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Model No. Description


BPJ180 Cordless Plate Joiner




Model BPJ180 has been developed based on PJ7000 as a Cordless plate joiner powered by 18V-3.0A Li-ion battery BL1830, featuring the same easy-to-grip slim motor housing as used for model BGA452 Cordless angle grinder. This product is not compatible with 18V-1.3Ah Li-ion battery BL1815.


Dimensions: mm (") Length (L) 351 (13-3/4) Width (W) 139 (5-1/2) Height (H) 149 (5-7/8)

This product is available in the following variations. Battery Battery Plastic Charger BL1830 cover carrying case Offered to No No No BPJ180Z No All countries 1 BPJ180RF except listed below Yes DC18RC 1 2 BPJ180RFE No No --No No North and Central American countries 2 1 Yes --DC18RA All models also include the accessories listed below in "Standard equipment". Model

Specification Specification


BPJ180 Li-ion 18 3.0 54 22 with DC18RC/ RA 350 100 (4) 4 (5/32) 22 (7/8) 6 6,500 Yes

Model Cell Voltage: V Capacity: Ah Energy capacity: W Charging time (approx.): min.

Max out put: W Diameter: mm (") Thickness: mm (") Cutter blade Hole diameter: (") Number of teeth No load speed: min-1=rpm Electronic current limiter for overload protection Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003*2: kg (lbs) *2 with battery Stopper position 0 Cutting Biscuit size: # 0 capacity Cutting depth: 8.0 (0.3) mm (")

10 10

3.0 (6.7)

20 20

S ---

D ---

MAX ---

10.0 (0.4) 12.3 (0.48) 13.0 (0.51) 14.7 (0.58) 20.0 (0.8)

Standard equipment

Cutter blade 100-4 .............. 1 Angle guide ........................ 1 Lock nut wrench ................. 1 Set plate .............................. 1 Dust bag .............................. 1 Note: The standard equipment shown above may vary by country.

Optional accessories

Biscuits (size: #0, #10, #20) Cutter blade 100-4

Battery BL1830 Fast charger DC18RA (for USA, Canada, Guam, Panama, Mexico, Colombia) Fast charger DC18RC (for all countries except listed above) Charger DC18SD Charger DC24SC Automotive charger DC18SE

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CAUTION: Repair the machine in accordance with “Instruction manual” or “Safety instructions”.



Use for


Retaining Ring Pliers ST-2

Removing/mounting Ring spring 11


Retaining Ring Pliers RT-2N

Removing/mounting Retaining ring R-32


Bearing Plate for Arbor Press

Removing Spiral bevel gear 11


Bearing Setting Pipe 28-20.2

Removing Spiral bevel gear 36


Adjust Sleeve

Removing Spiral bevel gear 11


Spring Pin Extractor 3

Disassembling Shaft lock mechanism


Bearing Extractor

Removing Ball bearings 629LLB and 696ZZ


Round Bar for Arbor ø5-50

Removing Spiral bevel gear 11

1R283 1R355

Round Bar for Arbor ø9-50 Pinion Gear Positioning Jig 1mm thick flat washer [Flat washer 6 (No. 253804-1), etc.]

Removing Ball bearings 629LLB Mounting Spiral bevel gear 11


Mounting Armature on Gear housing cover


Apply Makita grease N. No.1 to the following portions indicated by the black triangle to protect parts and product from unusual abrasion. Item No. 39 59 70 63 10 53

Description Gear housing complete Steel ball 3.5 O ring 22.4 O ring 26 Rod 10 (2 pcs)

Portion to lubricate Grease Amount Gear room approx. 7 g all surface for smooth click stop of Fence and Stopper Makita Grease N a little a little outer surface No.1 outer surface a little Lubricating Oil outer surface for smooth sliding a little VG100 (or the equivalent)

Fig. 1 39 Gear housing complete, viewed from [A] 39 10

Fence complete 53

59 Stopper

70 63

P 3/11

Repair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -1. Motor Section DISASSEMBLING (1) Disassemble Motor section from the machine. (Fig. 2) Fig. 2 1. Remove Holder cap cover by levering it up with a slotted screwdriver, then remove Brush holder cap and Carbon brush.

2. Flip open Blade cover, and then by unscrewing M4x20 Pan head screws (4pcs), Base section can be separated from the machine. M4x20 Pan head screw (4 pcs.) Base section

Carbon brush Brush holder cap Holder cap cover

Blade cover

4. Separate Gear section from Motor section by unscrewing M4x22 Tapping screw (4 pcs).

5. Separate Housing (R) from Housing (L) by unscrewing M4x22 Tapping screw (4 pcs). M4x18 Tapping screw (5 pcs.)

Housing (R)

Motor section Gear section M4x22 Tapping screw (4 pcs.)

Housing (L)

6. Disassemble Motor section by removing Gear housing cover from the inlaid portion of Housing (L). Gear housing cover

Gear housing cover Yoke unit Armature

inlaid portion

7. Pull out Armature together with Gear housing cover from Yoke unit. Gear housing cover Armature Baffle plate

Housing (L) Yoke unit

P 4/11


[3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -1. Motor Section DISASSEMBLING (2) Remove Armature from Gear housing cover. (Fig. 3) Fig. 3 1. Insert a pair of 1R022 between Spiral bevel gear 11 and Gear housing cover as shown below to hold the Motor section, then put them on 1R218 placed on an arbor press.

2. Put 1R279 on the Armature shaft press-fitted in Spiral bevel gear 11, then press down 1R279 to separate Armature from Gear housing cover.

Gear housing cover 1R279 1R022 1R022

Spiral bevel gear 11


Spiral bevel gear 11

1R218 (3) Remove Spiral bevel gear 11. (Fig. 4) Fig. 4 1. Remove Retaining ring with 1R291 from the shaft of Spiral bevel gear 11.

2. Remove Spiral bevel gear 11 by pressing it with arbor press. Gear housing cover



Retaining ring

shaft of Spiral bevel gear 11

3. Remove Ball bearing 629LLB from Spiral bevel gear with 1R269. 1R269 Ball bearing 629LLB


Gear housing cover

Ball bearing 629LLB

Spiral bevel gear 11

Spiral bevel gear 11

ASSEMBLING (1) Install Spiral bevel gear 11 on Gear housing cover in the reverse order of disassembly. (Fig. 4) (2) Place a 1mm thick flat washer on the shaft portion of 1R355, then insert 1R355 into the hole of Spiral bevel gear 19, and then press down Armature with arbor press until the armature shaft contacts 1R355. (Fig. 5) Fig. 5 *1 Important: In order to prevent incomplete insertion, use a 1mm thick flat washer as a jig, for example, Flat washer 6 (No. 253804-1).

Armature Gear housing cover Spiral bevel gear 11 1mm thick flat washer*1 1R355


*2 Important: Armature is apt to tilt when pressing down with arbor press. If you press down tilted Armature, armature shaft can be deformed in the worst case. In order to press straight down, press Armature carefully every quarter turn until the armature shaft contacts 1R355.

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[3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -1. Motor Section ASSEMBLING (3) Gear section to Motor section. (Fig. 6) Fig. 6 1. Be sure to put Rubber ring 13 in Bearing box of Endbell complete before assembling Housing (L) and Housing (R) together.

Rubber ring 13

2. Place the notch of Gear housing cover on the opposite side of Switch lever, then press down the top end of Spiral bevel gear 11 to fit the ball bearing on the commutator end of Armature securely in the bearing box of End bell complete.


Gear housing cover Spiral bevel gear 11

3. Place Pin cap of Shaft lock mechanism on the same side as Switch lever, assemble Gear section to Motor section.

Pin cap Switch lever


Gear section Motor section

Switch lever side Housing (4) Assemble Base section and Gear section together. (Fig. 2) Fix Grip to Gear housing at 90 degrees to the Base. (Fig. 7)

Fig. 7 Grip

Gear housing 90 degrees


[3] -2. Base Section DISASSEMBLING (1) Separate Base section from the machine. (Fig. 2) (2) Remove Rod 10. (Fig. 8) Fig. 8 M5x6 Hex socket set screw

Remove M5x6 Hex socket set screw (2pcs), then pull out Rod 10. Bearing box section can now be removed in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Rod 10

Bearing box section

P 6/11


[3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -2. Base Section DISASSEMBLING (3) Remove Bearing box. (Fig. 9) Fig. 9 1. Push Bearing box toward Fence complete to avoid the friction between Bearing box and Base caused by Tension spring 8, then lift up Bearing box. Fence complete Bearing box

Tension spring 8


2. Pull Bearing box towards rear side while keeping it parallel to Base.

3. Disengage Bearing box from Tension spring 8.

Bearing box

Tension spring 8


(4) Separate Fence complete from Base. (Fig. 10) Fig. 10 1. Remove Stop ring E-8, then remove M6x20 Flat head square neck bolt, M6 Hex nut and Flat washer 6 by using Lever 40 as a wrench. Flat head sq. neck bolt M6x20

Fence complete

2. Slowly tilt Fence complete while covering the circled portion with your finger until Steel ball 3.5 comes out to your finger. Then remove Steel ball 3.5 along with Compression spring 2.4.

Fence complete

Flat washer 6

Compression spring 2.4 Steel ball 3.5


Hex nut M6


Lever 40

Stop ring E-8 3. By removing Stop ring E-3 and Pin 4 (2pcs), Fence complete can be separated from Base. Stop ring E-3 (2 pcs.)

Pin 4

Pin 4

P 7/11


[3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -2. Base Section ASSEMBLING (1) Assemble Base section in the reverse order of disassembly. (Figs. 9, 8, 7, 6) (2) Assemble Rod 10 to Base. (Fig. 11) Fig. 11 1. Place the grooved end of each Rod 10 on M5x10 Thumb screw side, then insert each Rod 10 into Rod holder of Base.

2. Insert each Rod 10 until its end surface is flush with that of rod holding portion of Base. Then fix Rod 10 with M5x6 H.S. set screw. M5x6 H.S. set screw end surface of rod holding portion of Base

Rod 10 (2 pcs) groove

M5x10 Thumb screw

O ring 4 Leaf spring M5x10 Thumb screw Note: Do not forget to insert O ring 4 when assembling M5x10 Thumb screw and Leaf spring to Base. ADJUSTMENT Fix each Lever 40 (2 pcs) in the position indicated in Fig. 12; one of the levers is used for locking Fence complete and the other for Angle guide assembly. Fig. 12 Before fixing each Lever 40 with Stop ring E-8, adjust the position of the lever so that it is positioned within the angle range shown below when Fence complete/ Angle guide assembly is locked. Fence complete 45 degrees

Angle guide assembly

30 degrees

P 8/11


[3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -3. Spiral Bevel Gear 36, Ball Bearing 6201DDW DISASSEMBLING (1) Separate Base section from the machine. (Fig. 2) (2) Remove Rod 10 and Bearing box from Base. (Figs. 8, 9) (3) Disassemble Bearing box. (Figs. 13, 14) Fig. 13 1. Remove Ball bearing 696ZZ with 1R269.

Ball bearing 696ZZ

2. Ring spring 11 can be removed by expanding the ends of the spring with 1R004, then by levering up the opposite side of the spring with slotted screwdriver as shown below. Ring spring 11

Bearing box Ring spring 11

Fig. 14 1. After Ring spring 11 is removed, put Bearing box section onto 1R031, then remove Spindle by pressing with an arbor press. Note: Do not re-use the removed Ball bearing 6201DDW because it is damaged when Spindle is removed from Spiral bevel gear 37. arbor press


2. Remove Retaining ring R-32 with 1R005. Retaining ring R-32

Spiral bevel gear 37

Spiral bevel gear 37

3. Ball bearing can be removed from Bearing box by tapping the Bearing box against the work bench.

Spindle 1R031

ASSEMBLING Assemble in the reverse order of disassembly (Figs. 14, 13).

Ball bearing 6201DDW

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[3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -4. Shaft Lock Mechanism DISASSEMBLING (1) Open Blade cover and unscrew four M4x20 Pan head screws. (Fig. 2) And then, separate Base section from Gear housing. (Fig. 2) (2) Place Gear housing section on 1R350, then disassemble Shaft lock mechanism. (Figs. 15, 16) Fig. 15

Fig. 16

Shoulder pin 4 can be removed from Gear housing by applying 1R268 to Shoulder pin 4 through the small hole on Pin cap, then by knocking 1R268 with Hammer.

Pin cap


Compression spring 8

Pin cap


Carefully remove 1R268 and Pin cap so as not to lose Compression spring 8.

Shoulder pin 4 O ring 4

Note:• Shoulder pin 4 deforms Pin cap when it is removed. So do not reuse Pin cap because it cannot be properly fixed again to Shoulder pin 4. • Clean plastic dust on Shoulder pin 4 before re-assembling.

ASSEMBLING Remove plastic dust from Shoulder pin 4 before re-assembling. Assemble Shoulder pin 4, Compression spring 8 and Pin cap (new one) to Gear housing by pressing the new Pin cap (Figs. 16, 15).

P 10/11



Fig. D-1 Color index of lead wires' sheath Black Red


LED circuit

Controller Endbell complete





[1] Endbell Complete Assembly Fig. D-2 Set Endbell complete with its Lead wire holder portion facing Switch lever side.

[Correct Setting]

[Wrong Setting] Switch lever

Lead wire holder of Endbell complete

Lead wire holder of Endbell complete

Switch lever

P 11/11



[2] Connecting Controller's Lead Wires to Switch and Terminal Fig. D-3

Fig. D-4 [2]-2. Connecting Controller's lead wires to Terminal

[2]-1. Connecting Controller's Lead Wires to Switch Connect Connecting terminals to Switch as shown below. Endbell

Connect Flag connectors to Terminal as shown below.

Housing R side Connecting portion of Lead wire


Connecting portion of Lead wire Pole marks Flag connectors

Housing L side

Connecting terminals Lead wire (red) of Controller


Lead wire (black) of Controller

[3] Wiring in Housing Fig. D-5 Assemble Yoke unit to Housing (L) with its notch engaged with the rib of Housing (L). notch of Yoke unit

Controller's lead wires (black, red) to Terminal must be routed under Controller.

rib of Housing (L)

Controller’s Lead wires (black and red) to Terminal Terminal

Switch lever

Housing (L) Endbell complete

Yoke unit


LED Circuit

Line filter

Lead wire holder

Lead wire of LED circuit to Connector

Controller Flag connector

Put Line filter in this position if it is used.

Lead wires (black, red) of LED circuit to Connector must be fixed in this Lead wire holder.