Stoll has been a synonym for flat knitting machines of the highest quality for almost 135 years. This is especially due to the fact that we have always reacted to the needs of our customers. For example, this is how the world’s first mass-produced computer-controlled flat knitting machines (1975) and the CMS Generation (1987) were developed. We have also taken many suggestions from our customers and the market demand into account in the continuing development of our established pattern software. The result is an even more flexible pattern software with even more influencing options for the programmer: M1plus®. First, the most important news: With M1plus® you can continue working as usual. That also means that patterns from the preceding version are absolutely compatible with the new version. But now with the new Design Mode and new Arrangement Technology, we have made it possible to complete a pattern even faster. In addition, we have reengineered the menu guidance system, made operation even easier and implemented new functions. Naturally, the program still supports you with numerous built-in automatic functions, but you can also work with it totally freely and flexibly. And fast creation of different sizes for production is no problem with the M1plus®. Another highlight is our exclusive cooperation with ENEAS Informatica in flat knitting. The options for linking ENEAS Informatica software to the M1plus® using picture import and export as well as a special interface for shapes offers you a high degree of freedom regarding design, fabric simulation and presentation.

WE GO A STEP FURTHER SO YOU CAN MAKE PROGRESS FASTER. There are two ways to begin working out a pattern program: In the new Design Mode or in the familiar Technical Mode. Starting programming in the Design Mode has a special advantage: You only work with the compact symbol view. No complex calculation processes take place in the background during this. Also, at this stage you don’t have to worry about whether the modules contained in the pattern fit together. Therefore, you can first concentrate solely on your design and finish it more quickly, even with the most complicated patterns. With this method, module expansion and the separation of the intarsia rows take place in a concluding step. After that, the fabric and technical views are available to you. A big hit: All editing steps carried out can be saved and reloaded anytime, forwards and backwards. Of course, you can still also program with the M1plus® by beginning in the Technical Mode and working with all available views there simultaneously.

M1plus ®



Symbol view

Symbol view

Fabric view

Technical view

AS MUCH SUPPORT AS NECESSARY, AS MUCH FREEDOM AS POSSIBLE. M1PLUS® IS YOUR PERFECT PARTNER. M1plus® supports you – the way you want it to – with numerous automatic functions which relieve you of the programming of standard procedures. However, it also always enables you to individually influence it. The best examples for this are the two editors “Module Arrangement” and “Color Arrangement”, as well as the new “Drawing with Yarn Carrier Colors”. With these, you can determine the ideal path to the finished knitting programs completely based on your own vision.

Drawing with yarn carrier colors A special color palette with 32 assigned yarn carriers is available to you – 8 rails with 4 yarn carriers each. Therefore, when automatic calculation is not desirable, you can use the colors to determine which yarn carriers should be assigned to the pattern areas. Practical: When you relocate the yarn carriers to another rail in the yarn field dialog box, the colors for these yarn carriers are automatically applied in the pattern.

Determine yarn carriers yourself With the help of yarn carrier colors, you can determine the use of the yarn carriers in the pattern.

Module Arrangement: Manual matching of modules You can include two or more modules in a Module Arrangement, and therefore predefine their knitting order. This way the knitting and transfer rows of each module can be brought together in the desired processing order. You can assign the Module Arrangement to the entire pattern or only to certain rows. During the later step of “expanding”, the modules are then expanded in the order you specified. Module Arrangements are administered within the program like regular modules, and can therefore be reused at any time.

Compiling modules

Arrangement Editor with special

Expanding to your specifications

By selecting a pattern area, M1plus® compiles all the modules occurring in it and shows them in the Arrangement Editor along with a ready-to-use proposal.

relocating tool With this, the rows of each module can be relocated relative to each other in an especially simple way.

The result corresponds exactly to the order you entered in the Arrangement Editor.

Color Arrangement: Manual determination of knitting sequences You can predefine when a row must be separated into several subsequent knitting rows – for example as necessary for intarsia. With this, you can enter any desired number of additional rows in the Color Arrangement. These are then entered into the pattern during expansion. This way, for example, stowing the yarn carriers can be controlled. Color Arrangements are managed within the program like regular modules, and can therefore be reused at any time.

Compiling colors By selecting a pattern area, M1plus® compiles all the colors occurring in it and shows them in the Arrangement Editor.

Arrangement Editor with special relocating tool With this, the color rows can be relocated relative to each other in an especially simple way. Even new needle actions can be entered here in any order.

Expanding to your specifications The result corresponds exactly to the order you entered in the Arrangement Editor.

EVERY SINGLE FUNCTION OF THE M1PLUS® HAS A PURPOSE: YOUR SUCCESS. Shape Editor Entry of the shape and the related knitting parameters for narrowing, widening, fading out etc.

ShapeSizer Fast and simple shape creation, fast size changes and practiceoriented shape dimensioning characterize the advantages of the “ShapeSizer” for both Fully Fashion and Knit & Wear garments.

New drawing functions Practical drawing functions simplify pattern programming (for example of splines and mirrors).

Simple operation Thanks to the clear buttons, toolbars, dialog boxes and menus, program operation with the M1plus® has become even easier.

Simple pattern handling All modules used are stored and saved with the pattern as copies.

Sintral check/calculation of knitting time and yarn use With the Sintral check, the entire pattern is completely simulated to

This also applies to shape and technical modules as well as arrangements. As a result, the patterns can be passed on without problems.

ensure knittability. Knitting time and yarn consumption calculation is an important tool for production planning. In addition, you can further optimize your patterns with a knitting time comparison.


Knit & Wear articles are an important topic of the future. Therefore, the new M1plus® now also offers all functionalities for Stoll-knit and wear® as “standard”. With this, you can not only use all features of the new M1plus® for the programming of Knit & Wear articles; you can also continue to work with existing patterns. The entire pattern draft can be realized much more easily in the new Design Mode than in the Technical Mode. There are also new time-saving drawing functions available to you for this purpose.

Knit & Wear articles with intarsia The new Color Arrangements are especially advantageous for Stoll-knit and wear®. With them, you can also easily get a grip on intarsia patterns.

Cutting the shape before expanding You can now already cut out the shape before expanding. The advantage is simple: The pattern is still compact, and can therefore be edited more easily – including the shape. Especially practical for size changes.

Fair Isle technique With the Fair Isle technique, the pattern can be “folded up” in such a way that a diamond shape results. The structures within the Fair Isle segments run vertically, and can therefore be edited more easily.

Automatic Technical Editing The Automatic Technical Editing relieves you of a lot of work: It completes knitting techniques if necessary, points out technical conflicts and offers possible solutions.

Reloadable pattern states With the new toolbar, all working steps can be performed at the click of a mouse. All created pattern states (forwards and backwards) can be reloaded at any time.



Expanding following the Design Mode You expand the modules; the intarsia separation will be carried out during this stage. All assigned Module and Color Arrangements will be considered.


Shaper The “Shaper” is a shape design program with which you can generate shapes and also easily and quickly carry out graduations. These shapes can then also be transferred to the M1plus® using a specially developed interface.

Designer The “Designer” package is ideal for pattern drafting. It transforms your drafts into machine rows. And it simplifies the arrangement of each pattern area using various functions, for example rotating, mirroring, copying and automatic repeat.

It’s always our goal to offer you the best of everything. And looking for competent partners who perfectly complement our range of products is a part of this. Therefore, we are cooperating with ENEAS Informatica for the M1plus®. This cooperation is exclusive and unique for the flat knitting sector. ENEAS offers you outstanding possibilities in design, and in the simulation and presentation of your fabric patterns. When generating the pattern, the ENEAS Shaper (optional) simplifies your work with many practical functions. Using a special interface, this program smoothly connects to the M1plus®, and is therefore the perfect addition.

Mask Dip/Change Yarn Following a color reduction in “Mask Dip” you can realistically vary the coloring of your knitting pattern. Structure and stitch appearance are maintained exactly. Coarse or fine? With “Change Yarn” you can show your pattern draft on the screen in various gauges or with different yarn types.

Page Studio With “Page Studio” you can prepare the fabric for presentation in a broad range of color variations.

3D Viewer With the help of this 3D simulation, you can dress your knits on a model or view them from all sides. Even the smallest cast of folds is accounted for here. Special bonus: With an additional program you can even present your drafts on a virtual catwalk.

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Additional highlights

• Comprehensive module database with module explorer for fast and simple selection of the desired modules. • Automatic transfer of a pattern using the 1 x 1 technique for knitting on one of our Multi Gauge-Class machines. • Support for doubling. • Convenient “Find and replace” function. • Image import function for automatic conversion of BMP and TIF files to knitting data. • Convenient help system.

Hardware recommendations

The pattern software runs on PCs and laptop computers with the following recommended configuration: PC • Processor: Intel Core2Duo E4300 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ • Hard disk: Hard disk with 120 GB capacity, with SATA interface • Floppy disk drive: 3.5", 1.4 MB • Main memory: 2 GB, DDR2 • DVD multi-recorder: with +/- formats and DVD-RAM, e.g. LG GSA-H42N • Graphics card: Dual-head (2 monitor outputs), 1600 x 1200 resolution each on both outputs, e.g. Matrox P650 • 2 monitors: With at least 1600 x 1200 “true” resolution each, e.g. NEC MultiSync LCD 2070VX • Serial port: For online serial or KMC adapter, if applicable • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional with the latest updates (

• Single pattern preparation, two-part knitting – also on our Compact-Class and Multi Gauge-Class machines. • Online function for fast transfer of the programs to the knitting machine. • Support when programming knitting sequences. • Connection to shaping programs via DXF files. • Transfer of programs from one machine type to another by clicking the mouse. • Open system thanks to Windows operating system.

Laptop (basic configuration for limited, mobile operation) • Processor: Intel Centrino Duo T2300 or AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50 • Hard disk: 80 GB • Main memory: 2 GB, DDR2 • DVD multi-recorder: with +/- formats and possibly DVD-RAM • Laptop display: 1400 x 1050 resolution (SXGA+ for reduced, mobile use) • Serial port: For online serial or KMC adapter, if applicable • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional with the latest updates (