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Page 1, December 2016 / January 2017


Euclid Middle School, Littleton Public Schools

Holiday Concerts Read more...pg 2

After School Activities Information about after school events is on the daily announcements that are made every morning. There are bulletin boards in the cafeteria and posters

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High School Shadow Days All three LPS high schools host eighth graders for on -site visits. Dates and phone numbers are listed for additional information

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Art News Congratulations to all the students with artwork selected to be displayed for the Mix and Match Art Show in the Double Classroom Gallery at

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GT News

8th Grade Assembly

The GT 7th grade exploratory for 2nd quarter allows students to learn about architecture in theory and practice. After researching different architectural

Next semester the eighth grade students will hear HIV positive Barb Wise tell her story. Her promotional brochure states she “takes the audience through

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Yearbook Ads for 8th Graders Read more...pg 10


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Euclid Middle School, Littleton Public Schools 2016-2017 December 6 Jazz Band Concert 6:30 P.M. HHS Auditorium


December 7 PLC Late Start Day Classes begin at 9:54 A.M. 6th Grade Band & Choir Concert 7:00 P.M. Gym December 13 6/7/8 Orchestra Concert 7:00 P.M. Gym December 14 Guitar Recital 7:00 P.M. Cafeteria December 15 PTO Meeting 9:30 - 11:00 A.M. December 16 Falcon Feather Semester 1 Celebration 1:45 P.M. Cafeteria December 19 7/8 Holiday Choir Concert 7:00 P.M. Gym December 20 All School Holiday Lunch during lunches 7th & 8th Grade Band Concert 7:00 P.M. Gym

January 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day January 19 PTO Meeting 9:30 - 11:00 A.M.

December 23 - January 6 Winter Break

January 25 PLC Late Start Day Classes begin at 9:54 A.M.

January 9 Non-Student Day Teacher In-service

January 26 Coffee & Conversation 9:30 - 11:00 A.M.

January 11 Euclid Accountability Committee 3:30 - 5:30 P.M.

Honor Roll Ceremony First Semester 11-12 7:00 P.M. Gym

PTO News Julie Hopson PTO President [email protected] https://sites.google.com/site/euclidpto Missed any newsletters? Please check out the PTO Website!


Page 3, December 2016 / January 2017

EUCLID AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Brain Bowl: Attention braniacs, geeks, nerds, and geni-

Spelling Club: All students had an opportunity to qualify

uses! Brain Bowl is beginning on Thursday, October 6th! This "trivia with a buzzer" is an uproariously fun academic competition requiring academic content knowledge in a variety of subjects, teamwork skills, and leadership qualities. Past teams from Euclid have gone on to compete in regional and state competitions! Meets: Thursday 2:50 - 4:10 PM Room: 0292 and 0297 Sponsor: Mrs. Neufeld and Mr. Tuke

for the EMS Spelling Bee by taking a written test in their language arts class. The top 30 students will advance to the Euclid Spelling Bee which is December 1 from 12:302:43 p.m. Family members are invited to attend. The EMS Bee finalists will advance to the LPS District Spelling Bee held on February 8 after school at Powell Middle School. Meets: Wednesday morning 7:00 - 7:45 AM Room: 0295 Sponsor: Mrs. Fast

Green Team: Are you interested in environmental issues

Technology Student Association - TSA Club:

and activities! Come join the Euclid Green Team! We had our first meeting in September, but we're four members short of having an official club. Meets: Tuesday Room 1116 Sponsor: Mrs. Bradbury

Do you love building or engineering? Technology Student Association (TSA) is a club where students build projects for the state TSA competition held downtown each winter. All projects are robotics or woodbased. Meets: Tuesdays 2:50 - 4:10 PM Room: Wood Tech/Modern Tech labs Sponsors: Mr. Grimes or Mr. Biddulph

Soccer Club: Come play soccer at 7:00 AM on Thurs-

How do I get involved?: Information about after school

day (6th Grade) or Friday (7th & 8th Grade). Open to everyone! See Ms. Fidler or Mr. Mena to get the purple form so you are ready to play.

events is on the daily announcements that are made every morning. There are bulletin boards in the cafeteria and posters announcing starting dates are displayed in the halls. Watch here for announcements about new clubs and activities. Club fee is due at the beginning of attending one club. After the initial payment, the club fee includes unlimited attendance at any clubs.

Meets: Thursday or Friday 7:00 - 7:45 AM Room: Gym Sponsor: Ms. Fidler or Mr. Mena

Interested in other sports and activities? Click here to see what other district approved opportunities are available.

Euclid Intramurals By Clint Borel, Intramural Director 7th Girls Basketball: The 7th grade season ended Monday, November 14, with the final game at Euclid. Special thanks to 7th grade coaches Steve Coll and Teresa Vigil! 8th Girls Basketball: The 8th grade basketball season will be wrapped up with the final tournament at Euclid on Saturday, December 10. Come and support our Falcons starting at 8:00 am. Special thanks to 8th grade coaches Paul Howe and Kevin Kolasa! 6-8th Grade Wrestling: The season will end with the district tournament at Newton on Thursday, December 1. The grapplers are having a great season, come and support our Falcons! Special thanks to coaches Justin Riffle and Clint Borel. Upcoming Sports: 7th & 8th Boys Basketball will begin after Winter Break!


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S t u d e n t S e r v i c e s N e ws Co u n s e l o r s : M e l i n d a Mo r r i s : 3 0 3 - 3 4 7- 7 8 2 0 T a r a K o l ke r : 3 0 3 - 3 4 7- 7 8 1 9 Anne Keely, Secretary: 303 -347-7810 EIGHTH GRADE PARENTS If you live out of the school district and plan to attend one of the Littleton Public School high schools, now is the time to open enroll at one of them, (Arapahoe, Heritage, Littleton). If you live in the district and do not plan to attend your home high school, please remember that you must open enroll at the high school your student would like to attend. If you live out of the school district and plan to attend a school that is NOT in Littleton Public Schools, please notify Mrs. Keely so your records can be sent to the appropriate high school Students who live in the “area of choice” were mailed a letter in November regarding their choice of high school. Please return the letter, indicating your preferred high school, to Mrs. Keely in Student Services during the first week in January. Please note that everyone does not live in an “area of choice.” If you did not receive a letter, your address is not a designated “area of choice.” Please call Mrs. Keely if you have any questions.

END OF FIRST SEMESTER/SEMESTER GRADES The first semester of the 2016-2017 school year will end on December 22, 2016. Students will receive final cumulative grades for this eighteen-week period. . Grades will be available for parents and students to view on Infinite Campus Portal Tuesday, January 17,, 2017. These semester grades are final. The final grades become a part of each student’s cumulative record.

SECOND SEMESTER 2016-2017 Second semester provides all students with a fresh start and the opportunity to focus on future successes. Students will begin the second semester on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. There is no school for students and staff on Monday, January 16 in order for everyone to observe Martin Luther King Day. Please mark your calendars.


Heritage High School Please visit the attached site for their shadow days. Shadow days information Their “Freshman Show Case” was held on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. Please contact the school for more information if you missed that day. Arapahoe High School “8th Grade Shadow Days” Parents can sign up under the Arapahoe High School Website. Arapahoe Shadowing and Freshman Showcase “Freshman Showcase” was held on Wednesday, November 14, 2016. Please contact the school for more information if you missed that day. Littleton High School 8th grade visits began in October. Attached is the link to their website. Littleton Shadow dates and times IB applications became available the beginning of October and the deadline is in December 2016. IB applications “Freshman Lion Pride Preview” was held on Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 6:30pm. Please contact the school for more information if you missed that day. There will be an informational sessions for International Baccalaureate.

GPA CALCULATIONS AND CHANGES As of the 2016-2017 school year, Littleton Public Schools Board of Education has changed its policy, IKF, so that students can now earn course credit towards the LPS graduation requirements prior to entering high school. If your student is enrolled and successfully passes the following courses in middle school, it will be counted for high school credit: Algebra Geometry Algebra II Spanish I Since these are highs school courses, their weighting will change to 5 credits, rather than 3 credits. Course completion will not count towards a student’s grade point average (GPA) in high school, but will be factored into a student's GPA at Euclid. This change in weighting will be represented in the first semester grades.


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S t u d e n t S e r v i c e s N e ws Co u n s e l o r s : M e l i n d a Mo r r i s : 3 0 3 - 3 4 7- 7 8 2 0 T a r a K o l ke r : 3 0 3 - 3 4 7- 7 8 1 9 Anne Keely, Secretary: 303 -347-7810 SECOND SEMESTER SCHEDULES


Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grade students will receive their new schedules when they return to school on Tuesday, January 10. CORE teachers will distribute second semester schedules to their SIXTH and EIGHTH grade students during the regular core times. SEVENTH grade students will report to their CORE classes to receive their schedules at 7:54 AM.

Just a friendly reminder that Safe 2 Tell is a great resource for our students and parents to use after school hours if they need to report a safety concern. This is located on the Euclid website. All tips that come in remain anonymous.


If you have made any changes to your household information, such as changes in address, phone numbers, email address, health, medication, or emergency contacts, please call Mrs. Keeley in Student Services. We can then update Infinite Campus for you. 303-347-7810

All School Conferences: These conferences are regularly held in October and February. These are times for parents to meet teachers in order to discuss student successes and concerns. There are two formats for all school conferences. Scheduled: These pre-scheduled conferences are 20 minute time periods in which a teacher or parents can make an appointment to conference together. These conferences tend to focus on students who are struggling academically. Arena: Arena Conferences offer the opportunity for parents to meet with teachers for ten-minute conferences without an appointment. This enables parents to conference with any or all of their students' teachers in a short period of time. During this time period, all Euclid staff will be in various designated areas in the school according to grade and exploratory/elective area. These conferences are on a first-come, first-served basis. Thursday, February 9, 2017 4:30 – 7:30 pm Scheduled by parent or teacher Thursday, March 23, 2017 4:30 – 7:30 pm Arena conferences (10 minute drop in) Parents are welcome to request a conference with a teacher(s) at any time during the school year. This type of informal conference can be arranged by calling the counselor who works with your student's core. The counselor will coordinate and schedule the conference in a timely manner. Parents can also call a teacher(s) directly and schedule an appointment.

COUNSELING GROUPS Counseling groups have begun for the school year. These include: Divorce, Social Skills and Grief and Loss. If you are interested in having your student participate in one of these groups, please contact the counseling department. 303-47-7810


VACCINATION INFORMATION FOR ALL EUCLID STUDENTS Please have your student’s immunizations updated as soon as possible. If you signed a yellow “Immunization Notification and Plan” please have your student immunized according to the plan and bring in documentation to Mrs. Keeley in the Counseling Office Your student should have completed the following immunizations. 1 Tdap 2 Varicella 3 Hepatitis 2 MMR If you do not have a regular family physician, you can call Tri County Health at 303-761-1340 for information about immunizations. 1-800-757-3999 is a centralized number for making appointments for immunizations with Tri County Health. If you have any questions, call the Student Services Office at 303-347-7810

COMMUNITY RESOURCE RECOMMENDATIONS Counselors receive many requests for community assistance prior to the holiday season. Some of the opportunities are for Inter-Faith Community Services, Santa Claus shop, gifts for students and holiday gift baskets. If you and your family could benefit from one of these referrals, please call the Student Services office so we may put you in touch with these opportunities. This would be extremely helpful to us as we are not always aware of your needs. Please phone 303-347-7810 or 303-347-7820 (Ms. Morris).

Page 6, December 2016 / January 2017 Art News By Tammy Andersen

Congratulations to Julianne Gianetto for having her watercolor painting selected to represent all of Euclid Middle School at this year’s Littleton Hospital Healing Arts Student Exhibition. Only one student piece per school in the district was chosen to participate so being selected is a huge honor. The show will be on display in the main lobby of the hospital until December 30.

Congratulations to all the students with artwork selected to be displayed for the Mix and Match Art Show in the Double Classroom Gallery at Euclid Middle School from November 15 – December 22. Participating artists include: Ava Antolinez, Aislyn Barnett, Rhiannon Barnett, Farrah Carlile, Sawyer Cowles, Addison Doyle, Rozeene Garcia, Julian Harris, Bella Houck, Nolan Michael, Eden Morgan, Mallory Mullen, Allison Qualls, Katie Schultz, Madelynn Shepler, Noah Shoen, Kaylie Slocum, Mirek Soucek, and Sade TanodraHigley.

The FALCON FLIER Congratulations to all the participants in the Lion’s International Peace poster contest. The following student's work has been selected to travel to the local level of the contest. Madisyn Adas, Stella Al-Samardli, Kayle Brown, Daisy Crowell, Brianna Cullum, Gage Garcia, Amelia Gianetto, Julianne Gianetto, Julian Harris, Milo Hauer, Rozlynn Herrera, Bella Johnson, Eden Morgan, Grace Paquette, Olivia Rowley, Shyla Roy, Destinee Sarmiento, Katie Schultz, Marissa Sirois, Alexis Talley and AJ Williams.

Congratulations to the Euclid art students that had their artwork selected for the Autumn Colors art show in the main office. 8th graders are featuring their colored pencil still life drawings. 6th graders are featuring their watercolor paintings. 8th Grader Artists: Amelia Gianetto, Julianne Gianetto, Bella Johnson, Grace Paquette and Destinee Sarmiento. 6th Grade artists: Ella Franklin, MacKenzie Parus and Sophia Sitter.


Page 7, December 2016 / January 2017

GT News

By Valerie Grenawalt Architecture The GT 7th grade exploratory for 2nd quarter allows students to learn about architecture in theory and practice. After researching different architectural styles and their characteristics, students took a walking field trip of downtown Denver to apply their knowledge. Students also build structures from foam board, and a three dimensional bubble using plastic sheeting, duct tape, and a box fan. A Bubble Fest was held on November 18 so students could share their creations.

Every student identified for Gifted and Talented services will receive an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP). The plan defines the GT services your child is receiving this year, as well as one academic and one affective goal. These plans will be completed the first semester and a copy of each will be mailed to parents for your information. No follow up or signature is required. Enrichment Activities Join in! Check the “Euclid After School Activities” section for additional information on the many clubs offered at Euclid.

Littleton Public Schools sponsors various minisymposiums on current topics in gifted education. All parents and teachers are welcome to attend. Watch the Falcon Flyer for announcements concerning these presentations. The LPS Gifted and Talented Advisory Council studies current issues in gifted education and make recommendations to the school board regarding gifted services in our district. The council meets 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Educational Services Center Board Room once a month during the school year, generally the second Monday of the month. All parents are welcome to attend. Contact Valerie Grenawalt for specific dates. We would like to thank our EMS G/T Advisory representatives, Pam Iken and Robyn Tripp for their involvement at the school and district level. As the parents of Euclid GT students, Pam and Robyn are great resources for questions, comments or concerns regarding gifted programming at Euclid. Upcoming Events: Thursday, December 1, 2016 12:30-2:43 Euclid School Spelling Bee Euclid Double Classroom Saturday, December 3, 2016 8:00-3:00 LPS District Chess Tournament Newton Middle School Wednesday, February 8, 2017 LPS District Spelling Bee

3:00-8:00 Powell Middle School

GT Parents, did you know? The EMS GT site links to a presentation with details about gifted programming services for 6th – 8th graders. To access the GT web page, go to the Euclid website, click on “Explore” and then go to “Gifted and Talented,” listed under programs. The presentation is on the “HERE” link found under “Resources” on the right side of the page. ALPs

NJHS Pennies for Patients In November the Euclid National Junior Honor Society raised over $2,000 with their service project "Pennies for Patients" for victims of leukemia and lymphoma. Thanks to students and staff members for giving donations and participating. Jake Lough, 8th grade, smiles over a box full of pennies. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Page 8, December 2016 / January 2017


HIV/STD Awareness Speaker – Eighth Grade Assembly Connecting Consequences with Choices Next semester the eighth grade students will hear HIV positive Barb Wise tell her story. Her promotional brochure states she “takes the audience through her journey from diagnosis at age 27, to navigating the consequences of a terminal illness, to being happily married. Barb uses her humor, vulnerability, honesty, and emotion to empower young people to make wise choices.” This is the ninth year at Euclid of presenting this assembly to eighth grade students. Every year we receive positive feedback from students and parents. This presentation will compliment and enhance the LPS 8th grade Health and Science curriculum. In eighth grade, students are expected to learn about interpersonal relationships, decision making skills and self awareness, dating and marriage, teen pregnancy and parenting, reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, the immune system and the spread and prevention of communicable diseases. Barb and Rick Wise live in Littleton and have presented at many middle and high schools around the country. They have presented many times to Euclid’s eighth grade class to positive reviews. Barb’s story helps students connect consequences with choices, examine facts about HIV/AIDS, gain optimism for the future, desire real commitment and understand the value of delaying sex until marriage. Because of the content of this presentation, only eighth grade students will attend. Parents of any sixth, seventh or eighth grade students are invited to the gym to hear this speaker. If you would like to listen in, please contact Nalisha Cotter, the principal’s secretary, at 303-347-7811 to let us know so that we can provide seating for adults. An exact date and time is still to be decided. Because of the nature of the topic discussed, we understand if you would not want your eighth grade student to attend this assembly. About one week prior to the assembly an email will be sent to every eighth grade parent. Call the above number to exclude your child from this assembly. National Program Evaluator Lisa Rue stated, “During interviews with families, parents recall the day their student heard the presentation because it initiated a family conversation over dinner – now that’s a powerful story.”

End of Semester and Last Day of School Thursday, December 22, 2016 Second Semester Starts Tuesday, January 10, 2017 Enjoy Your Winter Break!


Page 9, December 2016 / January 2017

Parents of Incoming 6th Grade Students Euclid Middle School Year 2017-2018 COFFEE AND CONVERSATION Join Gary Hein, Euclid Middle School Principal, for coffee and information about Euclid Middle School. October 4, 2016 November 9, 2016 January 26, 2017 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Final Conversation April 6 7:00 p.m. Conversations are identical in content and include:        

Overview of the school academic program Presentation of elective and exploratory program Review of programs for Gifted and Talented Information on a safe learning environment Explanation of exemplary math acceleration program Overview of the Student Activities Program (Intramurals/Clubs) Question/Answer session Tour of the building This session is especially helpful for parents who are still undecided about where to educate their middle school child. Although a R.S.V.P. is helpful in order for us to provide refreshments, you are most welcome as a drop in visitor. You may R.S.V.P. to 303-347-7811.

For 8th grade students ONLY

2 x 3 inch full color ad only $15

Deadline: December 22 Last day of Semester

Yearbook 2012-13 2016-17 If you still need to purchase a yearbook… Bring/send $30 check or cash to Jill Kelley (bookkeeper)

Deadline: December 22 (last day of semester)

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