Spring & Summer Menu 2014

Conspire with us to create your special event! From a private party in your home to a major event, Culinary Conspiracy can create a menu to suit your ...
Author: Bernard Malone
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Conspire with us to create your special event! From a private party in your home to a major event, Culinary Conspiracy can create a menu to suit your taste, theme and budget. Running late? Please visit our gourmet food shop to pick up lunch or dinner! Allergens At Culinary Conspiracy, we do our utmost to accommodate dietary restrictions. Our kitchen is peanut free but we do use other nuts. We have gluten free options, but our kitchen is not gluten free. It is possible that some of our ingredients may come into contact with allergens at some point during the transport chain. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our food items are purely nut-free and/or gluten free.

Spring & Summer Menu 2014

Delivery/Rentals/HST Delivery service and rentals are not included. Rental dishes available, however, the use of rental dishes will require a server present. Prices do not include HST. Minimum Order for Delivery Minimum order for delivery is $300.00 in value before tax & delivery. Various menu items also indicate a minimum order quantity. Orders below our minimum can be prepared on a pick up only basis.





Symbols: = Vegetarian = Vegan = Gluten-free = Nut-free 855 Industrial Avenue, Unit 12, Ottawa ON KIG 4L4 (613) 241-3126 www.culinaryconspiracy.ca


= No Dairy [email protected]

Breakfast & Breaks Each morning we prepare & bake the following for ultimate freshness

Our minimum order for delivery is $300.00

Pastries V: authentic French butter croissant/pure butter

Bagels: Assortment of old fashioned bagels with Scandinavian smoked


chocolatine/fruit Danishes/sweet & savoury scones/muffins

salmon/sliced Havarti/ tomatoes/house smoked turkey/basil pesto/whipped cream cheese/assorted jams & butter.

Fruit parfait Breakfast Combo V: Choose any three viennoiseries


from above plus fruit parfait. Served with jams/butter

Savoury loaves: Carrot-ginger-pepitas or Zucchini-parmesan-cheddar or Apple-onion-maple-bacon

Fresh Fruit Breakfast Combo V: Choose any three viennoiseries

Sweet loaves V: Lime-coconut or Lemon-cranberry pound cake or Banana

patty topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, house ketchup and béchamel sauce on lightly toasted English muffin.

Double Smoked Bacon Breakfast Sandwich: topped with fluffy scrambled eggs/house ketchup/béchamel sauce on a lightly toasted English muffin.

$5.00/pp (minimum 20)

Fruit parfait V GF NF: Vanilla infused yoghurt/fresh berry compote/homemade granola on the side.

$5.00/pp (minimum 20)

Fresh fruit Salad/Skewer/Plate V GF NF: Seasonal fresh fruits drizzled with honey

$10.00/loaf (serves 10)




Add Cheddar or Swiss cheese

Conspiracy Potato Hash

$10.00/loaf (serves 10)


from above plus honey drizzled fresh fruit salad/skewer/platter.

Juicy Farmer’s Sausage Breakfast Sandwich: farmer’s sausage



: Mini red & white potatoes sautéed

with caramelized onions/scallions/red & green peppers/bacon.

$4.25/pp (minimum 20)

Spanish Frittata GF NF: European style egg omelet with thinly sliced & $6.00/pp (minimum 20)

sautéed potatoes/chorizo/onions/ baby spinach/sundried tomatoes/smoked paprika.




Fresh whole fruit of the day V GF NF


Homemade granola bars V: No nuts, just seeds and dried fruits


Gluten Free, Vegan cookies vvGF


Assorted Cookies, Squares & Tartlets with Fruit Garnish V

$3.00/pp (2pcs/pp)


Symbols: = Vegetarian = Vegan = Gluten-free = Nut-free 855 Industrial Avenue, Unit 12, Ottawa ON KIG 4L4 (613) 241-3126 www.culinaryconspiracy.ca


= No Dairy [email protected]

Platters Charcuterie Platter: A variety of locally crafted cured meats. May include Genoa salami/Hungarian salami/Spanish Serrano ham/Canadian prosciutto from Niagara/Seed to sausage Chorizo Iberico/smoked duck breast. Served with homemade chutney/gherkins/fresh Bannock & baguette.

Holy Smoke: For the smoked fish lovers. A fine selection of locally smoked salmon/mackerel/cod/salmon-dill rillettes/Willy Krauch Nova Scotia rainbow trout. Served with pickled red onions/sour gherkins/ Raincoast crisps/fresh Bannock & baguette.

Chilled Jumbo Prawns: Two and a half pounds (average of 60pcs) of lemon steamed jumbo shrimps served with a traditional tomato and horseradish cocktail sauce or for the more adventurous with Kimchi Mayo

Fresh Fruit Platter V GF NF: A selection of seasonal fruits and berries $96.00/platter (serves 12 to 15)

served with vanilla-honey-yogurt dip

$42.00/platter (serves 12 to 15)

Triple Dips and Crisps V: Savoury selection of Artichoke-asiago dip/ Roasted red pepper-walnut-pomegranate dip/Edamame-arugula pesto dip served with an assortment of crostinis/artisanal breads/pita crisps

$37.00/platter (serves 12 to 15)

$98.00/platter (serves 12 to 15)

The Culinary Cheese Platter V: domestic & imported cheeses served $55.00/platter

(serves 12 to 15)

with grape clusters & biscuits $84.00/platter (serves 12 to 15)

Artisanal Cheese Presentation V: Featuring local Ontario and Quebec cheeses/homemade chutneys/condiments/spiced nuts/grape clusters/Raincoast crisps/fresh artisanal bread

$150.00/platter (Minimum 25)

We’re Jamming! A fun concept and different approach to cheese pairings. La Sauvagine (A sumptuous washed-rind cheese from Quebec, boasting a rich, buttery flavour and luxurious texture) and Chevalier Triple cream Brie (Soft bloomy rind cheese with a light mushroom aroma, and a delicious hazelnut flavor) paired with house made Strawberry-Jalapeno jam/Apricot-Ginger jelly/Bacon-Onion-Maple marmalade. Served with fresh Artisanal gourmet breads.

From Garden to Table V GF: A combination of fresh vegetable $108.00/platter crudités and healthy root vegetable chips (may include beet (serves 12 to 15) chips/parsnips chips/ kale chips/sweet potato chips/celery chips/Burbank russet chips/ taro root chips) served with basil pesto dip

French Pâtés: A selection of 3 premium pâtés (may include French

Mezze Meets Antipasti V: An assortment of Zucchini fritters/

country pâté/Pheasant & pistachios/Wild boar & apricots/Duck à dolmades (rice and pine nuts stuffed grape leaves)/fried Halloumi cheese/ $98.00/platter l'orange/Rabbit with blueberry & maple syrup) served with spicy marinated eggplants/artichokes/citrus & garlic scented olives/ (serves 12 to 15) condiments/gherkins/crostinis/fresh artisanal bread roasted red pepper hummus/tzatziki/fattoush salad. Served with fresh baguette/toasted pita/corn chips

Add Spicy Merguez Sausage: bite size lamb koftas/smoked paprika shrimps/mini falafels/Canneli white bean bruschetta for the ultimate Mediterranean tapas experience


$43.00/platter (serves 12 to 15)

$90.00/platter (serves 12 to 15)



Gluten free option: Gluten free crackers available


Symbols: = Vegetarian = Vegan = Gluten-free = Nut-free 855 Industrial Avenue, Unit 12, Ottawa ON KIG 4L4 (613) 241-3126 www.culinaryconspiracy.ca


= No Dairy [email protected]

$60.00/platter (serves 12 to 15)




Our minimum order for delivery is $300.00 Sandwich Packages

Choose one with sandwich package Horiatiki

Conspiracy Classic


: A Mediterranean blend of plum tomatoes/sweet peppers/sweet red onions/cucumbers/ Kalamata olives/tears of romaine hearts/crumbled feta/ lemon-oregano & olive oil vinaigrette.


A selection of artistic sandwiches & wraps (including vegetarian)

Campagna V GF: Baby spinach & Radicchio topped with slivered local

Choice of one salad Mini cheese platter

apples/sundried cranberries/ pickled red onions/shaved Asiago cheese/buttermilk-poppy seed dressing.

Homemade cookies, squares & tartlets with fruit garnish

Strawberry Fields V GF: Delicate tangles of Frisée and Arugula topped

Soup & Sandwich

with fresh sliced strawberries/ crumbled goat cheese/candied walnuts/flower petals/raspberry vinaigrette.


Soup of the day *(vegetarian/vegan/gluten free options available)

Peaches & Greens V GF: Tender little gem lettuces and tiny Arugula

A selection of artistic sandwiches and wraps (including vegetarian) Choice of one salad

topped with honey roasted Ontario peaches/grape tomatoes/charred scallions/crumbled Stilton cheese/tangy lemon-mustard dressing.

Homemade cookies, squares & tartlets with fruit garnish

House Greens V vv GF NF DF: A melange of crisp Iceberg lettuce and field

*Check our website for our monthly soup selection

greens/tomatoes/grilled summer vegetables/carrot Julienne/Balsamic vinaigrette.

Forbidden Grains Salad V vv NF: A blend of ancient grains including

A bit about our sandwiches… The Sicilian Conspiracy: local salamis/Capiccola ham/provolone

Quinoa/wheat kernels/wild rice/lentils/ black beans/roasted corn/sweet red onions/tomato fillets infused with a cilantro-lime vinaigrette.

cheese/ spicy eggplant/black olive tapenade

Silk Road Orzo V vv NF: Curried Orzo (small pasta shaped like grains of

Smoked Turkey: Deboned whole turkey, rolled and netted, brined, marinated, smoked & served on ciabatta

rice)/Apricot/wilted spinach/ apple/toasted shaved Almonds/Ginger dressing.

Smoked Beef: only the finest cuts of beef from Enright Cattle Co such

Orecchiette V NF: Orecchiette pasta, the traditional ear shaped pasta

as inside round/outside round/top sirloin. Brined, marinated, smoked, & served on ciabatta

from Italy’s Puglia region, tossed with herbs/Capers/Feta cheese/olives/roasted red peppers/citrus vinaigrette.

Grilled Chicken Wrap: grain fed chicken breast marinated and

Miso Tabouleh Salad V vv NF: steamed bulgur, lightly tossed with

roasted to perfection with pica de gallo, vegetables, & rice wrapped in a flour tortilla

chunks of roasted zucchini/parsley/tender chick peas/diced tomatoes/honey-miso dressing.

Vegetarian Wrap: medley of grilled vegetables or chick peas & beans

Mini White & Mini Red Potato “Salat” GF NF: A twist on an oldfashioned German favourite with mini potatoes/green peas/green & red onions/crispy double smoked bacon/caper-grainy mustard dressing.

wrapped in a flour tortilla Our turkey and beef is barrel smoked in house, with a combination of sugar maple, hickory and cherry wood.

Summer Asian Slaw V vv NF: finely shredded Napa cabbage, red & green cabbage/steamed bok choy/ snow peas/red onions/julienned carrots/fresh mint & rice wine vinaigrette.

Gluten free & vegan sandwich option are available upon request. V




Symbols: = Vegetarian = Vegan = Gluten-free = Nut-free 855 Industrial Avenue, Unit 12, Ottawa ON KIG 4L4 (613) 241-3126 www.culinaryconspiracy.ca


= No Dairy [email protected]

à la carte $4.50/pp

Main dishes Pick any two sides with any entrée

Cold Entrées

Sides - Potato (Available hot only)

Tandoori: Choose Salmon or Chicken with Minty Raita Maple Hoisin: Choose Salmon, Chicken Breast or Flank Steak Grilled Chicken Breast with rosemary lemon Flank Steak with Red pepper Aioli Ontario Beef Strip loin: slow roasted with Argentinian Chimi-Churri

$14.00 $14.00 $14.00 $14.00 $16.00

Portuguese Potato Wedges V GF NF: skin on Burbank Russet wedges traditionally roasted with Oregano, lemon, paprika and olive oil

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes V GF NF: rosemary and confit garlic finished with fresh parsley

French Potato Pave V NF: thin slices of Yukon Gold potatoes layered

*All entrées prices include fresh baguette and butter

with crème fraîche and Emmental cheese

Classic Fork Mash V GF NF: mini white and mini red potatoes blended

Hot Entrées

with cream and chives

House Made Kettle chips V vv GF NF: with Kosher salt (note that this

Greek Chicken Grill: skewers of lemon and garlic spiced boneless

side is served room temperature)


chicken leg grilled to perfection and splashed with extra virgin olive oil

Santa Fe Turkey: roasted turkey roulade in a chipotle adobo sauce


sweetened with a touch of maple syrup

Grilled Pesto Salmon: orange marinated and grilled salmon fillet.

Sides - Grains (Available hot only) Couscous Pilaf V vv DF: Israeli pearl couscous tossed with toasted corn,


Topped with fresh cilantro and roasted tomato pesto

Los Poblanos Beef: brandy marinated Ontario beef flat iron steak with

wilted spinach, grape tomatoes and roasted peppers. Dressed with olive oil and herbs


poblano and mesquite glaze. Topped with wedges of roasted tomato, oregano and grilled leeks

Rotisserie BBQ Cornish game Hen: half semi-deboned basted with

Wild and Brown Rice V vv DF: a healthy blend of wild & brown rice, barley and wheat kernels. Scented with lemon and garnished with tart cranberries and toasted pine nuts


Mushroom Risotto Cakes V NF: panko crusted and fried to golden

butter and our own magic dust

Porcini dusted & Pan seared Angus Beef tenderloin: with



Mushroom Fricassée and Bordelaise sauce

Sides - Vegetables (Available hot only)

Cauliflower Putanesca V vv GF NF: thick slices of cauliflower marinated


Grilled Vegetables V vv NF DF: an assortment of seasonal vegetables

in olive oil & rosemary, grilled/Tuscan Putanesca sauce

marinated with balsamic vinegar, sundried tomato pesto and olive oil

Polenta Stacks V GF NF: lightly grilled slices of creamy corn meal


polenta/ Mediterranean charred vegetables/grape tomato relish

with toasted cumin and fresh cilantro

Vegetarian Chimichanga V NF: medley of sautéed vegetables and


beans wrapped in a flour tortilla, deep fried, and then smothered in a smoked tomato sauce with a blend of Canadian cheese.

Vegetarian Curry

Roasted Seasonal Vegetable Medley V GF NF: with garlic and thyme butter


Classic Ratatouille V vv GF NF: stewed zucchini, eggplants, sweet onions,


: with a quinoa/barley/wild rice grain pilaf, crispy papadums, and a cucumber/yoghurt raita V

Heirloom Carrots V GF NF: oven caramelized heirloom carrots tossed

sweet peppers in a rich tomato-garlic sauce vv



Symbols: = Vegetarian = Vegan = Gluten-free = Nut-free 855 Industrial Avenue, Unit 12, Ottawa ON KIG 4L4 (613) 241-3126 www.culinaryconspiracy.ca


= No Dairy [email protected]




Chef’s Monthly Special

Pop/sparkling water/still water


A new dessert special prepared each month by our chef. Please feel free to ask us or check our website to find out more

Coke/diet Coke/Sprite/Club soda/Eska sparkling/Eska still

Harvey & Vern’s Olde Fashioned Soda Homemade Cookies, Squares, & Tarts Freshly made ginger, chocolate crackle, & chocolate chip cookies along with assorted squares, & chocolate brownies

100% pure, unfiltered, no sugar or preservatives added. Flavours available are apple/orange/pink guava/mango

$45.00/cake (serves 10-12)

Mini Desserts A selection of cannolis, dacquoise, tartlets, cookies, cupcakes, & the latest chef’s creation


Black River Juice


Whole Cakes

$57.00/platter (serves 10-12)

Francesco’s Coffee & Numi Tea Caffe Europa: a subtle yet rounded flavour that completes any kind of rich dessert Numi Tea: Premium quality, hand picked,organic, fair trade teas blended with only real fruits, flowers, and spices

Caffe Tramonto Decaf: Rich after dinner blend that will let you sleep like a baby




Symbols: = Vegetarian = Vegan = Gluten-free = Nut-free 855 Industrial Avenue, Unit 12, Ottawa ON KIG 4L4 (613) 241-3126 www.culinaryconspiracy.ca



Decaf Coffee



Fantastic sodas crafted by Kichesippi Beer Co right here in Ottawa. Cream soda, root beer, and ginger beer


Cake Slices & Tempting Tarts



= No Dairy [email protected]