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St. Louis Brief!

February 2012

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President’s Message by Mark Dunlop CLU, ChFC 2nd Half Your local chapter has indeed had a great first half of the year. The speakers and presentations shared have been well received. The local events combined with the on line and other resources from the national board sure makes the membership valuable. For those who have not been a member for the last two years, now may be a great time to rejoin. In fact, all the events of the 2nd half will be available for you and the dues will even be prorated. Contact a board member and they will help you rejoin or even join for the first time. In addition to the streaming video presentation on February 16 that is highlighted in this issue, I would like you to mark your calendar for four special events related to estate planning, a topic for which recent member surveys have asked for more meeting time. To meet member requests as noted on recent surveys, the following four events are on estate planning and to some degree build upon each other:

St. Louis Mission Statement

The Society of Financial Services Professionals - St. Louis Chapter is dedicated to: 1) Enhancing the competence of financial service professionals through quality lifelong education; 2) Promoting public recognition of the high ethical standards and professional expertise practiced by our members; and, 3) Encouraging others to attain the professional designations and graduate degrees endorsed by our national organization.

The guest speaker Andrew Rinn, JD, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® of MetLife Investors Insurance Company will discuss four estate freezing techniques on March 13. I have met him at national estate planning council meetings and heard him speak at nationally sponsored FSP events. I truly feel his way of presentation on complex topics is quite clear, and his gentle humor in presentation helps drive the concepts home. On April 11, 2012 the presentation on Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits will be by one of my long time personal friends and also the current President of FSP, April Caudill, JD, CLU, ChFC, AEP who is the Senior Attorney, Advanced Financial Security Planning Division, Financial Planning and Product Delivery Department, The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. We are thankful that she will be able to come and help us look at the unique characteristics of qualified retirement and IRA assets, and the special income tax and estate planning issues that apply when working with them. It also will be a good segue for the third estate planning event which will be led by Kathleen R. Sherby, Bryan Cave, LLP builds upon the material. Note the April 23, 2012 Tax Efficient Disposition of Qualified Plans and IRAs is a joint meeting with EPC and the time and location is different from our other meetings. (12:00-1:00 p.m; Location: MAC downtown) Finally the fourth meeting, May 2, 2012, on Estate and Life Insurance Planning with Certainty in a Sea of Tax Uncertainty will tie together some of the material presented in the prior three meetings and add some interesting perspectives. We are thankful that our own Steven Spewak, Estate Plan Strategies, LLC, will present this wrap up meeting on the estate planning theme. We are thankful for the speakers for addressing issues that our members have requested and for you, our members, for sharing what you feel are important issues to be addressed. The local chapter leadership strives to meet the desires of you, our members, and we are thankful for the solid participation our chapter has had at the monthly meetings thus far this year. Best personal regards, Mark Mark Dunlop, [email protected] 314-769-6665. ARE YOU ON THE LIST? CHECK THE MEMBER LIST ON PAGE 6

Society of FSP

Page 3 Legislative Corner: Legislative Matters Facing the Financial Services Profession While the Society is not an advocacy organization, we wish to keep our members informed of issues that may affect their practices or professions. With this goal in mind, the Society will post information on current legislative issues. Legislative Spotlight We have engaged in a collaborative effort with NAIFA to supply their "Legislative Spotlight" in order to raise federal and state regulatory awareness for our members to facilitate a more fruitful dialogue with constituents and/or clients with regard to these important issues. February 2012 • Vol. 4, Issue 2 — NAIFA Encouraged by SEC's Deliberate Pace on Fiduciary Rule January 2012 • Vol. 4, Issue 1 — NAIFA Comments on Federal Insurance Office (FIO) December 2011 • Vol. 3, Issue 15 — NAIFA Opposes Restrictions on Medigap Insurance November 2011 • Vol.3, Issue 14 — NAIFA Applauds Senate Resolution Supporting Life Insurance Awareness Month October 2011 • Vol. 3, Issue 13 — NAIFA President Testifies Before Congress on a Universal Fiduciary Duty June 2011 • Vol. 3, Issue 9 — NAIFA Concerned with Imposition of Fiduciary Duty

May 2011 • Vol. 3, Issue 8 — NAIFA Participates in NAIC Spring Meeting AALU Report Re: Proposed Legislation for a Fiduciary Standard on Life Insurance Professionals Financial Planning Coalition: Financial Planning Coalition Urges Congress to Support the SEC in Establishing a Fiduciary Standard of Care for Broker-Dealers. Coalition Asks Congress to Increase Funding Authority for the SEC

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Society of FSP

Society of FSP Greater St. Louis Chapter – Partners in Professionalism

Joint Meeting with NAIFA-St.Louis Continuing Education Series: February 16, 2012 Streaming Video “Overcoming Separation Anxiety: Why and How to Separate Your Wealth from Your Business” Program Overview This program explains the importance to business-owner clients who are getting ready to retire of separating their personal wealth from their business. Using case studies of a mid-sized C corporation with tax liabilities and a small closely held business which is an LLC, learn how a “separation strategy” can provide economic independence with no change in standard of living, regardless of what happens to the business. Financial planners will benefit from the discussion of the various strategies, including the use of life insurance, to separate personal from business wealth to create ongoing retirement income. Attendees will learn:  Why it is important to separate personal from business assets  Strategies, tools, and business entities that best protect against creditors  The use of life insurance to fund succession planning strategies and for creditor protection  Tried and true ways to extract money from the business The distinguished panel includes moderator Lynne F. Stebbins, JD, AEP, CLU, ChFC and panelists Donald O. Jansen, J.D., LL.M., and Terence B. Stanaland, JD, ChFC, CPA. Approved CE: Two (2) hours of L&H Insurance, CFP, CLE, CPE, and PACE credit

Time: 8:30am Registration, 9-11am Program (refreshments will be provided) Location: Des Peres Lodge 1050 Des Peres Road, Des Peres, MO 63131 To make a reservation send an email to [email protected] or call the association office at 314.520.3564 Cost: Society/NAIFA-St. Louis Members free, Guests $35

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Society of FSP Thank you! For renewing your membership! Nabil S. Abdelhamid, CLU,ChFC Kevin W. Albritton, CFP,CLU,ChFC Geney L. Anderson, CLU Tabitha L. Atwell, BA,JD Paul J. Baeske, CFP,ChFC,MBA John J. Barada, III, CLU,ChFC John R. Bassett, CLU,ChFC,RHU Kathleen W. Bilderback, JD,LLM, AEP Keith A Bohm, CLU Peter B. Bondioli, CLU,ChFC Guy N. Brandt, JD Gary M. Brashears, CLU,ChFC Linda D. Brent, CLU,ChFC,CSA M. William Bresler, Jr., MSFS,ChFC,CLU,AEP Lawrence Brody, JD,LLM John E. Brooks, CLF Robert L. Bubb, CLU C. Dennis Burd, CLU,ChFC Sandra K. Buschmann, ChFC,LUTCF James L. Butler, CLU,ChFC,MSFS,CFP,MS

Joshua Dunlop

Carl L. Kickham, CFP,CLU,ChFC

Mark J. Dunlop, CLU,ChFC,MSFS,MSM

Michael Kickham, CFP

Marth Easton, CLU,ChFC

Paul B. Knese, Ph.D.

Hugo H. Ernst, CFP,CLU,ChFC

John M. Kohl, CLU,ChFC,RHU

Richard B. Feldmann, CLU,ChFC,LTCP

Thomas M. Kopatz, CLU

Rodney S. Ferguson, ChFC,CLU

Alan J. Koshner, JD

Salvatore J. Ferranto, CLU,ChFC

Steven P. Kroeck, CLU,ChFC

Paul E. Flotken, CLU

Peter J. LeBlanc, CLU,ChFC

Gary L. Flotron, MBA,CLU,ChFC,AEP

Andrew J. Lich

Barry M. Friedman, CLU

Christopher R. Lowery, CLU,ChFC,CPA

Kevin D. Frost, CLU,ChFC Neal D. Furlong, CLU,ChFC

Roger J. Lowery, CLU,ChFC Donna M. Ludewig, CASL,ChFC,CLU,CPC

Nancy B. Georgen, CLU,ChFC,JD

Joseph P. Manczuk, CLU

Thomas J. Gilliam, CLU

Martin March, CLU,ChFC

Thomas J. Gilliam, Jr., CFP

Ronald L. Martin, ChFC,CFP

Thomas P. Goedde, CLU,ChFC Abraham Gootzeit, CLU,ChFC,FSA,MAAA

Kevin J. McCann, LLC

Randall T. Graham, CLU

Thomas F. Mengel, CLU,ChFC,MSFS

William D. Graham, CLU


Juanita M. Grither, FLMI,CLU

J. Matthew Meyer, CLU,ChFC

Thomas C. Guebert, CLU,ChFC,CFP

William L. Meyer, CLU,ChFC

Steven M. Gust

Don E. McKinley, CLU,ChFC

Richard D. Haberstroh, CLU,MSFS

Jack D. Minner, CLU,ChFC Michael B. Moloney, CLU,ChFC,CFP,CASL

Dale L. Cammon, CLU

Richard Charles Hackett, CLU

Craig W. Moncey, ChFC

Roger E. Cammon, CLU

Steven James Hall, CPCU,FIC,AIM

Lisa M. Morgan

Alison M. Carnie, JD

David L. Harjoe, CLU,ChFC

John E. Moriarty, ChFC

Kenneth C. Carrico, CLU,ChFC

Sonja V. Hayes, JD,CLU

Nancy J. Moss, ChFC

Joseph P. Cernich, CLU,ChFC

Brian D. Heckert, CLU,ChFC Gerard M. Hempstead, CPA,CFP,CLU,ChFC

Israel Myers, CLU,ChFC,AEP

Dennis G. Hennessy, CLU

Donald W. Norton, CLU,ChFC

Carol F. Henrick, LUTCF,CLTC

Daniel N. O'Saben, CLU,ChFC,MSFS

Charles K. Hirsch, CLU

Todd Oesterlei, JD

David M. Hoff, CLU,ChFC,CFP

Michael Ohlsen

Joseph W. Hoffmann, CLU,ChFC

John L. Olsen, CLU,ChFC,AEP

Patrick R. Houlihan, CLU

Shelley E. Parsons, CLU,ChFC

David Carroll Johnson, MSFS,BA,JD,LLM

Naresh B. Patel, CLU

W. Gail Jones, CLU

Geoffrey A. PeConga, CLU,MBA

Thomas T. Judd

Ronald W. Pfadenhauer, CLU

Susan W. Kagy, CLU,ChFC

Lawrence M. Poger, CLU

Charles J. Kane, CLU,ChFC

John M. Qualy, CLU

Alan Clayton David B. Cohen, CLU Thomas J. Cohn, CLU,ChFC William S. Comfort, CLU Kathy C. Conley Jones, LUTCF Dorothy M. Conway, CLU,ChFC Michael P. Corry, CLU Thomas J. Cosgrove, CLU,ChFC,RHU Michael W. Cramer, CLU Paul N. Cross, CLU,ChFC Thomas P. Curran, CLU Charles F. Driscoll, CLU,AEP

Ross D. Neumann, CLU,MBA

Page 7 Harry K. Ratliff, AIF,CIMA,CAP

Kathleen M. Schultz, CPA

Stan B. Towerman, CLU,ChFC,MSFS

David Reeves

Lauren R. Schwab

Roya A. Trapani

Roger I. Relfe, ChFC

Brian Seigel, JD

Rob G. Trimarke

Theresa Richards, CFP,LUTCF

William L. Selley, ChFC,CLU

Clifford E. Van Ittersum, CFP,ChFC,CLU

Michael G. Rodick, CLU,ChFC,MSFS

Kathleen Sherby, JD

Larry M. VandeVen, Jr., CLU

Gary F. Rogers, CLU,ChFC

Amy A. Sherrer, CLU,ChFC

Anthony E. Veith, CLU,ChFC,CFP

Danielle R. Rolfes, CLU,ChFC

Michael R. Siebert

Richard S. Vest, CLU,ChFC

Gregory J. Rolfes, CPA

Gloria A. Silva, CLU,ChFC,CASL

Larry M. Waldrop, CLU,ChFC

Irvin L. Roselman, CLU

Alan M. Smith, CLU,ChFC,CFP

Timothy B. Watkins

Elmer S. Rosenthal, Jr., CLU

David A. Watson, ChFC,CLU,REBC,RHU

Richard S. Rosenthal, CLU,ChFC

David A. Smith, CLU,ChFC Herbert C. Smith, AEP,CFP,ChFC,CLU,MS

Susan B. Roth

Robert A. Smutz, CLU

Andrew J. Weinhaus, JD

Donald Rubin, CLU,ChFC

Craig D. Snavely, LUTCF,ChFC,CLU

Mark E. Werner, CLU,ChFC,AEP,CFP

Jerry A. Sackberger, CLU,ChFC,CFP

Timothy L. Snyder, CLU,ChFC,CFP

Douglas V. Westall, ChFC,MBA

Sharon A. Sanders, CLU,ChFC

Steven B. Spewak, JD,LL.M

William J. Savan, CEBS,CLU,ChFC,CFP

Robert J. Spindel, CLU,ChFC,CFP,AEP

Bruce F. Weston, CLU,ChFC Diamond W. Wheeler, CLU,ChFC,CFP,CASL

Robert L. Scharff, Jr., CLU,ChFC Walter C. Schmieder, Jr., CLU,ChFC,MBA

M. Eileen Stanley, CLU,ChFC

M. Kevin Williams, MBA

Walter G. Stern, CLU,ChFC

Terry S. Wold, ChFC

Christie L. Schmuke, JD

Richard T. Stith, Jr., CLU,ChFC

Richard B. Yust, CLU,ChFC

John N. Schneider, CLU,ChFC,CFP

Gary W. Sutter, CLU

Daniel J. Zoll, ChFC,CLU,CFP,AEP

Richard D. Schooley, CLU

Peggy L. Symes

Michael S. Schuler, CLU

Bernard Tobin, CLU

Michael V. Webb, CLU,ChFC,MDRT

2011 – 2012 PROGRAMS You can go anywhere for education, but you come here for wisdom! Please note all meetings are at the Des Peres Lodge 1050 Des Peres Road, 63131, unless noted. Pending CE approval on all programs. February 16, 2012 8:30-11:00 a.m., Streaming Live Video. “Overcoming Separation Anxiety: Why and How to Separate Your Wealth from Your Business” Pending CE 2 hours of L&H in MO and IL and 2 hours of CFP credit March 13, 2012 Estate Freezing Techniques 8:00-9:00 a.m. Guest Speaker: Andrew Rinn, JD, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® MetLife Investors Insurance Company This presentation is to familiarize the attendee with common estate freezing techniques. Many clients may want to create flexibility in their estate plan, limit gift tax exposure and leverage their existing assets to create a larger legacy. This presentation discusses four estate freezing techniques: Self-Canceling Installment Notes (SCINs), Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRTs), Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs), and Installment Sales to an Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Trust (IDIT).

Society of FSP April 11, 2012 Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits 8:00-10:00 a.m. Guest Speaker: April Caudill, JD, CLU, ChFC, AEP Senior Attorney, Advanced Financial Security Planning Division, Financial Planning and Product Delivery Department, The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company The number of your clients who are affected by the federal estate tax may have diminished under current law, but the number who have qualified retirement assets is unchanged! In this presentation, we will look at the unique characteristics of qualified retirement and IRA assets, and the special income tax and estate planning issues that apply when working with them. Learn which fact scenarios raise red flags, and when additional planning steps might be necessary to help your clients achieve their objectives. April 23, 2012 Tax Efficient Disposition of Qualified Plans and IRAs Joint Meeting EPC 12:00-1:00 p.m. Location: MAC downtown Guest Speaker: Kathleen R. Sherby, Bryan Cave LLP This presentation covers tax efficient disposition of qualified plans and IRAs, including beneficiary designations, lifetime planning and post-death issue to maximize benefits. May 2, 2012 Estate and Life Insurance Planning with Certainty in a Sea of Tax Uncertainty 8:00-9:00 a.m. Location: Des Peres Lodge Guest Speaker: Steven Spewak, Estate Plan Strategies, LLC The ever changing estate and gift tax landscape we have witnessed since 2001, coupled with the uncertainty as to what that landscape will look like come January 1, 2013, has left estate planning and life insurance professionals in a quandary as to how to properly plan for their clients’ futures. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how using traditional time tested planning strategies alongside brand new planning strategies created by the sweeping changes to the estate and gift tax laws enacted in 2010, professionals can confidently plan for their clients’ futures. May 17, 2012 8:00-11:00 a.m., Streaming Live Video June 12, 2012 The Art of Listening 8:00-9:00 a.m. Guest Speaker: Robert E. Guest, Jr. Affinity Law Group, LLC What are clients really telling us when we meet with them? Whether they come to see you for a simple increase in their insurance or they are looking for assistance starting a business, people normally have more concerns in their lives that they are not stating. The key to any successful

Page 9 practice is listening to what a client is stating, but also learning to listen to what they are not directly stating. Key Points: • What should we be listening for when meeting with clients? • Learning to understand clients as a whole and not as a simple transaction • How to discuss opportunities with clients beyond their initial purpose

Sponsorships Available We are looking for annual sponsors. If you would like to be a sponsor or would like more information about sponsorship, please contact Joan Hecker at 314.520.3564.

About the Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP) The standard-bearer for excellence in professionalism, advanced continuing education, and ethical guidance, FSP is a national network of credentialed professionals working in diverse financial disciplines. The Society has created high-level connections amongst the country’s top financial advisors for nearly 80 years. FSP members assist the public in achieving personal and business-related financial goals. Consumers can obtain free financial information or find a Society member in their community by calling the Society’s toll-free National Consumer Referral Service at 1-888-243-2258 or by visiting and clicking on Consumer Info. Society of FSP- St. Louis Vision Statement To be recognized as the pre-eminent organization in the St. Louis area of credentialed professionals in the financial services industry who are committed to working together as a team to help the public achieve their financial goals and to provide a strong commitment to providing superior educational opportunities to credentialed professionals.

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