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Corporate Profile Vision Mission General Core Electrical Philosophy History The Management Company Details

WHAT WESCOR OFFERS - Oil-immersed transformers - Dry type Transformers - Power Transformers - Servicing and Preventive Maintenance - Transformer Repair - Welding Machines - Rectifier Transformers - Pole Line Hardware and Materials - Transformer Tests

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CORPORATE PROFILE WESCOR, one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers of today, is a reinstated Family Corporation that generally produces and fabricates Power and Distribution Transformers consistent with customer specifications, and based on designs in compliance to the standards of the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR). Our products include Dry-Type or Oil-Immersed Transformers, Power and Distribution Transformers, with capacity ranges from 1-kVA to 10000-kVA, Single-Phase (1-Ø) or ThreePhase (3-Ø), for indoor and outdoor installations.

Association - American National Standard Institute (NEMA-ANSI) but is dynamically flexible to diverse specifications of our clients within the parameters of the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC).

Associated electrical commodities include supply of Pole Line Hardware and Materials such as Lightning Arresters Fuse Cut-outs and Load Break Switches (LBS), electrical consumables and other raw materials in the erection and installation of Indoor and Outdoor Substations, Rectifier Transformers and Welding Machines. Also, WESCOR renders immense services such as Transformer Repair, Preventive Maintenance, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Power Transformers and Substations. The company upholds a practical manufacturing facility which enables WESCOR to competently produce quality transformers. Quality Control is an essential part of operation. This guarantees a trustworthy product that meets customer requirements. WESCOR functions with highly efficient craftsmen and in consortium with specialized consultants in the field of Electrical Engineering. Its products still matches to the requirements of the National Electrical Manufacturers


Maintenance and Repair of Transformers, as well, is a component of the full potential of WESCOR. It has an inclusive service shop manned by service personnel who can take action to customer needs and specifications of electrical equipments and systems within a short period of time. Thus, WESCOR is not only a business, but a family of dedicated and proficient men and women with technical and professional skills heightened by experience. Through the years, WESCOR has been truly humble of their achievements. Starting out in 1965 with Transformer Fabrication and Repair, WESCOR at present, is one of the principal companies in the country that makes a wide range of Single-phase and Threephase Power XFs and Distribution XFs of various designs and capacity, which are comparable in strength and durability, not to say the least price. The ultimate satisfaction of its customers remains the primary goal in every undertaking. To its credit, WESCOR can claim to be the first manufacturer of the High-Voltage Transformers in the Philippines - a noble legacy as WESCOR can truly say “We made it first.”



WESCOR shall be the premiere Philippine Transformer Manufacturer as it celebrates its Golden Year by 2015. Along this line, product design and cutting-edge development and research is the primary thrust of the company. Integrating the various fields of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, the products and services of the company are current in content and state-of-the-art in delivery. With this, WESCOR shall become an increasingly dominant part of the Electrical Engineering business as it extends it services throughout the country.

WESCOR shall not only impart expertise in the industry but also inculcate ethics as an Electrical Engineer that discharges his duties with absolute fidelity to its clients and employers, acting with optimum margin of safety and impartiality to all.



WESCOR, using the most effective means, shall provide its clients with fulfillment from our innovative and resourceful sales and services. The company maintains a quality of its own. Our main objective is the ultimate satisfaction of the customers, and that is, and always will be, our number one goal.

WESCOR shall deliver high-quality services and products for the purpose of instilling excellence in the enhancement of the Electrical industry, and making a positive contribution to national development.


GENERAL CORE WESCOR encourages the reinforcement of the time honored ideals from the Code of Ethics for Electrical Engineers (RA 7920) which enables a strong moral backbone that will contribute to the personal well-being as well as that of other members of society.

WESCOR emphasizes significant core values to the company. Integrity

Our integrity is promoted in our personal and professional lives. WESCOR employees must be open and trustworthy. WESCOR places a high value on giving back to the groups of people in which we toil in a selection of philanthropic capacities.


We instill a discipline of safety throughout the company and in all aspects of our work. WESCOR is committed to endow its human resources with a safe work environment through training, communication and an astonishing capital.


We deliver high quality services and outstanding work products. WESCOR shows compassion on our clients' challenges and deliver greater services that fulfill their goals and surpass their expectations.


We make fresh opportunities for our clients through the profundity of our services, creative thinking, strategic planning and entrepreneurship. WESCOR combines innovative philosophies and ideas to help our clients realize beneficial opportunities.

Sustainability The financial health of WESCOR ensures our sustainable triumph by establishing a foundation for long-term client relationships and providing a stable, positive work environment for our employees.

By ensuring that these core values are put to practice, WESCOR shall have done its share in producing men and women who live fulfilled and momentous lives. 7

ELECTRICAL PHILOSOPHY WESCOR embraces the guiding principle of producing transformers with high efficiency in the engineering field. Our inexorable ability to respond to our customers' precise needs has led to customers' satisfaction. Our working objectives are: •

To fabricate good quality transformers through the improvement and development of a high efficiency value system and offer a reasonable price in accordance with quality of products.

To develop knowledge and training on all levels of employees to keep pace with world development, making WESCOR into a dynamic company.

To design transformers as per customers' specific prerequisite to create utmost significance to customers as complying with the morality of Electrical Engineering, thus promoting closer ties and fellowship among members of the profession and with other engineers and associated technologists.

To carry out prompt, on-time delivery which help to build and maintain a good relationship with the customers for mutual benefits in the future.

To collaborate with other engineering and technical societies and/or with the agencies of the Republic of the Philippines in all endeavors which enhance public service and the common will.


HISTORY WESCOR, originally identified as Western Electrical Works, started in 1965 by dealing mainly on the repairs of transformers. When the government imposed control on the importation in line with the austerity program, the late Mr. Emiliano V. Cruz, founder of WESCOR, saw it an opportune time to manufacture its own transformers. With his determination and patience, WESCOR gradually prospered into the transformer industry. This incident showed to be providential as it was able to produce and perfect the product. The early operations of WESCOR were held in a commercial area in Sampaloc, Manila. In the early years of the company, WESCOR is short of financial capability the fact that it is a single proprietorship. Without much importance and benefit for himself, Mr. Emiliano V. Cruz concentrated on the improvement of his products for the ultimate satisfaction of his customers. By 1976, Mr. Emiliano V. Cruz decided that his 10-hectares of land at Novaliches, Quezon City, is intended for an extension program with the end in view of acquiring modern machinery for WESCOR. After having been accredited by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) subsequent to several meritorious transactions, and with Engr. Cecilo Milo, who gave him much backing and inspiration in pushing through his business, the company assumed another name and that is WESCOR ENGINEERING. It is an honor for WESCOR to be tasked of manufacturing the 69-kV, 3.75-MVA Transformer installed at Landoil, Mariveles, Bataan – the first high-voltage transformer in the Philippines. This was placed in service and energized on April 2, 1977. Mr. Emiliano V. Cruz pioneered in this specialized area of Electrical Technology in the country. This is the enlightenment why WESCOR carries on its catchphrase: “We made it first.” Little did we know that the man behind the company had endured above-the-knee-amputation of his left-leg since he established WESCOR. The company steadily continued to equip itself with innovations in the business in spite his difficulties. The disadvantages inherent did not discourage him in any way. This unfortunate event had a silver lining though. Like a step-up transformer that allows a device that requires a high voltage power supply to operate from a lower voltage source, the founder’s growing children stepped-up to be of assistance to deal with the business. Mr. Emiliano V. Cruz has produced great Electrical Engineers and Craftsmen over the years. In fact, a few of his successors re-established allied companies in the industry


as well. When Mr. Emiliano V. Cruz passed away on February 23, 1990, his wife, the late Mrs. Anita E. Cruz, together with their children, took over his duties and the company had undergone perpetual succession. Reinstated in 1992 as a Family Firm, the company was then named WESCOR TRANSFORMER CORPORATION, engaged in a more massive manufacturing of Power and Distribution Transformers of various designs and capacity, in compliance with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association - American National Standard Institute (NEMA-ANSI) but is animatedly convenient to assorted specifications of our clients within consideration of the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC). WESCOR is a noble member of SPECS - The Society of Philippine Electrical Contractors and Suppliers, Inc. This is a non-profit organization of licensed electrical construction companies accredited with the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) making the company more recognized as an electrical contractor that helps in the service of the electrical industry.

Almost twenty years have passed and still an invincible characteristic of the modern WESCOR is evident. This is what you call Delegated Management. In other words, the control of the company is placed in the hands of an Executive Committee. WESCOR is currently being administered by the descendants of Mr. Emiliano V. Cruz, his children. WESCOR has a perpetual lifetime wherein an advantage is that the corporation may continue beyond the generation of the owners through their successors. This allows stability and the accumulation of Quality Practice in the Transformer Industry even after the demise of any member of the Executive Committee. WESCOR exists as a product of corporate law, and its rules balance the interests of the administration who operate the corporation; the employees who contribute their labor; and the clients they serve. With the inspiration of the Cruz Family, WESCOR can look forward to more profitable years further on.


THE MANAGEMENT The Management System works to direct the organizational and technical functions of the company in their daily operations. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Mr. Antonio E. Cruz Mr. Rogelio B. Velasco Mrs. Emelda C. Velasco Mr. Rodolfo I. Dela Cruz Mr. Ernesto I. Dela Cruz Mr. Emiliano I. Dela Cruz Jr. Mr. Rolando I. Dela Cruz Mr. Ramon I. Dela Cruz

President Technical Service Manager General Manager Chief Finance Officer & Production Manager Internal Auditor & Control Manager Project & Construction Manager Operations & Control Manager Human Resources & Operations Manager

MANUFACTURING PLANT OICS Arturo Alcala Jayson Cruz Rustico Taguiam

Master Technician Junior Technician Engineer

MARKETING OFFICE Michelle C. Alcanices Jenna D. Cruz Joan C. Madulid Rosa Maria B. Dela Cruz

HRD Personnel Sales Representative Sales Representative Sales Representative



Wescor Transformer Corporation Engineers, Transformer Specialist, and Contractors

Locality Address

10 Tikling St. Villilia Village, Novaliches, Quezon City

Marketing Office

(02) 930-6983 (02) 930-7113 (02) 454-1412 Manufacturing Plant (02) 454-3678 Fax

(02) 456-5300

E-mail Address

[email protected]

Date Organized

January 6, 1993

Tax Identification No.


SEC Registration No.


Principal Activities



WHAT WESCOR OFFERS OIL-IMMERSED TRANSFORMERS In the oil-immersed type of transformer, the coil-core ensemble is immersed in oil in a tank provided with radiator cooling fins attached at the sidewall. The oil, normally crude petroleum derivative obtained by fractional distillation, serves as the cooling and insulating medium. It has a dielectric strength more than 27-kV, tested between standard parallel electrodes 1-inch in diameter at a gap of 2.54-mm. The core is made up of high-grade, non-aging, grain oriented, stress-relieved, of low hysteresis loss and permeability silicon steel insulated on both sides. It is usually a cord-configuration arranged in a straight line and joined together by yokes clamped securely to arrest vibration and for maximum mechanical integrity. The section maybe rectangular or cruciform, according to the parameter being optimized in the design. The core is imported from Japan, Australia, United States, Belgium and West Germany. The windings are soft-drawn copper with conductivity of 55-S-mm2 to 56-S-mm2 and insulated by transformer boards and kraft paper to prevent flash over a wide temperature range. The windings maybe of coil or other arrangements appropriately braced to withstand axial and radial stresses which occur during short circuits. The tank and cover are fabricated from locally available low-carbon steel plates of appropriate thickness and designed to withstand up to 50% vacuum pressure without distortion or leakage. The tank is mounted on heavy steel channels and provide with convenient attachment for loading, earthing and draining. It is coated with epoxy primer and finished with several layers of gunmetal grey lacquer. Homogeneous glazed porcelain bushings are used as terminals and are lengthily exposed appropriately to withstand potential gradients greater than 1-kV/in. without flashover. It has well spaced sheds of such geometry as to sustain isolation from earth even when installed at 15° inclination and under heavy drench. Special oil resistant gasket seals the interface of the bushings base and tank cover. Special clamping and mounting mechanism insures that the 13

bushing does not give in to horizontal loads normally encountered in servicing. High tension bushings are imported from the United States, Japan and Norway. Oil-immersed transformers should be inspected under the cover once every ten years. The accumulation of sludge on coils, or the rusting of oil in cooling ducts reduces the heat transfer capability, causing higher operating temperatures. Wescor has supplied oil-immersed transformers to satisfied customers for over 30 years now. Wescor renders Servicing and Testing of Power Transformers. The oil in the transformer becomes contaminated and deteriorated during normal services. This reduces its dielectric strength. Filtering is therefore necessary. Wescor is equipped with a Filter Press Machine to remove moisture and filter out sludge.

Distribution Transformer Pole-Mounted, 1-Ø, Oil-Immersed Self-Cooled (OISC), 60-Hz 13200/7620-V, 120/240-V 14

We have particularly cited our transformers with primary voltage ratings of 13.2-kV/7.62-kV and 120-V/240-V of secondary voltage as these has been the most common subject of our supply. Modifications shall be made accordingly with the change of voltage rating and per customers’ specifications. Oil-Immersed Self-Cooled 13.2-kV/7.62-kV Primary, 120-V/240-V Secondary

These dimensions have been accepted and conform to the pertinent regulations of the National Power Corporation.


DRY-TYPE TRANSFORMERS Dry-Type Transformers are constructed from the same design concept as Oil-Immersed Transformers with certain variations. They can be installed beside or near the load, hence reduces the secondary cables. Fiberglass and high temperature varnish are instead used as insulation between windings and core. The windings are spaced appropriately to insure efficient passage of air. The casing of dry-type transformers merely isolates it physically from the environment so that it is provided with air vents as cooling system, and mechanical attachments as an integral part of the coil-core assembly, and for handling. The casing is made of low carbon sheet of standard gauge reinforced by angulars and channels. Dry-Type Transformers normally are not provided with bushings but primary and secondary connections are passed through conventionally located parts fitted with grommets. Since it is cooled by natural convection of air, it is safer and does not explode. For working places where there are a large number of people present, like hospitals, schools, hotels, theaters and alike, this type of transformer is more advisable.

Dry-Type Transformer Floor/Wall Mounted, 1-Ø or 3-Ø, Class H Insulation, 60-Hz Indoor/Outdoor Type, Autotransformer/Induction Type NEMA-1 Enclosure


These dimensions have been accepted and conform to the pertinent regulations of the National Power Corporation.


POWER TRANSFORMERS Power Transformers are iron-core transformer having a primary winding that is connected to an alternating-current power line and one or more secondary windings that provide different alternating voltage values. The transformer adjusts the voltage to a suitable level on each leg of power transmission from generation to the end-user. This means stepping up the voltage at generation for long haul transmission with low losses and down to domestic voltage manageable in the power outlet for home and industry.

Power Transformer, 3-Ø, 500-kVA to 3000-kVA, 60Hz, OA/FA 2.4-kV to 69-kV Primary Winding, Type – Conventional and Loop Feed, Live and Dead Front 18


WESCOR renders Servicing and Preventive Maintenance on your Substations. These involve testing of transformer insulation, maintenance of accessories and general cleaning. It includes filtering of transformer oil, checks on oil leaks, and over-all evaluation of equipment performance.

Substation Design, Fabrication, Erection Transmission Line Installation Acceptance to Testing and Servicing Supply various Equipments Hot Line Tools and Linemen’s Accessories



WESCOR also performs Repair Jobs on Power and Distribution Transformers. Scope of works, as to the replacement of materials is determined by how big the damage is. Proper Transformer Tests are usually performed before dismantling to determine what is wrong with the unit.



A transformer style welding machine adapts the high-voltage and low-current electricity from the utility into a high current and low voltage, typically between 17-V to 45-V and 55-A to 590-A. This kind of machine naturally allows the welder to decide on the output current by either moving a magnetic shunt in and out of the core of the transformer otherwise by allowing the welder to select from a set of taps on the transformer. These machines are in general the least expensive to get for hobbyist use. Transformer of a special type, water cooled, having core of high grade electrical steel, primary and secondary coils of solid electrolytic copper of ample section, Welding Machines are of the heavy duty class; insulated, impregnated and suitable for withstanding continuous temperature of 140° C.

Welding Machine 100-A to 500-A 1-Ø or 3-Ø 110-V/220-V Duty Cycle 60 Class H Insulation Portable, Standard, Heavy Duty



Rectifier Transformers are used to step-up or step-down ac voltages for rectification and filtering. Input voltage and frequency establishes the primary rating while the secondary ac voltages and currents are determined by the dc requirements. Used in metallurgic and chemical procedures, Rectifier transformers (also called furnace transformers) are used for their power to support the current in an extreme short-circuit. The rectifier circuit used in most electronic power supplies is the single-phase bridge rectifier with capacitive filtering, usually followed by a linear voltage regulator.

Rectifier Transformer 10-A to 2500-A 1-Ø or 3-Ø 6-V to 48-V DC 110-V/220-V to 440-V Primary Dry-Type or Oil-Immersed



A lightning arrester is a device used on electrical power systems to protect the insulation on the system from the damaging effect of lightning. Metal oxide varistors (MOVs) have been used for power system protection since the mid 1970s. The typical lightning arrester also known as surge arrester has a high voltage terminal and a ground terminal. When a lightning surge or switching surge travels down the power system to the arrester, the current from the surge is diverted around the protected insulation in most cases to earth. Fuses are used on power systems up to 115-kV AC. High-Voltage fuses are used to protect instrument transformers used for electricity metering or for small power transformers where the expense of a circuit breaker is not warranted. Pole-mounted distribution transformers are nearly always protected by a fusible cutout, which can have the fuse element, replaced using live-line maintenance tools. High-Voltage fuses are standalone protective switching devices used to 115-kV. They are used in power supply networks and for distribution uses. The most frequent application is in transformer circuits, with further uses in motor circuits and capacitor banks. These types of fuses may have an impact pin to operate a switch mechanism, so that all three phases are interrupted if any one fuse blows.

Supply of Lightning Arrester Fuse Cut-out, Load Break Switch (LSB), Power Fuse 5-kV to 30-kV

1-Ø or 3-Ø Insulators and Line Construction Tools 23


WESCOR is equipped with a complete set of transformer testing devices. Before delivery, each newly manufactured transformer is subjected to different tests to ensure good quality for an A-1 performance. Likewise is done and applied to repaired transformers. 1. Transformer Turns Ratio Test To determine if specified number of winding turns are complied with to obtain the desired proper voltage 2. Megger Test To determine the relative conditions of the insulation as to its resistance 3. Polarization Index Test To determine the condition of insulation with respect to moisture and other contaminants 4. Non-destructive Hi-pot Test Is the means for obtaining positive proof that the insulation has sufficient voltage strength to ride out over voltage caused by switching and lighting surges and to continue to provide useful service 5. Oil Test Oil sampling to determine the dielectric breakdown voltage, interfacial tension, acidity and color through laboratory testing 6. Efficiency Test As efficiency rises to a maximum and then proceeds to a drop off, it is caused by iron losses that are substantially constant and copper losses that increase as the square of the load. The efficiency of a transformer is a maximum when these losses are equal. It is always risky to release transformers without undergoing proper testing. Negligence to check on the resistance of its insulation will cause the current to arc; eventually causing burning and destruction of the unit. Likewise, it would lead to a higher power consumption which will add up to expenses. 24