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2016 State Certification Testing of Voting Systems National Conference - MIT State of New Hampshire William M. Gardner – Secretary of State Thomas F....
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2016 State Certification Testing of Voting Systems National Conference - MIT

State of New Hampshire William M. Gardner – Secretary of State Thomas F. Manning – Assistant Secretary of State Daniel J. Cloutier – Assistant Secretary of State Christopher G. Bentzler – IT Manager Colleen McCormack – Training Coordinator Anthony Stevens – Assistant Secretary of State

one4all Introduction

• New Hampshire Constitution •

Bill of Rights, Article 11. Amended in 1984 •

“Voting registration and polling places shall be easily accessible to all persons including disabled and elderly persons…”

• Help America Vote Act 2002 • Disabilities Access and Voting Systems Task Force • 30-member Disability and Election Officials Group

one4all Introduction • Disabilities Access and Voting Systems Task Force • Charge - Complete Accessibility • Physical – How to configure a polling place that is accessible to all voters regardless of disability. • Cultural – How to appropriately communicate with persons with disabilities. • “Person First” language – “person who is” or “person who has”

Technical – Accessible Voting System • Telephone/Facsimile System – IVS LLC of Kentucky • Centralized software, phone line connections to polls • Unreliable phone connections, Expensive

one4all Introduction • Governor’s Commission on Disability (GCD) • Department of State search for a new and better accessible voting system • Open Sourced with Commercial Off-the-Shelf Hardware

• GCD colleague – William Finn, Department of Education, Director of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

• Juan E. Gilbert Ph.D. - Chair of the Computer & Information Science & Engineering Department at the University of Florida. • Dr. Juan Gilbert • Dr. Wanda Eugene • Jessica Jones • Nadja Mack

one4all Introduction • one4all is a Prime III driven open source software • Initial trials of Prime III • Concord NH and Nashua NH - 2014 State Primary and General Elections • Modifications – developed in cooperation with Dr. Gilbert’s staff at the University of Florida • Other Partners – • New Hampshire Association for the Blind • Granite State Independent Living • Governor’s Commission on Disability

one4all Introduction Current Configuration

one4all Hardware

•Selection Process • Windows based • Tablet • Docking station • Flow-through printer • High-contrast keyboard • Headset/Microphone • Storage container

one4all Hardware

one4all Hardware/Software Logistics

•How did the hardware get delivered? • Clerk’s picked up • State personnel delivered the rest

one4all Hardware/Software Logistics

•How did the software get loaded? • Eight Docking Stations • Chris and Dan with thumb drives

• Two state employees • Assigned the tablet to the polling location • Packaged the tablet into their own container

one4all Hardware/Software Logistics

•How did the tablets get delivered? • Two state employees • Packaged the tablet container into another container • Labeled and shipped them commercially

• Some closer cities and towns were hand delivered

one4all Hardware/Software Logistics

•How do the tablets come back? • On election night with the official Return-of-Votes • … and those cities and towns that didn’t give them to the law enforcement officers on election night need to ship them back to us

one4all Software

•Dr. Juan Gilbert and his team – April 29, 2014 •State Primary Election – September 9, 2014 • Dr. Gilbert’s team • Dr. Gilbert’s equipment • Dr. Gilbert’s software

one4all Software

•State General Election – November 4, 2014 • State Personnel w/support from Dr. Gilbert’s team • State Equipment • Dr. Gilbert’s Software w/minor changes by New Hampshire

one4all Software

•Presidential Primary Election – February 9, 2016 • State Personnel

w/support from Dr. Gilbert’s team • New Equipment • one4all Branded Software • Software Lock Down • Hardware Lock Down • Modified Look and Feel

one4all Software

one4all Software

one4all Software

one4all Technical Overview

•Software Modifications • Locking down Windows Operating System • Customize web browser • Virtualization • Silent installation on “off the shelf” tablets

one4all Technical Overview

•Support • Tier 1 Phone support • Troubleshoot issues and resolve or hand off to tier 2

• Tier 2 On site support • Troubleshoot issues and Travel to physical location if necessary

one4all Technical Overview

•Challenges on Voting Day • Selection buttons too small to select party • Speed of the voice setting was confusing to voters • Headsets did not playback voice • Playback voice was difficult to understand • Ballots did not print or error message that printer was not installed • Windows Profile problems from improper shutdown

one4all Technical Overview

•Lessons Learned/Enhancements ahead • Selection buttons for Party • Remove voice speed setting • Improve candidate pronunciation • Implement administrative options to shutdown tablet and remove printers • Additional tier 2 support on Voting day

one4all Training & Instructions • Training - Clerks

•Clerk Conference – September Demo of the tablet for the entire 2 ½ day conference •Concord September Training Picked up Hardware Had a complete set-up to view and demo

one4all Training & Instructions • Election Law Training - January

•Six remote training sessions held over the entire state •Invitation sent out to: • Selectmen • Moderators • Town/City Clerks • Supervisors of the Checklist

one4all Training & Instructions •Training consisted of:

–Video of the complete assembly of the hardware –Physical Demo of the tablet and set-up –Clerk Conference – September

one4all Training & Instructions • Booklet of Instructions

•Including step by step instructions and pictures •Accessible through the NHVotes online training website •Users could print the booklet

one4all Training & Instructions • Tips for a Successful Set-up

–Enclosed in the tablet box –One page –Tips for a Successful Return of the Tablet • Emailed all Clerks on Feb. 4th

–Have you received and tested your tablet?

one4all Training & Instructions • DRC – Disabilities Rights Center of NH

•Sent out an email to clerks asking if they were trained for the new accessible voting machine

one4all Training & Instructions “Yes I was invited to a meeting with the S.O.S. office. They provided us with many meeting dates for people to attend. They did go over the information on the new Accessible voting tablets, they had one at the meeting to show us how it was assembled. They also had a very clear instructional handout that came with the tablet. Things are sometimes a little tricky when you first use them, the S.O.S. office were right there if you needed them. I think the S.O.S. office just about takes us by the had and walks us through what we need to do. Believe me I’m, so glad they are there for us. I give them an A+”