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Author: Amice Goodwin
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Our Family Story


From Sugar Princess to Hemp Queen


A Lesson in Hemp History


The Down n’ Dirty on Hemp


Hemp and Healthy Bodies


The Truth on Protein


Meat, Hemp and Soy


Hemp Oil


Hemp the Hero


Hemptastic Recipes


Hemp Milk & Cream


Berry Chocolate Hemp Smoothie


Hemp Sliders


We are Hardwired for Hemp A huge thank you to all the hemp warriors that helped me put this epic little manual together, you know who you are! Also to my family for being some of the coolest cats on the planet who continue to pioneer this seed and bring it to the people in the safest and most holistic way possible. you rock!! PS YOu can find the references for this booklet on my website at: www. xo Symentha


Welcome My name is Symentha Holmes, or the Hemp Queen as I’ve been nicknamed over the past decade of working in the hemp food industry with my family company. Before hemp came into my life, I was actually more of a Sugar Princess. This seed took my health from sickness to wellness, and completely changed my life. I’ll get to that story in a moment. First let me tell you what this instruction manual, Hardwired for Hemp is all about.

We’ve just forgotten. In the last 100 plus years since the industrial revolution humanity has taken a massive turn away from nature (what is real) and in the direction of what big business calls, “progress.” However, as you’ll see from the hemp history books, humans and the planet have been hardwired for hemp, for a very long time. Further down in this instruction manual , you’ll learn how and why hemp received it’s bad reputation - which has resulted in decades of suppression. Hemp’s power was lost in the lies, pushed aside and made to be seen as the devil’s weed. Fortunately, we’re living in a time when modern science is finally reclaiming hemp’s power to solve many of the Earth’s biggest challenges and we the people are taking back our food, our medicine. This little booklet is an inspired compilation of the teachings I have learned from the hemp heros that have paved the way, the rebels that have fought for its freedom, the scientists that proved its power, the health nuts that brought it back to life, right down to my very own love affair with this epic seed. I’ve crammed lots of the most mind-blowing information about hemp’s wild history, nutritional facts, yummy recipes and my own personal story of healing. By the end, you’ll be just like me - a Hemp Lover for life! Thank you for trusting me and letting me share my journey and discoveries with hemp - a seed that can, has and will, change the world for the better. Here’s how it all began... -3-

My Family History with Hemp It was 2001 and my father and brother were on a quest to create a protein powder made from wild rice. They ran into a farmer in Saskatchewan that had the “leanest little pigs” they’d ever seen. When they asked the farmer what they were feeding the pigs, he explained how the local hemp farmer was giving him the “cake” (hemp hulls) that were left over from pressing the hemp oil from the seeds. Hearing this, they both got goosebumps, thinking maybe this was what they were really looking for and asked for a sample. After they had the hemp cake analyzed, they quickly discovered that this seed was not only a complete plant protein, it ALSO offered a balance of essential fatty acids, and an array of dense nutrients that were uncanny in their similarity to human blood plasma. Our search for the healthiest form of protein available was over. In that moment, our family’s lives changed forever and little did we know, it would change the lives of many others as well.


From Sugar Princess to Hemp Queen How Hemp changed my life! At the time, when they brought hemp home, I had been living smack dab in the center of the city of Vancouver for 3 years. Living in the big city was new to me after coming from a very small town. The city was exciting and even though I felt free, my life was far from healthy. My daily routine for 3 years was simple: ● Work as a bartender 10pm-4am. ● Drink and Party all night. ● Wake up at noon. ● Model and act on the side. ● Eat out at unhealthy restaurants everyday. ● Use sugar and caffeine for energy. ● Party some more. ● Get sick. Go to a doctor. Take medication. ● Repeat. Since childhood I battled with a plethora of illnesses and this way of living was breaking me down. Saying I was ready for a change was an understatement. I was dying for it. I knew I couldn’t go on abusing my body the way I was and continue to get away with it. Interestingly enough, a week after my family’s big hemp discovery, the bar I worked at was closing down. They gave me 2 weeks notice, an event that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


As fate would have it, something greater was brought to the table. Hallelujah! My family decided we were going to package hemp and bring the world’s first hemp protein powder into the ever expanding health food market. Guess what? We did. This changed our lives forever and we like to think we changed the world a bit too, because hemp’s raw power is only now being recognized. From working in the bar industry, to the health food industry, my life did a 180 degree turn. It was daunting, new, challenging, and uncomfortable. I was terrified. However, I have learned over the years that the change I resist the most, is usually what’s healthiest for me. This was the beginning of a new life and how my Hemp Queen journey got wings. I was never really a smoothie or supplement girl and at the time I thought green things were for hippies. My family leaned more towards the standard “meat and potato” diet. Hemp was quite a stretch from my usual burgers, pizza, wine, coffee and pastries... and that just covered breakfast!

Since I was going to be selling this “hemp stuff” as the sales person for our new company, “Living Harvest”, I knew I had to start eating it. So like any skeptical and curious person, I opened my mind and tried it. Over the next few weeks I started eating it daily. I would mix it with frozen berries, apple juice and yogurt. It was a lot of sugary ingredients but it was still definitely better than my usual food. I was having 2 smoothies a day and still eating my regular diet. After that first month of “Being on Hemp” I started to notice some changes. Big changes! ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

For the first time in 17 years I didn’t need to take any painkillers. My bowels became regular (oh the relief!). Sugar cravings went way down. The fog lifted from my brain. The anemia (low iron) went away. I was sleeping deep for the first time in years. My energy was starting to increase. I was drinking less caffeine. And I felt like a new person who was on her way to feeling whole.

This became something very exciting to share with people. I thrived off educating people about the benefits of eating hemp.

My brother and I hit the streets. From health food store to health food store, demo after demo, one person, and one conversation at a time, we began to win people over from the whey, meat and soy world - sharing with them the true health facts about what makes hemp better than all the other protein options available (which I share later in this Instruction Manual). The personal feedback we started getting, was astounding! One by one people continued to come forward and share their stories and experiences with their newfound, passionate love affairs with hemp. Some of the stories were incredible. Benefits people were experiencing ranged from: ● relief from joint pain ● improved digestion ● quicker recovery from injuries or workouts ● weight loss ● overcoming sugar and caffeine addictions (even alcohol & drugs in some cases) ● increasing their energy levels ● gaining muscle mass ● people were even getting off of insulin ● and the list went on and on... Our family became known as pioneers in the hemp food industry, bringing some of the highest quality hemp food to the market. Our customers have always felt like family to us, and because of this we have been highly trusted in the industry for a decade and a half. My brother Charles became known as the “God Father” of hemp (funny, right?) and I was named, the Hemp Queen!

Since that first month love affair with hemp, I knew in my bones that helping people find new health with hemp was my mission.


A Lesson in Hemp History Let’s take a moment and go back in time here shall we. Hemp’s history with humans is a long, incredible tale that only now is becoming known to the masses. For starters, did you know there are well over 20,000 known uses for hemp!? From rope to paper, clothes to concrete, even the materials to build homes and food to build our healthy bodies.. Here are 12 Historical Facts about hemp that’ll blow your mind! 1.

All schoolbooks were made from hemp or flax paper until the 1880s.


Archaeologists have found relics made of hemp fabric that are more than 10,000 years old.


On a nutritional level, hemp seeds are one of the highest quality complete plant proteins that offer a healthy Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids balance, that have been eaten by people for eons.


In more modern times, one of the founding fathers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson drafted both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution on hemp paper. Isn’t that cool?


It seems like past presidents loved their hemp because both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew hemp on their plantations.


Farmers were even forced to grow hemp as part of their estate for their land security. In fact, it was the world’s largest domesticated crop until 1890.


Hemp was so vitally important to America during World War II that farmers and their sons who agreed to grow hemp were waived from serving in the military.


On a more artistic note, the paintings of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Gainsborough were primarily painted on hemp canvas.


A woman by the name of Betsy Ross took part in making the first United States flag out of the finest, strongest fiber available. Yes, you guessed it ... hemp!


The string Benjamin Franklin used in his famous kite experiment was made from hemp.


In 1941, Henry Ford manufactured the body of an automobile using hemp-based plastic and it was powered by hemp ethanol fuel.


An even wilder fun fact is you could actually pay your taxes with hemp throughout America for over 200 years!

After nearly a century of suppression, hemp is once again finally being remembered and revered as one of the most important plants on Earth! -7-

Getting Down n’ Dirty with Hemp WARNING: This is where it gets a little dirty!!! Hemp was one of history's most widely used plants. It was actually big business worldwide, until 1935. This is when the US Treasury Department began secretly drafting a bill called The Marihuana Tax Act. Then, in September 1937, arguably the world’s premier renewable resource and the most useful plant known to man, became illegal to grow in the US, both in its non THC (tetrahydrocannabinols) strain and THC strain called marihuana.

Hemp is major competition for industries like: oil, food, cotton, alcohol, prescription drugs, tobacco, cancer, cotton and plastic. Think about it. If there was a seed, that had infinite and positive possibilities in the world of food, fuel, medicine and fiber, do you think it would be a threat to the people that are in power of these current systems that are running the world we know today?

In that same year, Du Pont filed its patent on Nylon, a synthetic fiber that took over many of the industrial fibers that could have gone to hemp.

Remember, we used to be able to pay our taxes with this stuff. Just sayin’... My vision is that we all start to focus on long-term sustainable solutions for our energy, food, clothing, housing and everyday living.

Beyond the fact that Hemp, Cannabis Sativa, and Marihuana technically are the same plant, industrial Hemp has immeasurable amounts of THC and should NEVER have been made illegal. Imagine where our world would be today?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead -8-

Hemp: A Happy, Healthy, Helper in the Human Body If you want to be a healthier human, then this section is for you! One of the things all health inspired humans must know, is that we are what we eat. So if you want to feel powerful and clear, then you need to be eating the best foods possible. These have been dubbed “Superfoods”.

What’s a superfood you ask? It’s a nutrient rich food that sings to your cells and fuels your body’s highest performance. They are foods that are loaded with HUGE amounts of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids in ratios beyond what you would normally expect. Did you know that hemp seeds are one of the most potent superfoods on the planet? Yup, these tasty little Superseeds are a storehouse of energy that are packed with essential nutrients. The good news is, hemp provides many of the essential raw tools we need. For example, we need the right kinds of complete protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals in order to be strong, recover fast and stay powerful. The protein in hemp just happens to closely resemble the protein found in human blood, this makes it much easier to digest ( bio available) and utilize the available nutrients.AKA, we are HardWired for it baby! Another great fact is that the essential fats (efa’s) in hemp seed oil are free from heavy metals, radiation and other toxins, which can be associated with oil supplementation.

Let’s go a little deeper into the nutritional facts... -9-

What’s the Beef on Protein? (Protein Truths) We all know we need protein in our diet, but we need to ask ourselves better questions when it comes to sourcing the best source for our bodies. Questions like: ● ● ● ● ●

Where does the protein that I buy come from? Is it complete? What is the best protein for my body? How are the animals fed and treated if meat is part of my diet? Is the protein I’m eating good for me and for the planet? Can my body assimilate and easily absorb the nutrients from the protein?

There are many ways to get protein nowadays-beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains and whether we know it or not, most fruits and veggies have proteins too. There are many options to choose from, another one being animal products. This is a touchy subject that is continually debated. Yet, as the evidence weighs in, it’s becoming clearer that “harvesting” animals is an inefficient, inhumane, unsustainable and costly way to get the protein we humans need. Books such as the “China Study” and studies done by World Health Organization have found many links to animal protein and cancer. Of course, this is hotly contested and there is still much research to be done. Many would agree, as the world demands more protein for our ever growing population, hemp foods will surely play a much greater role in providing a more sustainable solution.

- 10 -

More Data about Meat, Soy and Hemp There have been many studies that support a meat diet and many studies that support a plant-based diet. Some believe meat is good and some believe meat is bad. In any case, there are some pretty well known facts of the horrors that come with eating meat that is raised in the factory farming industry, that not only affect the animals, but it also affect almost everything the average human eats. Here are some of them: ● ● ● ● ●

Over ½ of all antibiotics used in the world, are used on poorly treated animals that become sick through the factory farming industry. Cattle ranching is now the biggest cause of deforestation in the Amazon and has the highest rates of slave labour in Brazil. Brazil is also the fourth largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world, where the cattle contribute to a significant quantity in the form of, ahem, cow farts. Soybean meal, which is the largest source of protein feed in the world, has been using up sacred rainforests that are endangering valuable habitats and species. Soy meal that is created for humans and animals for feed, is not made from the traditional healthy ways of the orient, with a long fermentation process to break down the enzyme inhibitors, that are necessary for absorption. Factory processing of soy is mixed with a petroleum-based hexane solvent to extract the soy oil, then the leftover flakes are toasted and used for animal feed. The soy oil is then cleaned, bleached, degummed and deodorized. Yuk! Another Soy product is called hydrolyzed vegetable protein. To create this, it undergoes a tremendous process of added preservatives, high temperatures and additives to improve color and taste. This method employs the use of the enzyme glutamase, which in turn produces large quantities of the "g" (glutamate) in MSG. Not one bit healthy for human consumption.

So, If we’re gonna eat meat, let’s remember what’s really involved behind the scenes. There are still good and ethical sources from local farmers that are grass fed, raised by people that care and as I’ve shared there are many others options to get complete protein in our diets. Hemp on the other hand, just happens to contain more protein than meat and is super easy to digest and assimilate in the body. With it’s complete plant amino acids and it’s balanced essential fatty acids, hemp is known to be one of the best foods on the planet for the human body. Hemp is also loaded with many vitamins and minerals, plus it’s rich in chlorophyll and plant sterols which gives us super immunity and mega dosages of energy. Yeah Hemp! - 11 -

Hemp Oil. Some really good stuff. As the typical North American diet is composed of far too much unhealthy Omega 6 fats from toxic processed foods, our human instinct for balance, demands more Omega 3’s. Typically sold to us in fish oil supplements, this mainstream source of good fat, turned out to be a bad idea. Not only has it thrown us out of balance, but it’s thrown the whole planet off too! Studies have now proven that overfishing has impacted our world so dramatically, that we have a serious global problem on our hands. The solution? Farmed Fish. Don't even get me started. So now, we’ve got our bodies and brains starving for nutrition because our good fats have come from bad sources, which makes it hard to think cause we have no energy, so even the thought of change becomes the enemy! How did this happen? What do we do? Again, Hemp comes to the rescue! Cold pressed organic hemp seed oil has been SO very underrated that it should be a crime! This seed, which half of it’s weight comes from it’s oil, contains 75% essential fatty acids-Omega 3, 6, 9 & GLA, in a nearly perfect balance! This, is good news for me and you and the Planet too! Here are some great things about raw hemp seed oil: ●

The essential fatty acids(EFAs) found in hemp seed oil are in a perfect balance of 1:3, Omega 3 to Omega 6 and also contains GLA-Gamma-Linolenic acid.

Hemp oil contains high levels of naturally-occurring vitamin E (tocotrienols and tocopherols) which are free-radical scavenging antioxidants. Hemp seed oil is loaded with chlorophyll, phytosterols, carotenes and lecithin.

● ● ● ● ● ●

Free from heavy metals. Hemp seeds do not contain the mineral-binding antinutrient phytic acid. Makes a wonderful massage oil, body scrub, hair treatment or makeup remover. Excellent for animals! Add it to their food bowl and it will make their coat shiny, lubricate their joints and support them to be healthier long into their golden years! Tastes amazing on salads, in smoothies, on popcorn and is a beautiful addition to any meal. This miracle plant oil plays a big role in:

● ● ● ● ●

reducing inflammation allergy symptoms improving hormonal regulation energy production boosting your body’s immune system

● ● ● ● ●

lowering blood cholesterol aiding in cell development increasing energy and endurance supports digestion and reducing the risk of heart disease

Hemp oil is not to be heated or used for frying, so please enjoy it in its pure, raw form! - 12 -

Hemp the Hero. A Plant to Save the Planet! Hemp’s superior properties don’t stop at the dinner table either. There are thousands of documented uses for this amazing plant, some of which could even save this beautiful planet we’re blessed to live on.

How Can Hemp Save the Planet? Well I’m so glad you asked! This is my second favorite part about this plant and it’s very exciting to share how hemp selflessly gives back to the planet when it’s grown. Within its limitless ability to be the premier renewable resource, hemp does things like clean the air, the soil and grows much faster than trees, to be used as building materials. Here are some stats: ●

● ● ●

Hemp is one of the fastest growing biomasses of our time. With its nutrient rich crop, growing hemp improves and enriches the soil quality, improves the land and increases the nutrients found in the soil. With synthetic fibers and the reliance on fossil fuels for humans, comes mass deforestation. Not only does hemp breathe in 4 times the amount of carbon dioxides as trees during its 3 month growing cycle, it can also grow in 4 months what takes trees 20 years! Hemp has the ability to lock CO2 away into long-lasting and durable buildings. Hemp is also known to help clean up and detoxify nuclear waste spills. When it comes to cotton for clothing, it requires far less water to grow, not to mention cotton taking up about 25% of the world’s pesticide use. Hemp requires no pesticides, no chemicals and grows fast with little water needs.

So just know, that every time you choose hemp over trees, plastics, cotton, factory farmed meat or soy - that you are doing a WORLD of good for you and our future generations.

Hemp Feeds, Cleans and Heals us and the Planet too! The planet and our bodies are our homes as long as we are alive. The single most important thing we can do, is invest our hard earned money and our loving energy, into what brings our bodies and the planet back into health and happiness. We are worth it, the animals are worth it and the planet is worth it too! - 13 -

Hemp-tastic Recipes! This is the exciting part where we get to actually start eating this good stuff! Over the years of transitioning myself off of the typical western diet, I’ve created some yummy recipes that make it easy to eat healthy. Especially now that you know the truth of this seed, every bite will surely put your mind at ease and take your body to a place of health and happiness! Whenever I share these few secret recipes with people, they are blown away at how easy it is to work with hemp and the fact that you can do SO many things with this tiny little seed! Another reason why I love hemp so much as you’ll see below, is the fact that the easiest and most delicious things you can do with hemp, is make your own milk in under a minute!

Milk from a seed? Indeed! Most people have NO idea that you can make your own hemp milk at home! Not only does it save you money but you are getting the healthiest alternative to other dairy or nut/soy/seed milks that you can buy. You are also getting a raw, live and enzyme rich milk that is loaded with healthy benefits and have zero nasty thickeners! So go ahead, blend away and enjoy the benefits of Hemp.

Homemade Hemp Seed Milk Recipe: 1 cup of filtered water 2 tbsp hemp seeds Blend for 60 seconds. Strain in a nut milk bag for a finer milk, or just use it as is for a smoothie base. Lasts in the fridge for approximately 3-4 days! Tips: You can also add your favorite sweetener like a date or tbsp of maple syrup, add a little bit of vanilla or your favorite flavor!

Make a hemp milk creamer by adding 12 tbsp of melted coconut oil and/or 12 tbs of coconut milk.

For kids, you can blend in a banana or their favorite fruit and they will love it! - 14 -

Chocolate Berry Bliss There is just something magical about the combination of chocolate and berries. Don't you think? Add in the super healthy benefits of hemp and don't forget your buddy the banana and you’ve got yourself a blissful blend. HIgh in antioxidants, protein and good fats, this shake is great for breakfast, a pre or post workout boost, have it for a snack or even as a sweet dessert. This smoothie that is made with our Chocolate Hemp Protein is super tasty, healthy and easy to make!

Recipe: 1 cup homemade hemp milk 2 tbsp Omega Chocolate Hemp Protein ½ cup frozen berries 1 banana or an avocado Simply blend and enjoy! Tips: Check out these other recipes on the website like the Cherry Bomb Smoothie or the Pineapple Express @

- 15 -

Vegan Hemp sliders Wanna try something different? My friend who’s a chef loved these so much, he had the owner add them onto his Vancouver restaurant’s menu! These are SO tasty and versatile, you can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime of the day! 1 cup cooked quinoa 1 cup cooked lentils 1 cup peas 2 tbsp soaked flax seeds ¼ cup gluten free bread crumbs 4 tbsp plain hemp protein 1 cup hemp seeds 3 tbsp hemp seed oil ¼ tsp of each: turmeric, paprika, cumin, cayenne Mix all the ingredients together with your loving hands and form into baby sliders. Saute on medium heat in coconut oil until golden brown on each side. Serve on a fresh salad, on your favorite bun or they even go great for breakfast!

- 16 -

We are Hard-wired for Hemp Baby!! Isn’t it a great feeling, knowing that every time you eat hemp you are investing in a vision for the Earth that you can believe in. Your body loves it, your mind loves it, your family will love it and the planet loves it too! It is my goal and mission to share this knowledge of the truth of hemp with as many people as possible, so thank you for participating in making that dream come true. If you feel inspired to be a hemp-lover with me then please share my website, www. with the people you know and love, so they can learn how we are Hardwired for Hemp too!! Please enjoy hemp and thank you for taking the time to learn more about this wonderful plant and seed. Feel free to share your comments on the FaceBook page below. I would LOVE to hear your story!

Fuel your Body with Hemp! If you are ready to find out what Hemp truly feels like in your body, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Fortunately, my family owns Planet Hemp and Hempco Canada so I can get you the best deal on hemp you are going to find on the internet (yay for connections). If you’re inspired to amp up your energy, health and contribution to the whole Planet, then go to my website, and order your discounted Hemp Kit today. Blessings, Symentha aka Hemp Queen

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