Tandem Seating Eames Collection

Tandem Seating Eames Collection Charles & Ray Eames feature among the most important figures of twentieth century design. Their work is multi-facet...
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Tandem Seating

Eames Collection

Charles & Ray Eames feature among the most important figures of twentieth century design. Their work is multi-faceted: they developed funiture, produced films and photographs, organised exhibitions and designed and built their own house as a pioneering endeavour. Vitra has produced and marketed the furniture designs of Charles & Ray Eames since 1957. First producing under license, Vitra obtained exclusive rights to all Eames products for Europe and the Middle East in 1984. Consequently, we are the sole legitimate manufacturer of Eames designs in this part of the world. The brand gives you the security of owning an original product by Charles & Ray Eames.

Dubai International Airport (UAE)

References Abu Dhabi International Airport King Abdulaziz Jeddah International Airport Dubai International Airport EuroAirport Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg Düsseldorf International Airport Geneva International Airport Köln/Bonn International Airport Waterloo Station, London Lille Airport Nantes Aéroport Atlantique Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport

Düsseldorf International Airport (D)

Waterloo International Station, London (UK)

1962 the first model is assembled

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Metal parts for Tandem Seating

1962 setup of Tandem Seating units in the new O’Hare Airport, Chicago

Tandem Seating is a robust modular system enabling comfortable and relaxed seating in public waiting areas, for example at airports or train stations. It is designed to withstand an exceptional level of wear-andtear. The resilient seat and back upholstery can be exchanged on site. The generous seat surface and the sandwich structure of the upholstery offer great seating comfort. The simple modular system enables the units to be added together at will or linked with table-tops to form an enclosed configuration.

Dubai International Airport (UAE)

Eames Office employee Jim Summer after loading a bench in a truck

720 281/4”

590 231/4” 590 231/4” 430 17”

540 211/4”

190 71/2”

860 333/4” 560 22”

590 231/4”

1840 721/2”

590 231/4” 430 17”

240 91/2” 540 211/4” 190 71/2”

The ETS system for waiting areas can be configured both in single rows (with 1-6 seat or table units) and double (back to back) rows (with 5 or 6 seat or table units each). Double-row configurations are also available with double table tops. The frame and armrest supports are made of chromed cast aluminium. Seat and backrest upholstered units with welded inlays in vinyl or leather. Armrest surface made of polyurethane. Table tops in black compact laminate. T-form supporting bar in powder coated basic dark. Single-row combination with T-form legs, double-row combinations with double legs. Frames on plastic glides for carpeted floors, optional felt pads available for hard floor surfaces.

All measurements in millimetres and inches, established pursuant to EN-1335,1

350 133/4”

Tandem Seating Programme features

3010 1181/2”

1660 651/4”


Vinyl Deviations in colour are possible due to the printing process.

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