearwater 0769 Cocoa 1899 Crestview 0723 Daytona Beach 2148 Fleming Island 8005 Fort Myers 0774 Fort Pierce 0758 Gainesville 8132 Hialeah 7144 Hollywood 7074 Homestead 7851 Inverness 0740 Jacksonville 0747 Key West 0732 Lakeland 7452 Loxahatchee 6002 Melbourne 0770 Miami (Miami Dade Col) 5412 Miami (Coral Park HS) 8262 Miami (D A Dorsey Adult) 8077 Miami Lakes 8165 Naples 2256 Orlando (Valencia Ent) 7293 Orlando (Maynard Evans HS) 8157 Orlando (Mid-FL Tech Inst) 8006 Panama City 7054 Parkland 0746 Pensacola 8073 Port Charlotte 8174 Saint Augustine 8150 Saint Petersburg 0779 Sanford 7009 Sarasota 8104 Tallahassee 9623 Tampa 8247 Tavares 7852 Weston GEORGIA 8053 Acworth 8007 Albany 8081 Athens (Athens Tech Col) 9386 Athens (Univ of Georgia) 8055 Atlanta 0852 Augusta 3344 Carrollton 8251 Clarkston 8127 Columbus 7210 Conyers 8456 Dublin 8188 Macon 8193 Marietta 8008 Savannah 8093 Valdosta 8009 Warner Robins 8149 Waycross HAWAII 0904 Hilo (Univ of HI at Hilo) 0911 Hilo (HI CC—Manono) 0902 Honolulu (U of HI—Manoa) 0905 Honolulu (Honolulu CC) 0909 Kahului 8952 Kailua Kona 0907 Lihue 0908 Pearl City IDAHO 9600 Boise 9000 Idaho Falls 8552 Lewiston 7013 Pocatello 0915 Twin Falls ILLINOIS 8853 Carbondale 7065 Carlinville 8233 Carterville 7785 Centralia 7088 Champaign 9856 Chicago 0959 Chicago Heights 9629 Crystal Lake 1010 Danville 1009 Decatur 1035 East Peoria 8760 Glendale Heights 1005 Grayslake 9845 Loves Park 2342 Mattoon 7164 Mount Vernon 1042 Normal 0059 Orland Park 8089 Quincy 8060 Red Bud 7150 River Forest 8954 Rolling Meadows 9961 Skokie 7456 Springfield 1159 Sugar Grove

INDIANA 7306 Bluffton 8261 East Chicago 8012 Evansville 7015 Ft Wayne 8105 Gary 1180 Indianapolis (Lawrence Cntrl HS) 1204 Indianapolis (La Quinta Inn) 7213 Indianapolis (Lawrence North HS) 7115 Jasper 8111 Kokomo 8133 Lafayette 7161 Muncie 9651 Shelbyville 1225 South Bend (IN U—South Bend) 8013 South Bend (Ivy Tech CC) 8076 Terre Haute 2257 Versailles 0046 Vincennes IOWA 1272 Ankeny 1307 Bettendorf 1275 Cedar Rapids 7309 Des Moines 1365 Dubuque 7016 Ft Dodge 1269 Ottumwa 1338 Sioux City 1309 Waterloo 1280 West Burlington KANSAS 9554 Beloit 1396 Chanute 8101 Dodge City 8087 Goodland 1387 Great Bend 8201 Hays 8273 Kansas City 8182 Liberal 1524 Overland Park 1449 Pittsburg 8062 Salina 8014 Topeka 1472 Wichita (Wichita State Univ) 7628 Wichita (Tech Col) KENTUCKY 8099 Bowling Green 5857 Corbin 8656 Covington 8002 Elizabethtown 8001 Lexington 1495 Louisville (Jefferson CC—SW) 1571 Louisville (Jefferson CC) 8204 Middlesboro 8993 Owensboro 7017 Paducah 8148 Paintsville LOUISIANA 1589 Alexandria 1590 Baton Rouge 5248 Bogalusa 7018 Lafayette 8134 Lake Charles 7019 Monroe 1577 New Orleans 1613 Shreveport 1580 Thibodaux MAINE 8135 Auburn 7020 Bangor 9001 Calais 7138 Freeport 1644 Portland 8142 Presque Isle 8017 South Portland MARYLAND 7564 Baltimore 1700 Bel Air 7259 Beltsville 7521 Cambridge 8146 Columbia 1679 Cumberland 8561 Germantown 7175 Hagerstown 1731 Largo 8280 Prince Frederick 8018 Salisbury 8203 Severn 8823 Sykesville 9620 Timonium MASSACHUSETTS 8277 Andover 1928 Boston 8164 Canton 7029 Chelmsford 9697 Hyannis 7037 Lexington 8114 Marlborough 7217 New Bedford 1295 North Adams 7127 Springfield 8524 Taunton 0121 Worcester MICHIGAN 1960 Alpena 2067 Ann Arbor 8708 Bellaire 1994 Big Rapids 8110 Caro 8210 Clarkston

2032 East Lansing 7705 Eastpointe 2071 Escanaba 8156 Flint 7229 Grand Rapids 2014 Jackson 2016 Kalamazoo 2022 Livonia 7021 Marquette 2017 Roscommon 2040 Traverse City 1966 University Center 2054 Warren MINNESOTA 8136 Albert Lea 8020 Brainerd 8145 Brooklyn Park 7837 Crookston 8122 Eveleth 8245 Minneapolis 8022 North Mankato 7526 Rochester (John Marshall HS) 8023 Rochester (Community & Tech C) 8057 Rosemount 8024 Saint Cloud 8025 White Bear Lake 8117 Willmar MISSISSIPPI 2203 Gautier 2232 Hattiesburg 2177 Jackson 8063 Mayhew 2210 Meridian 2244 Moorhead 2198 Raymond 2242 Summit 4352 Tupelo MISSOURI 8521 Bolivar 8183 Bonne Terre 2366 Cape Girardeau 8278 Chillicothe 7022 Columbia 8125 Hannibal 8523 Houston 2304 Joplin 2341 Kansas City (Penn Valley CC) 7125 Kansas City (Ruskin HS) 7300 Kansas City (Park Hill South HS) 8113 Linn 7136 Poplar Bluff 7187 Saint Charles (St Charles W HS) 8092 Saint Charles (Francis Howel N HS) 8082 Saint Joseph 1209 Saint Louis (St Louis CC) 2383 Saint Louis (U of MO —St Louis) 7299 Saint Louis (Gtway Inst of Tech) 5471 Sedalia 6015 Springfield (Lamplighter Inn) 7878 Springfield (Kickapoo HS) MONTANA 8027 Billings 7023 Bozeman 6352 Butte 2414 Glendive 7960 Great Falls 2424 Havre 8115 Helena 8116 Kalispell 2412 Miles City 8028 Missoula 7129 Wolf Point NEBRASKA 7989 Grand Island 4787 Lincoln 4789 Milford 2476 Norfolk 7451 North Platte 7706 Omaha 2478 Scottsbluff 7915 Valentine NEVADA 2495 Carson City 2493 Elko 8173 Ely 2496 Las Vegas 6010 Reno NEW HAMPSHIRE 7025 Berlin 0271 Manchester 6900 Nashua 2518 Plymouth NEW JERSEY 9563 Bridgeton 7069 Bridgewater 8139 Cape May Court House 7854 Elizabeth 7156 Hamilton Township 8652 Iselin 2553 Lincroft 7416 Mahwah 7132 Manasquan 8207 Middletown 8260 Mount Holly 7028 Newton 7159 Saddle Brook 8184 Scotch Plains

8221 Sewell 7302 Toms River NEW MEXICO 8279 Alamogordo 2259 Albuquerque (SW Learning Ctr) 6621 Albuquerque (La Cueva HS) 2631 Clovis 2637 Farmington 2655 Gallup 2643 Hobbs 2651 Las Cruces 8412 Santa Fe 8686 Silver City NEW YORK 9524 Binghamton 8425 Brooklyn 2912 Canton 9166 Cheektowaga 7104 Corning 8059 Dix Hills 7304 East Amherst 2715 Hudson 7128 Huntington 8029 Oakdale 2731 Poughkeepsie (Dutchess CC) 7162 Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie HS) 8126 Riverhead 2886 Rochester (St John Fisher Col) 8512 Rochester (Holiday Inn Airprt) 7206 Saranac Lake 7031 Schenectady 2847 Syracuse 2973 Utica 2990 Valhalla 8031 Wellsville 7704 Westbury 7589 Whitestone 2740 Williamsville NORTH CAROLINA 3147 Asheboro 6630 Candler 9923 Charlotte 3098 Fayetteville (Fayetteville St U) 3181 Fayetteville (Tech CC) 9650 Flat Rock 3171 Goldsboro 9633 Greensboro 3141 Greenville (Pitt Community Col) 4450 Greenville (East Carolina Univ) 3079 Hickory 3083 Jacksonville 5134 Jamestown 7205 Kill Devil Hills 1210 Mooresville 2871 Murphy 3023 Raleigh (St Augustine’s Col) 9636 Raleigh (NC St Fair Grnds) 7400 Salisbury 9615 Wilmington 8056 Winston-Salem NORTH DAKOTA 3196 Bismarck 3198 Devils Lake 3202 Fargo 7036 Grand Forks 7094 Minot 3216 Valley City 3206 Wahpeton 3219 Williston OHIO 7392 Akron 8083 Bloomingdale 8120 Chillicothe 7178 Cincinnati (Western Hills HS) 9605 Cincinnati (Workforce Dev Cent) 8107 Clayton 6620 Cleveland (Airport Marriott) 8999 Cleveland (Ohio Technical Col) 3242 Columbus 4284 Dublin 8241 Euclid 8559 Georgetown 3512 Lima (U of Northwest OH) 7312 Lima (Bath HS) 7085 Mansfield 8050 Massillon 9985 Miamisburg 8200 Milan 3345 North Canton 3323 Northwood 8088 Oberlin 8102 Saint Clairsville 8098 Tiffin 7081 Toledo 7038 Warren 3305 Zanesville OKLAHOMA 8206 Ardmore 8074 Bartlesville 6610 Enid 8033 Lawton 3442 Norman 8051 Oklahoma City 3452 Okmulgee 8246 Stillwater 8034 Tulsa OREGON 7077 Albany 3457 Bend

3495 Coos Bay 3498 Eugene 3484 Klamath Falls 7040 Medford 3465 Oregon City 7041 Portland 3502 Roseburg 3493 Salem 7142 The Dalles PENNSYLVANIA 7042 Allentown 6512 Allison Park 8035 Altoona 2425 Bartonsville 3645 Bethlehem 8119 Blairsville 7845 Cranberry Township 3576 Erie 8541 Exton 8211 Fairless Hills 8137 Frackville 8049 Harrisburg 8036 Jamison 2546 Johnstown 8199 Leesport 8202 Limerick 3543 Media 7044 Oil City 8190 Philadelphia 0107 Pittsburgh 7045 Scranton 7046 Selinsgrove 7225 Sharon 7230 State College 8052 Warren 3757 Williamsport 8267 York RHODE ISLAND 7224 Providence 3811 Warwick SOUTH CAROLINA 3831 Charleston 7180 Columbia 8064 Conway 5684 Duncan 3857 Florence 3827 Greenville 8070 Greenwood 7902 Ridgeland 3877 Sumter 3851 West Columbia SOUTH DAKOTA 7443 Pierre 7048 Rapid City 7049 Sioux Falls 8058 Watertown TENNESSEE 7050 Bristol 1203 Chattanooga 1208 Cordova 4037 Gallatin 8143 Jackson 7052 Knoxville (Farragut HS) 7201 Knoxville (Bearden High Sch) 8078 Mc Minnville 8124 Memphis 9632 Murfreesboro 3946 Nashville (Belmont University) 8097 Nashville (Auto Diesel Col) 8185 Newbern TEXAS 4130 Abilene 9908 Amarillo 0267 Arlington 4104 Austin (Huston—Tillotson U) 7055 Austin (John H Reagan HS) 7415 Austin (Austin CC Dist) 7086 Bryan 7182 Carrollton 4082 Corpus Christi 4768 Dallas 4090 El Paso (El Paso CC) 8040 El Paso (Western Tech Col) 7117 Farmers Branch 0134 Fort Worth 9021 Grand Prairie 2019 Houston (Spring Branch Ed C) 4236 Houston (U of Houston Main) 7089 Houston (Eisenhower HS) 7834 Houston (Houston Cc NE) 8128 Houston (Universl Tech Inst) 9619 Katy 7075 Keller 4081 Killeen 4067 Lake Jackson 1206 Laredo 4169 Lubbock 4057 Lufkin 5352 McAllen 7116 Mesquite 4127 Midland 7058 Odessa 4167 Pasadena 7087 Pearland 4209 Plano 6551 Port Arthur 7039 San Angelo 4158 San Antonio (St Mary’s Univ) 7070 San Antonio (GW Brackenridge HS) 4194 Texarkana 7071 Tyler 4244 Victoria

7222 Vidor 8041 Waco 9611 Wichita Falls UTAH 4282 Ogden 4278 Orem 4268 Price 8140 Richfield 8155 Roosevelt 4272 Saint George 8421 Sandy VERMONT 7059 Brattleboro 8054 Saint Johnsbury 8742 South Burlington 8144 White River Junction VIRGINIA 7060 Arlington 7701 Chantilly 7061 Charlottesville 1341 Danville 7090 Fredericksburg 8214 Goochland 4358 Hampton 8123 Harrisonburg 8066 Leesburg 4354 Lynchburg 7109 Manassas 7248 Mc Lean 5641 Mechanicsville 7062 Norfolk 4401 Richlands 7124 Richmond 4353 Roanoke 5875 Salem WASHINGTON 4460 Aberdeen 4461 Auburn 0090 Bellingham 7212 Bremerton 0080 East Wenatchee 4456 Everett 8266 Kennewick 9613 Longview 7202 Mill Creek 8994 Moses Lake 8161 Olympia 4472 Port Angeles 4484 Seattle 4477 Spokane (Spokane Falls CC) 4481 Spokane (Spokane CC) 7158 Tacoma (Washington HS) 7313 Tacoma (Tacoma CC) 4487 Walla Walla 4496 Yakima WEST VIRGINIA 7542 Beckley 8075 Charleston 2328 Fairmont 4542 Parkersburg 7190 Princeton WISCONSIN 4556 Appleton 4651 Cleveland 4581 Eau Claire 4639 Fennimore 8095 Fond Du Lac 4585 Green Bay 4573 La Crosse 7066 Madison 7068 Milwaukee 9895 Racine 7754 Rhinelander 4680 Stevens Point 8046 Superior 4663 Wausau WYOMING 4998 Casper 5003 Cheyenne 8172 Gillette 8047 Laramie 7859 Rawlins 4999 Riverton 5005 Rock Springs 5002 Sheridan CANADA 8249 Calgary AB 8253 Edmonton AB 8248 Burnaby BC 9660 Kelowna BC 8177 Nanaimo BC 8257 Moncton NB 8258 Saint Johns NL 7220 Digby NS 8250 Halifax NS 5236 Kingston ON 5251 London ON 8271 Sudbury ON 9601 Toronto ON 8282 Windsor ON 8272 Charlottetown PE 8270 Montreal QC 8701 Quebec QC OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES 8572 Pago Pago AS 2211 Marshall Islands APO, AP 8285 Nassau BS 8419 Paget BM 8989 Mangilao GU 8242 Hato Rey PR 8085 Kingshill VI

12/3/09 2:18:43 PM


ASE_TN_Fall09_#1.indd 7

12/3/09 2:18:45 PM


1. a. Social Security Number:



15 spaces 4


ZIP Code Month 30 spaces

4. Date of Birth:

30 spaces Day




1 9

4 3 5 9 spaces

3 2 M.I.

6 ❍ Puerto Rican

7 ❍ Other

3 ❍ Caucasian/White


❍11 ❍12







ZIP Code






Fax Number

Telephone Number


❍4 ❍ More

3 or enclose a2check or money 1 order for the total fee, payable to ASE. Use a credit card, Mail form with fees to: ASE, P.O. Box 4007, Iowa City, IA 52243 /VERNIGHT-AIL!3% 4YLER"UILDING !#4$R )OWA#ITY )!s0H    If you register online or by telephone, do not send this Form. 8


Center Number

9. Test Center: See the list of test centers.

E-mail Address for Owner or Manager


Mailing Address

Company Name

8b. Employer Name, Address and Telephone:





8a. Employer Code: Choose the appropriate employer code.


Trade School (Post H.S.)

High School (including Vocational)


4 ❍ Hispanic/Mexican

7. Education: Blacken only one circle for the highest grade or year you completed.

2 ❍ African American

1 ❍ American Indian

5 ❍ Oriental/Asian

1 3

❍ Female

5. Gender: ❍ Male

2 spaces 1 12

4 21

Blacken5one circle. (For research purposes. 4 1 2It will not be reported 3 1 to anyone2 4 you 3 and 3 need2 not answer 23if 1you prefer.) 56. 2Race4or5 Ethnic 1 4 Group:



P.O. Box or Number, Street, and Apt. Number


3. Home Mailing Address:

2. Last Name:

❍ Yes ❍ No

1. b. Telephone Number: (During the day)

1. c. Previous Tests: Have you ever registered for any ASE certification tests before?


Must be received by March 31, 2010

Use this form or register online at www.ase.com This form may be reproduced if extra copies are needed.

ASE Tests—Spring 2010

Registration Form



x $28 + $ x $56 + $ Number of Advanced tests (L1 or L2) marked above

Registration Fee = $

❍ T1 Med/Hvy Truck: Gasoline Engines ❍ T2 Med/Hvy Truck: Diesel Engines ❍ T3 Med/Hvy Truck: Drive Train ❍ T4 Med/Hvy Truck: Brakes ❍ T5 Med/Hvy Truck: Suspension and Steering ❍ T6 Med/Hvy Truck: Elec./Electronic Systems ❍ T7 Med/Hvy Truck: HVAC ❍ T8 Med/Hvy Truck: PMI ❍ X1 Spec: Exhaust Systems

Number of Regular tests (except L1/L2) marked above

❏ E1R ❏ E2R ❏ E3R ❏ F1R

❍ S2 School Bus: Diesel Engines ❍ S3 School Bus: Drive Train ❍ S4 School Bus: Brakes ❍ S5 School Bus: Suspension and Steering ❍ S6 School Bus: Elec./Electronic Systems ❍ S7 School Bus: A/C Systems and Controls

❑ MasterCard

❑ Discover



Expiration Date


❑ American Express

(Required, even if same as Registrant.)

❑ Visa

Signature of Registrant

information I have provided is true and correct.



14. Authorization: I accept the terms set forth in the Registration Booklet. I further certify that the

(Optional information. AOL users be sure to add "@aol.com" to your screen name. Example [email protected])

13. Registrant's E-Mail Address:

Signature of Cardholder

Credit Card Number

❑ Check/Money Order

12. Fee Paid By: 1 ❍ Employer 2 ❍ Technician

❏ T1R ❏ T2R ❏ T3R ❏ T4R ❏ T5R ❏ T6R ❏ T7R ❏ T8R ❏ X1R

❏ S2R ❏ S3R ❏ S4R ❏ S5R ❏ S6R ❏ S7R

❏ P9R ❏ S1R

❏ M3R ❏ P1R ❏ P2R ❏ P3R ❏ P4R


❍ P9 Parts: Truck Aftrmkt Susp. and Strg. Parts ❍ S1 School Bus: Body Sys. and Spec. Equip.

❍ M3 Machinist: Assembly Spec. ❍ P1 Parts: Med/Hvy Truck Dealership Parts ❍ P2 Parts: Automobile Parts ❍ P3 Parts: Truck Aftrmkt Brake Parts ❍ P4 Parts: General Motors Parts Consultant

❏ L1R ❏ L2R ❏ M1R ❏ M2R


❍ L1 Adv. Level: Auto Adv. Eng. Perf. Spec. ❍ L2 Adv. Level: Truck Elec. Diesel Eng. Diag. ❍ M1 Machinist: Cylinder Head Spec. ❍ M2 Machinist: Cylinder Block Spec.


+ $ Recertification Tests: $28 each ($56 each for L1 and L2) up to $74 maximum. (The $74 maximum limits only how much you pay to recertify, not the number of recertification tests you may take.) TOTAL FEE = $

11. Fees:

❍ E1 Truck Equip: Installation and Repair ❍ E2 Truck Equip: Elec./Electronic Sys. ❍ E3 Truck Equip: Aux. Power Sys. ❍ F1 Alt. Fuel: CNG Vehicle ❍ H1 Transit Bus: CNG Engines ❍ H2 Transit Bus: Diesel Engines ❍ H3 Transit Bus: Drive Train ❍ H4 Transit Bus: Brakes ❍ H5 Transit Bus: Suspension and Steering ❍ H6 Transit Bus: Elec./Electronic Systems ❍ H7 Transit Bus: HVAC ❍ H8 Transit Bus: PMI

❏ B6R ❏ C1R

❏ B2R ❏ B3R ❏ B4R ❏ B5R

❏ A7R ❏ A8R

❏ A1R ❏ A2R ❏ A3R ❏ A4R ❏ A5R ❏ A6R


❍ B6 Coll: Damage Analysis and Estimating ❍ C1 Service: Automobile Service Consultant

❍ B2 Coll: Painting and Refinishing ❍ B3 Coll: Non-Structural Analysis ❍ B4 Coll: Structural Analysis ❍ B5 Coll: Mech. and Elec. Components

2❍ A9 Auto: Lt. Veh. 1 Diesel Engines

❍ A7 Auto: Heating and Air Conditioning ❍ A8 Auto: Engine Performance

❍ A1 Auto: Engine Repair ❍ A2 Auto: Automatic Trans/Transaxle ❍ A3 Auto: Manual Drive Train and Axles ❍ A4 Auto: Suspension and Steering ❍ A5 Auto: Brakes ❍ A6 Auto: Electrical/Electronic Systems


See page 5 for the specific date of each test.

10. Tests: Blacken the circle(s) for regular tests; square(s) for recertification tests.

ASE_TN_Fall09_#1.indd 8

12/3/09 2:18:50 PM

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