Targeting Healthy Living with

Functional Foods & Beverages W. John Short, CEO & President Grand Hyatt, New York May 27-28, 2015

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Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

The Value of RIBT’s Proprietary and Patented Technologies

Rice bran has traditionally been a low value byproduct of rice milling directed mostly to animal feed

 The enzyme lipase causes raw rice bran to degrade quickly after milling

 RIBT’s proprietary and patented technologies allow us to stop the degradation and “convert feed to food”

 Our technologies provide a vast renewable and sustainable source of healthy, whole food nutrition without the need for additional farming


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Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

Stabilized Rice Bran is Nutrient Dense

100% White Rice (1 cup)

Glycemic Load = 91 (estimated)

Daily Value




Daily Value


Calories Carbohydrate Fat Protein Fiber Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin Vitamin B6 Folate Vitamin B12 Pantothenic Acid Choline Betaine Calcium Iron Magnesium Phosphorus Potassium Sodium Zinc Copper Manganese Selenium


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Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

Rice Bran (1 cup)

217% 201% 240%

Glycemic Load = 10 (estimated)

230% 122% 198%


Other Micronutrients 400 mg phytosterols 165 µg carotenoids 290 mg ɣ-oryzanols 1.8 g inositol

The Enormous Global Potential of Rice Bran

Million Metric Tons

Rice bran has enormous potential for global nutrition and health


18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

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Global Rice Production 2% U.S. Brazil/Uruguay/Argentina 8 % 31 % China 59 % Rest of World

Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

RIBT’s Technology Platform

Stabilization  Proprietary Equipment  Know-How



Human Food/Health  Aqueous  Chemical  Enzymatic  Separation

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Applications  Meat, baking, beverage, health foods

Animal Feed/Health

 Equine, pork, cattle, companion pets

 Human Clinicals  Animal Studies  In Vitro Studies  Product Formulation  Product Development  Partnerships

Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

Validation: Evidence-Based Functionality

Cholesterol Lipid Human clinical: Reduction in serum cholesterol, LDLcholesterol, apolipoprotein B and triglycerides

All RiceBran Technolgies ingredients are: Non-GMO; Gluten-Free; Wheat-Free; Soy-free; Dairy-Free; Zero Cholesterol; Made from whole grain .

Product Data Sheet

US - powder US - powder

yes yes




yes yes

US - powder



1, 8


US - powder Brazil - powder Brazil - oil R&D only R&D only

yes yes yes


1, 8


Trade Mark




RiFiber RiBran DF cRBO RBExt-INF RBExt-GLC


RiBran Ribalance™

Trade Secret





Human Pub Clinical


Glucose Metabolism Human clinical: Reduction in serum glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin, and increase in insulin In vitro: increase glucose uptake into adipocytes and inhibition of FABP4

Human In Vitro Clinical Studies




1,5,6 5,6

yes yes yes

1,5,6 5,6 2,3 2 1,5,6 5,6

Weight Satiety

GI Health

Human clinical: Induces satiety

Inflammation Joint Health

Animal study: Reduction of adenoma development in the intestine; inceases faecal transit; enhances GI microflora

Human Pub IP Clinical

Animal Studies



Animal study: Formulations comprised or RiSolubles or Rice Oil combined with other active ingredients to provide inflammation relief and joint health in horses In vitro: Inhibition of COX1,2 and 5-LOX Human PK: biouptake of active compounds Human Animal PK Studies






For details go to front page and click on Nutraceutical & Functional Foods Research & Development, Patents and Independent Research


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Mouse 11b Horse



Mouse 11, 12

10, 14 PK, 13

In Vitro Studies

Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

9 9 10, 14 10,15

2013 – Emerging Market Opportunity

Entered 2013 as ingredient provider to animal feed and human food; market trends highlighted a unique opportunity  Sales were stagnating for traditional CPG companies  Consumer awareness of health benefits and preventative effects of functional foods was growing  The movement “from pharmacy to grocery” was in full swing – especially among the 72 million millennials and 83 million baby boomers  Global functional food market in 2013 reached $237 Bn; US market $58 Bn; projected annual growth of nearly 7%


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2014 – Transformation to Product Solutions Provider


Healthy Natural capacity doubled

Acquired Healthy Natural

● ●

Developed Strategic Plan

Initial Capital Raise



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● ● ●

● ●

50% capacity increase at Irgovel

Additional Capital Raises

Doubled capacity at Dillon plant


Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran


2015 – Turnkey Health and Wellness Product Solutions Provider

After completing Healthy Natural acquisition and plant expansion in 2014, RIBT entered 2015 well positioned to capitalize on health and wellness trends with packaged functional foods and nutricosmetics


Newly installed capacity at Healthy Natural, Dillon and Irgovel can support $100 million to $150 million sales over 3 to 5 years

Product development, formulation, blending and contract manufacturing capabilities are driving new sales opportunities for packaged functional foods

Investments in technology are supporting FSMA, GMP, Kosher, Halal and HACCP compliance

Market opportunities go beyond functional foods into other high margin categories such as nutricosmetics

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Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

2015 - Targeting Healthy Living Segment

Many Opportunities - Focus on Functional Foods and Nutricosmetics

Personal Care Natural Personal Care


Nutritional Supplements Ingredients Suppliers Over The Counter


Functional Foods Natural and Organic Foods

Food- Human & Animal


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Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

Functional Foods and Nutricosmetics Defined

FUNCTIONAL FOOD: a natural or processed food that contains known or unknown biologically-active compounds which when ingested in defined quantitative and qualitative amounts provide a clinically proven and documented health benefit Functional Food Center - Dallas, Texas

NUTRICOSMETICS: not only act on skin, hair and nails, but also provide more systemic effects resulting in improved health and fitness Handbook of Cosmetics Science and Technology


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Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

RIBT’s Healthy Living Product Platform

Balanced Nutrition  Plant Protein  Dietary Fiber  Healthy Oils  Complex Carbs  Phytonutrients


Functional Foods  Evidence-Based Health Benefits  Lower Risk of Health Issues  Maintains Active Lifestyle

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Clean Label  Non-GMO Verified  Gluten Free  Soy Free  Vegetarian/Vegan  No Added Sugar  No Trans Fats  No Preservatives

Great Taste & Convenience  Great Tasting Foods & Beverages  On-the-Go Packaging  Meets Changing Consumer Needs

Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

RIBT’s Improving Sales Mix – Converting Feed to Food

Product Category




Packaged Functional Foods/ Nutricosmetics




Functional Ingredients




Food Ingredient




Animal Feed



USA Segment Revenue

$12.0 Mn

$23.1 Mn

Gross Margins



Gross Margin %


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Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

2015 – Strategic Initiatives

Secure debt facility to fund sales growth - Completed $8 million three year debt facility with Full Circle Capital in May 2015

Secure additional bran supply in U.S. - In negotiations to install stabilization equipment in third California mill for 2015 harvest

Improve sources and quality of raw rice bran in Brazil - Signed agreement in April 2015 to install RBT’s proprietary stabilization equipment at CAAL’s

Increase marketing efforts to drive sales growth to new and existing customers - Substantial increase in trade show participation, sponsorships and direct sales activity throughout 2015

Monetize new product formulations and R&D efforts - New product launches of high margin functional ingredients and finished products expected throughout 2015 with customers in US, Mexico, Japan, Korea and the U.S.


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Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

Driving Revenue Growth

Health & Wellness Targets


 Foods and beverages

 Mexico

Formulation/development of functional

Made in USA packaged

ingredients & packaged finished products

functional foods and ingredients

 NutriCosmetics Rice bran oil, functional derivatives and packaged finished products

 Companion Pets


 Brazil Defatted bran into the US meat industry; rice bran protein project under development

 Japan/Korea

Clean label functional ingredients and

Demand for “Made in USA”

packaged value added formulas

packaged functional foods

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Why Invest in RIBT?

 Capacity installed in 2014 can support sales of $100 million to $150 million over the next 3 to 5 years  Improving sales mix to higher margin functional foods and nutricosmetics  Our products meet consumer demand in all healthy living categories  Intellectual property provides significant competitive advantages  Product development in 2014 has built a strong pipeline in functional foods/beverages and nutricosmetics for 2015  Expect cash flow positive operations in 2015 in both operating segments


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Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

Management Team W. John Short

J. Dale Belt, CPA

Mark McKnight

Robert Smith, Ph. D

CEO & President

Chief Financial Officer

SVP Sales & Marketing

SVP Operations, R&D

• Over 30 years of experience in finance and accounting including strategic planning, due diligence, cash flow analysis, financial forecasting, and SEC reporting

• Joined RiceBran Technologies as Senior Vice President of Contract Manufacturing in 2014

• Over 20 years experience managing R&D and business development in the Ag-biotech industry

• Previously served as the CEO and Chairman of H&N, a leading company in the natural products packaging & distribution industry, and has been in the Natural Products industry since 1993

•Director of Business Development at HerbalScience Group. Served as Director of R&D at Global Protein Products Inc. and PhycoGen Inc., and was Project Leader at Dekalb Genetics, a Monsanto Company

• Started developing unique product formulations in 1995 and has developed successful products that cover three key channels of distribution: MLMs, health food stores and mass retailers

• Previously served as Research Assistant Professor at the AgBiotech Center at Rutgers University; Post-Doctoral work in Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Missouri Columbia

• Joined RiceBran Technologies in July 2009 • Brings over 30 years global management experience and has held C-level management positions with consumer products and financial services businesses in Asia, Europe and the Americas • Spent over a decade in corporate, government lending and financial institutions lending with Citibank in New York, Venezuela, Ecuador and Hong Kong • Graduated from Dartmouth College and the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


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• Prior to joining RiceBran Technologies in June 2010, was Managing Director of Sierra Consulting Group’s restructuring practice •Managing Director in the restructuring practices of Pricewaterhous Coopers and FTI Consulting; over 15 years in the private sector where he held various C-level positions •B.S. in Accounting from the U. of Kentucky; CPA licensed in Kentucky, a Certified Turnaround Professional and a Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor

• Current member of the Natural Products Association (NPA) and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Rice Bran

• Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology from the University of Chicago; Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology, from the University of Chicago

Thank You

R iceBran Technologies is unlocking the nutritional value of

rice bran, an underutilized, renewable and sustainable byproduct of the global rice milling industry with the potential to help satisfy a significant portion of increasing global demand for edible oil, protein, dietary fiber and other human food ingredients and functional foods.

Unlocking the nutritional value of rice bran


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