St. Pete Pier Top Priorities Brainstorming

St. Pete Pier Top Priorities Brainstorming 1. Overall Experience Priorities Team 1 1. Overall Experience Brainstorming 1.1. test 1.2. keeping the pier...
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St. Pete Pier Top Priorities Brainstorming 1. Overall Experience Priorities Team 1 1. Overall Experience Brainstorming 1.1. test 1.2. keeping the pier open for business 1.3. away from land 1.4. keep the architecture unique 1.5. identify outside funding to support operations/renovations/etc. 1.6. marriage waterfront activities with the pier 1.7. expand retail activities along the approach to the pier 1.8. fitness trail along the pier 1.9. peer under the pier experience (underwater experience) 1.10. provide a unique visitor attraction experience 1.11. family friendly events 1.12. bring up to hurricane code 1.13. adequate plumbing and HVAC 1.14. aggressive tourism marketing plan

2. Function Priorities Team 1 2. Function Brainstorming 3. Shopping 3.1. need more unique locally owned retail shops 3.2. airport shopping destination 3.3. supporting the cultural community 3.4. entertainment retailing 4. Dining 4.1. signature themed restaurants 5. Adventure/Activities 5.1. port of call 5.2. attraction rides 5.3. unique transportation service 5.4. fishing 5.5. entertainment destination 6. Community Events 6.1. recreation 6.2. community involvement 6.3. city icon 7. "Other" 7.1. generate excitement/energy/synergy to be the city's shining star 7.2. sufficient back-of-house space 7.3. capture the history 7.4. themed property

3. Form Priorities Team 1 8. Form Priorities 8.1. keep pier open for business 9. Location (Water, Non-Water) 9.1. keep it as a pier 9.2. compliment downtown architecture 10.Design 10.1. moving walkways 10.2. catwalks for fishermen 10.3. interactive 10.4. grassy area 10.5. glass 10.6. stairs 10.7. green/environmentally friendly 10.8. attractive 10.9. innovative 10.10. modern 10.11. sexy

4. Overall Experience Priorities Team 2 11.Overall Experience Brainstorming 11.1. . 11.2. test 11.3. Be top money-making operation in St. Pete 11.4. upside down pyramid is an icon that shouldn't be changed. 11.5. continue having activities that bring people to the pier. 11.6. Increased activity to the Pier. 11.7. Economy being the way it is make it more accessible (free parking). Don't charge. 11.8. Take out parking meters that just came in. 11.9. Quit giving parkers tickets; they won't come back. 11.10. More advertising for The Pier. 11.11. Change format of what we're offering; make an amusement park at the Pier. 11.12. Ferris wheel and a water park 11.13. Space needle, a real amusement park. 11.14. Retail operations up along the approach. 11.15. Boater friend; perfect docking 11.16. Be more of a community resource; use by all people 11.17. Aquarium should build something unique; underwater room, glass floor. 11.18. Build an artificial reef; a reverse aquarium 11.19. More lighting 11.20. Activities like more art shows; things that people like 11.21. more street entertainers 11.22. Bring the Pier experience connected to downtown. 11.23. More user-friendly, more stuff. 11.24. Be more accessible; more than one access, a causeway to go to the pier 11.25. Bring more people to the Pier 11.26. Don't have a bridge; have the Pier be a land extension. 11.27. Build a swimming pool. 11.28. Make it more walker-accessible.

5. Function Priorities Team 2 12.Function Brainstorming 13.Shopping 13.1. shopping: concept stores only 13.2. develop package deals 13.3. shops along the Pier 13.4. unique stores 13.5. exclusivity on store items 13.6. Loyalty shopping card, reward program 13.7. Make the Pier more boater friendly to bring in shoppers and diners 14.Dining 14.1. Add themed restaurants; food court but with real sitdown restaurants 14.2. Variety 14.3. all price points 14.4. club, nightclub 15.Adventure/Activities 15.1. Light and water fountain show 15.2. arcade 15.3. Be a complete self-sustaining amusement center 15.4. Fun set; Mallory Sq at the Pier every night 15.5. performers; exciting, Cirque de Soleil 15.6. amusement park 16.Community Events 16.1. More community awareness of what the Pier offers: education/community, shopping, dining and adventure 16.2. cultural events at The Pier; Ribfest, festivals, Circus McGurkis 16.3. auditorium/indoor and outdoor viewing Movies at The Pier 16.4. special shows (art, etc.) 16.5. More educational activities; exhibits 16.6. Bring the rotunda back; an indoor viewing area for events (that people could see the view and you can see in) 16.7. Allow community groups to use rooms/space 16.8. bring people from locals, tourists 16.9. monthly (or weekly) themed events 16.10. open theater 16.11. folk dancing, more family activities 17."Other" 17.1. A self-sustaining revenue building facility 17.2. A full-time community events planner and budget 17.3. New, clean bathrooms 17.4. Season pass to the Pier 17.5. electric billboard 17.6. Banners on the pier; more attention grabbers all along the approach 17.7. post every three months on a lit up screen 17.8. Get rid of trolley; put in a tram 17.9. trolley service should be reconfigured; people run out when they see it and I lose business 17.10. Sponsorship of the Pier and activities 17.11. Overall design depicting circa 1920s 17.12. What's the future of the aquarimum? Larger???

6. Form Priorities Team 2 18.Form Priorities 18.1. The first level with an underwater glass room 18.2. Aquarium on the first floor? 18.3. Circa 1920 theme; train for tram 18.4. Be futuristic; design for the future with all green building 18.5. Skyride through downtown to the Pier 18.6. More boat friendly 18.7. Keep the basic pyramid structure. 18.8. Build a unique structure that is partly underwater 18.9. Build with the inspiration of sun, sky and water 18.10. a rotating pier 18.11. a restaurant at the top of the rotating pier 18.12. Extend the Pier 18.13. Better space management 18.14. More access roads to the Pier 18.15. Create an island for the Pier 18.16. Breakwater structure around the Pier to make it more yacht friendly 18.17. parking garage 18.18. Fill in the land so the Pier is physically part of downtown 18.19. More fish to see; bigger aquarium 18.20. high tech aquarium with cameras and microphones underwater 19.Location (Water, Non-Water) 20.Design

7. Overall Experience Priorities Team 3 21.Overall Experience Brainstorming 21.1. test 21.2. test 21.3. the pier has lost it's wow factor 21.4. Anything that brings the most people to the pier is the biggest priority 21.5. it needs to be more astatically pleasing 21.6. need to punch up that the pier is unique in that it's 1/4 mile out on the water 21.7. an area on the pier approach for entertainment 21.8. make use of the parking lots 21.9. tunnel glass enclosure to bring people to the pier.

8. Function Priorities Team 3 22.Function Brainstorming 23.Shopping 23.1. bigger, more sophisticated stores 24.Dining 24.1. foods from all over the world 24.2. more room for outdoor dining 24.3. with water views with an old Florida theme

25.Adventure/Activities 25.1. eco tours 25.2. underwater tram aquarium 25.3. bouty or some other pirate boat 25.4. one general area for adventure to make it easier for people to utilize it 25.5. cruise line with hotel at the pier 26.Community Events 26.1. fresh market 26.2. movies 26.3. outdoor theatre 26.4. concerts 26.5. more free events 26.6. Venue for larger events 26.7. water park, skate park, play fountain 27."Other" 27.1. cruise line and hotel at the pier 27.2. amusement rides 27.3. Widen the approach 27.4. How can we redesign the pier to bring more people everyday 27.5. third floor turned into a hostel

9. Form Priorities Team 3 28.Form Priorities 29.Location (Water, Non-Water) 29.1. wider, larger and further out on the water, in the same location 29.1.1. wider, larger and further out on the water 29.2. build around the existing pier, out past the pier, build a new pier with shops and dining then demolish the old building for new outdoor public space for concerts, art shows 30.Design 30.1. private, boat friendly docking 30.2. build a green pier 30.3. floating docks

10. Overall Experience Priorities Team 4 31.Overall Experience Brainstorming 31.1. test 31.2. The water should be primary focus 31.3. Some place different, memorable and unique 31.4. utilize all the space 31.5. highlight and enhance the uniqueness of The Pier on the water 31.6. Returning it to a tourist attraction

11. Function Priorities Team 4 32.Function Brainstorming

33.Shopping 33.1. Saturday or Sunday morning markets 33.2. Frequent shopper card 33.3. need a unique, specialty anchor store like Guy Harvey 34.Dining 34.1. Food festivals- taste of the Pier 34.2. Bar hopping ( Pier crawl) at The Pier 35.Adventure/Activities 35.1. centralized adventure activities 35.2. use adventure activities to draw the tourists and locals to the Pier 35.3. More adventure activities ie bungi jumping, kayak rentals, shark encounters, and more aggressive outdoor adventures 35.4. More uses for Spa Beach 35.5. More fishing charter 35.6. More docks and a dock master to promote boaters 35.7. more types of boat and boat activities 36.Community Events 36.1. Beer tasting 36.2. fashion shows 36.3. corporate functions, events & meetings 36.4. entertain people and drive our businesses 37."Other" 37.1. public use 37.2. retail & business 37.3. tourist/ attraction draw 37.4. skyride, choo choo train, other modes of transportation

12. Form Priorities Team 4 38.Form 38.1. 38.2. 38.3.

Priorities no shorter Make the Pier more boat friendly Add retail shops along the approach - more of a boardwalk

39.Location (Water, Non-Water) 39.1. make visitors interactive with the water 39.2. benches and green space along the approach separate from fisherman area 40.Design 40.1. encompass the water view and magnetism of being on the water 40.2. travel under the water as you go up the approach 40.3. centralized courtyard