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November 2014

Issue 11


1-39 Parmelia Drive P O Box 2374 Taylors Lakes 3038 Tel: 9390 3130 Fax: 9390 3056

Year 12 Graduation Last Monday evening our College hosted the Year 12 Graduation ceremony, being conducted for the first time at Melbourne Town Hall. Over 900 people attended this amazing event which was a celebration of so many aspects of school life and the specific journeys of our 2014 graduates. We congratulated the 164 VCE graduates and the 38 VCAL graduates. A feature of the evening was the array of Performing Arts talent on show throughout the evening. I wish all students well with the exam results which are now only a few weeks away. Congratulations 2014 graduates. You have done yourselves proud. I wish you every success in the future. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the year 12 Co-ordinators Michael Kelliher & Antoinette Massarotto, along with Danny Dedes (Year 12 Assistant Principal) and Cathy Filardo (Venue Liaison) for their work in planning the graduation evening.

College Captains for 2015 I am delighted to announce our School Captains for 2015. Congratulations to Stefania Valerio and Stefan Mavrelis who have been chosen as School Captains. Congratulations also to our Vice Captains Melanie Abdeen and Mitch Gration. I look forward to working with the entire student leadership team next year, along with the newly appointed Student Representative Council.

School Captains

Vice Captains

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Class Lists for 2015 It is our intention to have class lists for 2015 available and on display at Course Confirmation. Class allocation is a very complex task with many parameters sitting behind the final composition of each class. Any issue regarding the placement of any student should be raised as soon as possible after that time with the relevant Assistant Principal. Course Confirmation This is the first year in which we shall be doing as much as possible of our course confirmation electronically. Parents are able to make payments online through Compass rather than coming into the College. Students will still need to attend to check off lockers, library books and in some cases computers. A separate notice is being provided to all parents regarding these arrangements which are slightly different for each year level. Booklist details are also included with this. Please note the course confirmation day for students in years 7-9 (2014) will be Thursday December 11 th. There will not be any scheduled classes on that day, however students will be given appointment times to come in to finalise checkoffs. College Magazine Everyone who purchased a copy of the College Magazine will receive this over the next few weeks. This year’s production is a great record of the events at the College this year. It is still possible to purchase a copy if it was not ordered at the commencement of the year. This can be done through the Office at a cost of $15. I recommend it! Congratulations to Leoni Macatangay for the preparation and compilation of this year’s magazine. Kwong Lee Dows Scholars Each year several of our year 10 students are invited to apply for the Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship program based at the University of Melbourne. These scholarships provide the students with a range of benefits, especially in situations where the student ultimately goes on to study at the University of Melbourne. This year we have been fortunate to have two students successful in gaining these awards. Congratulations to Tijana Chetcuti and Jason Talevski. Start of School for 2015 (students) For the last few years we have taken two of our allocated Pupil Free Days at the commencement of the school year, prior to students returning. Please note that College Council has approved a change to this format for 2015. Our students will now commence classes one day earlier (all year 7-12 students) on Thursday January 29th, 2015. This change has been made for two main reasons. The first is that this will allow virtually all students to have at least one class with each of their teachers prior to the first weekend. Secondly, we have very minimal staff change for the commencement of 2015 and as such staff induction is not nearly as complex. This change will mean an additional pupil free day will take place during the year next year. Geoff Pell Principal on behalf of the Principal Class Lorne Anderson, Danny Dedes, Sasha Mildenhall and Louisa Norwood


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Year 11 studio art students have dedicated their time throughout the year to display their final artworks of the year to other students, teachers and principal class. Students were given the opportunity to explore their choice of theme, which several chose to express through portraits. Others focused on fashion and fantasy, however those are only a few of the themes. There were lots of other creative and unique themes that were explored in the duration of unit two. Not only did the students have the choice in their theme, students were also given the opportunity to choose the materials and Media types they felt most confident using to create and present final pieces. The class was so successful that on the 31 st of October 2014, an art exhibition was held by the studio arts class which consists mostly of 11E. This was prepared to show the spectacular efforts and talent that was worked upon in unit two. We had various classes attending the early morning exhibition along with staff, principals and co-ordinators. Students were congratulated on the excellence of their work. Comments were remembered ensuring the students will continue their hard work. The end result was remarkable with everyone’s talent on display to their peers. A big thank you to Mrs. Scott, for her encouragement to students throughout the year, and the organisation of the exhibition. Taylah Lind 11E

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Mr. Florence - Numeracy Leader & Mrs. Nowak - Literacy Leader

TLSC stops everything and reads together!

In week seven of this term TLSC celebrated National LiteracyNumeracy Week which featured many events that promoted reading and computing. Each day of week seven opened with a ‘Morning Radio Show’ hosted by Mrs. Nowak and Mr. Florence that included dramatic readings performed by student guests, ‘Guess the Author & Title’ Competitions and the posing of Mathematical Questions of the Day. On Wednesday, 27 th of August the entire year seven cohort participated in a Spelling Bee and a Math Relay. Every day at lunch students could buy exciting new books at the Scholastic Bookfair which was hosted in the library. The bookfair sold $800.00 in books, yielding $300.00 in direct book profits for TLSC students. These new books will be added to TLSC’s classroom libraries, ensuring that students have access to fresh new reading materials that are sure to tempt even the most pernickety readers. Many staff members and students helped to make this year’s LiteracyNumeracy Week special. For example, TLSC’s dynamic Book-Club members, created advertising posters and sold cupcakes and books to help build classroom libraries. Library staff and Book-Club members helped with the promotion and smooth running of the Scholastic Book-fair. However, a few standouts need to be mentioned – Ramandeep Kaur of 9I who was involved in all areas of the book-fair promotion such as marketing and sales and Olivia Trentos of 9A, who showed up every day to help with the sales, book set up and clean up. Couple of other highlights of that week included Mr. Antonetti’s hosting of the Library Treasure Hunt, Ms. Earl’s creative composition of the ‘Literary Question of the Day’ and of course the Morning radio show during which a selection of brave students delivered dramatic book readings. Thank you to the following, intrepid Radio Show participants, whose readings helped to make the show special: Felicity Van Elst and James Sadler of 7I, Raman Deep of 9I and Ashvin Umaharan of 10D. The Literacy-Numeracy week closed on Friday afternoon with a welcome interruption to everyone’s routine when staff and students alike read together for twenty minutes. Truly at TLSC staff and students alike showed they understood this year’s motto – ‘Literacy and Numeracy are the Bread and Butter of Learning!’

Scholastic Book Fair Enthusiasts!

Ms Michelle Nowak-Literacy Leader

ANOTHER VCAL SUCCESS STORY….. ALEX DANGAS ( VCAL 2011-2012) visited recently to share her career success. She is now the holder of a Private Security Individual Licence and anticipating a busy workload. It was a lengthy and intensive process for four months to obtain her qualification, as she attended training sessions in theory and practical classes and then had to pass stringent security checks, a police check as well as a name check. Finally she received approval from the Licence Regulation Department and paid her $465.00 fee for her 3 year licence. Alex already has employment in a city entertainment venue, as well as Flemington Racecourse and, as she said, there are …” too many jobs to choose from…”. It was excellent to see Alex looking so positive about her pathway, and to hear her similarly positive feedback about the VCAL program at TLSC. Ms Christine Williams VCAL Literacy Teacher.

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SHORT ITALIAN PERFORMANCE - La Lettera As part of the Italian/drama co-curricula activities that the college has to offer, a small group of Year 7 students and two Year 10 students enthusiastically took on a great opportunity to act in a short Italian play called ‘La Lettera’ which translates to ‘The Letter’. Emilia Petrovska (7J), Jimmy Mammoliti (7G), Helena Krilis (7J), Kianda Fry/ Smith-Nobel (7B), Holly Moore (7F), Natalie Welsh (7F), Pat Gangemi (7B), Jordan Chetcuti (10F)and Ayla Pajevic (10G) have been rehearsing tirelessly for this Italian performance in the Italian language and have brought the play to life. They courageously performed to their peers in Year 7 and Year 8 Italian classes on Monday 10th November and to the general public in the evening. The ‘La Lettera’ performance crew appeared in the

local paper, i.e. Brimbank Leader and STAR weekly promoting the show for the college. They also appeared in the Italian newspaper ‘il Globo’ and were interviewed on an Italian radio station ‘Rete Italia’ in order to involve the Italian community and invite them to the show at the college. I’m very proud of the students and their commitment to the Italian performance. A very big THANK YOU to all staff and students involved in the performance. Your contribution and hard work is greatly appreciated! Grazie mille! Ms Livia Fasulo Italian Teacher

YEAR 8 ITALIAN EXCURSION — LYGON STREET This term the Year 8 Italian classes are learning about Italian food and culture. As an extension to this topic, they had the opportunity to be immersed in the Italian culture on Thursday 30 th October and Friday 31st October when they went on an excursion to Lygon Street. It was an enjoyable day out and students were able to eat at the irresistible Brunetti café where they indulged in traditional Italian desserts such as cannoli, tiramisu, gelato… the list goes on! Our next stop was at Cinema Nova where students watched an iconic film called ‘Lygon Street- Si Parla Italiano’; a film about Italian immigration and its influence on Lygon Street. Our final destination was to a traditional Italian restaurant where pizza, pasta and gelato were served. The Year 8’s represented the college very well and had a chance to explore our Italian/Australian heritage. Thanks to students and staff for a great day! Grazie! Ms Livia Fasulo Italian Teacher

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THINKING CYBER SMART It is likely that many parents know of social networking apps/sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but what else is there that your child might be using? The following is a link that will explain such applications and associated concerns, benefits and things to look out for http://tinyurl.com/kylt9uc Mr Peter Whitefield eLearning Leader


In the classroom the Year 10 Environmental Recreation students have been learning about a variety of outdoor environments and how to minimise their impact whilst within them. They have also been studying weather patterns including their effects on waves, so all jumped at the chance to expand and apply their knowledge and participate in a surfing lesson on Victoria's famous surf coast on October 30th. Being the first time for most, students struggled with wetsuits and the chilly water but almost all found success from the lesson, standing up and riding waves in to the shore. Some found it a little more tricky but all enjoyed the day out in the sun, admiring what is a picturesque landscape of Torquay. Thank you again to Mr. Wallace for his assistance and to all the students who gave it their all on the day. Thankyou, Mr Brendan Hodges Year 9 Coordinator Outdoor and Physical Education Teacher

EN RO L L IN G NO W William Angliss Institute is the only dedicated hospitality, tourism and foods training provider in Victoria… So come and join us! Places are still available for 2015 in our specialised VCAL Intermediate (equivalent year 11) and Senior (equivalent year 12) programs, with industry specific skills. Choose from the list below: Cookery


Food and Beverage

Retail Make-Up and Skin Care (Beauty)

For further information visit our website www.angliss.edu.au or contact [email protected] or 03 9606 2623

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SSV YEAR 7 BOYS & GIRLS FUTSAL The Year 7 boys and girls futsal teams competed in the Keilor District competition. The boys were unlucky not to progress through their group having lost a close game to KDC and were competitive against the eventual winners Gilson College. They can hang their hats on the fact that they achieved the biggest victory of the day beating Copperfield 11 – 2. Overall, the day was great preparation for their upcoming National Futsal Title competition which will take place in Brisbane towards the end of the month. The story of the day belongs to the girls. Once again, they swept all before them, cruised to the final where they won convincingly. This makes a clean sweep of soccer trophies for the Yr 7 girls in 2014, having already won the SSV Soccer State final. This is a great effort so a big congratulations to all the girls involved. The challenge for the girls now will be whether the can go back to back. A tough ask, but if the discipline, desire and hard work is there, the girls could once again achieve great things for 2015. Good luck. Mr Paul Castelli Soccer Academy Program Co-ordinator

SSV YEAR 7 BOYS & GIRLS FUTSAL "The 2014 sporting season is almost at its conclusion. It was another great term of sport, with plenty of triumphs and tribulations. Well done to Mitchell Jordan, Natalie Duggan, Natalie Fedor and Chris Mitrevski for having a successful time at State Track and Field. Kudos to the Intermediate Girls Cricket team for their valiant efforts at the Regional Championships. And lastly, a big congratulations to our Year 8 Futsal teams. They received some great experience points for next year's competition. Well done to both boys and girls. Mr. Kozak Sport Co-ordinator

AUSTRALIAN SCHOOL FUTSAL TITLES Brisbane The TLSC boys U/15 futsal team were invited to attend the Australian School Futsal Titles in Brisbane earlier in the month after having won their respective State competition earlier in the year. It was a first for the school, sending a futsal team interstate to compete in the National Titles. The team, made up of students from Years 8, 9 & 10 were expecting to come up against some stiff competition, as several schools boasted specialist futsal academies. The boys were competitive in all their games. Score lines of 1-6, 11-2, 2-3 & 3-4 didn’t do them justice, as they dominated all but one of their games. Had they converted a quarter of the chances they created in front of goal, it would have been enough to see them progress to the final! A big thank you must go out to Mr Broadbent who gave up his weekend to assist with the trip. And a special thank you to the parents of the students who were in full support of the trip. Some even ventured up to sunny Queensland and formed a cheer squad! All in all, the trip was a great success, well done boys! (Paul Formosa, Milosh Basaric, Liam Harper, Aaron Schille, Tom Cardwell, Adrian Fiore, Jayden Vella, Brandon Bezzina, Michael Carucci & Michael Tzoutzidis). Mr Paul Castelli Soccer Academy Program Co-ordinator


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End of Year Activities 2014—PRINT PERMISSION SLIPS OFF COMPASS The end of the year is fast approaching and an exciting program of events has been planned for teachers and students to celebrate the end of 2014 in style. The dates and costs for the activities program are presented here for parents and students to plan their celebration and start saving now!

FUNFIELDS—Whittlesea (Friday 12th December. $32) GEELONG ADVENTURE PARK (Monday 15th December. $36) LUNA PARK (Tuesday 16th December. $31) MELBOURNE SPORTS & AQUATIC CENTRE (Wednesday 17th December. $23) MOVIES—Watergardens (Thursday 18th December. $14) OR BOUNCE INC. (Essendon Fields) (Thursday 18th December. $34)

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