STATUTES of the civil society ELEKTROMOBILY

STATUTES of the civil society ELEKTROMOBILY Point 1 – Basic data name of the civil society: „ELEKTROMOBILY občanské sdružení“ (abbreviated: „ELEKTORMO...
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STATUTES of the civil society ELEKTROMOBILY Point 1 – Basic data name of the civil society: „ELEKTROMOBILY občanské sdružení“ (abbreviated: „ELEKTORMOBILY o.s.“ or "sdružení" („society“, used in the following text) name in English: Czech EV association domicile: Elektromobilní prostranství, Sedlčanská 79, CZ-257 91 Sedlec-Prčice, Czech Republic Point 2 – Aims of the activity and methods used to achieve them 1) Aim of the activity ELEKTROMOBILY o.s. associates industrial companies, professional associations and federations, research and financial institutions, national authorities of public service, users, consumers and experts participating on research, development and innovations in the domain of electricity-driven vehicles in the Czech Republic. The aim of the society is to create, to support and to fulfill middle- to longtime visions of future technology development, and coherent dynamic strategies achieving the vision, which includes significant questions of the future economic growth, innovations, competitiveness and sustainable development, transportation and environment in the Czech Republic and in the Europe. The society avows own tradition, history and pioneering work of founders since the year 1980, which preceded the formal foundation of a corporation in the year 1990. 2) Aims and activities Another objectives of the ELEKTROMOBILY o.s. are to contribute to nature- and landscape preservation, and to assert the introduction of electric vehicles – as the basic transportation mean with minimum environmental impact – in the Czech as well as the European economy. This also includes asserting innovations, research and development of new technologies, which make this transportation more effective and attractive for users. The society realizes the objectives by following activities: - coordinates non-professional as well as professional activities in the scope of electric cars - helps to exchange of experiences between the members and other experts, and helps in creation of a relationship between research, development, education and industry, including the enhancement of competitiveness of the Czech industry - maintains communication with foreign organizations of the same orientation and participates (within the scope of its possibilities) on the work of such associations and European technological platforms - picks up on European activities o AVERE, the European association for battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles ("Evropská asociace pro bateriové elektromobily, hybridní vozidla a vozidla s palivovým článkem") o CITELEC, the association of European cities interested in electric vehicles ("Asociace evropských měst zainteresovaných na elektrických vozidlech") o EPE, the European power electronics and drives association ("Evropská asociace pohonné elektroniky a řízení")



collects information about electric cars, their most modern concepts, usage, legislation and normalization and affords this information to its members, public service or qualified public delegates lecturers to specialized meetings in the inland as well as in the foreign works up for its own need or on behalf of the industry or public service specialized studies, affords consultations participates in the legislation and normalization process organizes edification events and conferences, provides propagation- and publication activities on the topic of electric cars and charging infrastructure cooperates with specialized institutions and institutions dealing with research and development in the Czech Republic and in the foreign non-periodically affords written information about the activity, news and specialized meetings to its members organizes competitions of electric vehicles in the inland and sends active participants to international competitions maintains the webpages and organizes or coordinates projects of its members in the scope of electric cars, e.g. pilot constructions or reconstructions of vehicles to electric traction, including designing and realization with help of society members and project partners creates on-line database of charging points in the Czech Republic and Europe recommends technologies and methods of building the charging infrastructure in the Czech Republic according to European electrotechnic norms, including the support of using ecological and zero-emission sources of electric energy supports (within the scope of its possibilities) also other means of electric-driven transport like trains, trams, trolley-buses, ships, airplanes, motorbikes, tricars etc. Regarding hybrid technologies, only full plug-in (charging) hybrid cars are supported whose radius using solely the charged electricity (without the combustion engine) is at least 80 km supports effective using of the electric energy, i.e. usage of recuperation, highly effective electrical equipment, charging in low-load tariff supports sparing usage of the electrical power system and technologies leading to its stabilization, e.g. the possibilities of backing up the system with the electrical energy stored in the vehicle, or Smart-grid technologies the members of the society actively search and create charging points for electric cars, preferably directly at the electric-energy sources.

Point 3 – Membership 1) Inception and cessation of the membership The membership in ELEKTROMOBILY o.s. starts for a personal entity or a corporation in the day of entry into member's database, which is based on the filled registration form, after payment of the membership fee. The member's meeting may elect as a honorary member any person, who displays interest in the cooperation and acts in accordance with the statutes. The honorary members has neither rights nor duties, except for those explicitly awarded by the statutes. The membership ceases a) by death of the member or end of the organization b) on the basis of written application accepted by the board

c) by excluding the member by the general meeting d) by not paying membership fee for three years (to the end of the third year in which the fee has not been paid). The former members, however, remain in the member's database unless they ask to be removed from the database. 2) Member's rights and duties Every member has a right to participate in the general meeting of the society, to elect into the authorities of the society and to be elected into them (personal entities only). Every member has also right to advantages afforded to the members at the events organized by the society, as well as right to participate on specialized workshops and to information afforded to the members of the society. Every member is obligated to pay membership fee. The annual membership fee is 100,- Kč for non-enterprising personal entities, for corporations and enterprisers it is set by the assessment of the board (based on the category, size and number of employees). The membership fee is to be paid until the March, 01 of each calendar year. Every member is also obligated to participate on the proceeding of authorities of the society in which he had been elected (or nominated with his agreement) and to respect the decisions of these authorities. The member may not harm the interests of the society or its reputation. If the member disturbs these rules, the general meeting is authorized to exclude the member. If the member causes damage to another member (members) of the society, he is obligated to compensate the damage. Point 4 - Authorities of the society ELEKTROMOBILY o.s. has these authorities: 1. general meeting, 2. board, 3. auditor, 4. specialized groups. Point 5 - General meeting 1) Constitution and competence General meeting is the major authority of ELEKTROMOBILY o.s. and it includes all members of the society. Its competences are mainly: changing the statutes, the economy, the budget and the most important activities, and electing and removing members of the board and the auditor. However, the general meeting may reserve for itself any problem to decide. 2) Proceeding of the general meeting The general meeting is called to order by the chairman or by a member board commissioned by the chairman, at least once a year, by an invitation published at least 20 days in advance on the webpages ( or The invitation must include the place and time of the general meeting and the suggested program. At the written request of more than 10 % of members, the chairman is obligated to call to order the general meeting (with the program suggested in the application) within 60 days. A record of the general meeting is drawn up and after attestation it is available for all members of the society.

3) Decision making of the general meeting The general meeting has a quorum if at least 16 members of the society are present. The proceeding is managed by the chairman or by a board member commissioned by the chairman. To pass a resolution, working majority of the present members is necessary. Every present member has one vote. The general meeting should follow the program suggested unless there is an important reason to change it. A corporation can be represented by the accredited representative or by an employee. If the representative of the corporation is also a member of the society as an individual, he (she) has only one vote. More representatives or employees of the corporation can be present as guests only, unless they are members of the society as individuals. Point 6 - the board 1) Constitution and licence of the board The board is the statutory body of ELEKTROMOBILY o.s. It has at least 3 members elected by the general meeting for three years. The chairman, vicechairman and other board member(s) are elected. The board members act for the society and sign in in the name of society in such way, that the chairman or vicechairman and another board member add their signatures to the written or printed name of the society. The chairman or vicechairman may independently enter into engagements (order something) or make payments (pay invoices) up to 50 000 Kč (CZK). The chairman or vicechairman may also independently fix deeds of gift and contracts about consultations, in which the society is the recipient of the gift or of the service and which imply no expenses for the society, without any financial limit. 2) Competence and acting of the board The board manages the activities of the society, is responsible for the society's economy, for the formation and filling of the budget, planning of the activities and conceptual work in specialized groups and for the member agenda, and it constitutes the program of the general meeting. The proceeding of the board is called together by the chairman or by a board member commissioned by the chairman. The board may also discuss with by an electronic communication, like videoconferencing, teleconference, e-mail or chat. Point 7 - Auditor The auditor is a checking authority of ELEKTROMOBILY, o.s. He (she) is obligated to check regularly, once every year at least, the economy of the society and to report the results to the general meeting. The auditor is elected by the general meeting for three years. Point 8 - Specialized groups Specialized groups are formed as thematic or project-related. The board authorizes a special status for the work in the specialized groups, for their structure and membership in them. The fundamental principles at this work are the conservation of the mental property and of the business secret and of other potential secret information. Breaking of this principle is a reason to exclude the member from the society.

Point 9 - Membership in authorities A member of the board cannot be the auditor. Other concurrence is not prohibited. The functions of board member and of the auditor can be salaried if funding for this purpose is obtained. The member may resign the membership in an authority by written resignation delivered to the board. The membership in the authority ceases by handling the resignation by the board, in any case by the end of the month following after the delivery of resignation at the latest. The membership in an authority also ceases in the day in which its member was removed by the authority which had elected him (her). Point 10 - Principles of the economy ELEKTORMOBILY o.s. always manages with balanced budget. It has not right to loan or get into debt in other way without a previous agreement of the general meeting. The board ensures upright bookkeeping. The main earnings of the society are member's fees, grants, donations, subventions or contributions from the state, foundations, funds and other institutions. Other earnings are fees from participants of events prepared by the society or earnings from a sideline. If the society reaches a profit, it will be dedicated to reinforcement of the society and to development of its activities according to point 2 of the statutes. The general meeting is informed about the economy by a member of the board (actually vicechairman). Point 11 - Symbols of the society Logo can be used independently, or with the name or URL of the society. It can be used in Czech national colors with the green (as a symbol of ecology) or in black-and-white version. It can be accompanied by names of sponsors and partners.

The stamp of the society contains the text: "ELEKTROMOBILY, občanské sdružení" alternatively with "", "ičo 00565431" and other information. Point 12 - Ethic principles The members of the society in every situation support electric cars and they do not harm their reputation. The members do not distribute untrue - neither slandering nor overestimating information about electric cars. If the circumstances allow it, the members prefer using electric energy for own transportation. The members do not prefer own benefit at the expense of slowing or limiting the development of electric vehicles. Members do not promote technical solutions which lead to incompatibility of electric cars or the charging infrastructure, or to slowing of development. The members support such technical solutions which enable independent charging of electric cars in every household and company, without the duty of

registration and without the need to own other than commonly used connectors. Members support the production of electricity for electric cars from low-emission or zero-emission energy sources. The members mind the principles of electromagnetic compatibility, the principles of electrotechnic safety and road-traffic safety. Point 13 - Others The society establishes no territorial units with a legal identity. The society is sensu the § 70 of the law No. 114 / 1992 pertinent for the whole territory of the Czech Republic. The society has no lower organizational units. It exists with indeterminate duration, and about its possible end and allocation of its possession decides the general meeting. Point 14 - Continuity These statutes take up the statutes of the society, registered by the Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic with the mark VSP/1-2323/90-R on June 10th, 2010. Approved by the general meeting of the society on August, 21th 2010