technical journal portrait 1 Title:

elektrobörse smarthouse

2 Characteristics: There is much potential to electrician trade due to great technical development and rising market needs. elektrobörse smarthouse as well as its special issues bus-guide, licht (lighting), regenerative energien (renewable energies) and mess& prüfgeräte (measurement and control devices) offer well-grounded information and proficient coverage about electric installation, intelligent building technology, technical lighting and renewable energies, photovoltaics, heat pumps and micro wind power plants. 3 Target group:

Electrician trade

4 Publication frequency:

14 issues (including special issues)

5 Format:


6 Volume:

67th volume 2015

7 Subscription rates:

Domestic subscription: € 50.00 (incl. special issues + bus-guide) Overseas subscription: € 62.00 (incl. special issues + bus-guide) bus-guide only Domestic subscription Overseas subscription

€ 15.00 € 19.00

Single copy rate: smarthouse bus-guide

€ 5.00 € 10.00

8 Organ:


9 Membership:


10 Publishing house:

WEKA FACHMEDIEN GmbH Richard-Reitzner-Allee 2, 85540 Haar Phone: +49 89 25556-1385

11 Publisher:



12 Publisher:

Peter Eberhard, [email protected]

13 Editorial office:

Peter Wintermayr, [email protected] Pamela Schröder, [email protected]

14 Editorial to advertising ratio: 2013 = 12 issues * / ** (incl. *bus-guide / *supplement `renewable energies‘) total pages: editorial content advertising content of which bound inserts loose inserts

616 pages 494 pages 122 pages

= 100 % = 80.2 % = 19.8 %

2 pages 10 pieces

= 0 .3 %

15 Editorial content analysis 494 pages editorial content per topic 494 pages building technology 63 pages building automation 61 pages electroinstallation 87 pages operating 17 pages norms 9 pages electromobility 11 pages lighting 10 pages industry news, fairs 73 pages products 36 pages renewable energies 54 pages (PV, heat pumps, power storage) emitters 10 pages others 62 pages (title, editorial, contents, imprint, advertiser index)

= = = = = = = = = = =

90.7 % 12.7 % 12.3 % 17.7 % 3.6 % 2.0 % 2.2 % 2.0 % 14.9 % 7.3 % 11.0 %

= 2.02 % = 12.6 %


Circulation breakdown

3.1 Structure of the domestic market circulation by Nielsen-areas

1 Circulation audit: (except special issues) 2 Circulation breakdown:

copies per issue/annual average (July 1st 2013 to June 30th 2014)

print run:


total circulation:


abroad: 97

sold circulation:


abroad: 6


member copies: -

subscriptions: retail sales:


other sales: controlled circulation: remainder, archive and voucher copies:

12.0 % = 2,976 copies 13.3 % = 3,299 copies

20.7 % = 5,134 copies


10.5 % = 2,604 copies

24,789 15.3 % = 3,775 copies 390 15.1 % = 3,745 copies

3 Geographic circulation breakdown: economic region


share of total circulation % copies 99.6





total circulation



13.1 % = 3,249 copies

Coverage analysis

1.1 Business sectors Group of recipients

2.1 Position Share of average recipients percent

Group of recipients

projection ca.

electric installation



engineering office for technical planning


electrical wholesale

Share of average recipients percent

projection ca.










head of department/ factory



trade agency for electrotechnical and electrical products

master (with craftman’s diploma)







vocational schools, professional organizsations



manufacturers of electrotechnical and electrical products



commercial/ other employee

24,180 10

rounding difference total distribution (domestic)


Multiple answers (100 % = total circulation (domestic) 24.190 copies)

1.2 Size of economic entity Share of average recipients percent

projection ca.

1-9 employees



10-19 employees



20-49 employees



50 employees or more


1,450 24,180 10

rounding difference total distribution (domestic)



Summary of the survey methodology 1. Methodology: Recipient structure analysis via telephone survey – random sampling 2. universe (domestic total circulation): 456 = 100% not covered in survey: 136 = 29.9% 3. Sample: 320 interviews net, 70% exhaustion, random sampling 4. Target person of survey: main recipient in the company 5. Period of analysis: June 14 – July 10, 2012 6. Conduction of analysis: IFAK Institut


Coverage analysis

Reading behavior


Share of average recipients

Share of decision makers average: twice percent


projection ca.

projection ca.

I decide on my own



read/ flipped open once



I decide in agreement with colleagues



read/ flipped open twice



I make recommendations



read/ flipped open three times



read/ flipped open four times



read/ flipped open five times +



I prepare decision-making through analysis/ evaluation



I make suggestions



I obtain information material



Multiple answers (100 % = total circulation (domestic) 24.190 copies)

24,160 30

rounding difference total distribution (domestic)



Readers per copy


Share of average recipients

Share of average turnover average: 3 persons


projection ca.


projection ca.

up to € 50,000



only me



up to € 100,000



2 persons



up to € 250,000



3 persons



up to €500,000



4 persons



up to € 1M



5 persons



€ 1M and more



6 persons +





5,800 24,150 40

rounding difference total distribution (domestic)



24,150 40

rounding difference total distribution (domestic)



Exclusive Market Research tools Get answers to your questions:

What is the readers‘ professional position?

Do I target purchasing and investment decision makers?

How often is a copy flipped through?

How long is a copy read? How many persons read one copy?

What do readers think about the size of the journal?

How do readers react to advertising?

Recipients of elektrobörse smarthouse recognize growth potentials In what fields do you think there are growth potentials?:

electric installation building technology/ bus technology (KNX, LON etc. antenna technology/ SAT receiver safety/ alarm engineering lightning arresters photovoltaics/ micro wind power plants/ heat pumps test and measurement of assets and devices telecommunications network technology heating/ cooling/ climate industrial electronics technical lighting

source: recipient structure analysis 2012, IFAK Institut



deadlines publication date: Jan 28, 2015 ad closing date: Jan 21, 2015 deadline for printing material: Jan 16, 2015

publication date: Feb 11, 2015 ad closing date: Jan 26, 2015 deadline for printing material: Jan 30, 2015

publication date: Mar 11, 2015 ad closing date: Feb 23, 2015 deadline for printing material: Feb 27, 2015

Subject to change

topics -

equipment for service vehicles constructional fire safety lighting in functional buliding cable channels and cable guide multimedia systems line integration devices & protect switches joining technology/ plugs & cöoüs visualization systems automation technology broadband technology electromobility building installation/ system technology heating, climate, air conditioning home security industrial installation technology industrial software industry 4.0 test & measurement, sensor technology network technology


drive and automation systems fire and explosion protection broadband distribution technology electroinstallation receiving aerial power engineering bulding system technology heating/ climate, air conditioning infomation/ communications technology lighting test & measurement network technology photovoltaics, solar systems security and control systems

Editorial calendar

trade fairs & congresses newsletter Tuesdays Fridays Jan 14 – 16, Nuremberg

trade fair newsletter eltec

Tuesdays Fridays

Feb 18 - 20, Dortmund

trade fair newsletter Elektrotechnik

Tuesdays Fridays

trade fair newsletter Eltefa Mar 18 - 20, Stuttgart





trade fairs & congresses

Editorial calendar

newsletter Tuesdays Fridays

publication date: Apr 8, 2015 ad closing date: Mar 19, 2015 deadline for printing material: Mar 25, 2015


lightning arresters electromobility network technology lighting management telecommunications facilities tools switch programmes, plug sockets access control systems

publication date: May 6, 2015 ad closing date: Apr 17, 2015 deadline for printing material: Apr 24, 2015 publication date: Jun 3, 2015 ad closing date: May 15, 2015 deadline for printing material: May 21,2015


digital TV technology/ SAT IP electroinstallation outdoors cables software for the industry (commecial) sun protection door drive

Tuesdays Fridays


fire detectors data security of radio systems the installer as energy craftsman door communications smart grid meter panels and allocators

Tuesdays Fridays

Subject to change

Apr 13 – 17, Hanover

Jun 10 - 12, Munich

Jun 9 – 11, Cologne

trade fair newsletter Hannover Messe

trade fair newsletter Intersolar trade fair newsletter ANGACOM




deadlines publication date: Jul 8, 2015 ad closing date: Jun 22, 2015 deadline for printing material: Jun 26, 2015

publication date: Aug 26, 2015 ad closing date: Aug 10, 2015 deadline for printing material: Aug 14, 2015 publication date: Sep 23, 2015 ad closing date: Sep 7, 2015 deadline for printing material: Sep 11, 2015 publication date: Oct 21, 2015 ad closing date: Oct 5, 2015 deadline for printing material: Oct 9, 2015

Subject to change


trade fairs & congresses

consumer electronics in the smartphone digital TV technology/ SAT IP radio systems network technology line integration devices & protection switches software for the industry (technical) video control


design cable channels & room pillars design switches electromobility floor & open area heating test & mearurement presence detectors


drive engineering automation technology lighting broadband distribution technlogy power engineering building installation/ system technology heating, climate, air conditioning test & measurement protection & safety technology send-receive technology transformers

newsletter Tuesdays Fridays

Organ of the KNX-Professionals Germany e.V. Practice and technology of building bus systems available in the market - KNX, LON, LCN, e-net, bluetooth, enocean, DigitalStrom, Zigbee and other propretary systems -

Editorial calendar

Tuesdays Fridays Sep 4 - 9, Berlin

trade fair newsletter IFA Tuesdays Fridays

Oct 20 – 22 Munich

trade fair newsletter eCarTec Tuesdays Fridays

Oct 28 – 30 Leipzig

trade fair newsletter Efa




deadlines publication date: Nov 4, 2015 ad closing date: Oct 19, 2015 deadline for printing material: Oct 23, 2015

publication date: Nov 18, 2015 ad closing date: Nov 2, 2015 deadline for printing material: Nov 6, 2015

publication date: Dec 9, 2015 ad closing date: Nov 23, 2015 deadline for printing material: Nov 27, 2015

Subject to change


Organ of the KNX-Professionals Germany e.V. Practice and technology of building bus systems available in the market - KNX, LON, LCN, e-net, bluetooth, enocean, DigitalStrom, Zigbee and other propretary systems -

automation technology electromobility home security industrial installation technology industry 4.0 industrial software cable channels & guide test & measurement, sensor technology emergency & security lighting dor communications


the installer as energy craftsman electroinstallation for seniors energy efficient lighting building automation smart grid interval timer & sensor technology


products of the year 2016

Editorial calendar

trade fairs & congresses

newsletter Tuesdays Fridays

Nov 24 – 26, Nuremberg

trade fair newsletter SPS IPC Drives Tuesdays Fridays

Nov 24 – 26, Nuremberg

trade fair newsletter SPS IPC Drives

Tuesdays Fridays

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1 Advertising formats and rates in € – Please add valid VAT rate. Format

TYPE AREA Width x Height (mm)





Width x Height* (mm) 1/1 page

210 x 297

184 x 260





3/4 page vertical 3/4 page horizontal

148 x 297 210 x 210

135 x 260 184 x 195





A5 (junior page)

147 x 210

146 x 204





1/2 page vertical 1/2 page horizontal

102 x 297 210 x 148

90 x 260 184 x 128





1/3 page vertical 1/3 page horizontal

72 x 297 210 x 110

58 x 260 184 x 85




2, 960.-

1/4 page vertical 1/4 page horizontal 1/4 page 2-column

54 x 297 210 x 82 102 x 148

43 x 260 184 x 62 90 x 128





1/8 page 2-column 1/8 page vertical 1/8 page horizontal

102 x 82 54 x 148 210 x 51

90 x 62 42 x 128 184 x 29





43 x 62 90 x 29


1/16 page vertical 1/16 page horizontal logo in the market overview


cover page


2nd and 3rd cover page


4th cover page


mm price, 1-column

*Please add 3 mm bleed, more formats on request Total circulation: 24,901






Advertising rates 2 Additional charges: placement 2nd and 3rd cover page € 7,480.4th cover page € 7,640.We charge 10% of the basic price for requested and confirmed placements (at least € 200.-) colours Prices apply for Euroskala Additional colour charges are discountable format No additional charges for bleed and crossover print

3 Discounts: (within a 12 month period, starting from the publication date of first ad) Frequency discount Volume discount 3 or more insertions 5% 3 or more pages 10% 6 or more insertions 10% 6 or more pages 15% 9 or more insertions 15% 9 or more pages 20% 12 or more insertions 20% 12 or more pages 25% 4 Categories: Recruitment ads/ applications for a job: 50% discount 5 Special adverts: See following pages


6 Contact: Media sales: Tiffany Dinges, [email protected] Data delivery, inoices: Nelli Schulz, [email protected] 7 Terms of payment: 2 % discount for advance payment within 8 days after date of invoice or net payment within 21 days of invoicing. Bank details: HypoVereinsbank, München, Bank code: 700 201 70, Account No. 35 704 981 IBAN: DE37 7002 0270 0035 7049 81, SWIFT (BIC): HYVEDEMMXXX


2/1 pages spread across gutter width x height 420 x 297 mm 394 x 260 mm

Junior Page width x height 135 x 190 mm

trim size width x height 147 x 210 mm

2 x 1/2 across gutter width x height 420 x 143 mm 394 x 128 mm

1/2 page horizontal width x height 210 x 143 mm 185 x 128 mm

1/2 page vertical width x height 102 x 297 mm 90 x 260 mm

1/1 page width x height 210 x 297 mm 185 x 260 mm

1/3 page horizontal width x height 210 x 110 mm 185 x 90 mm

3/4 page horizontal width x height 210 x 215 mm 185 x 195 mm

1/3 page vertical width x height 72 x 297 mm 60 x 260 mm

1/4 page width x height 102 x 143 mm 90 x 128 mm

3/4 page vertical width x height 148 x 297 mm 136 x 260 mm

1/4 page vertical width x height 54 x 297 mm 42 x 260 mm

1/4 page horizontal width x height 210 x 82 mm 185 x 62 mm

1/6 page horizontal width x height 210 x 63 mm 185 x 43 mm

1/6 page vertical width x height 72 x 143 mm 60 x 128 mm

1/8 page width x height 102 x 82 mm 90 x 62 mm

1/8 page vertical width x height 54 x 143 mm 42 x 128 mm 1/8 page horizontal width x height 210 x 51 mm 185 x 31 mm

♦ trim size: add 4mm per trimmed edge for bleed size

Special ads Examples of special ads

For more special ads: Phone: +49 89 25556-1363 e-mail: [email protected]

Cover page Format: on request

Banderole Format: 624 x 100 mm

Rate: € 7, discounts

with 4 mm bleed: 632 x 108 mm Rate: € 17,500.-

Flap Format front: 105 x 297 mm Format inside: 105 x 238 mm

Advertorial Format: 210 x 297 mm with 4 mm bleed: 218 x 305 mm

Rate: € 9,400.Rate: € 6,930.-

The special issue bus-guide covers all topics about the bus systems KNX, LON, LCN and other proprietary systems available on the market.It shows system integrators how to use modern bus systems in building system technology. Practical professional articles and product news make the bus-guide a high-quality information source for the work routine leading to the “intelligent building“. The bus-guide is official organ of KNX-ProfessionalsDeutschland e.V..

The special issue regenerative energien (renewable energies) is published six times a year and covers energy generation from renewable sources, especially photovoltaics,inverters and heating pumps regenerative energien also covers intelligent energy management systems and components and energy storage solutions. It is very useful to the solar installer ins his work routine.

In 2014 the special issue mess- & prüfgeräte (measurement and control devices) was published for the first time. Measurement and control devices are very important work equipments for the electrician trade. From the phasing tester up to the network tester, these are necessary for error diagnostics as well as accident precautions. The special issue covers all measurement methods available on the market. Practical professional articles explain how to use these devices and introduce new products.

The lighting technology is under great transition. LEDs already replace the widely prohibited bulbs. The new special issue licht (lighting) covers the differences between light sources and provides indepth knowledge for the usage of LEDs. From changed planning demands up to lamp news – the special issue licht gives orientation to the electrician trade. is the IVW online audited web service for decision-makers in the electrician trade. It reports about up-to-date developments and trends and provides tailor-made information for the work routine within the industry. Together with the print medium elektrobörse smarthouse and the special issues bus-guide, regenerative energien (renewable energies), licht (lighting) and mess- & prüfgeräte (measurement & control devices), the web service addresses to electricians, system integrators and solar installers. There is much potential to electrician trade due to great technical development, rising market needs and the energy transition in Germany. offers well-grounded information and proficient coverage as well as product news from building technology, electric installation, technical lighting, building automation and renewable energies. is a target group specific communications platform for advertisers of the electro industry. It offers amongst others sponsoring, newsletter advertising, banner advertising, event announcements, webcasts and whitepapers. Status:

web service for the electrician trade



WEKA FACHMEDIEN GmbH elektrobörse smarthouse


Richard-Reitzner-Allee 2, 85540 Haar Phone: +49 89 25556-1385 Fax: +49 89 25556-1670 e-mail: [email protected]

Editorial office:

Peter Wintermayr, [email protected] Pamela Schröder, [email protected]


Peter Eberhard, publisher, [email protected]


jobs, pictures, videos, encyclopedia, market place, job market, events, shop, newsletter, media


Office equipments, business management, electric installation, building automation, building technology, lighting, photovoltaics


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Newsletter The newsletter delivers tailor-made upto-date news, product reports and professional articles to your customers of the electrician trade. The newsletter is the ideal platform for product presentations and company or seminar events.

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subgroup (per product interest): basic rate: plus per thousand recipients:

€ 1,490.- (no discounts) € 250.- (no discounts)

Advertising on Request without obligation for a Customized Newsletter Select the recipients of your Customized Newsletter per product interest and get a bespoke offer from our media experts – without obligation! ⃝ Building technology (all) ⃝ Lightning arresters ⃝ Multimedia ⃝ Security systems ⃝ Smart metering ⃝ Door communications ⃝ Heat pumps

⃝ Building automation (all) ⃝ Observing & monitoring ⃝ Presence & motion detectors ⃝ Bus systems ⃝ Energy efficiency ⃝ Home automation

⃝ Electroinstallation (all) ⃝ Constructional fire safety ⃝ Lighting ⃝ Electromobility ⃝ Cables, joining technology

⃝ Photovolaics (all) ⃝ Lightning arresters ⃝ Energy storage ⃝ Modules ⃝ Assembly robotics ⃝ Inverters

⃝ Test & measurement (all) ⃝ Network systems ⃝ Norms & comments ⃝ Switches & plug sockets

⃝ Operating (all) ⃝ Company management ⃝ Hardware/ software ⃝ Car pool ⃝ Tools

Fax: +49 89 25556-1670

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Market place

Suppliers‘ compass About 1,600 companies are listed in the supplier´s index of It offers various possibilities to present your company: from a complete company portrait including images and videos to company events and trade shows.

Rate: € 1,990.- / year (no discounts)

Advantages for premium suppliers: - your company news within the editorial contents will also be shown in the :premium entry - your video in the media center will also be showrn in the premium entry - editorial mention of the premium entry on the website and in the newsletter - the exclusive ranking system ranks premium customers first when a product is searched for - high visibility of the premium entry when a product is searched for: your logo is displayed - Including one keyword for free! - Add events, pirctures, videos or whitepapers to your premium entry

Market place

Suppliers‘ compass

Interactive market overview with extensive search and select functions. Your premium listing includes - logo - display of your entry in color

Rate: € 200.- / market overview (no discounts)

Key word booking (only with a premium listing) for example connectors, microcontrollers, displays, etc.) For every article that includes the key word ,an entry is placed in the infobox with your premium listing.

Rate: € 990.- / year and key word (no discounts) 36,000 impressions max. per booking period (max. 12 months)


Webcast Webcast presentation including contact data and corporate logo in a category + promotion in 2 newsletters € 1,750.-/month

Webcast production: min. € 2,490.- (no discounts) Format videos: .avi, .mov, .mpeg, .wmv, .flv The webcast production includes • briefing via telephone • video production (max. four hours shooting with a cinematographer and an editor) • post production for a five-minute movie • camera and sound for movies in web quality (TV quality: add € 1,500.-) • travel costs: free up to 50 km, then € 0.30 per km

Video, trade fair video, image galleries

Video, trade fair video, image galleries

Pre-Roll Your clip will be played before the video starts Length max. 10 seconds Price: € 890.- per category and month Production of a clip (static images/ logo + spoken text) Price: € 490.- (no discounts)

Overlay A static banner will be added in a playing video Size: 468 x 60 pixels Price: € 1,100.- per category and month

Trade fair clip Present your company in a short, professionally produced clip in web quality

- Length: ca. 2 minutes - Production on your booth - Post production - Placement of the clip in the media center of - Full right of utilisation by advertiser

Price: € 1,200.- (no discounts) More trade fairs on request

Image galleries Price on request


Webinar Transfer specific know-how to your customers and actively involve your customers and prospects in this live event. Your audience can ask you questions via chat. Emphasize the advantages of your company´s products and competence in a dynamic and interactive presentation. Services: • Advance notice of the webinar in 2 newsletters of and in one category for one month • registration of users • Incl. leads (max. 50 leads) each further lead: € 19.• one Customized Newsletter to the users of • technical realization of the webinar and provide guidance to speakers • one live broadcast incl. moderation • incl. leads generated through live broadcast • archived webinar is available for registered users as an on-demand webcast for download € 3,990.(no discounts)

Whitepaper Whitepaper Place a whitepaper amidst the editorial content of and generate high-quality leads! Infobox to announce the whitepaper – placement in a category Presentation of the whitepaper including corporate logo within the download area Hosting for free Leads available on request

€ 19.-/lead

Format whitepaper: .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt Company URL (linked to your website) Information page: headline, teaser and short description Format corporate logo: .jpg, .tif, .gif, .eps


Microsite Create your own online presence with a microsite on Present your products, articles and videos on your created site and benefit from the high coverage of Services: - Product reports, professional articles and videos can be put online - Infobox for seminars, job offers, picture galleries, etc. - Free placement of banners on microsite - Placement of whitepaper free of charge, - Link of microsite to a category of your choice - Max. 20 contributions displayable (changes possible) - 10-12 new contributions per month possible, which will replace previous ones. - Microsite button in infobox to a category of choice - Page impressions can be tracked Design: - Free design of content possible - Layout of microsite will be adjusted to the style of (optic and navigation) - Microsite will be marked (sponsor-infocorner) - Masthead with responsibilities will be placed in the infobox - We recommend to adapt the structure: max. 5 news visible max. 5 product reports visible max. 5 professional arcticles visible max. 5 videos visible ( = in total max. 20 contributions visible) Booking and supply of data: - Booking at least 4 weeks before going online - Delivery of data 2 weeks before going online - Client delivers all data - Measurement of pictures: min. 150 px x 150 px - Delivery of videos preferably in flv-format (width 420 px) - Videos will be hosted by WEKA FACHMEDIEN GmbH - Page impressions can be tracked; Tracking code needs to be delivered Microsite: € 4,950.- / month Min. booking period: 2 months

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Special types of advertising Expert panel : question of the week Exclusive market research tool with analysis of the survey. Placement in the infobox 1 week in a category of your choice (1 question, 5 multiple choice answers max), sponsor visible (powered by…) Announcement in the newsletter


€ 990,-/week

Market research Pop-up with 5 questions and a competition Placement in a category of your choice, for 7 days hosting and leads from WEKA FACHMEDIEN GmbH € 1.700,-/week


Readers‘ board Gain the attention of your customers and place your adverts directly on . The readers‘board is integrated into the infobox. Its placement next to the editorial content guarantees high awareness. Through a mouse-over effect, your customer sees a pop-up with your information which links directly to your own website or defined URL. Also use the readers‘ board for your crossmedia campaign! For instance, place your print ad without additional effort online . € 1,900.- per month (no discount)

Scale of discount

Calendar entries (not discountable) 1 calendar entry + logo + an additional entry in the newsletter Logo: 150 x 50 Pixel; GIF, JPEG, TIF, EPS € 390,-/month

Gross annual revenue concerning all ad types


Competence under one roof – the electro/ electronical media brands of WEKA FACHMEDIEN GmbH Strong partners for your media mix

elektrobörse handel offers gives specialists and organisations everything ongoing updates on the latest about electric appliances, lighting developments regarding renewable technology and energy efficiency as energies, energy efficiency, electro well as hints for the successful mobility and green electronics, as well placement at the PoS. as on relevant political debates and new regulations. Target group: electrical wholesale and The weekly newsletter reports about retail, kitchen studios, associations and current trends, products and specialist cooperations. know-how make it a perfect advertising medium to reach this increasingly important target market. reports 24/7 hours about all important trends, products and company news of the whole electronics world. Behind the scenes is fed by the largest editorial team of electronic pros. 25 specialized editors feed with news, product reports and knowledge. The performance data of is impressive – 15.0 million page impressions in 12 months (IVW-Online 07/2013-06/2014), about 40,000 news and product releases, about 12,000 companies within the supplier database. is the unchallenged no. 1 within all IVW-Online audited web services for professional electronics. reports 24/hours a day about all topics from the complete automation pyramid of the manufacturing and processing industries. By placing an ad in the automation newsletter you will reach decision makers in manufacturing and processing industries each week. The newsletter offers high quality editorial on news, products and expert knowledge.

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Ads Printing technique: web-fed offset, saddle stitching Paper: 90gr/m² improved LWC If necessary: Please request our reproduction and proof instructions. Digital data transfer: your contact person Nelli Schulz Phone: +49 89 25556-1483 Fax: +49 89 25556-1690 E-mail: [email protected] Please transmit your digital data by data medium (CD-ROM), e-mail or ISDN (MAC or PC). For detailed specifications please ask your contact person. File names should be given as in the example : customer_smart_issue (for example: Mustermann_smart_1_15) If data transfer causes any problems please call +49 89 4423065-0. Please send your adverts with title, issue, size and file name to fax: +49 89 25556-1690 in advance.

Magazine format: 210 mm width x 297 mm height (DIN A4) Type area:

184 mm width, 260 mm height, 4 column (each 43 mm)

Inserts / tip-on ads / CDs Loose inserts: minimum size: 105 x 148 mm maximum size: 10 mm smaller than the magazine on each side minimum weight: 150 gsm for single leaf maximum weight: on request positioning: best possible Loose inserts must be delivered cut and folded and as a finished product and be adapted for mechanical processing. placement possibilities: print run or part of circulation by zip-codes or Nielsen areas Bound inserts: minimum size: 105 x 148 mm maximum size: format of the magazine minimum weight: for pages 80gsm Trimmed pages must have an additional 4 mm on each border to be cut off. Bound inserts must be folded and delivered in uncut format and be adapted for mechanical processing. placement possibilities: print run Tip-on ads: Folded products must be close to the gutter and be adapted for mechanical processing. placement possibilities: print run and part of circulation by zip codes or Nielsen areas CDs: CDs must be wrapped in standard paper cover without adhesive tape. positioning on request Delivery date for loose and bound inserts: advert closing date of respective issue Delivery note: smarthouse issue xy/2015

General Terms and Conditions for Advertisements and Advertising of WEKA FACHMEDIEN GmbH (August 2014) 1. An "order" in the sense of the general terms and conditions that follow is a contract relating to the publication of one or more advertisements of an advertiser or other advertising space buyer in the magazines of the publisher for the purpose of distribution, and to the placement of online advertising on the web sites of the publisher. These terms and conditions will also apply to an order for third-party inserts in the magazines brought out by the publisher. Online advertising will cover banners, pop-ups, special interest and keyword placements. 2. Differing, conflicting or supplemental general terms and conditions of advertising clients will not be recognized as an integral part of the contract, that is unless the publisher expressly agrees to them. 3. The publisher may alter these terms and conditions at any time. They will inform their clients in good time of any alteration, at the latest one month in advance. The publisher is authorized in particular in the event of the inoperativeness of a term or condition, to add to or replace the latter with effect for existing contracts, and upon the alteration of a legal provision or supreme court decision if said alteration affects one or more terms and conditions of the contractual relationship, to adapt the affected terms and conditions to suit the purpose of the altered legal situation. 4. The order will be concluded with the acceptance of the client's order by the publisher. Such acceptance may be in writing or by e-mail. 5. Should an advertising agency commission advertising orders on behalf of third parties, the contract will be concluded strictly with the advertising agency and not with its ordering party. If the ordering party of the advertising agency is to be the contractual partner, it will be named by the advertising agency as the ordering party and the issue of an order to the advertising agency verified in writing. 6. Advertising brokers and advertising agencies are duty bound to abide by the price list of the publisher in their proposals, contracts and billing with advertising parties. The commission granted by the publisher may not be passed on to the client, either wholly or in part. 7. The client is not entitled to the inclusion of advertisements in certain numbers, certain editions or at certain places of magazines. The publisher is free to insert an advertisement at a suitable spot, that is unless insertion was agreed for a certain number, in a certain edition or for a certain place of the particular magazine. The requirement for this is punctual availability of the ready to print copy. If the order cannot be performed in the particular number, the particular edition or at the particular place of the magazine, the publisher is authorized to insert in another number at a suitable spot. Categorized ads will be printed in the particular column without the need for an express agreement. 8. Placement of online advertising will be made as reasonably seen fit with the greatest possible consideration of the client's interests. The client is not entitled to placement of online advertising at a certain position of the particular web site. The publisher reserves the right to change the date of appearance of online advertising for technical or other comprehensible reasons. 9. The client may cancel orders for online advertising after conclusion of the contract. Cancellation must be in writing. The publisher will terminate insertion of the online advertising immediately after receipt of the cancellation. 10. Cancellation until two weeks before the commencement of insertion is free of cost. In the event of cancellation within a shorter term the publisher is entitled to bill the following costs: - 30% of the net value of the order for cancellation less than two weeks before the commencement of insertion; - 50% of the net value of the order for cancellation within one week of the commencement of insertion; - for cancellation after the commencement of insertion 50% of the net value of the order that is still due at the time of terminating insertion of online advertising. The price of online advertising already inserted will also be billed. 11. Different to the above provisions, cost-free cancellation of scheduled postings is only possible until two weeks before the date of insertion at the latest. 12. The publisher reserves the right to decline advertisement orders, also single insertions, advertisement texts and supplement orders because of the content, origin or technical form according to uniform, factually justified principles of the publisher if their content violates laws or official stipulations, or their publication is unacceptable for the publisher. Supplement orders are not binding for the publisher until the presentation of a specimen of the supplement or their approval. Supplements that create the impression with the reader, through their format or layout, of being a constituent part of the magazine or that contain third-party advertisements will not be accepted. Refusal of an order will be communicated to the client immediately. Advertisements that are not recognizable as advertisements because of their editorial composition may be identified by the publisher by the word "Anzeige" [Advertisement]. In as much as online advertising is not obviously advertising, the publisher may also identify it as such, in particular by the word "Anzeige" [Advertisement], and/or set it off from the editorial content to make its advertising nature plain. 13. The client is responsible for punctual delivery of proper ready to print copy or supplements or for punctual delivery of materials required for online advertising. In the case of digital ready to print copy the client undertakes to deliver proper copy, complying in particular with the format or the technical specifications of the publisher, punctually for the print copy deadline. 14. All services rendered by the publisher are subject to punctual fulfillment and execution of obligations and assistance on the part of the client. In the case of audio and/or video linked advertising (e.g. banners that cause a pop-up window to open when clicked on, in which audio and/or video content is reproduced) the client is responsible for concluding the necessary agreements with GEMA [society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights in Germany] or other copyright associations and/or owners. 15. In cases where a number of related files are sent, the client will ensure that these data are sent and/or saved in a common directory (folder). 16. Digitally transmitted artwork for color advertisements can only be reliably processed with a color proof supplied on paper. Differences in color are unavoidable without a color proof, but are no entitlement to a price reduction. In every case a printout is to be sent by fax to the print shop to be able to check factual correctness. The client must expressly request a faxed correction. Only correct color adjustment ensures correct color implementation within the usual tolerances. 17. Before a digital transmission of artwork the client is responsible for ensuring that the transmitted files are free of any computer viruses. Should the publisher discover computer viruses in a file transmitted by e-mail, said file will be deleted immediately without the possibility of the client making any related claims. The publisher also reserves the right to claim for damages of the client should the publisher suffer damages as a result of such computer viruses being infiltrated by the client. 18. If artwork is transmitted to the publisher digitally by a data medium, it will only be returned on special request to the client. 19. Discernibly unsuitable or damaged ready to print copy and/or advertising material will be replaced by the client immediately when requested to do so by the publisher. The cost of producing ordered ready to print copy and/or of producing ordered advertising material and of substantial alterations to originally agreed versions that are wished by the client and for which the latter is responsible because of the technical quality of the supplied ready to print copy and/or advertising material will be borne by the client. Should any deficiencies in the ready to print copy and/or advertising material not be immediately discernible but only become so in the printing operation and/or upon insertion, the client is not entitled to raise any claims for an inadequate impression and/or poor insertion. 20. The client avouches that they are the unconditional owner of all rights of use to the advertising material necessary for publication and distribution. In this respect they indemnify the publisher from all claims by third parties, and grant the publisher the rights of usage necessary for publication of the advertising material. 21. The client avouches that they are entitled to set the hyperlinks connected to the online advertising. The client furthermore affirms that they will abide by the applicable data privacy legislation – in particular of the Federal and Teleservices Data Protection Act – and also impose such a responsibility on their employees. Should the client use special techniques such as cookies or tracking pixels to obtain or collect data from the insertion of advertising material in the online offering of the publisher, the client also affirms that they will abide by the precepts of the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and/or of the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty (RfStV) as well as the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) in the collection, processing and use of personal data. 22. In the event of wholly or partly illegible, incorrect or incomplete impression of an advertisement, the client may claim impression of a faultless substitute advertisement, but only to the extent to which the purpose of the advertisement was adversely affected. Should the publisher allow a reasonable term set them for this purpose to pass by, or if the substitute advertisement is again not free of faults, the client may claim a reduction of payment (abatement) or cancellation of the order (redhibitory action). 23. In the event of insufficiencies in online advertising the publisher will initially of their own choice offer rectification or replacement. Should subsequent fulfillment fail, the client may of their own choice demand a reduction of payment (abatement) or cancellation of the order (redhibitory action). 24. The client must report evident insufficiencies of online advertising in writing within three workdays after said online advertising goes live; otherwise a warranty claim may no longer be enforced. 25. In other respects the publisher is only liable in as much as they, their auxiliary persons and/or legal representatives are accused of deliberate or grossly negligent behavior. This does not apply in as much as the publisher violates principal obligations of the contract. 26. In cases of petty negligence the publisher and/or their auxiliary persons and legal representatives cannot be held liable for financial losses especially in terms of consequential damages, unpredictable or atypical damages and loss of profit. Otherwise in the event of financial losses in cases of petty negligence the liability of the publisher is limited to the payment to be made by the client. For claims under the Product Liability Act and for injury to life, body or health the publisher is liable according to statutory provisions. 27. All claims by the client of the publisher resulting from malperformance or insufficiencies of online advertising expire one year after the origination of such claims, that is unless they are founded on claims of deliberate negligence. 28. Proofs will only be supplied if expressly wished. The client bears responsibility for the correctness of the sent proofs. The publisher will include all error corrections of which they are informed by the print copy deadline or within a term agreed upon by the two parties. 29. If no particular sizes are specified, pricing will be based on the actual impression height that is usual for the type of advertisement. 30. If the client does not pay in advance, the invoice will be sent immediately or within 14 days of publication of the advertisement. Prices for advertising material are taken from the valid price list. Price reductions resulting from changed terms and conditions apply immediately to ongoing orders, price increases one month after announcement of the terms and conditions. If payment for online advertising is billed on a CPM basis, the publisher will inform the client on request of the number of ad impressions, the ad clicks and the ad click rate (ratio of ad clicks to ad impressions) of the web sites where the online advertising of the client is placed or, if payment is billed on a pay-per-click basis, of the number of actual clicks. 31. Payment is due within the term shown on the price list, that is unless from case to case a different term of payment or advance payment is agreed in writing. Any discounts for early payment are granted according to the price list. Agreed or allowed discounts for the insertion of a number of advertising means or upon the conclusion of blanket orders are only valid if the particular quantity and the time frame are adhered to. Upon non-adherence to the agreed quantity or time frame, the publisher is entitled to recalculate the discount proportionally to the difference between the discount granted and that corresponding to the actual quantity. 32. Upon default of payment or granting of a respite, interest of 8% above the prime lending rate will be billed or, if the client is a consumer in the sense of para. 13 of the German Civil Code, of 5% above the prime lending rate. Upon default of payment the publisher may put further execution of the current order on hold until payment, and demand advance payment for remaining advertisements. If there are well-founded doubts about the solvency of the client, the publisher is entitled even during the running time of agreed advertisements to demand advance payment of the amount due when the advertisements are completed and payment of any outstanding invoices, regardless of any originally agreed time for payment, before publishing any further advertisements. 33. On request the publisher will supply an advertisement proof. Depending on the nature and scope of the advertising order, advertisement cutouts, proof pages or complete proof numbers will be supplied. If a proof can no longer be obtained, it is replaced by legally binding certification by the publisher of the publication and distribution of the advertisement. 34. In the case of box number advertisements the publisher applies due diligence in safekeeping and forwarding the offers. Registered letters and express letters in response to box number advertisements are only forwarded by regular mail. Receipts from box number advertisements are kept for four weeks. Letters that are not collected during this time are destroyed. 35. If a joint discount is claimed for affiliated enterprises, written evidence of the affiliation status of the client is necessary. Affiliated enterprises in the sense of this condition are enterprises between which there is a capital share of at least 50%. Evidence must be produced before claiming such a joint discount. Joint discounts for affiliated enterprises are subject in every case to express written confirmation by the publisher. Termination of the affiliation of an enterprise is to be reported immediately; termination of the affiliation of an enterprise also terminates any joint discount. 36. The publisher is not responsible for delays in performance resulting from force majeure (strike, lockout, disruption of operations, etc). After removal of the obstruction the publisher can immediately publish advertisements in the next possible issue of the publication and online advertising, or wholly or partly withdraw from the contract. The client has no right to claims for compensation. 37. Alterations or additions to these general terms and conditions must be communicated in writing, by telefax or by e-mail. That also applies to alterations to this clause. 38. Any inoperativeness of a term or condition of these terms and conditions shall not affect the operativeness of the remaining terms and conditions. An inoperative term and condition is to be replaced by a term and condition that comes closest to the intended business import of the term and condition now considered inoperative. 39. The place of jurisdiction is that of the registered office of the publisher if the client is a merchant in the sense of the code of commercial law, a legal person governed by public law or a special fund under public law. The same shall apply in as much as the client, upon filing an action, possesses an office or a habitual residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. 40. The legal code of the Federal Republic of Germany shall be applicable under exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

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