Steel Systems. Steel systems for windows, doors and facades

Steel Systems Steel systems for windows, doors and facades 2 Jansen steel systems: a commitment to quality. When function and safety blend with de...
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Steel Systems

Steel systems for windows, doors and facades


Jansen steel systems: a commitment to quality. When function and safety blend with design and aesthetics.


A family enterprise backed by tradition – as richly varied and modern as its solutions in steel. Founded at Oberriet in Switzerland in 1923, Jansen has grown into an international hightech business. Much has changed in the company’s history, dating back for more than 90 years. Our expertise has grown, but our core business has stayed the same: we create innovative, personalised solutions for our customers.





«Architecture» means the art of building. Like every other art form, architecture is inspired by people and inspires them in its turn. Apart from the functional criteria which a building must satisfy, its aesthetic aspects determine personal well-being and preferences.

Our customers’ criteria and needs are all

and excellent advice service, gives our

through to completion on site and pay

different and special. Our offer is there-

customers the benefit of genuine added

careful attention to your individual

fore sufficiently varied and innovative


project criteria.

and manufactures systems made of

Our customers have access to window,

True to the maxim «form and function

steel. Steel systems in fact.

door and facade systems plus a wide

perfectly combined» Jansen Steel

choice of fittings and accessories, sup-

Systems set aesthetic standards and

Jansen steel and stainless steel systems

ported by expert assistance in planning,

shape modern building technology –

feature an impressive range to provide

processing and logistics – all from a sing-

to erect new buildings or renovate

comprehensive system solutions for

le source. Our comprehensive offering

existing and historic structures.

investors, architects, planners and

includes wide-ranging technical advice

metalworkers. They meet the highest

and training, together with documen-

Close customer relations enable us to

standards of performance and safety,

tation, system tests and specific design

know what your wishes are. We place

energy efficiency and service life.

software for calculations and determi-

our know-how and our ability to

ning material requirements.

innovate at your service. Thus we are

to meet those demands. Jansen develops

This quality, combined with our innovative strength, our all-round expertise

able to supply solutions today to meet We accompany you from the initial idea

your wishes of tomorrow.


Our steel systems are tailored to meet your requirements. The lightness of being. With steel.



Steel lies at the very heart of our daily lives. Our expertise in the use of this material provides the basis for first-class solutions. Our highly expert advice in turn is the key to the completion of your unique projects.

Architects appreciate the universal

Strong and lightweight

Jansen Steel Systems are pioneers in all

design capability of steel, its stability

The expression «nerves of steel» did not

safety matters – from fire protection to

and functional quality and metalworkers

come about by chance. No other material

burglar and bullet resistance.

the precise manufacturing methods

can carry such large loads with so little

and straightforward assembly of steel

volume. Thanks to the strength, flexibi-

Ecological and timeless


lity and loadbearing capacity of steel,

Jansen's highly insulated steel systems

wide spans can be bridged and slender

for doors, windows and facades also

structural elements installed.

guarantee sustainable construction and

Formable and robust As a leading manufacturer, Jansen

energy-efficient use of buildings. Unsur-

develops, manufactures and distributes

Safe and elegant

passed in terms of service life, recycla-

worldwide steel systems suitable for

We can therefore offer you individual,

ble and almost 100 per cent reusable,

complex standard solutions as well as

delicately proportioned solutions which

steel is a material that makes genuine

exceptional, special requirements.

do justice to every demand placed on

ecological sense.

Jansen exploits the many qualities of

design and aesthetics and, at the same

steel to develop potential solutions

time, satisfy architecturally challenging

in which function and design are not

or unusual requirements, without com-

contra­dictory but complementary terms.

primising safety.


steel Systems OUR RANGE


iGuzzini Illuminazione Ibérica, Barcelona, Spain

Voentorg Center, Moscow, Russia

Theatre and Concert House, Kilden, Norway

Airport, Graz, Austria

Mausoleum of the Terracotta Warriors, Xian, China

Safety AND PROTECTION • fire protection

ANZ Bank, Auckland, New Zealand

• burglar resistance • bullet resistance • sound reduction

AESTHETICS AND DESIGN • transparency and lightness

Centre Pompidou, Metz, France

• flexibility • material combinations • building in existing fabric

Centraal Station, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 27 Regent Street, London, England Acoustic Tunnel, Warsaw, Poland


U-Tower, Dortmund, Germany

• energy efficiency


• thermal insulation • recyclable

Sagrada Famila, Barcelona, Spain

• technical advice • processing and installation • project solutions

Jin Ji Hu Kempinski Hotel, Suzhou, China

• international approvals • warehousing and logistics

Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, Croatia

Cais da Princesa, Lisbon, Portugal

«Geopolis» University, Lausanne, Switzerland

Keifi Tea House, Ankara, Turkey

North Shore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand


steel Systems DURABILITY


Centraal Station Rotterdam, The Netherlands THE PROJECT


Linked up to the European high-speed

Facade system, VISS Basic: The large

rail network, Rotterdam’s main station

entrance hall with its pointed stainless

is a busy transport hub for international

steel roof endows the station with an

rail traffic and also houses one of the

unmistakeable identity. The facade area,

main underground stations. In the next

measuring some 3000 square metres,

ten years, the number of commuters is

is up to 20.5 metres high. Each of the

expected to reach as many as 300,000

2.7 metre wide and 1.7 metre high glass

daily. Obviously, the safety requirements

panes weighs 700 kilos. VISS Basic was

of a public building of this kind are of

used for the lightweight steel structure

paramount importance. This was a key

to ensure perfect long-term safety and

factor in determining the new design.

stability, especially as the facades and roof are exposed to extreme wind loads.


Door systems, Janisol & JansenEconomy: Large automatic doors

Team CS – a consortium of Benthem

incorporated into the facade serve

Coruwal Architects, MVSA Meyer and

as public entrances.

Van Schooten Architects and West 8, The Netherlands.

Fire-resistant glazing, VISS Fire: Steel systems with transparent fire-resistant glazing were used for the interior


facades to comply with fire protection standards up to EI60.

Durability, safety and protection, aesthetics and design.




27 Regent Street London, England THE PROJECT


Regent Street is one of the most presti-

Janisol Arte & Janisol Primo window

gious shopping streets in London, close

systems: The facades of 27 Regent

to the famous Piccadilly Circus. In the

Street are richly structured. The ar-

past, its historic buildings were mainly

chitects opted for Janisol Arte ultra-

used for business purposes. Today it has

filigree steel profiles to ensure that the

become the perfect residential address

replacement windows do not impair

for lovers of city life. The sustainable

the overall impression of the facade

reuse of the building to create modern

architecture. These profiles create a fine

residential architecture presented the

network in front of the big windows

designers with special challenges. As the

and resemble very closely the style of

facade, like most in the area, has protec-

the original windows. The face width of

ted monument status, the emphasis here

these profiles is between just 25 and

was on renovation of the historic win-

40 millimetres, with a structural depth of

dow design while respecting the existing

60 millimetres. They guarantee compli-

style. At the same time, a sustainable

ance with modern standards of sound

building shell had to be produced for

reduction and thermal insulation. Some

contemporary use and the challenges of

of the windows facing Piccadilly Circus

sound reduction and thermal insulation

required enhanced sound reduction.

had to be met in every respect.

Here, a double window solution was chosen. Certain French windows are more than 2.2 metres high. Janisol Arte


combined with Janisol Primo was selected for this particular application.

Erik Parry Architects, England.

THE CHALLENGES Aesthetics and design, building in existing fabric, energy efficiency, thermal insulation, sound reduction.




Acoustic Tunnel Warsaw, Poland THE PROJECT


Poland’s capital city is expanding – with

Roof glazing system, VISS Basic: Highly

an increasing amount of traffic and noise

effective yet at the same time trans-

emissions. When Expressway S8, the

parent: that was the aim. The «bright

Trasa Armil Krajowej, was extended,

roof», a structure of steel systems and

the neighbouring residents were afraid

overhead glazing using special Pilking-

of exposure to even more noise. The

ton glass, extends over a length of 1.2

local authority took their fears seriously

kilometres with emergency exits at

and decided to build a steel and glass

200 metre intervals. The supporting

structure over the widest point. This

structure is a semi-circular arch of steel

roof covers all 14 carriageways and fits

girders set at intervals of 6 metres with

in perfectly with the aspect of the city. It

a diameter of 32 metres at the narro-

is one of the few structures of its kind in

west and 64 metres at the widest point.

Europe, and unique in Poland.

The steel and glass structure rests on this arch.


The inner pane of the laminated safety glass and a PVB film provide sound

Grotte Art and Transprojekt-Warszawa

reduction and enhanced safety since the

Sp. Z o.o, Poland.

film material retains any fragments of broken glass in their position. The outer panes of toughened glass are impact-


resistant to withstand rain and snow loads. The sound reduction measure

Sound reduction, transparency and light-

achieves the noise reduction require-

ness, safety and protection.

ment of Rw = 39 dB.




U-Tower Dortmund, Germany THE PROJECT


The former granary of the Union

Window system, Janisol Primo: These

Door system, Janisol 2 and fire-resistant

Brewery, known as Dortmund U, is a

slim-line steel systems support heavy

facade, VISS Fire: The 5.28 metre high

city landmark. As a typical example

loads and ensure that the windows,

partition element between the foyer

of Dortmund’s industrial history, the

which measure 1.08 metres by 3.20

and the stairwell has been built using

building is a protected historic monu-

metres and are fitted at a height of

the VISS Fire TV insulated, fire-resistant

ment. This fact had to be taken into

40 metres below the dome, are wind-

steel system for vertical glazing and is

account when the building, so steeped

resistant and preserve the appearance

combined with Janisol 2 fire doors.

in history, was to be converted into an

of these industrial windows dating back

art and cultural centre. One particular

to the 1920s.

challenge was the need to comply with

Facade system VISS Ixtra: The facade has been significantly extended by the

the specifications for fire protection,

Fire protection system, Jansen-Econo-

addition of new bays. For the glass

burglar resistance and the provision of

my G30: These fire-resistant window

facades, with a height of up to 10 met-

escape routes via windows and facades

elements, which are fitted with lockable

res, laser-welded loadbearing profiles in

without impairing the historic character

handles, were chosen as fenestration for

the VISS Ixtra, series proved appropriate;

of the structure.

the tower facades.

they are suitable for facade structures that do not depend on girders. 

Inner glazing, Jansen-Economy 50 RS


and 60 RS: The smoke-resistant interior partition wall of the “cathedral” with its

Gerber Architects in cooperation with

big windows and filigree steel profiles

Gernot Schulz Architecture, Germany.

gives the visitor an all-round view. The contour of the custom-built inner facade matches the curvature of the space and


complies with sound reduction class III as well as fall-prevention requirements.

Fire protection, building in existing fabric, burglar resistance , aesthetics and design.


Your ideas are our inspiration. You will be thrilled by our solutions. We design individual solutions for you. Together we create unique buildings.



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