Study Abroad at the International Campuses. Julie Sowter, International Office

Study Abroad at the International Campuses Julie Sowter, International Office The inter-campus exchange programme • Students from a number of schoo...
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Study Abroad at the International Campuses

Julie Sowter, International Office

The inter-campus exchange programme • Students from a number of schools: – – – – – – – – – –

Biosciencees Business Economics History Politics Modern Languages English Engineering Pharmacy Psychology

• +100 outgoing inter-campus exchange students to UNNC and UNMC this year

The University of Nottingham Campuses • Opened in 2000 + 2004 • The first Sino-foreign university in China • Opened with the full approval of the Malaysian and Chinese Ministry of Educations • Run by The University of Nottingham UK with cooperation with local partner: Boustead Holdings Berhad/Wanli Education Group • A student population 5,000/6,000

Location of Malaysia and Ningbo, China

The city of Ningbo • A port city, located on the coastline of mainland China • Population of over 5 million people • 3 hours from Shanghai by bus or train via the Hangzhou bridge • Campus is 20 minutes from Ningbo city centre by bus or taxi

Kuala Lumpur • • • • • •

On west coast of Malaysia Large tourism industry Estimated population of 1.7 million people Campus is 40 minutes from KL by taxi Year round temperature of about 32-33°C Times of heavy rain

Accommodation at UNMC • •

• •

• •

On-campus or off-campus available On-campus accommodation is not guaranteed although in the past most exchange students have been allocated on-campus if requested. Monthly payments. Deposit payable in advance Variety of types of room available: ensuite bathroom/shared bathroom/air-conditioned/electric fan/single room/shared room Non-catered accommodation Additional charges for internet and bedding

Accommodation at UNNC • •

• • •

On-campus – various halls (international, domestic) Variety of types of room available: ensuite bathroom/shared bathroom/air-conditioned/electric fan Non-catered accommodation Pay up front Additional charges for internet and bedding

Facilities on the International campuses • • • • •

Multi-level library Computer resource areas 24 hour security Canteens, restaurants and cafes Shopping street with a supermarket, fruit store, post office (UNNC) • Superb sports facilities – swimming pool (UNMC)

The academic experience • Staff recruited from Nottingham UK and internationally

• Teaching subject to the same Quality Assurance as Nottingham UK • Your study programme is approved by your School in the UK

How to apply? •

Complete application form: Global – Study Abroad – China & Malaysia Campuses

• • • •

Submit to the Academic Adviser given on your School’s factsheet A minimum grade average may apply Approval lies with your Academic Adviser You are responsible for meeting deadlines, submitting documents and reading information

What happens next? Timeline Passport

• • • •



Documents submission

Apply for visa

If your time abroad is compulsory you still need to submit application documents Application deadline Friday 10 February 2017 Information meeting with other outgoing students midMarch 2017 Document submission deadline March 2017

Finance overview • You will pay a reduced tuition fee to Nottingham UK • Automatic and means-tested International Office bursaries available • University bursaries continue to be paid whilst abroad • Overseas rate of loan and means-tested travel grant available from Student Finance (SLC) • Living costs significantly lower than Nottingham • Students responsible for all additional costs • Details of tuition fees and bursaries are provided on the Study Abroad Finance web page: Global – Study Abroad Opportunities – Study Abroad Finance

Contacts • Your Academic Adviser: name given on School factsheet • Internal application, bursaries and pre-departure: Julie Sowter and Kristina Ganchenko UK International Office (C Floor, YANG Fujia Building) [email protected] • Student advice: Peer Advisers: Danny Bav (UNNC) [email protected] Solin Hamawandy (UNMC) [email protected] • Immigration advice, Airport pick up, Welcome programme: UNNC/UNMC International Offices

Useful websites • • • •

Solin Hamawandy: 3rd year Psychology The University of Nottingham Malaysia campus

Malaysia • 28 degrees average • Monsoon season (Nov-Feb)

The islands:

• • •

Water sports Various activities e.g. mountain climbing Wildlife e.g. turtles, eagles, monkeys

The Cameron Highlands: • Colder climate • For when you feel home sick • Good cup of tea and a roast dinner!

Kuala Lumpur • The city never sleeps • China town • Loads of malls • Nightlife

Culture: • Muslim country but very accepting and open • Beautiful temples and mosques

Other local(ish) activities: • Fireflies • Water park • Broga hill • Flying fox

Further travels: • Thailand • Singapore • Philippines • Indonesia


Why UNMC?: • UoN- same quality of teaching and marking • Cost of living • Opportunity to travel inexpensively around Asia • Smaller class sizes • Lots of other UK students

Quirks of UNMC: -SA events -Inclusive societies -Tuesday bazaar -UNMC expressions

Finances: • Enhanced student loan • Reduced tuition • IO bursary • Mobility award

Budgeting: • Stay in hostels when travelling • Buy a toaster • Make lunch • Do your own laundry

Danny Bav BA Economics with Chinese Studies The University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Map of China

Map of China

Why? • • • • •

Inter-campus exchange programme Language and culture Affordable (finances) Wanted to experience something ‘different’ Travel opportunities in Asia

First impressions •

Teaching style

Sunday plaza & malls

4 canteens & high street

Temples, Lake, Drum Tower, Old Street & Laowaitan district

Food Culture

Language Barrier


Nearby Travels

Further Travels

Fears & Reflections: •

Settling in and adapting to a new environment

Language barrier

Afraid of leaving my friends

International outlook

Any questions?

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