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Sustainability Management Plan Pan Pacific Seattle is a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Award Winning/AAA Four-Diamond boutique luxury hotel opened in 2...
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Sustainability Management Plan Pan Pacific Seattle is a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Award Winning/AAA Four-Diamond boutique luxury hotel opened in 2006. Featuring 153 guest rooms and suites, the hotel is a stylish yet intimate boutique getaway designed to leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Relax and mingle in our stylish restaurant and bar or welcome esteemed guests to our impressive conference and banquet rooms. Discover a contemporary hotel that promises a captivating sensory experience at every turn. The PanEarth® program was created as a means to formalize and strengthen the green initiatives and community partnerships that were already in existence at Pan Pacific Seattle. We’ve had a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility since our opening in 2006 that has grown to become a core part of the Pan Pacific brand in North America. Since 2009, we have raised over $48,000 for various charitable organizations, collected or donated 32,000 pounds of food, and committed over 1,200 hours of volunteer time. PAN PACIFIC SEATTLE MISSION/VISION Mission: Each of our North American Pan Pacific properties strive for innovation and leadership in the areas of operational efficiency and the extension of the product life cycle through the PanEarth® program’s vision and philosophy. The culture created at each property is one of supporting local communities through donations, volunteer time and operational strategies. Day to day practices of the PanEarth® program work towards minimizing our overall environmental impact. Vision: Creating memorable hotel experiences. Our PanEarth® program helps to enhance the experience that our guests encounter at all of our North American Properties. PAN PACIFIC CORE VALUES    

We work better together because we collaborate, share, care about each other and communicate openly and with everyone. We keep our processes as simple and as uncomplicated as possible and take full responsibility for our actions. We have an internal debate, external cohesion culture with a can-do attitude and always try to have fun We enhance performance by always aiming higher and are not afraid of making the tough decisions 1

We respect and care for our wider community through being connected and sharing, we also recognize and value diversity in every way.

PAN PACIFIC PURCHASING POLICY We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment with regards to all purchases made to facilitate our operation, while simultaneously ensuring that our guests receive the highest level of customer service. Pan Pacific makes an effort to ensure that reusable and recycled goods are purchased whenever possible and favor is given to suppliers with reusable containers and take back policies. This policy includes, but is not limited to, the following policies:      

All office (printer) paper purchased is 100% recycled Office supplies are delivered from Office Depot in reusable plastic totes All branded marketing collateral purchased uses FSC certified paper All cleaning supplies purchased provide the least impact on air quality for our associates as well as our guests All supplies for employee break area are compostable (plates, bowls, cutlery) All technology purchased is Energy Star rated

PAN PACIFIC ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts of North America respect both our guests and the environment through our PanEarth® program, founded on eight guiding components of sustainable business: Energy │ Water │ Air Quality │ Waste Stream │ Community Partnerships Communication │ Associate Engagement │ Procurement PANEARTH® PROGRAM Components & Practices C&P 1 – Waste C&P 2 – Energy C&P 3 – Water C&P 4 – Air Quality C&P 5 – Associate Engagement C&P 6 – Communication C&P 7 – Community Partners C&P 8 – Procurement C&P 1 WASTE –Pan Pacific Seattle is committed to reducing our inputs to the waste stream, however setting a goal on this component is challenging as the facility is shared with all businesses in the 2200 Westlake Complex. 1. Recycling-currently we have recycling bins in all guest rooms, offices and break rooms. Material separation is done in P5 area. 2. Composting-all food waste and compostable materials from break room and banquet areas are diverted from the landfill and used to create compost 3. Technology recycling-all used electronics are donated to Interconnection, a non-profit organization that helps charitable organizations worldwide achieve their missions by providing them refurbished desktop and laptop computers. Technology (servers, etc.) 2

that cannot be utilized by Interconnection is donated to 3R Technology for safe recycling by their team. 4. Co-existent practice of material recycling done in the loading dock. There is a pallet station, cardboard bailer, used oil, glass and paper collection, etc. on-site for material separation prior to City pickup. C&P 2 ENERGY – 5% target reduction mandated by the Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts Corporate standard 1. Installation and use of CFLs throughout the property  CFL light bulbs installed across the property including guest rooms  2014 renovations included LED reading lights on guest room headboards  Lighting in public spaces are set on timers and have dimming capabilities  Stairwells have lighting occupancy sensors  Public restrooms have lighting occupancy sensors  Offices have lighting occupancy sensors 2. Shut-off policy  Housekeeping staff are trained to shut off lights, equipment and AC units when not in use  Thermostats set to 68 degrees in winter and 72 degrees in summer, will automatically shut-off if a guest room is vacant 3. Heat pumps and air handling units are all equipped with variable frequency drives. Motors drive its speed according to demands; self-modulating and thus saves energy. 4. Public spaces and select office heating and air conditioning are controlled through a building management system. 5. Complimentary shuttle service provided by a hybrid Toyota Avalon Sedan for increased fuel efficiency C&P 3 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

WATER – 1% target reduction Linen reuse-towels and bedding are changed as needed or upon guest request Guest room toilets offer a dual flush option Public men’s restrooms (L1, L2 & fitness center locker room) feature flushless urinals Guest rooms sinks and showers are low flow and utilize aerators to increase pressure Water circulation pumps are activated by flow switches. When there is no demand on a floor, the hot water circulation pump shuts off automatically.

C&P 4 AIR QUALITY 1. Low VOC and water-based paints and stains used at all times on property 2. Ecolab brand low-toxin cleaning products used at all times C&P 5 ASSOCIATE ENGAGEMENT 3. Bi-monthly PanEarth® committee meetings to plan and execute regular environmental and community based initiatives 4. Quarterly All Associate General Session meetings feature PanEarth® related training and updates. 5. PanEarth® Bulletin Board near P5 break room area keeps staff informed of upcoming events as well as metrics of money raised, hours volunteered, etc. 6. PanEarth® Associate of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has shown commitment to the core components of our sustainability program and motivates our associates to be involved. Winner receives an 8 hour day of paid volunteer time, $50 and a $150 donation to charity of his/her choice. 3

7. Quarterly newsletter called PanEarth® Pages launched in 2nd quarter 2014 to communicate to associates our community and environmental impact, highlight previous volunteer events and provide details of upcoming volunteer events. C&P 6 COMMUNICATION 1. PanEarth® informational sheet and linen reuse card in guest rooms highlights the program 2. Website, third party sites and social media platforms highlight PanEarth® program and carbon offsetting program to guests 3. GuestFolio electronic guest communications, PanEarth® Marketing collateral, PanEarth® Fact Sheet in press/sales kits, Zero Impact Stays offset option presented at check-in and Sonifi TV platform in guest rooms promote our sustainability and community initiatives to guests and media 4. New ‘Green Getaways’ overnight package and ‘Mindful Meetings’ group offer promote our green practices to both leisure and corporate travelers 5. Lobby Bar Dinner menu highlights the Cocktails for a Cause program to benefit One Day’s Wages C&P 7 COMMUNITY PARTNERS 1. Evergreen Escapes tour packages can be booked upon request and offer environmentally friendly outings throughout the Puget Sound region. 2. Clean the World-all partially used bars of soap are donated to Clean the World for recycling and reuse in countries with poor sanitation 3. Food Lifeline-Takes all un-presented banquet food to feed homeless in Seattle 4. YWCA-Angeline’s House is provided with all partially used bath amenities 5. Pike Place Senior Center-has been a beneficiary of both food drives and volunteer hours over the last four years 6. Life Long AIDS Alliance-Pan Pacific has raised money for and had a team walk in the annual Seattle AIDS Walk for the last 5 years 7. OneEnergy Renewables-work with this company for all of our carbon offsets, including those for corporate travel. In 2014 we introduced a new standard to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) for all corporate travel. 8. glassybaby has been a partner for multiple events in our Lobby Bar to benefit charities including the Ben Towne Foundation and One Day’s Wages 9. One Day’s Wages is the annual beneficiary of all funds raised through the Cocktails for a Cause promotion in our Lobby Bar. 10. YouthCare Orion Center provides services to homeless youth. We annually donate, prepare and serve lunch to approximately 50 teens around the Halloween holiday. C&P 8 PROCUREMENT 1. Use environmentally friendly office supply company Office Depot--Supplies are chosen based on recycled content and sustainability whenever possible 2. Continued focus on selection of local and sustainable vendors including Sun Liquor, Pike Brewery, Kukuruza, Jones Soda, Talking Rain and others. 3. Puget Sound Laundry has been selected as the new vendor for cleaning guest room linen based upon their commitment to reducing environmental impact and their policy supporting employment of those with varying levels of ability. 4. Plates, bowls, and utensils for employee break area are compostable 5. Food sourced for Lobby Bar, in-room dining and events focuses on sustainable farming practices and local products 4

QUARTERLY CONCENTRATIONS & ASSOCIATED 2015 PLANNED EFFORTS Quarter 1-Caring for Community  Participated in the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb and raised $500 for the cause.  Worked with Pike Place Senior Center to collect food donations and also volunteered to hand out donations to those in need. In total 2,015 pounds of food was collected and 38.5 hours of volunteer time provided.  $415 donated to the One Day’s Wages Agricultural and Economic Development fund via the Lobby Bar Cocktails for a Cause promotion. Quarter 2-Caring for Planet  Participated in Earth Hour by dimming Lobby lighting and featuring three specialty Cocktails for a Cause with $4 of each sold benefitting One Day’s Wages. Encouraged guest participation to also dim light’s in their guest room. Associates were invited to make a pledge on our Earth Hour pledge board to publicly declare a way in which they would help to combat climate change.  Participated in the Pioneer Square Spring Clean on 5/16/15 to clean litter from this historic Seattle neighborhood. 30 volunteer hours.  Volunteered for the local non-profit Redeeming Soles to prepare gently used shoes for donation and simultaneously hosted a shoe drive to collect shoes for repair and reuse. Quarter 3-Caring for Challenges  Tentative plans to fundraise for Lifelong AIDS Alliance and participate in the Seattle AIDS Walk and/or volunteer to repack food at the Food Lifeline Shoreline warehouse.  Other activities to be determined Quarter 4-Caring for the Future  Tentative plan to prepare and serve lunch for 50 disadvantaged youth at the YouthCare James W. Ray Orion Center in early November. This is an annual volunteer opportunity for our associates  Other activities to be determined QUALITY & SERVICE STANDARDS Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle promises to provide unparalleled, personalized service to our guests, intending not just to meet their needs, but anticipate them, striving to not only fulfill their expectations, but exceed them. We are committed to remaining a progressive and successful company. We do this by consistently analyzing our decisions to ensure alignment with our guiding principles. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Respecting Individuals Genuine Caring Empowering our associates Balancing Achieving Social Responsibility 5

We monitor this commitment to quality and service by: 1. Striving for consistently high Market Metrix (guest survey) scores of 90% or greater 2. Ensuring that all new associates receive a thorough New Hire Orientation consisting of three sessions at 4 hours each. All associates receive an orientation refresh at least every three years. 3. PanEarth® training is embedded into New Hire Orientation. 4. Providing comprehensive training on our frequent guest/loyalty program with the Global Hotel Alliance called Discovery. 5. Ensuring that standard operating procedures are followed and that all green initiatives are carried out. HEALTH & SAFETY Pan Pacific has a strong commitment to the health and safety of our associates as well as our guests. This commitment is evidenced by the following initiatives: Health & Safety Initiatives 1. Brand Champions team holds monthly safety and security meetings as well as fire/emergency evacuation drills 2. Guest rooms provide information on emergency evacuation procedures 3. All guest rooms have safes 4. All employees are provided with a copy of the employee handbook upon commencement of their new position 5. Guest rooms and facilities have been updated to conform to all current ADA standards including availability of all room types 6. Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are in place for all medical or other emergencies 7. Select associates (Brand Champions) and all managers are trained and certified in First Aid/CPR/AED. GREEN TEAM Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle maintains a green team of associates from many hotel departments who meet on an alternate monthly basis to discuss opportunities for increasing operational sustainability and plan associate led community engagement activities. SUMMARY This document will be reviewed annually for consistency and continuous improvement in accordance with the Green Globe Certification criteria and to ensure alignment with the initiatives and goals of Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle’s PanEarth® program.