Stereoscopic 3D Workshop. Think in 3D

Stereoscopic 3D Workshop “Think in 3D” © 2009 – 2010 Real Vision FZ LLC Above image from Alfred Hitchcock's – Dial 'M' for ...
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Stereoscopic 3D Workshop “Think in 3D”

© 2009 – 2010 Real Vision FZ LLC

Above image from Alfred Hitchcock's – Dial 'M' for murder – Exploring Stereo3D “Mise en Scene” Copyright Warner Bros Prictures.

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With 3D movies making a strong comeback, and the recent runaway box office success of movies such as Avatar, there is growing enthusiasm from many professionals in Media, Cinematography, Animation and Graphics Design to learn how to “create” in stereo 3D. The emphasis of the Stereoscopic 3D Workshop for Film Industry Professionals such as DoPs, Directors and Editors is to help them “THINK” in 3D and then show them how to “Create” content in stereo 3D. This is also applicable to professionals in the media industry. The consequences of not thinking, scripting, storyboarding and doing camera blocking or graphic design in 3D, is evident in some of today's 3D movies. For example bad 2D to 3D conversions have received scathing reviews from popular Hollywood press. This Workshop spread over 3 days will start with the basics of stereoscopic 3D, and go into much detail with hands-on practicals that allow for setting up a 3D Camera Rig, video demonstrations, interspersed with lectures and Question and Answer sessions. Question & Answer sessions at many times fail to elicit audience participation – This will be done differently. The lecturer will initiate common Questions drawn from years of experience in Stereoscopic 3D, that are always on participants minds, but never asked. At the end of the Workshop – we aim to have a workforce of Media professionals that will carry their knowledge of stereoscopic 3D back to their organizations and propagate the knowledge to their peers and create content in Stereo 3D.

“At all times, the workshop aims to reduce Complex Theory and focus on interactive discourse and a practical hands-on approach to learning 3D. The workshop is suitable for participants with NO previous knowledge of Stereoscopic 3D. Animation software and/or video editing software know-how is an advantage, but NOT necessary.

Real Vision FZ LLC – Reg. Office Fujairah Creative City, UAE. Tel: +971 50 3435340 Email: [email protected]

DAY 1 • • •

History of Stereoscopic 3D – The old days, Leonardo's drawings, Lumiere Brothers (show 3D some 3D videos) Binocular Vision and Stereopsis – How is a 3D image formed in our brain Show old and modern 3D movies and discuss the style, errors and techniques.

Different types of 3D and Delivery Methods. • • • •

Auto-stereo (glasses-free 3D): lenticular, Barrier Displays, Holographic 3D Glasses: anaglyph, passive polarization (linear / circular), active shutter Screens: DLP TV, CRT Monitor, mirror-based display, silver screen, Caves 3D Delivery: polarized, checkerboard, side-by-side, anaglyph

Thinking in 3D – Part 1 PreViz in 3D: • The need for thinking in 3D – Why much of what was learnt in 2D film school needs to be re-evaluated e.g Rack-focus, Depth of field – could produce bad 3D. • What is a Stereographer? When does he/she come into the picture? • Depth Script? - what is it and why is it needed? • Pre-Visualizing and Blocking for 3D shoot using 3D previs software. Practical: Interactive session in previz with Examples in Previz Software. Thinking in 3D – Part 2 The Psychological Impact of a 3D movie: • Emotion Engineering with 3D movies – (Hannibal, Slumdog, - show 3D example footage) • Camera and Scene blocking – OTS, Good and Bads of Montage style camerawork • Exploring Mise en Scene – perfect for 3D. (show and discuss examples) • Dirty over – Creative use of Depth of Field, Circle of Isolation. Thinking in 3D – Part 3 Practical: – Indoor: • Shoot 3D Stills indoor while studying basics of 3D Camera Framing • OTS shots in 3D – considerations • Stereo Window violations • Use Software (adobe, Stereo photo maker) to correct errors. • Float the 3D window • Output as Anaglyph, and Polarized, Out put to Youtube 3D, 3DF33D.TV Real Vision FZ LLC – Reg. Office Fujairah Creative City, UAE. Tel: +971 50 3435340 Email: [email protected]

Day 2 The 3D Camera Rig and Shooting 3D footage: • • • • • • • • • •

Side by Side versus Beam Splitter Rig – Advantages and Dis advantages Making a Parallel 3D Camera Rig – Building a Previz 3D rig (Practical) Indoor or Outdoor shooting some Footage in 3D (Practical) The importance of Sync – Genlock why? And How. Monitoring live 3D Footage – Learn about live 3D preview (Hands-on) Stereo 3D Window Violations, The 1/30 Rule of thumb – Shooting safe 3D. Stereographer on set and referencing the Depth Script. Shooting with Safe Parallax for Cinema, Home 3D Pulling Convergence, Primes v/s Zooms when to use Using Depth of Field Creatively – Keeping audiences safe

Post Production in Stereoscopic 3D: • • • • • • • •

Ingest of Stereoscopic 3D footage into popular Editing Systems. Codec – Cineform, Red 4K raw and h.264. First Light for Cineform. Checking for Frame Sync and color grading/timing left – right footage Stereo Window Violations corrections Floating Windows and H.I.T (horizontal image translation) Editing with the Depth Script and a Stereographer Depth-blending between shots Visualizing Output in 3D in real-time

3D Hardware and Software tools for the Studio: • • • • •

Professional and Cost effective 3D monitoring solutions for Post Prod. Professional systems overview: Pablo, SIP 2100, Si2K, Iridas. Cost effective – 3D projectors for studio preview, 3D workstation hard/software Stereo 3D enabling your workstation – Nvidia Quadro, 3D LCD monitors. 3D Software overview : Adobe CS5, NUKE , MAYA (stereo 3D workflow shown in videos)

Exclusive Workflows at RealVision workshops Thanks to Support from: • • • • •

The Foundry's Nuke and Ocula Revision Effects : Re:Flex Cineform: Neo 3D Frame Forge PF Tracker (trial version) stereoscopic version Real Vision FZ LLC – Reg. Office Fujairah Creative City, UAE. Tel: +971 50 3435340 Email: [email protected]

DAY 3 VFX, Motion Graphics and Animation in Stereo 3D: • • • • • • • • • •

Motion Graphics in Stereoscopic 3D. 3D Animation and MAYA – (Video/Hands-on workflow of Maya stereo camera) Interactive Question and Answer on Animation for professionals already using MAYA, After effects, NUKE Nuke as a 3D Compositor – Awareness for all professionals and Interactive Question Answer session for existing users. On-location VFX considerations Meta Data and it's role in stereoscopic 3D workflow. Lenses (Cooke) Match-moving in Stereoscopic 3D Painting / Touch-up in Stereoscopic 3D Correcting Distortion, Re-converging using Disparity Pass in Nuke Introducing the RealFlex method of 3D Volume re-shaping.

2D to 3D Conversions – Good Enough? • • • •

Errors from popular 2D to 3D movies – What to look out for Animation professionals – how to produce better conversions if needed Shooting “2D for 3D” - considerations, Best Practices Techniques used for 2D to 3D Conversions

Optional Practicals: Advanced Thinking in 3D: Shoot a 3D Interview using the concepts and knowledge learned in the past two days. • • • • • • • • •

Pre-planning, Previz for the shoot Depth Script The DIT and sorting 3D content Scene Blocking and shooting. Color timing/grading left and Right eyes. Error correction Interaxial and 3D volume reshaping Virtual Set (if green screen available) with Outdoor Plates for VFX shoot Creating Master out Formatting for playback in Frame compatible format for Broadcast and playback on 3DTVs

Real Vision FZ LLC – Reg. Office Fujairah Creative City, UAE. Tel: +971 50 3435340 Email: [email protected]

Food for Thought: Beyond conventional stereoscopic 3D.... Discussion and Awareness: • • • • • • •

DCP creation for Digital Cinema Subtitles for 3D Blue ray Formatting, Playback on 3DTVs Live 3D at Events Sports – Discuss with examples. Hybrid Movies – What Are they? Case study Avatar Virtual Cinematography – What is it? (Get participants interested in the subject with a brief overview and videos) Recap of Topics and Extensive Question and Answer sessions – Tips and Techniques relevant to each participants Background and Industry.

Catering to other 3D Markets: Advertising, Marketing, Educational: • • • • • •

Case Study – 3D for Tourism ( Experiential Marketing case study showcased) Culture and Heritage – Real Time Stereo 3D movies. Digital Signage goes 3D: Auto-stereoscopic 3D screens Producing content for Auto-stereo 3D screens. Acute Shortage of Ads in 3D Cinema – Discuss Tricks and Tips for 3D Conversions of Ads – Pulfrich etc.

Emphasis is not on a brand of Software but on the Work-flow and Methodology. Stereoscopic 3D is not for Movies only... Workshop can give an overview of how Stereoscopic 3D is relevant to other fields such as realtime 3D visualization, with more focus on “power” hardware such as Stereo 3D CAVES, Stereo 3D enabled theaters visualization software.

Real Vision FZ LLC – Reg. Office Fujairah Creative City, UAE. Tel: +971 50 3435340 Email: [email protected]

Stereoscopic 3D Workshops

Above: Classroom Session: Learning about Depth Scripts for 3D Storyboarding.

Above: Practical hands-on Previz shoot for a Feature Film being shot in 3D in India. The 3D rig is mounted on Steadi-Cam (Steadicam supplied by external agency).

Real Vision FZ LLC – Reg. Office Fujairah Creative City, UAE. Tel: +971 50 3435340 Email: [email protected]

Above: Master class in Stereo 3D – Presentation to Professors and Students Singapore.

Above: Stereo 3D camera in CGI animation software.

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